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What is a Small Business Investment Company, small business investment company.#Small #business #investment #company

What is a Small Business Investment Company (SBIC)?

Small business investment company

Small Business Investment Company (SBIC)

A small business investment company is a private lending company which is licensed and regulated by the Small Business Administration (SBA). SBIC s offer venture capital financing to higher-risk small businesses, and SBIC loans are guaranteed by the SBA.An added advantage of SBIC s for small businesses is that, in addition to funding small business growth and more jobs, SBIC s offer management expertise and assistance to companies.

SBICs use a combination of funds raised from private sources and money raised through the use of SBA guarantees to make equity and capital investments in small businesses.

At the end of FY 2011, SBA had over $8.2 billion invested in 299 funds. Together with private capital of approximately $8.8 billion, the program totals over $17 billion in capital resources dedicated to America’s entrepreneurs.

The mission of the SBIC program is:

stimulating and supplementing the flow of private equity capital and long term loan funds for the sound financing, growth, expansion and modernization of small business operations while insuring the maximum participation of private financing sources

Qualifying for SBIC financing

To qualify for financing from an SBIC your business must meet the following criteria:

  • You must be a small business as defined by the SBA: businesses with tangible net worth of less than $18 million AND an average of $6 million in net income or less over the previous two years at the time of investment.
  • Your business cannot engage in foreign activities, and
  • Your business cannot be a prohibited business (re-lenders or re-investors; passive businesses; most real estate businesses; farmland; project financings, or businesses contrary to the public interest.)

Types of Financing

SBIC s may provide loans, equity, or a combination, depending on the circumstances.

SBIC s typically look for profitable businesses with sufficient cash flow to pay asPresensociated interest. If your business is not profitable, you would probably need sufficient revenue to qualify for SBIC financing.

Working with an SBIC

The SBA describes the steps in finding an SBIC:

1. Research SBIC s to find one whose investment goals fit with your small business plans.

2. Create a business plan for your meeting with an SBIC.

3. Present your business plan and proposal for SBIC financing. Before you present a plan, get information on the specific SBIC you want to approach, and try to establish a connection with that company.

For More Information about SBIC Lending

The SBIC section of the SBA website has information on SBIC lending, including a list of SBIC s on the SBA website.

What if My Business Doesn t Qualify for SBIC investment?

You may still be eligible for one of a number of SBA loan programs, including their signature 7(a) loan.

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Business News – China Economy – Company – China Daily #business #loans #bad #credit

#china business


Over 700 Chinese companies take part in 2016 IFA consumer electronics fair20:59 B20 summit starts in China’s Hangzhou20:33
UK expert: China will share its prosperity with the world19:53 China’s opening drive benefits all countries: Xi18:31
Stronger China-ASEAN cooperation benefits regional growth, peace, prosperity: Indonesian official17:26 China’s reform and opening-up a great process: Xi16:04
Xi’an launches China-Europe freight train service to Hamburg15:09 G20 Hangzhou summit reflects global recognition of China’s economic success: Russian economist15:08

Over 700 Chinese companies take part in 2016 IFA consumer electronics fair

Indonesian president calls on Jack Ma as economic advisor

VR brings thrills, pressure to entertainment industry

Commemorative G20 stamps a hit at media center

Top 10 trends in China’s internet development

Children explore science and technology at museum in Guangdong

Media center of G20 summit in Hangzhou

The mega merger between the top two ride-hailing service providers in China may hit a roadblock as the country’s antitrust watchdog says it is investigating the case.

European businessmen are considering buying stakes in more Chinese private companies and are calling for the necessary market-oriented reforms.

Home buyers will be required to submit fewer documents when withdrawing housing provident funds to buy apartments in Beijing, according to a circular.

The world was surprised by China’s double digit GDP growth since the opening-up in 1970s, but that economic path no longer fits the current situation in China, Wang Yiming, deputy director of the development research center of the State Council, said in an article published in the People’s Daily on Monday.

China’s Belt and Road Initiative offers promising opportunities for Sany Group to expand its global market, said president of Sany, the largest machinery manufacturer by revenue in China.

China’s major manufacturers of self-balancing scooters, also called hoverboards, formed a sector branch on Tuesday under the China Chamber of Commerce for Import and Export of Machinery and Electronic Products, aiming to build group and international standards to reenter the US market.

BYD Co Ltd, a major Chinese new energy vehicle manufacturer, posted a first-half profit increase of 384 percent to 2.26 billion yuan ($342 million) compared to the same period last year, mainly due to the increase in its new energy vehicle business.

Baidu unveiled its latest plans in the burgeoning field of artificial intelligence, including “Baidu Brain”, which simulates the human brain with computer technology, and a partnership with Nvidia Corp to develop driver-less vehicles.

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BusinessCar – Fleet and Company Car Hire News & Reviews #business #to #business

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Incorporating a Company #business #card #template

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Incorporating a Company

Articles of Incorporation

The Name

The articles of incorporation must set out the name of the corporation. Unless one wishes a numbered corporate name, a name should be approved prior to incorporation. All names must end with “Limited,” “Corporation,” “Inc.”, etc. See Corporate Name Approval .

The Registered Office

The location of the registered office must be stated in the articles. The street address need only to be stated in the Notice of Registered Office Form 3. (40 KB)

Class and Maximum Number of Shares

The principal function of authorized capital is to restrict the directors’ discretion to issue shares. While it is not necessary to place an upward limit on the number of shares that the directors of a corporation can issue, it is still possible to place a maximum number on them. The shares are to be without nominal or par value.

  • Common shares: this class of shares is usually free from conditions.
  • Preferred shares: this class bears special rights or restrictions with respect to voting, dividends and distributions on liquidation. This may include issuing dividends to preferred shareholders before issuing them to common shareholders.


There is no limit on the maximum number of directors permitted. Not-for-profit entities must have a minimum of three directors. Directors must be the age of majority which is 19. Form 6. (232 KB)

Restrictions if Any on Transfer Shares

Substantial advantages may be available to private companies by indicating in the articles that the corporation shall not have more than 50 shareholders subscribe for shares. This provision is a Securities Act requirement. Other provisions may include pre-emptive rights, restrictions on transfer of shares, etc.

Restrictions if Any on Business the Corporation May Carry On

This provision in the articles is optional, with the exception of corporations without share capital, which must file a Schedule A (8 KB) and a Schedule B. (4 KB)

Other Provisions, if Any

This section in the articles is optional with the exception of corporations without share capital who must file Schedule “B” which is referenced in this section.


The articles of incorporation can be submitted by a person known as the incorporator. If a body corporate is acting as an incorporator that company must be in good standing before the new entity can be incorporated.


By-laws are not required to be submitted with the articles of incorporation.

Business Taxation

Newfoundland and Labrador has one of the most favourable business tax climates in Canada. Our Corporate Income Tax rates are amongst the lowest in the country. Refer to the Department of Finance for more information.


Schedule of fees (70 KB) Prescribed by the Minister of Service NL for the Registry of Companies.

Adobe® Acrobat® Reader software can be used for viewing PDF documents. Download Acrobat® Reader for free.

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Own Your Own Direct Selling Company With K – B Small Business Opportunities and

#small business ideas for women


Explore one of the best business ideas for women

In Kaeser & Blair, I not only found a lifelong business partner, but I discovered one of the best small business ideas around!

I looked at a lot of business ideas for women, but none of them were appealing to me. Kaeser & Blair offers you the ability to make a substantial income while owning your own business and selling awesome products. What could be better than that?

The best small business ideas can be found with Kaeser & Blair

Many companies – direct sale companies in particular – promote themselves as being good business ideas for women. They may offer the ability to sell products that women typically enjoy selling, or offer flexibility and freedom that allow women to work around a hectic schedule or diverse set of priorities. Many of these small business ideas sound great, but just don’t deliver on their promises.

Kaeser & Blair business owners
discuss how to make extra money.

Kaeser & Blair is different. K
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How to Form a Corporation or LLC – Start Incorporating a Company #business #stationery

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How to Incorporate or Form an LLC

incorporate.com makes it easy for you to form a corporation or Limited Liability Company (LLC ) in any state. Most small business owners decide to incorporate to protect personal assets, gain credibility, and save on taxes.

How Do I Incorporate?

To get started incorporating a company, follow these simple steps below:

  1. Decide to incorporate. Before you set up a corporation, it’s important to understand the benefits of incorporating or forming an LLC. Knowing just what incorporating entails for you as a business owner – including financial and administrative expectations which may need to be reported periodically – can help you decide if incorporating is the right move for your company right now.
  • Select incorporate.com. It’s simple to form a corporation online. Rather than sift through endless piles of complicated paperwork and confusing terminology, we have helped countless businesses through the process of incorporation. Our thorough understanding of incorporation practices nationwide can assist you with making the process of forming a corporation as painless as possible.Learn why we think you will benefit from our services.
  • Choose a business structure. If you’re wondering, “Just how do I incorporate my business,” we will help guide you through the process and let you know what sort of business structure may best suit your needs of your corporation start up. C Corps, S Corps, and LLCs all provide different benefits. We can describe the differences which may help you choose the best structure for your company’s current needs and anything that arises in the future. Need more information about the differences between business structures? Check out our Business Comparison Chart .
  • Choose a state. Once you’ve decided that it’s time to start your own corporation, depending upon your company’s needs, you may want to incorporate in a state other than the one where your business currently resides. Additionally, some states have strict guidelines around unique names for corporations. When registering your corporation, we can help with naming that follows state guidelines. Get more information about choosing a state in which to start a corporation.
  • Choose a package. With a firm grasp of the options various company structures and states provide when forming or setting up a corporation, you’re well on your way to carving out a well-planned future for your new business. View our package options and begin incorporating a business online today.
  • Place your order. You can incorporate or form an LLC online or by phone with a Business Specialist at 800-818-6082 (toll-free) or 302-636-5440.
  • What Happens After You Place an Incorporation Order?

    Once you submit an order to start a corporation, we take care of the paperwork for you:

    • We assign your order to a Business Specialist, who will contact you if there are any problems with the preliminary name search.
    • We complete Articles of Incorporation (for a corporation) or Articles of Organization (for an LLC) on your behalf. A few states require us to get your signature on the completed documents before submission. Normally, we submit documents directly to the state.
    • We file your documents with the state in which you wish to start a corporation or an LLC.
    • We forward the state approval notice to you (generally within 5-10 business days, although turnaround times vary by state).

    Ready to Incorporate or Form an LLC? Check Pricing

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    Business Travel Company, Corporate Travel Management Services – CT Business Travel #small #business #lending

    #business travel


    Welcome to CT Business Travel

    CT Business Travel has become one of the UK’s leading corporate travel management companies. providing outstanding service is at the company’s core and this is reflected in our impressive portfolio of clients who continue to use and value our services year in, year out.

    At CT Business Travel we continuously invest in our teams and technology to allow us to provide an unparalleled Corporate Travel Service. Your account is closely monitored by a dedicated account manager and travel consultant team leader to ensure that your travel policy and expectations are met down to the last detail. Regular review meetings are held between you and our team to ensure you are getting the service and savings you require.

    Our ethos for a
    Modern Traveller

    We don’t ask you for contracts

    We source the best fares and give you the choice

    We focus on personal service and account management

    What We Offer

    Specialists in global business travel management

    Account based bookings – with no tie in

    Negotiated rates with airlines and hotels on your behalf

    Management reporting included as standard

    Enforcement of your travel policies

    Free online booking portal with customised staff controls, reporting and built approval process

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    Brandconnect – Australia s BEST Promotional Products – Company Gifts #financial #markets #today

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    Australia’s BEST Promotional Products & Company Gifts

    Brandconnect – Your No 1 Choice for Everything Promotional

    Even in today s digital world where almost everything is done online, having physical products featuring your company logo is still one of the best ways to build your brand.

    Whether you need to promote a company, institute, organisation or group, Brandconnect is guaranteed to have a high quality branded promotional product to suit your marketing requirements.

    Fast and Effective Brand Building

    The power of having your logo and company name on pens, t-shirts, bags and thousands of other great items, is not to be underestimated. Not only will your brand s visibility be dramatically increased, it ll also help to increase brand loyalty, the chance of future sales, and help your staff to feel motivated, committed and valued. Simply put, incorporating promotional merchandise and company gifts into your marketing plan will quickly help increase your company’s chances for success.

    Superior Quality Promotional Products

    Simply having any old branded corporate stock isn t enough. It s vital that your promotional products are of the highest quality and with the most professional branding. That s where Brandconnect comes in.

    As Australia s premier supplier of branded corporate products and company gifts throughout Perth, Sydney, Brisbane and beyond, we pride ourselves on only providing the very best quality goods, guaranteed to make a lasting impression.

    Your company deserves nothing less than to be showcased on superior goods which will last, and most importantly, look great. First impressions are everything and Brandconnect understand that better than most.

    Why choose us?

    Having been in the business of supplying high-calibre corporate gifts across Australia in cities like Sydney, Perth and Brisbane for over 14 years we know what works. We ve compiled over 10,000 excellent products on our store which we know are popular and effective. We are also leading experts in customer service and our buying power means we can offer industry competitive prices.

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    Company Address Services from Company Address Limited #business #internet

    #business address


    Company Address Services for your business

    Virtual Office Address

    Mail Forwarding Address

    Registered Office Address

    About Company Address


    testimonial__item” data-cycle-auto-height=”calc” data-cycle-pager=”.carousel-pager”>

    The application process was so simple and the customer service is excellent. All of the staff are so friendly and helpful, particularly with individuals who run start-up businesses like myself. I would highly recommend this service to any other growing businesses looking for address services.

    Naomi, Peace Focus Entertainment

    Delighted with the service. Was set up within a matter of minutes and they have genuinely been so quick and efficient in contact.

    Not sure if they are happy for me to say this or not but I signed up for the registered address only and had nothing but official mail included in forwarding. Despite this, I received a one off letter from Google during my first week.

    They emailed me a notification and asked if I would be interested in upgrading my package, I explained that this really was a one off and would have no need to for a more expensive service, they replied back instantly saying they completely understand and will forward it onto me free of charge! Fantastic service, would highly recommend to anyone.

    Marcus Sullens, DSG Group

    I have been in the process of setting up my corporation in Ireland remotely from New York since July of 2016. During that time I have found the services of Company Address to be prompt, courteous and effective. As anyone trying to accomplish this remotely will attest, having a service like this that you can rely on is very reassuring. I would highly recommend this company and service.

    Daniel O Sullivan, Gyst Technologies Limited

    Absolutely fantastic service highly recommended to others

    Chris Christou, Travelzoo.org

    I am delighted with the service we have received through Company Address. We receive our letters very promptly and any communication has been efficient and friendly. A great find!

    I have been using Company Address for over a year and have been impressed by their speedy service, and value for money. Highly recommend!

    Lee Ramsingh, Better Technology Consulting Ltd

    Great company, great service. Address was setup instantly and the price is very good for a London presence. They also scanned and emailed some postal mail for free even though it isn’t included in my service, that’s really nice! Thanks, Jacob- https://www.binaryoptionsexpert.net/

    Jacob Matthews, BinaryOptionsExpert.net

    i have been very pleased with the flexible and professional service offered by Company Addresss.

    We have been using this company for just under a year now. Company address have attended the companies requirements very professionally and worked with us to what mail can be scanned in and sent via email before being delivered via post. They are an absolute pleasure to work with!

    Lorraine, Liquid Screed Ltd

    I have been delighted with the quality of service I’ve received from Company Address and would recommend them without hesitation or reservation.

    Pani Bundy, Ace Fibreglass Roofing Limited

    good and reliable service, customer services are always prompt in their responses. Would recommend.


    Company Address have been very helpful. We would highly recommend them.

    James, Bond Beaumont

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    Captive Finance Company Definition #business #franchise

    #finance companies


    Captive Finance Company

    What is a ‘Captive Finance Company’

    A captive finance company is a subsidiary whose purpose is to provide financing to customers buying the parent company’s product. Captive finance companies can range in size from mid-sized entities to giant firms, depending on the size of the parent company. Their range of services can also vary widely, from basic card services to full-scale banking. A captive finance company can be a source of significant profits for the parent organization.

    BREAKING DOWN ‘Captive Finance Company’

    A captive finance company is usually wholly owned by the parent organization. The best-known examples of such companies are the giant subsidiaries of the “Big Three” automakers, and the store card operations of large retailers such as Wal-Mart, Target and Sears.

    Due to the size and scale of their operations, the captive finance companies of the Big Three car manufacturers: General Motors Acceptance Corporation (GMAC), Chrysler Financial and Ford Motor Credit Company – are arguably almost as well-known as their parent companies. Note that subsequent to the bankruptcy of General Motors in 2009, GMAC underwent a name change to Ally Bank and rebranded as Ally Financial in 2010.

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