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About Self and Russleburg Yorkville And Aurora Offices · Decades Of Combined Experience

Experienced Attorneys In Kendall County And Kane County, Illinois

If you are getting a divorce, involved in a change of custody or struggling with another family law issue, every decision you make could prove critical for your future. If you are facing a criminal charge, the outcome can impact nearly every aspect of your life. It is vital to get focused, knowledgeable legal counsel as early in the process as possible.

Clear, Practical Legal Guidance And Results-Driven Representation

At Self & Russelburg, LTD. a long-standing law firm with offices in Yorkville and Aurora, Illinois, we want you to be fully informed and effectively represented every step of the way. Between our two partners, our clients receive personal attention from lawyers with decades of wide-ranging legal experience. Your attorney will help you consider the issues and paths to resolution. We prepare thoroughly, negotiate strategically and provide strong, dynamic advocacy in the courtroom.

Dedicated To Educating Our Clients And Protecting Their Futures

Family law and criminal defense are the primary areas of focus for our trial-proven legal team. Clients turn to us for clear, detailed information on the law and determination to earn the best possible results in matters such as:

  • Divorce at any level of conflict and complexity, including cases in which child custody and spousal maintenance are intensely disputed
  • Post-divorce issues/conflicts, including pursuit of child support changes, maintenance continuation or termination, and representation of either parent in complex child relocation cases
  • Misdemeanor and felony criminal cases across the spectrum from driving under the influence (DUI) and drug charges to murder and other violent offenses

Family Law Divorce. Child Custody & Support, Spousal Maintenance/Alimony. Allocation of Property.

Criminal Defense DUI and Traffic Violation, Illinois DUI Issues, Felony DUI Offenses, Misdemeanor & Felony Charges.

Our Attorneys Family Law And Criminal Defense Representation· Prepared For Any Challenge

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New Mexico Criminal Law Offices – Albuquerque Criminal Defense Attorneys #albuquerque #criminal #attorney


Albuquerque Criminal Defense Law Firm

A DUI conviction can result in jail time, loss of your driver’s license, a stiff fine and other penalties, not to mention a permanent criminal record. It is easier to exceed the 0.08 blood alcohol concentration (BAC) threshold than most people realize, and you can be convicted with a BAC even lower than that if you appear intoxicated or are under 21. There are many ways to fight a DUI charge, however.

The domestic violence designation can enhance penalties for other acts, such as assault, that are already crimes. Unfortunately, false accusations are more common in domestic violence cases than they are in just about any other type of criminal case, because they are often used to gain advantage in divorce or child custody proceedings. Domestic violence charges are very serious, and experienced counsel is a must.

Robbery, burglary and theft are all distinct crimes – robbery involves taking by force; burglary involves a home invasion; and theft refers to many types of fraudulent taking of property, including identity theft and receiving stolen property. All of these offenses can be prosecuted as felonies, and in some cases, years can be added to your sentence if the estimated value of the property exceeds a certain threshold.

Assault and battery laws are harsher than most people realize. Slapping someone in the face, for example, could get you up to six months in jail for battery, and you could be jailed for assault without ever touching anyone. Assault and battery charges commonly arise out of domestic disputes where there may be no third-party witnesses.

Although New Mexico abolished capital punishment in 2009. life imprisonment is still a distinct possibility if you are convicted of homicide. Under certain circumstances, it is even possible to be convicted of murder despite proving that you did not intend to kill anyone and that it was someone else, not you, who pulled the trigger. An experienced criminal defense lawyer is essential when fighting a homicide charge.

White collar crimes are nonviolent crimes committed for financial gain, such as identity theft, embezzlement, and money laundering. The term “white collar” quite frankly whitewashes the serious nature of these crimes. Offenses are easier to commit than you might realize – unauthorized access to computer records at your office, for example, can be prosecuted as a felony.

A defendant facing a resisting arrest charge typically faces one or more other charges, for whatever crime he or she allegedly resisted being arrested for in the first place. You can even be charged with resisting arrest for refusing to pull over. Although a resisting arrest charge will not stick if the arrest itself was unlawful, your innocence of the underlying offense doesn’t necessarily mean that the arrest itself was unlawful.

Larceny refers to theft without violence or trespassing, and it can be prosecuted as a misdemeanor or a felony. Shoplifting is a good example of a typical act of larceny. Penalties for larceny vary greatly depending on the estimated value of the allegedly stolen item. In some cases, a one-dollar increase in the estimated value can add years to your maximum prison sentence.

If you are on probation, it is probably because the court felt that outright incarceration would be inappropriate. Nevertheless, you will be subject to intrusive conditions of probation that could include a curfew or a prohibition against associating with certain people. Violating probation is a serious matter that might result in incarceration for a longer period than if you had never been released on probation in the first place.

Federal and state prisons in New Mexico are filled with people convicted of drug crimes. Penalties can be unreasonably harsh – even simple possession of a small amount of crack cocaine, for example, can result in 20 years in prison. You can be charged at either the state or the federal level, and you may be subject to a draconian mandatory minimum sentence .

Because sex crimes carry a stigma that cannot be compared to any other type of crime, false accusations are relatively common. Conviction for a sex crime can result in years of prison time and mandatory registration as a sex offender for life. Even a baseless accusation can do permanent damage to your reputation unless your name is cleared.

The foregoing is just a sample of the types of criminal charges we handle. We also represent defendants charged with child pornography, child molestation, minor in possession of alcohol, and many more offenses.

The attorneys of the New Mexico
Criminal Law Offices in Albuquerque,
New Mexico are here to assist you
throughout the criminal process.

Case Results Do not wait until it is too late to contact our attorneys See All Results

Larceny (over $2500 but less than $20,000) and Conspiracy to Commit Larceny (over $2500 but less than $20,000) Client Faced 4 and ½ years in Jail—Case Dismissed by prosecutor after Attorney Jack Mkhitarian asked for Evidence related to the Offense that prosecutor was unable to provide.

1st Degree Felony Kidnapping (Sexual Offense Comitted), Criminal Sexual Contact, Battery Against a Household Member (4 Counts) Client faced 23 and ½ years in Jail. All charges dismissed upon Prosecutor’s failure to comply with Defense Council’s Discovery Demands.

DWI First Offense, Careless Driving, and Open Container-Client was involved in a roll over accident on the Freeway, blew a .08. 09. – Found not guilty at trial.

Albuquerque Criminal Defense Attorneys

This page is currently being updated.

“I hired Jack because I had no where else to turn. My other Attorney had refused to help me and said that I couldn’t possibly get my unsupervised probation dismissed and my rights granted back to me early. I had been on supervised probation for 5 years without any violations and wanted to get off of my unsupervised probation so I could resume my life without any further complications. Jack got the job done and my life is back to normal. I was so aggravated that my previous attorney wanted $3,500 to file this simple motion and basically told me that it wasn’t going to happen, and that it was a waste of my time. Jack charged me much much less and was confident I would get a favorable outcome. New Mexico Criminal Law Offices are the only place people need to contact if they get into trouble with the law. I can’t thank them, Jack specifically, enough for helping me with my case.”

Every criminal charge comes with a new set of facts and a new way to interpret the law, which our attorneys are experts in handling.

Our attorneys focus exclusively on criminal defense and therefore are knowledgeable in the best arguments to make for each individual case. We understand that your case offers a unique set of facts and we are ready to rise to the challenge. We practice throughout the state of New Mexico in each state court, as well as Federal Court.

If you have been arrested for any
criminal offense, do not hesitate
to contact our law offices.

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ITT Tech Criminal Justice Overview – free article courtesy of #free #articles, #free, #articles,


ITT Tech has an on campus criminal justice program as well as a similar online program. The degrees offered under this segment are an Associate of Science in Criminal Justice, a Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice, and a Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice � Cyber Security.

While the degrees being offered and the course content sound all right, they may not ultimately meet your expectations. ITT Tech is a for-profit institution and it is there yto make money not to educate students. Education is a product they sell through various telemarketing and hard-sell tactics. They really sell dreams and dreams have this nasty tendency of getting shattered when you wake up.

The worst thing is while dreams are good as long as you don�t wake up, once you wake up and find your dream shattered you may find that there is little you can do about it � you are trapped because credits earned at ITT Tech cannot be transferred to any RA accredited community college or a 4-year college. The degrees that they give are also not recognized at most places that matter � employers or other good RA accredited schools.

Being a profit-oriented school the charges for tuition and other fees are also exorbitant. You can get a much better education at half the cost if you prefer to join some RA accredited community college or graduate school rather than ITT Tech. There are many people who have either worked for ITT Tech or are students there who have only bad things to say about ITT Tech. Read some of these comments at badbusinessbureau.com and then take a decision to enrol for ITT Tech school of criminal justice.

About The Author

Jim Greenberg recommends you visit the Online Criminal Justice Degree Guide for more information on Choosing ITT Tech criminal justice expectations and programs. See http://www.ocjdg.com/2006/02/itt_tech_crimin.html for more information

This article was posted on April 18, 2006

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Local Criminal Defense Attorneys, Drug Crimes & Felony Trial Attorney, Local Law Firms, long


Criminal Defense News Articles

The defendant in a municipal court case regarding .

TECUMSEH, Neb. — In separate, back-to-back he.

In 2005, a criminal case was filed against Singh f.

Criminal justice groups are calling on district at.

FARGO, N.D. (AP) — Fargo police have opened a.

NELSONVILLE — The Southeastern Ohio Regional .

Need To Know Criminal Defense Issues

A criminal case is brought by the government against a person that is being accused of a crime.

When it comes to criminal cases, a sum of money is posted by or on behalf of the defendant in order to gaurantee their appearance in court after being released from jail.There are many types of criminal cases such as a felony cases, misdemeanor cases, federal cases, etc.

Criminal Defense Attorney Overview

To better understand the importance of criminal defense and its vital role in the criminal justice system, a criminal defense overview may be helpful. According to the 5th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution, “. it is unlawful for an individual to be deprived of life, liberty or property without due process of law. ”

Have you been charged with a criminal offense? If so, contact a criminal defense attorney to discuss your case today.

When an individual is charged with an alleged violation of the law, due process of law requires certain steps to be taken. The following are the rudimentary steps in a criminal defense case:

Defendants in a criminal defense case may be subjected to only a portion or all of these steps. It is during these processes that the individual has the right to protect himself or herself by retaining legal representation. While defendants have the option of entering into these proceedings without legal representation, most defendants choose to have the assistance of an expert criminal defense attorney.

According to the 6th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution, defendants have the right to secure legal representation. Even those that are indigent and do not have the financial means to hire a criminal defense lawyer attorney still have the right to be represented by legal counsel. The U.S. Constitution ensures that individuals charged with a federal crime will have access to a criminal defense lawyer. Most state constitutions extend this right to those individuals charged with a state felony as well. While this right does not attach in each and every circumstance in which a law is violated, it does attach when serious violations of the law are alleged.

Violations of the law are classified into one of two categories: misdemeanor or felony. These crimes are further categorized into level or degrees based on the severity of the offense. The level or degree of the crime may vary by jurisdiction. Felony offenses will be classified as Class 1 through Class 6, and misdemeanor offenses will be classified as Class 1 through Class 4. Class 1 offenses are the most severe and carry the harshest penalties. For example, a Class 1 felony offense carries with it the punishment of life imprisonment, fines up to $100,000, or death.

It is essential that defendants facing criminal charges contact a criminal defense attorney as early in the process as is feasible. An attorney needs to begin investigating the case and building a defense strategy as soon after the arrest as possible. Defendants may contact a criminal defense law firm to schedule an initial consultation to meet with a skilled and knowledgeable criminal defense lawyer. Because the U.S. Constitution asserts the individual’s right to legal counsel, those charged with criminal violations of the law should exercise this fundamental right.

Have you been charged with a criminal offense? If so, contact a criminal defense attorney to discuss your case today.

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Facilities, College Of Justice & Safety, Eastern Kentucky University, eku criminal justice.#Eku #criminal #justice



Eku criminal justiceThe College of Justice and Safety is housed in the Stratton building in the Robert R. Martin Complex. The Stratton Building houses:

Many of the classrooms have been wired for state of the art technology for interactive learning opportunities.

The Emergency Medica Care (Paramedic) Program has moved! After being located in the Dizney building for nearly 20 years, the entire Paramedic Program has moved into the newly redesigned and renovated Stratton Building. The Program s faculty and their Administrative Assistant can be found in Stratton #21, on the ground floor. Their primary advanced teaching and skills classroom will be Stratton #20; their primary basic skills and teaching classroom will be Stratton #286. This is an exciting time for everyone in the College as we get the change to work more closely together on a daily basis.

Eku criminal justiceThe Justice Safety Learning Commons supports EKU s College of Justice Safety, the Kentucky Department of Criminal Justice Training, and the Training Resource Center through technology assistance and print resources.

There are 18 desktop computers for students with plenty of room spread out and study between classes, meet with groups and research. We have one group study room and two Steelcase group stations. There are even Pepsi and vending machines for snacks.

Students will also be able to pick up items requested through the Library Express service.

The recently renovated Posey Auditorium has a 250-seat capacity and offers the latest in audiovisual technology. The College s Distinguished Lecture Series and other guest lecturer presentations are held in Posey Auditorium.

The Fire Sprinkler Lab, located in the Ashland, Inc. Fire and Safety Laboratory helps facilitate student learning and is available for outside agencies to use as a training device.

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Boston Criminal Lawyer – Suffolk County Criminal Defense Attorney – Urbelis Law, LLC #urbelis


Boston Criminal Lawyer

Urbelis Law, LLC is a Boston-based criminal defense law firm representing individuals and businesses throughout the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. We also handle all federal criminal matters in the United States District Court for the District of Massachusetts. Our firm is dedicated to not only understanding the facts and circumstances of your legal matter, but learning about you as a person. Our Boston criminal lawyers recognize that your case may have far-reaching collateral effects beyond what happens in court, and we customize our defense strategy based on your specific needs. If you want us to take it all the way to trial, we are more than willing to do so. In fact, our record demonstrates that we obtain “Not Guilty” verdicts on 90% of the cases we bring to trial. Of course, every case is unique. If the anxiety of your pending criminal matter is interfering with your ability to work or continue with your day to day life, or if your case would benefit from a resolution prior to trial, we will do everything in our power to reach the best possible outcome. We are here to listen to your situation and always provide a free initial consultation. Since many arrests and criminal matters arise during non-business hours, we are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The sooner you contact our office, the sooner we can fight for you.

From relatively minor misdemeanor offenses to major felonies, the Boston criminal attorneys at Urbelis Law have extensive experience handling every type of criminal matter in Massachusetts. In addition to our highly successful trial practice, we help clients navigate the ins and outs and potential collateral effects of their cases. We will handle an RMV hearing stemming from a misdemeanor criminal charge with the same vigor employed during a Sex Offender Registry Board matter as the result of a felony sexual assault charge. In addition to fully advising you of the strengths and weaknesses of taking your case to trial, you will always be apprised of your options short of trial (working out a deal), the consequences of your decisions, and the collateral effects associated with all potential outcomes. All of your bases are covered, and you will never be left in the dark, at Urbelis Law.

In addition to vigorously representing our clients throughout the various stages of their Massachusetts criminal cases, we provide that same dedication to help prevent criminal charges before they are officially filed. Whether you are concerned about being investigated for a crime, or you have been contacted by the police who are requesting an interview at the station, or perhaps you’ve received an application for a criminal complaint and don’t know where to turn. Don’t panic. We are here to help. It is important that you contact our office as soon as you have these concerns, because these situations are very time-sensitive and must be handled before they spiral out of control. Let us help prevent or minimize the damage. That’s what we do.

Given that many arrests occur during non-business hours, our Boston criminal lawyers are prepared to provide you with a free initial consultation 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. If you were arrested over the weekend, we are prepared to meet with you right away to answer your questions and provide you with peace of mind before going in to your Monday morning arraignment in court. In most cases, you should be prepared to retain a defense attorney prior to the arraignment to ensure that all necessary paperwork is obtained from the government and your rights are protected from the onset of your criminal case. In more serious cases, or if you are already on probation for an open case, you should absolutely be represented by an attorney at the arraignment as the prosecution is likely to ask that you either be held on bail, have the bail revoked on your open case and have you detained for up to 90 days, or have you held as a “dangerous person ” for up to 120 days. In this situation, if you’re convinced that you can’t afford an attorney, you’re doing yourself a major injustice. The truth is, you can’t afford NOT to have an attorney. With no obligation to hire us after your initial consultation, you certainly having nothing to lose by calling!

Contact our office for your free initial consultation regarding your Massachusetts criminal matter:

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California Shoplifting Laws – CA Theft Penalties – California Criminal Defense Lawyers #criminal #lawyers


California Theft/Shoplifting Laws

Theft and shoplifting are the most commonly prosecuted property crimes in California. Whether you left a store and forgot to pay for something or even if a lapse in judgment found you with stolen property, we can help.

Sometimes in life we do things we later regret. When money is tight and you and your family have needs, it can push you to do things you normally wouldn t even consider. Or maybe you just acted on a crazy impulse at a difficult, emotional moment. After the fact it is easy to recognize what happened was wrong. Unfortunately, without an experienced California criminal defense attorney on your side, the court doesn t often get to hear your side of the story.

Just because you are facing a theft or shoplifting charge, that doesn t mean you deserve to be punished harshly and treated like a criminal. Because of our extensive criminal defense experience, we have handled many theft cases and probably some very similar to yours. However, we are interested in you and in your case. We will give your case the attention it deserves, and do our best to successfully defend you against the theft, shoplifting, or related charges you are facing.

Call us for a free case evaluation and criminal defense legal consultation on any theft, shoplifting, or other criminal offense in California. We will fight to get you fair treatment under the law and a second chance. Call today for a consultation.

Sentence Reductions for Theft Under Proposition 47 in California

In 2014, the Proposition 47 ballot initiative effectively reduced many theft offenses from felony to misdemeanor offenses.

If the amount taken or value of property in question is under $950, it is a misdemeanor offense. These types of theft charges include:

  • Petty theft
  • Shoplifting
  • Bad Checks, fraud, forgery
  • Receiving stolen property

As long as the value is under $950, you won t be charged with a felony theft offense, under the revised statutes of the California Penal Codes, Sections 459, 470-476, 484, and 487.

If you were previously sentenced to a felony theft or theft-related offense that is now classified as a misdemeanor. you may be eligible for a sentence reduction and expungement under the provisions of prop 47 .

Petty Theft Shoplifting Penalties

Petty theft involves the taking of property whose value is less than $400. If you are charged and convicted of misdemeanor petty theft, you may be sentenced to up to 6 months in jail and fines ranging from $50- $1,000 .

If the value of the property taken is less than $50, you may be charged with a simple infraction. An infraction is less in severity than a misdemeanor and the penalty for infraction petty theft is a fine less than $250.

The option to prosecute your petty theft charge as an infraction is one that rests with the prosecution. Typically it depends on whether or not you have any prior theft convictions.

Ref: California Petty Theft Shoplifting Laws California Penal Code Section 490

Grand Theft Laws Penalties

Grand theft applies to acts of theft where the value of the property is more than $950. Grand theft can be charged as a misdemeanor or a felony. This decision is made by the prosecution and is determined by any past convictions on your record.

Grand theft is punishable by fines and up to one year in jail or state prison .

If, however, the theft involves a firearm, the punishment is increased to 16 months- 3 years in a California state prison.

Grand Theft Auto Laws Penalties

If you take or are found driving the vehicle of another person without their permission you may be charged with grand theft auto. This crime can be charged as a misdemeanor or a felony.

As a first time offender, you may face up to one year in jail or state prison and fines up to $5,000. If this isn t your first conviction, the prosecutor will be more likely to charge with a felony.

Ref: CA Grand Theft Auto Laws California Vehicle Code 10-851

California Theft by Receiving Laws

If you are found in possession of stolen property you may be charged with the offense of theft by receiving (also known as receiving stolen property). The classification of this charge is a misdemeanor if the value is under $950. or may be a felony is greater. Under California law, receiving stolen property, or theft by receiving carries a potential sentence of up to one year in jail or prison and fines .

Ref: CA Theft by Receiving Laws California Penal Code Section 496

California Felony Petty Theft Law

In a section that is often referred to as felony petty theft , California penal code section 666 states that if you are convicted of theft for a third time you can face felony charges. Even if both priors were petty theft and the third is also, you may be facing felony charges and one year in state prison.

This section of California Criminal Law has received much publicity for sending people to prison for minor offenses. Despite its harsh consequences, it is in the law and the courts do practice it.

Theft Penalties Aggravated Theft

There are aggravating circumstances that can make these charges more serious. Theft from the elderly is a more serious offense and can result in enhanced penalties at sentencing. Stealing from an elderly, infirmed, or incapacitated person is considered a more serious crime.

Accused of Shoplifting/Theft in California? Free Legal Case Evaluation from an Experienced CA Theft Defense Attorney

Though theft and shoplifting offenses are common in California, they are not to be taken lightly. Because you may be facing prison time and hefty fines, it is vital that you get in touch with an experienced criminal defense attorney immediately. And any criminal charge can result in a permanent criminal record that can follow you for the rest of you life.

Make sure your rights are defended, and you aren t punished unfairly, or more severely than you deserve. You are innocent until proven guilty, and deserve fair treatment under the law. Call our attorneys for a free consultation on your California theft charges today.

Free Consultation

Contact our attorneys for a free legal case evaluation on any criminal charge by calling:

(800) 944-8912 Receive our free legal defense consultation and case evaluation. We’ll explain what you are facing in plain language, and tell you how we can help.

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Williamson County Criminal Defense Attorney Robert M Phillips – Assoc #criminal #attorneys #austin #tx


Georgetown s Criminal Attorneys, Your Best Defense in Central Texas

If you or someone you love has been accused of a crime in Travis County, Georgetown, Williamson County. or anywhere in Central Texas, it is crucial that you contact Robert M. Phillips Associates immediately. Williamson County, where our office is located, hands out the toughest sentences in Texas, and you ll need a criminal defense team that is equally tough. Our firm has a deserved reputation, based upon a quarter century of thorough and relentless advocacy, of delivering outstanding and often spectacular results in a region where prosecutors, judges, and juries are among the most severe in the nation. We invite you to call immediately for a free consultation to discuss your case and map out a successful strategy for winning it.

Don t you owe it to yourself to explore your options, free, with lawyers that have been fighting and winning cases in Central Texas for 30 years?

Defense that Never Rests: Relentless Pursuit of Victory in Every Case

Our criminal defense attorneys have a 30-year record of acquittals, dismissals and reduced charges in Georgetown courts and all over Williamson County.

Contact us now for a free, confidential consultation.

Submit Your Case Details Today

Hear Bob Phillips talk about his aggressive approach to defending criminal cases in Central Texas.

National Honors

See Robert Phillips profile on

Why Choose Williamson County s Robert M. Phillips Associates?

  • No firm in Texas has a longer or more successful pattern of favorable outcomes in difficult cases in Williamson County, the toughest county in Texas on crime
  • We thoroughly and aggressively investigate cases, from the moment we are hired, to build the best possible defense
  • We fearlessly try cases that need to be tried, but seek first to obtain a dismissal/favorable settlement, if a trial can be avoided
  • If a trial is necessary, we have a documentably high acquittal rate
  • Our attorneys have cordial and long-term professional relationships, based on genuine and mutual respect, with local prosecutors and judges, crucial for both obtaining fair trials and favorable settlements
  • We represent the criminally accused anywhere in Texas, and in federal court, although our caseload predominantly involves clients accused in Williamson, Travis, Hays and Bell Counties.

Robert M. Phillips, Criminal Lawyer in Williamson County Central Texas

Speak with a Board Certified Criminal Law Specialist in our office today. Robert M. Phillips Associates serves as Georgetown s experienced criminal defense attorneys. Whatever you do, make no statement to law enforcement or anyone else, until you have a confidential conversation with one of our lawyers.

Law Offices of Robert M. Phillips and Associates

401 W 6th St
Georgetown. TX 78626

Phone: (512) 930-1926
Fax: (512) 868-9838
Office Hours: 8am – 5pm | Mon – Fri
After Hour Emergencies: (512) 751-1926 or (512) 751-1011

Mailing address:
PO Box 1698
Georgetown, TX 78627

Robert M. Phillips Associates

The information contained on this website is not to be considered legal advice; it is offered for your informational purposes only and are only intended to be a general overview of the area of law which is discussed. The application of the law to your case is specific to the facts and circumstances of your situation. Although the firm has taken care to ensure the accuracy of the information contained here, you should consult an attorney about your individual circumstance before making any legal decisions. The information offered in this website does not create an attorney-client relationship between you and Robert M. Phillips & Associates. Please contact our office if you would like to arrange a consultation concerning your case. Copyright ©2009-2013 Robert M. Phillips & Associates. All rights reserved.

Copyright ©2013. All Rights Reserved.

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Texas Theft Laws – Shoplifting Defenses in Texas – Criminal Defense Lawyers #types #of



Texas Theft/Shoplifting Laws: Criminal Charges and Penalties

Theft is a broad criminal charge in Texas that includes a range of offenses from shoplifting and larceny to bouncing checks to buying stolen property. The punishments generally depend on the value of the stolen item and can be as little as a fine or as serious as prison time in extreme cases.

The Texas Penal Code defines theft as taking someone else s property without consent, either by deception or by physically stealing it. You don t have to keep the property for it to be considered theft, but only long enough to deprive the owner of its value. And, if you take something, then return it for a reward, that is also theft under Texas law.

To charge you with theft, the police need to show that you acted with criminal intent. meaning you knew the property belonged to someone else and knew you didn t have their permission to take it, and that you actually have or had possession of the property. They can do by that using physical evidence, such as security camera video in a shoplifting case, or by statements from a witness, an accomplice, or you.

Types of Theft Under Texas Law

The four most common ways to commit misdemeanor theft or felony theft in Texas are these:

1. Shoplifting Taking items out of a store with the deliberate intention of not paying the store for the full value of the item. This includes taking, say, a shirt and leaving with it, or switching the tag on an expensive shirt with the tag on a less expensive one and paying the lower price at checkout.

2. Bad Checks Paying for an item on a closed account or an account that does not enough money to cover the amount of the check. If the check is written on a closed account. that alone is evidence of theft under Texas criminal law. If the check bounces. and you do not reimburse the merchant within 10 days of notification, then that is evidence of theft under the law.

3. General Theft Taking an item that belongs to someone else by any means when you do not have permission. Examples of this include taking a woman s purse from her shopping cart when her back is turned, stealing copper from a construction site, or stealing $20 from the cash register at work.

4. Buying/Accepting Stolen Property Taking possession of an item when you know the person selling or giving it to you is not the rightful owner. If you know a friend shoplifted an item from a store, then passed the item on to you, you have committed theft known as receiving stolen property by taking it, whether you paid for it or it was a gift.

Other common theft charges include embezzlement. and theft of services. which is the stealing of something that isn t a physical item. This charge also may be related to fraud or bad checks.

Penalties for Theft in Texas

The punishment for the criminal charge of theft in Texas is relative to the value of the item stolen. Obviously, the more value the item has the higher the penalty for taking it. And if it is more than one item, all the values are added together for the purposes of punishment.

For example, you may be charged with shoplifting five DVDs. Individually, they may be worth about $20 each. But added together, the total of the theft is $100, and that raises the seriousness of the punishment.

Penalties for Theft

5 to 99 years in a state prison and/or a fine of not more than $10,000

Those punishments can also be enhanced under certain conditions. For example, Class B and C misdemeanor theft charges increase one level if you have a previous theft conviction, and a Class A misdemeanor becomes a state jail felony if you have two previous theft convictions.

Also, the theft of some items such as firearms, or metals such as copper or aluminum are felonies, no matter the actual value of the items.

Shoplifting charges also automatically become more serious if you are caught using tools to defeat theft prevention devices, or if you are charged with organized retail theft. meaning you were working with others to steal items for profit.

However, in all likelihood, if you are charged with simple theft by shoplifting and are convicted or enter a plea, you probably will receive only community service and fines, as long as the value is low and it s a first or second offense. However, you are still stuck with a permanent criminal record which may never go away.

The fact of a permanent, public criminal record is the reason why most people hire a shoplifting defense attorney to fight the charges. Avoiding a criminal record in the internet age can save you tremendous headaches in the future. It could prevent you from getting a job, a scholarship or worse.

Civil Penalties for Shoplifting

The criminal shoplifting record for a conviction might not be the end of it, either.

A conviction for the criminal charge of theft frequently includes restitution to the victim, but Texas also has the Texas Theft Liability Act. This civil law allows the victims of theft to sue for damages and is separate from the criminal case.

The suits are typically used in shoplifting cases. The store will send you a letter demanding that you pay the value of the stolen item, as well as costs related to recovery. The law allows the victim to collect actual damages, plus up to $1,000 against an individual or actual damages, plus up to $5,000 against the parents or guardians if the accused shoplifter is a minor.

You should not try to face either the criminal charge of theft or a civil suit in a shoplifting case without consulting a Texas criminal defense lawyer who knows how to defend shoplifting/theft offenses. We can fight the case against you by challenging the reliability of eyewitness or accomplice testimony, and by questioning the legality of any searches by police or admissions you may have made to them.

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Personal Injury, Criminal Defense, and Workers Compensation Attorneys in Florida

Founded over four decades ago by world-renowned attorney and philanthropist, Johnnie L. Cochran (1937-2005), The Cochran Firm. with offices nationwide, has become one of our country s premier law firms specializing in:

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The Cochran Firm employs some of the nation s most talented, highly-respected, and gifted personal injury, criminal defense, and workers compenstation attorneys dedicated to providing quality legal representation to all people regardless of race, socioeconomic status, religion, age, or gender. Our injury and defense attorneys represent personal injury and workers compensation victims and defendents throughout South Florida including Miami, Ft. Lauderdale, West Palm Beach and Fort Myers.

At The Cochran Firm. The verdicts and settlements obtained by our criminal defense and personal injury attorneys in Miami, Ft. Lauderdale, West Palm Beach, Fort Myers and throughout Florida are proof of our decades-long track record of winning tough cases and bringing negligent and/or guilty parties to justice or making them compensate those they injured. The Cochran Firm s many offices throughout the United States reflect Johnnie s vision to have a diverse law firm which reflects society and is capable of handing cases throughout America. To honor Johnnie, we have done just that. At the current time, we have 28 offices throughout the country. and plans for expansion are already in the works.

Practice Areas

In the area of personal injury law. The Cochran Firm South Florida has represented countless motor vehicle accident victims many of whom suffered catastrophic injuries such as:

Our Miami Injury Attorneys offer a no-cost, confidential case evaluation, so we can hear the details of your case and advise you on how to proceed. If you have suffered due to someone else s careless behavior, we will fight tirelessly to get you the justice and the monetary compensation you deserve for having your life forever changed.

Our accident attorneys most often represent clients and their families who have been injured or killed due to:

We also have extensive experience representing South Florida claimants in Workers Compensation cases and can explain this very difficult process to you in language you can understand. These cases can be complex, and it is almost impossible to collect the benefits to which you are entitled unless you have a skilled Workers Compensation attorney on your side.

When it comes to criminal defense. our attorneys know Florida law inside and out. Our clients have been acquitted of charges ranging from Driving Under a Suspended License (Florida s most popular crime) to Murder in the First Degree. We defend the wrongfully accused, protect your basic civil rights, and help to maintain your freedom, career, and reputation. If you have been arrested, you know the havoc it can wreak on your personal and professional lives. The Cochran Firm South Florida has the experience, resources, knowledge, and dedication to get you through this trying time. Our criminal defense attorneys give each and every one of our clients the time and attention they deserve.

If you live in the Miami, Florida area, or in West Palm Beach, Ft. Myers or anywhere in South Florida, and are in need of an attorney who will fight for your civil rights, get you the compensation to which you may be entitled, and work to secure your freedom from prosecution, you have come to the right place. Please contact The Cochran Firm South Florida today to schedule a confidential, no-cost consultation.

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