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How Does E-Trade Work, how much does etrade cost.#How #much #does #etrade #cost


How Does E-Trade Work?

Based in New York, E-Trade offers online brokerage and wide ranging retail financial services. The NASDAQ-listed company has 30 branches spread across the country. E-Trade uses e-commerce systems and a professional workforce located in branch locations to offer retail financial services to investors. Eligible investors can choose among several types of accounts. The company offers investors free specialist research, charts, real-time quotes and stock screeners.

Account Opening Process

It typically takes less than 15 minutes to open an E-Trade account online. You must be a U.S. citizen or resident and at least 18 years old to be eligible. Fill out an online application form providing the name and address of your employer, address of your current residence, Social Security number and date of birth. According to information published on the E-Trade website, the company reserves the rights to verify your identity information through third parties, and, if necessary, request additional identification documents such as a driver s license. E-Trade sends a confirmation email and login instructions for an approved account.

Account Fees and Initial Deposit Requirements

E-Trade offers investing and trading accounts, retirement and education savings accounts and E-Trade checking accounts. Ordinary investing and trading accounts cost $9.99 to open as of 2014, while Plus Pro Elite investment accounts cost between $7.99 and $9.99. You need a $500 initial deposit to open individual, custodial or joint brokerage accounts as of 2014. Futures trading and forex trading accounts require $10,000 and $2,000 initial deposits, respectively. The E-Trade One Stop Rollover IRA requires a $25,000 minimum deposit, while the other retirement and education savings accounts — that is, rollover, traditional and Roth IRAs — don t require minimum deposits. You only need a $100 initial deposit to open an E-Trade checking account.

Commencing Account Transactions

To begin trading on E-Trade, login to your account and click on the Fund Account tab. Use the drop-down menu to navigate through the funding process. Fund your account using free quick transfer, wire transfer, account transfer or check by mail. Funds for mailed checks are loaded within five days of receiving the check. Funds for free quick transfers are loaded within three days, while funds for wire transfers are loaded the same business day. The account transfer function lets you move cash or investments from other financial institutions. To begin trading, click on the Place Trade tab to access the order entry ticket. Fill out your order type, quantity of shares, stock symbol, price type and term. Submit your order and wait for a trade confirmation message. Download the E-Trade mobile trading app to your phone or tablet and use real-time alerts to monitor your account.

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4 Ways to Get a Doctorate in Theology, how long does it take to


How to Get a Doctorate in Theology

Theology is the systematic study of religion. Theologians research, analyze and discuss spiritual, philosophical and historical texts. Theological experts develop an understanding of religion, publish written works on tests of religious theories and explain a variety of religious topics.To get a doctorate (a Ph.D/doctor of philosophy degree) in theology, students must complete specialized training and coursework at a university, seminary or school of divinity after completing bachelor and master degree work prior.

Steps Edit

Method One of Four:

Part 1: Learning Prerequisites for Ph.D. Programs Edit

How long does it take to get a doctorate degree

How long does it take to get a doctorate degree

How long does it take to get a doctorate degree

How long does it take to get a doctorate degree

How long does it take to get a doctorate degree

Method Two of Four:

Part 2: Applying to a Doctorate in Theology Program Edit

How long does it take to get a doctorate degree

How long does it take to get a doctorate degree

How long does it take to get a doctorate degree

How long does it take to get a doctorate degree

How long does it take to get a doctorate degree

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Environment for Kids: Solar Energy #how #does #solar #power #help #the #environment


What is solar power?

The primary source of all energy on planet Earth is from the sun. Solar power is power generated directly from sunlight. Solar power can be used for heat energy or converted into electric energy.

When we use solar power, we don’t use any of the Earth’s resources like coal or oil. This makes solar power a renewable energy source. Solar power is also clean power that doesn’t generate a lot of pollution.

Solar Power for Heat

Solar power can be used for heating up homes and other buildings. Sometimes solar power for heating can be passive. This is when there are no mechanical components used to move the heat around. Passive heating helps to keep houses warm in the winter, to heat up swimming pools, and even makes our car warm when we park it outside (which is nice in the winter, but not so much on a hot summer day).

Active heating is when there are mechanical components to help move the heat around. The sun could be used to heat up water or air that is then pumped around a building to provide even heat in all the rooms.

Solar Power for Electricity

When most of us think of solar power, we think of the solar cells that turn rays of sunshine into electricity. Solar cells are also called photovoltaic cells. The word “photovoltaic” comes from the word “photons”, which are particles that make up sunlight, as well as the word “volts”, which is a measurement of electricity.

Today solar cells are commonly used in small handheld devices like calculators and wrist watches. They are becoming more popular for buildings and homes as they become more efficient. One nice thing about solar cells is that they can be placed on the roof of a building or home, not taking up any extra space.

Solar cells on a house used for making electricity

How do solar cells work?

Solar cells convert the energy of photons from the sun into electricity. When the photon hits the top of the cell, electrons will be attracted to the surface of the cell. This causes a voltage to form between the top and the bottom layers of the cell. When an electric circuit is formed across the top and the bottom of the cell, current will flow, powering electrical equipment.

It takes a lot of solar cells to power a building or a home. In this case, a number of solar cells are connected into a large array of cells that can produce more total energy.

History of Solar Power

The photovoltaic cell was invented in 1954 by researchers at Bell Labs. Since then, solar cells have been used on small items such as calculators. They have also been an important power source for spaceships and satellites.

Starting in the 1990s the government has funded research and offered tax incentives to people using clean and renewable power such as solar energy. Scientists have made advances in the efficiency of the solar cell. Today solar cells are around 5 to 15% efficient, meaning a lot of the energy of the sunlight is wasted. They hope to achieve 30% or better in the future. This will make solar energy a much more economical and viable energy alternative.

Are there any drawbacks to solar power?

Solar power has two major drawbacks. One drawback is that the amount of sunshine in a specific place changes due to the time of day, the weather, and the time of the year. The other drawback is that with current technology it takes a lot of expensive photovoltaic cells to produce a decent amount of electricity.

Fun Facts about Solar Power

  • The world’s largest solar thermal plants are located in the state of California.
  • Many large photovoltaic plants are being built around the world. Some of the largest are located in China, Canada, and the United States (Nevada).
  • If only 4% of the world’s deserts were covered in photovoltaic cells, they could supply all of the world’s electricity.
  • Many people think that as solar panels become more efficient and less expensive they will become a standard feature of new homes and buildings.
  • In 1990 a solar powered aircraft flew across the United States using no fuel.
  • Albert Einstein won a Nobel Prize in 1921 for his research into photovoltaic power.


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Last Will and Testament – Make a Will Online #living #trust, #what #is #a


What would you like to talk about?

Welcome back

Protect your loved ones with a legally binding will.

What is a will?

Last will definition: A last will and testament is a legal document that lets you, the testator (the person making the will), designate individuals or charities to receive your property and possessions when you pass away. These individuals and charities are commonly referred to as beneficiaries in your last will. A last will also allows you to name a guardian to care for minor children. The main purpose of a will is to ensure that the testator s wishes, and not the default laws of the state, will be followed upon the testator s death.

Reasons to have a last will and testament

Appoint someone to settle your affairs.

This person will also ensure that your beneficiaries receive their inheritance.

Choose who will receive your property.

Specify how you d like to transfer your property to your heirs.

Decide who you want to raise your kids.

Name the right legal guardians for your children if you and your spouse can t be there.

What if I die without a will?

Dying without making a will means you ll have no say over who receives your property. State laws will decide. In some states, only 1/2 of one s assets go to the surviving spouse. Depending on your situation, the rest would go to your children, parents or close relatives.

If you have minor children, a judge will decide who cares for them, and the situation may not be ideal.

Should I get a living trust instead?

Depending on where you live and the size of your estate, a living trust could be a more efficient way to distribute your assets. You can avoid going through the time and expense of a probate proceeding, in which a court reviews your will, appoints your executor and orders the distribution of your property.

A living trust requires more work than a last will. You must transfer your assets into the name of the trust after its creation. This process is often called trust funding.

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Last Will and Testament – Make a Will Online with LegalZoom

A last will and testament is a legal document that allows you to communicate your wishes after death, making things easier for your loved ones. Making a last will as part of your estate plan ensures what you leave behind will be taken care of according to your wishes, including the care of your children. When you make a will. you can appoint someone to settle your affairs. The person you appoint will ensure that your beneficiaries receive their inheritance. Wills also allow you to choose who will receive your property and how you would like to transfer property to your heirs. Choosing the guardians of your children is another important function of a last will. When creating a will. you can decide who you want to raise your kids if they are still minors when you pass away. LegalZoom s last will and testament service provides you with a personalized legal document specific to your state that includes advanced provisions to safeguard your family. In addition to lifetime customer support, LegalZoom s online last will service is backed by a $50,000 Peace of Mind Guarantee . Each state has different requirements for what constitutes a legal last will and testament, so it s important that your last will is drafted properly. Ensure your loved ones will be protected by creating a last will and testament today through LegalZoom.

1 Telephone consultations with a participating firm, during normal business hours, of up to one half (1/2) hour each, limited to one consultation for each new legal matter. Excludes business-related matters. After the 30 day period, benefits to the Personal Legal Plan (also Legal Advantage Plus) continue automatically at the plan rate (currently $14.99 per month). Cancel by calling (877) 818-8787. For full details, see the Legal Plan Contract and Subscription Terms .

2 Telephone consultations with a participating firm, during normal business hours, of up to one half (1/2) hour each, limited to one consultation for each new legal matter. Excludes business-related matters. Benefits to the Personal Legal Plan (also Legal Advantage Plus) continue automatically at the plan rate (currently $119.88 per year). Cancel by calling (877) 818-8787. For full details, see the Legal Plan Contract and Subscription Terms .

Tennessee Residents: Advisory services (also referred to as a legal plan) in TN are provided via a flat fee legal service offering from an independent law firm and are subject to your Limited Scope Representation Agreement with the firm. This portion of the LegalZoom website is an advertisement for legal services. The law firm responsible for this advertisement is LegalZoom Legal Services Ltd. LegalZoom Legal Services Ltd. is authorized and regulated by the Solicitors Regulation Authority of England Wales. SRA ID 617803. LegalZoom Legal Services Ltd. is a subsidiary of LegalZoom.com, Inc. LegalZoom.com, Inc. does not endorse or recommend any lawyer or law firm who advertises on our site.

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Anyone did the indiana state university LPN to BSN online? Or have any info?


Anyone did the indiana state university LPN to BSN online? Or have any info.

I am currently a BSN student with ISU, and I must say my experience has been great. I want too say too those who are not good at taking online classes this program is NOT for you. I am finishing up my first semester now, I took two classes LVN to RN as well as Physical Assessment class. It was alot of work, but all it takes is time management and you can get the work done.

You must have all your pre req complete before applying to the nursing program then you must complete the 4 nursing modules as well as the ATI TEAS exam. All the information is on on the ISU Nursing web site.

Kgeiger1 and I are of the same mind. Distant learning is not for everying. It is rigorous and requires committment. You are in nursing school; just because you are in distant learning does not make the program any easier. In fact, it may be even more rigorous.

The decision to enter into the program should not be taken lightly. You must have time to study, do all the assigned reading work, papers, and exams. every week. The program expects that you are a nurse, have previous nursing knowledge, and able to do the same work as any regular BSN student in the same class in the ISU campus.

Welcom aboard KG1.

Thanks for the input and info on ISU’s LVN/LPN to BSN program. I am BSN student at ISU and am just finishing my first semester. The program is very good. As others have said, it does require a lot of self discipline and use of goof time management skills. I think the eduction is very similar, if not the exact same, as what you would receive in a ‘in class’ BSN program. The only flaw with the program, from my experience, is that you must maintain your LPN or LVN license while completing clinicals. When I started ISU’s BSN program I was living in CA and working as a LVN. I received my LVN license through CA’s military challenge option, as I was a prior Corpsman. I’ve recently move to WI, and found out that WI will not let me transfer my LVN license here, because I did not attend an accredited LPN/LVN program. So now, I may not be able to continue in ISU’s program because I will not be able to get a WI LPN license. This seems very odd to me. If was not a LPN/LVN and applied to any BSN program as a generic entry student, I would participate in clinicals as a BSN student, not as a LPN/LVN. Very frustrating to say the least.

Im completing the prereqs as what ISU wants but I am having difficulty trying to find a proctor for exams. Does anyone know of a proctor service that is provided in California?
BTW, its great to hear that you are enjoying the program so far, gives me confidence that I am going in the right direction. I also had distance learning in the past and am very comfortable with it.

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When Does it Make Sense to Refinance or Consolidate Your Student Loans? The Simple


When Does it Make Sense to Refinance or Consolidate Your Student Loans?

While it isn’t advertised to the same degree, you can usually score a similar deal with your student loans. Through any number of highly reputable banks or lenders, you can consolidate existing student loan debt into a new loan with a more manageable payment, shorten your loan s term, and save money all along.

As with anything else, there are advantages and disadvantages for doing so. Beyond the investment of your time, there are myriad financial implications to consider – along with some important benefits you lose if you refinance federal loans with a private lender.

While some borrowers are better off moving into a new loan product, others should stick with the loans they already have. At the end of the day, the benefits of refinancing or consolidating depend on a student’s existing loans and what their ideal student loan payment looks like.

How to Decide Whether to Refinance or Consolidate Your Student Loans

First things first: Before you decide whether refinancing or consolidating makes sense, you have to decide on a goal.

Where some people hope to save money on long-term interest, others hope to score a lower monthly payment that they can actually afford even if that means extending their loan term over several more years. Still others hope to accomplish a little of both – refinancing into a loan with a lower interest rate and payment, but still have their loans paid off in a reasonable amount of time.

According to Nate Matherson from LendEDU. a marketplace for student loan refinancing and consolidation, the best candidates for refinancing are individuals who are paying a lot of money towards interest each month and private student loan borrowers usually stand to save the most money.

“Some private loan borrowers are paying upwards of 10% in interest per year,” Matherson says. With certain types of refinancing, you can lower your annual interest rate to as low as 2%, especially if your credit has improved since you first took out the loans.

By securing a loan with a lower interest rate, he says, you can save money on interest every month and every year, plus potentially pay down your loans faster.

If your current monthly payment is unmanageable, refinancing over a longer term can also free up some breathing room in your monthly budget. “When you refinance, you can choose a new term length from five to 25 years,” says Matherson. “You can extend the repayment of your student loans and cut your monthly payment down.”

The risk here is extending your repayment so long that you’re actually pay more in interest . despite the lower interest rate. Still, some people choose this route because they d rather have a payment they can live with for a longer time than struggle every month and risk defaulting on the loan.

One last reason it can make sense to refinance or consolidate your loans is if you need to simplify your life and your finances. If you’re making several student loan payments every month and have trouble keeping track of them all, refinancing and consolidating allows you to funnel all of your existing loans into one new loan with a new rate and payment.

While you may not save a lot of money if you don t get a significantly lower interest rate, you can win the mental battle by reducing the number of payments you re making down to one. For some people, having a single student loan payment to contend with makes it a lot easier to plan, create a budget, and ultimately pay off their student loan debt faster.

Refinancing and Consolidating Your Loans: Risks You Should Know About

While the financial rewards can be ample when you refinance high interest or unmanageable loans into a new product, there are risks to consider as well. Most of these risks come into play when you refinance or consolidate federal loans with a private lender .

Doing so means saying goodbye to all of the Department of Education benefits offered on federal loans, says Matherson. These benefits include all income-driven repayment plans and public service loan forgiveness. plus stopgap measures such as deferment and forbearance.

“If you are currently using, or plan to use, any of your federal student loan benefits you should think long and hard before refinancing,” says Matherson. Because once you refinance, these options will no longer be on the table.

The other big risk that comes with refinancing is one we already talked about extending your repayment timeline so much that you actually pay a lot more interest on your student loans over time. Before you refinance your loans to get a new monthly payment, make sure to look at the total amount you ll pay over time and compare it to your total loan costs now. If it s considerably more, you might want to rethink refinancing and consider alternative strategies to lower your monthly payment instead.

Got Federal Loans? Consider Income-Based Repayment Plans Instead

Speaking of alternative repayment strategies, income-based plans created by the federal government offer relief for students with low incomes but plenty of federal student loan debt. Income-driven repayment plans to consider include:

  • Income-Based Repayment Plan (IBR)
  • Revised Pay As You Earn Plan (REPAYE)
  • Pay As You Earn Plan (PAYE)
  • Income-Contingent Repayment Plan (ICR)

Since these repayment plans are based on your income and only available to individuals with eligible federal student loans. not everyone will qualify. Those who do, however, can get a lower monthly payment one capped at a certain percentage of their discretionary income for a period of 20-25 years. After that, the entire balance of their loans is forgiven – as in, wiped away to a clean slate.

Another option to consider is Public Service Loan Forgiveness, or PSLF. With PSLF, you can have all of your loans forgiven if you commit to a career in a qualified public service position and make 120 consecutive payments (10 years worth) on your student loans. While public service isn’t right for everyone, it can be a natural fit for people who work in health care, education, the legal justice system, social work, or dozens of other fields geared to helping others.

The Bottom Line

Just as you can refinance your home, you can refinance or consolidate your student debt into a new loan with better terms. The key to deciding whether refinancing makes sense for you is to take a close look at your current roster of loans and compare that to the new loans currently available. Our Student Loan Consolidation Guide can help in that respect, and also direct you toward additional resources that can help you decide.

Before you refinance your student loans, make sure you’re truly getting a better deal. To come out ahead, your new loan will need to offer a monthly payment you can actually live with, provide some interest savings over the long term, or simply make your life easier.

Also remember that the grass isn t always greener. While the right loan can offer some relief, the wrong loan can add to your struggle. Run the numbers and consider them closely, because numbers don’t lie. Any decision you make should be backed up by facts, not just wishful thinking.

Have you ever considered refinancing your student loans? How much do you owe, and when will it be paid off?

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Get rid of high interest debt with a 0% balance transfer credit card

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Tight Calves: Why, How, What To Do With Them – Fit For Real LifeFit


Tight Calves: Why, How, What To Do With Them

The left photo of a client s attempt at active dorsiflexion (meaning, as far as she can pull her foot back toward her head without using external support to get it to go farther). In the right photo is my foot demonstrating my current active dorsiflexion.

I placed the dotted line from the center of the heel up through the edge of the ball of the foot to show the difference in angles of our foot to our calves. I think the variance between our two feet is clear. I have the ability to dorsiflex (pull my foot back) more than my client can. This is because I have greater mobility in my calves heel cords than she does.

I discussed a bit about this client s missing plantar flexion (toe point forward) on my Facebook page with the main takeaway being that:

Where one area is lacking, somewhere else will always try to make up for it.

Her skeleton is capable of flexing her ankle more, but it can t.

If she were just a skeleton, aside from being slightly creepy yet totally badass for being my first skeleton client, she d be able to bend her ankle at least as much as I am bending mine.

But she s got skin, connective tissue, muscles, tendons, and ligaments that are negatively affecting her ability to do so. It s not that the tissue being there is the problem.

It s how the tissue is currently operating that is causing the limitation in her ankle.

Years (decades?) of shortened ankle range of motion [via positive heeled shoes, including running shoes, sitting a lot and not having an active stretching protocol to undo each day of muscular rigidity] has led to severely shortened and calcified calf muscles. Essentially, the muscle is no longer this supple, pliable, move-able thing that is capable of lengthening and shortening as needed. It is short. That s it.

Tight Calves So What?

Think of the joint appendage these short, stiff, calf muscles are connected to the foot and ankle ( knee, but we re focusing on the lowest of appendages today). They are two parts of the body that must have mobility to function correctly.

Here s an example to showcase this: look at your hand wrist. Pretend like you re drumming your fingers on the table. Now make a fist using your wrist joint, make circles with your fists. See all that movement? That s similar to how much your ankles feet are meant to have.

When your calf muscles become so shortened that you lose many degrees of dorsiflexion and plantarflexion (pulling the foot back toward you and pointing the foot away from you), the brain goes elsewhere to get the movement your calves feet should be doing. In many cases, that somewhere is the muscles on the front of the shin, using the anterior tib extensors to pull the foot up, HARD.

What normally is a fairly easy relationship between the calf muscles lengthening as the shin muscles flex to pull the foot up becomes like a resistant toddler who does NOT want to leave the beach. That toddler s resistance is this client s shortened calf muscle.

The shin muscles must fire hard to try to get that foot up in time before the leg comes all the way through the swing phase of the gait.

What develops is a nasty little compensatory pattern where the shin muscles are being asked to do significantly more work than they were normally asked to do in a simple task like walking or running. Welcome to some kind of -itis issue in your shin/top of foot.

That s Fun But This Is More Fun

And as fun as all that sounds, an even more popular place for the brain to go for function when it isn t getting it from the calves, is the plantar fascia. As I discussed in this post. the plantar fascia acts as a tie rod, undergoing tension when you load the body. But just because it bears tension when you load your body does not mean it should bear ALL the load.

When the calves are excessively shortened, the body shifts its weight distribution forward over the mid-foot instead of over the heel as it was designed. Katy Bowman made a fantastic picture showcasing this shift:

When this goes on for long enough, the plantar fascia will harden and eventually calcify, meaning bye-bye suppleness and hello rigid piece of tissue that is now being loaded with no real way to displace that load through the rest of the foot.
(Sidenote: this can also be a culprit behind stress fractures on the 2nd or 3rd ball joint and navicular bone of the foot. Improper loading of the foot and its tissues [plantar fascia, et al], puts a LOT more load on the bones in the front of the foot, and most endurance athletes are putting some seriously large volume on their legs over the span of a year, let alone a lifetime.)

Now, I don t ask my clients to match my range of motion, and I don t have a set target that we re aiming at. Better than right now. That s what I ask of my folks, and what I d ask of you. Besides, there is not one exclusive ideal level of mobility. Nor is there an ideal level of strength, nor an ideal amount of chocolate. Because it depends on the situation YO*. *There is however, an ideal amount of coffee, and it is always more.

Fix It.

There are signals from your body that you may be on a path toward increased injury risk if you don t change something. Having the kind of active flexibility my client has in the photo puts her at an increased risk of foot, ankle, calf, and shin issues not to mention some increased potential for hip issues down the line (more on that topic another day) if she doesn t improve it.

If your ankle dorsiflexion is stinky-poo, get to work on it:

Start stretching your calves every day. Many times per day. 60sec of deep stretching (not the I feel it a bit, I m just gonna hang here kind of stretching go for deep, uncomfortable-but not painful!-stretching). The foot up against a wall stretch is an easy one.

Get out of your positive-heeled shoes. Including your running shoes. But do NOT go cold turkey down to zero-drop shoes! I took 6 months to train my feet to go from typical positive-heeled shoes down to barefoot-shoes. Please let me help you if you want to make this transition but don t want to hurt yourself doing it! Drop me a line on my Contact Page and we can discuss how to make the transition safely and intelligently.

Walk around barefoot every single day. You were born capable of doing this. You should not die incapable of it. Start easy, on soft surfaces for a few minutes per day if it hurts. Work up to walking on a variety of surfaces barefoot. Grass. Rocks. Concrete. All of it.

Suck it up and start rolling your foot on a golf ball. Your plantar fascia and supporting players under your foot will thank you.

Check out this video that I made for online strength coaching clients showing the calf stretch I learned from Katy Bowman then get to doing what I show here:


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Medical Assistant Job Description #medical #assistant #job #description,medical #assistant,medical #assisting,what #does #a #medical #assistant


Medical Assistant Job Description

The medical assistant job description is varied and broad. Medical assistants perform many job duties to keep the offices of doctors, medical centers, and clinics running smoothly. Depending on their employer’s needs, they may perform clerical, administrative, or clinical job duties, or all three. The job description of a medical assistant also varies by office type, location, and the size of the practice.

What Does a Medical Assistant Do?

Medical assistant duties can fall under three basic categories:

  • Clinical Medical Assistant Duties
  • Administrative Medical Assistant Duties
  • Clerical Medical Assistant Duties

In small practices, a medical assistant s job description usually involves a mixture of administrative medical assisting and clinical medical assisting tasks. In these practices there are generally fewer MAs working, so their job duties are more broad. In large practices, where there may be more medical assistants working, they tend to specialize in a particular area. For example, there may be medical assistants performing only clinical duties, other medical assistants doing administrative duties, and yet others with only clerical responsibilities.

Clinical Medical Assistants

The role of a clinical medical assistant is what most people imagine when they think of what medical assistants do. Clinical medical assistant duties depend upon the laws of their specific states, but their role is more medical than those of clerical and administrative medical assistants.

The responsibilities of a clinical medical assistant may include:

  • Preparing Patients for Examinations
  • Taking Medical Histories
  • Assisting the Physician During Examinations
  • Explaining Medical Procedures to Patients
  • Calling in Prescriptions to Pharmacies
  • Collect Laboratory Specimens
  • Sterilize Medical Instruments

In some cases a clinical medical assistant s job description may include drawing blood (phlebotomy), removing sutures, and taking electrocardiograms. However, these medical assistant job duties are not typical for all states, and are restricted in some.

Administrative Medical Assistants

Administrative medical assistant job duties are focused on administrative tasks that are more medical in nature. Their role is to support the clinical side of a medical office, without being directly involved in medical procedures.

Administrative medical assistant job duties may include:

  • Submitting Medical Claim Forms
  • Maintaining Patient Medical Records
  • Updating Patient Files
  • Scheduling Medical Tests
  • Arranging for Hospital Admissions
  • Patient Billing and Bookkeeping

Administrative medical assistants often assume all of the general clerical duties within the office, unless the office also employs a clerical medical assistant.

Clerical Medical Assistants

Clerical medical assistants perform work that is central to the smooth running of the medical office, but are not related to medical practices. These medical assistants perform job duties in support of the operations of the clinical staff, and the business end of the medical office.

The clerical medical assistant job description can include:

  • Answering Phones
  • Scheduling Appointments
  • Greeting Patients
  • Sorting Mail
  • Typing Doctor’s Letters and Memos
  • Other Duties

Their tasks are similar to the roles of clerical personnel in many other office settings.

Specialized Medical Assistants

Many medical assistants specialize in a particular area of medicine. These MAs may have the basic job description of a medical assistant, but they also have extra duties that reflect their areas of expertise.

For example, optometric medical assistants work closely with optometrists in testing patients’ eyes, instructing patients on the proper use of contact lenses, and providing basic assistance during eye exams. Podiatric medical assistants may make castings of feet and assist the podiatrist during surgery. Medical lab assistants perform lab-related job duties involving testing and documenting specimens.

Medical Assistant Job Opportunities

The Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that job opportunities for medical assistants will be plentiful for many years to come. In 2010, there were 527,600 employed medical assistants. About 62 percent worked in physician’s offices. Only 12 percent worked in hospitals.

Medical assistants may also, with additional training. take on other responsibilities and advance to other health-related occupations.

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Experian: Meaning of – Key Derogatory? (and more) – Credit Repair Forum from Creditnet


Thread: Experian: Meaning of Key Derogatory . (and more)

Experian: Meaning of Key Derogatory . (and more)

According to Experian, the meaning is:

**Key Derogatory = Claim, Term Default, Government Claim, Paid by Dealer, Bankruptcy Chapter 7, 11 or 12 Petitioned, or Discharged and Bankruptcy Chapter 7, 11, or 12 Reaffirmation of Debt Rescinded.

Question 1: Does this mean its a negative line on your credit report, but has no weight on your credit score?

The reason I don’t see it carries any weight is of the 30 tradelines on my report about 8 carry this KD rating the last many months, but when I check Experien’s Plus Score and Risk Level assessment, the SCORE FACTORS THAT ARE NEGATIVELY AFFECTING YOUR SCORE show mine not listing anything about too many KDs or charged off accounts.

Question 2: If an account is KD, it shows under comments Transferred to another lender or claim purchased . Do these typically disappear when requested to validate?

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Here is the major problem with Experian’s KD rating (I am going through this myself). The whole reason I short saled – and actually came out of pocket 3K to do so – was so that I could buy in as little as two years. Since I now have a KD on my record which is considered a foreclosure, I am not allowed to buy property for five years (according to FannieFreddie lending guidelines). I know many of you out there will say I got what I deserved (you’re probably right) but that is a separate issue. Point is I went through the months of hassle, inconvenience, and out of pocket cash to short sale instead of foreclosure when there was no benefit to do so.

No honey, do not apologize for anything. That BANK defrauded you. And NO, you DID not deserve that. Banks practice in fraud. Every single loan out there today is fraud if it came from a bank. Banks lend you NOTHING. YOU are actually the creditor, and that bank is the debtor. When you signed that promissory note you handed them essentially cash, they handed you a check back. was that a loan? NO, it was an EXCHANGE .
This is what they do every single time they issue a purported loan .
There are 3 key questions to ask the bank, do it in writing and send it certified mail. KEEP COPIES and a FILE on everything you send as well as any return items you receive. DATE the return items as to when you received it in the mail.
Here is what they would have to produce in order testability that a loan was made that you may have a debt:

1. Produce documentation of prior title, ownership and rights to the money they purportedly loaned you;

2. produce documentation of the history and origin of funds that they purportedly had prior title, ownership and rights to that they purportedly loaned you (banking requires 3 generations at least if not all the way back to issuance/creation of the alleged funds�?�this is why banks issue a letter of origin/history of funds);

3. produce documentation of the actual transaction and transfer of said funds (prior title, ownership, and rights) from loaner to borrower (invoicing/receipts) there is a difference between a �??loan�?� and �??debt�?�, conceptually and factually

They will not be able to provide you with these items because they DO NOT EXIST. LOANS ARE FRAUD!

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