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5 Things to Do Before Saying I Do to a Business Partner #discount #business

#business partner


5 Things to Do Before Saying ‘I Do’ to a Business Partner

CEO Founder, Deborah Mitchell Media Associates

September 24, 2014

As an entrepreneur, you may at some point consider getting a business partner or co-founder. Maybe you miss working with a larger team that complements your skills, or perhaps you are trying to broaden your market or expand your clientele. Whatever your motive, you should know that business partnerships always start with excitement, but have the potential to end tumultuously. When forming a business partnership — just like a marriage — there are certain key steps to take at the beginning that will help in the transition if your professional relationship should end.

1. Perform due diligence. Yes, everyone is fun over cocktails, but when the time comes to sign contracts and do business, you d better be sober and confident you re shaking the right hand. Asking for referrals about a potential partner goes beyond contacting common friends and asking their opinions. Call former partners and business associates, inquire with clients, read comments on their social media pages and look them up on Google. (Keep reading way past page one of the search results.)

By the time you re done, you should be able to name anyone who dislikes them — from their first high-school enemy to their latest unhappy client. Only then will you be able to either take a calculated risk or a major step back.

2. Make sure you lawyer up. If the legal fees in the beginning of a business relationship don t make you wince, then you re doing something wrong. When you partner with other people, every aspect of the business relationship should be put down in writing — including the goals for the company, duties and responsibilities of the partners and an exit strategy. Every sentence of a contract — no matter how innocuous — should be looked at by a lawyer. Since tax laws can be tricky, have your accounts receivable/payable arrangements scrutinized by an accountant.

3. Ensure you have exit strategy. Ending your business partnership is the last thing you want to think about when you are beginning one. It is similar to thinking about divorce on your wedding day, but you should have a plan. The business exit strategy should include several legal points including the division of the business assets and how the partner s portion of the business will be handled in case of death.

4. Protect yourself. One of the smartest moves you can make is to protect your personal assets in case of a lawsuit. Whether you choose to incorporate or become an LLC, the top benefit will be shielding your savings, home, car and even your favorite pair of Louboutins from any liabilities associated with the business.

5. Protect your brand. Joining forces with a partner takes a lot of energy, and chances are that somewhere down the line you will lose your focus. Working for a common goal within a new team is really exciting but merging forces does not necessarily mean merging identities. Don t lose sight of who you are. If part of the original business plan is to maintain your brand, make sure it doesn t suffer while you re giving all your time and energy to your new endeavor.

When you meet a potential partner, your personalities may click and your goals may be identical but to have a successful relationship, clarity is key. The more precautions you take in the beginning, the happier and more productive you will be later on. And the day you see that the team you ve tried to build has become nothing more that a group of people looking in different directions, then it s time to part ways and move on.

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What Can I Do with My International Business Major? #business #cards

#international business jobs


What Can I Do with My International Business Major?


The International Business major, in the McDonough School of Business, provides excellent preparation for students interested in careers involving the coordination of human and material resources toward the achievement of the international goals of the organization. In addition, international business requires special skills to adapt management methods to the needs of foreign environments.

The concentration is intended to prepare the student for administrative positions in international divisions of American companies; careers in the national or international government agencies concerned with international trade development, the establishment of international businesses; and careers in commercial and investment banking.


The study of international business allows for the development of a core set of skills sought after by employers in a wide range of occupational settings. A sampling of representative skills and abilities follows.

  • Analyze complex and unstructured data
  • Evaluate risks and opportunities
  • Coursework in Finance/Marketing/Management
  • Communicate clearly and persuasively
  • Diplomacy and negotiating
  • Networking
  • Public speaking
  • Awareness of international figures and news
  • Cultural sensitivity
  • Understanding of international politics
  • Understanding of trade regulations
Sample Internship Opportunities
  • Foreign companies operating in the United States (e.g. Chanel, Airbus)
  • Government Agencies (e.g. US Department of Commerce, State, Treasury)
  • Government Relations (e.g. Council on Foreign Relations)
  • International Banks (e.g. World Bank, Export-Import Bank, International Finance Corporation)
  • Multinational corporations (e.g. Viacom, L’Oreal, Hilton, Ogilvy Mather, Saatchi Saatchi, Disney, Goldman Sachs)
  • Nonprofit Organizations (e.g. Human Rights Watch, Amnesty International)

Where are Georgetown International Business Majors Now?

  • Financial Analyst
  • Stock Broker
  • Product Manager
  • Economist
  • Consultant Foreign Exchange Trader
  • Foreign Service Officer
  • Trade Specialist
  • Import/Export Coordinator
  • Lawyer Marketing Manager
  • Public Relations Specialist
  • Advertising Executive
  • Human Resources/Human Capitol Management
Relevant Web Sites and Publications
Professional Organizations

For information about career options, internship and full-time opportunities, contact the Career Education Center at One Leavey Center, (202) 687-3493.

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Workers – Compensation Claims – Settlements #how #do #structured #settlements #work

Using Structured Settlements for Workers’ Compensation Claims

Employees injured in the workplace might be entitled to workers’ compensation payments. These payments will help employees cover all their expenses, including medical treatment and wage replacement, while they are unable to work.

When employees experience injuries or illnesses due to their job, they may be entitled to compensation for medical care and wage replacement through insurance from their employer. This state-regulated insurance program is known as Workers Compensation (WC).

WC insurance provides medical care, indemnity (lost wages), and retraining and rehabilitation necessary to return to work. Family members of workers killed on the job may be eligible for benefits.

Congress Supports Structured Settlements

Structured settlements are often used to resolve workers’ compensation cases where an employee is permanently and totally disabled or disabled to the point that the employee cannot return to meaningful employment.

Congress has encouraged the use of these settlements though federal tax code since 1983. Internal Revenue Code (IRC) section 104 specifies the amount of each payment and the earning on payments are excluded from the settlement recipient s income. The Taxpayer Relief Act of 1997 extended their use to handle physical injuries from the workplace.

These are also used to fund a WC Medicare Set-Aside (MSA), where a culpable party (the employer) is responsible for the cost of the primary medical treatment for a claimant and Medicare is the secondary payer. This can reduce the employer’s cost of settlement. The defendant can directly purchase these from insurance companies and this money can be used for an MSA.

The defendant can also provide money for the plaintiff, who can then purchase an immediate annuity, also known as an income or single premium immediate annuity (SPIA). This won t have the same tax advantages, but will allow the plaintiff more freedom than other contracts.

Do All Workers Compensation Cases Utilize these Settlements?

No. Some plaintiffs will choose other options such as lump-sum cash settlements or trust funds to resolve their cases. If a structured settlement annuity is chosen, a settlement broker will help analyze the plaintiff s needs to determine how the payments will be made.

Around one-third of injured persons choose this option over a cash lump sum, according to the National Structured Settlements Trade Association.

Medicare, Medicaid and Workers’ Compensation Structured Settlements

Those who do select workers’ compensation structured settlement plans and are Medicare beneficiaries should also have the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMMS) review the settlement. A CMMS review will ensure your settlement accounts for Medicare-covered expenses. This is typically achieved by opening a Medicare Set Aside account.

Not only will a CMMS review and MSA make you compliant with Medicare laws, but it also ensures Medicare will cover your expenses if your medical condition changes unexpectedly and you no longer have enough funds in your MSA.

Benefits of Structured Settlements for Workers Compensation

They are helpful for workers compensation cases as they can provide long-term needs for the plaintiff, expedite the court process so the defendant can close the claim, and protect the state from covering costs the employer owes.

By setting up a plan with periodic payments, the plaintiff is able to handle expenses if they are unable to work, costs of maintaining medical treatment, future surgeries and replacement of durable medical equipment. The plan can be structured around the plaintiff s age and life expectancy.

The responsibility of future payments to the plaintiff falls on an independent third party. While the case is open, the details, including how much a claimant will be paid and how often the claimant will receive payments, are set out, then made permanent. The defendant can pay the third party up front, expediting the payment process and closing the case.

Finally, the state benefits because the plaintiff will less likely spend the entirety of an award from a WC claim, and then turn to Medicare or public assistance to cover treatment.

Can I Sell Payments from a Workers Compensation Settlement?

You may be able to sell some or all of the payments for your case. Some survivor benefits are also eligible for sale, as long as there is a period certain or guaranteed number of payments written into the settlement.

The laws regarding selling payments for workers compensation cases are complicated. Also, even if a state allows it, provisions in federal laws may prohibit it, depending on the nature of the settlement.

Determining whether or not you qualify will depend on the stipulations of your settlement, as well as the laws in your states. The federal Structured Settlement Protection Act of 2002 (SSPA) outlines strict rules for selling payments meant to protect the rights of settlement claimants. There are also state-specific laws that prevent selling certain payments.

It’s important you consider all financial implications of choosing to sell your payments, including any future financial needs you may have and how the sale could affect your taxes and eligibility for social security, government medical assistance and other benefits.

For cases where the law does not prohibit settlement claimants from selling their payments. a judge s approval will still be required to proceed with the transfer. The judge must deem that selling payments are in a client s best interest, and the client can afford treatment for medical problems resulting from the WC case. Other factors a judge may consider when hearing your case include living expenses, such as a mortgage, family milestones, such as funding a college education for children, and life expectancy.

The workers’ compensation board in individual states will often object to sales of structured settlements, and judges often rule in their favor.

Interested in Selling Your Structured Settlement?

Get a quick, competitive and easy quote in minutes!

Other Factors for Selling Payments

Factors that will determine the eligibility for your case:

  • Nature of injury
  • Average weekly wage
  • Rate of payment
  • Payment limits
  • Cost of future medical treatment
  • Degree of disability: If you have a disability workers compensation case, you are required to have an additional source of income to be eligible to sell the disability income payments.

Cases often are more eligible under these conditions:

  • Case is fully settled.
  • Payments are made on a monthly basis.
  • Insurance company making payments has an AAA rating.
  • Recipient has another source of income.
  • Claimant is in bankruptcy.

Tax Benefits

These annuities offer tax advantages for plaintiff and defendant. The plaintiff benefits from federal and state income tax exemption for workers’ compensation payments, while the defendant is able to take advantage of full current deductibility of the lump sum and close the claim.

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How to Become a Social Worker #what #degrees #do #you #need #to #become #a


How to Become a Social Worker: Education and Career Roadmap

Should I Become a Social Worker?

People interested in helping others work through difficult life situations may want to consider a career in social work. Social workers provide direct services or clinical counseling to help clients assess and change harmful or unhealthy situations. They work in a variety of settings including nursing homes, hospitals, private practices, schools, and community mental health clinics. Caseloads may be heavy, causing stress and long work hours for many social workers. However, social workers can rest assured knowing their services are having tangible benefits for their clients.

In addition, a Masters in Social Work (MSW) is a very versatile degree which can be used as a stepping stool for other career tracks including public health and policy. Most entry-level positions require a Bachelor of Social Work (BSW). An MSW is necessary for other positions, including that of clinical social worker. All states have associated licensure or certification requirements. The following table describes some of the typical qualifications necessary for this career.

Find schools that offer these popular programs

  • Adult Development and Aging
  • Child Care Management
  • Child Care Services
  • Child Development
  • Community Organization and Advocacy
  • Family and Community Services
  • Family Systems
  • Human Development and Family Studies
  • Social Work
  • Youth Services

$59,100 (Median annual salary for social workers)

Sources: U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, Job postings by employers (August 2012)

Step 1: Earn a Bachelor’s Degree in Social Work

BSW programs prepare graduates for direct-service positions, such as mental health assistant or caseworker. Coursework includes social welfare policy, social work methods, applied research, child welfare, and social work for the aged. All BSW programs contain an internship or supervised fieldwork component, providing students the opportunity to develop practical skills in areas important to the profession, such as understanding group dynamics, interviewing, decision-making, and problem-solving.

Success Tip

  • Develop strong communication skills. Social workers must develop productive and healthy relationships with their clients and co-workers in order to work effectively. While in school, students can take advantage of internships and supervised fieldwork to learn how to interact with a variety of clients.

Step 2: Consider a Master’s Degree

An MSW can be undertaken with any undergraduate degree, though some programs may require certain prerequisite coursework in related areas, such as psychology and sociology, for applicants not holding a BSW. The MSW is required to become a clinical social worker or to work in schools or the healthcare system. These degree programs typically take two years to complete (though some programs offer more flexible 3 and 4-year degree plans) and prepare students for advanced practice in their specialties.

Students in these programs have a variety of concentrations and specialties to choose from, including mental health, families and children, global practice, older adults and families, and behavioral and physical health. Students may expand on professional components of social work, such as clinical assessment, caseload management, and leadership skills. Completion of an internship or supervised practice is required of all MSW students.

Success Tip

  • Gain experience in a high-demand specialty. According to the BLS, social workers in healthcare, mental health, substance abuse, children, families, and schools are expected to have the most favorable opportunities for employment. Working in these areas, even with a BSW, can provide the necessary experience through which to develop a specialty.

Step 3: Become Licensed

According to the BLS, all states have licensure or certification requirements for becoming a social worker. Licenses for non-clinical social workers are usually optional; rules vary for each state and can be found through the Association of Social Work Boards. State licensing requirements for clinical social workers typically involve 3,000 hours or two years of clinical experience along with completion of the MSW.

Step 4: Consider Credentialing

The National Association of Social Workers (NASW) offers voluntary credentialing at three levels for MSW-educated social workers. Each credential has varying eligibility requirements that may include specific hours of continuing professional education, clinical social work experience, and professional evaluations from colleagues.

There are also voluntary specialty certifications for both bachelor’s- and master’s- educated social workers in clinical social work, healthcare social work, gerontology, and several other areas, which may improve employment prospects.

Step 5: Maintain Licensure and Credentials

Social work licensure and certification, including specialty certification, must be maintained by completing continuing education courses. Requirements for the number of hours and the types of courses that can be taken vary for each state. By maintaining these credentials, social workers will continue to create career possibilities for employment and ensure that they remain employable.

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Credit Card Debt Consolidation Loans, Prosper, how do i consolidate my credit cards.#How #do


Credit Card Debt Consolidation Loans

Are you looking for a loan to help you keep more cash in your pocket every month? By consolidating your high interest debts, you may enjoy the relief you need.

Although you can never borrow your way out of debt, you can greatly reduce the amount of interest you pay every month. Depending upon the credit card balances you re currently carrying, this could save you lots of money—hundreds of dollars, perhaps thousands.

Improve your credit. Start down the road to debt relief right now by applying for a loan at Prosper. You’ll enjoy one easy monthly payment, and we offer only unsecured loans so you won t need to take out a second mortgage or home equity loan.

How does Prosper differ from other debt consolidation loans?

Prosper makes the entire process as easy and transparent as possible. We bring people together to help others through our online community.

Simply join the Prosper community and tell your story to our lenders. Explain how you re looking for a low-cost solution to consolidate your debt. Many of our lenders may respond positively to that as they understand the importance of eliminating excess debt and avoiding a bad credit score.

With a Prosper loan, your loan principal goes down as you make your loan payments. So take the first step to eliminate your credit card debts by joining Prosper and creating a listing. Apply now.

Does my credit score affect my loan?

Yes. Most lenders will look at your credit history, and Prosper lenders are no exception. If you are sure you have bad credit, you may want to consider improving it before you apply. If you are not sure of your credit score, we can help you find out now, for free, with no obligation.

Check your rate

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5.99% for best borrowers

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How do i consolidate my credit cards

Choose the right fit for your business

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Introducing Business Loans from How do i consolidate my credit cards

Borrow up to $500,000

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Eligible businesses are older than 1 year with a minimum $100,000 in annual revenue. Get approved in minutes.

Loan Types

*For example a three-year $10,000 loan with a Prosper Rating of AA would have an interest rate of 5.32% and a 1% origination fee for an APR of 5.99% APR. You would receive $9,900 and make 36 scheduled monthly payments of $302. A five-year $10,000 loan with a Prosper Rating of A would have an interest rate of 7.69% and a 5% origination fee for an APR of 9.88% APR. You would receive $9,500 and make 60 scheduled monthly payments of $201.28. Origination fees vary between 1%-5%. Annual percentage rates (APRs) through Prosper range from 5.99% APR (AA) to 36.00% APR (HR) for first-time borrowers, with the lowest rates for the most creditworthy borrowers. Eligibility is not guaranteed, and requires that a sufficient number of investors commit funds to your account and that you meet credit and other conditions. Refer to Borrower Registration Agreement for details and all terms and conditions. All loans made by WebBank, member FDIC.

Prosper and WebBank take your privacy seriously. Please see Prosper’s Privacy Policy and WebBank’s Privacy Policy for more details.

Notes offered by Prospectus. Notes investors receive are dependent for payment on unsecured loans made to individual borrowers. Not FDIC-insured; investments may lose value; no Prosper or bank guarantee. Prosper does not verify all information provided by borrowers in listings. Investors should review the prospectus before investing.

All personal loans are made by WebBank, member FDIC. Loans are unsecured, fully amortized personal loans.

Notes are not guaranteed or FDIC insured, and investors may lose some or all of the principal invested. Investors should carefully consider these and other risks and uncertainties before investing. This and other information can be found in the prospectus. Investors should consult their financial advisor if they have any questions or need additional information.

Prosper Funding LLC. | 221 Main Street, Suite 300 | San Francisco, CA 94105

**All personal loans are made by WebBank, member FDIC. All Prosper personal loans are unsecured, fully amortized personal loans.

Notes offered by Prospectus. Notes investors receive are dependent for payment on personal loans to borrowers. Not FDIC-insured; Investments may lose value; No Prosper or bank guarantee. Prosper does not verify all information provided by borrowers in listings. Investors should review the prospectus before investing.

*Seasoned Return calculations represent historical performance data for the Borrower Payment Dependent Notes (”Notes”) issued and sold by Prosper since July 15, 2009. To be included in the calculations, Notes must be associated with a borrower loan originated more than 10 months ago; this calculation uses loans originated through May 31, 2012. Our research shows that Prosper Note returns historically have shown increased stability after they’ve reached ten months of age. For that reason, we provide “Seasoned Returns”, defined as the Return for Notes aged 10 months or more.

To calculate the Return, all payments received on borrower loans, net of principal repayment, credit losses, and servicing costs for such loans, are aggregated and then divided by the average daily amount of aggregate outstanding principal. To annualize this cumulative return, it is divided by the dollar-weighted average age of the loans in days and then multiplied by 365.

All calculations were made as of September 30th, 2013. Seasoned Return is not necessarily indicative of the future performance on any Notes.

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Why Toenails Turn Yellow #why #do #toenails #turn #yellow


Our resident medical expert, Scott, and a buddy of his recently started The Medicine Journal. where you can learn all sorts of interesting facts about all things medical related. Below is a sample article from their site.

Have you ever seen the toenails of your grandfather and thought he might be a troll? Those yellow, misshapen and brittle nails tend to make small children cringe, and in response, he wears knee high black socks with sandals.

Known as Onychomycosis, this unshapely blemish effects about 10% of the total population. 20% of people over 60, and 50% of people over 70 become victims. So what’s happening here?

There can be several causes of your imperfect nails. The most common is a class of fungi known as Dermatophytes. Certain types of yeasts and nondermatophytic molds are also a frequent cause. Don’t think your nails are the only body part that can be affected by dermatophytes. When infecting the skin, they cause “ringworm” or “tinea”. They can also take up residence in your hair and follicles and cause what is known as tinea capitis.

Dermatophytes, and the disease processes they cause, are quite unique in the world of living organisms and parasites. First, no living tissue is invaded by the fungi. Instead they colonize the dead layers of tissue that have large amounts of a protein called keratin. Hair, skin, and nails all have large amounts of keratin within them. Secondly, even though no living tissue is invaded, they can still illicit an allergic and/or inflammatory response. Thirdly, these types of fungi have evolved to the point that they’re completely dependent on human or animal infection for the survival and propagation of their species.

To better understand how they cause our nails to become so deformed, let’s first look at how our nails grow and what they’re made of.

Our nails consist of many different parts. The part we can see is known as the nail plate. Below the plate is the nail bed. The white, half-moon shaped part, at the base of the nail, is called the lunula (also known as the distal matrix). The tissue over the top of the matrix is called the cuticle.

The nail itself is grown primarily from the matrix (around 90%). The matrix consists of epithelial cells that grow and divide. Epithelial cells are the most common type of cells within the body, and are what make up your skin and hair. They primarily contain keratin. Once they begin to reach the end of their respective life cycles, the cells go through a process called keratinization, also known as cornification.

When the cell dies, it loses its nucleus and other intracellular organelles. What is left over is hardened keratin. An enzyme known as Transglutaminase begins to enclose the keratin in an insoluble mixture of different proteins and fats. The end result is the hard nails we use to pick noses and give back scratches.

Keratin is the main food source, of sorts, for dermatophytes. Once the keratin rich cells are infected by these fungi, they begin releasing sulfite. Studies have shown that growth and proliferation of dermatophytes is reliant on sulfite. Keratins have a sulfur-containing amino acid known as cysteine. Cysteine bonds are what stabilizes keratin and gives it a rigid structure. These fungi use cysteine to produce sulfite. Once the sulfite is produced, it clings to cysteine bonds and thus the process is repeated. The result is keratin that no longer has cysteine and it becomes brittle, misshapen and generally unsightly.

There are several things that can increase your risk of having your nails infected by these little demons of destruction, such as diminished blood circulation, like in the case of peripheral artery disease; slow growing nails; injury to the nail; a weakened immune system; a family history of fungal infections; diabetes; and AIDS. Age and gender are also contributing factors- men tend to be more susceptible than women. Environmental conditions like walking barefoot in damp public places, humid or moist work environments, and wearing socks and shoes that prevent ventilation can also increase your risk.

If you become one of the unlucky ones and your nails propagate these petite parasites, your treatment options depend on several factors. As mentioned before, dermatophytes are the most common cause, but there are other conditions and fungi (like the yeast candida) that can result in the same nail deformities. Your doctor will most likely need to determine the exact nature of your nail’s problem before determining the treatment.

Once determined, if your infection is more localized, then topical anti-fungal agents like benzoic acid, Batrafin, or Nystatin can be tried. If your problem is more widespread, then oral medications that target specific types of fungi are usually prescribed.

In the end, if your nails begin to yellow and you find yourself buying socks that match your sandals, hopefully the knowledge that half of people over 70 have the same problem will ease your mind. If it doesn’t, then go see your doctor and have your nails tested for the exact type of parasite invading them so you can potentially eradicate them and the unsightly nails they cause.

Expand for References

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Mazuma – s Holiday Business Gift Giving Guide: Part 3, Do – s and

#business gifts


Mazuma s Holiday Business Gift Giving Guide: Part 3, Do s and Don ts of Client Gift Giving

If you re planning on holiday gift giving for clients, customers, and employees this year, we ve got you covered! We covered what to give and who to give it to, what’s tax deductible, and now we re talking Do s and Dont s of holiday gift giving.

-Give. Don’t promote. You have all year to promote your business; allow the holidays to be a time to focus on your clients and let them know how grateful you are for them.

-Send a card. A handwritten card or personal email can be meaningful and memorable. Gift giving has lost its personal touch over the years and your client will love getting a special note from yours truly, with or without a gift.

-Keep an ongoing list of employees, clients, service providers, and others who make your business great throughout the year. The holidays are a busy time of year, making it easy to forget someone. Keeping a small list throughout the year will ease your holiday stress and keep you from overspending at the last minute.

-Set a budget. Not all client gifts are equal, but you do need to have a budget in place before you start shopping. Check out our post on tax deductible gifts (link) and amounts here before deciding how much to spend.

-Check into a company’s gift giving and receiving policy before shipping your presents. The larger the company, the more likely a specific policy is in place. You don’t want to spend unnecessary cash on a contact who is not allowed to accept your gesture. However, a hand written card will almost always suffice and show your genuine appreciation!

-Don’t wait until the last minute. Keep in mind many people take a lengthy break from work to travel during the Christmas season, so sending a gift to a client’s office on December 23 rd may not work. Try to have your gifts sent out early in December to ensure on-time delivery.

-Don’t feel pressure to run out and buy a nice gift for everyone who sends you one. Again, a quick way to go over budget and not always necessary. However, be sure to send a nice thank you card expressing your gratitude or a holiday card, and add that person to the list for the next year, if need be.

-Don’t send gifts that are too personal or religious. Keep it professional in the work place and avoid gifts like clothing, perfume, and other items people have personal (and sometimes very strong!) opinions about.

-Don’t be a brown-noser. Give gifts because you’re grateful for your client, employee, boss, etc. and keep it at that. Don’t try to out-do another employee or company and keep in mind that as long as your gift is genuine and sincere, the recipient will appreciate the gesture.

The best holiday gift to give comes from the heart. Be genuine and sincere and your clients and employees are sure to appreciate the heartfelt gesture.

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Psychology (EN) – Bachelor – s degree programmes – Bachelor – s Degree Programmes,



Behaviour and wellbeing

In the VU bachelor Psychology, you will learn how to use various scientific methods to study human behaviour and wellbeing. You will learn to understand behaviour—how we think, feel and act—and how those processes can go wrong. As a bachelor student you will acquire the methods and knowledge to address questions such as “What makes us who we are?” “What makes a person happy or depressed?”, “How do we learn? and “Why do some people have healthy lifestyles and others do not?”. You will learn that such questions are embedded in a broader context of how people develop over the lifespan, how people perceive and make decisions, what drives people, how genetic and environmental influences interact to make us who we are, and how and which interventions or therapies may help people with psychological problems.

Basic foundation

The VU bachelor Psychology offers you courses in clinical psychology, neuro- and developmental psychology, cognitive psychology, biological psychology, and social and organizational psychology. In the first two years of the study, you will acquire a broad understanding of the field of psychology and its methodology, and of the various research questions that currently define the field. Following this broad introduction, you will – towards the end of the second year – specialise by choosing a subject of your interest. In the subsequent bachelor year, you will pursue your subject both by acquiring knowledge and methods specific to your interests, and by learning general research skills, such reporting and communicating research results.

Looking beyond the bachelor

New scientific developments are continually shaping the field. For instance, such developments enable the study of the influence of physical activity on brain function and genetic influences on diseases such as autism, and they also give rise to new subjects such as e-health (healthcare by electronic processes). Psychology is a broad, multi-faceted discipline within the VU-wide research theme Human Health and Life Sciences. As students of psychology you will acquire a broad perspective, while focusing on the various application areas such as clinical (neuro) psychology, work and organizational psychology, social psychology, and developmental psychology.

Intensive and active study

Studying psychology at VU Amsterdam calls for active interest and participation. We foster this in working groups, in which we supervise students in actively pursuing knowledge and learning. Students are expected to adopt an active learning attitude in general, to participate actively in group meetings and to prepare well for working groups and lectures.

Your future

By completing the bachelor psychology successfully you will acquire the title Bachelor of Science (BSc), and with this title, a solid understanding of the scientific foundations of psychology. Following the bachelor many students choose to pursue a Master of psychology. which is also offered by VU Amsterdam.

Your subsequent career depends on your exact Master program, on your subsequent training and experience. Given a clinical Master, you may become a clinical psychologist, a clinical neuropsychologist or a development psychologist in a hospital or in mental health care organisations. There you would be involved in the treatment or diagnosis of clients with mental disorders and psychosocial problems. You can also choose to specialize as a work and organizational psychologist. You may pursue a career as a human resource manager or consultant at the personnel or managerial department of a large company or institute. As a social psychologist, you may work in communication or advisory positions in commercial organisations and government.

VU Amsterdam also offers two-year Research Master programs which prepare student for an academic career in psychology. Having followed such programs, you may work as a junior researcher at a university or research institute, or you may continue your academic career by pursuing a PhD.

Admission criteria and application

Note that the initial application procedure is fully online and that scans of your relevant documents are required.

You start the application procedure through the Studielink.nl national application system. You will then receive an e-mail inviting you to complete your application in the VU student portal, where you will also be asked to submit all documentation needed for the admission procedure. You do not have to complete your application in one session; you can save it and come back to it as often as you want before completing and submitting it.

Required application documents:

  • CV
  • Copy of valid passport or ID (ID for EEA students only)
  • Copy of your diploma (if obtained, can also be provided after conditional admission)
  • Copy of your latest transcript of records (if you have not graduated yet, please send us an official transcript listing the marks you have received to date). For A-level and IB applicants: include predicted Grade transcript if available.
  • Proof of sufficient English language test results (can also be provided after conditional admission)

A (to be obtained) secondary school diploma equivalent to the Dutch pre-university VWO is a primary admission criteria.

International students who require housing facilities, as well as all non-EEA students, must apply before 1 April 2017. EEA students who do not require housing facilities must apply before 1 May 2017. You will be informed about your admission within four weeks after the completion of your application (including all required documents).

Application fee
The (non-refundable) application fee for all applicants is €100. Please read the application fee procedure carefully.

English language requirements
VU Amsterdam requires all applicants to take an English test and to submit their score as a part of the application before 1 August 2017.

  • Exceptions are made for students who have completed their score as a part of the application before the given deadline.
  • Exceptions are made for students who have completed their education in Canada, USA, UK, Ireland, New Zealand or Australia or who have obtained an International Baccalaureate or European Baccalaureate diploma (English taught).

The following tests and scores are accepted:

  • IELTS 6.5
  • TOEFL paper based test: 580
  • TOEFL computer based test: 237
  • TOEFL internet based test: 92
  • Cambridge Advanced English score A, B or C, or equivalent

If you are already in the Netherlands, you can also register for a TOEFL test at VU Taalcentrum. Please note however that this test is only valid at VU Amsterdam. VU Amsterdam only accepts language tests that have been completed max. 2 years ago. The certificate of the test may not be older than 2 years, counted from the date you start the Psychology program at VU Amsterdam.

Applications to Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam are done completely online. You start the application procedure through the Studielink.nl national application system. You will then receive an e-mail inviting you to complete your application in the VU student portal, where you will also be asked to submit all documentation needed for the admission procedure. You do not have to complete your application in one session; you can save it and come back to it as often as you want before completing and submitting it.

Prepare documents and apply online. Please note that it is always possible to apply online, even if your English test results or your diploma are not yet available.


This is what you will be doing

This VU bachelor Psychology is a three-year program. The teaching includes lectures and tutorials. By means of the lectures, you will gain knowledge and insights from the literature. In the supervised workgroups you will extend your knowledge by assignments and discussions with fellow students. The study will require about 40 hours a week, and will include about 12 teaching hours a week at VU Amsterdam.

The aim of the first year is to impart basic knowledge of psychology, and its various subdisciplines. The first years includes a general introduction to psychology, and introductions to basic skills in methods, statistics, and diagnostics.

In the second year, the emphasis is on deepening the knowledge acquired in the first year. For instance this will include an introduction to neuropsychology. In neuropsychology you study the effect of brain damage on people’s behaviour (e.g. agnosia, aphasia, dementia). You also follow courses on Work and Organizational Psychology, Philosophy and Psychology, and the Interaction of Genes and Environment. Towards the end of the second year you may choose from three courses, reflecting the three third year specialisation tracks. This will help you decide on your minor track, which will determine the content of your third year.

During this so-called profiling year, you will immerse yourself into the minor track that you have chosen at the end of your second year. The Bachelor’s program is concluded with the Bachelor-thesis. Following the Bachelors program, students can pursue their education by enrolling in the master program, which in turn builds on the minor track followed in the third year.
More detailed information about the third year can be found in our study guide.

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We professionally prepare probate legal documents and help you understand the mandated court process.
Don’t want, or can’t afford an attorney. you may not need one!
Call us today with your questions — you will be glad you did!
(602) 523-0100

A commonly asked question is: Do I need an attorney for Arizona probate?

The simple answer is no – anyone can file their own documents with the probate court. The right answer is one that only you can answer. Many probate cases are standard and only require an understanding of the court document requirements and the timing of the process. Some probate cases are more complex and you should be represented by legal counsel.

At Arizona Probate Services, we will discuss your situation with you. If we are uncomfortable about preparing the documents for your particular situation, we will recommend you seek legal counsel. We will always be honest and upfront with you. Integrity and a commitment to quality is the foundation of our business.

Then documents are filed with the court when it is appropriate, you administer the estate, and close probate when it is time! With our help, it’s that simple!

Thank you for supporting Arizona Business!

All fees on this website are subject to change without notice.

Arizona Probate Services is an Arizona certified legal document preparer, certified by the Arizona Supreme Court. The purpose of a Certified Legal Document Preparer is to provide professionally prepared legal documents and procedural assistance at an affordablecost. A Legal Document Preparer cannot represent you in court. A legal document preparer is not a lawyer, is not employed by a lawyer, and cannot give legal advice, and communications with a legal document preparer are not privileged (meaning we are subject to subpoena).

This website is intended to provide general information about Arizona legal issues and process. However, legal information is not the same as legal advice, which is the application of the law to a specific situation. The information provided on this website is not intended or meant to provide a comprehensive picture of any particular situation.

Content copyright 2010-2011. Arizona Legal EASE, Inc. All rights reserved.

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