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How to File Federal Income Taxes for Small Businesses – TurboTax Tax Tips &

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How to File Federal Income Taxes for Small Businesses

Depending on your business type, there are different ways to prepare and file your taxes.

When it s time to file a federal income tax return for your small business, there are various ways you can do it, depending on whether you run the business as a sole proprietorship or use a legal entity such as an LLC or corporation.

Each type of entity requires a different tax form on which you report your business income and expenses. Regardless of the form you use, you generally calculate your taxable business income in similar ways.

TurboTax has two products to serve business owners – TurboTax Home Business is designed for sole proprietors and 1099 contractors, while TurboTax Business helps you prepare taxes for corporations, partnerships and LLCs.

Step 1 – Collect your records

Gather all business records. Before filling out any tax form to report your business income, you should have all records in front of you that report your business earnings and expenses.

If you use a computer program or a spreadsheet to organize and keep track of all transactions during the year, calculating your income and deductions is much easier than trying to remember every sale and expenditure that occurred during the year. TurboTax works with programs like QuickBooks and Quicken, so you can import information directly into your tax return.

Step 2 – Find the right form

Determine the correct IRS tax form. You always need to report your business earnings to the IRS and pay tax on them, but choosing the right form to report earnings on depends on how you operate your business.

Many small business owners use a sole proprietorship which allows them to report all of their business income and expenses on a Schedule C attachment to their personal income tax return. If you run the business as an LLC and you are the sole owner, the IRS also allows you to use the Schedule C attachment. However, if you use a corporation or elect to treat your LLC as one, then you must always prepare a separate corporate tax return on Form 1120.

When you use TurboTax Home Business (sole proprietors and contractors) or TurboTax Business (corporations, LLCs and partnerships), you just need to answer simple questions about your business income and expenses, and we ll fill in all the right forms for you.

Step 3 – Fill out your form

Fill out your Schedule C or Form 1120. If you will be reporting your business earnings on Schedule C, you can search the IRS website for a copy or use TurboTax to generate the form for you after you input all of your financial information.

Schedule C is a simple way for filing business taxes since it is only two pages long and lists all the expenses you can claim. When complete, you just subtract your expenses from your business earnings to arrive at you net profit or loss. You then transfer this number to your personal income tax form and include it with all other personal income tax items.

However, if you use a Form 1120, you calculate your taxable business income in the same way, but the form requires more details that may not always apply to a small business. The biggest disadvantage of filing a Form 1120 is that it is separate from your personal income tax return.

Step 4 – Pay attention to deadlines

Be aware of different filing deadlines. When you use a Schedule C, it becomes part of your Form 1040 and therefore, no separate filing deadlines apply. It is generally subject to the same April 15 deadline.

If you need to file a Form 1120, you must file it by the 15th day of the third month following the close of the tax year, which for most taxpayers is March 15. You cannot send this form to the IRS with your personal income tax return.

Remember, when you use TurboTax to prepare your taxes, we ll determine which forms you need and put the information in all the right places. All you need to do is answer simple, plain-English questions.

Business and personal
taxes in one

Just answer simple questions about your business and life, and TurboTax Home & Business takes care of the rest.

The above article is intended to provide generalized financial information designed to educate a broad segment of the public; it does not give personalized tax, investment, legal, or other business and professional advice. Before taking any action, you should always seek the assistance of a professional who knows your particular situation for advice on taxes, your investments, the law, or any other business and professional matters that affect you and/or your business.

* Important Offer Details and Disclosures

  • Filing Deadline: IRS filing deadline for tax year 2015 is April 18, 2016 (except for residents of Massachusetts or Maine, where the IRS filing deadline for tax year 2015 is April 19, 2016).
  • Try for Free/Pay When You File: TurboTax online and mobile pricing is based on your tax situation and varies by product. Free 1040EZ/A + Free State offer only available with TurboTax Federal Free Edition; Offer may change or end at any time without notice. Actual prices are determined at the time of print or e-file and are subject to change without notice. Savings and price comparisons based on anticipated price increase expected 3/18/16. Special discount offers may not be valid for mobile in-app purchases.
  • TurboTax CD/Download products: Price includes tax preparation and printing of federal tax returns and free federal e-file of up to 5 federal tax returns. Additional fees apply for efiling state returns. E-file fees do not apply to New York state returns. Savings and price comparison based on anticipated price increase expected 3/18/16. Prices subject to change without notice.
  • Anytime, anywhere: Internet access required; standard message and data rates apply to download and use mobile app.
  • Fastest refund possible: Fastest tax refund with efile and direct deposit; tax refund timeframes will vary.
  • Pay for TurboTax out of your federal refund: A $X.XX Refund Processing Service fee applies to this payment method. Prices are subject to change without notice. This benefit is available with TurboTax Federal products except the TurboTax Home Business/QuickBooks Self-Employed bundle offers.
  • About our TurboTax Product Experts: Customer service and product support vary by time of year.
  • About our credentialed tax experts: Live tax advice service is available via phone for your toughest tax questions; fees may apply. Service, experience levels, hours of operation and availability vary, and are subject to restriction and change without notice. Not available for TurboTax Business customers.
  • #1 best-selling tax software: Based on aggregated sales data for all tax year 2014 TurboTax products.
  • Most Popular: TurboTax Deluxe is our most popular product among TurboTax Online users with more complex tax situations.

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Permit Processing Frequently Asked Questions – Baltimore County #baltimore #county, #maryland, #md., #md, #government,


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Baltimore County Government

Permit Processing

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Do I need a building permit to add an additional bathroom? How can I obtain a building permit?

A. If it is a commercial building, yes; if it is a residence, no. However, plumbing and electrical permits are always required. The licensed plumber and electrician may apply for their respective permit before the work is initiated. The property owner or designee may apply for the required building permit in person by coming to:

County Office Building
111 West Chesapeake Avenue, Room 100
Towson, Maryland 21204

For additional information and permit fees, contact Permit Processing at 410-887-3900, Monday through Friday from 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.

Q. Is a building permit required for a small storage shed in my back yard?

A. If the structure exceeds 120 square feet, a building permit is required.
If it is 120 square feet or less, a permit is not required unless:

  • It will be used for livestock or human occupancy
  • It is located in a designated “Chesapeake Bay Critical Area”
  • It is located in a 100-year floodplain
  • It is located in a “Baltimore County Historic District”

The accessory structure (storage shed) must be in the rear yard, unless a zoning variance is obtained.

If the structure is over 120 square feet, but less than 1,000 square feet, four plot plans are required with the application.

If the structure is over 1,000 square feet, five plot plans and two construction plans are required with the application.

Even if the structure is less than 120 square feet and requires no building permit, it must still meet zoning and environmental protection requirements.

For additional information, contact Permit Processing at 410-887-3900, Monday through Friday from 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.

Q. Do I need a building permit to replace my windows and doors?

A. Unless the property is in or part of a historical district, doors may be replaced without a building permit, provided there is no structural work, and the location or size of the door or window does not change. For additional information, contact Permit Processing at 410-887-3900, Monday through Friday from 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.

Q. How long does it take to get a building permit after the application is filed?

A. The processing time required before approval and issuance varies for different types of construction projects. Some permits for small projects may be issued the same day. Larger and more detailed construction projects will require review of construction plans and other related issues by one or more different county agencies. For additional information, contact Permit Processing at 410-887-3900, Monday through Friday from 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.

Q. How long is my permit valid and can it be extended?

A. Permits are valid for one year with an option to be extended for one additional year at the time the application is filed. If the permit has expired, you will need to file for a new permit. If your permit has not expired or just recently expired, you may request an extension by contacting Building Inspections at 410-887-3953.

Q. How can I schedule an inspection or check on a permit?

A. Use Inspection Connection to schedule, reschedule, or cancel building, plumbing, or electrical inspections, available twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week. Call Permit Processing at 410-887-3900 to check on the status of your permit.

Q. Do I need a building permit for a small addition to a house?

A. Yes, any additions to the house require a permit. For additional information, contact Permit Processing at 410-887-3900, Monday through Friday from 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.

Q. When do I need a permit for alterations to a house?

A. A building permit is required for structural work or when a new bedroom or kitchen are created. Permits are not required for siding or roof repair. However, if your house is in or part of a Baltimore County Historical District or is on Baltimore County’s Landmarks List, a building permit is required for any work on the exterior or any work that affects the exterior appearance, including repair or removal of any part of the house, fence or accessory structure. All electrical or plumbing work requires a permit and must be obtained by a licensed electrician and plumber.

A. If you are screening in an existing covered porch or covered deck, a permit is not required, with the exception of historical areas. If you are making a weatherproof enclosure of an existing porch or deck, a permit is required. Enclosing a porch or deck is considered an addition because it extends the “indoor” area of the house and is subject to the same setback limitations as the house itself. For additional information and permit fees, contact Permit Processing at 410-887-3900, Monday through Friday from 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.

Q. Do I need a permit to put a fence on my property?

A. All fences over 42 inches high require a permit. Fences 42 inches or less in height do not require a permit unless located in a proposed or designated Baltimore County Historic District or on the Baltimore County Landmarks List.

Q. When is it necessary to have a grading permit?

A. If the proposed grading disturbs over 5,000 square feet of surface area or over 100 cubic yards of fill material is utilized, a permit is required. For additional information and permit fees, contact Permit Processing at 410-887-3900, Monday through Friday from 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.

Q. How do I arrange for a percolation test?

A. First, a percolation application must be filled out and submitted to Permits, Approvals and Inspections along with a $60 fee and four copies of a map (scaled 1:100) of the property showing property lines, topography and nearby streams. Once the application has been reviewed and approved by the Department of Environmental Protection and Sustainability (EPS), the property owner needs to hire the services of a backhoe operator who will then schedule an appointment to perform the tests with a EPS sanitarian. You may review and\or print the percolation checklist (PDF) online. For additional information and permit fees, contact Permit Processing at 410-887-3900, Monday through Friday from 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.

Revised August 3, 2016

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Professional Data Recovery Software from Bitmart #file #recovery, #data #recovery, #data #recovery #software, #undelete,


Professional Data Recovery, Dead Simple Interface: Next Gen Data Recovery Software File Undelete Tool for Windows, Mac, Linux, and Unix disks.

For over 10 years, Bitmart, Inc. has been a leading developer of data recovery utilities. Our software is known for its “best of both worlds” combination of professional data recovery capabilities and user-friendly interface. Thanks to its intuitive design, users of all experience levels can tap into our sophisticated data recovery technology to recover lost files. Home users and tech professionals alike rely on our software and support to recover their data at a competitive price.

Recently, we’ve taken our signature combination of powerful technology and intuitive interface and developed software to meet another growing need among home and business users: PC privacy protection. Our newest product gives both novices and IT experts a comprehensive secure data wiping toolset with the same competitive pricing and rock solid technical support.

Restorer Ultimate takes data recovery technology that’s powerful enough for professionals and makes it easy-to-use for the everyday user. By building an intuitive front end onto our flagship data recovery suite, we’ve made Restorer Ultimate the ideal all-in-one tool for quick undelete operations as well as advanced file recovery, RAID recovery, disk imaging, and data recovery over network. Whether you’re a home user, entrepreneur or a professional, Restorer Ultimate will dramatically increase your data recovery capabilities without breaking your budget.

Restorer Ultimate is a comprehensive solution for:

  • Do-it-yourself file recovery: Easily “undelete” documents, photos, videos, and other files from a memory card, internal hard drive, USB drive or network drive. The step-by-step wizard interface lets users of any skill level undelete lost files with the click of a button.
  • Corporate data recovery: A must-have data recovery tool for system administrators. Combines all necessary data recovery features like RAW file search with customizable file signatures, a RAID reconstruction module, and network data recovery. Restorer Ultimate can even recover data over the Internet, making it extremely helpful for technicians serving several locations.
  • Professional data recovery: Restorer Ultimate converts any laptop or computer into a powerful data recovery station. Whether you’re working in-house, in the field, or remotely, you’ll have all necessary professional data recovery features, including disk imaging, a text/hexadecimal editor, and even data recovery over the Internet. Restore Ultimate also includes the Restorer Ultimate Emergency Engine, which allows you to recover files from unbootable computers over a network, even if the system disk has failed or the operating system has been corrupted.

By popular demand, we’ve developed fully stable, fully supported versions of Restorer Ultimate for both Windows and Mac OS. Restorer Ultimate for Windows and Restorer Ultimate for Mac both share the same data recovery engine, intuitive user interface, and support for every major file system.

Restorer Ultimate – Features and Benefits

Dead Simple User Interface

  • With the wizard-style interface, advanced data recovery features can be performed by users with little to no technical knowledge.
  • Multilanguage support for the user interface.
  • Detailed help menu, online documentation and comprehensive manual help users tap the full potential of the software.

Demo Mode – Risk-free Evaluation

  • Demo mode lets you evaluate the full range of Restorer Ultimate’s analysis and recovery features. You can walk through a data recovery procedure all the way up until the point when a recovered file is to be saved. Then you may either save a file up to 128 KB in size, or preview a larger file. This lets you preview the extent to which you can recover your data before you invest in a license.
  • On-the-fly activation lets you purchase a registration key and complete your data recovery without restarting the process.
  • Demo mode can also be installed on remote PCs to aid in data recovery over network or Internet.

Data Recovery Features

  • Recover data and discover deleted files from file systems created by all major platforms, including Windows, Macintosh, Linux, and Unix.
  • SmartScan data recovery technology gives you customized control even when recovering from corrupted or reformatted partitions.
  • Restore deleted files with a quick undelete, or perform a deep scan to recover previous partitions and file meta data.
  • Search for known file types or customize a file signature search.
  • Narrow your search among thousands of results with easy filtering.
  • Integrated multimedia view for graphics, video, and audio files. Estimate your chances for successful file recovery. even in Demo mode.
  • Disk and region imaging is supported.
  • Built-in text/hexadecimal editor.

RAID Reconstruction Module

  • Restorer Ultimate can even recover data from a RAID. Restorer Ultimate’s built-in RAID reconstruction module and virtual RAID functionality allow you to recover data from failed or corrupted RAIDs with ease. No need to invest in additional software.

Network Data Recovery (available in Restorer Ultimate Network edition)

  • Network data recovery is an essential tool, especially for complex or constrained recovery jobs. With network data recovery, you can analyze local disks from another machine without booting the system disk or physically removing the drive. For difficult to disassemble notebooks, corporate servers with advanced RAID controllers, unbootable systems, and mobile devices without removable storage, network data recovery is often the only solution. Restorer Ultimate also works over the Internet.

No matter which data recovery tool you use, we urge you to NEVER write new data to the logical disk where the lost data resided. This includes installing applications, writing recovered files, or saving a disk image. To prevent further compromise of your lost data, Restorer Ultimate data recovery software uses read-only access to drives and never writes data to the disk.

We recommend that you download Restorer Ultimate and test it in the DEMO mode before you purchase the software. The DEMO mode provides you with a clear picture of the software capabilities and ease of use.

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Arizona Probate Services #arizona,probate,services,do #it #yourself,informal,formal,small #estate,affidavits,paralegals,low #cost,fast,easy,cheap,experienced,legal,papers,probatecourt,phoenix,save,money,filings,court,fees,how #do #i #get #appointed #as #executor,do


We professionally prepare probate legal documents and help you understand the mandated court process.
Don’t want, or can’t afford an attorney. you may not need one!
Call us today with your questions — you will be glad you did!
(602) 523-0100

A commonly asked question is: Do I need an attorney for Arizona probate?

The simple answer is no – anyone can file their own documents with the probate court. The right answer is one that only you can answer. Many probate cases are standard and only require an understanding of the court document requirements and the timing of the process. Some probate cases are more complex and you should be represented by legal counsel.

At Arizona Probate Services, we will discuss your situation with you. If we are uncomfortable about preparing the documents for your particular situation, we will recommend you seek legal counsel. We will always be honest and upfront with you. Integrity and a commitment to quality is the foundation of our business.

Then documents are filed with the court when it is appropriate, you administer the estate, and close probate when it is time! With our help, it’s that simple!

Thank you for supporting Arizona Business!

All fees on this website are subject to change without notice.

Arizona Probate Services is an Arizona certified legal document preparer, certified by the Arizona Supreme Court. The purpose of a Certified Legal Document Preparer is to provide professionally prepared legal documents and procedural assistance at an affordablecost. A Legal Document Preparer cannot represent you in court. A legal document preparer is not a lawyer, is not employed by a lawyer, and cannot give legal advice, and communications with a legal document preparer are not privileged (meaning we are subject to subpoena).

This website is intended to provide general information about Arizona legal issues and process. However, legal information is not the same as legal advice, which is the application of the law to a specific situation. The information provided on this website is not intended or meant to provide a comprehensive picture of any particular situation.

Content copyright 2010-2011. Arizona Legal EASE, Inc. All rights reserved.

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Filing an Identity Theft Police Report, how to file a police report for identity


Filing an Identity Theft Police Report

How to file a police report for identity theft

How to file a police report for identity theft

Identity theft affects millions of people, results in the loss of billions of dollars, and is growing worse every year. Advances in technology have made it easier for criminals to access personal information, and in most cases, victims don t discover that they re victims until they see collection notices and arrest warrants in their names. For identity theft victims, one of the first steps in recovering from this crime is filing an identity theft report with the police department, either in the town or city where they live or in the location where the identity theft incident occurred.

If you re a victim, reporting identity theft to the police is something you should do immediately as soon as you ve reviewed your credit reports and while you re in the process of contacting a credit bureau, requesting a fraud alert on your credit files, and closing any accounts that the thief opened or compromised. In order for police to help you, you need to help the police by providing documentation like a current credit report. To begin an investigation, cops need information, and your current credit report can show them what new accounts are open, when someone opened them, and which current accounts the thief has used.

The importance of reporting identity theft to the police can t be overstated. A copy of an identity theft report lends credibility to your claim when you need it the most i.e., when you re contacting creditors and following up with correspondence proving that thieves ran up huge balances, not you. As you begin the process of recovering and rebuilding relationships with banks, credit card companies, merchants and other fraud victims, an identity theft report is your best weapon in the fight to regain your identity.

Some police departments are unable or unwilling to help victims file an identity theft report. If you encounter any obstacles like this, remain calm, and request a Miscellaneous Incident report instead. If that isn t an option, you may have no recourse but to contact the local county sheriff s department or, if necessary, the state police or the state attorney general s office.

How to file a police report for identity theft

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Hard Drive Recovery Software #hard #drive #recovery, #recover #hard #drive, #drive #recovery, #data #recovery,


| Hard Drive Recovery Software

HDD Mechanic

Complete Hard Drive Recovery

Hard drive recovery made easy! HDD Mechanic offers complete hard drive recovery in just a few clicks. Fully guided step-by-step provides comprehensive analysis and complete recovery of deleted files and data lost after a hard drive accident. Supporting all types of FAT and NTFS hard drives, SSD and memory cards, HDD Mechanic can repair damaged partition tables, recover formatted and inaccessible disks, and fix damaged partitions and corrupted hard drives.

NTFS Mechanic

Complete Recovery of NTFS Partitions

NTFS partition recovery in just a few clicks! NTFS Mechanic can fix all kinds of problems on NTFS drives and partitions from deleted files to formatted partitions and inaccessible hard drives. The easy partition recovery wizard offers step-by-step operation, making complete partition recovery simple and easy. Undeleting files and folders and recovering data lost after a disk accident is just as easy. NTFS Mechanic supports all types of NTFS formatted media including hard drives, SSD, and memory cards.

Recovery Mechanic

File Recovery Made Easy

Deleted file recovery at its easiest. Recovery Mechanic offers quick and simple file recovery from all types of FAT and NTFS disks and partitions. Supporting hard drives, SSD, memory cards, and many other types of media with a quick step-by-step file recovery wizard, Recovery Mechanic can undelete deleted files and folders and recover information lost after a disk accident. Complete data recovery is possible even if the disk is formatted, damaged, corrupted, or plain inaccessible.

Mail Mechanic

Easy Mail Recovery for Outlook, Outlook Express, and Vista Mail

Mail Mechanic is the ultimate mail recovery tool. Its mail recovery wizard is a simple, step-by-step solution to fixing all kinds of problems with email. The mail recovery tool can recover deleted email messages with attachments, undelete and repair email databases in Microsoft Outlook, Outlook Express, and Windows Vista Mail formats. If you have a corrupted email database, the mail recovery wizard will analyze the damage and repair the database to its original condition.

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How to monitor file access on Linux with auditd #file #integrity #monitor


If you are running a mission critical web server, or maintaining a storage server loaded with sensitive data, you probably want to closely monitor file access activities within the server. For example, you want to track any unauthorized change in system configuration files such as /etc/passwd.

To monitor who changed or accessed files or directories on Linux, you can use the Linux Audit System which provides system call auditing and monitoring. In the Linux Audit System, a daemon called auditd is responsible for monitoring individual system calls, and logging them for inspection.

In this tutorial, I will describe how to monitor file access on Linux by using auditd .

To install auditd on Debian, Ubuntu or Linux Mint:

$ sudo apt-get install auditd

Once installed by apt-get. auditd will be set to start automatically upon boot.

To install auditd on Fedora, CentOS or RHEL:

$ sudo yum install audit

If you want to start auditd automatically upon boot on Fedora, CentOS or RHEL, you need to run the following.

$ sudo chkconfig auditd on

Once you installed auditd. you can configure it by two methods. One is to use a command-line utility called auditctl. The other method is to edit the audit configuration file located at /etc/audit/audit.rules. In this tutorial, I will use the audit configuration file.

The following is an example auditd configuration file .

$ sudo vi /etc/audit/audit.rules

Once you finish editing the audit configuration, restart auditd .

$ sudo service auditd restart

Once auditd starts running, it will start generating an audit daemon log in /var/log/audit/audit.log as auditing is in progress.

A command-line tool called ausearch allows you to query audit daemon logs for specific violations.

To check if a specific file (e.g. /etc/passwd) has been accessed by anyone. run the following. As shown in the above example audit configuration, auditd checks if /etc/passwd is modified or tampered with using chmod .

$ sudo ausearch -f /etc/passwd

The ausearch output above shows that chmod has been applied to /etc/passwd by the root once.

To check if a specific directory (e.g. /etc/secret_directory) has been accessed by anyone. run the following.

$ sudo ausearch -f /etc/secret_directory

The output shows that /etc/secret_directory was looked into by Linux UID 1001.

In our example audit configuration, auditd was placed in immutable mode, which means that if you attempt to modify /etc/audit/audit.rules, and restart auditd. you will get the following error.

$ sudo /etc/init.d/auditd restart

If you want to be able to modify the audit rules again after auditd is put in immutable mode, you need to reboot your machine after changing the rules in /etc/audit/audit.rules.

If you want to enable daily log rotation for the audit log generated in /var/log/audit directory, use the following command in a daily cronjob.

$ sudo service auditd rotate

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Dan Nanni is the founder and also a regular contributor of Xmodulo.com. He is a Linux/FOSS enthusiast who loves to get his hands dirty with his Linux box. He likes to procrastinate when he is supposed to be busy and productive. When he is otherwise free, he likes to watch movies and shop for the coolest gadgets.

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Windows 7 – Edit the Hosts File #windows #host #file


Windows 7 Edit the Hosts File

Need to figure out how to edit the Hosts file in Windows 7? For the most part, it’s pretty much the same as Windows XP and Vista, but with a few extra hiccups!

Just if case you don’t know, the Hosts file is where you can manually enter a hostname and an IP address pair, thereby bypassing the DNS server. This can be pretty useful in certain situation, especially for anyone in IT.

The path to the Hosts file in Windows 7 is the same as usual:

where %systemroot% is usually c:\windows unless you installed Windows on a different partition. By default, you cannot see these hidden folders since they are system folders.

To show hidden folders in Windows 7, press the ALT key while in Explorer to bring up the File menu. Click on Tools and then Folder Options .

Click on the View tab and then click on the Show hidden files, folders, and drives radio button under Hidden files and folders .

Now navigate to the directory above and open the hosts file and make your changes.

Note that this method for editing the Hosts file will not work. You will get a message saying you do not have permission to save in this location.

In order to edit it, you have to click on Start. type in Notepad and then right-click on Notepad and choose Run as Administrator .

Now navigate to the drivers/etc folder again and make sure to choose All files for File Types otherwise you won’t see the Hosts file.

Make your changes to the Hosts file and click File and Save to save all changes. Now you will not get the error about not being able to modify the Hosts file. Enjoy!

Don Edwards says:

A lot of Windows struggles with the concept of a file name without an extension. But there s an easy cheat.

If you tell Notepad to save the file (or Save As and let the name be hosts ) it will save hosts.txt .

If you tell Notepad to Save As and specify the name as hosts. (note the period) then it will save hosts .

(No, you don t need/want the quotes.)

Click Start – search for “Notepad“, right-click and select “Run as Administrator“. This should launch notepad with elevated privileges. Now, open the host file from the File menu, edit and save.

This should help.

If you have Avira anti virus installed, you need to go into your settings general security system protection and uncheck protect windows hosts file from changes, otherwise when you try to save it just says access denied due to lack of permissions

Brad Goetsch says:

Thanks! I can never remember the path.

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EnTrust Records Management #business #records #management, #off-site #file #storage #services, #document #management #solutions, #records


Records Management, Document Shredding More

EnTrust Records Management gives you the confidence you need for:

  • Off-site Document Storage Retrieval
  • Document Security
  • Secure Document Destruction
  • Data Protection Recovery
  • Intellectual Property Management

Your company’s records and data are some of your most valuable assets. You our clients are our most important assets. At EnTrust Records Management, we work with our clients to develop a business records retention and document storage plan:

  • Which documents do you need to keep in-house, and which need to go into off-site records storage?
  • Which records do you not need on a routine basis, but only need access to them for compliance reporting and documentation?
  • Which records should be scheduled for regular secure document destruction or shredding?
  • What are the best ways to ensure you have adequate Data Backup?
  • What are the best ways to protect your Intellectual Property?

At EnTrust, we’ve been developing effective records management solutions and data security plans for more than 15 years. Founded in April 1994 (as Richmond Commercial Services, Inc.), we have grown to service customers in central Virginia and throughout the State of Virginia.

But at EnTrust Records Management we know that we must constantly prove ourselves. Every time our phone rings, we have the opportunity to prove our responsiveness and reliability to you. Give us a call today to discover the Entrust experience!

Confidence in a Box

Copyright Entrust Records Management 2015. All Rights Reserved

EnTrust Richmond, VA Office
1600 Rhoadmiller Street
Richmond, VA 23220
Phone: 804-358-8077 Fax: 804-358-0761 EnTrust Newport News, VA Office
807 Blue Crab Road
Newport News, VA 23606
Phone: 757-873-0378 Fax: 757-873-3393 Follow Us


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Why Should I Incorporate My Business or file an LLC? #business #from #home

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Why Incorporate ?

Choosing how a business is organized may be one of the most important decisions a business makes. Incorporation may be the wisest decision, but for some, it may be an unnecessary decision, and so each business should carefully assess the benefits (and challenges) of incorporation before moving forward. With that said, the greatest benefits to incorporation can be summarized into the 3Ls: Life, Liquidity, and Liability. Let’s start with Life.


The best way to understand a corporation is to imagine it as a separate artificial person (with limited rights and privileges). Incorporating a business is essentially creating that separate person thereby making the business separate from the owner (in a sense, the business has a life of its own). As a separate entity, the corporation exists independent from the shareholders/owners and its employees. Regardless of what happens to the shareholders, or the directors, or the employees, the corporation itself continues to exist in perpetuity until a time the directors and shareholders decide to dissolve a corporation. In a sole proprietorship or general partnership where the owner(s) is the business, what affects the owner may affect the business. Any personal debt or liability of an owner or partner allows the creditor(s) to pursue the assets of the business whether or not the debt or liability has any relation to the business itself. Furthermore, personal bankruptcy of an owner or partner will directly impact a business by opening up its assets to any creditors the owner or partner is liable to. By incorporating a business. the personal finances of an owner or partner remains separate from the finances of the corporation and allows the business to continue without disruption. In the event of an unfortunate death of an owner or partner, the business is generally dissolved regardless of the wishes of the owner or partner(s). All of this could easily be avoided by incorporating the business as a separate entity.


As much as we believe that all owners of a business should remain forever committed to the success of the business, there may be times when an owner or partner will need to leave the business. Regardless of the reasons for leaving the business, incorporation allows the free transferability of interest from one person to another. Generally in a partnership, a partner cannot transfer his/her interest in a business to another without the express consent of all other partners. If a partner still decides to leave the partnership against the will of the other partners, the partnership is automatically dissolved. Incorporating a business removes this limitation by allowing shareholders/owners to freely transfer his/her interest to another without the unanimous consent of all other shareholders. Small businesses may see the restrictions against transferring shares as a good thing and may want to control how a shareholder may transfer his/her interest and to whom. Incorporation allows this flexibility as well. The free transferability of shares is a default rule, but by no means is it mandatory for all incorporated businesses. Businesses have the option to place restrictions on the transferability of certain shares and so even if this benefit of liquidity may be seen as a detriment to a business, incorporation lets the business decide whether or not to take advantage of this option. More importantly, unlike a partnership, incorporation prevents the ability of a minority shareholder from dissolving a business without cause.


One of the greatest benefits for incorporation is its limited liability against the shareholders. As mentioned above, any debt or liability against a specific shareholder remains separate from the corporation. Likewise, the inverse is similarly true. Any debt or liability against a corporation does not open the doors of shareholders’ assets to the creditor(s). The shareholder’s liability in any corporate debt or liability is limited to what the shareholder invested (unless there is fraud). In a sole proprietorship or general partnership, the owner(s) and/or general partners remain completely liable to any debt or liability placed against the business. If a business is unable to pay a debt, the creditor can attack the assets of an owner or partner until the debt is satisfied. In a corporation, a creditor can only attack to the extent the shareholder invested into the corporation (unless there is fraud). This allows the corporation to make business decisions without the risk of endangering the personal assets of its shareholders beyond what was invested. Risk is a necessary element to a successful business. Anything that minimizes the risk to investors makes the business more attractive, and so the limited liability of an incorporated business is quite valuable.


The major detriment to incorporation is the taxes involved. In a sole proprietorship or partnership, the taxable income of the business flows directly to the owner and/or partners and are taxed based upon the individual’s income tax bracket. However, because the corporation is considered a separate entity, the taxable income of a corporation is taxed first under a corporate tax. If the corporation decides to distribute the remaining income to the shareholders, that income is taxed once more based upon the individual’s income tax bracket (essentially, a double-taxation). The marginal tax rate for a corporation can be significantly higher than the marginal tax rate for a sole proprietorship. Although this characteristic of incorporation may deter a business from incorporating, small businesses can avoid this double-taxation by taking advantage of the options given to a corporation by the states. Some options include incorporating as an S-corporation (see below) or filing as a Limited Liability Company (LLC) (see below). These options allow the taxable income to flow directly to the shareholders/members without being taxed twice, while at the same time, maintaining the benefits of incorporation. The 3Ls are important benefits, but not the only benefits. There’s also something psychologically beneficial about incorporating that goes beyond the number crunching and legal issues involved. Incorporation may seem to be a daunting task, but it is also an exciting moment in the life of a business. First conceived through an idea, a business can be birthed at the point of incorporation. No longer will it simply be an idea or something intangible, but an actual and existing entity. Sometimes this psychological step of seeing the business as something real will further motivate and inspire you to bring greater success to your business.

Reduced Chance of Tax Audit

Sole proprietors tend to be more likely to file incorrect returns (many are self-prepared). and tend to under report revenue or over report deductions. For these reasons, the IRS has audited a much higher percentage of sole proprietor tax filings than corporate filings in recent years. In tax year 2006, a Schedule C filer stood a 1 in 32 chance of being audited. For non-business filers, the odds were around 1 in 124. This means that sole proprietors are significantly more likely to be audited.

Build Credibility

Distinguishing yourself from the competition by establishing a professional identity helps increase credibility with your customers. Most businesses choose to incorporate a business to prove their legitimacy to both customers and suppliers. Adding “INC.” or “LLC” after your business name gives you the credibility and professionalism that many customers are looking for.

You could file all the necessary incorporation documents yourself. However, when you consider the time involved for filing, administering, and maintaining all the documents necessary to keep your business running legitimately. why would you? Let us help you get it done, so you can get back to business!

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