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Is comprehensive auto insurance worth it? What does comprehensive auto insurance cover? #comprehensive #auto


What does comprehensive auto insurance cover?

The first thing to do when considering comprehensive auto insurance – or any other type of insurance for that matter – is read the fine print. Some policies don’t cover certain kinds of damage, such as damage to GPS navigation or satellite radio systems that aren’t permanently installed in the car, while others cap the amount of coverage for these items [source: Maine Bureau of Insurance ].

A driver should also consider whether the car is likely to be exposed to hazardous conditions. A car parked on a busy city street, for example, is probably more likely to be damaged or stolen than one that is parked in a secure garage and, as a result, likely subject to a higher comprehensive insurance rate [source: Cadet ].

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Ultimately, the car’s value is the most important factor in determining whether comprehensive coverage is a good idea. In the event that a covered car is damaged, the most that this coverage will pay out is the cash value of the car at the time it was damaged, less the deductible amount. For a car that’s not worth much – perhaps because it’s old or banged up – the payout may be less than or equal to the cost of the insurance [source: Allstate ].

Consider for example a car worth $1,000 at the time that it is mauled by a cougar that escaped from the local zoo (or, more likely, stolen or damaged by a falling tree branch). If the owner has comprehensive insurance with a $500 deductible, the most the coverage will pay is $500. With comprehensive rates averaging about $113 a year, a driver who’s paid for the coverage for four or five years may get a payout close to what the driver has already paid in premiums. One common rule of thumb is that the annual cost of comprehensive auto coverage should be less than 10 percent of the vehicle’s cash value [source: Consumer Reports ].

In other words, the purpose of comprehensive auto insurance is to protect the value of the car from non-accident damage. If the value is already low, it may not be worth protecting.

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How to get the cheapest car insurance, without breaking rules – BBC Newsbeat #cheapest


How to get the cheapest car insurance, without breaking rules

Image caption The Queen obviously got a good deal

You’ll have probably noticed that insuring your car has become very expensive.

That’s because car insurance premiums have never been so high in the UK.

The average annual comprehensive policy cost £462 in the last three months of 2016, up from the previous high of £443 in spring 2012.

Sally Francis, an insurance expert from moneysavingexpert.com, has these tips on cutting your costs.

Image caption He shopped around

Shop around

“Always go to comparison sites, and go to direct insurers that aren’t on those comparison sites as well,” she says.

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How to save money on your petrol

Nick Grimshaw crashes car avoiding cat

“It’s not ‘one size fits all’ with this. You can get various different prices.”

Image caption Not a safe driver

Try a ‘black box’

Insurance companies tend to put younger drivers on expensive policies because they expect them to have accidents.

“If you’re a younger driver, you’re being tarred with [the same brush] as bad drivers; you’re put in that same pool,” Sally Francis explains.

To prove you’re not a bad driver, you can opt for what’s known as a black box policy.

The insurer installs a system – officially called telematics – in your car to monitor your driving.

These check your speed, acceleration, and braking, and whether you’re driving at higher risk times, like early in the morning.

Image caption These journalists would probably have to pay high premiums

Tweak your job title – but don’t lie

“Your job title can have a big impact on what you pay.

“Try and tweak it slightly. For example, if you’re a journalist, try putting ‘writer'” she says.

There are free online tools that let you compare insurance based on job titles.

Obviously, never lie – that’s illegal.

“You don’t want to tweak it to the point where you’re committing insurance fraud.”

Image caption Maybe the flame throwers weren’t a good idea

Don’t pimp your ride

Modifying your car with things like LED lights and a bigger exhaust might improve its look and value, but it’s likely to increase your insurance costs.

“Don’t modify your car. Adding extra spoilers, things like that, will hike up the cost of your car insurance.

“So keep it simple, especially in the first few years after passing your test.”

Image caption Find a responsible adult

Add a second driver

“Insurance is all about risk,” says Sally Francis.

“So if you’ve got that responsible second driver on your policy, it lowers the risk and in turn could lower the premium.

“But make sure it’s somebody that would reasonably drive your car.

“So if you’re living at home with mum and dad, then try adding mum to the policy and see if that could cut costs.”

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Online Medical Billing, Coding, and Administration Classes #online #medical #coding #and #billing #classes, #advocacy


Online Medical Billing Courses

Online Medical Billing, Coding, and Administration Classes

Did you know that the rate of growth in the medical billing and coding industry is expected to increase at a faster rate than most other occupations? Skilled medical billers and skilled coding technicians are in high demand. Your online training in billing and coding can help you find work in a variety of medical settings whether a private medical office or healthcare facility, a hospital or clinic, or even a claims examiner for insurance companies. If you’re interested in learning a new career, or advance within your current career, or maybe learn new skills to start your own home business, taking courses in our online classrooms is a convenient way to start your education.

Universal Class courses are a perfect fit for today’s fast-paced and busy lifestyles. The classes require no special software or hardware. You can study on your own time without the hassle of commuting or arranging your work schedule and finding childcare.

Previous Page 1 Next Page

Introduction to Medical Coding

ICD-10: Medical Coding

Medical Billing and Coding Course Bundle

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Why Universal Class?

UniversalClass.com offers over 5,000 hours of online continuing education training! Here’s a few reasons why lifelong learners prefer Universal Class continuing education courses:

  • Accredited by IACET – Universal Class, Inc. has been accredited as an Authorized Provider by the International Association for Continuing Education and Training (IACET)
  • Supportive Instructors !
  • Earn a Certificate of Course Completion documenting your CEUs and Contact Hours
  • Verify your CEUs and Contact Hours via unique certificate serial number on our service (great for employers)
  • Easy to use. Our online courses are the easiest and most fun courses available anywhere
  • Self paced. Go at your own pace. You do not need to be online at a specific date or time
  • Start right now. You can start the class right now by clicking on the button ‘Join this Course’
  • Extremely affordable. Pay one time for a course and you have 6 months to finish it. Or pay $189.00 for a yearly subscription and take any course you want . as many courses as you want (over 500 to choose from)
  • High quality courses. Since 1999, Universal Class has provided high quality continuing education training to over 600,000 satisfied students

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Collision vs #what #is #comprehensive #car #insurance #coverage


Collision vs. Comprehensive Car Insurance

Collision and comprehensive insurance are two optional types of auto insurance where your insurer pays for repairs to your vehicle. While there are other optional auto insurance coverages, liability, comprehensive, and collision are three of the most common. These coverages work hand-in-hand to repair or replace most of the damages to your car. It’s important to know the difference, and make sure you’re adequately covered.

What is Comprehensive Insurance?

Comprehensive car insurance covers damages from an “act of God,” or events that are not caused by a car driving into something else. An “act of God” can include things like damage from a heavy tree branch falling on your car. Since you have no control over when or why a tree branch would fall on your car, this kind of accident would be covered under your comprehensive policy.

Types of Damages Covered Under Comprehensive Auto Insurance

Below are a couple examples of accidents and mishaps excluding fender-benders:

  • Natural disasters: storms, tornadoes, hurricanes, earthquakes, hailstorms.
  • Fire, civil commotions, explosions.
  • Vandalism and theft .
  • Damage from impacts with animals, such as a deer. Note: a crash from swerving to avoid animals will likely fall under collision.
  • Broken or shattered windows and windshield.
  • Falling objects.
  • A hit-and-run, if you can’t use uninsured motorist coverage.
  • Acts of terrorism.

Policies typically use vague language when referring to acts of terrorism, but they are generally insured by the comprehensive portion of your policy. For example, if there is an act of terror and you need to make a claim on your car, that can only be made if you have comprehensive coverage. Since some circumstances are out of our control, comprehensive insurance is certainly important to have in your policy.

What is Collision Insurance?

Whether your vehicle is involved in a crash with another vehicle or rammed into a fixed structure, you can rely on collision insurance to offer you coverage. Most car crashes and auto accidents fall under this kind of insurance policy. The following list includes a few examples of crashes that would be covered by collision insurance:

  • You crash into another car, or another car crashes into you while you’re parked
  • You drive into a stationary object, such as a tree, streetlight, or pole
  • You crash into a ditch or a pothole
  • Your car flips over

While there are a couple of benefits of collision insurance, the main one is that you can file a claim and receive reimbursement regardless of who was at fault. Collision claims usually get processed faster than property damage claims because the insurance company does not have to spend time investigating who was at-fault. Another benefit is that you only deal with your own insurance company, rather than another insurer with less incentive to pay for your claim. Collision insurance can also be used toward your rental car in most cases, which can spare you from having to buy rental car insurance.

The Difference between Comprehensive and Collision Insurance

The key difference in collision vs. comprehensive coverage is that, to a certain extent, the element of the car driver’s control. As we have stated before, collision insurance will typically cover events within a motorist’s control, or when another vehicle collides with your car. Comprehensive coverage generally falls under “acts of God or nature,” that are typically out of your control when driving. These can include such events as a spooked deer, a heavy hailstorm, or a carjacking.

Let’s use the aftermath of Superstorm Sandy as an example to illustrate the differences between collision and comprehensive. Within that storm, let’s consider two events that might have happened: 1) a heavy tree branch fell on your car, or 2) you swerved to avoid a falling tree branch and wound up crashing into a tree. In the first event, you had no control over when or why a tree branch would fall on your car. This kind of accident would get reimbursed under your comprehensive policy. In the second situation, you were driving the car and ultimately swerved into the tree, which makes it a collision, and collision insurance therefore pays for the damages. Events like the hypothetical ones stated above are why it’s important to differentiate between the two types of coverage.

Do You Need Collision and Comprehensive Insurance?

Collision and comprehensive insurance ensure you won’t be on the hook for any costly car damage so, for the most part, we recommend that most drivers have both. Even if you have property damage liability, it isn’t helpful in this scenario because it doesn’t pay for your car’s repairs. Get both coverages if:

  • You lease or finance your car
  • Your car is less than 10 years of age
  • Your car is worth more than $3,000

If you lease or finance your car, you may actually be required to have collision and comprehensive insurance. Your leasing agent will want to protect their investment, and to ensure there are sufficient funds to allow the vehicle to be repaired by the driver.

If your car is worth more than $3,000 and/or is less than 10 years old, we’d also suggest both collision and comprehensive coverage, too. Our estimates suggest drivers can buy comprehensive and collision insurance for an average of $600 to $700 per year (however, the cost may be higher for some cars), so you would spend $3,000 to $3,500 in premiums over five years. If your car is currently worth less than $3,000, you will have spent more on insurance than your car is worth. You can obtain the estimated value of your car from sites like Kelley Blue Book and Edmunds. Once you have both the value and a quite for coverage, you can determine whether collision insurance will be worth it.

Collision claims are usually a bit higher than comprehensive ones, according to the Insurance Information Institute (III), but both are above $1,000 on average. In 2015, about 6% of drivers with collision insurance filed a claim that was on average worth $3,350, while 2.73% filed a comprehensive claim that was worth $1,671.

Getting Just Comprehensive Insurance

There is a case to be made for getting just comprehensive and not collision insurance, even if your car is not valuable. Comprehensive covers you for a lot more perils than does collision–including, most importantly, against theft. Regardless of the value of your car, having it stolen is a major inconvenience. Even if your car is worth only $2,000 at the time of the theft, and your insurer gives you $1,500, that sum would go a long way in buying yourself a new vehicle. As we discuss in more detail below, comprehensive insurance generally costs no more than $200 per year, so a $1,500 reimbursement would make the coverage valuable.

How Much Do Collision and Comprehensive Coverage Cost?

To calculate the added cost in purchasing comprehensive and/or collision coverage we looked at annual insurance quotes for a 30 year old male from New York across four different insurance companies, and the ten best-selling vehicles in the US. We look at the range of rates you could pay from basic liability to policy plans with comprehensive and collision coverage. Collision typically costs more than comprehensive, although some companies require you to carry both rather than just one. Comparing quotes across at least three companies can get you lower car insurance rates .

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What Comprehensive Car Insurance Does Not Cover #comprehensive #coverage, #auto #insurance #coverage


What Comprehensive Car Insurance Does Not Cover

Car insurance is designed to provide protection to drivers while they are on the road. Car insurance has several benefits for drivers and each state has a minimum level of coverage that is required for driving. Collisions and other things can happen on the road or to a car that cause damage to the vehicle. When a vehicle is damaged, most people turn to the car insurance that they pay for to compensate for the repairs. Comprehensive coverage is one of the most popular forms of car insurance because it covers the most types of damages. This type of coverage is also generally required when a driver still owes money on the car. There are some things that comprehensive auto insurance coverage does not cover, and it is important to understand what those things might be.

There are a few different levels of comprehensive coverage that cover different things. In general, the lowest form of comprehensive insurance is liability and collision insurance levels combined. This means that up to a certain dollar amount, the damage to a vehicle will be covered financially even if that driver is responsible for the collision. The liability portion of the insurance is what will cover the cost of the expenses for the other driver. This does not cover things like weather damages and does not help when another driver is uninsured or underinsured. Uninsured motorist and underinsured motorist protection are separate forms of coverage that are sold at higher degrees of comprehensive insurance.

A higher level of auto insurance coverage can be chosen to include uninsured and underinsured drivers. Higher levels of coverage can also include medical payment coverage as well as property damage. These are not covered on standard levels of comprehensive insurance. This means that if a driver were to hit something like a light pole, that driver would be responsible for payment of the damages rather than the insurance company. Medical payments are only covered for other drivers in normal forms of coverage. Medical payments and personal injuries can be taken care of by adding that specific form of coverage to the policy.

One popular feature that must be added on is loan payoff and roadside assistance. These things are not covered with comprehensive insurance and must be purchased in addition to the policy. With the extra loan payoff option, the car insurance company can pay the remainder of the loan on the car if it is totaled in a collision. Roadside assistance is generally used for towing after an accident. Roadside assistance, loan payoff, personal injury, uninsured motorist, and all of these other options are not included in comprehensive auto insurance. Speak with an insurance agent about more extensive coverage.

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Different kinds of Vehicle Insurance in Saudi Arabia ~ Life in Saudi Arabia #comprehensive


Need for Vehicle Insurance in Saudi Arabia

It is very important in Saudi Arabia to cover your vehicle with the vehicle insurance. In the below lines, we have explained some reasons why it is very much important to insure yourself and your vehicle. If you want to check the validity of your vehicle insurance, please click here.

High Mortality Rate

Saudi Arabia is one of those places where accident ratio is very high so you should never ever even think to drive your car without vehicle insurance. According to Arab News. 19 people die daily in Saudi Arabia due to road accident. It means 1 out of every 86 persons die in Saudi Arabia every 5 years due to road accidents in Saudi Arabia. If you are driving car without vehicle insurance, you are actually putting yourself in high risk. This is just mortality rate which is in the cases of severe accidents. Number of normal accidents is at least 20 times more than that.

It is an Islamic rules that if someone is died due to you, accidently or intentionally, you will have to face the consequence which may lead to death. Now this point should be noted that even if someone died in a road accident and it was not even your fault, still then you will have to pay the blood money. According to recent calculations made by Saudi Government, Blood Money (Diya) is set to be SR 300,000/- for unintentional cases and SR 400,000/- for murder cases. It is actually value equivalent to 100 camels. If you don t pay blood money. you will be hanged to death. Now just think, if you are not insured and more than one person dies in a road accident involving you, how would you arrange money?

Claiming Blood Money for someone who has died in KSA is not an easy task to perform. I have explained it in this article for your ease. “Death Compensation Procedure “

Third Party Insurance

This insurance is must for your vehicle. It covers the other party in case of accident involving your mistake. Now days, coverage of insurance companies is enough to provide for blood money of 3 persons. When getting the vehicle insurance for your vehicle, make sure to check how many persons are covered in it. What is the coverage amount? Coverage amount in case of third party insurance which my friend booked was SR 10 million. If you want to see the list of approved insurance companies in Saudi Arabia, click here List of Approved Insurance Companies .

Special Tip: You are going to insure the other party s vehicle in case of accident involving your mistake. It means other party will have to look for the insurance claim. So, even if you take the insurance policy of some low rated company for the lower rates, it will be perfect for you. There is no need to contact insurance companies with premium rates like Tuwaniya.

In comprehensive insurance, both parties are covered in case of any accident. If your vehicle is damaged in case of accident involving your fault, your insurance company will provide you all the repair and maintenance. People purchasing new cars should take comprehensive insurance. Normally insurance companies don t insure your vehicle for comprehensive insurance if it is more than 10 years old. If you want to see the list of approved insurance companies in Saudi Arabia, click here List of Approved Insurance Companies

You can also add some features in your vehicle insurance by paying some more money. These features are;

  • Provision of a courtesy car if the insured vehicle needs repairing
  • Roadside assistance and recovery services
  • Off-road driving (in an off-road vehicle)
  • International cover when driving in Bahrain, Qatar or other Gulf Co-operation Council countries

Special Tip: You are going to insure your vehicle in case of accident. It means you will have to go through all the processes of claiming the money. Now you should look for a well reputed company since your personal stake is involved. Even if you have to pay some more money, you should pay it for some premium insurance companies.

Documents Required for Insurance

Following documents are required to be submitted to the insurance company if you want to insure your vehicle in Saudi Arabia.

  • Valid passport
  • Iqama (residence permit)
  • A valid driving licence
  • Istimara (vehicle registration)
  • Proof of vehicle ownership
  • Proof of any no-claims discount

I am highlighting again, you should check for the clauses of blood money in the insurance policy before signing it.

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Health – General Liability Insurance #insurance, #car, #auto, #home, #house, #rental, #dwelling, #fire, #hazard,


Don’t worry about your insurance. That’s our job.

With all the challenges facing organizations and families today, no one has time to become an insurance expert. You need an experienced team who can analyze the options open to you and suggest the best alternatives for your needs. Then you’re in a position to make a knowledge-based decision. That’s the kind of team you’ll find at Cole, Paine Carlin Insurance Agency, Inc.

Insuring Your Car
How much car insurance?

Everyone is unique, so it’s hard to know if you have the right coverage without talking to a licensed agent. Request a quote or call us for help.

Personal Umbrella Policy
Get additional loss protection

Your current homeowner and auto insurance may not cover you fully in the event of a catastrophic loss. Learn more .

Home improvement: It’s a never-ending process for many people, and for those of us who aren’t necessarily handy, it can be a hassle, too. But there are plenty of simple maintenance tasks and other improvements you can handle to make your home. read more

Quality Insurance
Coverage you can trust

With several of the largest and most respected companies, we’re confident we can find the best coverage and rates for you.

Get the Right Insurance to Meet Your Needs

Some individuals feel buying insurance of any type is a waste of money, especially if they don’t end up using it. However, this is a faulty way of thinking. In most cases, buying business insurance in Oklahoma City, OK. will ensure you don’t meet financial ruin if disaster strikes. Insurance is even more important for businesses. At the Cole, Paine and Carlin Insurance Agency, you will get the help you need to find the right insurance that will best meet your needs.

Take Care of Yourself and Your Employees

When you own a business, you need to hold general liability insurance so you can protect yourself and your employees. This type of insurance will ensure you are covered for many situations, including accidents. In addition to providing the general liability coverage your business needs, you will also need to provide health insurance in Oklahoma City, OK. Our experienced agents can help you choose the right health plan to fit your budget and give your employees the coverage they need.

Protect Your Business

General liability isn’t the only way to protect your business. You will also need business insurance to protect your business from the dangers of losses, as well as business auto insurance. We specialize in the kinds of commercial insurance your Oklahoma City, OK, business needs to ensure you can continue to operate, even in the face of disaster. Our qualified agents will work by your side to make sure you get exactly what you need.

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Hill – Usher #accident, #arson, #auto #insurance, #bid #bond, #boat, #bond, #bonding, #bonds, #burglary,



As trusted advisors to thousands of businesses and individuals throughout the nation, Hill Usher’s professional team of agents, account managers, support technicians, and other personnel all make the customer experience at our agency unique and special. We represent many of the nation’s premier insurance companies, including:

Acuity, AIG, Allianz, American Liberty, AmTrust Insurance, Badger Mutual, CHUBB Group of Companies, CBIC, Copperpoint Mutual, EMC Insurance Group, Encompass, Fireman’s Fund, Foremost, Great American, Guard Insurance Group, Hanover, Hartford Financial Group, Liberty Mutual, Metlife Auto Home, Midwest Family Mutual, Nationwide, Progressive, Republic Indemnity, RLI, Safeco, Secura, Seneca, Sequoia, State Auto Financial Group, Travelers Property/Casualty, Union Standard/Berkley and United Fire Group.

Interested in starting a CAREER with the Hill Usher Team?

Please click here for more information about Hill Usher and to submit your information to us!

Hill Usher launches instant online rating platform for personal Automobile and Homeowners insurance coverage

We are pleased to offer individuals in Arizona the ability to obtain immediate premium quotations from multiple insurance carriers through our online pricing engine. Please click here to start your quotation today.

Hill Usher also now offers instant online rating AND BINDING for insurance coverage while you are traveling in Mexico!

Arizona’s ABC 15 News Features Richard B. Usher, Hill Usher Principal

Most insurance carriers rely on a consumer’s credit score when determining an insurance buyer’s final rate for home or auto insurance. Like claims history, moving violations, age, sex, marital status, zip code and other factors, a “credit score” is considered by many insurance companies to be a strong predictor of future losses. Is this practice of running one’s credit fair to the insurance consumer? Do you have to provide your social security information to an insurance agent in order to purchase coverage? Are their discriminatory concerns? Does every state permit credit scoring?

In August 2009. ABC 15 contacted Hill Usher’s Richard B. Usher to weigh in on the topic of credit scoring. Click HERE to view the story and video interview.

Focused on Workers’ Compensation

Workers Compensation costs are on the rise in Arizona. Average rates have increased 50% for some employers since 2004.

Hill Usher partners with business large and small by providing competitive Workers’ Compensation policies. View our recent success by clicking here .

Our team of Workers Compensation experts includes former insurance company executives, loss control examiners, claims adjusters, and policyholders.

Whether your firm pays $1,000 per year or $100,000 per year for this coverage, call on Hill Usher to reduce your costs year after year, by:

(1) Managing your claims, including subrogation recovery.

(2) Assisting you with your safety program, early return to work initiative, or on site training programs.

(3) Watching your Experience Modifier.

(4) Providing you with the most cost effective solution, among a variety of insurance carriers, year after year.

For more information, please contact us. Or complete a brief profile online .

Established in 1995, Hill Usher Insurance Surety has grown from a small construction-only insurance agency into a full service agency protecting individuals and businesses working and living across the United States. Over the last fifteen years, the agency’s attention to automation, a quality customer experience, comprehensive staff training programs, and our relationships with the nation’s finest insurance carriers have attracted new clients whose lives and business have grown along with the agency. As the firms Managing Member, Richard B. Usher oversees the operations of the entire agency in conjunction with other management personnel.

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