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Business writing email sample


Business Writing – How to Write More Effective Emails

Keep the entire email short and sweet, avoiding writing a else that has nothing to do with business. Keep the email on task and proper. Sample Business Email


Business Writing 101 – Daily Writing Tips

05.07.2016 Watch video How to Write a Formal Email. If you’re used to using email to catch up with friends, writing a formal Email might feel pretty foreign to you. …


Effective Business Writing Courses and Business Writing

6 writing sample tips for a job application Sometimes, you’re asked for writing samples. Get your writing samples in order by following these guidelines.

Business Email Examples: Thank you Emails, Accepting

14.01.2016 Video embedded The term business writing refers to the forms of writing used in organizations to communicate with internal or external audiences.


Business Writing Examples | AcademicHelp.net

The art of writing business emails cannot be learned on your own. Read our business email samples to gain a greater understanding of how to write them on your own.


Business Email Examples | AcademicHelp.net

Tips, advice, and sample letters to help you in your letter writing activities.


Business Leaders | Email Excellence: View Samples and

To write good business emails, we have to pay the price to become good communicators via email. This post seeks to help you improve your email writing skills


SAP Business One

Sample Business Letter. July 27, 1999. Sample E-mail. Following is a list of books that were consulted in the making of this business writing guide.


2 Easy Ways to Write Business Emails – wikiHow

29.04.2013 see photosiStockClick for full photo gallery: 10 Tips For Better Business Writing The ubiquity of e-mail means that everyone in business, from lords of


Business Writer’s Free Library

Business Email. Email is an In this guide you will read about writing business emails, Each section provides useful information and samples to assist you in

02.09.2011 Business Email Sample. Business emails are a very prevalent form of business writing these days. In this article, you’ll receive some guidance on how to


Business English – useful phrases and vocabulary for writing business letters


How to Write a Business Email (with Sample) – Sample

Formatting Business Email. The format of business email is very similar to that of a business memo. So similar, in fact, that the basic heading elements found in a


Writing a business email – Oxford Dictionaries

Простое и эффективное управление малым и средним бизнесом вместе с SAP!


Writing Samples – Job Application Tips | Monster.com

Many people in business do not have the proper writing skills to convey their expertise and ideas in written form with accuracy. Read our business writing samples to


How to Write a Business Email – About.com Education

Business Letters. In this section, you Sample Lab Assignment; Writing Process and Structure; Use the menu below to view examples of business letter format


How to Write a Formal Business English Email –

2 Subcategories in Business Writing – How to Write More Effective Emails, Memos, Letters, and Reports


Sample Business Email | Sample Letters

Business Emails. With the advent of Sample Business Email. Canadian Business Email. Business Email Writing. Business Email Tips. How to Send Business


Business Writing | Daily Writing Tips

25.06.2013 Improve your business English writing with this look at email language and structure, including useful phrases. www.mybusinessenglish.com


How to Write a Business Letter – UW–Madison Writing

Business Leaders: Our training program. The Email Excellence Series Program basics. I thought I knew how to organize e-mails well, but this really took me to the


Reply Email Samples for Different Situations (Several

101 Business Letter | Free Sample Letters or e-mail for speed. This website deals with some of the intricacies of writing effective business letters.

Business Letter Writing Basics – About.com Education

Over the 10+ years of writing this business writing blog, I’ve been consistent about virtually all my style, punctuation, and grammar choices.


Business Email Writing | business letter examples

Writing a business email – Language reference content from Oxford. Help with language usage, grammar questions, punctuation, spelling, and language learning.

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Business Email Hosting Services & Professional Email Solutions #business #name #generator

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Create Your Professional Business Email

Learn more about creating a free, professional email account

Why should I have a professional email?

How do I create an email address with FreeLogoServices?

When you purchase the website package from FreeLogoServices, your free email address is included in the price. Once you’ve chosen your desired domain name, you will be prompted to create an email account by entering an email address. Once you’ve purchased your domain, you will be able to activate your new email account by creating any forwarding addresses or mailboxes needed.

  • How many email accounts can I have with you?

    If you need additional emails please reach out to our customer service team and they will provide you with our pricing plan. There is no limit to how many email accounts you can add. We also offer business email from Google. If you have questions about what the best product is for you please contact our customer service team.

  • What if I need more email accounts for my business?

    Additional email accounts can be added at any time. We also offer additional email services through business email from Google. This is a great option for larger teams looking to do more online, as it includes professional email addresses, online storage, shared calendars, video meetings and more. It has everything you need for online communication and collaboration.

  • How can I access my business email?

    You can access your new email account through your email client (Outlook, Thunderbird, Mail, etc.) You can also have your business email forwarded to another account or access it through your browser via webmail. You also receive up to 1,000 forwarding addresses/aliases included for free.

  • Can I have a professional, domain-based email if I don’t have a website?

    You can have a professional email address if you don’t have a website, but you must have a domain name. There are many services that offer domain names separate from website hosting if you just want the domain-based email, however, the website package from FreeLogoServices includes a domain name, website hosting, and professional email for one low price. It’s in your best interest to have a website set up so that customers can easily find you online, so purchase the package that makes website setup easy and includes website hosting for free!

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    Gmail Review: Pros and Cons – Free Email Service #bulk #email #providers


    Gmail Review – Free Email Service

    The Bottom Line

    Gmail is the Google approach to email and chat. Practically unlimited free online storage allows you to collect all your messages, and Gmail s simple but very smart interface lets you find mail precisely and see it in context without effort. POP and powerful IMAP access let you access your email with any email program or device.

    Gmail puts contextual advertising next to the emails you read.


    • Gmail offers free IMAP or POP access and sending from any address
    • Smart sorting, searching and starring let you find and organize emails and chat conversations
    • The fast and rich web interface works offline, too


    • Gmail could help with organizing mail even more, e.g. with learning labels or reply suggestions
    • Searching mail is not nearly as smart and comfortable as searching the web with Google
    • Free online storage is limited to 15 GB, and Gmail does not support secure, encrypted mail


    • Gmail offers free email with 15 GB storage space (shared with other Google services such as Drive). Additional storage can be purchased .
    • Next, to mail, Gmail shows contextual ads matched automatically to keywords found in messages.
    • Starring and custom color labels let you neatly organize threads (conversations). Inbox tabs automatically sort certain mail to separate tabs. Precise search options find mail fast .
    • Filters can organize. forward and respond with a canned reply. You can use templates for new messages as well.
    • IMAP and POP access. forwarding. Exchange ActiveSync (available for Google Apps for Business, Education, and Government), SMS and web apps bring your mail to many a device and program. Google Gears offers offline browser access .

    Expert Review – Gmail

    What do you expect from Google? Search, simplicity and speed? That s what you can get from Gmail, Google s approach to email, instant messaging. social networking and group video chat.

    Gmail s interface is simple and elegant, but also remarkably clever with useful keyboard shortcuts and speedy operation.

    Of course, Gmail boasts a search box, which usually returns useful results; Gmail s search is still a far cry from the smarts of common web searches with their word stemming, spell checking, suggestions and understanding of synonyms, for example.

    In any event, finding single emails precisely is not the best thing about Gmail: smarter still is its keeping everything in context.

    Conversations, Stars and Tabs for Organizing

    With nary a miss, Gmail identifies the relationships between emails to construct conversations . You can quickly see what has happened previously, or whether somebody has already replied. Gmail also offers stars for quick flagging and free-form color labels that can work wonders to organize an inbox. Speaking of that inbox: Gmail offers to automatically break out certain types of messages—newsletters, ads, say, and social updates—to separate tabs without the need for filters to be set up manually.

    If a contact is currently online in either Gmail or Google Talk. you can chat right from Gmail, with the conversation archived and indexed. Turning emails into Google Calendar events is just as easy, and for people Google , you can get their latest shared content next to emails and automatic updates (of addresses, phone numbers, etc.) in the address book.

    Online Storage and Access via POP and IMAP

    All this makes little sense if you can t keep all relevant data, of course. Unfortunately, Gmail s free storage is limited to 15 GB—and you have to share that with other Google services you may use, such as Drive or Photos. Additional storage is available for purchase, of course, at a monthly fee.

    To avoid the truly unneeded mail, Gmail sports efficient and effortless spam and virus filters.

    Speaking of large data, integration with Google Drive makes it easy to share large files—up to 10 GB in size—via emailed link, and Gmail lets you save received attachments to your Google Drive account as well.

    If you do not like the idea of Google displaying ads next to emails based on keywords found in the messages (the emails themselves remain private), you can use encryption or access your Gmail using POP and IMAP. (You can also put Gmail s web interface in offline mode with Gears and read as well as compose mail while disconnected.)

    Using Gmail with Other Email Accounts

    If, conversely, you want to use the Gmail web interface for all your email, you can have it collect mail from up to five POP accounts automatically and put these accounts email addresses (and all your others) in the From: line of messages you send.

    (Updated January 2016)

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    Software de email masivo y correo masivo #correo #masivo, #email #personalizado, #programa #de #correo,


    SendBlaster, el mejor software para el envío de emails

    SendBlaster es el mejor software de correo masivo para la gestión de sus listas y campańas de marketing por email en pocos pasos. SendBlaster combina en un sólo producto la practicidad de un software de correo masivo con la flexibilidad de un servicio web. Por un lado, permite crear newsletters y gestionar listas directamente desde su escritorio: por el otro lado usted obtiene un servicio de seguimiento online para gestionar sus reportes y mejorar sus campańas de email.

    Nuestra nueva versión, SendBlaster 3. posee muchas características impresionantes, y se encuentra disponible en versión Free y versión Profesional sin requerir suscripción, sólo un pago por única vez para una licencia de por vida. Además, nos orgullece ofrecer una garantía de devolución del dinero de 15 días .

    Marketing por email fácil

    Una buena campańa de marketing por email no requiere de una costosa solución web. puede ser llevada a cabo en forma efectiva desde el escritorio de su pc, manteniendo todas sus listas en forma privada y gestionando cada aspecto de la estrategia en su propio software de correo masivo. Es más fácil, seguro, y requiere de una menor inversión.
    El marketing por email se construye sobre una relación de confianza con sus clientes. SendBlaster le ayudará a construir, mantener y mejorar esta relación.

    Software de envio de newsletters SOFTWARE PRO
    Licencia válida de por vida

    Con nuestro software de correo masivo usted podrá redactar emails de alto impacto capaces de generar beneficios reales.
    Cómo? Utilizando nuestras plantillas de email gratuitas. las cuales se encuentran ordenadas en categorías, permitiendo elegir la adecuada. Creando un layout con el editor de email incorporado en SendBlaster o un editor HTML externo. También puede adquirir una plantilla completamente personalizada diseńada por nuestros expertos en marketing por email

    La única forma efectiva (y legal) de llevar a cabo una campańa de correo masivo. consiste en enviar emails sólo a lectores que han proporcionado permiso en forma expresa: es decir, construir una lista de direcciones de suscriptores basada en permisos .
    Nuestro software de correo masivo facilita el proceso en forma increíble. Usted puede crear formularios web personalizados para colocar en su sitio web, de esta forma, los visitantes con pocos clics pueden realizar la suscripción; toda la información obtenida es ingresada en una o más listas, a las cuales puede luego enviar distintos mensajes.

    Un marketing por email efectivo requiere un análisis detallado de la información. Nuestro software de correo masivo y Google Analytics le permitirán conocer si, luego de leer sus emails, los clientes han comprado sus productos, realizado suscripciones a su sitio web o realizado otras acciones.
    Además, ofrecemos un servicio de estadísticas de email gratis que monitorea sus campańas y le permite conocer las tasas de aperturas, tasas de clics y muchas otras métricas relevantes.

    Comentarios de clientes destacados

    Creemos que la mejor forma de presentar nuestro producto, es dejar que nuestros clientes hablen por ellos mismos. Aquí compartimos algunas líneas de quienes han adquirido nuestro software de correo masivo y han obtenido grandes beneficios.

    Luego de varios años de buscar y probar diferentes productos de software para envíos de emails y newsletters, creo que finalmente he encontrado “el software” — su producto es grandioso!

    ahora puedo enviar hasta 10k newsletters por día, gracias a su soporte y a su gran producto

    Hola, sólo quería felicitarlos por tan fantástico producto! Acabo de realizar mi primera campaña de marketing por email a mis clientes y ha sido tan fácil como podría esperarse!

    Entre nuestros clientes

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    MailerMailer, The Best Email Marketing Service, Tools & Software for Small Businesses, create email


    Email marketing made easy

    An easy-to-use, professional email marketing platform

    Trusted by over 70,000 customers around the globe

    Create email newsletter

    Create email newsletter

    Create email newsletter

    Create email newsletter

    Create email newsletter

    Create email newsletter

    Create beautiful emails that drive powerful results

    Start with one of our professionally-designed email templates. Just add your own logo and adjust the content to meet your needs. You’ll be ready to send your first campaign in minutes.

    Create email newsletter

    Build with drag and drop simplicity

    Our new Drag and Drop Email Editor makes it easier than ever to create distinctive, mobile-friendly emails customized for your brand.

    Customize your layout

    Start with a predesigned template or a basic layout. Then drag and drop a variety of content blocks, inlcuding images, text, buttons, dividers, social icons, and more.

    Adjust the styling

    Adjust overall template styles as well as the styles of each template section (e.g., preheader, header, body, footer). You can also tailor the settings for each content block.

    Send with confidence

    We test our templates across 30+ desktop, webmail, and mobile email clients. You can rest assured your emails look great no matter how your recipients view them.

    Manage and grow your audience

    Import your current list or add our signup form to your website. Sort your list members by interest areas, demographics, location, and more. Then send targeted campaigns to each group. We’ll take care of any bounces and unsubscribes so your list stays clean and deliverable.

    With MailerMailer’s easy list management, you can focus on creating your campaigns and connecting with your list members.

    Create email newsletter

    Create email newsletter

    Track your success

    Discover how list members interact with your campaigns. Our comprehensive reports show you who opened, who clicked, who bounced, and who filed a complaint. You’ll be able to identify your best subject lines, days and times to send, calls-to-action, and much more.

    We’ll give you the insights you need to get the most out of your email marketing.

    MailerMailer is very user-friendly. It makes the layperson look like an expert in managing email lists. Though there are other email marketing services, MailerMailer’s feature set and affordability combined with their outstanding customer support makes them really stand out as the best email marketing solution for businesses.

    MailerMailer is a mainstay of our online marketing strategy. Their services are key to giving us the opportunity to engage with our customers and prospects.

    Guy Wassertzug, CEO of InfoStructures Inc.

    We requested a custom templates and MailerMailer’s team worked closely with us from the design phase through the launch phase. Sending out our branded emails on these templates has been easy and impactful. The reports are a valuable tool in helping evaluate the effectiveness of our communication efforts.

    Kristen Koehler, The Universities at Shady Grove

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    The limits of unlimited OneDrive storage, salesforce email limits.#Salesforce #email #limits


    The limits of unlimited OneDrive storage

    Microsoft is upgrading Office 365 customers to unlimited OneDrive storage, but that doesn’t mean you can just put all of your files in the cloud.

    By Tony Bradley | November 19, 2014, 8:37 AM PST

    Salesforce email limits

    OneDrive capacity has grown by leaps and bounds this year. Microsoft increased capacity 40-fold earlier this year when it bumped the humble 25 GB of storage for OneDrive for Business accounts up to 1 TB, then a mere four months later it increased it again — this time infinitely to unlimited storage. Oddly, though, unlimited OneDrive storage doesn’t translate to being able to store an unlimited amount of data in Microsoft’s cloud.

    I’ve used Box for storing my files in the cloud for years, but I decided to give OneDrive for Business a shot — mostly because of the tight integration between Windows 8.1 (and the Windows 10 Technical Preview) and OneDrive. It seemed like it would be simpler, or more intuitive in some way — at least in theory — to go with the flow and use OneDrive, and since Microsoft was kind enough to boost the capacity, I figured, why not?

    I cut and pasted all of the folders from my Box Sync folder over to the OneDrive for Business syncing folder, and then sat back and let the syncing begin. My OneDrive for Business account hasn’t yet been pushed to unlimited, but I was only trying to sync about 75 GB or 80 GB of data, so 1 TB was plenty.

    I have a broadband connection with nearly 15 Mbps upload speed, which is pretty fast, but even at that speed, it took a few days to sync 80 GB of data. Every morning, I checked the status and how many files were left to sync, and it was cruising right along. Then, one day, it reached a point where I could see the light at the end of the tunnel — there were only 2,003 files left. However, the next morning, there were still 2,003 files left to sync. The same thing the next morning.

    As far as I could tell from looking at the information on the OneDrive for Business icon in the systray, the syncing was still chugging along just fine. There were no errors — or at least no errors relevant to the issue at hand. No matter how long it continued syncing, though, those 2,003 files stubbornly remained. Then, as I created new content and saved files to the local drive, that number would tick up — 2,004, 2,005, 2,006. It was clear that OneDrive for Business was just not syncing any more.

    Then it dawned on me. When I wrote about the increase from 25 GB to 1 TB earlier this year, a reader had emailed me to ask whether or not Microsoft was also addressing other issues — like the maximum size allowed for a single file or the limit on the total number of files. As it turns out, Microsoft did eventually address the file size limitation — raising the 2 GB maximum up to 10 GB. However, Microsoft has not yet done anything about the fact that it maxes out at 20,000 files — and that is why it won’t sync my remaining 2,003 files.

    I contacted Microsoft support and confirmed that this is, in fact, still a limitation for OneDrive. It’s a limitation that Microsoft is aware of, and one that Microsoft is working to address in the near future. But, for the time being, your OneDrive account can only handle 20,000 individual files.

    You might have unlimited storage capacity with OneDrive, but the 20,000 file limitation is actually much more limiting than the total capacity. It’s true that if you happen to have a library of 20,000 HD movies that are each 5 GB or more, you could use over 100 TB of storage from Microsoft — but as I mentioned earlier, I was only uploading about 80 GB of data, and I exceeded the 20,000 file maximum. Assuming I maintained roughly the same average file size, it would take me over 300,000 files just to use up the 1 TB of storage, never mind unlimited.

    In the end, I cut and pasted all of my files and folders back to the Box Sync folder. I only have 600 GB of storage available there, but it will be years before I will fill that up, and Box is capable of holding all 22,003+ of my files.

    When Microsoft finally fixes the 20,000 file limitation, I might give OneDrive another chance. Will you?

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    Find the Most Secure Email to Protect You and Your Sensitive Information #the #most


    Email Security: What Can Go Wrong

    No matter how much you trust the reader on the other end of your sent email not to forward your information to others and not to use your information to some other purpose than what it is intended for, email security is a real issue, and problem, for many individuals and companies. By not paying attention to email security, you run a risk for identity theft, data loss, damage to your reputation, and sometimes, in rare cases, real danger of bodily harm. It is important, therefore to be sure that no matter what email service you provide, you pick out the most secure email service you can find.

    What to Look For in Secure Email Services

    It is important that before you sign up for any email service you investigate the different security features it offers. You also will need to assess the security level you will need in your email service provider. For example if you rarely deal with sensitive issues or client data, you may be able to get away with Gmail as your email service provider. However, be aware that Gmail has been noted to have some privacy issues – this means that your information may not be as secure as you would like it to be. Once you’ve determined the level of security you will need in your email program. it will be easier for you to assess how secure your current email service provider is.

    More secure email services will feature:

    • IMAP instead of POP downloading protocol options
    • Encryption
    • Spam filters and controls
    • Phishing detection
    • Virus scanning upon attachment of files and upon download of files
    • Https:// and not Http:// coding

    Generally speaking, the more complex the encryption process of the email service provider, the more secure your email should be. Never, never use an email service that is not secure. If you do, you are only asking for problems.

    So. What is the Most Secure Email Service?

    The most secure email service is a program called Hushmail (www.hushmail.com). Hushmail provides several security features:

    • Eavesdropping prevention through encrypting your emails
    • Protection from content analysis
    • Protection from hackers and thieves
    • Protection from email forgery

    Hushmail can be used with email clients, and the program features a download that makes it compatible with Microsoft Outlook. You can also, for $1.99 per month have an email address that has your custom domain name – not bad for secure email.

    Other secure email services include S-Mail, a program that uses military level encryption technology to protect your data, Comodo. a service that simplifies the encryption process, and Gmail – which now uses https technology; however be aware that with Gmail, your email is only secure when sent to other Gmail users.

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    Drip 365 – Email Drip Marketing #drip #marketing, #email #marketing, #real #estate, #contact, #automatic


    With Drip365 you can set your clients and prospects up to receive automatic emails from you throughout the year.

    66% of buyers and 59% of sellers — said they would “definitely” use their real estate agent again. But only 10% of buyers and 24%of sellers did..

    Why the disconnect?
    One reason, undoubtedly, is a lack of consistent contact.

    If you’re a Real Estate Professional, your day is busy and your time is important. Make sure that you aren’t letting your clients fall through the cracks. If you don’t have the time to maintain these high levels of contact, let a drip email marketing system lend a helping hand. Consumers need constant reminders of who you are, what you do and what does that mean for them.

    We have pre-built email campaigns for buyers, sellers, past clients and more. However, you have the ability to completely customize your automatic email campaigns or modify our existing ones. There is no limit to the number of campaigns you can create!

    To learn about the additional benefits of this marketing service, click here.

    If you’re a Realtor, our email marketing Drip system is for you!

    About Us
    Our Blog
    Our Partners

    ©2001-2010 Properties Online, LLC, Patent No. US 6,760,707. All rights reserved. All sales are final. Domain Rider® and Listing Domains® are registered trademarks of Properties Online, LLC. No reproduction, distribution, or transmission of the copyrighted materials at this site is permitted without the written permission of Properties Online, LLC. unless otherwise specified. All information provided is deemed reliable but is not guaranteed and should be independently verified. Equal Housing Opportunity.

    Click here to read our privacy policy and here to read our terms of use.

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    Marketing Analyst Resume Sample, sample marketing email.#Sample #marketing #email


    Marketing Analyst Resume Sample

    The following is a free sample resume for marketing analyst professional.

    General Job description:

    Market analysts collect and then make detailed analysis of data to evaluate existing and potential markets. They identify and monitor research market conditions, competitors, as well as any changes in the industry that might affect the sales of the company. They provide information and relevant insight regarding markets, customers, competitors, campaign effectiveness, and many other factors. S/He is involved in important business decisions.

    Marketing analysts generally report to their marketing director. They plan and manage a wide range of research projects and have to work closely with senior management to asses relevant business information.

    Here is the sample:

    Marketing Analyst Resume Example

    [Street, City, State, Zip] | [Phone] [Email Address]

    • Expert marketing analyst with exceptional knowledge of the processes of sales, business, and marketing. Very strong background in markets’ analysis, researching, strategizing and marketing management. Utilizes critical thinking and information-gathering skills.
    • Able to contribute personal insights into planning business market strategies using business intelligence, market segmentation, and product analysis.

    Career Objective Statement Looking for an opportunity to bring enthusiasm and expertise to the forefront of a leading company’s marketing research team through marketing analysis. This will result in enhanced and improved business decisions.

    • Extensive experience in research studies, from start to finish.
    • Close familiarity with advanced statistical analysis and methods of research.
    • Proficient in PowerPoint, Word, Excel and online survey tools.
    • Quickly develops effective working relationships with senior executives.
    • Detail-oriented and highly articulate.
    • Charismatic leadership.
    • Goal-oriented, with a high level of professionalism.
    • Active listener and learner.
    • Proficient time-management ability.
    • Critical thinking and problem-solving skills.
    • Professionally demonstrates, promotes and sell.
    • High level of personal enthusiasm and self-motivation.

    AFT Marketing House, Inc. London, OH 2006 – Present

    • Analyzed sales activities, marketing campaigns, organizations, customers, pricing, and competitors in detail, with charts, graphs and explanatory texts.
    • Developed research projects for specific business issues – Integrated market research information into company system to develop new leads.
    • Analyzed metrics in order to identify effect-cause relationships between financial outcomes and marketed actions, thus raising profitability.

    Tier Communications Cincinnati, OH 2002 – 2006

    • Analyzed competition to evaluate market penetration.
    • Effectively researched areas of the market regarding customer needs and brand perceptions.
    • Worked in coordination with Product Management to identify possible opportunities.
    • Designed focus groups as well as surveys to capture relevant market research data.
    • Annually carried out customer-satisfaction surveys, compiling results into detailed reports.
    • Built marketed dashboards, enabling visualization of indicators of fundamental performance.
    • Conducted regular industry analysis: Social, political, technological, and economical.

    Ohio University Athens, OH 2003 2006

    Masters of Business Administration, Focus: Accounting, Leadership, Strategic Marketing, Managerial Finance

    Ohio University Athens, OH 1997 2000

    Bachelor of Business Administration, Major in Business Economics.

    • Coursework focused on economics, marketing, mathematics, research and statistics.
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    StreamSend – Email Marketing #email #marketing, #email #newsletters, #email #marketing #software, #email #blasts, #mobile


    Email Marketing Automation and Behavioral Targeting

    What solution is right for you?

    Beautiful, Smart, Relevant Email Marketing

    Choose the email template that is right for your campaign from a selection of stunning, professionally designed templates that render beautifully across all devices. Easily add vibrant imagery, videos, surveys and other interactive elements using our drag and drop editor.

    Our streamlined interface and smart delivery system make it easy to send, manage and track campaigns. Powerful automation and behavioral targeting features give you the ability to send highly targeted and timely automated campaigns.

    We provide dedicated support every step of the way!

    Behavioral Automation

    Send the Right Message to the Right Person at the Right Time

    Ecommerce Campaigns

    Browse Abandonment, Shopping Cart Abandonment and More

    Lead Nurturing

    Drip Campaigns, Welcome Series and More

    Website Engagement

    Website Pop-Ups, Engagement Tiles and More

    Easily configure highly personalized automated campaigns with our marketing automation workflow builder. Based on your customers’ behavior and interests, you’ll start a one-on-one dialogue by delivering content that matters to them.

    Centralize and Automate Your Content Strategy!

    With the click of a button, curate content, post it to the web and email it to your subscribers’ inboxes, automatically .

    Content boards act as a repository for your web and social content. They are an easy way to centralize and automate your content strategy and grow your list.

    You can populate boards manually using the Bookmarklet in your browser, or you can automatically populate your board using RSS or Facebook feeds.

    Content boards can automatically be converted into newsletters that are delivered to your subscribers and can be embedded in any web page.

    Tracking and Reporting

    StreamSend gives you the ability to track email campaigns, social engagement and video views from one central location.

    StreamSend Partners and Affiliations:


    StreamSend Resources

    Test-Drive Our Email Marketing Platform!

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