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Protect Your Property From Water Damage #protect #your #property #from #water #damage #nick #gromicko,


Protect Your Property From Water Damage

Water may be essential to life, but, as a destructive force, water can diminish the value of your home or building. Homes as well as commercial buildings can suffer water damage that results in increased maintenance costs, a decrease in the value of the property, lowered productivity, and potential liability associated with a decline in indoor air quality. The best way to protect against this potential loss is to ensure that the building components which enclose the structure, known as the building envelope, are water-resistant. Also, you will want to ensure that manufacturing processes, if present, do not allow excess water to accumulate. Finally, make sure that the plumbing and ventilation systems, which can be quite complicated in buildings, operate efficiently and are well-maintained. This article provides some basic steps for identifying and eliminating potentially damaging excess moisture.

Identify and Repair All Leaks and Cracks

The following are common building-related sources of water intrusion:

  • windows and doors: Check for leaks around your windows, storefront systems and doors.
  • roof: Improper drainage systems and roof sloping reduce roof life and become a primary source of moisture intrusion. Leaks are also common around vents for exhaust or plumbing, rooftop air-conditioning units, or other specialized equipment.
  • foundation and exterior walls: Seal any cracks and holes in exterior walls, joints and foundations. These often develop as a naturally occurring byproduct of differential soil settlement.
  • plumbing: Check for leaking plumbing fixtures, dripping pipes (including fire sprinkler systems), clogged drains (both interior and exterior), defective water drainage systems and damaged manufacturing equipment.
  • ventilation, heating and airconditioning (HVAC) systems: Numerous types, some very sophisticated, are a crucial component to maintaining a healthy, comfortable work environment. They are comprised of a number of components (including chilled water piping and condensation drains) that can directly contribute to excessive moisture in the work environment. In addition, in humid climates, one of the functions of the system is to reduce the ambient air moisture level (relative humidity) throughout the building. An improperly operating HVAC system will not perform this function.

Prevent Water Intrusion Through Good Inspection and Maintenance Programs

Hire a qualified InterNACHI inspector to perform an inspection of the following elements of your building to ensure that they remain in good condition:

  • flashings and sealants: Flashing, which is typically a thin metal strip found around doors, windows and roofs, are designed to prevent water intrusion in spaces where two building materials come together. Sealants and caulking are specifically applied to prevent moisture intrusion at building joints. Both must be maintained and in good condition.
  • vents: All vents should have appropriate hoods, exhaust to the exterior, and be in good working order.
  • Review the use of manufacturingequipment that may include water for processing or cooling. Ensure wastewater drains adequately away, with no spillage. Check for condensation around hot or cold materials or heat-transfer equipment.
  • HVAC systems are much more complicated in commercial buildings. Check for leakage in supply and return water lines, pumps, air handlers and other components. Drain lines should be clean and clear of obstructions. Ductwork should be insulated to prevent condensation on exterior surfaces.
  • humidity: Except in specialized facilities, the relative humidity in your building should be between 30% and 50%. Condensation on windows, wet stains on walls and ceilings, and musty smells are signs that relative humidity may be high. If you are concerned about the humidity level in your building, consult with a mechanical engineer, contractor or air-conditioning repair company to determine if your HVAC system is properly sized and in good working order. A mechanical engineer should be consulted when renovations to interior spaces take place.
  • moist areas: Regularly clean off, then dry all surfaces where moisture frequently collects.
  • expansion joints: Expansion joints are materials between bricks, pipes and other building materials that absorb movement. If expansion joints are not in good condition, water intrusion can occur.

Protection From Water Damage

  • interior finish materials: Replace drywall, plaster, carpet and stained or water-damaged ceiling tiles. These are not only good evidence of a moisture intrusion problem, but can lead to deterioration of the work environment, if they remain over time.
  • exterior walls: Exterior walls are generally comprised of a number of materials combined into a wall assembly. When properly designed and constructed, the assembly is the first line of defense between water and the interior of your building. It is essential that they be maintained properly (including regular refinishing and/or resealing with the correct materials).
  • storage areas: Storage areas should be kept clean. Allow air to circulate to prevent potential moisture accumulation.

Act Quickly if Water Intrusion Occurs

Label shut-off valves so that the water supply can be easily closed in the event of a plumbing leak. If water intrusion does occur, you can minimize the damage by addressing the problem quickly and thoroughly. Immediately remove standing water and all moist materials, and consult with a building professional. Should your building become damaged by a catastrophic event, such as fire, flood or storm, take appropriate action to prevent further water damage, once it is safe to do so. This may include boarding up damaged windows, covering a damaged roof with plastic sheeting, and/or removing wet materials and supplies. Fast action on your part will help minimize the time and expense for repairs, resulting in a faster recovery.

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How To Get Your Very Own Free SSL Certificate #get #ssl #certificate #from #server


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A Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) certificate helps us to encrypt the data being transmitted via the Internet. It will come in handy if you are running a blog or a personal webpage and logging into them from an unsecured public access WiFi Hotspot (such as coffee shops, airports etc).

SSL certificates encrypt the login data before transmitting them to your ISP/server making it harder for eavesdroppers to break in. That s exactly why banks, financial institutions, ecommerce sites etc. use SSL for securing login information, user identity information and credit card data.

SSL certificates cost a lot if bought from providers like Verisign, GoDaddy etc. For those us who don t run mission critical portals, that is not an option. Let us see how to get free SSL certificates from StartSSL .

Obtaining The Free SSL Certificate

A simple signup form kickstarts the process of getting the free SSL certificate. All the details, including home/company address to phone number are mandatory requirements. Once the signup is done, an email with the verification code is sent to the email address you specified.

After entering the verification code, the application is sent to the second stage of verification by the StartSSL team and we are advised to wait for about six hours before being contacted by their team.

However, I got a confirmation mail in less than 5 minutes with a link to the account. Remember, this email is good for only 24 hours from the time it has been received, so act fast.

Installing The SSL Certificate

StartSSL offers free certificates with no holds barred and with absolutely no hidden charges. You can choose either a 128 bit or 256 bit key for encryption.

We have the option to choose between a high grade or medium grade private key. Once the type of key is selected, it is generated and we are taken to the installation page.

Once the install button is clicked, the certificate is installed. There is also an option to download and store the certificate to an external disk and I strongly advise you to do it.

Now that the certificate is installed in the browser, we can just click on the Authenticate option to enter the control panel. No need for an username and password. We are identified by way of the unique private key and hence it is very important to back it up securely.

Validating The Domain Name

After authentication, we can start the process of validating the domain name the email address with the help of the Validations Wizard. From the dropdown, you can choose the appropriate option. Let us go ahead and validate a domain name.

Once we enter the domain name, an email address has to be associated with it to confirm domain ownership.

Once the email address is verified, the domain is validated. However, this being a free SSL certificate, StartSSL requires the renewal of this validation every 30 days, which involves the same process.

Certificate Wizard

I chose the Webserver certificate since I am planning to use it for my WordPress installation. We need to enter a password to create a private key and then we have to enter the subdomain where the certificate will be used. Subdomain is a mandatory requirement.

The certificate created will support the domain and the sub domain. As the final step, we now have the text box displaying the encoded certificate information. Copy the content, paste it in a notepad file and rename the file as ssl.crt

The same page also has links to download the intermediate and root certificates. Download them to the same folder.

Uploading Files To Server

Navigate to the How to Install section in the FAQ section. Choose your server setup, for example Apache and you will have the code to modify the http.conf or ssl.conf file. Copy it and update the file in the root folder of the domain in your webserver.

From the same page download the ca.pem sub.class1.server.ca.pem files. Upload all the files to the root folder and now we have the SSL enabled connection at the website.

Final Thoughts

Please exercise caution with the last step and ensure that all the directories (marked by arrows in the image above) follow the same naming convention of your ISP or location in your webserver. And do remember to validate the domain every 30 days to enjoy the security provided by the free SSL certificate.

Are there any other services offering free SSL certificates? If you know of any, do share them with us.

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What is business plan? Definition from #online #business #opportunity

#what is business


business plan

A business plan is a document demonstrating the feasibility of a prospective new business and providing a roadmap for its first several years of operation.

Business plans are an important part of creating new businesses, whether as a startup or an offshoot of an existing business. Business plans for startups are often shared with funding agencies, potential investors and venture capitalists to obtain the necessary funding.

Although the specifics may vary, here are the typical components of a business plan for a new business:

  1. The executive summary is a nutshell version of the entire plan, briefly covering the essentials.
  2. The business description describes the proposed new endeavor, explains its purpose and its target market.
  3. The plan’s market analysis section describes the industry and the market environment of the proposed business, including a profile of the competition.
  4. The organizational and managerial section explains how you envision the structure of your business, what types of positions and departments it will encompass.
  5. The products (or services) section details what you’re offering. This section should include a full description of the products you’ll sell and your plan for product lifecycle management (PLM ).
  6. The marketing and sales section explains your strategies for branding. marketing and selling your product or service.
  7. The funding request will differ according to what type of information is required by the funding party.
  8. The financial projection covers the expected performance and milestones over the first years of operation, usually five years. For an existing business, historical financial data should be included.
  9. An appendix can include useful information that doesn’t belong in any of the other sections.

A business plan is similar to a business model. However, the latter is a representation of how an existing business works, rather than how a prospective business can work.

This was last updated in December 2013

Contributor(s): Ivy Wigmore

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– Risk management is a company’s process for identifying and controlling threats to its assets, including proprietary corporate data, customers’ PII and intellectual property. (SearchCompliance.com )

– Rebranding is an update of the materials and presentation used to represent a business. A company may rebrand to appear more modern or to distance itself from past issues, among other possibilities. (WhatIs.com )

– A/B testing is a statistical method used to assess proposed changes to a product or service. (SearchBusinessAnalytics.com )


– Terms related to business, including definitions about project management and words and phrases about human resources, finance and vertical industries.

– This WhatIs.com glossary contains terms related to Internet applications, including definitions about Software as a Service (SaaS) delivery models and words and phrases about web sites, e-commerce.

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What is business technology (BT)? Definition from #business #sales

#business technology


business technology (BT)

Business technology (BT) is the ever-increasing reliance on information technology by businesses of all types to handle and optimize their business processes .

Download this free guide

Download 9 FREE Strategic Planning Templates that your Peers Already Use

Having a clear-cut IT strategy is key establishing a competitive advantage over any competition. It can be the difference maker between a business’ success and its failure. Reach your business goals and stay organized by downloading this FREE e-guide which includes 9 templates already in use by major organizations such as NASA and Brown University.

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You also agree that your personal information may be transferred and processed in the United States, and that you have read and agree to the Terms of Use and the Privacy Policy .

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Home Based Business for Sale NZ, Small work from home NZ Businesses for Sale

#home business opportunities


Home Based Businesses for Sale

Search over 3,000 Businesses for Sale New Zealand wide. or subscribe to our very latest NZ businesses for sale. Before you buy a business contact several sellers of the businesses for sale NZ that interest you, to learn what s on offer and become better informed.

Looking for a Large or Small Home Based Business for Sale NZ or Home Based Business Opportunities NZ? Search through 72 Home Based Businesses for Sale on NZ Biz Buy Sell, and check out New Zealand’s leading Small Business for Sale NZ listings.

Find a work from Home countryCode] opportunity or choose from over 2500 businesses for sale New Zealand wide. Looking to list your Home Based Business NZ for Sale? See how to sell a Home Business

Save this search (“Home Based Businesses for Sale”) and email me the latest listings.

Saved Searches

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    Onine Home Based Business. Vritually Recession Proof! [more. ]

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    Two areas, Palmerston North and Wanganui. Coffee News is the world’s most popular restaurant publication and has been operating in New Zealand since 2001. [more. ]

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    Queenstown Coffee News. Become part of the world’s most popular restaurant publication and has been operating in New Zealand since 2001. [more. ]

    Mobile lunch bars capable of significant expansion and / or franchising [more. ]

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    Home based, beauty industry equipment [more. ]

  • Boarding Cattery Business for Sale | 136a Osborne Rd, Hamilton

    Home and Business Tender Closes 2pm, 21st September 2016 Harcourts 143 Ohaupo Road, Hamilton [more. ]

  • Portable Online Self Employment Wellington Business for Sale | North Shore Wellington

    Portable Online Work From Home Global Business. Create Your First $100k Online. [more. ]

  • Advertising Service Business for Sale | Gisborne | $8,000

    Coffee News is the world’s most popular restaurant publication and has been operating in New Zealand since 2001. [more. ]

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  • How to Start a Blog and Make Money From It #find #a #business

    #work from home ideas


    How to Start a Blog and Make Money From It

    This post includes affiliate links.

    If you want to work from home and make money blogging, then you need to have the right tools, resources, and information to guide your way.

    With an overwhelming amount of information on the web it’s often confusing figuring it all out. Listed below are some of the resources that I use, recommend, or that I’ve found helpful on my blogging journey.

    These tools will not only help get you started but they’ll make the process easier so you can start making money faster.

    First, grab my FREE Blogging e-book. it will teach you how to write great content, get tons of traffic to your blog and most importantly, how to make money from it!

    To start the process you ll need to choose a blogging platform; or in technical terms a content management system (CMS). There are many different CMS platforms to choose between, but I highly recommend WordPress. It s ideal for beginners as it s easy to use and modify, it has tons of functionality, and it s free to use all you need to do is purchase your hosting and domain name.

    WordPress is what I use for this site.

    A lot of people ask me about Blogger, Google’s blogging platform. I’ve heard it’s easy to use. But I also know a lot of people who started out on Blogger, but then had to make the switch to WordPress later on. Do yourself a favor and use WordPress from the beginning, you ll save yourself a lot of headaches down the road.

    Once you decided on a blogging platform you ll need to purchase a domain name and hosting. When choosing a hosting company you’ll want to make sure that you get one that’s reliable, affordable, and that has excellent customer service. Right now I m using a virtual private server (VPS) through, Liquid Web. They have a wide variety of hosting plans, which makes it easy to upgrade your service as your site grows. If I weren t using them, I would probably use Bluehost or Synthesis. as they were created with WordPress users in mind. Over the years, I ve had to switch hosting companies three times which is no fun.

    Need help installing WordPress to your host? Here s an EASY way to be up and running in 30 minutes or less!

    When I first launched my blog, I had a graphic designer create a custom design for me. And while I loved my design it was very expensive! If I were just starting out again, I would use Bluehost with their 1-2-3 easy upload and a template from StudioPress (which is what I m using now). Not only are these templates affordable (like $99), but they look great and they re super easy to modify. To help make your site stand out, I do suggest getting a custom logo designed. If you re launching your blog on a shoestring budget, try Fiverr where freelancers only charge $5 for their services. I haven t used Fiverr for logo design, but I have used them for other sorts of images, and I ve been happy with the results.

    To get traffic to your blog you’ll want to utilize social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Foursquare, Instagram, and Google Plus. Seem overwhelming? To help manage all of these social media platforms, I use HootSuite. I’ve tried other applications, but this one has the most functionality, and it is the easiest to use. You can schedule updates and manage all of your accounts in one place, and best of all it s FREE!

    The one network that you can’t manage from HootSuite is Pinterest. For Pinterest, I use BoardBooster to manage my pins. It s only $5 a month and so worth it! You can schedule pins and re-loop your pins so that they receive maximum exposure.

    For tips on how to maximize your Pinterest efforts, check out these resources:

    To create pin-friendly images for your blog posts, I recommend PicMonkey or Canva. I started out using PicMonkey, which is easy to use, and it gives you professional looking images in a flash. But now I mostly use Canva. It has premade templates and font combos which help me create professional looking images quicker. Each platform is free for basic usage with permeium features costing just a bit more.

    For stock images I use StockFresh and DepositPhotos not only do they have high-quality photos, but they re affordable.

    Part of getting traffic is writing awesome content. To make sure your content is excellent you ll need to edit your posts for punctuation, grammar, and spelling. Now you can do this manually, but I ve found that even when I go back and proofread two or three times I often miss typos. Of course, you can hire an editor to proof your content, but that can get expensive. A more affordable option is to use an editing software or program. I ve tried a few different platforms out and by far my favorite is, Grammarly. It s easy to use and catches errors that word processing programs miss. It also tightens up your copy so you re using an active voice.

    From the first day, you launch your blog you need to make sure that you’re building an email list. SEO rules and social media platforms are constantly changing. But with an email list, it is something that you own, and that can always be used to reach your audience. Personally, I use Constant Contact I love them! They have lots of professional looking templates to choose from, it’s super easy to use, and they have added features like auto-responders. They even offer a FREE 60 trial so you can test them out without any obligation.

    Search Engine Optimization (SEO):

    The majority of my traffic comes from Google, and this is because certain keyword phrases on my site have ranked well with the search engines. Search engine traffic is free, and you’ll want to take advantage of it. I used to recommend Holly Klaassen’s e-book, 50 SEO Secrets for Mom Entrepreneurs, but she s no longer selling it.

    So to get familiarized with SEO here are some useful articles on the basics.

    I have read a ton of blogging books over the years, and these are the ones that have SERIOUSLY helped me on my journey!

    There are so many ways to earn money from your blog, from direct ad sales and ad networks, to affiliate marketing and digital earning so make sure to check out these must-read articles.

    As a career blogger, you ll need to keep meticulous records of your income and expenses. The first year I started out, I made the mistake of keeping all of these transactions in a spreadsheet which made tax time a nightmare. Since then I ve been using GoDaddy Bookkeeping (formerly, Outright) which has simplified the whole process because it automatically updates your transactions from your PayPal and checking account. The online platform is super easy to use, and I highly recommend it for all monetized bloggers.

    Hope you found this roadmap helpful. Good luck on your blogging journey!

    This post includes referral and affiliate links. Please be aware that we only promote advertising from companies that we feel we can legitimately recommend to our readers. See our disclosure policy for further information.

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    What is business continuity management (BCM)? Definition from #creative #business #cards

    #business continuity


    business continuity management (BCM)

    Business continuity management (BCM) is a framework for identifying an organization’s risk of exposure to internal and external threats.

    The goal of BCM is to provide the organization with the ability to effectively respond to threats such as natural disasters or data breaches and protect the business interests of the organization. BCM includes disaster recovery. business recovery, crisis management, incident management, emergency management and contingency planning .

    Download this free guide

    Download 9 FREE Strategic Planning Templates that your Peers Already Use

    Having a clear-cut IT strategy is key establishing a competitive advantage over any competition. It can be the difference maker between a business’ success and its failure. Reach your business goals and stay organized by downloading this FREE e-guide which includes 9 templates already in use by major organizations such as NASA and Brown University.

    By submitting your email address, you agree to receive emails regarding relevant topic offers from TechTarget and its partners. You can withdraw your consent at any time. Contact TechTarget at 275 Grove Street, Newton, MA.

    You also agree that your personal information may be transferred and processed in the United States, and that you have read and agree to the Terms of Use and the Privacy Policy .

    According to ISO 22301. a business continuity management system emphasizes the importance of:

    • Understanding continuity and preparedness needs, as well as the necessity for establishing business continuity management policy and objectives.
    • Implementing and operating controls and measures for managing an organization’s overall continuity risks.
    • Monitoring and reviewing the performance and effectiveness of the business continuity management system.
    • Continual improvement based on objective measurements.

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    UK Visa Information – United States of America – Frequently Asked Questions, visa to


    Visa to usa from uk

    Visa to usa from uk


  • Premium Application


  • User pay

    • English
    • EspaГ±ol
    • Home
    • Frequently Asked Questions

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Frequently Asked Questions

    How do I apply for a visa?

    To apply for a visa to enter the UK or some Commonwealth countries and British overseas territories you will need to complete a visa application form online. To complete the form, please visit AccessUK .

    How do I apply for Refund for UK Visa application fee.

    Priority Visa Service / Settlement Priority Visa Service

    During the payment process, I received the error message, “GWF number already exists in the system” OR “my payment is not completed”. How do I complete my payment?

    If you have received this message, your payment did not go through. To try your payment again, please click here. Select “Track Previous Order” and enter your GWF number and email address. After submitting these details, you will be able to attempt your payment again.

    I did not receive an email with my receipt of payment OR I forgot to print my receipt.

    To generate a copy of your receipt, please click here. Select “Reprint Receipt” and enter your GWF number and last name. After submitting these details, your receipt will appear on the screen to be printed or emailed.

    • Applicant name
    • GWF Number
    • Type of service purchased
    • Date of attempted purchase
  • I would like to request a refund for Priority Visa Service/Settlement/Priority Visa Service. How do I submit this request?

    Do Priority Visa Service / Settlement Priority Visa Service include Courier Service?

    No, the Priority Visa Service / Settlement Priority Visa Service DO NOT include Return Courier Service or Round-Trip Courier Service. Both the services can be paid together by selecting check boxes in the shopping cart while making the purchase.

    Can I purchase Priority Visa Service/Settlement Priority Visa Service if I have already submitted my application at the UKVI?

    No, you cannot purchase the Priority Visa Service/Settlement Priority Visa service once you have submitted your application to the respective UKVI Consulate for processing.

    Can a Settlement Priority Visa /Priority Visa Service Applicant submit his/her application or Biometrics at the VFS center?

    No, the applicants applying for Settlement Priority Visa Service OR Priority Visa Service cannot visit the VFS center for application submission. It is solely for the Gold Premium Package, Silver premium Package and Super Priority Visa Service applicants.

    Return Courier Service / Round-trip Courier Service

    How can I purchase the Courier Service?

    Courier service can be purchased to submit your application and also to receive your documents back to your home or office. Either courier service can be purchased with your Visa or MasterCard by clicking here.

    Can I purchase Courier Service if I have previously purchased Priority Visa Service / Settlement Priority Visa Service OR Vice-a-Versa?

    Yes, you can purchase the additional service at any point i.e. once you have purchased a service from VFS Website or after you have submitted your application to the respective UKVI Consulate for processing. Please follow the below instructions to add another service to your previously purchased service:

    Advisory– However, if you are applying in a Group application and only one member of your group wants to purchase Priority Visa service, then a separate purchase has to be made for the Priority Service applicant and the rest of the members in the group for Courier service since different service type cannot be combined together in a Group Application.

    What is the difference between Return Courier Service and Round-trip Courier Service?

    If you purchase Return Courier Service, the UPS Shipping Label that you receive will be used by the UKVI Decision Making Centre to return your documents to your home or office only. A Return Courier purchase cannot be used to mail in your application to the UKVI office.

    What do I follow once I receive my UPS Shipping Label?

    If you purchased Return Courier, you will mail the printed copy of the UPS Shipping Label, along with your visa application and supporting documents, to your designated UKVI Decision Making Centre indicated on your Visa Application Form for return of your processed passport.

    This package can be dropped off at any UPS location. To find your nearest UPS location, click here.

    Can I apply for Courier Service for a Group of Applicants (More than 1 applicant)?

    If applying for Settlement Priority Visa Service, a separate Courier Service must be purchased for each individual Settlement Applicant. However, you may include the passport of a dependent child, if it is part of your Settlement Application.

    How do I track the shipment of my package?

    To track your package, please visit the UPS website by clicking here. Simply enter the tracking number found on your UPS Shipping Label.

    Can I change my address for delivery once the UPS Shipping Label has been generated?

    No, once the address is confirmed on our system while updating the Address of Applicant details the address cannot be changed or altered at any point.

    I did not receive any PDF file or UPS Shipping Labels, even though the payment was processed.

    • Applicant Name
    • GWF Number
    • Type of service purchased
    • Date of attempted purchase

    How do I locate the package if it is lost or untraceable on the UPS website?

    • Applicant Name
    • UPS Tracking Number
    • Drop-off location
    • Date of drop-off

    How do I claim a refund if I do not want to use the UPS courier service that I purchased on VFS Global website?

    The UPS courier service is a Non-Refundable service.

    Gold Premium Package / Silver Premium Package / Super Priority Visa Service

    I paid for Priority Visa Service / Settlement Priority Visa Service, can I give my biometrics at the VFS Premium Application center?

    No, the VFS Premium Application center is ONLY for applicants who purchased Gold Premium Package, Silver Premium Package or Super Priority Visa Service.

    What should I bring with me?

    When you attend your appointment, you should bring

    • Your appointment confirmation (this can be an electronic copy on your phone, tablet or a hard copy),
    • Visa fee receipt and user pay visa application centre service fee receipt.
    • A valid passport or travel document with at least 1 page that is blank on both sides.
    • For applicants who are exempt from giving biometrics: 1 recent passport-sized (45mm x 35mm) colour photograph of your face, which meets the requirements of UKVI’s photograph guidance
    • A printout of your online application form, signed and dated.
    • If you are applying under the points-based system, a completed self-assessment form, signed and dated.
    • Payment receipts for any pre purchased user pays services
    • All supporting documents (please ensure documents are removed from any bulky folders such as ring binders as these cannot be accepted as part of your application)
    • Supplementary application forms.

    I purchased the Gold Premium Package / Silver Premium Package, but did not receive my courier airway bill/ shipping label?

    Once you purchase the Gold Premium Package / Silver Premium Package, please visit the VFS Premium Application center with your appointment letter and rest of the documents. The VFS staff will provide you with the shipping label details during the submission of application.

    Is the Return Courier service fee included in Super Priority Visa Service?

    No, the Super Priority Visa Service fee DOES NOT include the return courier fee. Please ask the VFS staff member to add the additional charges for same when the application is being submitted.

    What services are included in the Gold Premium Package / Silver Premium Package / Super Priority Service fee?

    To know in detail about the services offered at the VFS Premium Application Center and the difference between them so you can accordingly make a decision on which package suits you best please click here

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  • Web SMS – Send and receive multiple SMS via Internet from PC: 10 #send


    SMS Messenger: send and receive single or multiple SMS from any PC or Mac

    • Reach clients and prospects: send texts individually or to thousands of people
    • Easy to set up/use: you’re up and ready to text in a few seconds
    • Receive SMS from staff/clients and interact with them, texting from your PC
    • No fixed set up fees or monthly fee: send and receive starting at 1,9 cent/SMS
    • Fast, secure, reliable

    Whether you’re an independent professional, small/medium business, public service or charity, SMS Messenger is the ideal web application for SMS via Internet for sending informative, advertising or promotional messages to clients and let them know about special offers in real time, and for gathering requests, info and comments via SMS with the option of direct email forwarding. Find out how businesses benefit from SMS marketing


    Want to see how quick and easy it is to interact using SMS with Skebby?
    Enter your mobile number below and we will send you a free SMS!

    If you answer to the SMS with:
    wait a moment and your NAME will appair here:

    Nota bene. the demo will work once per mobile number; your number will only be used to send you a demo message. Do not close or change pages.


    Use the SMS Messenger application to send single or multiple texts with offers, discounts, info about events, deadline reminders etc. directly from your PC. Ina Assitalia sends reminders to its clients (insurance policy expiry dates) and updates its staff in real time on meeting times/dates. Discover all of our case studies

    Features of SMS Messenger

    • Send and receive SMS to Italy and over 200 countries in the world
    • Minimum sending capaciy guaranteed in direct connection: 200 SMS/sec
    • Send single or multiple texts up to 100.000 messages with a single web request
    • Easy bulk sending with attaching a file that contains the recipient’s numbers
    • Import and export contacts in your address book from an Excel/CSV file or from your mobile, or enter them manually into the app
    • Organise your contacts into groups for faster bulk sending
    • Personalise sender name with a mobile number or alphanumeric string, e.g. Company name
    • Receive replies to SMS sent (to an email address, a Google Drive Spreadsheet and a server)
    • Personalise message body with dynamic fields e.g. “Hello [name], your policy expires on. “
    • Send SMS of up to 1530 characters long, joined together in a single message (Classic) or 1549 characters (Basic)
    • Enter text message with non Latin chars e.g. Chinese.
    • Memorise the messages you send so you can use them again quickly in the future
    • Schedule messages to be sent on a future date or on regular fixed dates
    • Send SMS replies, including automatic replies, from the web control panel or your email account
    • Get delivery reports and detailed message errors (Classic +)
    • Check remaining credit and/or credit alert via SMS/email
    • Dispatches status and single SMS sent report available
    • On a shared number with keyword
      • Choose one or more keywords of between 3-30 alphanumeric characters which you can activate on the shared GSM number +39 366 58 60 580
      • To receive SMS every message must contain your keyword as the first characters while in the remaining characters (=160 – number of characters in keyword) your clients can insert the text with their info or request
      • Activate the service for free and start receiving SMS right away from anywhere in the world
    • On a dedicated number
      • Choose a full-length GSM number such as 339 XXXXXXX which will be yours and yours alone.
      • To receive SMS, simply get people to send texts to your dedicated number. Long messages of more than 160 characters can also be received.
    • The texts you receive (message content and sender’s mobile number) will be forwarded to the email address, the Google Drive Spreadsheet and the server, so you can see them, republish them on any media or reply directly by email as an SMS
    • Options for automatic SMS forwarding to one or more among.
      • To an email inbox (by giving us the address)
      • Google Drive Spreadsheet (by indicating the sheet’s link/URL)
      • To a server (by giving us the URL)
      • To a mobile number of one or more contacts in your address book
    • Option to block texts received from certain mobile numbers (antispam)
    • No fixed set-up fee: flat rate to receive unlimited free text messages in the period
    • Configure and activate Receive SMS in just a few minutes
    • Receive and reply to texts received directly from your email account if you use a dedicated number as your sender ID, or from your mobile if you use your mobile number as sender ID
    • Receive and forward SMS received to one or more people simultaneously via text message to their mobiles

    Sign up and Free Trial

    Sign up for free selecting SMS Messenger: you’ll immediately get 10 SMS free for you to send and receive. No set-up fee or monthly fee. If you’re satisfied, you’ll pay for each SMS sent/received.

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    2016 Top Franchises from Entrepreneur s Franchise 500 List #online #business #ideas

    #franchise opportunities


    2016 Top Franchises from Entrepreneur s Franchise 500 List

    Understanding the Ranking

    There’s a lot that goes into putting together the first, best and most comprehensive franchise ranking in the world. Here’s a behind-the-scenes look at Entrepreneur’s 37th annual Franchise 500 .

    The process began in July 2015, when we asked franchisors to participate in our survey. Each submission was vetted before being entered for data analysis; 951 companies made the first cut. Of those, the top 500 became the Franchise 500 ranking, based on financial and statistical data from July 2013 through July 2015.

    Only franchise companies that supply a full Franchise Disclosure Document (FDD) or Canadian Disclosure Document and whose information is verified by Entrepreneur can receive a listing. To be eligible for the Franchise 500 , a franchisor must have a minimum of 10 units, with at least one franchise located in the U.S. The company must be seeking new franchisees in the U.S. and it cannot be in Chapter 11 at the time the ranking is compiled. (The exception to these rules is Canada-based companies that are expanding only in Canada.)

    All companies are judged by the same criteria: objective, quantifiable measures of a franchise operation. The most important factors include financial strength and stability, growth rate and size of the system. We also consider the number of years a company has been in business and the length of time it’s been franchising, startup costs, litigation, percentage of terminations and whether the company provides financing. Financial data is analyzed by an independent CPA.

    We do not measure subjective elements such as franchisee satisfaction or management style. The objective factors are plugged into our exclusive Franchise 500 formula, with each eligible company receiving a cumulative score.

    Remember that the Franchise 500 is not intended to endorse, advertise or recommend any particular franchise. It is solely a research tool you can use to compare franchise operations. Entrepreneur stresses that you should always conduct your own independent investigation before investing money in a franchise. Read the FDD and related materials carefully, get help from a franchise attorney and a CPA in reviewing any legal or financial documents, and talk to as many existing and former franchisees as possible and visit their outlets. The best way to protect yourself is to do your homework.

    Research compiled by Tracy Stapp Herold and J.R. Jimenez with assistance from Hava Arieh, Rick Ignarra, Nicole Jurinek, Yvette Madrid, Jessica Nguyen and Giuseppe Ricapito; technical assistance from Angel Cool and Daniel Sibitzky; financial analysis by David R. Juedes, CPA; graphic design by Karen Meneghin.

    More Franchise Rankings

    100 franchises for under $60,000

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