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7 Tips for Network Marketing Success #small #business #consultant

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7 Tips for Network Marketing Success

You probably have an image firmly planted in your mind of what network marketing (also known as direct sales or multilevel marketing) is all about–housewives buying and selling Tupperware while gossiping and eating finger sandwiches, or a high-pressure salesperson trying to convince you how easily you can become a millionaire if only you and your friends and their friends and so on would buy and sell vitamins with him.

Both of these images couldn t be further from the reality of network marketing. It s neither a hobby nor a get-rich-scheme but an opportunity for you to earn money running your own part- or full-time business.

But what does it take to succeed in this industry? Vincent J. Kellsey, director of member services for the Direct Selling Women s Alliance. an organization that provides a variety of resources to women and men in the direct-selling industry, offers these tips for making it:

Choose wisely. There are six key elements you should be looking for [when selecting an opportunity]. Number one: stability. How old is the company? Number two is excellent products or services that consumers will use and need more of.

Number three is the pay plan–how even and fair and generous overall is the distribution? This is really crucial as the pay plan represents exactly how you ll get paid–or not get paid. There are really only two questions to ask [regarding this]: How many pennies out of each sales dollar get paid back to the distributors each month, and how fair is the distribution of these pennies between the old members and the new members?

Number four is the integrity of the company and the management. As much as possible, [investigate] the experience of the CEO, [their] experience in the network marketing industry, and their background. [Have] they been successful in other companies in the industry? Do they have a good reputation?

Number five is momentum and timing. Look at where the company s at, what s going on with the company, and if it s growing.

Number six is support, training and business systems. You may have [chosen] a great company with excellent management, products that make a difference, a pay plan that s uniquely fair and very generous, and momentum and stability, but if you don t have a system in place that works, all of that [doesn t matter]. Most companies will have a transferable training system that they use, and that s where mentorship comes in.

Practice what they teach. [To succeed,] you need to be willing to listen and learn from mentors. The way this industry is structured, it s in the best interests of the [MLM veterans in your company] to help you succeed, so they re willing to teach you the system. Whatever [your mentor] did to become successful, it s very duplicatible, but you have to be willing to listen and be taught and follow those systems.

The higher-ups. It can be called various things, but the general term is the upline, meaning the people above you. How supportive are they? Do they call you? Do they help you put a plan in place? Are they as committed to your success as they are to their own? You should be able to relate to [the people in your upline] and be able to call them at any time to say I need some help. How much support there is from the people above you in the company is very important.

Take up the lead with your downline. There s a term in the network marketing industry called orphans –when somebody is brought in and then the person who brought them in is just so busy bringing in other people that they don t spend the time to teach and train [the new person]. You should be prepared to spend at least 30 days helping a new person come into the industry–training them, supporting them and holding their hand until they feel confident to be able to go off on their own. You really need to ask yourself, are you willing to do that? Are you able to do that? This is really about long-term relationship building. It s not about just bringing people into the business and just moving forward. It s about working with these people and helping them to develop relationships.

On the net. People are utilizing [the internet] as their main marketing tool. [You can set up your site] with autoresponders so when you capture leads, the autoresponder can follow up with that person. One of the greatest keys to success in this industry is follow-up. Many people will have someone call them who s interested or they ll call the person and say they re interested, but then they don t follow up with it. Automation on the internet has allowed a much more consistent method of following up.

The only drawback with the internet is people who utilize it to spam. If there was one thing I could put forward to say, Do not do when utilizing the internet as a marketing tool, it s spamming because that can give a very bad reputation not only to you but also to the company you re working with.

Taking care of business. This is a business, and just like if you were running a franchise or a storefront, you [should have an] accountant. You have all the same write-offs tax-wise that you have with running a [full-time] business, so it s very important to [do your research] prior to getting involved, before you start making money from it. How is that going to affect you tax-wise? What are your write-offs?

It s important to set up a [support] team around you. I d suggest seeking out lawyers who deal in network marketing, so they re very versed in all the laws and how that affects [your business.]. There are also accountants who specialize in dealing with homebased businesses specifically in the direct-selling industry.

Don t quit your day job. yet. Never leave your full-time position unless you re absolutely certain that the income that s coming in with this company is going to be there. [Be sure that] you ve been with the company [for awhile] and that you know it s a stable company, and the income that you re earning is equal to or greater than the income you re earning from your job before quitting.

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The 5 best vacuums for your home – Business Insider #business #partnership

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The 5 best vacuums for your home

The Insider Picks team writes about stuff we think you’ll like. Business Insider has affiliate partnerships so we may get a share of the revenue from your purchase.

Whether you’re looking to pick up pet hair from carpeting or keep hardwood floors dust-free, the right vacuum can make the job fly by.

When it comes to selecting the perfect model though, there’s no one-size-fits-all solution — you’ll need to consider your cleaning needs to find the right kind for you.

The most important factor to consider is what type of flooring you have in your home. Spaces with carpeting get the cleanest with upright models, according to Consumer Reports. The most important feature may be a motorized brush that can get deep into fibers, but a manual carpet pile-height adjustment control can also help you make sure you’re getting the deepest possible clean (and is handy for thicker carpeting). Some upright models also come with a switch to deactivate the brush (better for cleaning hardwood floors), but canister vacs are a better option if your floors are mostly bare. Canisters are also easier to haul up and down stairs if your home is multilevel.

If convenience is paramount, cordless stick vacuums are lightweight and great for quick pickup jobs. That said, you can generally measure their battery life in minutes, not hours — enough for apartment dwellers, according to The SweetHome. but not if you’re trying to get through a whole house. That said, they’re easier to maneuver in tight spaces, even if they won’t necessarily have the power for heavy-duty jobs.

Robotic vacuums might be the ultimate luxury, but they won’t replace your regular vac altogether, according to Good Housekeeping .

Last but not least, if anyone in your house is an allergy sufferer, Good Housekeeping says you’ll want to look for a model that is sealed and has a HEPA filter, which promises to trap more than 99% of dust, dander, pollen, and mold spores. Bagged models keep messes contained more than bagless, but the bags can be costly, and a pain to change.

While some of these top picks may seem a bit pricey, you’re investing in quality parts and sturdier construction. You’ll likely have to shell out more than $400 for a premium model, according toThe SweetHome. but you can expect it to last two to three times longer than a model that’s half the price. And rest assured, every model we include here, excelled at getting floors clean, regardless of price.

No matter what type you’re looking for, here are our top picks:

View As: One Page Slides

Best upright

It’s not the cleaning power that should sell you on the Miele Dynamic U1 Twist. according to The SweetHome — it’s the longevity. This well-built upright promises to keep your home clean for decades, with “one of the longest warranties in the industry” and a broad service network. Reviewed.com also lauds the “undeniable sense of craftsmanship” and compliments the model’s maneuverability, thanks to its special SwivelNeck Technology, which makes it easy to get into hard-to-reach spots.

At 20 pounds, you won’t want to haul this appliance up the stairs, but The SweetHome says that its excellent filtration and minimal maintenance make this upright worth the investment.

Pros: Durable, great filtration, easy to maneuver

Best canister

Can a vacuum be worth shelling out nearly $1,000 for? Quite possibly, when it crushes the competition like the Miele Complete C3 Kona.

The SweetHome called this pricey appliance the best canister vacuum for bigger homes with its higher-capacity bag and power head that’s ready to tackle messes on everything from thicker carpets to bare floors. Reviewed.com gave this vac a perfect rating, declaring it better than 100% of the other vacuums they’d tested thanks to its impeccable engineering and ease of use.

Pros: Included HEPA filter, handy included accessories, easy to maneuver, quiet

Cons: That price tag

Best stick

If you find your home is constantly covered in pet hair, the Dyson V6 might be the model for you. This stick vac did a great job sucking up pet hair in Good Housekeeping tests, clearing the mess in half the time of similar models. Even better, you’ll never have to hear to that sad whirr as the charge dies — Good Housekeeping praised it for never losing power even as the battery ran down. The SweetHome also called this vacuum exceptionally powerful and praised its generous 20-minute running time. A nice plus: This versatile model can easily can easily convert into a hand vac.

Pros: Powerful, long battery life and relatively quick charge, light, washable filter

Cons: Expensive, have to hold down power button during operation

Best cordless

Looking for the convenience of a stick vac with the running power of an upright? The Hoover Air Cordless Lift splits the difference effortlessly, with 50 minutes of running time on a charge, according to Reviewed.com. and two batteries that can be swapped out. (Bonus: The battery is interchangeable with other recent Hoover cordless models as well.)

Even better, Reviewed.com says a simple button press can remove the main body of the vacuum, turning it into a lightweight canister. Plus, Digital Trends lauds the ability to turn the brushroll on and off, making this model well suited for cleaning hardwood and other uncarpeted surfaces. too.

Pros: Lightweight, convenient to use, brushroll can be turned off

Cons: Feels flimsy to some, not as light as a stick vac

Hoover Air Cordless Lift, $299, available at Amazon.

Best bot

If putting a robot vacuum to work cleaning up your place isn’t the dream, we don’t know what is. The iRobot Roomba 880 received accolades across the board for being great at getting floors clean — CNET lauded its new “Aeroforce cleaning system” with “rubbery extractors” for more effective debris pickup than ever, and Good Housekeeping noted that it picked up 95% of test messes — and reviews were unanimous in praising its easy setup, too.

Pros: Simple configuration, fall prevention sensors

Cons: Small dust bin, pricey

Read the original article on Insider Picks. Copyright 2016. Follow Insider Picks on Twitter .

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READ MORE: The 5 best humidifiers on the market

The 5 best vacuums for your home

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Wells Fargo Small Business – Online and Business Banking, Lending and Investing Services for

#small business banking


Wells Fargo Personal

  1. Next-day funding available for most transactions when funding to a Wells Fargo checking or savings account.

Important notice regarding use of cookies: By continuing to use this site, you agree to our use of cookies as described in our Digital Privacy and Cookies Policy.

Brokerage products and services are offered through Wells Fargo Advisors. Wells Fargo Advisors is the trade name used by two separate registered broker-dealers: Wells Fargo Advisors, LLC and Wells Fargo Advisors Financial Network, LLC, Members SIPC. non-bank affiliates of Wells Fargo Company and is intended only for United States residents. WellsTrade ® is offered through Wells Fargo Advisors, LLC.

Wells Fargo Insurance, Inc. (Minneapolis, MN) is a licensed agency that represents — and is compensated by — the insurer based on the amount of insurance sold.

Investment and Insurance products:

  • Are Not insured by the FDIC or any other federal government agency
  • Are Not deposits of or guaranteed by a Bank
  • May Lose Value

Deposit products offered by Wells Fargo Bank, N.A. Member FDIC.

Equal Housing Lender

© 1999 – 2016 Wells Fargo. All rights reserved. NMLSR ID 399801

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Insurance for home-based business #bank #business #loans

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Insurance for home-based business

Last Updated: 10 May 2016

If you run your business from home, it’s important to understand that your existing home and contents insurance may not cover your business activities or your clients in the event of an accident or illness. This is a common mistake for many businesses and can make you personally liable if an accident occurs.

What type of insurance should I get?

There are many insurance policies targeting home-based businesses. Before you decide on an insurance policy, compare different providers to select what’s best for you.

As a home-based business you need to make sure you have the correct level of insurance to protect yourself, your business and your home. It’s also important to understand that standard homeowner policies do not generally provide cover for home-based business activities.

When looking at insurance providers, consider the following types of insurance:

  • public liability cover for persons visiting your business at home (e.g. customers and suppliers)
  • asset insurance of business equipment, inventory, tools of trade, office furniture or computer equipment
  • workers’ compensation for any employees working from your home
  • fire, storm and theft cover for the loss of any stock and equipment
  • professional indemnity insurance if you’re in a service industry, especially if you’re contracting to government
  • loss of income due to personal accident or illness
  • costs arising from interruption to your business
  • marine policy if you send products via freight carriers or post.

It’s important to note that many policies don’t cover tools of trade, office furniture or computer equipment used for your business, unless you and your insurer have agreed to cover them.

What to do.

  • Read more about Home-based business and check out our Starting a home-based business page.
  • Find out about types of insurance .
  • You may be interested in our Online business page if your home business is online.
  • Read about Managing inventory for information on protecting your stock.
  • Compare insurance companies and brokers.
  • Talk to your industry association or professional body for advice.

Was this helpful?

Thanks for your feedback. If you have any ideas on how we can improve, we’d love to hear them.

Please provide your comments in the feedback form .

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Business Math For Dummies Cheat Sheet #business #accounting #software

#business math


Business Math For Dummies Cheat Sheet

Math is an important part of managing business. Get to know some commonly used fractions and their decimal equivalents, area and perimeter formulas, angle measurements, and financial formulas including understanding interest rates and common financial acronyms to help with your business tasks.

Common Fraction and Decimal Equivalents in Business Math

Fractions and decimals form the basis of much of the math in business. The following table shows you some of the more commonly used fractions and their decimal equivalents. An ellipsis (three dots) after a number means that the digit goes on forever.

Earning Money through Interest

You can track how long it takes to double your investment if you deposit money at a specific interest rate. For interest rates that fall between the rates in the chart, remember that the time will fall in between also.

Interest Rate Compounded Quarterly

Amount of Time Needed to Double

Common Area and Perimeter Formulas

You may need to find out the size of an office space, perimeters of buildings, and tracts of land for your business. Keep these frequently used formulas handy for your business math needs:

Financial Formulas

Formulas are an important part of business. A formula qualifies as such when it consistently gives you correct results and answers to questions thus providing organization and structure. The most common financial formulas that you need are:

Common Business and Financial Acronyms

The business world is packed with terms and acronyms. Take a look through the following list, learn the terms, and you ll be speaking like a financial pro in no time.

Important Angle Measures in Degrees

When you’re figuring out things like lot lines or fencing for your business, you’re working with angles. These figures are the more commonly used angle measures and can help you estimate angles for your business tasks:

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Professional Small Business Website Design Packages from $99 Australian Web Design Company – Websites

#small business website


when you need to sell your products online
with a glossy modern website you can self manage

Using your logo and content we will create a glossy rich content website with the ability to create endless categories and products to sell online. With all of the features of the brochure package plus automatic invoicing, shipping calculation, wish lists, customisable products, multi product images, stock control, take payments with PayPal or Credit Card*. We complete all of the necessary setup and testing and will train you on loading products and maintaining the website so you can become an online merchant!

All-Included Package. Business Email, Web Hosting, Built in Website Editor, Mobile Friendly
*Credit Card Processing requires additional security features and banking requirements
Free Website User Manual

the E-Commerce

Includes 12 months Website Hosting
+ Free Domain Registration

Ongoing cost is $360 Per Annum
+ $49 Domain Renewal every 2 Years

we Design for Mobility

In 2016, any website that is created must be responsive on any number of devices that it is viewed upon.
If your website is not mobile responsive talk to us about a redesign today!

Website Hosting

Website Design Quotes

Convert CMS

Specialised Small Business Website Solutions – Website Development in Language YOU Can Understand

If you have been delaying developing your own website for your business and think you don’t have the budget, time or web design skills STOP! Our small business website designs can be are fully developed with special attention to meeting your goals of achieving a functional, profitable site. Our sites are affordable websites – tailored to your specific business needs.

Everything you need to have a professional website built plus ongoing support and maintenance by our experienced and award winning team of website designers and developers. Many small business owners who have tried to design a website themselves or used “free websites builders’ have been frustrated and let down by the end result. What if you could manage your own website after it is all built? That is where we come in. We do the techy design parts and train you on keeping your website up to date. You can make changes to it anytime you need!

Important Links

Contact Us

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I’m Looking for a Business Analyst Job #business #signs

#business analyst jobs


I’m Looking for a Business Analyst Job

Are you looking for your first or next business analyst job? Getting hired for a business analyst job isn’t like getting hired for other IT roles. We’ve helped many professionals improve their resumes, discover transferable skills, and prepare for job interviews. These articles walk you through our approach to the BA job search process.

Learn what the interview process is like for a BA job, how recruiters get involved, and the types of questions you are most likely to get asked.

If you’ve never held the job title of “Business Analyst” it can be difficult to get an interview for a BA job. Learn how to showcase your relevant skills and experiences in a business analyst resume.

Work samples can be powerful if they match your interviewer’s expectations but dangerous if they don’t. Learn how to overcome the most common problems your work samples might have so you get the job offer.

Even though it might seem like the lion share of BA roles require IT experience, professionals with a business background have many skills and qualifications to leverage too.

Do all BA jobs require industry expertise? What do I do if I don’t have it? Should I apply to jobs even if I don’t have the expertise they are looking for? We tackle these questions head on.

Click here to learn more about finding a business analyst job.

Books and Courses You Might Be Interested In

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11 Top Profitable Business Ideas for 2016 #harvard #business #press

#great business ideas


Most articles offering advice regarding profitable business ideas include lists of startup ideas like becoming a personal shopper, a consultant, a pet sitter, a virtual assistant, an interior designer.

This is not that kind of article.

Let’s go in a different direction. Here are my favorite ideas–ones you can still easily do this year, even though we’re well into 2016–that can save time, save money, and streamline your professional and personal life.

The goal is to do less, so you can achieve more:

1. Downsize your to-do list.

A to-do list with 20 or 30 items is not just daunting–it’s depressing. Why start when there’s no way you can finish?

Try this instead. First create a wish list: Use it to write down all the ideas, projects, tasks, etc. that occur to you. Make it your “would like to do” list.

Then pick three or four items off that list that will make the most difference. Pick the easiest tasks to accomplish, or the ones with the biggest payoff, or the ones that will eliminate the most pain.

Make that your to-do list. And then get it done.

Then go back and pick three or four more.

2. Get rid of one “permission.”

You probably don’t think of it this way, but everything you do “trains” the people around you how to treat you. Let employees interrupt your meetings or phone calls because of “emergencies” and they’ll feel free to interrupt you any time. Drop what you’re doing every time someone calls and they’ll always expect immediate attention. Return emails immediately and people will always expect an immediate response.

In short, your actions give other people permission to keep you from working the way you work best.

A friend set up an “emergency” email account; he responds to those immediately. Otherwise, his employees know he only checks his “standard” email a couple times a day and they act accordingly.

Figure out how you work best and “train” the people around you to let you be as productive as you possibly can be.

3. Eliminate one report.

You’re not reading most of them anyway. And neither are your employees.

4. Eliminate one sign-off.

I worked at a manufacturing plant where supervisors had to sign off on quality before a job could be run. Seemed strange to me–we trusted the operators to ensure jobs met standards throughout the run, so why couldn’t we trust them to know if a job met quality standards before they started running?

You probably have at least one sign-off in place because, somewhere along the way, an employee made a major error, and you don’t want the same mistake to happen again. But in the process, you’ve reduced the amount of responsibility your employees feel for their own work, because you’ve inserted your authority into the process.

Train, explain, trust–and remove yourself from processes where you don’t belong. (The same premise works at home, too.)

5. Fire your worst customer (or worst employee ).

You know the one: the high maintenance, low revenue, nonexistent-profits one.

Start charging more, or providing less. If that’s not possible, fire that customer.

6. Eliminate one expense.

Right now, you’re spending money on something you don’t use, don’t need, or don’t want. But since you buy it. you feel you have to use it. I subscribed to a number of magazines (because subscribing is really cheap compared to buying at the newsstand).

Great–but then the magazines show up. Then I have to read them. If I don’t, they sit around making me feel guilty.

So I dropped three or four. I don’t miss them.

Often the biggest savings in cutting an expense isn’t the actual cost; it’s the time involved in doing or maintaining or consuming whatever the expense represents.

Pick one expense you can eliminate that will also free up time and effort. Your bottom line and your workday will thank you for it.

7. Drop one personal commitment.

We all do things simply because we feel we should. Maybe you volunteer because a friend asked you to, but you feel no real connection to the cause you support. Maybe you have a weekly lunch with some old friends but it feels more like a chore than a treat. Or maybe you keep trying to learn French just because once you started you didn’t want to feel like a quitter.

Think about one thing you do out of habit, or because you think you’re supposed to, or simply because you don’t know how to get out of it–and then get out of it. The momentary pain–or, in some cases, confrontation–of stepping down, dropping out, or letting go will be replaced quickly by a huge sense relief.

Then you can use that time to do something you feel has real meaning.

Or just take a break.

8. Optimize your lunch.

You already make enough decisions. What to have for lunch shouldn’t be one of them.

Pack tuna and a small salad. Pick something healthy, something simple, even something you can eat at your desk. Save the decision making for what’s really important.

As a bonus, you’ll lose a little weight and feel a little better.

9. Carve out consistent time to sit and think.

Most small-business owners spend a lot more time reacting–to employee issues, customer requests, market conditions, etc.–than they do reflecting.

Eliminate 20 or 30 minutes of reacting time by creating a little quiet time. Close your door and think. Better yet, go for a walk. Exercise does more to bolster thinking than thinking does; walking just 40 minutes three days a week builds new brain cells and improves memory functions.

And don’t worry that something bad will happen while you’re gone–most of the time the issues you “avoid” will solve themselves.

10. Remove one willpower drain.

We all have a finite supply of willpower. Resisting temptation creates stress and eventually exhaustion.

And then you give in.

But if you don’t have to exercise willpower, you don’t drain your energy. Say you keep a bowl of candy for customers at the front desk. Every time you walk by you’re tempted to grab a piece, but you stand firm. Resisting tires you out, though, and in time you’ll be more susceptible to the candy’s charms.

Get rid of the candy altogether. Then you don’t have to use any willpower at all. Pick something you have to resist–food, wasting time, Web browsing, checking social-media accounts–and eliminate the temptation.

Discipline depletes. Discipline is exhausting. Stay fresh by removing the need for discipline altogether.

11. Remove one category of decisions.

Instead of making serial decisions, try making just one: Decide who will decide.

Say you regularly need to decide whether to expedite shipping due to work-in-progress delays. Instead of being the go-to decision maker, pick someone in the organization who will make those decisions. Provide guidance, parameters, and advice, and turn that person loose. Then, check in periodically to see if they need more direction. That way, you get to spend time figuring out how to eliminate the delays instead of dealing with the repercussions.

Almost every decision you currently make can be taken over by people you trust. How will you learn to trust them?

Teach, train, guide, verify–and in time you will give your employees the authority and responsibility they not only earn, but deserve.

The opinions expressed here by Inc.com columnists are their own, not those of Inc.com.

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Business Solutions – Growth Strategies For The IT Channel #stock #market

#business solutions


Bringing together hardware, software, and subject-matter expertise allows these two companies to win big in the manufacturing vertical.

Simplifying the critical restaurant application landscape on a single software platform is driving big gains for a new ISV.

At the time of this writing, I m fresh off of RSPA RetailNOW 2016. Coming back from an event like RetailNOW, my mind and notebook are overloaded with takeaways from the various education sessions, keynote speakers, and interactions with resellers and vendors. Indeed, over the four-plus days I was in Texas, I have more than 30 pages of notes.

  • EMV Integration Addresses Legacy POS
  • Tips From A Security Assessment Startup Turned Thriving Integrator
  • Address The Needs Of Small Restaurants

More From The Current Issue


We compare 11 business continuity solutions. Which is right for you and your customers?

  • Product Comparison: Endpoint Security Solutions 2016
  • Product Comparison: RMM Software 2016
  • Product Comparison: Backup & Recovery Software, Part 2

More Product Reviews


When you hear about a security breach, you probably think something like, The IT department must have missed something. But increasingly, breaches are caused by factors outside of IT s control. Today, a breach is just as likely to be the result of a devious email or an unwitting employee s error as a breakdown in IT.

As the world moves to browser-based applications (whether hosted on your own server or with a provider such as Amazon), it can mean that some of your applications might be on a local server in your office and others are hosted somewhere else. For example, you may have a hosted CRM ( Customer Relationship Management ) system, while your accounting or ERP software application stays behind closed doors where it is more difficult for a hacker to gain access.

Once a VAR or ISV makes a decision to pursue monthly recurring revenue opportunities in payment processing, the big question becomes how? Two Moneris subject matter experts offer guidance on the big decisions that must first be considered.

The once sluggish area of payments has quickly become anything but in the past few years. In fact, payments have become one of the most dynamic aspects of retailing. Retailers have often incorporated payment changes only as necessary. However, with continuous changes in industry requirements, consumer expectations and consumer access to new payment methods, retailers have had to adjust to become more nimble and flexible.

NAB Velocity, based in Denver CO, provides software developers and businesses with secure and customizable payment solutions, including credit and debit card processing, ACH processing, and gift/loyalty card programs from an ecosystem of payment service providers. As a division of North American Bancard Holdings, LLC (NAB), an industry partner with over 20 years of experience and knowledge servicing merchants, enabling agents, and supporting partners, NAB Velocity is the omnichannel platform to an integrated system of payment and merchant services.

The transition to managed services from a break-fix business model can be challenging for MSPs. There is much to consider in terms of setting expectations, documenting the deliverables, and defining how the MSP s relationships with its clients will be governed under this new model.

eMarketer predicts 37.5 million Americans will use proximity mobile payments this year a 61.8 percent increase over 2015 and total value of mobile payment transactions in the U.S. alone will grow 210 percent in the same period.

An IT solution provider discusses a major data center growth trend that every channel IT company should be taking advantage of right now.


If you want to know more about EMV and how to maximize your payments-related revenue, this guide is for you. After surveying both small and large retailers on their top technology needs (and where they plan to spend), surveying our own readers, and studying analysts data on the market, we came up with a list of the four most important topics of today and the near future: payment processing (special focus on security/EMV and mobility), mobile POS, POS-as-a-Service, and customer experience/ engagement.

Many IT solutions providers, both VARs and software developers, rank dealing with payment security slightly higher than a trip to the dentist. It s not something people want to spend time on. To most, payment security is not a money-making profit center. Additionally, the rules seem to be ever-changing and nearly impossible to get ahead of. To top it off, the bad guys always seem to be one step ahead.

Are your vendor partners merely providers of product for you to sell, or true partners that are walking with you hand-in-hand and working to help you succeed? If you didn t answer true partners, it might be time to reevaluate the relationship.

Here are 2016 s Best Channel Vendors, listed first by technology category (Business Continuity through VoIP) and then by technology subcategory. One of the main purposes of this special report is to give our resellers a guide to who their peers think are Best Channel Vendors.

2016 is just a few holiday parties away and will be here before we know it. This month prior is a good opportunity to take a step back and reflect on the past year. What has your company done well? Are there wins you should be celebrating? What will your company look like in the years to come? What have you struggled with? Are you taking steps to ensure that those same struggles don t occur in 2016?

Healthcare IT continues to evolve and change, and IT solutions providers in this vertical need to address the challenges their clients face as they try to keep up with standards, regulations, and trends.


At MAXfocus we provide over 12,000 MSPs and IT support companies globally with the integrated Remote Monitoring, Mail Security, Backup and ServiceDesk capability you need to make your clients lives easier. We also provide free training, sales and marketing materials to help build your business.

For more than 30 years, APG Cash Drawer has been designing and delivering cash drawers with a variety of size, color, interface, and integration options. An APG cash drawer will provide years of smooth, trouble free service with virtually no downtime, no service required, and no headaches. Our cash drawers are so well constructed and so reliable that our customers install them and forget them – even in the most demanding environments.

We ve spent more than 40 years helping lead the electronic payment revolution, and we remain at the industry s forefront. Providing merchants and partners with seamless, secure solutions and the latest industry intelligence, Moneris helps the businesses we serve unlock new possibilities and take advantage of new avenues for growth.

ConnectWise is the leading business management solution designed exclusively for technology organizations, such as IT solution providers, MSPs, software companies, hardware/software resellers, and System Integrators.

Harbortouch is a leading national provider of touch-screen point of sale (POS) systems and payment processing services. As pioneers of the as a service model, Harbortouch offers an unprecedented free POS program that allows the company s sales partners to offer a full-featured POS system with no up-front costs.

RSPA stands for Retail Solutions Providers Association. We are the only association dedicated to the retail technology industry.

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Small Business Loans for Women

Financing for Female Business Owners

Women make up a large and growing segment of American small business owners, but they do not always have the same access to financing as their male counterparts. From funding expansion efforts to hiring new employees, women across the country require business loans to help their enterprises succeed. At National Funding, we pride ourselves on being champions of female entrepreneurs and providing business loans for women.

Meeting Business Demands

Man or woman, being a small business owner means contending with numerous financial challenges.

Besides the obvious expenses of procuring goods, securing space, hiring workers and paying taxes, small business owners must also think about license and permit costs, utility bills, services like phone and Internet, repairs and maintenance, obtaining equipment and much more.

Even the most successful small businesses can find themselves in need of extra funds from time to time, which is why it s important for female owners to consider how different business loans for women can serve their needs.

Choosing the right loan can be just as important as receiving money in the first place, as factors like repayment options and loan costs will directly impact a business s bottom line.

For women who want to transform their vision for business success into a reality, working with a lender who understands their needs is essential.

Get Started Today

Business Loans for Women

At National Funding, we offer many types of business loans. We know that small business loans for women are not a one-size-fits-all affair. What may work for one business owner may not be the ideal fit for another.

From small business working capital loans to merchant cash advances. female business owners can rest easy knowing we have a product designed to fit their requirements.

Simplifying the Process

No matter your gender, running a small business can be complicated taking out a small business loan shouldn t be.

National Funding’s business loans for women have been streamlined to make the application and funding process as straightforward as possible. Our loans feature simple, one-page applications, no hidden fees or upfront costs and the chance to receive funding in as few as 24 hours.

In addition to our easy application and approval process, National Funding small business loans require no collateral on the part of business owners. Together with our flexible repayment options and willingness to work with business owners who may have less than perfect credit, procuring the cash you need just got easier.

Contact us today to find out more about custom-tailored small business loans for women.


Instantly calculate your personal quote for a working capital loan.

What Our Clients Are Saying

National Funding loaned us money we needed to pay some bills and still have some working capital. The service was excellent; prompt and pleasant with all my questions and concerns answered and addressed. Brian, our National Funding representative, was very thorough and a great help. I never felt like I was lied to or misled; Brian kept me up-to-date on the whole process. I would highly recommend National Funding, it was a great experience.

National Funding loaned us money we needed to pay some bills and still have some working capital. The service was excellent; prompt and pleasant with all my questions and concerns answered and addressed.


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