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MailerMailer, The Best Email Marketing Service, Tools & Software for Small Businesses, create email


Email marketing made easy

An easy-to-use, professional email marketing platform

Trusted by over 70,000 customers around the globe

Create email newsletter

Create email newsletter

Create email newsletter

Create email newsletter

Create email newsletter

Create email newsletter

Create beautiful emails that drive powerful results

Start with one of our professionally-designed email templates. Just add your own logo and adjust the content to meet your needs. You’ll be ready to send your first campaign in minutes.

Create email newsletter

Build with drag and drop simplicity

Our new Drag and Drop Email Editor makes it easier than ever to create distinctive, mobile-friendly emails customized for your brand.

Customize your layout

Start with a predesigned template or a basic layout. Then drag and drop a variety of content blocks, inlcuding images, text, buttons, dividers, social icons, and more.

Adjust the styling

Adjust overall template styles as well as the styles of each template section (e.g., preheader, header, body, footer). You can also tailor the settings for each content block.

Send with confidence

We test our templates across 30+ desktop, webmail, and mobile email clients. You can rest assured your emails look great no matter how your recipients view them.

Manage and grow your audience

Import your current list or add our signup form to your website. Sort your list members by interest areas, demographics, location, and more. Then send targeted campaigns to each group. We’ll take care of any bounces and unsubscribes so your list stays clean and deliverable.

With MailerMailer’s easy list management, you can focus on creating your campaigns and connecting with your list members.

Create email newsletter

Create email newsletter

Track your success

Discover how list members interact with your campaigns. Our comprehensive reports show you who opened, who clicked, who bounced, and who filed a complaint. You’ll be able to identify your best subject lines, days and times to send, calls-to-action, and much more.

We’ll give you the insights you need to get the most out of your email marketing.

MailerMailer is very user-friendly. It makes the layperson look like an expert in managing email lists. Though there are other email marketing services, MailerMailer’s feature set and affordability combined with their outstanding customer support makes them really stand out as the best email marketing solution for businesses.

MailerMailer is a mainstay of our online marketing strategy. Their services are key to giving us the opportunity to engage with our customers and prospects.

Guy Wassertzug, CEO of InfoStructures Inc.

We requested a custom templates and MailerMailer’s team worked closely with us from the design phase through the launch phase. Sending out our branded emails on these templates has been easy and impactful. The reports are a valuable tool in helping evaluate the effectiveness of our communication efforts.

Kristen Koehler, The Universities at Shady Grove

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OHosti – Best Free Unlimited Hosting cPanel – Powerful Unlimited Free Reseller Hosting WHM


Free Unlimited Hosting cPanel

Free Unlimited WHM Reseller Hosting

Free Domain Name !

Free VPS Hosting (90 Days)!

OHosti Powerful Features!

Free Unlimited Web Hosting Features :

Flexible, Easy to Use Control Panel . Unlimited Bandwidth. Unlimited Sub Domains, FTP Accounts, and Email Accounts. 99.9% Uptime Guarantee Build your website using the latest languages including PHP, Ruby, PERL, Python, PostgreSQL, MySQL and more. We also provide SSH access on all Business Hosting plans and have enabled WP-CLI for easy WordPress management.

Why is Our Free VPS Hosting different than Shared and Dedicated?

With our OHosti VPS, you get an entire server. This is optimal for people that have very high traffic to their websites or need to setup their server in a very specific way. Not everyone needs to have a fully dedicated web server however. If you’re just getting started with your website, you can save quite a bit of money if you get a free small portion of the server. Shared hosting is when you share a portion of the server with other users rather than rent an entire server to yourself. If you are considering a dedicated server and are unsure if it is right for you, perhaps you will need to get Free VPS Hosting.

What is our free reseller hosting included?

Everything you need to get started is included in our Reseller packages for a single, no price (free) :

Free cPanel:
Unlike other hosting companies, we never charge you or your clients a fee to manage the content and setup of their websites. cPanel makes that easy.

Free Domains Resales:
Not only can you sell web hosting, our Reseller Program also gives you the ability to sell domain names.

We offer a variety of email protocols, meaning your clients can check emails anywhere, on any device, easily.

Free Backups and Installers:
We include the Softaculous auto-installer totally Free, so you and your clients can set up websites at the click of a button, and we back your sites up every 24-36 hours, automatically.

Frequently Asked Questions?

Why is it all free on OHosti? How do you earn?

We’ve been providing leading free cPanel hosting services with No Ads. All this is made possible by our Paid Dedicated Servers services, including upgrades for those who need more room for growth, as well as donations from our community of users.

How long will your hosting be free?

Forever! We have provided Paid Servers services since 2010 and we have been in free hosting business since 2009.

What are your guarantees?

1. Our hosting will always be 100% free!

2. We own all our servers and locate them in high quality data centers, so no one can shut down or reload any server with your data.

3. We utilise dedicated connections to ensure we can provide enough bandwidth for all our users.

Free Domain Name Privacy

Did you know that whenever a domain name is registered, The Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) requires your personal information be published in the WHOIS database? This includes your mailing address, phone number and email address!

With Domain Privacy Protection from OHosti Hosting we will make our information available to the public instead of yours. This can help protect you from potential spammers, telemarketers and even identity thieves. This wouldn’t cost you any thing only $0.00 annually! (Fully Free). Otherwise we would have to use the information we currently have on file for your account.

Your name will remain as the registrant contact so that you retain complete ownership of the domain.

You can register a free .com. net. org. tk. ml. ga. cf. gq (including Special Domains).

Domain Privacy Protection is available with all hosting accounts, including shared hosting, vps hosting, and our dedicated servers.

Create New Website?

Build your website in 4 easy steps:

  • 01 Login to Site Builder
  • 02 Select Web Template
  • 03 Publish to your hosting account
  • 04 Select web template search etc.

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How to Create an Excellent Business Plan #green #business

#business plan


How to Create an Excellent Business Plan

See how to craft the 3 most important parts of a business plan: the financial plan, the marketing projections and the executive summary. Before that, you must understand the concept of the plan.

A business plan is a management tool that acts like a guide when you need to plan a new venture, a market action or even expand your business. With a business plan in hand, an entrepreneur is able to better understand the situation they’re in, and will be able to determine which strategies to adopt in which moments, primarily when planning out their future actions.

Where to start?

To start out with, there aren’t any rules that should be strictly followed when creating a business plan and the entrepreneur shouldn’t be worried about failing or succeeding. The starting point should be defining your venture. The clearer the foundation, the easier it’ll be to continue the work you just started.

In general, a business plan comes with the following structure:

  • Details of the venture
  • Business sector
  • Products or services to be offered
  • Target audience or potential consumer market
  • Capital required
  • Monthly revenue estimates
  • Forecast of how long it’ll be before the invested capital can be returned
  • Partners and entrepreneurs involved, their positions, and a description of their respective jobs

Business Plan and Business Model

A lot of entrepreneurs have a hard time understanding the difference between a business plan and a business model. To a lot of people, these two documents look like the same thing. However, they are fundamentally different. The business model is an objective document that aims to present a thorough analysis of a company’s concept, so as to evaluate the very idea’s viability.

The business plan, on the other hand, is a more elaborate document that comprises all the information, calculations, and analyses that demonstrate the business’ viability. It should include the steps involved and the investment required to set up the company – alongside expenses, revenue, and return on investment forecasts. The business plan is important because it’s the document that can be given to potential investors.

Both documents should be drawn up harmoniously and should reflect the same strategic planning, seeing as the information contained in one will directly influence the other.

Financial Planning

Financial planning is another important point. With it, you can determine the expenses and investments involved in setting up and then keeping the business operational. You should also establish the working capital and where this capital will come from – you or a loan. In the financial plan, you should also include the profitability and the sales forecast, as well as the cost of production up until sale. These are indispensable to a business plan. They illustrate the financial situation of the future company.

Marketing Projections

One of the most important parts of the business plan is the marketing projections, because is in this section of the plan that you are going to show which ways your business will follow and how you ll manage to do that. For that to happen is important to have real data about you industry and is even better when you already have experimentations about sales and revenues per channel that you ll use.

If you want to make an excellent business plan, define the marketing and advertising strategy you intend to use. Evaluate your costs, which communication channels were chosen, and the return on each one.

Executive Summary

The third most important part is the executive summary. I suggest that you make an effort to fit this entire section in just one page. The thing here is that you want to keep the attention of the reader on the business plan and make him eager to read and analyse the rest, so be succinct as possible.

Temporal Horizon

The financial projection should cover a period of about 3 years. Beyond that point, it can be complicated to make realistic projections, especially in today’s rapidly changing market. If you’re in need of third-party investment, it might be necessary to create a plan with a larger temporal horizon (should the bank request it, for example). Even if the financial resources are coming out of your pocket, it’s still important to establish an initial strategy in order to make sure that the business functions properly and pays off your initial investment.

This post was written to present the reader with the basic concepts of a business plan. However, it’s important to remember that good ideas and a team that understands the business sector are essential to the success of your investment.

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How to create an invoice #business #cards #design

#business invoices


How to create an invoice

Last Updated: 7 July 2016

If you re providing a tax invoice, there are some things you need to include on it for it to be valid. Ensuring your invoices are correct and complete will help you claim your full tax entitlement.

Custom designed invoices

Voluntary standards apply to the layout of tax invoices to help make it easier for your customers to locate important information. If you plan on creating a custom design for your invoice, it s recommended that you follow these voluntary standards as a guide.

Features such as business logos, paper colour, font style, advertising and other additional content on your invoices are not affected by these voluntary standards.

For regular invoices (not tax invoices), it s recommended that you also use these standards as a guide, though you re not required to do so.

What to include in a tax invoice

Tax invoices must include at least seven pieces of information to be valid. Depending on the value of the invoice and what was sold, there may be more requirements.

For sales of less than $1 000, the seven details are:

  1. The words Tax Invoice must be used preferably at the top.
  2. Your identity as the seller, such as your business name or trading name. Contact details are optional, but recommended.
  3. Your ABN or ACN.
  4. The date the tax invoice was created.
  5. A brief description of the items sold, including quantity and price.
  6. The GST amount (if any) payable. You can display GST for each item in a separate column, or within the total price. If you choose not to display it separately, use a statement such as Total includes GST as this is needed for the next detail.
  7. The extent to which each item sold includes GST. You ll meet this requirement if you either:
    • show the GST amount for each item
    • clearly state that the total price includes GST.

Tax invoices for sales of $1 000 or more also need to show the buyers identity or ABN.

Examples of tax invoices

Check out the ATO s website for examples of tax invoices, including examples for the following scenarios:

How can I send my customers their invoices?

The way that you provide your customers with invoices is generally your decision. Depending on the circumstances, you could choose to send your invoice via post, fax, email, printable web page or provide it face to face.

Regardless of which method you choose, sending the invoice at the time of purchase is recommended to encourage prompt payment. If your customer requests a tax invoice from you, there is a requirement that you provide it within 28 days of the request. Your method of delivery should take this into account.

The method that you choose must also allow for record keeping requirements to be met.

Record keeping requirements

By law, you re required to keep business records for at least 5 years. Whether you keep printed or electronic records is up to you.

You need to keep all invoices for income you ve received and payments you ve made to others. These will help you prepare your Business Activity Statement (BAS), income tax return and other tax obligations.

Check out the ATO s Manage your invoices, payments and records for more information on these requirements.

Dealing with unpaid invoices

There are a number of ways that you can deal with unpaid debts and customer disputes. Read our managing unpaid debt page for helpful tips and resources.

You can also check out our case studies on payment disputes for independent contractors.

What happens if the tax invoice is incorrect?

If the tax invoice you sent is incorrect or incomplete, it s not a valid tax invoice. You ll need to replace it with a complete and correct tax invoice.

If you receive a tax invoice with missing information, you can still treat it as a valid tax invoice if you re able to find the information within other documents the supplier has given you. Alternatively, ask for a new one with the correct information.

Tips for invoicing

By following some simple tips, you can help boost your cash flow and reduce the risk of unpaid invoices. Try the following when sending your next invoice:

  • Include your payment terms on the invoice and ensure your customer is aware of them. For example, requiring payment to be made within 30 days of receiving a correct, valid tax invoice.
  • Be timely and predictable. Being prompt when sending your tax invoice ensures that you re paid as soon as possible. If you need to send invoices on a regular basis, try sending them at the same time of day so that your customer knows when to expect them.
  • Offer a variety of payment options and state these on your invoice.
  • Try sending your invoices via email. It can decrease the chance of your invoice being lost in the mail and help encourage a prompt payment.
  • Be detailed in your item description field. Being detailed and providing a full account of the product or service you provided can help reduce the chance of a dispute.

What to do.

Was this helpful?

Thanks for your feedback. If you have any ideas on how we can improve, we’d love to hear them.

Please provide your comments in the feedback form .

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Create Invoices, Estimates – Orders with Express Invoice #start #a #business #ideas

#free business software


Express Invoice Invoicing Software

Easy invoicing software to manage and track your billing on Mac or Windows.

  • Create invoices, quotes and orders quickly
  • Automate recurring invoices and templates
  • Easily add multiple users and enable remote access

Express Invoice lets you create invoices you can print, email or fax directly to clients for faster payment. The reporting functionality allows you to keep track of payments, overdue accounts, sales team performance and more.

Streamline your billing process and support multiple tax rates for multiple businesses—all with secure mobile access to iPhone and Android devices. Compatible with Windows and Mac, Express Invoice is available for download today.

Get it Free. A free version is available for home users or businesses with fewer than 5 staff members. Download the free version here. which does not expire and includes most of the professional version features.

Invoicing Software Features
  • Easily create invoices, quotes and orders
  • Customize invoices including logo, heading text, notes and more
  • Save or send invoices as PDF files
  • Email or fax directly from the application
  • Schedule recurring invoices
  • Automatically send statements to customers with overdue payments
  • Supports multiple tax rates for countries where required (e.g. Canada)
  • Supports invoicing for multiple businesses
  • Web access lets multiple users within the organization log in securely via the internal network or the internet
  • Secure, mobile access through the web interface (e.g. iPhone, Android)
  • Sync between your home computer, mobile phone, tablet or any device with the Express Invoice app
  • Reporting includes accounting, salesperson performance, unpaid invoices and more
  • Integrates with Inventoria to maintain inventory data across all aspects of your business

* The iPad and Android apps do not have the web access feature, instead install the desktop version for remote access and log in remotely using the Internet browser on mobile devices.

Invoice Software

Related Software

Invoice Program System Requirements
  • Windows XP/Vista/7/8/8.1/10
  • Works on 64 bit Windows
  • For earlier versions see Win 98 and Win 2000
  • Mac OS X 10.4 or higher
  • iPad version runs on iOS 3.2 or higher
  • Android version runs on 2.3.3 or higher
Download Invoice Software
Join Over 1.6 Million Users

“I have a small, freelance writing business and sometimes projects string out and I have to track my time and eventually send the invoice. I can do all that with this program, plus it will send bulk emails and print all the unpaid invoices when I want them or show me reports for a fast business overview. It does everything I need it to and turns out a nice, professional product.”

– JB, Small Business Owner

Purchase Express Invoice
  • Purchase Express Invoice online here

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Create Effective and Successful Business Presentations #business #management #salary

#business presentation


10 Tips for Creating Successful Business Presentations

By Wendy Russell. Presentation Software Expert

Business is all about selling — a product, topic or concept. When making a business presentation, the most important thing is to know your material. If you do not know everything about what you are selling, it is not likely that the audience will be buying.

Keep your audience focused and interested. Making effective business presentations takes practice, but with a few tips up your sleeve, you are ready to take on the challenge.

1. Use Key Phrases About Your Topic

Jacobs Stock Photography/Stockbyte/Getty Images Note – These business presentation tips refer to PowerPoint (any version) slides. but all of these tips in general, can be applied to any presentation.

Seasoned presenters use key phrases and include only essential information. Choose only the top three or four points about your topic and make them consistently throughout the delivery. Simplify and limit the number of words on each screen. Try not to use more than three bullets per slide. The surrounding space will make it easier to read.

Continue Reading Below

2. Slide Layout is Important

Make your slides easy to follow. Put the title at the top of the slide where your audience expects to find it. Phrases should read left to right and top to bottom. Keep important information near the top of the slide. Often the bottom portions of slides cannot be seen from the back rows because heads are in the way.

3. Limit Punctuation and Avoid All Capital Letters

Punctuation can needlessly clutter the slide and the use of all caps makes statements more difficult to read and is like SHOUTING at your audience.

Continue Reading Below

4. Avoid Fancy Fonts

Choose a font that is simple and easy to read such as Arial, Times New Roman or Verdana. Avoid script type fonts as they are hard to read on screen. Use, at most, two different fonts – perhaps one for headings and another for content. Keep all fonts large enough (at least 24 pt and preferably 30 pt) so that people at the back of the room will be able to easily read what is on the screen.

  • Dark text on a light background is best, but avoid white backgrounds — tone it down by using beige or another light color that will be easy on the eyes. Dark backgrounds are effective to show off company colors or if you just want to dazzle the crowd. In that case, be sure to make text a light color for easy reading.
  • Patterned or textured backgrounds can reduce readability of text.
  • Keep your color scheme consistent throughout your presentation.


6. Use Slide Designs Effectively

When using a design theme (PowerPoint 2007) or design template (earlier versions of PowerPoint), choose one that is appropriate for the audience. A clean, straightforward layout is best if you are presenting to business clientele. Select one that is full of color and contains a variety of shapes if your presentation is aimed at young children.

7. Limit the Number Of Slides

Keeping the number of slides to a minimum, ensures that the presentation will not become too long and drawn out. It also avoids the problem of continually changing slides during the presentation that can be a distraction to your audience. On average, one slide per minute is about right.

8. Use Photos, Charts and Graphs

Combining photos, charts and graphs and even embedding digitized videos with text, will add variety and keep your audience interested in the presentation. Avoid having text only slides.

9. Avoid Excessive Use of Slide Transitions and Animations

While transitions and animations can heighten your audience’s interest in the presentation, too much of a good thing can distract them from what you are saying. Remember, the slide show is meant to be a visual aid, not the focus of the presentation.

Keep animations consistent in the presentation by using animation schemes and apply the same transition throughout the presentation.

10. Make Sure Your Presentation Can Run On Any Computer

Use PowerPoint s Package for CD (PowerPoint 2007 and 2003 ) or Pack and Go (PowerPoint 2000 and before) feature when burning your presentation onto a CD. In addition to your presentation, a copy of Microsoft’s PowerPoint Viewer is added to the CD to run PowerPoint presentations on computers that don t have PowerPoint installed.

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How to create a WebStore #create #webstore


How to create a WebStore


Web Store

  • Log onto ADempiere with Admin Role
  • Go to the Web Store window and create New Record

For the purpose of our exercise, we will modify the following:

  • URL – valid FQDN i.e. http://www.yourdomain.com
  • Web Context – context root to web store i.e. /newstore
  • Stylesheet – aesthetics of the web store can be changed by modifying the specified file in Cascade Style Sheet (CSS) format
  • Price List – the range of products available to the webstore is restricted by the Price List and whether or not the product is
  • Web Parameter 1 – Site Logo i.e. Adempiere120x60.gif
  • Web Parameter 2 – heading on content page
  • Web Parameter 3 – HTML code to customize the vertical side bar
  • Web Parameter 4/5/6 – HTML code for footers
  • Click on the Record Info button on the bottom right of the window. Make a note of the W_Store_ID as you will need it later to complete the setup.

Application Server

  • Shutdown the Application Server

WebStore Template

The WebStore template is stored under the archive file $ADEMPIERE_HOME/lib/adempiereWebStore.war.

Creating the WebStore WAR files

  • Rename the directory adempiere.ear under the path $ADEMPIERE_HOME\jboss\server\adempiere\deploy otherwise that can be overwritten during RUN_setup
  • Run the silent setup (RUN_silentsetup ) to create WAR file for the New Web Store
  • Rename the newly created EAR directory from adempiere.ear to something like adempiereNEWSTORE.ear
  • Modify the new web context in file .\adempiereNEWSTORE\META-INF\application.xml
  • Modify the web store ID in the file .\adempiereNEWSTORE.ear\adempiereWebStore.war\WEB-INF\web.xml to point to ID# 1000000 (in this example only)

Application Server

  • Run Adempiere Server
  • Standard Adempiere Web Store

Product Images

  • Product images are definable from the Image URL field on Product window

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How to Make a Website on #how #to #create #an #e #commerce #website


Make a new beginning

Make a new website

Make a SiteRightNow

“I want to make a website, but I’m not sure where to start.”
“Why do some companies charge extra for everything?”
“How can I get on-line and accept credit cards right away?”
“I can’t justify spending a fortune on web development, when I’m not sure if my website will generate income.”

by Mitch Cohen – Webmaster
Sound familiar? Now, with SiteRightNow, you can make your own website for personal or business use without programming in a matter of minutes at a price that almost anyone can afford. I created the SiteRightNow control panel web builder to speed up my own web design to help small businesses who couldn’t afford an expensive web design project. My wife thought it would be a good idea to let the public use it! In August of 2000, we launched SiteRightNow.com. This summer we will mark 17 years on the Web. Thank you to all of our customers. Some of you are still with us from 17 years ago! We appreciate your continued business.

Customer Testimonial:
“The SiteRightNow software is so easy to use, we hardly ever need technical assistance. But the few times we do, our problem is addressed and resolved very quickly. When there�s any trouble at all, you get the kind of service that lets you know your issue is as important to them as it is to you. We�ve used SRN for more than ten years now�for all of our web sites�and we�re very comfortable telling anyone undecided that SRN is the way to go. Thanks for your great customer support.”
NAR Associates

Click On Customer Examples Below:

Our control panel works well for visually impaired and blind users, since it is more text based than other web builders. Blind and visually impaired users often use screen readers that read the text out loud. Here is a link to one of our customers who provides classified news for the blind and visually impaired:

On SiteRightNow.com, everything you need to make a web site is included:

  • Great for beginners! Anyone can do it. Just fill out simple forms with our classic control panel, and it makes your website.
  • Choose and register your own domain name (yourcompany.com) or use one you already own.
  • Make your own website, including an unlimited number of pages!
  • No Programming Required! Just fill in simple on-line forms with your information.
  • Build your own family website
  • Make your own personal website
  • Create your own e-commerce business website
  • Upload your own graphics or choose from our on-line library.
  • Make changes and updates to your web pages with ease.
  • Announce your website on the major search engines
  • Get marketing help and advice
  • Get as much free support as you need. Don’t worry if you are a beginner.
  • Even sell your products on-line with instant e-commerce.
    Check out the latest pricing along with more details..

We are proud that SiteRightNow.com was created with SiteRightNow!

Even though SiteRightNow takes care of all of your website programming, we know that there are do-it-yourselfers out there who enjoy learning how things work. Learn about how to make a website using programming and the HTML language by checking out

The information on this site includes a very good overview of HTML programming for beginners and a convenient reference for experienced programmers!

Here is a great HTML and CSS reference website that comes in very handy:

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ECommerce: Create Your Own eCommerce Site Without Any Coding #how #to #create #ecommerce #website


eCommerce: Create Your Own eCommerce Site Without Any Coding

This is a step by step course which will teach you from the very beginning to create a complete website. This course targets students who know nothing about web development and makes them web developers. After you are done with this course, you will be able to do these things:

  • Start your career as a web developer
  • Start your online business
  • Will have complete understanding on how to work on websites

And guess what? You don’t need to learn any programming language to build professional websites if you follow this course.

If you follow this course and can’t build a website on your own, i will be happy to refund you.

If you notice the time duration, then you will find out that this course only has 17 lectures with 16 video. Do you know the reason behind that? The reason is simple. I don’t want you to know about boring definitions about webhost, domain and similar terms. I want you to build things and thus, i did it with you in the course.

I built an eCommerce website from scratch step by step in this course and i can guaranty you that you can do the same.

If you have interest in digital stores, it is the best time to learn because the world is getting more and more digital.

See you in the group discussions.

Какова целевая аудитория?

  • Anybody who wants to build websites
  • Anybody who wants to start career in web development
  • Anybody who wants to earn selling products online
  • Anybody who wants to start an eCommerce store for their business

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