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Medical Coding Certificate

Ready to change your career?

Some of the fastest growing careers in healthcare involve working with computers, not patients. Medical coders convert physician’s notes and medical records into code for billing and insurance purposes. Today, medical coding professionals are in high demand and work in a variety of settings including hospitals, doctors’ offices, and insurance companies. Many coders have the ability to choose from full or part-time work, on-site or from their home.

“Medical coders are in critical demand throughout the country. In my hospital, Norwood Hospital, and in our Steward Healthcare System, we are always searching for qualified coders.”
– Kim Bassett, RN, MSN, MBA
President, Norwood Hospital, Steward Health Care

Donna’s children grew up and she decided to change her career and become a Medical Coder.

Students who complete the Medical Coding Certificate are eligible for a variety of coding credentialing exams with AHIMA and AAPC .

What are employers saying?

“We are constantly hiring. Health information technology is such a strong field in this economic climate. There are tremendous paths for growth and the field will continue to grow. You can work for small teaching hospitals, large city hospitals, private vendors – the possibilities are endless. We will not hire anyone who is not credentialed; good technicians are in demand. This is a great space to be in.”
– Charlie Saponaro
President CEO, MRA Health Information Services

Common Questions:

Are medical coders in demand? Will I be able to find a job?

You have chosen a field that is on an upward trend and will continue to increase in size by 21% through 2024. (Bureau of Labor Statistics)

Why? By 2030, the number of Americans over 65 will double. That means a huge increase in the workload for healthcare providers, which in turn means more work for medical coders and HIT professionals, like you!

The skills you will learn are in high demand. Today’s healthcare industry relies on digital systems to record key data for medical services, diagnoses, and medical claims. As these transactions get more sophisticated, providers and payers will need certified employees able to accurately input, track, and analyze electronic health data.

Is this program accredited?

Labouré College is accredited by the Commission on Institutions of Higher Education of the New England Association of Schools and Colleges

How long is the program?

The medical coding program is designed to be completed in just under one year. However, based on how many courses you choose to take each semester, the program can be longer. It is flexible to fit your schedule.

“Moving into coding helped me see the other side of healthcare, which has been really interesting.”

After working as a nurse for so many years, I didn’t want to abandon the healthcare industry. I wanted to use my knowledge of disease and patient care in a new and different way. I saw an article about medical coding in a magazine and decided to look into it.

I visited theAmerican Health Information Management Association (AHIMA)andAmerican Academy of Professional Coders (AAPC)websites looking for information and saw Labouré College listed as an approved school. Finding a school that was accredited and recognized by relevant governing bodies was really important to me. I also knew co-workers who had attended Labouré for nursing and spoke highly of their time there.”

“As a certified Medical Coder, your options are wide open.
Medical Coding allowed me to support myself and my children as a single mother. The world is yours. There are so many things you can do with this education – you are the only one who will limit yourself.”

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Office Management Certificate of Achievement, Be A Better You in UK, office management certificate.#Office


Level 2 Office Management Certificate of Achievement Online Course

This Level 2 course in Office Management will teach you how to effectively organise yourself and your team, negotiate problems and find solutions, and evaluate resources. The knowledge you gain and the practical skills you develop on this course can be applied to a real-world working environment in any business sector.

On successful completion of the course you will receive a Level 2 Certificate of Achievement and Learner Unit Summary issued by ABC Awards. You will also be eligible to join the Qualifications Register (QR).

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Course Overview

Course Overview

  • No previous experience or qualifications required
  • Open to students of all academic backgrounds
  • Approximately 60 hours to complete the course (1-2 hours per question paper)

This is an invaluable course for anyone currently working in, or hoping to gain employment in, an office manager role in any sector. Once the course is successfully completed you will receive 2 certificates and be able to join the QR.

You will learn how to organise a team of staff, explore office procedures, and take a look at the importance of good communication. The skills you learn will help you develop your existing knowledge, allowing you to further your career.

Content Assessments

Content & Assessments

Introduction to Office Procedures

Writing Letters and Reports

Office Materials and Equipment

Office Organisation and Procedures

Entry Requirements

Entry Requirements

No previous qualifications required.

Course Format

Course Format

Course requires around 60 hours of study time in total, with 1-2 hours study time per question paper. There is a question paper after each lesson, which must be completed and submitted to your personal tutor for assessment. This ensures your progress is constantly monitored.

You will receive full study materials including a study guide, plus full admin support and support from your tutor. Awarding body registration and certification fee is included in the course fee (up to £30.00). You will have unlimited access to a personal tutor, who can be contacted via phone, fax, or email. Your tutor is there to provide feedback and answer queries. You may also contact our friendly team of course advisors and administrators for advice and guidance.

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How to Become a Paralegal in Missouri #online #paralegal #certificate #program


Becoming a Paralegal in Missouri – MO

More than 4,500 people are at work as paralegals in Missouri, according to the 2011 employment survey performed by the Bureau of Labor Statistics. Urban areas, like the metro-Kansas City and St. Louis regions, account for the highest percentage of employment among paralegals.

In Missouri, paralegals are considered legal “paraprofessionals” according to Rule 5.3. This means that they must work under the supervision of a lawyer who agrees to educate them about matters of confidentially and ethics. Attorneys must also accept responsibility for the professional conduct of any paralegals that they employ.

Although it was suggested in 2003, Missouri does not currently regulate its paralegals in terms of training or educational requirements. However, the Missouri Bar Association’s “Practicing with Paralegals” position paper supports educational requirements for paralegals and encourages its members to hire paralegals with certificates or degrees in paralegal studies.

*Accredited online paralegal and legal studies programs put an associate’s, bachelor’s or master’s degree well within reach:

Paralegal Education

The Missouri Bar’s position on paralegal education aligns with the standards of paralegal education promoted by both the American Bar Association (ABA) and the American Association for Paralegal Education (AAfPE). Those standards call for paralegal education that includes at least 60 semester hours of coursework in legal core competencies like research, drafting legal documents and analyzing legal materials. They also require that educational institutions be either accredited or ABA/AAfPE approved. Such education is available in several models: certificates, associate degrees, baccalaureate degrees and master’s degrees.

Is There Paralegal Certification in Missouri?

The certificate that qualifies a paralegal to work is different from national certification, though the two are often confused. Certificate programs are educational programs that issue a certificate of completion to their graduates, who are then called certificated paralegals. Some certificate programs can be finished quite quickly, since unlike degrees they do not have many general education requirements. Some certificate programs are available to those with no previous higher education. Others require a baccalaureate degree in any field as a prerequisite.

Missouri Job Statistics

  • 2011 mean income for paralegals in Missouri: $47,380
  • Number of paralegals employed in Missouri: 4,510
  • As of December of 2011, 19,000+ cases had been filed using the Missouri eFiling System

Certified paralegals are paralegals that have passed one of the national exams offered by the professional paralegal associations. National certification is voluntary and is often obtained so that paralegals may demonstrate their competence in their field. Currently, there are four exams offered:

In order to take one of these exams, paralegals must meet eligibility requirements including education and work experience. These requirements differ between the three national paralegal organizations. A comparison can be found here .

Paralegal Associations

Missouri offers a statewide paralegal association as well as two regional paralegals associations. All three organizations endeavor to promote the development of the paralegal profession through high ethical and professional standards, networking within the legal field, and sponsoring educational opportunities for their members.

The Missouri Paralegal Association (MPA) is affiliated with the NFPA and works to address issues affecting paralegals at the state and federal level. This includes representing the interests of paralegals in conversations about regulation and other matters, providing paralegals with opportunities to network and exchange information, and developing continuing legal education (CLE) for paralegals.

The Kansas City Paralegal Association supports its members through networking, recognition, events and community building. Educational opportunities are also a major focus for the KCPA, which offers CLE to its members.

The St. Louis Paralegal Association (SPA) offers many resources to students and professional paralegals. For students, there are scholarships, a mentoring program and networking opportunities. Professional paralegals can find support for professional development and continuing legal education, social and networking events and a job bank. The SPA also works regionally to raise awareness about the services that paralegals can provide and thus increase utilization of paralegals.

Law Firms

Large law firms can be great entry points for new paralegals. In Missouri, the largest law firms are found in the St. Louis and Kansas City areas. Such firms include:

  • Shook, Hardy and Bacon
  • Polsinelli Shughart
  • Stinson Morrison Hecker
  • Lathrop and Gage
  • Armstrong Teasdale
  • Husch Blackwell
  • Greensfelder, Hemker and Gale
  • Thompson Coburn
  • Bryan Cave

Important Contacts for Paralegals

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How To Get Your Very Own Free SSL Certificate #get #ssl #certificate #from #server


Popular Topics


Top Deals

A Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) certificate helps us to encrypt the data being transmitted via the Internet. It will come in handy if you are running a blog or a personal webpage and logging into them from an unsecured public access WiFi Hotspot (such as coffee shops, airports etc).

SSL certificates encrypt the login data before transmitting them to your ISP/server making it harder for eavesdroppers to break in. That s exactly why banks, financial institutions, ecommerce sites etc. use SSL for securing login information, user identity information and credit card data.

SSL certificates cost a lot if bought from providers like Verisign, GoDaddy etc. For those us who don t run mission critical portals, that is not an option. Let us see how to get free SSL certificates from StartSSL .

Obtaining The Free SSL Certificate

A simple signup form kickstarts the process of getting the free SSL certificate. All the details, including home/company address to phone number are mandatory requirements. Once the signup is done, an email with the verification code is sent to the email address you specified.

After entering the verification code, the application is sent to the second stage of verification by the StartSSL team and we are advised to wait for about six hours before being contacted by their team.

However, I got a confirmation mail in less than 5 minutes with a link to the account. Remember, this email is good for only 24 hours from the time it has been received, so act fast.

Installing The SSL Certificate

StartSSL offers free certificates with no holds barred and with absolutely no hidden charges. You can choose either a 128 bit or 256 bit key for encryption.

We have the option to choose between a high grade or medium grade private key. Once the type of key is selected, it is generated and we are taken to the installation page.

Once the install button is clicked, the certificate is installed. There is also an option to download and store the certificate to an external disk and I strongly advise you to do it.

Now that the certificate is installed in the browser, we can just click on the Authenticate option to enter the control panel. No need for an username and password. We are identified by way of the unique private key and hence it is very important to back it up securely.

Validating The Domain Name

After authentication, we can start the process of validating the domain name the email address with the help of the Validations Wizard. From the dropdown, you can choose the appropriate option. Let us go ahead and validate a domain name.

Once we enter the domain name, an email address has to be associated with it to confirm domain ownership.

Once the email address is verified, the domain is validated. However, this being a free SSL certificate, StartSSL requires the renewal of this validation every 30 days, which involves the same process.

Certificate Wizard

I chose the Webserver certificate since I am planning to use it for my WordPress installation. We need to enter a password to create a private key and then we have to enter the subdomain where the certificate will be used. Subdomain is a mandatory requirement.

The certificate created will support the domain and the sub domain. As the final step, we now have the text box displaying the encoded certificate information. Copy the content, paste it in a notepad file and rename the file as ssl.crt

The same page also has links to download the intermediate and root certificates. Download them to the same folder.

Uploading Files To Server

Navigate to the How to Install section in the FAQ section. Choose your server setup, for example Apache and you will have the code to modify the http.conf or ssl.conf file. Copy it and update the file in the root folder of the domain in your webserver.

From the same page download the ca.pem sub.class1.server.ca.pem files. Upload all the files to the root folder and now we have the SSL enabled connection at the website.

Final Thoughts

Please exercise caution with the last step and ensure that all the directories (marked by arrows in the image above) follow the same naming convention of your ISP or location in your webserver. And do remember to validate the domain every 30 days to enjoy the security provided by the free SSL certificate.

Are there any other services offering free SSL certificates? If you know of any, do share them with us.

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Center for Nonprofits – Forming a Non-Profit #non #profit #management #certificate #programs


Forming a Non-Profit

Forming a new organization can be an important and fulfilling means of meeting a public need. However, sustaining a successful non-profit is a challenging undertaking under the best of circumstances, and it may not always be necessary or appropriate to start a new group. Before deciding whether to proceed, you’ll want to have a full understanding of what is required and the various alternatives to non-profit start-up that could accomplish your goals.

BEFORE you begin the legal process in New Jersey:

  • Read carefully the Center’s Thinking of Forming a Non-Profit? booklet (available in English Spanish). Also see the New Jersey Division of Taxation web page, Starting a Non-Profit in New Jersey: Questions and Answers .
  • Have a clear idea of the problem you want to solve.
  • View Pro Bono Partnership’s on-demand webinar – “Starting a Nonprofit: Upsides, Downsides and Alternatives .”
  • Do some thorough research to find what organizations exist that already work on the problem you want to solve. What activities do they do? What efforts have succeeded / failed in addressing my focus area? Can you partner with them, perhaps conduct a project within their existing framework?
  • Identify the resources you have to create a viable organization – finances, skills, time, access to supporters, etc.
  • Consider whether your cause would be best served by contributing to or working with an existing organization since that will save you the time and money needed to establish a separate organization.
  • The Center has created a free self-assessment tool that you can complete with prospective board members to help you determine if you are ready to start up. We recommend that you respond to these questions honestly and to the best of your ability. Although detail is not needed here, it will be important later as you go through the process of formation.
  • If you’ve already started the process, view Pro Bono Partnership ‘s on-demand webinar series, Legal Issues for New Nonprofits geared towards new organizations that recently received their 501(c)(3) status, as well as smaller nonprofits (for example, nonprofits that file IRS Form 990-N). These webinars explain many of the rules and best practices for maintaining your organization’s tax-exempt status.

Not in New Jersey? If you are thinking of forming an organization outside New Jersey, you may want to contact one of the other state associations that is part of the National Council of Nonprofits network for more information on your state regulations.

The Center’s Legal Assistance Services are being phased out as of March, 2014. However, we encourage you to review our selected First Stop web resources for non-profits.

A Brief Outline of the Incorporation/Tax Exemption Process

To incorporate your organization as a non-profit in New Jersey. you must file a Certificate of Incorporation with the NJ Department of the Treasury, Division of Revenue. You can expect to pay $115 for this, which includes the filing fee, expedited service (to speed up the turnaround time for filing your Certificate), and the return of a certified, stamped copy of your certificate for your files.

On the federal level, the IRS will want more information in your organizational documents than is required by the State of New Jersey for state-level non-profit status. Therefore, the State forms alone are not sufficient if you want to pursue federal tax-exemption from the IRS. You will also need to develop by-laws and have them adopted by your Board of Trustees. You will also need:

  • SS-4 – Employer Identification Number
  • Form 1023 – Application for Recognition of Exemptionor Form 1023-EZ – Streamlined Application for Recognition of Exemption (Form 1023 or Form 1023-EZ if seeking tax exemption under Section 501(c)(3); Form 1024 for other types of exempt organizations)
    • As of this writing (July 16, 2014), the fee for filing Form 1023 is $400 (if your average gross receipts will not be more than $10,000) or $850 (if your average gross receipts will exceed $10,000). The fee for filing Form 1023-EZ is $275.
    • The Center recommends reviewing our article on Form 1023-EZ to help you determine which form to use.
  • Publication 557 – Tax-exempt Status for Your Organization

These and other IRS forms commonly used by exempt organizations are available online from the IRS Web site at www.irs.gov/app/picklist/list/formsPublications.html. The IRS site also provides important information about a wide variety of tax-exempt topics http://www.irs.gov/Charities- -Non-Profits/Charitable-Organizations.

There are also a number of reporting requirements that must be adhered to after your organization is up and running.

For more information about some common State of New Jersey and IRS filings, also see:

Copyright © 1997-2016 Center for Non-Profit Corporations, Inc. (732) 227-0800 Email the Center
3575 Quakerbridge Road, Suite 102, Mercerville, NJ 08619

The Center for Non-Profits is a New Jersey non-profit corporation and a federally recognized 501(c)(3) public charity.

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Certificate of Completion in Nurse Paralegal #paralegal #certificate #online #program


Certificate of Completion in Nurse Paralegal

Division of Social Sciences — Curriculum Code: 3210

Will Earn Upon Program Completion: Certificate of Completion
Why become a Nurse Paralegal?

Corporations, law firms, insurance companies, HMOs, risk management groups, government agencies, and hospitals are seeking qualified personnel trained in medicine and the law. This program offers paralegal education and training to nurses who are RNs and wish to be involved in the legal profession as legal nurse consultants or nurse paralegals.

Are there any requirements I must satisfy before I start taking courses in my major?

This program is open to registered nurses with an associate degree who have at least two years of nursing experience. Diploma school nurses must also have two years of nursing experience and may be admitted to this certificate of completion program upon review of transcripts.

How long will it take for me to complete this program?

You may complete the certificate of completion in one year by taking two to three courses in each of the fall, spring, and summer semesters/sessions.

Where should I direct specific questions about this program?

Call the Division at (973) 877-3250.

Upon completion of this program, graduates will be able to:

Explain the history, evolution, and current role of a nurse paralegal in the legal environment;

Demonstrate knowledge of the American legal system, substantive legal principles, and the litigation process;

Demonstrate knowledge of the principles of medical/legal ethics and of the Model Code of Ethics and Professional Responsibility and Guidelines for Enforcement of the National Federation of Paralegal Associations, Inc.;

Proficiently access, locate, and research the law by both traditional and electronic methods;

Demonstrate problem-solving and critical, analytical thinking skills within the context of evaluating legal issues; and

Communicate effectively with accurate legal terminology in written and/or oral form, with a demonstrated proficiency in the use of technology.


PLS 102 Legal Research and Writing (3 credits)
PLS 105 Torts (3 credits)
PLS 108 Introduction to Nurse Paralegalism (3 credits)
PLS 202 Advanced Legal Research and Writing (3 credits)
PLS 205 Administrative Law (3 credits)
PLS 206 Litigation Procedures (3 credits)
PLS 211 Medical Legal Ethics (3 credits)


Note. To enter this program, you need at least an Associate Degree in Nursing and be able to demonstrate that you have met the general education requirements of Essex County College. You also need at least two years of nursing experience.

Total Credits Required for Certificate of Completion: 21


PLS 108 Introduction to Nurse Paralegalism (3 credits)
PLS 102 Legal Research and Writing (3 credits)
PLS 105 Torts (3 credits)
PLS 202 Advanced Legal Research and Writing (3 credits)
PLS 205 Administrative Law (3 credits)
PLS 206 Litigation Procedures (3 credits)
PLS 211 Medical Legal Ethics (3 credits)

Note. The Nurse Paralegal program prepares students to work under the supervision of an attorney. A paralegal shall not engage in the unauthorized practice of law. Only attorneys can provide legal services directly to the public.

NOTE: This plan assumes the completion of all required developmental courses in reading, writing, and mathematics as well as other pre- and co-requisites for some of the courses, as listed in the Course Descriptions section.

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Human Resource Mangement #graduate #certificate #in #human #resource #management


Human Resource Management Programs

The ability to effectively manage human resources is critical to the success of any organization. HR professionals must possess the broad-based knowledge and specific competencies necessary to align human resource functions with organizational goals. Stony Brook University’s Human Resource Management program is designed to provide the academic preparation required for professionals to enter the field or advance their careers.

The curriculum integrates theory and practice within the dynamic context of human resource administration. Students may choose from a wide selection of courses — in subjects such as organizational development, benefits and compensation and employment law — in combination with foundational courses in business, HR management, and employee relations.

Career Prospects
According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the job outlook for human resources personnel has not been dimmed by the shrinking economy. Jobs for human resource managers are expected to grow 13 percent through 2022.

Flexible Scheduling — Online and On-campus
To accommodate the needs of working adults, SPD schedules courses online with some courses offered on-campus in the evenings. Students combine online and on-campus courses, or they can earn their degree or advanced graduate certificate completely online. The Human Resource Management programs have been approved by the New York State Education Department for both in-person and online delivery.

» Find out more about online learning at the School of Professional Development.

Academic Excellence
The HRM program fully aligns with the Society for Human Resource Management’s educational standards, which are designed to advance the professional practice of human resource management.

Stony Brook University, a member of the Association of American Universities. has ranked in the top 100 public universities by U.S. News and World Report and the top 100 best values in public colleges by Kiplinger. The University is accredited through the Middle State Association of Colleges and Schools. In addition, the HRM degree and certificate programs are fully approved by the New York State Education Department for online delivery.

2321 Computer Science Building, Stony Brook, NY 11794-4434

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Crime and Forensic Certificate Programs, Cal State Fullerton, csu certificate programs.#Csu #certificate #programs


Crime and Forensic Programs

Csu certificate programs

Crime and Forensic Programs

Study the Latest Techniques for Preventing Crime and Providing Evidence

Private Investigation

Csu certificate programs

Cal State Fullerton has been chosen as having one of the Top 25 Private Investigation Training programs across the U.S. Every school across the country was reviewed and rated based on the type of curriculum, college accreditation, application requirements and license qualifications. Our program stood out among the top!

The certificate program is designed to meet the educational needs of individuals seeking to enter the field of private investigation, as well as providing professional development for current investigators who desire to improve their knowledge in the field and review the issues and latest techniques in investigative methodology. Private Investigators offer a myriad of services depending upon the needs of their clients including executive, corporate, and celebrity protection; pre-employment verification; and individual background profiling. They also provide assistance in civil liability and personal injury cases, insurance claims and fraud, child custody and protection cases, and premarital screening. Job opportunities will be sent to graduates of this program for one year.

Students with a minimum of three year s investigative experience may request to waive the Introduction to the Profession of Private Investigation class.

The Certificate in Private Investigation consists of five required courses totaling 60 hours of lecture and discussion

Computer Forensics

Csu certificate programs

The Certificate in Computer Forensics I is appropriate for individuals who want to expand their expertise and learn the essential components intrinsic to the field of computer forensics. The core audience includes employees of both public and private corporations, government entities, and legal and law enforcement organizations.

These courses will give you the hands-on experience you need using EnCase, the industry standard in computer forensic investigation technology, and Forensic Toolkit (FTK), a suite of technologies used to perform forensic examinations of computer systems. You will also learn how to image different devices.

Class hours may be used to meet the Life Long Learning requirements specified by the AICPA for the new Certified Financial Forensics (CFF) credential.

The program includes five required courses totaling 92 hours of lecture and hands-on experience.

Crime Intelligence Analysis

Csu certificate programs

Participants in the Crime Intelligence Analysis certificate program receive practical instruction in crime analysis, criminal investigative analysis, organized crime and intelligence analysis, law enforcement research and statistical methods. There are very specific instructions for eligibility and applying to this program. Please check the website for details.

Graduates will learn how to:

  • Identify and correctly define crime problems and patterns
  • Collect data, subject it to statistical tests, develop and test hypotheses
  • Conceptualize and convert raw data into valid criminal intelligence information
  • Create association matrices and prepare telephone toll analysis, hierarchical analysis, visual investigation analysis, link analysis, and financial analysis
  • Develop crime/suspect and suspect/crime correlations; develop target profile analysis
  • Articulate crime problems to individuals and groups through written reports, charts and graphs

There are eight required courses totaling 188 hours of lecture and discussion. Students need to complete all the required certificate classes, including the 400-hour Practicum in Crime and Intelligence Analysis, to be eligible for the certificate.

Upon completion of the program, graduates will receive a Cal State Fullerton certificate as well as a certificate from the California Department of Justice which designates them as a national certified Crime and Intelligence Analyst.

Geographic Information Systems (GIS)

Csu certificate programs

GIS is a computer based methodology for collecting, analyzing, modeling, and presenting geographic data for a wide range of applications. The proliferation of desktop hardware and software has made these systems an important tool in our day-to-day lives. GIS information, data and the people trained in these methodologies and applications are becoming integral components in nearly every type of business and government service.

The GIS professional must be competent in integrating geography, data and systems to solve a wide range of problems for business, healthcare, insurance, law enforcement and other industries.

The Certificate in GIS is appropriate for students seeking specialized skills training. This includes individuals wanting to improve their knowledge in the field of geography databases, mapping and analysis. The audience would also include GIS professionals in healthcare, insurance, marketing, law enforcement, environmental fields and economic development.

The Certificate in Geographic Information Systems consists of four required courses totaling 84 hours of lecture and hands-on experience.

Cyber Security Analysis

Csu certificate programs

Our Cyber Security Analysis Certificate Program is designed to give you the knowledge, skills and experience to perform the tasks of a security analyst.

The demand for cyber security experts has never been greater, as a growing number of corporations, government agencies and private companies are transferring and storing highly sensitive information on the internet, in the cloud or via other electronic methods that are vulnerable to attacks from hackers.

In this program, you will learn many of those tools and procedures, including:

  • The Deter, Detect, Respond, Remediate (DDDR) operating model
  • The laws and regulations regarding computer security in the United States
  • Use of the core tools and technologies used by professionals to analyze cyber-attacks, with a heavy focus on the packet-analysis tool Wireshark, as well as the log analysis tool Splunk
  • How to use a hex editor, as well as some data decoding tools
  • How to write basic programs to automate processes.


What our graduates have to say

“The UEE Computer Forensic Certificate is the best program I have ever participated in. The instructors are top notch and are able to speak with the authority of someone who has done it thousands of times. Thank you to all who have contributed to my success. You are the best!”

Paul N. Curtis, Owner of Coast Digital Forensics

“Enrolling in this program was the best financial and educational decision I ve made. After completing the program, I was offered a job at the company that created the EnCase software we used in class. I have since worked at the Riverside District Attorney s Office and am about to start a new venture with a major healthcare provider. Without this program, I have no doubt that it would have been a major struggle to get so far in this field. Three of my friends that completed this program and have also enjoyed success, and I have recommended it to four other friends.”

Raul Mejias, Digital Forensic Investigator

“After I earned a BA in Criminal Justice from CSUF, I wanted to bolster my resume. After taking a class in Crime and Intelligence Analysis, I knew this was the profession for me. After completing the certificate, I was hired by the Riverside County Sheriff s Department Crime and Intelligence Analysis unit. Today, I manage that unit and teach in the UEE program. I love my job, the agency I work for, and the officers who put their life on the line for our safety. Crime and intelligence analysis is one of the most rewarding jobs, and I know that graduates of this program, who currently work in this profession, share my feelings.”

Brian Gray, Crime Intelligence Analysis Instructor,

Central Crime Intelligence Analysis Unit Manager,

Riverside County Sheriff s Department

“I enrolled in the Certificate in Crime and Intelligence Analysis to prepare for a career in law enforcement. I enjoyed all the classes, especially the hands-on computer classes. Currently, I m applying for crime analyst positions and I ve had several interviews. And the interviewers are impressed that I earned a California Department of Justice Crime and Intelligence Analyst Certificate!”

Brandy Easley, Crime Analyst Intern, Fullerton Police Department

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Energy and Sustainability graduate certificate and online program University of Denver, University College #sustainability


Environmental Policy
And Management

Student Support Center

Energy and Sustainability (Graduate Certificates: Six courses are required to complete a graduate certificate, which is designed to help students sharpen their abilities or add to their skillset through a shorter, focused program. Credits earned through a graduate certificate program may be applied toward a master’s degree in the same area.

In the Energy and Sustainability certificate program, study how non-renewable and renewable energy sources are developed, used, regulated, and financed. Build a working knowledge of key sustainability concepts as you develop insight to strategies and systems related to renewable and non-renewable energy and sustainability. You will learn how to:

  • Recognize and assess trends in renewable energy
  • Craft sustainability plans and reports
  • Develop environmental policies
  • Advocate for the use of sustainable practices

Credits earned through this graduate certificate may apply toward a master’s degree in Environmental Policy and Management.

For more information about our graduation rates, the median debt of students who have completed the program, and other important information, please visit our website at http://www.du.edu/learn/certificates/disclosure/epm.html

Required Courses

The graduate Certificate of Advanced Study in Energy and Sustainability requires completion of 24 credit hours (6 courses).

Concentration courses allow students to focus on a specific professional area within the larger industry sector in which they are working or wish to work, and master the skills needed to excel in that area.

Elective courses – 8 qtr. hrs (Choose 2)

Electives may be chosen from among all courses in Environmental Policy And Management programs. You may also select courses from other University College graduate programs with approval from the academic director.

Your academic advisor will help you select electives that align with your career and personal goals, and your advisor will obtain any necessary approvals from the academic director.

Popular electives for students pursuing Environmental Policy And Management programs include:

Additional Elective courses available, please Design your custom plan for elective courses

Design Your Custom Plan

Start Customizing Your Certificate

View the tutorial or start building your plan now.

Careers in Energy and Sustainability Certificate

Risk Manager, Energy Consultant, Outreach Organizer, Sustainability Leader, Program Specialist, Project Manager, Solar Engineer, Renewable Energy Manager, Analyst.

Management, analysis, research, consultation, collaboration, data gathering, idea generation, opportunity assessment, planning.

Energy and sustainability is a vibrant field to enter, as alternative and sustainable energies are the top priority for national and global environmental change initiatives. Demand in the workforce is at an all-time high for energy experts, particularly in clean energy, as the federal government invests billions into the renewable energy and energy efficiency sectors. Explore your options in wind, solar, and other alternative energies whether it be in the form of architecture, engineering, construction, management, marketing, or installation.

Careers In Environmental Policy and Management

The future is bright!
Environmental job openings are expected to soar within the next decade, with projections as high as 19% job growth for environmental science positions by 2020, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. Careers for environmental specialists will likely be found in prosperous, rapidly growing cities and communities-hello, Denver! Clean energy projects are driving the economic recovery in the United States, with green business especially booming in the Southeast. Clean energy projects are popping up across the country, primarily in California, North Carolina, Florida, and Michigan. Start your career search for environmental-focused employment at any level of government, manufacturing companies, emergency services, service industries, or commercial businesses.

Stay ahead of the curve.
The vast majority of employers within the field of environmental science prefer candidates who hold a relevant master’s degree, or a bachelor’s degree with a certificate. Keep an eye on alternative energies, such as wind and solar energy, plus jobs that focus on efficient energy management. With the world more attuned to green living, the job market will likely focus on improving sustainability and natural resource management. Job creation in the clean energy and clean transportation sectors are booming across the United States, with more than 110,000 new jobs in those sectors created in 2012. Going green never looked better!

Where are they now?
University College alumni who graduated with a master’s degree in environmental policy and management hold job titles such as Safety Director, Environmental Education Coordinator, Senior Environmental Scientist, Environmental Protection Specialist, Watershed Coordinator, Natural Resource Manager, Forester, and Environmental Compliance Engineer in companies and organizations such as Proctor and Gamble, Kinder Morgan, US Forest Service, US Army Corps of Engineers, NASA, and Colorado Conservation Trust.

Career Services

Enhance Your Career
As a student, you’ll gain access to a range of free services offered through DU Career Services. From resume and cover letter assistance to individual career counseling and assessments, you’ll have valuable career support during and after your program.

Ready to Apply

It’s time to gather your materials and apply to your program of choice. Remember to include:

Need More Information

Interested in attending University College, but need additional information before you make a decision? No problem we’re here to help. You may request additional information about a specific program and specialty, review and ask questions in our Frequently Asked Questions section, or contact University College directly.

Want to Take a Class

Even if you missed the application deadline, you can start taking courses for one quarter before you have to submit a completed application. We know how important it is to get started when you’re ready, so review the class schedule or start the registration process now.

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