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We professionally prepare probate legal documents and help you understand the mandated court process.
Don’t want, or can’t afford an attorney. you may not need one!
Call us today with your questions — you will be glad you did!
(602) 523-0100

A commonly asked question is: Do I need an attorney for Arizona probate?

The simple answer is no – anyone can file their own documents with the probate court. The right answer is one that only you can answer. Many probate cases are standard and only require an understanding of the court document requirements and the timing of the process. Some probate cases are more complex and you should be represented by legal counsel.

At Arizona Probate Services, we will discuss your situation with you. If we are uncomfortable about preparing the documents for your particular situation, we will recommend you seek legal counsel. We will always be honest and upfront with you. Integrity and a commitment to quality is the foundation of our business.

Then documents are filed with the court when it is appropriate, you administer the estate, and close probate when it is time! With our help, it’s that simple!

Thank you for supporting Arizona Business!

All fees on this website are subject to change without notice.

Arizona Probate Services is an Arizona certified legal document preparer, certified by the Arizona Supreme Court. The purpose of a Certified Legal Document Preparer is to provide professionally prepared legal documents and procedural assistance at an affordablecost. A Legal Document Preparer cannot represent you in court. A legal document preparer is not a lawyer, is not employed by a lawyer, and cannot give legal advice, and communications with a legal document preparer are not privileged (meaning we are subject to subpoena).

This website is intended to provide general information about Arizona legal issues and process. However, legal information is not the same as legal advice, which is the application of the law to a specific situation. The information provided on this website is not intended or meant to provide a comprehensive picture of any particular situation.

Content copyright 2010-2011. Arizona Legal EASE, Inc. All rights reserved.

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Document placement: File Shares or SharePoint? #document #management #systems #sharepoint


Document placement: File Shares or SharePoint?


Documents are usually stored on file servers and the latest years have introduced several improvements for storing and accessing files. Microsoft SharePoint is one of the new ways to collaborate and the document management is appealing to many organizations. But is this a total replacement for file servers? This article is about choosing the right location for your files and how SharePoint can help you secure certain information.

Overview of Windows file services

Figure 1: User accessing a file share via an application or Windows Explorer through a network drive

We all use files that are shared on the network. They are used for sharing documents and files in a central location. Security is set on file shares, folders and files and the end user has been taught how to use network drive letters for finding, opening and saving documents. This is working quite well and a lot of systems are programmed to support this typical way of storing data.

Administrators have many options to set on file shares to make them available to users and control access to these and of course making sure that the data is backed up on a regular basis. Here are some examples of Windows file services features:

  • Availability is made by file server clusters and Distributed File Systems (DFS/DFSR) with replication
  • Quota management is used to set a limit on how much space the users may use
  • Shadow copies can be activated to make older versions of files available to users
  • Access Control Lists (ACL) determines the access to file shares, folders and individual files
  • Offlineuse of files is done by automatic replication
  • Encryption is made by configuring IPSEC on the server and client

  • The files sharing system has some disadvantages though. The administrators and end users must learn how to work with the files and make sure that the files have the correct access permissions. Linking documents together, adding customized attributes and specifying the way the documents are presented for a subset of users is not easy. Searching through all file shares for documents containing specific words or created by a specific user can also be quite a slow process.

    Storing documents in SharePoint

    Figure 2:
    User accessing a document library via an application or an Internet Explorer through a website

    With SharePoint Microsoft introduced yet another place for storing files on your network and make these visible to users through a web interface. SharePoint is a great product for collaboration and companies around the world are implementing this as a part of their network and server infrastructure.

    Exactly collaboration is where SharePoint provides additional features compared to the typical Windows file share. We have the possibility to add attributes, called columns, which are unique or linked to another source and make this changeable through either the web interface or the Office 2007 client application. We can sort, filter or link these attributes together and provide a more rich experience for the users of the documents. Other features that I want to mention are listed here:

    • Workflows. such as approval procedure, help automating simple or complex tasks with or without user interference
    • Versioning adds the ability to see older versions of documents and controls which users can see the latest published version and who can edit the draft for the next published version of the file or document
    • Item visibility Users do not have the ability to see information that they do not have permission to see. This is one of my favorite features of SharePoint, the security that comes out of the box. That also includes files stored in SharePoint and even the search capabilities take advantage of this security filter. Offline use of data is made through the Microsoft Outlook application
    • Access Control Lists (ACL) determines the access to the area or item (file). This is controlled by the administrator or a team site owner through the web interface
    • Encryption is made by enabling SSL on the SharePoint websites
    • Extranet features that can benefit from policies that e. g. makes content read only if accessed from another zone such as the internet
    • Recycle bin (two-stage) for document libraries, lists and items
    • Lifecycle management that can be activated for archiving old content
    • Rights Management Services (RMS) support for advanced control of Microsoft Office documents

    The possibilities are endless and with all these features SharePoint supports the collaboration with more than a standard way of working with individual files and documents.

    SharePoint uses a Microsoft SQL Server to store all data in and this applies to the document libraries as well. Therefore it is very important that your Microsoft SQL Server is fast and has enough space for the data. Another thing to consider regarding this is that if you require high availability you must make the SharePoint servers and your SQL server redundant. Also remember that you need to license your users for the SharePoint and SQL servers.

    Choosing the place for storing files

    Some might ask themselves if they should move all their existing file shares to SharePoint to take advantage of the features. When I get that question my answer is: it depends on which kind of data you have and how you want to use or present it .

    Taking all the above information in consideration, I would recommend data to be placed like below when it has some or more of the properties mentioned.

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    CRM 2011 and Sharepoint 2010: Configuration and Folder Structure #crm #document #management


    CRM 2011 and Sharepoint 2010: Configuration and Folder Structure

    We ve run across an interesting issue we have a client who, like most clients will be utilizing the SharePoint functionality and in testing have noticed that if they have Account names that are duplicates (i.e. Papa Gino s) but the actual Account isn t duplicated (i.e. each Account name is simply a different store or location.) What we d like to do is choose the CRM field that is used by CRM to establish the directory name but this appears to be un-configurable. Any thoughts? Our workaround at this point is to create a new Account Name field and simply hide the out-of-the-box Account name field and populate it with the value that we d like to use to create the SharePoint directory. This obviously has it s issues with the subsequent Lookup fields on related entities so we need to be creatie about how we re setting the standard Account Name field s text.

    Hi Craig Great point. With the out of the box sharepoint integration this is always the case. The account name is used for the folder name. Unfortunately this is not configurable. The workaround is to not use the out of the box sharepoint integration and use a plugin. In CRM 4 all of our sharepoint integrations were done via a plugin so then the folder structure is completely chosen by us and with flexibility to design anything when it comes to duplicates.

    This is an exciting feature. It is almost a game changer in CRM document management when the same document can be accessed via a desktop folder on your PC (mounted as a network drive) and as an document attached to an Opportunity within the CRM.

    Too bad the CRM Online to SharePoint Online integration works sporadically at best. One day you get it to work, the next day it stops working

    Hi Pekka what issues are you seeing when using this integration? We have a few clients using crm online to sharepoint online and have not seen any issues.

    Alex, Just yesterday I had the CRM document management working as it s supposed to both form IE9 and using Outlook 2010. Today I get an error within the Opportunity Documents subgrid saying (translated by me from Finnish): This content is not allowed to be shown in a frame .

    When trying to validate the Sharepoint site under Document Management Settings the validation fails (today).

    I was also able to use the Sharepoint site as a folder in my Win7 file system yesterday. Today, not any more.

    I have a client who was using custom build document management application in crm 4.0. This application used to automatically create a folder structure for all newly created accounts using a template every time user click on the document folder in 4.0. I have upgraded them to 2011 now with the default 2011 document manager but I can t seem to figure out how to setup the new system where it can use a template to create folder structure automatically. The reason my client used the template was to create a uniform folder structure across the entire CRM document library.

    I have done out of box SharePoint integration with CRM 2011. I got a requirement from client that they require secure document management system. When a user open an Account record and click on Documents tab and click on Open SharePoint button will pop up entire Share Point site where user can move to other folders(like contact,lead,etc.) or he can see other unshared Account record s documents. Because I had given user permission on SharePoint site collection. So he is able to move any folder in that site collection. Please help me to restrict the access to other entity folder and even other unshared record document in SharePoint. Can you please give some idea how you are restricting access to other folders and security in SharePoint integration. I know it may require some custom coding. Please share your thoughts and if you have any code as well.

    Thanks in Advance.

    HI Sam,
    did you get answers for this. please let me know.i m looking for the best way that I could prevent crm users access to sharepoint entire site.

    Is possible include document location url querystring parameter, for
    example http://mySpsite/myDocumentsLibrary?AccountNo=S-00451 and in CRM
    List Component for Sharepoint make a filter documents per account. I
    made this solutions and in Sharepoint work fine (I have SP list in this
    list field AccountNo and I create view with querystring as parametar),
    problem is in CRM List filter in url exists but in CRM List filter not

    Thanks in advance

    Hi Joe,
    I was hoping you might have some insight
    Not sure if it was simply the old version of this CRM component list or if it was the implementation At one time in CRM it would show SharePoint as if you were almost on the sharepoint site. We had the ability to edit documents and even utilize the column filtering, however started getting an error when CRM was to create a new Account folder in SharePoint, so needless to say we have since updated to the latest available version, but now it s seems to just be a listing shell Sure I see the primary items like edit properties under actions but appears that they removed the ability to column filter which I would suspect is a big thing for those using content types as you need column filtering to narrow things down and the search function doesn t stay within the account it actually searches the entire sharepoint library Is there a way to further customize this solution in regards to the way it interacts with SharePoint?
    Thank you!

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    Writing an Effective Business Document #denver #business #journal

    #business documents


    Writing an Effective Business Document

    Professional Writer and Editor

    Though the format for writing has changed, people are doing as much writing (if not more) than they ever have. Writing effectively allows you to express your ideas clearly and coherently, and it is an essential part of corresponding with others in the workforce.

    Most Jobs Require Writing e-mails, letters, memos, reports, analyses, project summaries, product descriptions, and the list goes on. The ability to write well is essential in obtaining a job (think r sum s and cover letters), in performing the job, and in being promoted. Those who do not write well and who make obvious grammar, spelling, and punctuation errors are at a disadvantage in the corporate world. To preserve your professional image, make sure that your writing is as effective as possible by following these guidelines:

    Know the Purpose and Scope of Your Document
    Before you begin writing, know the purpose for which you are writing and what you want your document to accomplish. As you write, keep your primary objective in mind (you could even type it at the top of your document and refer to it throughout the writing process, if needed; you can delete it when you are finished with the initial draft), and never stray from it. However, if in the course of your writing you discover that your focus has changed, that s okay. Simply make sure to revise your writing as needed to reflect your new purpose in order to maintain a clear, coherent document.

    Tell readers early on how they will benefit from reading your document what they will be able to accomplish, what information they will be able to gain, what product or service they will be able to purchase that will make their lives better or easier, or in what other way they will be able to benefit from reading your document..

    Identify (and Write to) Your Audience
    Knowing to whom you are writing will help you determine the tone and content of your document. If you re not exactly sure who your audience is, ask yourself who you are writing the document for or who is most likely to benefit from what you are writing. If you are writing with the intent of selling a product or service to someone or promoting a cause, you may want to ask yourself: What age are my intended readers? What s their background? Where do they live? What stage of life are they in? What are their interests? What is important to them? These and similar questions will help you to target and write to your audience.

    As you write, do be careful of technical and other jargon, acronyms, and abbreviations. Unless you are writing for a very specialized field, it is best to avoid jargon and to spell out acronyms and abbreviations on their first use. No matter your audience, you generally don t need to be overly stuffy or formal; a normal, conversational tone will usually do the job.

    Understand the Needs of Your Reader
    Once you have identified your audience, try to anticipate the information that your reader will want or need, and identify and include that information in your document as you write. Also try to address any potential arguments or concerns readers might have, and address those, as well.

    Organize Your Document
    Follow the standard format for the type of document you are writing, whether it be a memo, letter, e-mail, r sum , report, advertisement, project summary, or other communication.

    For longer documents, start with an outline, and work from there. The beauty of word processors is that you can easily restructure your ideas later if necessary. Creating an outline helps you determine early on if you are including all of the information that you need to. To help you be as complete as you need to be, ask yourself who, what, where, when, why, and how. Who am I writing to? What is my purpose? And so on. Though you will not always need to answer all of these questions in your documents, you will probably want to include information to answer most of them most of the time.

    In your introduction, tell the reader the purpose of your document and what you want him or her to do. In subsequent paragraphs, group related information together, and generally include only one key point in each paragraph or section. When listing information in paragraph format, use first, second, third, and so forth, or use a bulleted list, in order to help your reader easily follow the organization of your document.

    For longer works, also use headings and subheadings to indicate the sections of your document. Such visible structure allows readers to find the information that they need quickly and easily.

    In your conclusion, restate the main purpose of your document, and tell the reader what you want her or him to do with the information you are providing, whether that be to buy a product or service, change or adopt a company policy, give you a promotion, etcetera.

    Identify the Benefits to the Reader
    Especially for advertising, sales copy, and other documents meant to persuade, identify and emphasize the benefits of a product, service, or policy, for example, rather than just its features.

    Our newest line of express buses has built-in Wi-Fi, AC power outlets, and individual reading lights.

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    Softage – Document Management Solutions #document #archiving #solutions

    Deloitte Technology Fast 50 India

    SoftAge continues to outshine its competitors in the industry, as can be seen by the number of accolades bestowed upon us by numerous prestigious organizations dominating the Indian market. These awards are testament to our world class services and the work ethic of our staff whose tenacious efforts make that possible.

    Deloitte Asia Pacific Technology Fast 500 Awards 2014

    Deloitte Technology Fast 300 Asia Pacific 2012

    Zee Business Worldwide Achievers Awards


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    Translation Services #translations,certified #translation,document #translation,website #translation



    TransPerfect was founded on a simple business premise: that unmatched quality and attentive client service could be competitive differentiators in the language services industry. Today, as the world’s largest privately held provider of translation services, TransPerfect utilizes a rigorously tested network of industry-expert linguists and full-time quality managers to ensure that the work we deliver is second to none. TransPerfect offers multiple levels of service based on client needs, ranging from draft / summary translation up to certified translation, featuring our multi-step translation and review process to ensure the highest level of accuracy and meet the evolving needs of global businesses.

    5000+ Native Speaking Linguists

    Linguist Certification Program

    ISO 9001 and ISO 17100 Certified

    Translation Process

    Certified Quality Assurance

    Throughout the company’s history, TransPerfect has shown an unmatched commitment to quality. As the first major language services provider to be certified to the ISO 9001 and ISO 17100 standards, TransPerfect is the undisputed industry pioneer in quality assurance. Our Medical Device Solutions division holds specialty certifications to ISO 13485 and ISO 14971.

    ( Click to download certificate )

    TransPerfect Linguist Certification Program

    While various professional groups and organizations have historically provided credentials for professional linguists, none of these addressed critical elements of linguist performance like subject-matter expertise and overall competency — so TransPerfect introduced the TransPerfect Linguist Certification (TLC) program. The TLC program was the first comprehensive system to assess linguist skill in the areas that matter most to clients.

    Document Translation

    While TransPerfect today is a diversified business solutions organization, our birth in 1992 was as a pure-play document translation service. Ever since, we’ve been the industry pioneer driving the level of quality and service increasingly higher. TransPerfect was the first major language services organization certified to both ISO 9001 and ISO 17100 as well as the first to offer a subject-specific certification program to assess both linguistic competency and industry knowledge.

    No other language services provider can offer the capabilities that TransPerfect does to meet your multilingual challenges:

    • Rush Turnaround Times
    • High-Volume Requests
    • Highly Technical Materials
    • Certified Documents

    Patent Translation

    In an increasingly competitive global marketplace, expeditious translation and validation of patents can mean a difference amounting in millions of dollars in revenue. Regularly working with many of the world’s top law firms, as well as the majority of Fortune 500 legal departments, TransPerfect is recognized for our unsurpassed patent translation turnaround times and unparalleled expertise. With over 45,000 patent documents translated, TransPerfect has the knowledge and understanding that only an experienced firm can offer.

    Patent translation requires more than just familiarity with a particular language. The TransPerfect Linguist Certification (TLC) Program was designed to ensure that each project is handled by a professional linguist with expertise in the given discipline. TransPerfect provides you with access to thousands of language and subject-area specialists, including linguists with advanced degrees in fields such as:

    • Biology
    • Chemistry
    • Engineering
    • Physics
    • Computer Sciences

    Machine Translation

    For companies that face extremely high volumes of text, extremely fast turnaround requirements, or both, machine translation can potentially serve as a viable option. On its own, current machine translation technology can’t produce the same level of quality as a human translator. However, depending on time constraints, cost requirements, and end-use, the machine translation process can be customized with the ideal combination of terminology glossaries, translation memory technology. optical character recognition (OCR), and post-translation proofreading by human linguists.

    Please contact us to learn more about our machine translation and to talk with our client service team to determine if machine translation is a potential solution for your needs.

    To learn more about TransPerfect’s approach to machine translation, we invite you to download our
    Machine Translation White Paper .

    CAT Tools

    TransPerfect utilizes leading computer-assisted translation (CAT) tools to facilitate reuse of previously translated content stored in translation memory (TM). TM helps organizations cut costs and timelines while improving overall translation consistency, and the benefits in these areas grow over time as TM assets grow and are augmented by tools including GlobalLink TM Server and GlobalLink Term Manager, which centralize TM assets and manage terminology glossaries, respectively.

    Translation Management Technology

    TransPerfect’s GlobalLink translation management technology is a suite of modular applications designed specifically to alleviate manual project management burdens associated with the translation process. By streamlining workflows, giving stakeholders direct access to project status reports, managing review processes, and maintaining audit trails, GlobalLink simplifies the entire translation process, from submission to release. The end result is improved translation quality, expedited timelines, decreased workloads, and significant cost savings, which could potentially total in the millions of dollars.

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    Business Document Delivery #canadian #business

    #business documents


    Reduce your costs and advance your processes

    The aim is to provide a continuous digital communication from the sender to the IT-system of the receiver. sendhybrid supports more than 60 formats and 250 ERP systems!

    The Solution

    The purpose of this sendhybrid solution is to create the conditions for professional delivery of business documents in your company. These can be digital as well as conventional documents.

    Daily life shows that national and international standards do not fit the needs of companies regarding e-documents.

    Our flexible solution for „sendhybrid Business2Business document delivery “ allows you a professional, time- and cost- saving as well as advanced access to the hybrid delivery of business documents.

    The sendhybrid team supports you analytically, conceptually, and through targeted implementation measures with the smart for 2! Marketing .

    Competitive advantages through the use of the sendhybrid e-invoice solution for the delivery of invoices:

    1. A solution for the delivery of all invoices
    2. All delivery channels: direct integration in ERP systems, sendhybrid portal and printing service
    3. Customer activation service (Smart for 2! Marketing)
    4. VAT compliant archiving solution
    5. Reliable service with currently more than 50 million transactions and 420 billion dollars spent over the network


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    Document Management System (DMS) Software #document #management #system, #dms, #krystal #dms, #document #management #india,


    Support Policy

    KRYSTAL DMS Technical support policy outlines the product support and maintenance guidelines with the objective to standardize norms, thereby enabling our customers to make more informed purchase, support and upgrade decision.

    KRYSTAL DMS – Technical Support Policy

    KRYSTAL DMS Software Maintenance / Technical Support Subscription provides software support and updates to help you keep pace with ever-growing demand of managing your business documents.

    KRYSTAL DMS Software Maintenance / Technical Support assures you of:

    • Unlimited Support Instances
    • Regular Updates (New features, fixes, minor and even major version updates!)

    Customers who are under a valid Support Maintenance (Technical Support) Subscription are entitled to the benefits associated with this policy.

    Annual Maintenance Subscription (Technical Support) is 20% of the current value of your product configuration. The Software Maintenance (Technical Support) Subscription gives you access to our ticket based email support and all updates, fixes and major updates plus the convenience of call back phone support for instant issue resolutions for the duration of the subscription. Active Software Maintenance is one of the most cost-effective ways to protect your software investment.

    Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

    What support options are available?

    First Year of software maintenance is required and is already added to the initial purchase of ON PREMISE deployment. Software maintenance can be optionally renewed annually thereafter.

    Annual Software Maintenance Subscription:

    The Software Maintenance Subscription gives you access to our ticket based email support and all updates, fixes and major upgrades plus the convenience of call back phone support for instant issue resolutions for the duration of the subscription. Annual Maintenance Subscription is 20% of the current value of your product configuration.

    The Software Maintenance Subscription gives you access to our ticket based email support. The ticked based email support is available from the Support Center. To open up a new support issue just login to your Support Center and submit a new support ticket. We are extremely responsive and you can generally expect a reply from us within a few hours during normal business hours.

    What happens if the Maintenance Subscription is not renewed before its expiry?

    KRYSTAL DMS (ON PREMISE) licenses are perpetual and never expire. However, it is always a good idea to keep your software maintenance current. Keeping the maintenance current not only assures you of support and updates (even major upgrades) but it is also the most cost effective way to keep your software current even if you plan to upgrade once in 5 years and do not need any support from us. We send out several maintenance subscription reminders as early as 90 days before the expiry date to the registered email address with us. If, however, for any reason you missed renewing your subscription this policy will apply to resume your annual software maintenance subscriptions. You can renew or resume your subscriptions at any time by contacting our sales team.

    Duration after expiry

    See KRYSTAL DMS in Action!

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    Enterprise Content Management (ECM): Electronic Document & Records Management #enterprise #content #management, #ecm, #edrms,


    Content Manager

    Content Manager

    Content Manager

    HPE Content Manager, formerly Records Manager, is a governance-based enterprise content management system designed to help government agencies, regulated industries and global organizations manage their business content from creation to disposal. Regardless of how you create and collaborate on your content, Content Manager gives you the ability to leverage accurate, contextual, and complete information throughout its lifecycle. Managing your content in this way helps you significantly improve services to your customers, business decisions and insight for future strategy.

    Content Manager Key Capabilities


    Improve the efficiency of staff systems. Automatic classification, folder creation, policy application and advanced disposal processing reduces errors and manual tasks.

    Collaboration and Cloud

    Integration with Microsoft Office 365, OneDrive and SharePoint enables the passive and compliant management of critical content and records without negatively impacting the collaborative or cloud experience.


    Extensive security and access controls improve privacy for managed content while simplifying the defensible disposal (according to policy) of content that has expired or has no residual value.

    Retention Management

    Pre-packaged policy for Government, Life Sciences and Financial Services across multiple jurisdictions lowers the cost and complexity of retention management. Further, the automatic application of policy multi-jurisdictional retention management simplifies compliance with regulatory mandates such as privacy, freedom of information, FRCP or DoD5015.2.

    Zero Footprint

    Functionally rich, zero footprint web client reduces IT resources and cost to implement, while improving authorized real-time access to business content, contacts and workflows in the field across a range of devices.

    Geographical Data

    Geo-location functionality and search integration with Google Maps simplifies asset management by aligning content, contacts, geographical data and policy in one application.

    Rich Interface for Records Coordinators

    A customizable full desktop interface for complete access to functions from Inquiry up to Administrative Roles.

    System and Record Audit Log

    Users with applicable permissions can view and report on a full range of audited objects in the dataset. From system configuration to individual document updates, audit events can be viewed online or offline.

    Web Client Document Viewer

    The zero footprint web client has in-browser document viewer that allows users to quickly preview documents.

    Web Client Advanced Search Builder

    The web client has a full range of search capabilities. Quick search fields for simple queries and an advanced search builder for complex queries.

    Web Client User Actions

    A web interface to view and complete actions enables users to make task management simple.

    A customizable full desktop interface for complete access to functions from Inquiry up to Administrative Roles.

    Rich Interface for Records Coordinators System and Record Audit Log Web Client Document Viewer Web Client Advanced Search Builder Web Client User Actions

    Reduce Risk and Protect Privacy Across Enterprise Systems

    The HPE Secure Content Management suite allows you to get control, enhance compliance, improve productivity and lower cost for structured and unstructured content in both active and inactive systems. Learn more in this brochure.

    A Buyer’s Guide for Electronic Records and Content Management

    The purpose of this ECM buyer’s guide is to provide organizations with a concise overview of how to select an enterprise content management (ECM) system that will also enable industry best-practices information governance, as well as how to scope a project and plan it based on your business needs and objectives.

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    EnTrust Records Management #business #records #management, #off-site #file #storage #services, #document #management #solutions, #records


    Records Management, Document Shredding More

    EnTrust Records Management gives you the confidence you need for:

    • Off-site Document Storage Retrieval
    • Document Security
    • Secure Document Destruction
    • Data Protection Recovery
    • Intellectual Property Management

    Your company’s records and data are some of your most valuable assets. You our clients are our most important assets. At EnTrust Records Management, we work with our clients to develop a business records retention and document storage plan:

    • Which documents do you need to keep in-house, and which need to go into off-site records storage?
    • Which records do you not need on a routine basis, but only need access to them for compliance reporting and documentation?
    • Which records should be scheduled for regular secure document destruction or shredding?
    • What are the best ways to ensure you have adequate Data Backup?
    • What are the best ways to protect your Intellectual Property?

    At EnTrust, we’ve been developing effective records management solutions and data security plans for more than 15 years. Founded in April 1994 (as Richmond Commercial Services, Inc.), we have grown to service customers in central Virginia and throughout the State of Virginia.

    But at EnTrust Records Management we know that we must constantly prove ourselves. Every time our phone rings, we have the opportunity to prove our responsiveness and reliability to you. Give us a call today to discover the Entrust experience!

    Confidence in a Box

    Copyright Entrust Records Management 2015. All Rights Reserved

    EnTrust Richmond, VA Office
    1600 Rhoadmiller Street
    Richmond, VA 23220
    Phone: 804-358-8077 Fax: 804-358-0761 EnTrust Newport News, VA Office
    807 Blue Crab Road
    Newport News, VA 23606
    Phone: 757-873-0378 Fax: 757-873-3393 Follow Us


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