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Commercial LED Lighting Fixtures, Electrician Sacramento – Don Pezzuto Lighting #lighting #services #sacramento, #sacramento #electrical #services, #licensed #electrician #sacramento #ca, #small #business #lighting #and #electrical #sacramento, #indoor #and #outdoor #commercial #lighting


Need an Electrician in Sacramento?

For over 30 years, Don Pezzuto Lighting has been providing lighting and electrical services of all kinds!

We are a leading provider of innovative lighting supplies. We welcome you to choose from a complete line of bulbs, ballasts, fixtures, energy saving lighting supplies and more from leading manufacturers. In Sacramento and the metropolitan area, Don Pezzuto lighting is well-positioned to continue as a leading supplier that solves all your residential, commercial and industrial lighting problems for years to come.

Apart from solving all your electrical problems, Don Pezzuto Lighting also specializes in providing versatile, appealing and safe lighting solutions for businesses in Sacramento. While commercial lighting becomes a major contributor to overhead expenses, LED lighting technology can be your savior. We help you minimize your commercial lighting usage. Portray positive image of your business venture with our LED commercial lighting solutions. Get the same amount of lumens with reduced energy costs and increase aesthetic value of your company!

LED Lighting Retrofit Fixtures Company

As a lighting retrofit company. we’ve worked on cutting edge lighting technology. Our electricians have done lots of retrofits to replace obsolete lighting systems with the most up-to-date LED lighting technology. Our LED lighting fixtures commercial and lamps are designed to have significantly longer life than traditional Fluorescent lighting products and optimized for superior performance. If you’re not satisfied with your current lighting system, we are available to provide you suitable upgrade options. Our trained electricians can also evaluate you exiting lighting system and provide you clear insight into the benefits you’ll reap with the new one. We understand what it takes to design a solution that is optimal for you and so, create a value-based plan.

Customer satisfaction is #1 and we will collectively work with you to reach your goals, with only your best interest in mind.

Call us today for a FREE estimate!

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Electrical Engineering Degree Programs – Schools, electrical engineering schools.#Electrical #engineering #schools


Electrical Engineering Degrees Programs

Search the top electrical and electronics engineering degrees online. Design & work on electrical and electronic systems. Learn about the top electrical engineering careers to find which is best for you.

Associates and Bachelors of Engineering Degrees

Masters and Doctorate of Engineering Degrees


Electrical engineering schools

Electrical Engineering Degrees Programs

Electrical engineering, which is often referred to as electrical and electronics engineering, is a field that typically requires completing at least a bachelor’s degree, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS). Although bachelor degree programs usually take four years to complete, some colleges offer a five-year program that allows the student to earn both a bachelor’s degree and a master’s degree. Click here to view online Bachelors of Electronics Engineering programs that are currently accepting applicants.

Generally speaking, to become an electrical engineer, you will need an electrical engineering degree. Below are a few featured engineering degrees that you might be interested in. They are currently accepting applications from students in the United States.

Electrical Engineering Degree Curriculum Courses

Students in electrical engineering programs should have a strong background in mathematics and physics. If high school students know this is their preferred field, it’s beneficial that they take as many of these courses as possible while still in high school.

Electrical engineering programs include a blended curriculum of classroom courses, lab studies and field work. Some engineering schools offer cooperative education, which allows students to gain practical experience while completing the classroom portion of the program. This hands-on training can be invaluable when it’s time to seek employment as an electrical engineer. Some of the courses electrical engineering students can expect are circuits and electronics, electromagnetics, artificial intelligence, control and signal processing, computer systems engineering, analysis of algorithms, and principles of software development.

Electrical engineering students learn how to design, troubleshoot and install electrical and electronic systems; evaluate and correct electrical problems; develop methods to use power efficiently; and develop applications for electronic systems to improve performance.

Electrical engineering programs offer various concentrations or tracks, or electrical engineering can be chosen as a concentration. For instance, a student can earn a degree in engineering with a concentration in electrical engineering. Most students who have an interest in electrical engineering choose electrical engineering with a concentration in their areas of interest. In addition to a generic electrical engineering track, students may choose from the following tracks:

  • Analog/RF
  • Digital/VLSI
  • Electromagnetics
  • Energy Systems/Power
  • Microelectronics
  • Signal Processing

Although all the concentrations revolve around electrical engineering principles, they are slightly different. The microelectronics track teaches students who to work with small circuits, optical devices and micro systems. The energy systems or power track teaches students about control systems, energy conversion and engineering thermodynamics. Signal processing tracks focus on how to convert signals into information.

Some electrical engineering programs even offer concentrations within the concentrations. The Department of Electrical Engineering at the University of Texas-Dallas, for instance, offers a Master of Science in Electrical Engineering with a major in microelectronics and five different concentrations within the microelectronics major.

Students are often required to complete a capstone project to demonstrate their ability to actually design an electrical project. The University of California in Los Angeles offers several electrical engineering bachelor and master degree programs through its Henry Samueli School of Engineering. It can be noted that UCLA-Samueli was ranked #1 among the top online graduate engineering programs by U.S. News World Report.

The University of Massachusetts in Amherst offers a five-year B.S/M.S. in Electrical and Computer Engineering program through its College of Engineering. With this program, the student can earn both a Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering (or a B.S. in Computer Engineering) and a Master of Science in Electrical and Computer Engineering.

Steps to Become an Electrical Engineer

Most engineering occupations require licensure of some type, although electrical engineering may have different requirements depending on the state. Licensure is usually required for employment with the local state or federal government agencies. To obtain licensure, the electrical engineer must, according to the BLS, meet the following requirements.

The FE exam can be taken as soon as the student graduates from the program. However, the PE exam can only be taken after obtaining at least four years of work in electrical engineering or completion of an equivalent internship. Both exams are computer-based tests; however, the FE exam is a closed-book exam while the PE is open-book. The exams cover areas such as mathematics, probability and statistics, properties of electrical materials, engineering economics, electronics, power, circuit analysis, safety and design limits, digital logic and components, modulation and telecommunications, among others.

Online Electrical Engineering Degree Programs

Many colleges today offer electrical engineering programs through distance learning. These online programs are ideal for the student who either can’t afford to attend college full-time or just wish to continue working while earning a degree. Many of the courses can be taken online. At the end of the program, the student is required to complete some sort of internship to get practical experience. Auburn University’s online engineering graduate program ranked 17th among the country’s top online engineering graduate programs by U.S. News World Report in 2015.

ABET Accredited Electrical Engineering Programs

Depending on their career goals, students may choose programs that are accredited by the Accreditation Board for Engineering and Technology (ABET). ABET-accredited programs ensure the student receives an education that meets the requirements set by the engineering industry. Currently, there are more than 300 ABET-accredited electrical engineering programs in the United States.

Electrical Engineering Schools to Consider

Listed below are several top colleges or universities that offer electrical engineering programs. These schools may offer baccalaureate or graduate programs or both.

  • Massachusetts Institute of Technology in Cambridge, MA
  • Stanford University in Stanford, CA
  • University of California in Berkeley, CA
  • California Institute of Technology in Pasadena, CA
  • University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, IL
  • Georgia Institute of Technology in Atlanta, GA
  • University of Michigan in Ann Arbor, MI
  • Carnegie Mellon University in Pittsburgh, PA
  • Princeton University in Princeton, NJ
  • Cornell University in Ithaca, NY

Electrical Engineer Careers

Graduates of electrical engineering programs can have many career options from which to choose, including working as electrical engineers, electronics engineers, computer engineers, program or engineering managers, electricians, aviation engineers or project engineers. Electrical engineers who complete graduate programs may work in research and development or as teachers.

According to the Princeton Review, most individuals who become electrical engineers stay with this career for most of their life. Although electrical engineers usually work in engineering service firms, they can also find opportunities in machine manufacturing, electric power generation and transmission, electronic component manufacturing, telecommunications and navigational manufacturing. Based on a May 2013 BLS report, electrical engineers earned an average annual wage of $89,180. Forbes ranked electrical engineering as the 3rd-best master degree for jobs in 2015.

Associates and Bachelors of Engineering Degrees

Masters and Doctorate of Engineering Degrees

The Best Engineering Degree Guide for 2017

Engineering Degrees by Level

Computer Engineering Degrees

Electrical Engineering Degrees

Engineering Management Degrees

Mechanical Engineering Degrees

Civil & Bio Engineering Degrees

Online Engineering Degrees

Engineering Schools by State

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Plumbing Services for Seattle, WA #plumbing #seattle, #seattle #plumber, #plumbing #supply, #plumbing #parts, #electrical #supply, #electrical #parts, #plumbing #professional, #expert #plumber, #flat-rate #plumber, #plumbing #store, #electrical #store, #sewer #repair #seattle, #drain #repair #seattle, #faucet #repair, #faucet #installation, #water #heaters, #tankless #water #heater


Aurora Plumbing showroom in Seattle, WA

Your Premier Plumbing Showroom and Services in Seattle, WA

When you need a plumbing service, you don t want to invite just anyone into your home. Trust the family-friendly company that s worked in your area since 1960.

The dedicated technicians at Aurora Plumbing serve the entire Greater Seattle, WA area, including Bellevue, Snohomish, and Redmond. We offer so much more than typical plumbing services we also sell more than 7,000 parts and display dozens of fixtures at our beautiful showroom.

Repair, Replacement, and Renovation

Count on our licensed plumbers for any plumbing service, from the simplest repair jobs to the most complex installations. Our services include repair and replacement for:

Water heaters

Water lines

With our vast supply of parts for every product, we can repair any fixture in your kitchen or bathroom.

Plus, if you re ready to upgrade to a beautiful new fixture, come check out our showroom in Seattle, WA. There, you ll find professional-grade fixtures superior to what you ll see in chain stores. We carry top brands including Kohler, Moen, and Delta.

We re the only plumbers in Seattle with a showroom, a parts and service department, and a sewer and drain department. Other plumbing companies may have one or two of these services, but not all three.

First-Rate Customer Service

We treat all of our customers equally. Whether you re a plumbing expert yourself or don t know much about plumbing, we re happy to answer your questions and solve your problems.

For any plumbing service you need in Seattle, WA, call us today at 206-364-1140 .

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2002 Dodge Ram 1500 Ignition Wiring Diagram

Description For 2002 Dodge Ram 1500 Ignition Wiring Diagram

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    2002 dodge ram 1500 ignition wiring diagram

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Online Electrical Engineering Degree Programs: Accredited Schools #online #degree #electrical #engineering


Electrical Engineering Degrees

Students who enjoy science and mathematics and who want to be involved with the design and implementation of new technology should consider earning a degree in electrical engineering. Electrical engineers develop, test, and oversee the manufacture of electrical equipment, including navigation systems, computers, and communication devices. Graduates of an electrical engineering program should have a solid understanding of how electrical communications systems and computer architecture work. They will also have the wherewithal to work effectively on their own or as part of a team, and they will also be able to use their knowledge to find engineering solutions to existing problems.

Classes and Assignments of an Electrical Engineering Major

Electrical engineering students may take computer architecture, signal processing, electronic materials and devices, and engineering electromagnetics, in addition to the core mathematics and science classes. These courses are lecture-based, and some may have a laboratory component as well. A student s grade is based on his or her performance on exams, research projects, essays, reading assignments from scientific textbooks, and class discussions. Although this area of study can be found at many brick-and-mortar universities, there are also online masters electrical engineering degrees available as well.

Degree Levels for an Electrical Engineering Major

  • Associate. Online associate electrical engineering degrees provide a solid foundation for baccalaureate study and can also land a candidate a job as an electrical engineering technician. Engineering technicians help engineers and scientists plan, research, and test now technology. In an associate program, students may learn about digital and analog electronics, microprocessors, computer applications, and DC and AC circuits.
  • Bachelor s. Students who are interested in an engineering career need at least a bachelor s degree to obtain an entry-level position. By the time students graduate from online bachelors electrical engineering degrees, he or she should be able to use their scientific knowledge and analytic skills to design solutions to existing issues and communicate and work effectively with others.
  • Master s. Students interested in leading engineering teams or eventually pursuing a doctoral degree should consider earning a master s in electrical engineering. Depending on the program, master s students may specialize in a certain field, including energy sources and systems and microelectronics. The classes changed based on the specialization. For example, an energy sources and systems student may take modeling and simulation of power, while a microelectronics student may enroll in nanoscale transistors.
  • Doctoral. A doctoral degree is typically required to teach at colleges or universities. Doctoral students receive further training in the principles of electrical engineering, and they may enroll in integrated circuits fabrication processes, microwave semiconductor devices, or physics of semiconductor devices. These classes typically feature lecture with a laboratory component.

A Future as an Electrical Engineering Major

The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) reports that employment of electrical engineers is expected to grow 2% between 2008 and 2018. Despite strong demand for electronic devices, international competition and the use of employees outside of the United States will limit employment growth domestically. The median annual salary of an electrical engineer in May 2010 was $84,540 .

Meanwhile, employment of engineering technicians is expected to decline 2% between 2008 and 2018 because of foreign competition. The median annual salary of an engineering technician in May 2012 was $56,040. However, keep in mind that job availability and salary is not guaranteed. Instead, your salary and job prospects will vary, depending on your employer and the state of the economy.

Online Degree Finder

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Penn State Online #electrical #engineering #degree, #penn #state #online #master #of #engineering, #penn #state #world #campus


Master of Engineering in Electrical Engineering

Earn Your Penn State Master’s Degree in Electrical Engineering — 100% Online

Penn State’s online Master of Engineering in Electrical Engineering program offers you a solid foundation in both theory and application in the rapidly evolving electrical engineering field, preparing you to excel in the workplace and potentially advance your career. As an electrical engineer, you can assume a principal role in implementing infrastructure of any scale, from the largest industrial complexes to the most intricate of applications.

Technical Proficiency Can Help Advance Your Career

As technology is always changing and expanding, your advanced technical proficiencies as an electrical engineer will continue to be in demand — you can work in any number of industries, including automotive, telecommunications, chemical, electronics manufacturing, consumer electronics, bioengineering, power generation and distribution, scientific research, military and defense, aerospace, transportation, and many more.

Why an Online Electrical Engineering Degree From Penn State?

Our 30-credit online electrical engineering program is identical to our resident program, featuring the same courses taught by the same faculty, who are active and well regarded in their fields of study. Our College of Engineering is consistently ranked among the nation’s best engineering schools, according to U.S. News World Report. And when you graduate, you’ll receive a diploma identical to those earned by students at our physical campus.

Your Online Electrical Engineering Courses

You will study topics such as electronic communication systems, control systems, signal processing, and power systems. This highly interactive program is engaging and collaborative, but still convenient for working professionals.

Information for Military and Veterans

Are you a member of the military, a veteran, or a military spouse? Please visit our military website for additional information regarding financial aid, transfer credits, or application instructions.

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Trade Schools Guide #electrical #engineering #trade #schools


Vocational Skilled Trade Schools

Trade schools can equip you with the tools you need to go after a job that lets you use your hands to make a noticeable impact in the world. In fact, the skilled trades represent some of the smartest and most fulfilling job choices available today.

If you enjoy building stuff, fixing problems, and doing work that is truly useful, then learning a trade is one of the best ways to get closer to a life you can really be proud of. As an example, people who have attended welding school and joined the industry report a high level of satisfaction with their work.*

North America is experiencing a shortage of qualified trades people. With an education from the right vocational training school, you can get the relevant abilities and understanding related to the field that employers are seeking in new hires. Plus, by learning a skilled trade, you could soon have a career that is safe from overseas outsourcing. As a trades person, you can master the kind of work that can only be carried out locally.

Whether you are looking to pursue your career interest at an automotive technology. plumbing. carpentry. or electrician school or training in one of many other trades there are plenty of opportunities if you want an essential, hands-on career. Genuine satisfaction in the work you do could soon be yours. Learn more about how you can get started by checking out these trade schools today!

Featured Schools

  • Arlington (Mid Cities), Texas
  • Chesapeake, Virginia
  • Electrician
  • Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning
  • Electrician
  • Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning
  • Orange Park, Florida
  • Tampa, Florida
  • Electrician
  • Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning
  • Broomall, Pennsylvania
  • Franklin Mills, Pennsylvania
  • Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
  • Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
  • Computer Numerical Control Machinist
  • Electrical Technician
  • HVAC/R

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89 Electrical Repair – Electrician in San Diego – Roberts Electric Service, Inc #robert, #robert’s, #good #electricians, #roberts, #electric, #contractors, #electrician, #best, #help, #repair, #phone, #tv, #service, #repairs, #san #diego, #electrical, #contractor, #contracting, #wiring, #cabling, #help, #hillcrest, #gsdba, #services, #92101, #92103, #757-7500


Roberts Electric Service, Inc.

Received Rating.

Review. We had a dimmer fail in our dining room. Dimmers being what they are can be tricky for the uninitiated of whom I consider myself. The dimmer turned out to be a unit that needed a special order etc etc. Ben Day was the electrician on the job and we could not be h. See full review here. Posted on 01/05/2015 by Micheal M.

The most common electrician service call series:

GFCI � stands for ground fault circuit interrupter. and these devices protect against electric shock. One of the most common service calls to an electrician begins when someone plugs something in and the power goes out. Information on The BBB at the Council of Better Business Bureaus http://www.bbb.org/sdoc/news-events/news-releases/2014/07/guest-blog-diy-electrical-tips/

Inspection Report Requests:

Thank you for your interest in having our company provide an estimate as per an inspection report. Due to the intense volume of requests that we receive, we are only able to provide estimates to Sellers not Buyers . If you are a Seller, please call us to discuss the terms and conditions of providing you with this service.

IMPORTANT: Estimates are for new work only and do not include troubleshooting an electrical problem to give a cost. They only involve providing a single price to perform what is specifically requested to be done, and do not involve any contact with third parties or further research. Quotes. scopes of works or job specifications (break downs) are classified as engineering requiring special knowledge and must be charged for appropriately based on time and expertise required.

Call us at 619-757-7500 to see which situation applies to your project.

Sponsoring San Diego Sports!

The San Diego ARMADA Rugby Football Club has advanced to the semi final play-offs and is finishing the best season the club has ever had! Roberts Electric Service is proud to sponsor the San Diego ARMADA, and we look forward to supporting them to even greater success this season and many to come. To help the team attend the Bingham Cup, here’s a link to their GoFundMe page: http://www.gofundme.com/armada

The broadly used term �consultant � as it relates to building and construction work is more clearly defined.

International Association of Electrical Inspectors – Associate Member No. 7070020

NFPA Member No. 2496550

Residential Electrical System Aging Research Project – Full Report – 71 pages – [Click Here]

IMPORTANT VIDEO INFORMATION – Could save you $1,600 for a tripped breaker!

This YouTube Video is – GREAT – and – HILARIOUS – too! – [click picture above to view]

DIY Electrical Repairs in San Diego – www.SanDiegoElectricalRepairs.com for more information.

SEARCH – Roberts Electric Service Web Site – Bidding Projects – Inspection Results

Good Electrician in San Diego Providing:

Electrical Power Troubleshooting – Residential – Commercial – Installations Remodels – Electric Repairs

Roberts Electric Service, Inc.

C10 Electricians Electrical Contractors 857129. 756078 and 941741

Security Company Qualified Managers ACQ 4672 and Alarm Co. Operator ACO 5349

Phone 619-757-7500 / (619) 757-7500 and Fax 619-757-7505 / (619) 757-7505

Primary Operating Area is The Greater Downtown San Diego Area – We Love What We Do!

We were previously known as Robert’s Electric Service before incorporation.

We are Proud Members of the following:

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Houston electrical contractor #houston #electrical #contractor


Serving Southeast Texas

LECS, Ltd. is a premier electrical contracting company located in Northwest Houston with an annual sales volume of over $40,000,000. LECS, Ltd. is divided into three divisions;

Large Projects $100,000 to $25,000,000

Special Projects $1,000 to $100,000

Due to the structure of these three divisions, LECS can provide specialized customer service to EVERY client. We treat every project the same, regardless of size.

Some of our specialties are;

Tenant Finish and Buildout

Retail Commercial Construction

High Rise and Mid-Rise Commercial Buildings

Sports Stadiums and Facilities


Sign up for our newsletter
and get the latest news.

lAtest News


© Copyright LECS, Ltd 2007 All Rights Reserved

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USC Viterbi School of Engineering faculty awarded multiple MURI grants #energy/fuel #(non-petroleum), #materials, #superconductors/semiconductors, #polymer #chemistry, #technology/engineering/computer #science, #computer #science, #hardware, #system #security/hackers, #theory/design, #electrical #engineering/electronics


USC Viterbi School of Engineering faculty awarded multiple MURI grants

USC Viterbi School of Engineering faculty teams were the recipients of three different 2017 Multidisciplinary University Research Initiative grants (MURI) from the Department of Defense. Research teams from USC Viterbi’s Department of Computer Science, the Ming Hsieh Department of Electrical Engineering, and the Mork Family Department of Chemical Engineering and Materials Sciences will work on a range of research topics, from preventing cyber attacks, to advancing quantum computing, and to the development of improved polymers for energy use and storage.

The following are the three MURI centers:

“Cyber Deception through Active Leverage of Adversaries’ Cognition Process”

Milind Tambe, Helen N. and Emmett H. Jones Professor in Engineering at the University of Southern California and co-founder of USC’s Center for Artificial Intelligence in Society (CAIS), will lead a new MURI on cybersecurity, to combat what researchers have identified as increasingly dangerous cyber threats. To do so, Tambe and a team of researchers from Carnegie Mellon University, Arizona State University, University of Texas (El Paso), University of North Carolina (Chapel Hill) and North Carolina State University will employ “Cyber Inception,” a new approach to cyber attacks. The interdisciplinary approach will leverage research in cognitive modeling, computational game theory, and computer systems to advance innovation in security. Using a multi-pronged approach, the researchers will create a mathematical framework for modeling defenders and attackers in a cyber security environment, create cognitive models of decision-making by attackers and develop prototypes for multi-layered environments that can monitor attacks and develop environments in which it will be impossible for attackers to know what is real and what is deceptive.

Tambe will be the Principal Investigator on this MURI grant, which received a total of $ 6.2 million in funding. His expertise in security games, multi-agent teamwork, and distributed constraint optimization has been deployed by the US Coast Guard, the Federal Air Marshal Service, and by police departments and airports in Los Angeles County. Tambe’s work has also been utilized by wildlife security organizations. Tambe co-directs the USC Center on AI for Social Good.

“The Foundations of Interactive Protocols for Quantum Computation and Communications”

Ben Reichardt, associate professor of Electrical Engineering-Systems at USC Viterbi will spearhead a USC effort to this MURI, through a $1.2 million subcontract on quantum computing. The MURI, led by Caltech, will work on developing scalable protocols to test, control and enable the secure, reliable use of arbitrary quantum devices. This research will develop practical and rigorous techniques for certifying devices with more than 10-20 qubits in both single devices and two or more entangled devices.

“Physics, Chemistry and Mechanics of Polymer Dielectric Breakdowns”

Priya Vashishta, Dean’s Professor in the Mork Family Department of Chemical Engineering and Materials Science at USC Viterbi and director of the Collaboratory for Advanced Computing and Simulations; Rajiv Kalia, Professor of Physics and Astronomy Computer Science, Chemical engineering, and Materials Science; and Aiichiro Nakano, Professor of Computer Science, Physics and Astronomy and Chemical Engineering and Materials Science, will support a MURI effort with a $1 million subcontract to understand how polymers can be better tailored to support electric power needs and energy storage. This MURI will be led by the University of Connecticut, with collaborators from Stanford, Purdue and USC. It will seek to understand how to limit degradation of polymers that function as dielectrics (which serve as both insulators and capable of charges within electric power grids). This project will focus on the creation of filed-degraded model materials, multi-scale characterization and modeling, and breakdown phenomenology and complexity.

The USC investigators will use Non-Adiabatic Quantum Molecular Dynamics Methods to investigate the role of excited electronic states that can be created as a result of large electric fields. Quantum Molecular Dynamics simulations will also be used to explain experimental observations of the creation of excited states and monitor how the energy generated during the electron-hole recombination process can cause bond cleavage and defect formation that result in dielectric breakdown of the material.

About the USC Viterbi School of Engineering

Engineering Studies began at the University of Southern California in 1905. Nearly a century later, the Viterbi School of Engineering received a naming gift in 2004 from alumnus Andrew J. Viterbi, inventor of the Viterbi algorithm that is now key to cell phone technology and numerous data applications. Consistently ranked among the top graduate programs in the world, the school enrolls more than 6,500 undergraduate and graduate students, taught by 185 tenured and tenure-track faculty, with 75 endowed chairs and professorships. http://viterbi. usc. edu/

Disclaimer: AAAS and EurekAlert! are not responsible for the accuracy of news releases posted to EurekAlert! by contributing institutions or for the use of any information through the EurekAlert system.

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