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Client for MySQL – Popular MySQL Front End Admin GUI Tool – Administrator and


Client for MySQL by EngInSite – GUI to administer and query MySQL databases

Client for MySQL by EngInSite – create and administer MySQL databases with ease.

This all-in-one tool will help you create, manage and edit MySQL databases. One intuitive interface for all tasks. Supports all releases of MySQL from 4.02 to 5.12 and all of the latest MySQL features including views, triggers, stored procedures and functions as well as InnoDB foreign keys.

Defining and managing the database-structure, importing data, editing data is now simple with this nice and convenient program. For designers with only a basic grasp of databases, this program is the way to go to make you independent of SQL gurus.

The program makes working with MySQL easy without hiding the language from the user. An editor is built-in, so even working with SQL-commands or scripts has been made convenient.

EngInSite Client for MySQL for Developers

EngInSite Client for MySQL is designed to help PHP and Perl developers to concentrate on there business tasks – not tedious details that poison programmers life.

  • Very fast retrieval of data
  • Manage foreign key relationships.
  • Fully InnoDB compliant
  • Connection and MySQL service manager
  • Syntax-highlighting and Intellisense
  • Save your commonly used SQL scripts in a personal folder with a click of mouse
  • View advanced table properties, such as Type, Charset, Comment, Key_Length.
  • Monitor variables/processes/status
  • View your results in GRID / TEXT mode
  • Graphical Query Builder
  • Full triggers support in MySQL 5 (FILE privileges assumed)
  • SQL history navigator
  • User defined variables

EngInSite Client for MySQL for Administrators

If you administer MySQL database you know it is all about data. See you data, edit your data, backup your data.

  • Creating/Dropping databases
  • Creating/Dropping/Altering tables
  • Support for all MySQL table handlers
  • Support for all field types (including BLOBs)
  • Creating/Dropping indexes
  • Foreign Key Management for InnoDB tables
  • Powerful user manager for administering users and privileges
  • Powerful blob viewer/editor: edit BLOBs with Bitmap/GIF/JPEG-support
  • Export table structure and data into SQL-scripts
  • Change table-types to ISAM, MYISAM, MERGE, HEAP, InnoDB, BDB
  • Flush Host / Logs / Privileges / Tables
  • Diagnostics tools: (check, optimize, repair, analyze)
  • Data Synchronization
  • Structure Synchronization
  • Miscellaneous HTML reports
  • Charsets and collations support for databases and tables
  • Views and stored procedures support in MySQL 5
  • Data transfer between connections
  • Various report generators

Unique Features

Client for MySQL demonstrates a list of all available triggers for the given table. Most recent versions of MySQL do not have a command for that so we support internal storage for the MySQL trigger statements

  • Convenient interface for changing Local and Global variables
  • Full support for user privileges on tables

  • System requirements:
    Windows 98 or later
    128 MB of RAM
    7 MB of free disk space

    Download your free trial copy today: Client for MySQL

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    Developer Center

    High performance PHP applications with Oracle Database

    The PHP OCI8 2.0 extension for Oracle Database is now production status. The source code is included in the latest PHP versions and is also available on PECL to update your OCI8 extension in PHP 5.2 and later versions. The extension compiles with Oracle 10.2 or later client libraries. Oracle’s standard cross-version database connectivity applies, allowing PHP to connection to multiple versions of Oracle Database.

    PHP OCI8 is part of the PHP open source project. It is maintained by Oracle, and is under active development.


    • SQL and PL/SQL Execution
    • Fetching of large result sets
    • Implicit Result Sets
    • Large Objects: CLOBs and BLOBs
    • Binding and array binding
    • Transaction Management
    • Inbuilt Connection Pooling
    • Database Resident Connection Pooling (DRCP)
    • External Authentication
    • Row Prefetching
    • Statement Caching
    • Client Result Caching
    • End-to-end tracing
    • Oracle Database High Availability Features

    PHP OCI8 Resources

    Related Technologies

    Other Developer Resources

    Articles on using PHP with Oracle

    Installing PHP and Instant Client on Linux and Windows [August 2014]
    by Christopher Jones
    These detailed, step-by-step instructions by Oracle Senior Product Manager Chris Jones walk you through the process of installing PHP and instant client on Oracle Linux and Windows platforms.

    Installing PHP on Oracle HTTP Server 12c [April 2014]
    by Christopher Jones
    These detailed, step-by-step instructions by Oracle Senior Product Manager Chris Jones walk you through the process of installing PHP on Oracle HTTP Server 12c.

    New Features in PHP 5.4 [April 2012]
    by Rasmus Lerdorf
    The LAMP stack has new competition, but features in this release have PHP pushing the envelope once again.

    PHP Web Auditing, Authorization and Monitoring with Oracle Database [Sept. 2010]
    by Chris Jones
    Learn to use Oracle Database’s client identifier feature in your PHP applications.

    Build an Enterprise-Grade PHP Stack with Zend Server and Oracle Database 11g [June 2010]
    by Vikram Vaswani
    The quick way to create a Oracle/PHP/Apache/Linux (OPAL) development and deployment environment

    High Performance and Availability with Oracle RAC and PHP [June 2009]
    by John Lim
    Review real-world experiences in deploying a business-critical PHP app over Oracle Real Application Clusters.

    Oracle Symfony in PHP Minor [10-July-2008]
    by Mladen Gogala
    Oracle Database 11 g and the Symfony Web PHP Framework can make beautiful music together, as illustrated by this simple sample app.

    Database-Based Authentication for PHP Apps, Part 2 [May 2007]
    by Michael McLaughlin
    Learn how to secure PHP-based Web applications via database-based authentication; in this installment, fine grained access is examined.

    Database-Based Authentication for PHP Apps, Part 1 [May 2007]
    by Michael McLaughlin
    Learn how to secure PHP-based Web applications via database-based authentication.

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    About KV Store collections

    The KV Store stores your data as key-value pairs in collections. Here are the main concepts:

    • Collections are the containers for your data, similar to a database table. Collections exist within the context of a given app.
    • Records contain each entry of your data, similar to a row in a database table.
    • Fields correspond to key names, similar to the columns in a database table. Fields contain the values of your data as a JavaScript Object Notation (JSON) document. Although not required, you can enforce data types (number. boolean. time. and string ) for field values.
    • _key is a reserved field that contains the unique ID for each record. If you don’t explicitly specify the _key value, the app auto-generates one.
    • _user is a reserved field that contains the user ID for each record. This field cannot be overridden.
    • Accelerations improve search performance by making searches that contain accelerated fields return faster. Accelerations store a small portion of the collection’s data set in an easy-to-traverse form.

    For example, let’s say you want to save information about transactions in the KV Store, such as the transaction ID, the status, the name of the user assigned to it currently, and a memo. You could create a collection called transactions_collection , with fields called transaction_id , transaction_status , transaction_owner , and transaction_memo . Each transaction you add to the collection corresponds to a record.

    To add KV Store functionality to an app:

    • Create a collection and optionally define a list of fields with data types using configuration files or the REST API .
    • Perform Create-Read-Update-Delete (CRUD) operations using search lookup commands and the Splunk REST API.
    • Manage collections using the REST API.

    Got an idea?

    We’d love to hear about any ideas you have for the Splunk developer platform. Come on over to our UserVoice page and let us know what you think!


    Splunk and our developer community are here to help.



    • Copyright 2005-2017 Splunk Inc. All rights reserved.

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    Webserver turns your computer into a ready-to-use personal web hosting server. You can host whatever you want directly on your computer and share it on internet like any website. Your computer acts like a web hosting service and allows you to make your website / application / demo accessible via internet. The server is fully configurable, modular and easy to update and extend more.

    Windows XP to 10
    Visual C++ Redistributable for Visual Studio 2008 SP1 x86 or x64″>

    Webserver 14.1 beta 2 VC9






    Devserver allows you to fit your needs and allows you to setup a local server with the same characteristics as your production server (if you have one). You can develop locally anywhere (at home, at work, on your laptop. ) thanks to the portability of the system.

    • Ready-to-use! Download, install and code!
    • Portable (usb key, memory stick, external hard drive. )
    • Fully configurable (port, timezone, extensions. )
    • For beginners, experts
    • Start, stop, restart servers
    • Direct access to files and folders
    • Configuration files, error log, access log.
    • Modular. add applications, versions.
    • .


    Webserver is a personal web hosting service. You can host your websites, files, applications on your computer and make them accessible from internet. You can tune your servers as you like and then host your websites, share your applications or demo permanently or for a short period of time (useful for sharing with friends, developers or clients). Develop with Devserver and host / share with Webserver.

    • Ready-to-use! Download, install and host!
    • Manage servers services
    • Easy IP, router and firewall configuration
    • Fully configurable (port, timezone, extensions. )
    • Configuration files, error log, access log.
    • Modular. add applications, versions.
    • .


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    Developer Documentation – WordPress Codex #wordpress #website #developer



    WordPress is fast, lightweight, and easy to use. To ensure it stays that way, the Core Team thinks carefully about adding functionality to the core WordPress code. Still, users often find the need to graft additional functionality into WordPress to meet their needs. This section of the Codex offers guidelines and references for anyone wishing to modify, extend, or contribute to WordPress.

    WARNING: Programming Code Ahead

    The following articles may use programming terms without offering detailed explanations for non-programmers.

    Although the alteration of the downloadable files for WordPress is limited to a few distinct programmers, every WordPress user has the ability to effect change in the core WordPress code, making WordPress highly customizable.

    Plugin Development

    • Plugin Developer Handbook – The best starting place for learning about how to develop plugins
    • WordPress Coding Standards – General information about coding standards for WordPress development
    • Debugging in WordPress – Reference and guide for using the built-in debugging system in WordPress.
    • Data Validation – A must-read for WordPress plugin authors. Describes the functions used by WordPress to validate and sanitize data. Plugin authors should be familiar with these functions and ideas.
    • Plugin Submission and Promotion – Once you have written your plugin, here are some hints on distributing it widely
    • Migrating Plugins and Themes – Contains information on how to upgrade your Plugin so it will work from version to version of WordPress
    • Function Reference – Complete PHP function reference for WordPress
    • Global Variables – A list of all global variables created by WordPress
    • Post Types – Creating new types of posts other than the posts that display on the main loop.
    • Taxonomies – Creating new types of taxonomies other than the built-in ones.
    • Reserved Terms – A list of reserved terms in WordPress.


    • Plugin API – Hooks, Actions, and Filters to use in your Plugins (version 2.1; has links to older version articles)
    • Shortcode API – A tutorial and reference for the shortcode API (new in version 2.5)
    • Dashboard Widgets API – A reference with examples for adding new widgets to the admin dashboard.
    • Settings API – A reference with examples for adding new settings to existing settings screens.
    • Options API – Details about the generic option storage system.
    • Transients API – Details about the temporary/time-constrained data storage system.
    • Widgets API – A reference with examples for creating widgets for use in sidebars.
    • Quicktags API – A reference for adding buttons to the HTML editor.
    • Rewrite API – Details about the URL rewriting API.
    • Theme Customization API – Details about the API for Theme Customization screen.
    • Filesystem API – Reference for reading and writing local files to the filesystem to be done securely, on a variety of host types.

    Contributing to WordPress

    • Contributing to WordPress – Main starting point if you would like to contribute to core WordPress development, documentation, support, translations, or financial health
    • Automated Testing – Testing WordPress using the automated test suite and how to use the tools and write test cases.
    • Release Philosophy – The philosophy of WordPress releases.

    Forums, Lists, and Blogs

    • Mailing Lists – WordPress mailing lists are for programmers, documentation, and development
    • IRC – WordPress IRC channels
    • http://wordpress.org/support – WordPress Support Forums
    • http://wordpress.org/development – WordPress Development Blog
    • http://planet.wordpress.org – Aggregate of many blogs discussing WordPress (official)
    • http://planetwordpress.planetozh.com/ – Another aggregate of many blogs discussing WordPress mostly plugins and themes (unofficial)

    Other Information of Interest

    • Advanced Topics – Annotated list of many articles on advanced WordPress topics
    • Query Overview – Description of the WordPress query process used to find posts and display them
    • Reporting Bugs – Information on reporting and fixing WordPress bugs
    • Using Subversion – Introduction to SVN, the source code repository used by WordPress
    • Development Team – The members of the development team.

    Other Resources

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