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Harvard Business Publishing Company Overview #start #a #business

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Harvard Business Publishing Company Overview

Harvard Business Publishing (HBP) was founded in 1994 as a not-for-profit, wholly-owned subsidiary of Harvard University, reporting into Harvard Business School. Our mission is to improve the practice of management in a changing world. This mission influences how we approach what we do here and what we believe is important.

With approximately 350 employees, primarily based in Boston, with offices in New York City, India, and the United Kingdom, Harvard Business Publishing serves as a bridge between academia and enterprises around the globe through its publications and multiple platforms for content delivery, and its reach into three markets: academic, corporate, and individual managers. Harvard Business Publishing has a conventional governance structure comprising a Board of Directors. an internal Executive Committee. and Business Unit Directors.

The three market groups: Higher Education, Corporate Learning, and Harvard Business Review Group, produce a variety of media including print and digital (Harvard Business Review, Harvard Business Review Press Books, Harvard Business School Cases, Brief Cases, blogs), events (Participant-Centered Learning Seminars, Custom Events, Webinars), and online learning (Harvard ManageMentor, Leadership Direct, Online Courses, Simulations). Through these publishing platforms, Harvard Business Publishing is able to influence real-world change by maximizing the reach and impact of its essential offering—ideas. Read our corporate brochure to learn more about our business.

Higher Education
Business educators worldwide use course materials from the Higher Education group to add dynamic, real-life perspectives to undergraduate, MBA, and executive education programs. We also offer resources and seminars that support participant-centered learning, the cornerstone of a teaching practice that stimulates students’ thinking and prepares them for future managerial decision-making. The Higher Education web site expedites course planning and direct delivery of materials to students — including cases, articles, online simulations and courses.

Corporate Learning
Harvard Business Publishing Corporate Learning partners with clients to create world-class leadership development solutions for managers at all levels in global organizations and governments. We leverage the management insight, thought leadership, and expertise of Harvard Business School faculty and Harvard Business Review authors to provide solutions that are relevant to today’s most pressing business challenges. For more than 20 years, we have developed and delivered innovative, technology-enabled solutions that drive meaningful business results.

Harvard Business Review Group
Harvard Business Review is the leading destination for smart management thinking. Through its flagship magazine, books, and digital content and tools published on HBR.org, Harvard Business Review aims to provide professionals around the world with rigorous insights and best practices to help lead themselves and their organizations more effectively and to make a positive impact.

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Free Company Credit Report and Credit Check – Creditsafe #printable #business #cards

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Free Company Credit Report

Credit check one of your business customers for free

Creditsafe company reports are affordable, high quality credit reports giving you comprehensive information on your customers, suppliers and competitors.

The information within a Creditsafe report is updated daily and is sourced directly from Companies House, The Registry Trust, The London Edinburgh Gazette, Trade payment partners and a multitude of additional data sources from around the world.

Creditsafe company reports employ a system which rates companies from 1 -100 indicating the likelihood of a company entering insolvency in the next 12 months. High risk companies are highlighted in red whereas creditworthy companies are highlighted in green allowing anyone in the organisation to make informed decisions when extending credit or evaluating business opportunities.

To access a free company report simply complete your details using the form opposite.

Important Information: In order to receive your free company credit report you must supply a business email address and landline telephone number. Please note only one free report will be given per company.

What’s included in a company credit report?

  • Credit Rating Limit
  • Up to 5 Years Accounts
  • Full Director and Ownership details
  • Holding Subsidiary company details
  • Adverse CCJ Information
  • Payment performance information
  • Full registered company details
  • Companies House image documents
  • Email Monitoring and Updates

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Fleet Cars, Company Cars – BMW Corporate Sales #business #loans #rates

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Cookies on the BMW UK website

We use cookies to ensure that we give you the best experience on our website. If you continue without changing your settings, we’ll assume that you are happy to receive all cookies on the BMW UK website. However, if you would like to, you can change your cookie settings at any time. You can find detailed information about how cookies are used on this website by clicking on ‘Find out more’. Find out more

BMW 2 Series iPerformance Active Tourer

BMW 3 Series iPerformance Saloon

BMW 7 Series iPerformance

BMW X5 iPerformance

iPerformance Overview


BMW 1 Series 3-door Sports Hatch

BMW 1 Series 5-door Sports Hatch


BMW 1 Series

BMW 2 Series Coupé

BMW 2 Series Convertible

BMW 2 Series Active Tourer

BMW 2 Series Gran Tourer

BMW 2 Series iPerformance Active Tourer

BMW 2 Series

BMW 3 Series Saloon

BMW 3 Series Touring

BMW 3 Series Gran Turismo

BMW 3 Series iPerformance Saloon


BMW 3 Series

BMW 4 Series Coupé

BMW 4 Series Convertible

BMW 4 Series Gran Coupé

BMW 4 Series

BMW 5 Series Saloon

BMW 5 Series Touring

BMW 5 Series Gran Turismo


BMW 5 Series

BMW 6 Series Coupé

BMW 6 Series Convertible

BMW 6 Series Gran Coupé

BMW 6 Series

BMW 7 Series Saloon

BMW 7 Series






BMW X5 iPerformance

BMW X Series

BMW M2 Coupé

BMW M3 Saloon

BMW M4 Coupé

BMW M4 Convertible

BMW M5 Saloon

BMW M6 Coupé

BMW M6 Convertible

BMW M6 Gran Coupé



BMW M Models

BMW i3

BMW i8



Company Car Drivers

BMW Fleet & Business Sales offers company car drivers a strong range of products and services.

Fleet Managers

Everything you need to know about how BMW Fleet cars and services can benefit you and your organisation.

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Company Partners – find business angels, business angel investment, business partner, business funding and

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Business Partners, Business Angels and great business opportunities

If you are looking for a Business Partner. Business Angel investment or a Mentor this is the place to come.

You can access our sophisticated database of business partners, Investors opportunities directly through our secure system.

  • Find funding from our Business Angels
  • Contact others to join you as a Business Partner
  • Great business opportunities for Investors

Register now to get started

Need a Business Partner to bring additional experience, or a Business Angel with investment available? Or a Mentor to bring guidance and boost your management team.

Join now and contact directly our Business Partners. Business Angel Investors and Mentors .
With one membership you can do all three:

  • Find a Business Angel Investor
  • Find a Business Partner
  • Find a Mentor / Non Exec

Register now to get started

Business Angel Investors are special in Company Partners. You get FREE membership and easy to use facilities that help you find that golden business opportunity. You can select your own criteria and choose either with or without hands-on involvement.

  • Quick secure on-line search for opportunities
  • Automatch for new businesses for investment
  • Easy to use, simple to contact directly
  • 1000s of rewarding equity investments

Register now to get started

Dynamic businesses are looking for Mentors and NonExec Directors to boost their management teams and to help them grow.

  • Use your skills experience
  • Opportunity for pay or equity
  • Build a portfolio of interests

Register now to get started

See examples of members

Who uses Company Partners

Start-ups looking for a like minded Business Partner or Business Angel investment with contacts and experience, growing companies looking for expansion funding, Mentors with years of experience and Investors seeking an exciting and rewarding business opportunity.

Find out what the press and our clients are saying.

Successfully found an Investor through your site and cannot thank you enough!

Andrew – Stockings Romance

I have now found a business partner, the response was amazing.

Karen – Little People By The Sea

Our property development project has now got our Angel Investor thanks to your web site.

Margaret – Suffolk Development

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30 Catchy Catering Company Names #free #business #plans

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30 Catchy Catering Company Names

Calling all foodies! If you have a passion for making some delicious food and wish to turn that passion into money, then perhaps your calling is starting your very own catering company!

Catering Company Names

This is so important that it has its very own section! Choosing a name for a new business is not an easy task and requires a lot of thought, especially when it comes to catering company names. Here’s a few tips to consider when thinking of catering company names:

  • Clean: You will want to look for a name that sounds clean, because who would want to eat from a place that has a dirty sound? Keep it clean.
  • Professional: Especially important when dealing with brides! You want a name that gives the impression of absolute professionalism. Nobody will want to go to a company if their name makes them sound incompetent.
  • Your name: Feel free to use your name in your business name. Business sould stand proud in a sea of big corporations!
  • Food type: It’s more likely than not that you will be dealing with a specific taste of food, whether it’s Italian, Asian, or Latino cuisine. Make this clear in your name to make it easier for people to find you.
  • Event specialty: Many catering companies specialize in weddings but will also cater other events. Regardless, they often specify their main event types in their name to draw in that kind of business.

With all of these tips considered, let’s move onto some example catering company names:

Starting a Catering Company

Many events call for catering services, and the volume of business you wish to serve will determine if you will be able to run it out of your home by yourself or if you will need to hire a crew to serve food out of a professional kitchen. Events such as small parties can usually be handled by one, but if you plan on doing large events such as business meetings and weddings, you might wish to operate in a professional setting.

If you will be operating outside of your home, then you will need to find a good location! Ideal locations for catering companies are typically nearby other entertainment companies: DJs, photographers, etc. This is because when people are in need one of of those types of services, they usually need catering too, and how convenient it is to find one right next door! This will also enable you to build a relationship with other nearby companies, and offer discounted packages together as more incentive for business!

Regardless of where you decide to have your business, you will need the golden approval of the Health Department. Any kind of business dealing with food needs to be inspected to ensure you are following the proper protocol for food storage and handling, and also for cleanliness. Not only should you be in contact with them, but also with the state and county to register your business for tax purposes. Starting off on a good foot means not starting off with the IRS on your back!

Once you find your location, you will certainly need the right kitchen equipment in order to operate, right? Right! So begin looking for a supplier for your commercial equipment. This is where it becomes pricey, so if you don’t have a lot of money saved up for such expenses, I recommend that you either wait to start your business, hit the lottery, or more realistically, get a business loan. Also, look for a supplier for food, or join a bulk food-buying club such as Sam’s Club or Costco. This will help you save a lot of money off retail prices!

Start a Catering Business – Learn How to Cater

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Company Registration #stock #market #prices

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Company Registration

“A majority (more than 50%) of your firms’ equity (e.g. stock) must be directly owned and controlled by one of the following:

  • 1.1) One or more individuals who are citizens or permanent resident aliens of the US,
  • 2.2) Other for-profit small business concerns (each of which is directly owned and controlled by individuals who are citizens or permanent resident aliens of the US).
  • 3.3) A combination of (1) and (2) above.
  • 4.4) Multiple venture capital operating companies, hedge funds, private equity firms, or any combination of these, so long as no one such firm owns or controls more than 50% of the equity.

Note: This option is allowed only for SBIR awards from agencies that are using the authority provided in § 5107 of the SBIR/STTR Reauthorization Act (majority-VC-owned authority), 15 U.S.C. § 638(dd)(1).

*The venture capital operating company, hedge fund or private equity firm must have a place of business located in the United States and be created or organized in the United States, or under the law of the United States or of any State.

Note: If an Employee Stock Ownership Plan owns all or part of the concern, each stock trustee and plan member is considered an owner. If a trust owns all or part of the concern, each trustee and trust beneficiary is considered an owner.”


“The size requirement: An SBIR/STTR awardee, together with its affiliates, must not have more than 500 employees. Is size determined by revenue for SBIR/STTR? No, for SBIR/STTR, size is determined only by the number of employees. There are no revenue limits. What is the definition of an employee? For the SBIR/STTR programs, an employee includes all individuals employed on a full-time, part-time, or other basis. This includes employees obtained from a temporary employee agency, professional employee organization or leasing concern. SBA will consider the totality of the circumstances, including criteria used by the IRS for Federal income tax purposes, in determining whether individuals are employees of a concern. Volunteers (i.e. individuals who receive no compensation, including no in-kind compensation, for work performed) are not considered employees. See 13 C.F.R. § 121.106(a).”

OMB No. 3245-0356; Expires 01/31/2019

Agency Micro-sites

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Business Credit Cards – All The Best Company Credit Cards #business #lookup

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Promoted Navigation

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Compare business credit cards

Credit cards for business use feature a host of benefits including travel insurance, cashback, free additional cardholders, 0% on purchases and itemised billing.

Business credit card guide

What is a business credit card?

A business credit card is simply a credit card that is issued to a limited company or sole trader, as opposed to an individual consumer. It can be used as a way of facilitating staff spending, helping cash flow or even to temporarily finance operations.

How do business credit cards work?

Business credit cards work much like conventional credit cards in that borrowers will be given a credit limit and the balance can be paid off over time, subject to a minimum amount being paid each month.

You can also choose how many credit cards you want on your account depending how many staff you have or how many staff members you want to issue a card to.

Just like a personal credit card, a better business credit score will usually net you a better interest rate or other benefits such as interest-free periods, reward points or cashback.

But it s worth noting that business credit card providers may also check your personal credit score which can also affect the outcome of any applications.

What types of business credit card are available?

As with personal credit cards, there are numerous types of business credit card available, each with different perks and interest rates.

For example, there are cards available with interest-free periods on purchases, which are a great way to manage cash flow if money is tight; while cards that offer rewards points or cashback are ideal you use it regularly.

Remember though, for a cashback deal to be worthwhile, you must ensure that you pay the balance off in full at the end of each month. Don t fall foul of the interest charges which can typically vary from between a representative annual percentage rate (APR) of 16% (variable) and 26% (variable).

Other common incentives include; free travel cover, free purchase protection and the facility to add additional card holders free of charge.

What are the advantages of business credit cards?

Business credit cards offer a convenient way to pay for goods or services and can be used when placing orders over the phone or online. There is also the added convenience of allowing staff to buy work related items without having to submit an expenses form.

In addition, you can use the card to monitor expenditure and specify a different credit limit for each employee that carries a card. And giving members of staff a company credit card will be seen by them as a mark of trust which is great as long as they don t abuse it!

If used correctly, business credit cards are also a great way to build your businesses credit profile and, provided you pay off the balance at the end of each month, you will have access to interest free spending every month.

Why use MoneySupermarket to compare business credit cards?

As with any financial product, when looking for a business credit card it s important to compare the different products out there to make sure that you get the right one to suit your needs.

For instance, if you regularly spend on your card and clear the balance at the end of each month, then a rewards or cashback card would be more beneficial to you than a card with an interest-free period on purchases.

Or if you are using the card to make a large purchase that you will not have paid off by time any interest-free periods end then you may be better going for a card with a lower standard rate.

And MoneySupermarket s business card comparison tool will instantly compare a range of business credit cards so you can make an informed decision on which card is right for you and your business.

In addition, if you use the Smart Search tool, this will look for which products are best suited to you and rate your chance of acceptance so you don t have to risk getting rejected for credit and it won t leave a footprint on your credit file.

Your personalised chance of approval

We’ve taken the details you gave, and used them to show you personalised scores to tell you the chance that your application for each card would be successful.

Why is this important?

Every time you apply for a credit card, a mark is left on your credit score. That means it’s better get it right first time. Your scores help you understand which cards you have the strongest chance of getting.

It’s easy!

The higher the score, the stronger chance you have of getting the card. If you see a very low score, you’re probably better off choosing a different card.

Consider a different card Not eligible 1/10 2/10 3/10 4/10 5/10 Your chances are good 6/10 7/10 8/10 9/10 9.5/10 You’ve been pre approved

If you see a high score, you can be fairly confident. The scores aren’t a guarantee, as acceptance of your application is at the sole discretion of the card issuer, but they should help guide your choice.

If you see a pre-approved score it may be subject to you passing additional ID and fraud checks by the provider.

In some cases, we will not be able to display a score for a product because we do not have enough information about the card issuer s acceptance criteria or we have not been able to match your details at the credit bureau.

We work closely with our partners to improve our eligibility scores for all products that are of interest to you.

We’re free and independent, as well as offering exclusive deals you can’t get anywhere else.

Moneysupermarket is a credit broker this means we ll show you products offered by lenders. We never take a fee from customers for this broking service. Instead we are usually paid a fee by the lenders though the size of that payment doesn t affect how we show products to customers.

Featured business credit cards – Sorted by APR

Apply for the cards below today or search all credit cards

You can rely on us

We’re here to help

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Some analysts question whether Office Depot plan will rejuvenate company – Sun Sentinel #business

#office depot business


Some analysts question whether Office Depot plan will rejuvenate company

Office Depot plans to close 300 more stores

Office Depot announced Wednesday plans to close 300 more stores nationwide over three years. CEO Roland Smith said the company is making good progress despite the disruption from the year-and-a-half long merger attempt with Staples.

Office Depot announced Wednesday plans to close 300 more stores nationwide over three years. CEO Roland Smith said the company is “making good progress” despite the disruption from the year-and-a-half long merger attempt with Staples.

Marcia Heroux Pounds Contact Reporter

Office Depot stock gets bounce but long-term turnaround in question

One day after Office Depot CEO Roland Smith offered his first glimpse at how he intends to turn around the Boca Raton-based retailer, some industry analysts said they were, for the most part, not wowed by the plans.

They agreed, though, Smith had done what he had to do to boost Office Depot’s fallen stock.

Jefferies analyst Daniel Binder says Office Depot’s $250 million cost-savings plan, announced Wednesday, does little to really reinvent this company.

In his report on the retailer on Thursday, Binder said a second round of store closures 300 on top of the 400 already closed is, not surprisingly, part of the the new strategic plan.

Retail analyst David Marcotte said he also was not surprised by any of Smith’s cost-cutting or future plans. However, by initiating a dividend and announcing strategies that boosted the stock, Smith made a successful move to deal with investors in a very difficult market. At the end of the day, you have to take care of investors, Marcotte said.

Office Depot’s store of the future

Randy Vazquez / Sun Sentinel

Bethany Simpson, center, helps customers at the Office Depot in Margate on Wednesday. This location offers services such as professional printing and a business pro section that is designed to cater to business owners.

Bethany Simpson, center, helps customers at the Office Depot in Margate on Wednesday. This location offers services such as professional printing and a business pro section that is designed to cater to business owners.

(Randy Vazquez / Sun Sentinel)

Office Depot stock rose 6 percent on Wednesday and closed at $3.51, up 3 cents or 0.86 percent, on Thursday. The stock has a 52-week range of $3.11 to $8.09. In May, both Office Depot and Staples’ stocks plummeted after their failed merger.

Mike Baker, analyst with Deutsche Bank Research in New York, said in a report Thursday that Office Depot has a well thought-out and reasonable plan to improve their business trends. We think they are heading in the right direction.

Still, Deutsche maintains a hold on the stock because Office Depot continues to fight market-share losses that are leading to sales and profit declines. Jefferies also rates the stock a hold rating.

Beyond cost cutting, Office Depot also is launching Business Select, a special program to better serve small businesses; increasing its product line in janitorial and break-room supplies; and further investing in education-related sales.

Office Depot and Framingham-Mass.-based Staples ended their planned merger on May 16 after an 18-month challenge by regulators. A U. S. District Court judge gave the Federal Trade Commission a preliminary injunction to block the merger and Staples and Office Depot decided not to fight it.

Moving forward, Smith said one plan is to focus on smaller format stores with special services for small businesses and a curated selection of products. Four stores of the future have been rolled out, including one at 5500 W. Sample Road in Margate, he said.

Office Depot said it would expand the new format to 24 stores this year and 100 in 2017.

Marcotte said smaller stores are cheaper to run, with less labor, and easier to close if they don’t work out. The larger format stores that Office Depot currently has are expensive to close.

In its conference call Wednesday, Office Depot said it had expected a lower transfer rate of customers than the 30 percent it saw with the 400 stores it closed as of its second quarter.

While Office Depot swung to a quarterly profit compared with 2015’s second quarter loss, the retailer saw a 6 percent sales drop to $3.2 billion, compared with $3.4 billion in the same quarter in 2015.

Marcotte said rival Staples hasn’t instituted many changes since the merger failure, except dropping Staples Connect, its proprietary smart-home and office product. He said Staples already has smaller format stores.

Staples is scheduled to announce its second-quarter earnings on Aug. 17.

Longtime Staples CEO Ron Sargent stepped down June 14. Company veteran Shira Goodman was named interim CEO while executive recruiter Korn Ferry conducts a search for a permanent successor.

Office Depot lost one of its own top executives recently. Chief legal officer Elisa Garcia resigned, effective Aug. 17. Macy’s announced her appointment as its chief legal officer.

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Enhanced Small Business Investment Company #sell #a #business

#small business investment company


Main menu

Enhanced Small Business Investment Company

Enhanced Small Business Investment Company (ESBIC) makes debt and minority equity investments in U.S.-based lower middle market companies across most sectors. Investment professionals work closely with management teams to create innovative investment solutions and bring valuable experience and a broad professional network to provide added value to portfolio companies.

For more information about ESBIC, please contact


  • Senior secured loans
  • Second lien loans
  • Mezzanine term loans
  • Minority equity

Transaction Types

  • Growth capital
  • Recapitalizations
  • Refinancings
  • Acquisition financings
  • Buyouts


  • Invest $3 million to $20 million per transaction
  • Ability to invest larger amounts through our limited partner relationships
  • Sponsored transactions
  • Non-sponsored transactions

Company Criteria

  • Revenue > $10 million
  • EBITDA > $2 million
  • Headquartered in the U.S.
  • Sound historical financial performance


Enhanced Small Business Investment Company, LP (ESBIC), an affiliate of Enhanced Capital Partners, Inc. announced it recently provided $4.0 million in senior secured debt financing to HomeTown Oxygen. This transaction was one of four investments closed by ESBIC in the fourth quarter of 2012.

Enhanced Capital, through its SBIC fund, Enhanced Small Business Investment Company, LP, announced it recently purchased $9.0 million of senior subordinated notes issued by Masthead Industries, Inc. Masthead is engaged in the wholesale distribution of industrial and hydraulic hoses and fittings, hose assembly systems, and mobile repair service carrying over 46,000 SKUs. Enhanced s investment supports the acquisition of Hosepower USA, Inc.

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