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Rollins College, Winter Park, FL, business ideas for college students.#Business #ideas #for #college #students

business ideas for college students

Business ideas for college students

Make Tomorrow Happen

When Florida needed a college, we founded one. We’re entrepreneurial like that. More than 130 years later, we’re still hard at work, preparing a new generation of leaders to meet the challenges of the 21st century.

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Business ideas for college students

Rollins Undergraduate

Live, study, and flourish in Rollins’ innovative learning community and develop the expertise to succeed as the world evolves.

Business ideas for college students

Rollins Evening

Earn your bachelor’s or master’s degree with the flexibility of a nontraditional program at Rollins’ Hamilton Holt School.

Business ideas for college students

Graduate School of Business

Advance your career with MBA, Executive DBA, and continuing education programs at Rollins’ Crummer Graduate School of Business.

Behind the scenes of SPARC Day

Rollins’ annual day of service introduces you to the power of service learning and connects you to our community and our mission before classes even begin.

An immersive experience

Dive deep into challenges facing communities in our backyard and around the world on immersive weekend and weeklong experiences led by Rollins faculty and staff.

With you every step of the way

Meet Rollins’ Peer Mentors, second-, third-, and fourth-year Tars who work their tails off to make your #RollinsLife amazing from Day 1.

21 reasons Tars love Winter Park

From the community vibe to award-winning restaurants, find out what it’s like to be a college student in one of America’s hippest towns.

A human-powered education

In a Rollins classroom, everyone has a voice. With our small class sizes and discussion-based approach, you not only have a seat at the table, you help shape the direction of your education.

Business ideas for college students

Behind the scenes of SPARC Day

Business ideas for college students

An immersive experience

Business ideas for college students

With you every step of the way

Business ideas for college students

21 reasons Tars love Winter Park

Business ideas for college students

A human-powered education

Rollins Results

From our innovative curriculum to our commitment to career services, find out how Rollins prepares our graduates to lead meaningful lives and forge productive careers.


What’s life like at Rollins? See for yourself through your future classmates’ Instagram and Twitter adventures.

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Get a firsthand look inside the Rollins experience at one of our Discover Rollins open houses this fall. You’ll explore campus, learn more about admission and financial aid, meet our professors and students, and much more.

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  • Business ideas for college students

Rollins Ranked No. 1 MBA in Florida

Forbes magazine has named Rollins’ Crummer Graduate School of Business the top MBA program in.

  • Business ideas for college students

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  • Business ideas for college students, business ideas for college students.#Business #ideas #for #college #students


    Business ideas for college students

    Business ideas for college students

    Business ideas for college students

    Business ideas for college students

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    Business ideas for college students

    Business ideas for college students

    Business ideas for college students

    Business ideas for college students

    Business ideas for college students

    Business ideas for college students

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    Mayland Community College is located in the beautiful Blue Ridge section of the Appalachian Mountains on the Avery/Mitchell county line just outside the town of Spruce Pine.

    Mayland has been serving Mitchell, Avery, and Yancey counties for over 40 years.

    MCC’s 2017 Trick or Treat Spooktacular welcomed guests to the

    Mayland Events

    In The Spotlight

    2017 Spooktacular contest winners

    MCC’s 2017 Trick or Treat Spooktacular welcomed guests to the Mitchell Campus on October 26. Trick-or treaters participated in a candy trail, with games and activities and many joined the costume contest. Winners of the costume contest were in the Ages 0-6 years old category was Colton Phillips, age 2, as Grave Digger and in the Ages 7 up category was Colby Fisher, age 7, as Tonto. The Trick or Treat Spooktacular MCC Department table contest winners were Student Services who recreated scenes from the movie Grease.

    Business ideas for college students

    Mayland Community College is located in the beautiful Blue Ridge section of the Appalachian Mountains on the Avery/Mitchell county line just outside the town of Spruce Pine. Mayland has been serving Mitchell, Avery, and Yancey counties for over 40 years.

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    6 Startup Business Ideas for College Students #business #account

    #business ideas for college students


    6 Super Startup Ideas for College Students

    It s no secret that today s college graduates struggle with joblessness and underemployment in record numbers. And with the price index for college tuition climbing almost 80% in the last 10 years, many of these grads find themselves crippled by loan payments as well.

    To help ease the burden, a number of college students are opting to launch their own startups while still in school. Not only does starting a business limit debt liability, but it also allows students to benefit from practical business experience as well as the insight and support of their college professors, all while taking advantage of marketing opportunities that come with living on a college campus.

    Here are five super startup ideas for college students looking to make ends meet.

    1. Tutoring

    The savvy entrepreneur knows that the business you launch should reflect your unique skill set. As a college student, you may want to consider tutoring other students in your area(s) of expertise.

    While many schools offer free tutoring, these services are often available on a limited schedule. By starting a private tutoring business, you can offer sessions in the evenings and late at night when college students are often cramming.

    Of course, once your tutoring business takes off, you can target a wider market. If you live in a college town, consider posting fliers in local libraries and shops; many parents would love to find a current college student who can help their high schoolers with application essays. You can also advertise your services online and through social media, or you can simply solicit referrals from people around campus. And because tutoring businesses have little to no overhead, almost all your income will be profit.

    2. House and Apartment Cleaning

    College students aren t exactly known for their cleanliness. However, if you are skilled with a scrub brush, you may be able to earn a small fortune cleaning apartments and houses around campus.

    Start by offering your services to friends, family and university faculty, and expand to the larger community once you ve built a reputation. With many of the larger cleaning companies charging high rates for their services, college students may be able to get a jump on the competition by offering lower prices.

    Another benefit of a cleaning business is that it requires little to no startup costs. Just store a few cleaning supplies in your dorm room, or ask customers to supply their own products in exchange for a lower price point. If your business takes off, you can even consider taking on other students as staff and expanding your services to a commercial setting.

    3. Transportation and Delivery

    If Uber drivers earn cash by providing travel services within their communities, then why can t the average college student do the same? Uber classifies its drivers as independent contractors, so in a sense, simply becoming an Uber driver makes a college student a small business owner. But there are seemingly innumerable opportunities for transportation-based businesses.

    If you own a car and live in an area where public transportation leaves something to be desired, consider launching a transportation and delivery business. From taking students to the local Target, to delivering takeout from nearby restaurants, the possibilities in the transportation industry are virtually endless.

    If you re capable of lifting a few pounds, you can also consider expanding your services to help students move in and out of campus apartments and dorms. With the average move costing $1,170, your profits can add up fast.

    Unlike the first two startup ideas, however, transportation businesses may require considerable startup costs and overhead. On top of that, many jurisdictions require specific licenses and insurance coverage for commercial transportation services; as such, be sure to check with your local chamber of commerce or transit authorities for compliance and licensing requirements before launching a commercial transportation business.

    4. Web Design and Development

    Tech majors, take note: college students can earn serious income by starting a web design and development business. From simple projects like logo designs, to complete website revamps, various opportunities exist for the web designer who is skilled in HTML and other site-building platforms. And if you already have the computer and necessary software, startup costs tend to be minimal.

    For the truly ambitious, you might want to team up with other students to launch your own site or application. This will require a significant commitment in terms of hours, startup costs and overhead, but as the college-aged founders of Facebook, Google and Apple will tell you, a chance at success in the tech industry is definitely worth it. And even for those non-tech-savvy students, simply having an idea and a buddy with development skills can translate to tech success.

    If you’re just starting off as a freelance designer or developer, start by advertising to your professors and fellow students who may have parents or other relatives in need of website help. After you ve earned a few great testimonials, you can expand your reach to the larger community. As an added bonus, you can do the majority of the design work from the comfort of your own dorm room.

    5. Marketing

    Like tech students, marketing, advertising and even creative majors can get their careers started early by offering services to local shops and businesses. Even savvy writers and art majors can offer design or copy services to create marketing materials for locals.

    You may want to start by creating a webpage and social media profiles that highlight your skills. Then, you can reach out to local businesses to offer services ranging from social media management, to blog writing, to logo design, to AdWords management and more.

    Students may also want to consider affiliate marketing. in which businesses offer commissions for word-of-mouth and online leads or sales. Affiliate programs can be found online through sites like Amazon Associates. Commission Junction. LinkShare and ShareASale.

    6. Personal Training

    Anyone who s set foot on a college campus knows that the meal offerings can be less than stellar. With all the carbs and late-night snacks they re consuming, students are often seeking easy ways to lose a few pounds. If you re a health and fitness aficionado, you may want to consider starting a personal training business based in your college campus.

    From holding early morning yoga classes on the quad, to helping students make a plan for better eating, you can earn extra cash while contributing to the greater health of your peers. And because many trainers operate out of their clients homes, you won t need to spend your hard-earned cash on office space.

    With tuition rates skyrocketing, many college students are struggling to make ends meet while earning their degrees. Instead of taking on thousands of dollars in student loans, consider starting one of the above businesses to help support yourself during college. Not only will you finish school with less debt and extra cash, but you can also add this experience to your resume for an invaluable leg-up on the competition come graduation.

    Liked this article? We think you will enjoy these recommendations.

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    Business – Accounting – Full-time program – Georgian College #business #contracts

    #business accounting


    Business – Accounting

    Program description

    This program introduces students to the various functional aspects of business in general, and accounting in particular. Graduates are able to apply computer, communication, and mathematical skills and employ management accounting techniques to support accounting activities, including the maintenance of accounting records and the preparation of financial statements and individual tax returns.

    Why study Business – Accounting at Georgian?

    Our instructors excel at finding interesting and meaningful ways to explain even the most complex accounting principles.

    Our grads get hired in small businesses, financial institutions, government offices, non-profit organizations, manufacturing firms and more!

    Admission information

    Admission requirements

    OSSD or equivalent with

    • Grade 12 English (C or U)
    • any Grade 11* or 12 Mathematics (C, M, or U) *Minimum of 60% in Grade 11 College or University level Mathematics (MBF3C or MCF3M)

    Admission details

    You must meet ONE of the following requirements to be eligible for admission to these programs:

    Secondary school applicants:

    • OSS Curriculum: OSSD or equivalent with Grade 12 English (C) or (U) (ENG4C, ENG4U); plus any Grade 11* or 12 College level mathematics (MBC3C, MAP4C or MCT4C) or 11* or 12 University level mathematics (MCF3M, MCR3U, MCV4U, MCB4U, MGA4U, MHF4U or MDM4U). (*Minimum of 60% in Grade 11 College or University level mathematics MCB3C, MCF3M or MCR3U)

    Non-Secondary school applicants (19 years or older):

    • Any credit Communication course and most credit mathematics courses taken at Georgian College
    • College preparatory programs including those taken at Georgian College: Business Foundations*
    • Equivalent courses in English and mathematics taken through secondary school or Independent Learning Centres (at the general, advanced, college or university level)
    • Academic and Career Entrance Certificate (ACE) program with communications and business, apprentice or technical mathematics*
    • Mature student testing in English and mathematics that meets the minimum standards for admission (available through most testing services)*
    • Ontario High School Equivalency Certificate (GED)
    • English, Literature or Communication credit courses and most mathematics credit courses from accredited colleges/universities

    Home school applicants:

    • Applicants can write the mature student testing in English and mathematics that meets the minimum standards for admission (available through testing services)*

    * available from Georgian College. For a complete listing please contact the Office of the Registrar.



    Mandatory Courses

    ACCT1000 Financial Accounting Principles 1
    MKTG1000 Introduction to Marketing
    MATH1002 Mathematics of Finance
    BUSI1001 Introduction to Organizational Behaviour
    ACCT1001 Financial Accounting Principles 2
    ACCT1002 Computerized Accounting
    ECON1000 Microeconomics
    COMP1003 Microcomputer Applications
    ACCT2001 Intermediate Accounting 1
    ACCT2003 Cost Accounting 1
    LAWS2000 Business Law
    ECON2000 Macroeconomics
    STAT2000 Statistics 1
    ACCT2002 Intermediate Accounting 2
    ACCT2000 Cost Accounting 2
    FNCE2002 Taxation
    ACCT3004 Acctg Information Systems
    FNCE2010 Financial Management
    HURM1000 Human Res. Mgmt. Foundations

    Communications Courses

    To be selected at time of registration from the College list, as determined by testing.

    General Education Courses

    To be selected from College list

    More job success

    More connections

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    Best College Startups #small #business #start #up

    #business ideas for college students


    16 Great Startups College Students Are Working On Right Now


    Incredibly high profile successes by young founders like Mark Zuckerberg have made founding a startup an increasingly attractive career path for college kids.

    Schools know it, and more and more of them are creating accelerators, competitions, and classes designed to get student ideas off the ground.

    As a result, students aren’t waiting to graduate to get started, they’re using their connections at school and the support they’re getting to create fascinating startups. We’ve collected 16 of our favorites.

    These aren’t just another set of apps. Some of these students found business prospects in the most unlikely of places, like a roll of toilet paper. And others, like Gabrielle Palermo, started college with the idea of becoming a doctor but figured out a way to convert her dream of helping people into a business of potentially global proportions.

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    College of Business #business #networking

    #business colleges


    You have unlimited possibilities for success at Tennessee State University. We’re a leading institution of higher learning and provide students with the opportunity to experience academic and personal growth. You’ll receive instruction from top-notch faculty and be immersed in research, service learning, and student life activities, including internships, cultural, and study abroad opportunities.



    Our world-class faculty will teach you how to apply what you learn in the classroom to real-world situations. As a student, you will become a problem solver and critical thinker. You may begin the admissions process by submitting your application. The university also assists in providing information on financial aid services, work-study, fellowships and scholarships based on eligibility and other rules and regulations established by the agencies.

    Tennessee State University students go by the motto: “Think. Work. Serve.” But we also realize a little fun should be part of the collegiate experience to create a holistic approach to learning. With a variety of social, professional and civic clubs for students to participate in, there are many opportunities for you to share your time and talents and enjoy connecting with your fellow students to create the work-life balance needed for success in college and beyond.

    Tennessee State University counts on the generous contributions of alumni and friends to fulfill our mission of providing a top-notch, affordable education to the best and brightest students. Every gift, no matter the size, makes a difference. When you support TSU, you help provide critically needed scholarships, departmental support and other special project funding that benefits our students.

    Tennessee State University is engaging in cutting-edge research to address critical challenges in our society. Our research arm supports faculty and students by taking their ideas from conception to fruition in critical areas such as biotechnology, homeland security and agriculture, to name a few. Our Centers of Excellence encourage collaborative and experimental learning opportunities and help expand the boundaries of science, education and technology.

    Tennessee State University Athletics is part of the Ohio Valley Conference (OVC) NCAA Division Ⅰ and offers football, men’s basketball, women’s basketball, track and field, golf, tennis, softball and volleyball. We provide student-athletes with a positive academic and social environment to excel on and off the field. Our mission is to blend physical, emotional and intellectual development into one experience. We not only build winning-teams, but leaders in the classroom, in the community and in your profession of choice.

    Tennessee State University is a world-class university known for academic excellence, incredible students, inspiring faculty, exceptional value and an amazing campus and community. We invite you to learn more about TSU and our academic programs, admissions process, tuition and financial aid, campus visits, student housing and more.

    Tennessee State University is dedicated to helping students develop the skills needed for the real world. Our vibrant campus life, leadership opportunities, rigorous academic programs, access to scholarships and student services are just a few of the student services we offer. We are preparing career-ready professionals today for knowledge-based jobs tomorrow. The Tiger legacy continues with you.

    TSU loves parents! And we encourage you to stay involved with your Tennessee State University student. We strive to make the transition to college and beyond flow as smoothly as possible for everyone. We’ll keep you up-to-date on campus happenings through a monthly eNewsletter, a helpful Parent Guide and through many other programs and events. We’re here to help you and your student make the most out of your TSU experience.

    At Tennessee State University, our blood runs blue! We enjoy connecting, socializing and sharing news about the great things our alumni are doing across the globe. From our annual Homecoming celebration to donor events and volunteer activities, TSU alumni always find time to celebrate what it means to be a Big Blue Tiger. We welcome you back to campus anytime to rekindle your most memorable experiences.

    Welcome to Tennessee State University, located in the heart of Nashville, one of the nation’s most progressive cities! Whether you are here for your first visit, planning a campus tour or returning after many years away, TSU welcomes you to enjoy our facilities, hospitality and our unique history and contributions.

    Tennessee State University is proud to have 1,200 distinguished administrators, faculty and staff members as part of our team. With outstanding reputations for teaching, research and service, these professionals make valuable contributions to our community of scholars and ensure that TSU is a thriving public institution of higher learning.

    Our Story

    The College of Business is uniquely poised in the heart of downtown Nashville as a strong, robust, and expanding educational, entrepreneurship and research engine, positively impacting the entrepreneurial and economic tapestry of Nashville, the State of Tennessee, and the world. Through innovative teaching, research focused on contemporary business concepts, and a culture anchored by a commitment to service and life-long learning, the college’s approximately 900 undergraduate and graduate students are prepared by a dedicated and culturally diverse faculty for global economic success.

    The TSU College of Business Story.

    • The first business school in Nashville to earn dual accreditation from the most prestigious accrediting body for business schools in the world, the Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business (AACSB International )

    • Selected by the Nashville Scene Magazine in 2012 as one of the top 3 MBA Programs in Nashville. The TSU MBA offers concentrations in:
      • Accounting
      • Management of Information Systems
      • Finance
      • Supply Chain Management
    • Internationally recognized faculty, all holding doctorate degrees, published more than 400 scholarly works within the past 5 years.
    • New collaborative MBA program with Tianjin Polytechnic University in China.
    • The College edits, publishes, an international scholarly publication, The Journal of Developing Areas.
    • The College has a state-of-the art Financial Trading Room.
    • Bachelor of Business Administration Degree in:
      • Accounting
      • Business Administration
      • Business Information Systems
      • Economics and Finance
    • New Undergraduate Concentrations in: Hospitality Management, International Business
    • Globally recognized Supply Chain Management undergraduate and graduate programs
    • Two distinguished endowed Chairs of Excellence in Accounting and Banking Financial Services.
    • The College has strong corporate and business leadership support through our 5 boards of advisors.

    Our mission is to educate current and future business professionals through innovative teaching and research focused on contemporary business concepts for the global economy, complemented with a commitment to service and lifelong learning.

    How we see ourselves…

    The College of Business strives to achieve national and international prominence in educating current and future business professionals for the global economy

    When you choose the College of Business, you benefit from our small class sizes and the practical experience of our notable faculty. All full-time permanent faculty in the College of Business hold doctoral degrees and follow our guiding principles and core values:

    With flexible class schedules—day, evening, and weekend offerings—and innovative teaching that integrates business ethics, international business, and computer applications, you’ll be well prepared to compete successfully in the global marketplace, whether you travel around the world or find your niche in Nashville.


    Whether you envision a start-up from scratch or you have your sights on the C-suite of a Fortune 500 company, you can make your mark with a degree from our exciting programs.

    Preparing You for a Professional Career

    Windows Media Player is required to play the video above. Download and install now !

    Announcements Events


    Useful Links

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    Best College Startups #business #dictionary

    #business ideas for college students


    16 Great Startups College Students Are Working On Right Now


    Incredibly high profile successes by young founders like Mark Zuckerberg have made founding a startup an increasingly attractive career path for college kids.

    Schools know it, and more and more of them are creating accelerators, competitions, and classes designed to get student ideas off the ground.

    As a result, students aren’t waiting to graduate to get started, they’re using their connections at school and the support they’re getting to create fascinating startups. We’ve collected 16 of our favorites.

    These aren’t just another set of apps. Some of these students found business prospects in the most unlikely of places, like a roll of toilet paper. And others, like Gabrielle Palermo, started college with the idea of becoming a doctor but figured out a way to convert her dream of helping people into a business of potentially global proportions.

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    Top 10 Business Ideas for College Students #business #process #outsourcing

    #business ideas for college students


    Top 10 Business Ideas for College Students

    In the world today, the job market for fresh college graduates is becoming more and more unpredictable with each academic session that comes to an end. Many colleges and degree awarding institutions churn out graduates faster than the labor market can handle. Year after year, millions of college graduates join their pairs all over the world in search of jobs that aren’t just there. While the unemployment figures for college graduate continues to rise, finding the few jobs that are available for grabs has turned into a fierce competition among graduates.

    For college students and fresh college graduates who want to stand out on their own as young entrepreneurs in the 21 st century, here are the Top 10 business ideas you can start right out of college.

    1. Start your own “Mini” Real Estate Agency
    You can start your very own real estate business by offering property finding services to people who want a change of apartment or shop owners who want to expand their businesses to other locations. If you reside close to a college, you can also offer this service to college students looking for accommodation. The potential for making this business a success of this business is unlimited. All you need is some dedication. You can spend your spare time searching for vacant houses around your neighborhood and listing them on flyers along with your contact details so that people who are in need of such accommodations can get in touch with you.

    2. Become a Personal Coach
    If you were good at a particular sport while in college, then becoming a personal coach is another wonderful way to start a business right out of college. There are lots of people out there seeking to be trained in a new sport. Some just want to burn their idle time by trying out a new sport just for the fun of it. However the case may be, it’s your goldmine for a business opportunity. It doesn’t matter if you are giving swimming lessons to a kid or teaching a bank executive how to play tennis, becoming a personal trainer in any sport you are perfect in is another good business idea you can start right out of college.

    3. Setting up a Social Media Consultancy Agency
    Setting up a social media consultancy agency is another business idea you can start right out of college, especially if you possess excellent communication and marketing skills. Most small business owners often have to handle their own social media marketing, but with so much responsibilities and very little time to get things done, most of them outsource their social marketing needs to media consultants. As a consultant, you get to help them decide on the best strategies for their businesses, to create and post content for your clients target audiences, etc. The beauty about this business idea is that it is not restricted to small business owners alone, even large organizations outsource their social media marketing needs to consultants from time to time.

    4. Start a Tutoring service
    Setting up a tutoring service is another good business idea for any fresh college graduate who is looking to earn some money while still on the job hunt. If you were excellent in certain subjects while in college, you can make a lot of money by offering to teach people who are having problems with those specific subjects. You can tutor college students who are having problems in certain areas of their studies or high school grad students preparing for their SAT exams. Another wonderful way of expanding this wonderful business idea is by creating and packaging tutorial materials on your area of expertise and selling them online for extra profit.

    5. Start a Dog Walking and Pet Grooming service
    Quite a lot of people love pets, most especially cats and dogs. In fact there’s hardly ever a house you will come across in the United States without a pet. Many dog owners love their dogs and want them looking smooth, well-groomed and smelling nice. If you love handling pets and being around dogs, then you can start a dog walking and pet grooming service as a fresh college graduate. The remarkable thing about this business is that it requires little or no capital. All you need is your spare time and a few bucks advertising your services around the neighborhood.

    6. Start a Barbing and Hair Styling Salon
    If you are skilled in the area of barbing and hair styling, you can start a business of your own as a fresh college graduate by providing hair cuts or hair styling services to people in your neighborhood. Acquiring the skill to become a barber or hair-stylist doesn t take too long, and it’s a skill you can learn while in college or immediately you are out of college. The essential thing is being able to provide superb service to your customers time and again. You can even decide to take this business a step further by providing exclusive home services to clients who are either too busy or reluctant to hit the salon.

    7. Become a Personal Fitness Trainer
    In the society today, keeping physically fit and healthy is an essential part of maintaining a healthy lifestyle. However, due to their busy schedules, not many people have the time to visit the gym on a regular basis. As a fresh college graduate, you can set up your own business by being a personal fitness trainer to people who want to keep fit. Many would willingly pay for the services of a personal fitness trainer who will train them regularly at home. You will definitely find this business very easy to run, especially if you are passionate about health and fitness while you were in college. This is definitely another business idea you can start right out of college.

    8. Become a Content and Freelance Writer
    Thanks to the social media and new wave of digital marketing, many businesses are looking for skilled and creative writers to produce top-quality contents for their businesses and other media outlets. If you have a way with words and are passionate about writing as a fresh college graduate, then you can start your very own content writing and freelance service. If you are an excellent researcher with the ability to find and organize quality information about any area of interest to your clients, then this will also serve as a plus in building this business idea. Go ahead and check Freelancer.com ,Elance and Fiverr to see the most popular fields for contract work.

    9. Start a Home and Office Cleaning Service
    As a college graduate, you can make lots money from cleaning homes and offices by setting up your own home and office cleaning business. Most people, due to their tight schedules are often too busy to clean up their apartments and offices by themselves. A good number of them simply outsource this responsibility to other people so they can have time to focus on other aspects of their daily lives. This is another opportunity for you to start your own business by providing cost effective cleaning services to them.

    10. Selling Handmade Crafts
    Are you a graduate just right out of college, with a penchant for jewelry making, knitting or creating other small crafts? Selling these handmade crafts for profit on the internet is a very good business idea you can develop as a fresh college graduate. Once you can produce a lot of items quickly, you can open up an online storefront on ebay and sell your creations to the public. The amazing thing about this business idea is that the startup capital is extremely small. If you are able to purchase your materials in bulk from a trusted supplier and deliver orders on time, then you will surely be in profit in no time.

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    8 Easy, Low-Cost Businesses Any College Student Can Start #top #ten #business #ideas

    #business ideas for college students


    8 Easy, Low-Cost Businesses Any College Student Can Start

    Hi there, you can call me Aaron. I’m cofounder at livecube and I’m based in Greater New York City Area.

    Let’s face it: summer internships aren’t the best route for all students. Some with an entrepreneurial side and a business-savvy mindset just need more—both in terms of real-life experience and dollars. For students who want a high return, low barrier to entry, freedom to be their own boss and something that will look great on an MBA application, here are nine low-cost starter businesses that college students can start.

    Food Cart

    There are only three things you need to create a food cart: a cart/kiosk, a license to sell and food to cook. Sites like GigMasters.com offer food carts for rent across the U.S. or you could set up your own table. The key is to finding a good location such as near a college campus or shopping area. Permits range depending on the location. For instance, a permit in Philadelphia is $150, while a permit for New York City is $200. Hot dogs, baked goods and tacos sell well due to low-cost supplies and minimal labor.

    Avon Sales Rep

    If you’re good with sales and you want to be your own boss without the added costs of starting your own business, being a sales rep for Avon is a good bet. With just $10, you’re on the way to getting things started and unlike other direct sales companies, the starter kit is included in this fee. Set your own hours, a space for yourself in your house and run your business as you please.

    SAT Tutoring

    No one is more qualified to tutor prospective college students on the SATs than a college student who did well on it. SAT prep books cost between $20 and $30. Set aside money for advertising in your local paper and put up your own ads in public places. Set your hourly rate at a reasonable price. TestMagic charges $85 per hour while others go as high as $200 per hour.

    T-shirt Company

    Raymond Lei, creator of ooShirts. created his own custom T-shirt business while in college. If you’ve got a funny sense of humor or great design style, starting your own shirt company is a great venture. After you’ve drafted a few ideas, the next step is to find a printer. Depending on how many shirts you’re printing, costs can run high, but as long as the demand is even higher, you’ll continue to be profitable. Think about getting a stand at a local flea market or street festival to boost sales.

    Moving Service

    All you need to begin your own moving services is a moving truck, a valid license and some brawny friends. U-Haul trucks typically between $20 to 40 per day (plus mileage) and most movers charge about $200 to $400 for a local move. Advertise your “man with a van” service on Craigslist and on public bulletin boards. Also use the Web by posting on Facebook and Foursquare, as well as asking friends or clients to review your business on Yelp. You can also find dollies, hand-trucks, blankets, and other moving supplies on Craigslist.


    Starting your own babysitting service can be easy, as long as you invest in the proper resources and become qualified. First, obtain a childcare license which can cost up to $100. You should be first aid and CPR trained, and these certificates cost about $50 (though some places, like the Red Cross, offer this for free). Advertise your service locally, or on trusted babysitter websites such as Sittercity.com and Care.com. Your best chance of success is by having a flexible schedule, such as availability on evenings and weekends. Parents will be especially impressed with students majoring in education, child psychology or art therapy.

    Arts and Crafts

    If you’re an artist, selling your work can be the perfect entrepreneurial venture for you. You can set up a profile on Etsy and sell your work there, as well as at arts and crafts festivals and school campuses. It might be helpful to have a website you can direct people to for photos of your work and contact information. Look at the most popular items on Etsy and at craft fairs, such as jewelry, hats, clothing and other objects. And to keep costs low, look for materials that can be repurposed (and possibly even donated by local businesses—”reclaimed” is hot these days).

    Website Design

    Almost every small business wishes it had a better website. If you have skills and experience with HTML, WordPress, Flash or other site-building platforms (and some graphic design chops), you can freelance your work for a hefty profit. If you want a simple projects, logos can be sold for over $300 apiece. Create packages in which you offer bundled services, such as revamping a site and starting a blog for a flat fee. Build a portfolio of mock-up home pages and bring your iPad to prospect meetings to show it off.

    Did you have an enterprise to raise money for college?

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    Admission Requirements #requirements #for #college #admission


    Admission Requirements

    This section will give you 10 things you need to either know or do to apply. You can then use our checklist for first-year applicants to make sure you have all of the required elements together before submitting your application. Want more detail? Download and print our Freshman Application Instructions .

    1. Basic Requirements

    Before you get started, be sure that you have completed all the basic educational requirements outlined on the Freshman Requirements Chart.

    You will also need to decide to apply for early or regular decision. If Cornell is your first choice, consider applying under the early decision plan. Early decision applications are reviewed in the fall, and you will be notified in mid-December of Cornell’s decision. Before applying early decision, know that:

    • November 1 is the application deadline.
    • Early decision is binding. If you’re admitted to Cornell, you are required to withdraw any applications you’ve sent to other schools and send your enrollment deposit to Cornell by early January.
    • You can be admitted or denied during early decision as well as postponed to regular decision. Students whose applications are postponed to regular decision are no longer subject to the early decision binding commitment.
    • While early decision acceptances to Cornell are binding, students may be eligible to be released from the early decision agreement if the financial aid award does not make a Cornell education affordable for applicants and their families (must have applied for financial aid).

    Cornell University will honor any required commitment to matriculate which has been made to another college under an Early Decision plan.

    2. Choosing a College

    Applicants are not permitted to change the college(s) to which they have applied after they have submitted the application. Requests to change colleges will not be honored.

    3. Application

    Cornell uses the Common Application (CA) or the Universal College Application (UCA). both of which can be completed and submitted online. Students will choose one format to submit all required application materials. Please do not mix-and-match or duplicate CA and UCA submitted application forms.

    4. Application Supporting Materials

    In addition to the application, Cornell requires that you also submit the following forms. These forms can be found and submitted online at www.commonapp.org or https://uca.applywithus.com :

    • The School Report – Your counselor or designated school official should submit this form (or your school’s own report form) and your official transcript on your behalf.
    • Counselor Recommendation – Cornell requires a written statement from your guidance counselor or college advisor.
    • Teacher Evaluations – You are required to submit two teacher recommendations. Be sure to remind individuals writing letters for you to include your name and date of birth on all pages if they are sending them by mail.
    • Midyear Report – Submit the Midyear Report as soon after the application deadline as possible. We strongly encourage guidance counselors to submit this online too, so we can process your application faster. We understand that some students with schools on trimesters may not have any new grade information to report at the time of submission, and therefore do not need to send a Midyear Report.

    5. Cornell University Supplemental Information

    The Cornell Questions and Writing Supplement (CA) or the Cornell Supplement (UCA) is required of all applicants, as it includes important Cornell-specific questions and required essays. This information helps us match your intellectual goals to the Cornell college or school to which you’re applying.

    6. Official Transcript

    We require you to submit your official secondary/high school transcript(s) before the application deadline. This should be sent by your school online or can be mailed .

    7. Standardized Test Scores

    You must submit your scores for either the SAT Reasoning Test or the ACT. Some of our undergraduate colleges/schools also have specific requirements for the SAT Subject Tests. Review the Freshman Admission Requirements Chart to see what’s required. It’s your responsibility to make sure that you have taken the right Subject Tests. All required scores must be officially reported to Cornell from the testing agency by our application deadline. Note that Cornell requires students to submit all scores from SAT tests taken and does not participate in the College Board’s Score Choice.

    8. Application Fee

    Applications must be submitted with the $80 application fee in order to be considered. Submitting the application and the $80 online fee or fee waiver* begins the admission process and should be done as soon as possible to avoid delays.

    Cornell’s application fee is $80, and you are required to submit it with your Common Application. Please note that Cornell cannot process your application without the application fee or a fee waiver. Please follow the Common Application instructions. To apply for a fee waiver, please submit one of the following documents:

    • The Common Application fee waiver request completed by your guidance counselor/college advisor as part of the school forms process (online submission available at www.commonapp.org );
    • The College Board Request for Waiver of College Application Fee form (obtainable from your guidance counselor/college advisor if you used SAT Reasoning Test or Subject Test fee waivers) or the ACT Fee Waiver Form (obtainable from your guidance counselor/college advisor if you used ACT fee waivers);
    • The NACAC Application for Fee Waiver Form completed by your guidance counselor/college advisor;
    • A letter from your guidance counselor/college advisor, or representative from a social service or community agency, stating that the fee would cause financial hardship;

    If you cannot apply for a fee waiver by one of these methods, please contact the Undergraduate Admissions Office at 607.255.5241. Mail fee waiver documentation to: Undergraduate Admissions Office, Application Processing Center, East Hill Plaza, 349 Pine Tree Road, Ithaca, NY 14850-2899.

    9. Interviews

    Students applying to the architecture program are required to participate in an interview as part of the admission process and applicants to the Department of Art are encouraged, although not required, to have an interview. Beginning in August, students may visit aap.cornell.edu/admissions/interview.cfm or call 607.255.4376 to schedule an interview.

    For all other applicants, there is no interview process and we will not offer interviews for those who request them.

    10. Additional Submissions

    Finally, there are some other supplemental forms on the UCA website, like the Early Decision Agreement, an Arts Supplement, etc. These are NOT required and we advise you NOT to submit these additional forms with your application. However, some of our majors, like architecture and art, do require additional forms, portfolios, or design indexes. Review the Freshman Admission Requirements Chart to make sure you have all the required items for your intended major.

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