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Mercedes-Benz SL-class

Mercedes benz sl class

Mercedes-Benz SL-class

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2017 Mercedes-Benz SL450

This relic still has plenty of charm.

  • Jul 2017
  • Photography By ALEX CONLEY

Like a record player with a Bluetooth connection, the Mercedes-Benz SL is a relic from a bygone era with a modern twist. The SL has been part of the company’s lineup for more than 60 years with the same basic philosophy: a stylish, luxurious two-door with presence befitting its rich price tag. The current, sixth-generation SL was introduced in 2012 and received a facelift for the 2017 model year.

After getting our kicks in the over-the-top, V-12–powered AMG SL65 last year, we’ve now spent some time with this bottom-rung SL, the SL450. Replacing the previous SL400, the 2017 model gets more grunt to correspond with its badge uptick‚ an extra 34 horses from its twin-turbo 3.0-liter V-6 for a new total of 362 horsepower. More cylinders are available in the 449-hp V-8 SL550, the AMG-fettled V-8 SL63 with 577 horsepower, and the top-dog AMG SL65 with 621 horsepower. But the six-cylinder SL450 moves well enough to make these higher-powered versions seem overly indulgent—which, of course, is exactly why they exist.

Sweet Six

Regardless, this blown V-6, which mates with Benz’s latest nine-speed automatic, is plenty special. It produces a nice exhaust burble at idle and a pleasant metallic rasp as it revs. There’s a strong swell of torque in the midrange, and the nine-speed is both intelligently programmed and quick to shift. Sixty mph arrives in a reasonable 4.5 seconds, 0.1 second ahead of the SL400 and only 0.8 second off the pace of the SL65 that boasts twice the number of cylinders and exactly twice the pound-feet of torque—for twice the price. And, not that it matters much in a high-end roadster, but the SL450 impressed us with its efficiency, achieving a miserly 31 mpg on our 75-mph highway fuel-economy test.

The lighter weight of the V-6 in the nose—this 3850-pound SL450 weighed nearly 300 pounds less than the last V-8–powered SL550 we tested—also does wonders for the handling. Although it’s certainly not as nimble as a Porsche 911, the SL turns in sharply, feels supremely balanced, and carries its mass well through corners. The steering is accurate and confidence inspiring, although we wish for more road feel. Riding on Bridgestone Potenza S001 run-flat tires, staggered 285 millimeters wide in the rear and 255 in the front, the SL450 gripped the skidpad at 0.93 g and stopped from 70 mph in 159 feet—not quite sports-car territory but similar to the Lexus LC500’s numbers.

Best to Relax

Then again, we don’t expect the SL to turn in sports-car-like performance because, as always, this Benz’s prevailing character is that of a leisurely cruiser. The ride is compliant, and, with the retractable hardtop raised, the cabin is quiet and serene. Various driving modes are available, including a sharp-edged Sport+ setting that brings sharper shifts from the transmission and additional damping stiffness. But we preferred to stay in the more relaxed Comfort and slightly tauter Sport modes to preserve the plush ride quality and the powertrain’s refined behavior.

Even with its updated design, the SL deals in subtlety, lacking the flash and pizazz of cars such as the Jaguar F-type and the Lexus LC (and Mercedes-Benz’s own AMG GT). We’re divided on the freshened face, which looks more up to date than before but includes some strange shapes, while the droopy rear seems to emphasize the car’s large scale in an unflattering way. In this price range, too, we’d prefer more sumptuousness from the SL’s cabin, which looks dated and staid even compared with lower-end yet newer Benzes such as the C- and E-class. The central infotainment screen also is on the small side, although it’s easy enough to operate with the console-mounted control knob.

Finding Its Place

As much as we enjoy the SL with this entry-level V-6 engine, its price isn’t quite low enough to justify it as a bargain in this segment. Our well-equipped test car, with a $5050 Premium package and a $2250 Driver Assistance package, stickered just below the six-figure mark, at $96,075. V-6–powered F-types can be had for less, and the considerably snazzier Mercedes-AMG GT roadster, with 469 horsepower from a twin-turbo 4.0-liter V-8, starts at $125,325—a realistic proposition when shopping in this price stratosphere.

The Mercedes-Benz convertible lineup is crowded, including cabriolet versions of the C-, E-, and S-class, the smaller SLC roadster, and that top-dog AMG GT. The SL, while aging gracefully, is hardly a standout among those. But current rumors suggest that there will be a next-generation SL with a four-seat layout that will effectively replace the S-class convertible, which is expected to be discontinued. Clearly, the SL is one vestige of the past that Mercedes feels is worth preserving.

Highs and Lows


Lusty V-6, confident handling, surprising fuel efficiency.

Lacks pizzazz inside and out, sportier types would prefer an AMG GT.

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Academic Earth was launched on the premise that everyone deserves access to a world-class education. In 2009, we built the first collection of free online college courses from the world’s top universities. The world of open education has exploded since then, so today our curated lists of online courses are hand selected by our staff to show you the very best offerings by subject area. We also make sure there is something for everyone: whether you want to explore a new topic or advance in your current field, we bring the amazing world of academia to you for free.

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  • Pastry Diploma – Programme details #le #cordon #bleu #paris, #pastry #school, #bakery #school, #pastry


    Pastry Diploma

    Pastry training course presentation

    Le Cordon Bleu Paris has provided pastry training programmes for students from different backgrounds and cultures for more than 120 years. Le Cordon Bleu training programmes aim to teach students a comprehensive range of pastry techniques, which they can then apply to all types of cuisines. As such, these lessons provide the perfect opportunity to learn French pastry techniques alongside the best Chefs.

    Le Cordon Bleu Paris is a private higher education Institute which specializes in Culinary Arts training programmes leading to the title of professional Chef level 4 (A level or Vocational Certificate equivalent), recognized by the Commission Nationale de la Certification Professionnelle (National Commission of Professional Certification) (CNCP) and registered in the RNCP (R pertoire National des Certifications Professionnelles) (National Register of Professional Certification).
    Le Cordon Bleu Paris institute Pastry Diploma, which can be studied in a matter of months, is recognized around the globe by all those who work in the field and accredited in more than 10 countries.

    5 intakes per year: January, March, June, September and November

    Key Information

    Languages: French and English
    Duration: 9 months
    Price: 22 800 (fees include: uniform and equipment)
    Hours per week: 12 to 15 hours
    Entry requirements. candidates must be at least 18 years of age and must have obtained the French Baccalaureate or equivalent diploma.

    In France, a number of diplomas are available for working in the pastry field or as a pastry Chef, such as the CAP (certificat d’aptitude professionnelle) in Pastry Ice Cream – Chocolate Confectionery and Vocational A levels in pastry. Depending on their chosen training programme, students spend several years studying before embarking on a career in pastry.

    Throughout Le Cordon Bleu Pastry Diploma, students are trained in all French pastry techniques by distinguished Chefs. The programme covers all the French pastry techniques necessary for creating a multitude of desserts and how to adapt them to world cuisines. Programmes are regularly updated to reflect the latest trends.

    We teach the vital ingredient: passion through our recipes. Precision, discipline and passion.

    Pastry Diploma programme details

    Under the supervision of ourpastry Chefs Instructors, lessons are divided into two parts:

    • Culinary demonstrations in front of the whole class where students become familiar with techniques taught by the Chefs
    • Practical classes where they practise the techniques learnt during the demonstration at individual work stations

    The Pastry Diploma is awarded when a student has successfully completed all three levels:

    • Basic level
    • Intermediate level
    • Superior level

    All students, even those with professional experience, must start with Basic level before continuing on to Intermediate and Superior.
    For each level successfully completed, students are awarded a certificate to prove their skills. To obtain the Pastry Diploma, students must successfully complete Superior level.

    Pastry Diploma

    The pastry training programme is aimed at all those who are passionate about pastry whether novices or with experience.
    The pastry course is for those who want to become highly proficient in pastry.
    The school curriculum has been structured so that students can learn the techniques, step by step, to become accomplished Chefs and deal with any culinary challenge with which they may be faced. The programme is aimed at both those who have just been awarded a bachelor’s degree, or other graduates, and those looking for a career change or to consolidate their culinary expertise.

    Depending on their level, a number of career opportunities exist for Pastry Diploma graduates including:

    • Working in restaurant and hotel kitchens alongside prestigious pastry chefs. becoming a pastry chef, taking on responsibilities and the role of pastry chef
    • Becoming a restaurant critic and providing critiques for specialized magazines, culinary blogs and top guides such as the Michelin Guide, Gault et Millau, Zagat, etc
    • Launching their own business by becoming an entrepreneur and opening a restaurant, a pastry truck, a new sweet dining concept
    • Becoming a personal pastry chef and offering a range of desserts to both individuals and companies for culinary events
    • Writing articles for specialized reviews and magazines by becoming a culinary journalist
    • Teaching apprentice Chefs by becoming a Chef Instructor
    • Working on the aesthetics of dishes: food stylist, food photographer, cake designer

    Term Dates & Prices

    As well as having had the opportunity to study in a multicultural environment, Le Cordon Bleu has given me the tools and the motivation to be able to achieve my future goal: Opening my own pastry store

    The year at Le Cordon Bleu Paris is something everybody should experience at least once in their lifetime. The months are intensive and hard but when you see the final result, you cannot be anything other than speechless. I had never analyzed a glass of wine, a bottle, a grape variety, a region… Curiosity played a major role and opened my eyes to discover the beauty of this sector. Marketing, communication, management, soft skills… We touched on these subjects every day. The consultants are professionals, particularly good listeners and receptive, which is a very positive aspect.

    Marie-Sophie Guthmann, Wine and Management Programme Alumna

    Gastón Acurio is a Chef, writer, businessman, and advocate of Peruvian culinary art. He attended law school in the late 80s but his passion for cuisine was so strong that he decided to leave to study the culinary arts at Le Cordon Bleu Paris. He came back to Paris, France in 2015 to open a new restaurant.

    Gaston Acurio, Grand Diplôme Alumnus

    My internship at Pierre Herme was an amazing experience for me. I sharpened the skills that I developed at the school during the 2 months I spent there. I worked in every department, from base production to dessert dressing and I also had the chance to meet and work with very strong and capable chefs.

    Ozge Gultekin, Pastry Diploma alumna

    The time I spent studying at Le Cordon Bleu exceeded all my expectations. I was taught by the best Chefs, working with the best possible raw materials and experiencing life in Paris, the world’s pastry capital.

    David Laor, Pastry Diploma Alumni

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    American CPR Training™ #cpr, #cpr #training #classes, #first #aid #training, #first #aid #at #work,


    Our price is lower than the manufacturer’s minimum advertised price. As a result, we cannot show you the price in catalog or the product page.

    You have no obligation to purchase the product once you know the price. You can simply remove the item from your cart.

    Our price is lower than the manufacturer’s minimum advertised price. As a result, we cannot show you the price in catalog or the product page.

    You have no obligation to purchase the product once you know the price. You can simply remove the item from your cart.

    the Time, the Price, and TWICE the Fun!

    CPR Training, AED Courses, First Aid Classes and 100 ‘s of other OSHA Safety Training Topics

    Train in an accelerated format at your location (training at work, home, you name it – we come to you!) using the knowledge of the industry’s leading professionals, presented in an entertaining and informative manner. Our OSHA Safety Training Classes are offered in a “corporate style”, streamlined format

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    On-Site GROUP CPR, First Aid, AED, OSHA BBP Training Quotes

    American CPR Training offers many OSHA Compliance Safety Training classes, courses, and programs.

    Click Here for List of OSHA Compliance Safety Training Classes Available Through American CPR Training
    (Click Here to Open or Close List)

    American CPR Training

    America’s Favorite CPR, AED First Aid Training is more than just the Leader in Safety Training throughout the US, Canada, Mexico.
    American CPR Training is ½ the Time, ½ the Price, and TWICE the Fun!
    American CPR Training also offers all aspects of Environmental Health Safety consulting, training, products, management, and services.

    Among the services we offer are:
    OSHA Forklift Safety Training. Train the Trainer, and Do-it-Yourself Industrial Lift Truck Training and Compliance Packages
    First Aid Kits. First Aid Courses. First Aid Refills First Aid Programs
    CPR Videos and DVDs. First Aid VHS or DVD – even Spanish CPR, First Aid AED Videos. Starting at $49
    Emergency Response Team Training, Emergency Response Supplies Response Team Development
    OSHA Illness Injury Prevention Programs, OSHA Training DVDs Software, and Packages
    Fire Extinguisher and Fire Safety Training

    In the News

    American CPR Training Affiliate Instructor, Tech Sergeant Earl Scott, returned from a 7 months deployment at Al Udeid Air Force base overseas in Qatar. He is originally from Brooklyn, NY but resides in Philadelphia, PA. Friends and family were anxious for his arrival. His family was told to meet at the base for an orientation about what they should expect when their loved one came home. To their surprise- Earl was already home!

    On top of being a Tech Sergeant and American CPR Training Affiliate Instructor, Earl is also a teacher, a coach, and the athletic Director at Holmesburg Christian Academy. He cares about his students and made sure he took the time to also explain to them what it was like and what he did overseas. After a little bit of R R he has returned to his normal routine, including teaching for American CPR Training . His love for teaching makes his classes “fun, highly informative and very hands-on”. He uses real world experience and provides a lot of feedback so the American CPR Training participants feel confident when providing lifesaving skills.

    Earl Scott is a representative of the caliber we look for in our American CPR Training Instructors.


    Spanish Training Too!

    Learn at Home!

    ACT is proud to be home to the first and only American Heart Association Approved “Learn at Home” CPR programs including CPR Anytime. These programs come complete with instruction DVDs, student workbook, and up to TWO Mannequins for practice and review so you can keep your skills fresh. ALL FROM ONLY $34.95!

    What’s New..

    ACT now has more to offer!

    CORPORATE CLIENTS: Besides our international group of affiliate instructors, we now also are proud to offer full EHS services in these, and many other communities:
    (listed by state)

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    Cooking Schools in Florida #cooking,schools,culinary,arts,class,programs,classes,florida,baking,restaurant,le #cordon #bleu


    Cooking Schools in Florida

    Find local cooking and culinary schools as well as other top colleges and universities.

    Matching School Ads

    Le Cordon Bleu College of Culinary Arts Orlando
    Get hands-on training with Le Cordon Bleu Schools of North America. We offer programs in culinary arts, pastry and baking, and hospitality and restaurant management at campuses across the United States. Get more info.

    Le Cordon Bleu College of Culinary Arts Miami
    At Le Cordon Bleu, you’ll be learning from experienced chefs in industry-equipped kitchens using commercial-grade tools and fine ingredients. You’ll also get the chance to participate in externships and to work in on-campus restaurants where you can practice your skills and gain real-world experience. Classes are offered days and evenings, giving you flexibility in your studies, and we also offer career services assistance. Get more info.

    Keiser University – Center for Culinary Arts
    Looking for an exciting and fulfilling career? Keiser University – Center for Culinary Arts offers a practical, hands-on approach to culinary education that will prepare you with the skills and knowledge you need to reach your full potential in the fast-growing culinary field. Choose from day and evening classes, and take advantage of small classes that give you the opportunity to work closely with students and instructors.

    Program areas include Classical French Cuisine, Baking & Pastry, Stocks & Sauces, Dining Room Management, Food Service Production and International Cuisine. Programs vary by campus location. Locations are Tallahassee, Melbourne and Sarasota. Get more info.

    The Art Institutes system of schools
    Your creativity is a big part of who you are and where you’re going. To take it, and your future, as far as you want, you need an education that’s focused on developing your talents and putting you on the path toward the creative career that stirs your imagination. Programs, credential levels, technology, and scheduling options vary by school and are subject to change. Get more info.

    Matching School Ads

    Check out other choices:

    Other Florida colleges, but no cooking programs:

    Florida State University
    211 Westcott Building
    Tallahassee, Fl 32306-1037

    Saint Thomas University
    16400 Northwest 32nd Avenue
    Miami, Fl 33054-6459

    Stetson University
    421 North Woodland Blvd
    Deland, Fl 32720

    University Of West Florida
    11000 University Parkway
    Pensacola, Fl 32514-5750

    University Of Miami
    University Station
    Coral Gables, Fl 33124

    University Of North Florida
    4567 St Johns Bluff Road South
    Jacksonville, Fl 32224-2645

    Some new information for this state can now be seen at FL classes.

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    Which Schools Offer an Online College Algebra Class? #accredited #online #college #algebra #courses, #which


    Which Schools Offer an Online College Algebra Class?

    Online algebra courses are offered by schools and private organizations for school credit or certificates of completion. Read on to learn about some schools with algebra courses available online. Schools offering Mathematics degrees can also be found in these popular choices.

    Algebra Overview

    Online algebra courses might best serve the needs of those who want to brush up on their math skills or who want pursue college-level courses but conflicting work and family schedules make traditional classroom study impractical. There are now many universities and colleges offering online algebra courses for students with busy schedules or who live far away from campuses.

    Important Facts About This Course

    These courses are offered at the undergrad levels

    High school diploma or equivalent; math placement tests

    Many schools offer fully-online programs, but they may include exams that must be taken on campus.

    Arizona State University (ASU)

    ASU offers an online undergraduate algebra course for students who are interested in receiving college credit. This course has prerequisite educational requirements, and you must pay a fee for enrollment. You’re required to have a graphing calculator for this class. The three tests and final examination must be taken at the mathematics department’s testing center, which is located at the school.

    Before taking the college algebra course, you should have knowledge of basic algebra. This includes factors, equations and exponents. The school measures your qualifications by reviewing your Math Placement Test scores. You could also show proof of the successful completion of an ASU intermediate math course.

    University of Wisconsin (UWC)

    UWC’s introductory course in algebra is offered online for non-degree credit. You must have successfully completed high school algebra and one geometry course or scored sufficiently on a math placement exam in order to enroll. Additionally, this course requires a fee to register. Although the course is presented fully-online, exams must be taken at the UWC campus or under the supervision of a professional who meets UWC’s qualifications.

    Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)

    MIT offers free courses to the public, which are actual university courses that were offered in previous academic terms. You won’t get credit or grades for taking these courses, and you can take them at your own pace. Several undergraduate and graduate-level algebra courses are provided by the school’s OpenCourseWare project. It covers such topics as linear algebra, algebraic geometry, vector spaces, factorization, polynomial forms and number theory.

    To continue researching, browse degree options below for course curriculum, prerequisites and financial aid information. Or, learn more about the subject by reading the related articles below:

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    Geometry Math Games #geometry #online #class


    Geometry Math Games

    The following geometry games are suitable for elementary and middle school students.

    2D Shapes (Jeopardy Game)
    Play this fun jeopardy-style math game alone, with another friend, or even in teams.

    Geometry Math Vocabulary Game
    Discover important math terms based on given properties or definitions.

    Classifying Angles Game
    Classify angles as acute, right, obtuse, or straight when you play this interactive Tic Tac Toe game against the computer.

    Classifying Triangles Game
    In this interactive game, kids will practice classifying triangles as as acute, right, or obtuse by dragging and dropping different images in the correct basket in less than two minutes.

    2D Shapes Game (Concentration)
    In this game students click on two cards to match the figure of a two-dimensional shape with its name. If there is a match, the problems remain on the page; if not, the cards are turned over.

    Classifying Geometric Figures Game
    Classify geometrical figures as 2-dimensional or 3-dimensional by playing this fun and interactive geometry game.

    Polygon or Not?
    Do you know if a given geometric figure is a polygon or not? Play this fun game to demonstrate your skills! How many points can you score in one and a half minutes?

    3D Shapes Game (Concentration)
    Have fun matching pictures of three-dimensional shapes with the correct words. If there is a match, the problems remain on the page; if not, the cards are turned over.

    Types of Polygons
    In this game you have to quickly name different types of polygons based on given clues. For each question you will have only 30 seconds to write your answer.

    Angles Jeopardy Game
    This game is a fun way to assess your knowledge about measuring and classifying angles. The game has a single-player mode and a multi-player feature.

    3d-Shapes Game
    Discover the names of the most important 3d shapes.

    Pythagorean Theorem Game
    Find the legs or the hypotenuse of a right triangle, and solve word problems by applying the Pythagorean Theorem.

    Polygon Game
    Learn how to clasify different polygons based on their characteristics.

    Basic Shapes Game
    Match six basic shapes with the correct words.

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    Business Class #business #class #internet #at #home

    #Judith Osborn is ontwerper, programmamaker en ondernemer. Haar stelling is: ontwikkelingen vinden alleen plaats op een basis van creativiteit. Creativiteit doet ertoe. Wellicht nu meer.

  • Suze brengt deze week een bezoek aan het Zeeuwse eiland Walcheren waar aan de oever van het Veerse Meer een luxe vakantieresort verrijst. Harbour Village het Zilveren Schor ontwikkelt.
  • De populariteit van de digitale piano is in de afgelopen jaren enorm toegenomen. Frans Poppeliers presenteert dan ook vol trots de gloednieuwe Physis digitale piano die in Itali .
  • Internationaal meubelspecialist Willem Hoefakker spreekt met Harry over de meubelbranche en Italiaanse designbanken. In Nederland zijn er tien vestigingen van Chateau d Ax en twee.
  • Op dit resort in het prachtige Hellevoetsluis, dichtbij de Zeeuwse stranden, zijn nog enkele kavels met vrij uitzicht te koop. Dit weekend is een aantal showmodellen zeer gunstig.
  • Bij Harry aan tafel geeft Thierry Baudet een update van de politieke beslommeringen en de moeizame kabinetsonderhandelingen in Den Haag. Na de verkiezingsuitslag van 15 maart jl. zei.
  • Martine Hafkamp bespreekt deze week met Harry de financi le markten en winstgevendheid van beursgenoteerde bedrijven. Fintessa is een zelfstandige, actieve en onafhankelijke.
  • Na vijf jaar culinaire concepten in Azi te hebben opgezet is chef Marco Westmaas terug in Nederland. De chef-kok is neergestreken op historisch landgoed Parc Broekhuizen in.

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    Online Learning #online #learning,summer,class,classes,course,courses


    Online Learning


    American University offers an expanding number of online programs and classes to help you reach your professional and educational goals. Our online classes retain the rigorous academic standards and high quality of instruction expected in all AU courses while offering you the convenience and flexibility of online learning. AU’s unique online graduate programs are designed to fit the schedules of working professionals seeking the advanced knowledge and skills needed in today’s competitive world. Although we do offer undergraduate online courses, we do not offer undergraduate online degrees .


    American University is accredited by the Middle States Commission on Higher Education and authorized to offer online learning in most states. For further information, please consult the current list of states in which American University is authorized to offer online learning.

    Current AU Students

    Current AU students can select from over 100 online classes offered during the Fall, Spring and Summer sessions. AU undergraduate and graduate students can find many options to fulfill curriculum requirements, to explore special topics, or to work toward degree completion while studying or researching aboard. Online summer classes offer a great way to earn AU credits, even while you cannot be on campus!

    Visiting Non-Degree Students

    Visiting Non-Degree (Non-AU) Students seeking to supplement the courses offered by their home institutions or to earn credits during the summer sessions may enroll in AU’s online classes. Always consult with your academic advisor at your home institution to ensure that classes taken at American University will be accepted for credit, since the transfer of course and degree credits are determined by the receiving institution.

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    Online Medical Billing Courses

    Online Medical Billing, Coding, and Administration Classes

    Did you know that the rate of growth in the medical billing and coding industry is expected to increase at a faster rate than most other occupations? Skilled medical billers and skilled coding technicians are in high demand. Your online training in billing and coding can help you find work in a variety of medical settings whether a private medical office or healthcare facility, a hospital or clinic, or even a claims examiner for insurance companies. If you’re interested in learning a new career, or advance within your current career, or maybe learn new skills to start your own home business, taking courses in our online classrooms is a convenient way to start your education.

    Universal Class courses are a perfect fit for today’s fast-paced and busy lifestyles. The classes require no special software or hardware. You can study on your own time without the hassle of commuting or arranging your work schedule and finding childcare.

    Previous Page 1 Next Page

    Introduction to Medical Coding

    ICD-10: Medical Coding

    Medical Billing and Coding Course Bundle

    Previous Page 1 Next Page

    Why Universal Class?

    UniversalClass.com offers over 5,000 hours of online continuing education training! Here’s a few reasons why lifelong learners prefer Universal Class continuing education courses:

    • Accredited by IACET – Universal Class, Inc. has been accredited as an Authorized Provider by the International Association for Continuing Education and Training (IACET)
    • Supportive Instructors !
    • Earn a Certificate of Course Completion documenting your CEUs and Contact Hours
    • Verify your CEUs and Contact Hours via unique certificate serial number on our service (great for employers)
    • Easy to use. Our online courses are the easiest and most fun courses available anywhere
    • Self paced. Go at your own pace. You do not need to be online at a specific date or time
    • Start right now. You can start the class right now by clicking on the button ‘Join this Course’
    • Extremely affordable. Pay one time for a course and you have 6 months to finish it. Or pay $189.00 for a yearly subscription and take any course you want . as many courses as you want (over 500 to choose from)
    • High quality courses. Since 1999, Universal Class has provided high quality continuing education training to over 600,000 satisfied students

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