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Thank You for Your Service – 4 Business Funding Programs for Veterans #business #icons

#business loans for veterans


Thank You for Your Service – 4 Business Funding Programs for Veterans

September 24, 2014

There are more than 2.4 million businesses operated by veterans nationwide, according to the SBA 2012 Veterans Report. Despite this growing trend towards entrepreneurship, funding options that specifically benefit veterans are difficult to find. Here are four unique funding programs if you are a veteran starting or expanding your business.

1. Self-employment grants for service-disabled veterans. Service-disabled veterans can connect with a self-employment program offered through the Veterans Administration.

Participants are required to submit a feasible and complete business plan for any funding considerations. As part of the process, veterans are assigned to either Category I or Category II. Those categories determine the level of self-employment funding may be available.

Veterans designated Category I have the most serve service-connected disabilities and self-employment is considered a viable option. Category II is designated for veterans with serious employment challenges but not considered severe.

Depending on the category, veterans can obtain a grant to fund purchase of equipment, inventory, supplies, training, licensing fees and marketing. Veterans interested in the program can contact their local VA office where a counselor will help them qualify for the self-employment program. Funds allocated for start-up enterprises are grants that do not have to repaid.

2. Angel investment group supporting veterans. Hivers and Strivers is an angel investment group funding early-stage investments in start-up companies founded and run by graduates of the U.S. military academies. The company generally invests $250,000 to $1 million in a single round.

A company seeking larger rounds can actively look to other investor groups in the Hivers and Strivers network for additional funds. Their goal is to support veteran entrepreneurs through a successful exit with a return 10 times the initial investment. Veterans can learn more about Hivers and Strivers and complete an application available on the front page of the company website.

3.Venture capital fund serving veterans. The Veterans Opportunity Fund (VOF) is the first venture capital fund formed to invest in businesses that are started, owned and/or managed by veterans of the United States armed forces. The investments range up to $3 million.

The fund focuses on companies based on the East Coast. The industries of interest include technology, healthcare, business services,and specialty manufacturing. The stage of interest is at early revenue or after a product or service can be evaluated.

Veterans interested in pursuing an opportunity with VOF can submit a business plan directly through the company website.

4. Online lending platform for veterans. Street Shares is an online lending platform designed to connect investors and small business owners to support veterans starting or expanding their business. Veteran-owned businesses can apply online in about 10 minutes.

The online auction periods have ranged from five to 30 days. Business owners pitch directly to lenders for loans of $5,000 to $50,000 with one, three, of five-year terms. Accredited investors can fund any portion of up to 90 percent of the requested loan amount with bids as low as $25 per business. StreetShares takes the first 10 percent. Co-founder Mark Rockefeller describes the platform as Shark Tank meets eBay.

While each of these programs follows standard due diligence in their funding, their social-driven goals include increasing the number of veteran-owned businesses nationwide.

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10 top government grants for start-ups #printable #business #cards

#start up business grants


10 top government grants for start-ups

Government grants are notoriously hard to snare for start-up businesses and can involve completing a mountain of time-sapping paperwork in the application process.

However, it appears the system isn’t always as stringent as it should be. A damning report tabled in the Victorian Parliament last week showed that 50% of all businesses awarded grants had failed to properly meet the criteria .

Before you rush off your application in the belief that it’s open season on grants, it’s worth remembering that countless more start-ups are still rejected for grants than are accepted.

To help you navigate the complex web of grants, we have partnered with Victoria’s Small Business Festival to hold an instructive, free webinar, no matter where your business is located. You can sign up to the webinar by clicking here .

But it’s also worth getting a good handle on what grants are out there for start-ups. The most obvious candidate for new ventures is Commercialisation Australia. which offers matched funding up to $2 million for proof of concept, early-stage commercialisation, skills and management support.

But there are others that you may not be quite so familiar with. We’ve picked out 10 of the best, but maybe little-known, grants available to small businesses.

For information on each grant, click on the tabs below:

1. Enterprise Connect

An offshoot of the federal Department of Industry, Innovation, Science, Research and Tertiary Education, Enterprise Connect is perhaps best known for the free business review it performs for entrepreneurs.

But the network also oversees several start-up focused programs that have cash attached.

The Researchers in Business Grant provides 50% of salary costs, to a maximum of $50,000, for university researchers to work on new idea within a business for between two and 12 months.

There’s also the Tailored Advisory Service Grant, which stumps up half the cash needed, up to $20,000, to engage a consultant to make improvements in your business.

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CRM for Small Business – 2016 Reviews and Pricing #business #cards #free

#small business crm


Compare Small Business CRM Software

With the growing number of affordable, Web-based products on the market, more and more small businesses are looking for customer relationship management (CRM) software to manage interactions with both current and prospective customers.

Many are seeking to upgrade from basic email marketing or contact management systems. However, the capabilities of CRM systems can range widely, with varying levels of functionality for sales, marketing and customer support. We developed this guide to help buyers understand exactly what these products can offer, so they can select the solution that best meets their needs.

Here’s what we’ll cover:

Common Reasons Small Businesses Shop for a CRM Solution

Thousands of small businesses contact us every year, looking for advice to help them select the CRM solution best suited to their company. Some are just getting started, while others are looking to replace an outdated or problematic system.

Small businesses most commonly look to purchase a CRM system because they are:

  • Hoping to consolidate customer records and reduce double-entry.
  • Seeking to automate functions (alerts, follow-up emails etc.).
  • Looking to generate, track and manage leads more efficiently.
  • Needing specific features (e.g. trouble ticket management).
  • Frustrated with current CRM software (too complicated or not enough features).
  • Experiencing transition or company growth.

Core CRM Applications for Small Businesses

The core component of any CRM solution, contact management systems consolidate critical customer data (e.g. names, addresses and company info) into a single database, as opposed to scattering it across many individual inboxes or address books.

Most small businesses; any business that needs to organize contact information or associate notifications, tasks, notes, files etc. with specific customers.

Basic sales management applications allow businesses to track deals at different stages of the sales pipeline, integrating sales activities and appointments with the general contact database. Some may also include limited automation (e.g. automatically sending follow-up emails or setting up reminders) and reporting.

Any small business with a dedicated sales team, or that needs to organize a high volume of leads and automate follow-up (e.g. real estate agencies).

Entry-level marketing automation applications allow small businesses to quickly set up landing pages, Web forms and email templates that inspire potential customers to take action. They may also offer some degree of automation to send targeted, personalized messages based on prospects behavior.

Small businesses with a dedicated marketing team, and/or looking to attract potential customers through email marketing or Web traffic.

Customer service management

Simpler customer service applications typically focus on basic trouble ticket management, which allows small businesses to document, track and resolve customer issues.

Small businesses with a dedicated customer service team, or any business that needs to resolve a high volume of customer inquiries and/or complaints (e.g. software companies).

Pricing: Web-Based vs. On-Premise CRM

Most small businesses should consider hosted, cloud-based CRM solutions. Because these systems are hosted by the vendor, they eliminate the need for you to have a dedicated IT team for managing and maintaining your own server. They also drastically reduce upfront investment and installation costs.

In addition, they typically offer monthly subscription pricing, which makes them scale well for fast-growing companies that need to add additional user licenses or features down the road.

However, small businesses with sufficient IT resources and capital may still benefit from on-premise CRM systems. These solutions usually require purchasing an expensive perpetual license up front, but they may become the cheaper option if you use the same system over an extended period of time.

You can see how pricing for these two models compares to figure out what works best for you using this tool. However, keep in mind that with on-premise solutions, you might also pay additionally for upgrades, customizations or maintenance.

Key Considerations for Small Businesses

With so many options and feature sets to choose from, selecting the right CRM for your small business can quickly become an overwhelming task. To narrow things down, here are four key factors for small businesses in particular to keep in mind as they evaluate different products:

Which Applications to Prioritize?
Because CRM encompasses so many functions (e.g. sales, marketing and customer service), many entry-level products are actually best-of-breed solutions. This means they focus on only one of the core applications listed above (although all CRM systems will provide some level of contact management functionality). Integrated suites, meaning solutions combining multiple applications in one software package (often billed as professional or enterprise editions) are much more expensive.

So before you begin shopping, start with a clear assessment of exactly which functions you need. The Best for. column in the chart above provides recommendations as to which types of companies may need which applications.

System Complexity and Ease-of-Use
Many small businesses we speak with say they re replacing their CRM system because it s too complicated or difficult to use. And if your employees find it too burdensome to input data into your program, you ll wind up with a spotty, incomplete customer database, which defeats the entire purpose of having a system in place.

As a result, small businesses should pay particular attention to ease-of-use as they evaluate CRM software options. Consider solutions with smart, intuitive interfaces. Also, take advantage of the demos and trials offered by many companies to get a real sense of how user-friendly a system is.

Integration Considerations
While small businesses may not have as many integration requirements as larger companies, you should still consider CRM solutions that integrate with programs that you and your employees already use, such as email clients, calendars and accounting software.

For instance, integration with email clients such as Outlook and Gmail will make it much easier to import contacts and conversations into your new system. It also allows your employees to continue using the programs they re comfortable with, while ensuring your contact database remains comprehensive and up-to-date.

Similar software categories

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Entrepreneurial Ideas for Better Revenue #small #business #plan

#entrepreneurial ideas


Prioritize This: 3 Entrepreneurial Strategies for Increased Revenue

If we are talking business, it all pans down to revenues. Be it a tested firm or something like a startup; entrepreneurial moves aren’t easy to make, provided the resources are limited and competition is fierce.

Firstly we need to shift our focus to valueless assets, transforming them into powerful ammunitions.

Once the resourceful attributions are made, shifting onto experience will be immensely helpful.

Most firms fail to comply with the rule of patience as earning profits at the first attempt is actually close to impossible.

That said, experience does play an important role, adding those extra pounds to our entrepreneurial punches.

For a business to succeed, associates need to strike a perfect balance between customers and employees. Failure to do so might just have catastrophic outcomes.

To be precise it all starts with a “will” and concludes in “willingness”. However, we still have to address these three areas in order to drive in traction and revenues:

Avoid Overindulgence

Before even starting off with the firm, associates need to identify the core market. It often gets difficult to target the exact chunk of audience, more so due to the unapologetic competition.

Admittedly, it all comes down to intellect and innovation, provided the entire market is selling the same thing. As a tip, we always need to concentrate on our specialty even while expanding the business. There will always be that one thing which will help define our expertise, may it be the service or object that was sold in the first place.

That one thing has to be transformed into the best possible option for the customer rather than bombarding them with several good ones. Google does the same as even after indulging into every other vicinity, it still prioritizes mapping schemes, email techniques and browsing essentials.

Google has mastered these and excels at providing the concerned services. It is still advisable to look for different options but improving the core service will surely yield satisfying results, at least in the long run.


Owners who aren’t available to the customers often falter while travelling that extra mile. Suppose we as founders have a definite idea about the service or product. The customers might have a different viewpoint and it’s imperative to know and include the same. We must develop a habit of listening to the audience as it will then help create something with a humongous earning potential.

Plan toward a “Customer Service Team,” comprising of intelligent yet emotional individuals. Subject matter and product experts are usually desired. This way we can easily fix the weaker areas by tracking into the redundancies. This offers data-centric insights allowing easy yet effective interpretations.

For example, a firm that helps people issue identification proofs in coalition with government must comprehend the user will with immediate effect. This would lead to added traffic and better opportunities even for the prospective customers. Creating a blog with substantial information or offering ID related solutions are some of the customer-centric strategies that need to be adopted.

Instilling these will help identify the drop offs and other aspects of business evolution. In a nutshell, we all should listen to our customers as the insights might be path-breaking and help improve the existing set of services.

Pivoting on Demand

We all have ideas lingering inside our heads when it comes to business. But the best option is to be flexible and pivot as per customer requirements. For a business to succeed, we must gather customer feedback and valuable insights leading to the product roadmap.

Every project has an internal team awaiting a green signal from the founders. The product might be a hit with the team but might again resonate with the wide customer base. If that is the case, take the possible hints and pivot accordingly. Ideas do come in plenty but the best option would be to discuss and make the best ones work.

The excitement for something specific is evident but for a business to succeed, customer satisfaction is always at the forefront.

In simple terms, we must look to unify the product, tying the same around the core value.

These are some of the ideas that need to be looked at before planning the desired infrastructure. Many readers will look to make quick money or establish a startup but these three norms expose the unattended areas of entrepreneurship.

Out here we look to inculcate customer-centric relationships. based on their preferences, ideas and requirements.

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Richard Smith is a budding entrepreneur and an experienced marketing professional with a decade long expertise in social media marketing, business technology and workforce management. Richard is well-versed with myriad web analytics and his posts on the deep-seated concepts of online marketing have been very popular with established businesses. In his leisure, Richard prefers indulging into technological excavates that can assist and automate most of his basic chores.

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Implementing Entrepreneurial Ideas: The Case for Intention on JSTOR #business #plan #pdf

#entrepreneurial ideas


Implementing Entrepreneurial Ideas: The Case for Intention

Note: Always review your references and make any necessary corrections before using. Pay attention to names, capitalization, and dates.

The Academy of Management Review

Description: The Academy of Management Review. now in its 26th year, is the most cited of management references. AMR ranks as one of the most influential business journals, publishing academically rigorous, conceptual papers that advance the science and practice of management. AMR is a theory development journal for management and organization scholars around the world. AMR publishes novel, insightful and carefully crafted conceptual articles that challenge conventional wisdom concerning all aspects of organizations and their role in society. The journal is open to a variety of perspectives, including those that seek to improve the effectiveness of, as well as those critical of, management and organizations. Each manuscript published in AMR must provide new theoretical insights that can advance our understanding of management and organizations. Most articles include a review of relevant literature as well. AMR is published four times a year with a circulation of 15,000.

Coverage: 1976-2010 (Vol. 1, No. 1 – Vol. 35, No. 4)

The “moving wall” represents the time period between the last issue available in JSTOR and the most recently published issue of a journal. Moving walls are generally represented in years. In rare instances, a publisher has elected to have a “zero” moving wall, so their current issues are available in JSTOR shortly after publication.
Note: In calculating the moving wall, the current year is not counted.
For example, if the current year is 2008 and a journal has a 5 year moving wall, articles from the year 2002 are available.

Terms Related to the Moving WallFixed walls: Journals with no new volumes being added to the archive. Absorbed: Journals that are combined with another title. Complete: Journals that are no longer published or that have been combined with another title.

Subjects: Management & Organizational Behavior, Business & Economics, Business, Sociology, Social Sciences


Entrepreneurial intentions, entrepreneurs’ states of mind that direct attention, experience, and action toward a business concept, set the form and direction of organizations at their inception. Subsequent organizational outcomes such as survival, development (including written plans), growth, and change are based on these intentions. The study of entrepreneurial intentions provides a way of advancing entrepreneurship research beyond descriptive studies and helps to distinguish entrepreneurial activity from strategic management.

Page Thumbnails

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Design Custom Business Flyers For Free #starting #own #business

#business flyer templates


With our free business flyer maker and hundreds of beautiful layouts, you can have a dynamic flyer ready to print and promote your business in the time it takes to finish a cup of coffee.

Create a professional business flyer in a matter of moments

  1. Open Canva and choose for our fantastic selection of layouts.
  2. Choose from our library of professional graphic design elements such as banners, icons, frames and more.
  3. Upload your own photos or choose from over 1 million stock images.
  4. Fix your images, add stunning filters and edit text.
  5. Save and share.

Customize your business flyer to speak to your customers

  1. Change the images. Upload your own images or choose from our stock library of over 1 million photographs, graphics and illustrations.
  2. Change the fonts. Choose from over 130 fresh fonts.
  3. Change the background. Choose a background from our library or use an image.
  4. Change the colors. Change the color of your text boxes and text to add extra flair.

Capture clicks and be eye-catching in print with Canva

Once your flyer is done, making it ready for print is only a few clicks away. Click Download at the top right of your screen, and choose High quality PDF. Then send your PDF to a print professional or a high-quality desktop printer and your business flyer will be ready to post, mail, and promote.

With Canva it’s even easy to make your flyer ready to share online or through social media. Simply click Share to post your design to Facebook, Twitter, and more.

Communicate your business’ brand anywhere

Make a lasting impression for your business! Our fantastic layouts can be customized with your business’ logo, photos, and brand colors using simple drag-and-drop tools. If you want to use your flyer as a layout to promote more of your products, events, or services, simply duplicate it and keep designing.

On site and need to make changes? Canva comes with you anywhere your business takes you. Access Canva anywhere online or download our free iPad app to bring your company’s design workstation on the go.

Find the right photo in seconds

Our versatile library of over one million stock photos and graphics contains images to complement any business. With many photos for free and premium photos priced at $1, Canva empowers you to work quickly and not break your budget.

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DirectoryBug – Top 100 Sites To List Your Business For Free #the #small #business

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Top 100+ Local Business Listing Sites To List Your Business On For Free

We have spent years narrowing down the best local directory and social sites that any business can list on for free. Listing your business information on these free business listing sites increases online exposure and provides new avenues to reach potential customers. These business listings, also commonly referred to as local SEO citations. are one of the most important local search ranking factors for major search engines and are completely necessary for any effective local SEO campaign. Enjoy this list of free sites to list your business, check back often as we regularly maintain and update this list and don t forget to share this page if you find this list useful.

Local SEO Assessment

Looking for a little more? DirectoryBug highly recommends a paid listing at:

Drive targeted traffic to your website! A web directory listing with CommunitySEO connects all of your online presences into one powerful trusted profile. Update your details as often as you like and reach new customers through increased search engine visibility.

DirectoryBug supports local business and is dedicated to helping small business owners gain exposure online. Please help spread the word by sharing this list.

This list is for US based businesses, though many of these sites will work for businesses in other countries. We are working on expanding this list to include sites for other countries.

Common relevant search terms for referencing this list of business listing sites. SEO business listing U.S. local listing sites, free local listing sites, U.S. business listing sites, top local listing sites, local directory sites, U.S.A. business listing sites, best business listing sites

DirectoryBug, LLC
9435 Waterstone Blvd #140,
Cincinnati, OH 45249
(888) 599-6855

DirectoryBug, LLC
1720 West End Ave #105,
Nashville, TN 37203
(615) 800-2475

Cincinnati Web Development
Privacy Policy

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The 5 best vacuums for your home – Business Insider #new #business #names

#best home business


The 5 best vacuums for your home

The Insider Picks team writes about stuff we think you’ll like. Business Insider has affiliate partnerships so we may get a share of the revenue from your purchase.

Whether you’re looking to pick up pet hair from carpeting or keep hardwood floors dust-free, the right vacuum can make the job fly by.

When it comes to selecting the perfect model though, there’s no one-size-fits-all solution — you’ll need to consider your cleaning needs to find the right kind for you.

The most important factor to consider is what type of flooring you have in your home. Spaces with carpeting get the cleanest with upright models, according to Consumer Reports. The most important feature may be a motorized brush that can get deep into fibers, but a manual carpet pile-height adjustment control can also help you make sure you’re getting the deepest possible clean (and is handy for thicker carpeting). Some upright models also come with a switch to deactivate the brush (better for cleaning hardwood floors), but canister vacs are a better option if your floors are mostly bare. Canisters are also easier to haul up and down stairs if your home is multilevel.

If convenience is paramount, cordless stick vacuums are lightweight and great for quick pickup jobs. That said, you can generally measure their battery life in minutes, not hours — enough for apartment dwellers, according to The SweetHome. but not if you’re trying to get through a whole house. That said, they’re easier to maneuver in tight spaces, even if they won’t necessarily have the power for heavy-duty jobs.

Robotic vacuums might be the ultimate luxury, but they won’t replace your regular vac altogether, according to Good Housekeeping .

Last but not least, if anyone in your house is an allergy sufferer, Good Housekeeping says you’ll want to look for a model that is sealed and has a HEPA filter, which promises to trap more than 99% of dust, dander, pollen, and mold spores. Bagged models keep messes contained more than bagless, but the bags can be costly, and a pain to change.

While some of these top picks may seem a bit pricey, you’re investing in quality parts and sturdier construction. You’ll likely have to shell out more than $400 for a premium model, according toThe SweetHome. but you can expect it to last two to three times longer than a model that’s half the price. And rest assured, every model we include here, excelled at getting floors clean, regardless of price.

No matter what type you’re looking for, here are our top picks:

View As: One Page Slides

Best upright

It’s not the cleaning power that should sell you on the Miele Dynamic U1 Twist. according to The SweetHome — it’s the longevity. This well-built upright promises to keep your home clean for decades, with “one of the longest warranties in the industry” and a broad service network. Reviewed.com also lauds the “undeniable sense of craftsmanship” and compliments the model’s maneuverability, thanks to its special SwivelNeck Technology, which makes it easy to get into hard-to-reach spots.

At 20 pounds, you won’t want to haul this appliance up the stairs, but The SweetHome says that its excellent filtration and minimal maintenance make this upright worth the investment.

Pros: Durable, great filtration, easy to maneuver

Best canister

Can a vacuum be worth shelling out nearly $1,000 for? Quite possibly, when it crushes the competition like the Miele Complete C3 Kona.

The SweetHome called this pricey appliance the best canister vacuum for bigger homes with its higher-capacity bag and power head that’s ready to tackle messes on everything from thicker carpets to bare floors. Reviewed.com gave this vac a perfect rating, declaring it better than 100% of the other vacuums they’d tested thanks to its impeccable engineering and ease of use.

Pros: Included HEPA filter, handy included accessories, easy to maneuver, quiet

Cons: That price tag

Best stick

If you find your home is constantly covered in pet hair, the Dyson V6 might be the model for you. This stick vac did a great job sucking up pet hair in Good Housekeeping tests, clearing the mess in half the time of similar models. Even better, you’ll never have to hear to that sad whirr as the charge dies — Good Housekeeping praised it for never losing power even as the battery ran down. The SweetHome also called this vacuum exceptionally powerful and praised its generous 20-minute running time. A nice plus: This versatile model can easily can easily convert into a hand vac.

Pros: Powerful, long battery life and relatively quick charge, light, washable filter

Cons: Expensive, have to hold down power button during operation

Best cordless

Looking for the convenience of a stick vac with the running power of an upright? The Hoover Air Cordless Lift splits the difference effortlessly, with 50 minutes of running time on a charge, according to Reviewed.com. and two batteries that can be swapped out. (Bonus: The battery is interchangeable with other recent Hoover cordless models as well.)

Even better, Reviewed.com says a simple button press can remove the main body of the vacuum, turning it into a lightweight canister. Plus, Digital Trends lauds the ability to turn the brushroll on and off, making this model well suited for cleaning hardwood and other uncarpeted surfaces. too.

Pros: Lightweight, convenient to use, brushroll can be turned off

Cons: Feels flimsy to some, not as light as a stick vac

Hoover Air Cordless Lift, $299, available at Amazon.

Best bot

If putting a robot vacuum to work cleaning up your place isn’t the dream, we don’t know what is. The iRobot Roomba 880 received accolades across the board for being great at getting floors clean — CNET lauded its new “Aeroforce cleaning system” with “rubbery extractors” for more effective debris pickup than ever, and Good Housekeeping noted that it picked up 95% of test messes — and reviews were unanimous in praising its easy setup, too.

Pros: Simple configuration, fall prevention sensors

Cons: Small dust bin, pricey

Read the original article on Insider Picks. Copyright 2016. Follow Insider Picks on Twitter .

SEE ALSO: These are the best vacuums you can buy for under $300

READ MORE: The 5 best humidifiers on the market

The 5 best vacuums for your home

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Sell My Business For Free – Easily Sell A Business Online With Bizdaq #business

#sell my business


Sell Your Business. Free

Business agents take a hefty slice of your sale price as a commission fee. With Bizdaq you cut out the business transfer agent.

You’re in control all the way. You can send and respond to messages, arrange viewings at your convenience, negotiate offers and drive your sale towards completion. Imagine selling your business in double-quick time online for a great price, at the same time saving more than £11,000 – it’s all possible with Bizdaq.

“The last time I sold my business it cost me over £10,000. Using Bizdaq means I have an extra £10,000 in my pocket!”

Here’s How Bizdaq Helps Small Business Owners
Achieve a Fast Sale Get a Better Price

Completely Free To Sell Your Business

We built Bizdaq to remove the hefty cost of selling or buying a business in the UK. Our incredible platform is free to use from start to finish!

Fast Selling Process

You are instantly notified of any activity on your sale including viewing requests, messages and offers.

What do I need to know about selling my business?

Just because you run a successful business, doesn’t mean you know everything about how to sell one, right? This is why we’ve put together a comprehensive resource bank of advice and information to guide you through every step of the process, from planning your exit strategy to negotiating a sale. Tap into our expertise in our Knowledge section.

Our team have over 30 years experience helping small business owners sell, while maximising the value of their business, so we’re well positioned to help! You can benefit from our experience at every step of your sale with our comprehensive guides that simplify the process of selling a business. We truly believe that with our guides, any small business owner can sell their business on Bizdaq and save thousands on agents fees.

Our Expert Selling Guides

  • How to prepare your small business for sale
  • Top 5 financial details that your buyer will want to see
  • How long will it take to sell my business?
  • Three tips for a fast business sale
  • The definitive guide to selling your small business

Selling My Business Frequently Asked Questions

1. How can Bizdaq be FREE?

Bizdaq was built by a team of entrepreneurs who know how expensive and challenging it can be to sell a business. We wanted to provide somewhere for business owners to sell a business without the cost or hassle of traditional options. It’s free for sellers and free for buyers, no strings whatsoever!

2. Do I have to be a certain size of business to use Bizdaq?

Any micro to small and medium sized business owner can sell their business on Bizdaq. We generally recommend that any business in the UK with a valuation of between £5,000 and £2 million would benefit from selling with Bizdaq.

3. How long will it take to sell my business?

Typically it takes between 6 and 12 months to sell a business from putting the business on the market to completing the sale. Although with the right preparation you can achieve your sale in a shorter time frame – at Bizdaq we’ve sold businesses in as little as three weeks. We generally recommend that you price your business right, prepare your key document with your accountant as soon as you put your business live and generally look to present your business in it’s best light. If you’re unsure of how to price your business view our guide here or get an instant valuation of your business using our valuation guide tool here.

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8 Tips For Starting a Photography Business #international #business #news

#photography business



8 Tips For Starting a Photography Business

I am often asked for advice by those starting out in the photography industry. And if there’s one thing I have no shortage of, it’s advice. So with that in mind, I present you with my 8 Tips for Starting a Photography Business.

#1. You Are But One of Many

People will ask you what you do for a living. When you respond with, “I’m a photographer,” 9 out of 10 people will reply, “Oh! I’m a photographer, too!” If not, they will respond by informing you that one of the following people they know is also a photographer: husband, wife, son, daughter, brother, sister, cousin, niece, nephew, next-door neighbor, co-worker, mailman, mailwoman, doctor, roofer, midwife, pharmacist, grandma, or their Corgi.

“Oh my gosh, my former brother-in-law’s next door neighbor’s estranged ex-daughter-in-law is also a photographer.”

Brace yourself for this. It will happen almost every time. You will have to smile and pretend to care.

#2. If You Are Making Money, It’s Not a Hobby

A bona fide business needs to be bona fide. As in, legitimate. This will require applying for and receiving all the necessary paperwork one needs when conducting a legitimate business: business license, tax identification number, register for state and local taxes, register your business name, etc…

If you accept money for your services, Uncle Sam needs to know about it. And this is one Uncle that will not be swayed with cries of, “But this is just a hobby.” Uncle Sam is not known for his sense of humor, so don’t try to get cute with him.

#3. Being Your Own Boss is a Blessing and a Curse

When you are your own boss, no one will make you do anything. This is both a good and bad thing. When you own your own business, you are the boss, which means if YOU don’t make something happen, it never will. You will have to push yourself to be organized, motivated and on top of things. Sounds easy? It’s not. Not by a long shot.

You always have to be thinking 6 months down the road. You have to learn to be pro-active rather than re-active. It also means that you can make Casual Friday every day if you want to. And if you have no employees, it means that you are always the most popular in the office.

#4. You Must Sell

It doesn’t matter how great of a photographer you are, if you can’t sell your work, you won’t make money. This is not to say that you shouldn’t strive to put out quality work you should. It’s much easier to sell beautiful work than it is to try to sell work that has to be explained.

“I know you can’t see their faces. See, the reason the background is bright and the subjects are so dark is because this session is from my signature “Silhouette Series.”

Yeah, try to sell THAT.

The ability to sell your photography to clients is paramount to your financial success. And don’t tell me you can’t sell. I shan’t hear it. No, I shan’t. Listen, if you have convinced a grumpy toddler to eat his vegetables, you have sold. If you have persuaded a hesitant spouse to purchase new living room furniture, you have sold. If you have spoken to a client and based on your conversation, they decided to book with you, you have sold.

#5. Stuff Will Hit the Fan

In your business, there will be things that go so spectacularly wrong that you could sell tickets; situations that you in no way could ever prepare for; things that come out of left field and leave you scratching your head, saying, “What fresh hell is this?”

Because unexpected situations WILL occur, you need to enter into your business as fully prepared as possible. I read an advice column once that urged readers just to “go for it,” because there’s no way to prepare for everything. That’s like telling a swimmer to “just jump in” and figure out how to swim along the way. That’s just crazy talk.

#6. Vodka

This should need no explanation.

#7. There Will Be Days You Won t Like Being a Photographer

This will happen. It might not feel like it now, but it will. There will be days you feel no enthusiasm for what you do. Zip. Zero. Zilch. There will be days you get more excited about a new episode of “The Walking Dead” than you do a new session. There will be days you sigh. A lot.

Yes, there will be days like this…and you know what? That’s okay.

That doesn’t make you a bad person or a bad photographer. It makes you human. I mean, I love my children with all my heart. They are my life and I would gladly die a thousand fiery deaths for them, but there are days I want to sell them to the gypsies.

For no matter how much you love something, some days you won’t like it. You could be feeling under the weather, have a lot on your plate, or going through some other sort of struggle that robs a bit off the joy from something you really love including your photography.

It doesn’t mean you throw in the towel or dissolve into a puddle of tears, declaring to the world, “I CAN T DO THIS.” It means, instead, that you have to push yourself through, armed with the knowledge that EVERYONE feels like this at one time or another, which leads me to my last tip…

#8. Don’t Believe Facebook

You are working hard. You are struggling some days; soaring others. You feel pretty good about yourself and then you open Facebook. And you are hit smack dab in the gut with photographers’ tales of success. They are everywhere. Your newsfeed is crawling with them. They are like ants at a picnic.

Stories of utter business bliss where every sale is HUGE, calendars are booked up 3 months in advance, workshops left and right. Sometimes they are out in the open; other times, they are encased in a clever humblebrag:

“I’m always so embarrassed when my clients tell me how great I am. I mean, when someone says, You are the best photographer on the planet, how are you supposed to respond? It’s truly humbling.”

And you look at yourself, sitting in your yoga pants, feeling as though you are barely holding on and you feel defeated. Discouraged. Ready to throw in the towel. You see a photo of the top of a baby’s head gets 4K likes, and you wonder what YOU are doing wrong.

Allow me to tell you: what you’re doing wrong is reading Facebook. Well, not so much reading Facebook, but believing it.

Anyone can be anything on Facebook. Remember that.

So, enjoy the cat videos, the photos, the humorous graphics and the heartwarming stories. Cheer for your friends doing well, but when it comes evaluating your life based on others’ Facebook posts, beware.

The only place a business is perfect is in a Facebook status.

Now…pick up your camera and go do this thing.

Note. There has been some confusion as to whether #6 can be substituted with another adult libation. I checked the rulebook and the answer is “Yes, of course.” Sorry for the confusion.

About the author. Missy Mwac is a photography satirist, a lover of bacon, a drinker of vodka, a lover of sparkle, and a guide through the murky waters of professional photography. You can connect with her on Tumblr and Facebook. This article was also published here .


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