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Developing a business idea

Having a great business idea is the easy part. Turning that into a successful business takes a whole lot of planning, research and commitment.

Why start your own business?

Despite the hard work involved, starting your own business can be a very rewarding experience. Consider these reasons and come up a list of your own:

  • To be your own boss
  • To be able to work flexible hours
  • To develop your own creative ideas
  • To take advantage of a market that you think you can provide for

The Business Victoria Website has information about how to start a business (new window) is a great interactive way to find out what s involved.

Will my business idea work?

Define your business idea and write down answers to these questions:

  • What is my business idea?
  • What skills do I have?
  • Will people buy my products or services?
  • How much will they pay for my products or services?
  • Who are my competitors?
  • How can I do things differently?
  • How many sales will I make in my first year of operation?
  • What kind of expenses will there be?
  • Can I make enough money to keep the business and myself going?

Start researching your industry and your market. Your business idea will take shape when you conduct your research and start writing your business plan.

Writing a business plan

Careful research and planning is the key to making your business idea a success. A business plan not only provides a map for implementing your business idea, it s really helpful when you re trying to get financial help.

Having a well-developed business plan can convince people you re seeking help from that you are serious about your idea and that you know what it will take to make that idea work.

Starting a business without a business plan is like going on a road trip to a place you ve never been before without a map or enough petrol in your tank.

Visit the Business Victoria website (new window) for more information and templates on writing a business plan.


Business Victoria – Starting a Business Checklist
Facts about starting and running a small business.

Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS)
Develop a demographic profile of your target market. Examine an industry relevant to your business idea or check out an overview of small business in Victoria.

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Is central air conditioning more energy-efficient than window units? #central #air #conditioning #problems


Is central air conditioning more energy-efficient than window units?

Is central air conditioning more energy-efficient than window units?

Global Cooling

For many urbanites, summer means being constantly dripped on from the air conditioners that fill virtually every city window. These ubiquitous boxes must consume a tremendous amount of energy. From an environmental perspective, aren’t central air conditioners better?

Not necessarily. Air conditioning accounts for more than 15 percent of the energy use of the average home—somewhere around 183 billion kilowatt-hours of electricity in the United States per year, according to a 2001 analysis by the Energy Information Administration. Generating that much electricity creates about 119 million tons of carbon dioxide, or roughly the amount of CO2 spewed by 20 million cars each year. Remarkably, the percentage of homes with central air more than doubled. from 27 to 55 percent, between 1980 and 2001.

When deciding on how to air-condition your abode, you have two basic choices: single-room units or a centralized system. Anyone who’s been to a big-box hardware store has seen the single-room air conditioners. They’re heavy, steel boxes designed to wedge into a window and dangle precariously over passing pedestrians. (In case you were wondering: Yes, they do fall on people .) Inside, there’s a condenser, an evaporator, a thermostat, and a couple of fans .

Central air conditioners have a different structure altogether. The condenser typically sits on the roof or in the backyard. A set of pipes runs coolant from the condenser into an air handler, which is usually located near the home’s furnace. The air handler blows the cooled air through the home’s duct system and into individual rooms.

A central air system’s energy efficiency is measured two ways. The more basic rating is the energy efficiency ratio, or EER, which describes the unit’s energy consumption while cooling a prescribed volume of 95-degree air over the course of an hour in a specialized laboratory. The seasonal energy efficiency ratio, or SEER, is a bit more complicated and considers the average energy use at various temperatures and humidity levels.

Window units are rated only by EER, and lose out to central A/C by this metric. An Energy Star-certified central unit must have a minimum EER of 12. while window units only need to achieve between 9.4 and 10.7. depending on size, to be certified. (It’s possible to buy a window unit rated higher than this minimum, but the same goes for central units. Overall, the central units are still rated higher.)

One reason window air conditioners have lower ratings is that it’s impossible to fit much advanced hardware into that little box. While modern central air conditioners can work at a range of speeds, for example, the condensers in most window units only have two: on and off. (This is, incidentally, the primary reason window air conditioners don’t get SEER ratings.)

This can make a significant difference in energy use. Air conditioners not only lower air temperature; they also remove moisture. Just how much moisture is removed depends on how much air passes through the air conditioner. A machine that only works at full speed (or not at all) can drop a room’s temperature quickly by cooling just a small volume of air to an extremely cold state. In contrast, an air conditioner with variable speed settings can have the same effect by processing a larger volume of air, but cooling each unit volume by a smaller amount. The latter situation results in greater dehumidification because more air runs through the machine.

While this seems like a technical point, it’s quite significant, because it means users can set central air conditioners to a higher temperature and feel just as comfortable, because the air is less humid.

But the window units have their advantages, too. Central air conditioners suffer from “duct losses.” As cooled air passes through the system of ducts on its way to the rooms, it warms up and often leaks through the fittings. These losses can decrease an air conditioner’s energy efficiency by up to 30 percent.

Window units that block the sun from your room, buzz, and shake violently every time the condenser switches on are basically begging for attention—very few consumers walk out the door without remembering to shut off their window units. The quiet and unobtrusive functioning of central air conditioners, on the other hand, can lead to accidental overuse. Industry observers note that people tend to set their central air conditioner to a comfortable temperature and never change it.

Window units also offer room-by-room control. For singletons or couples who occupy only one bedroom at night, cooling a single room consumes a small fraction of the energy that a central air conditioner would.

Central air units are getting smarter, though, and accordingly more efficient. Programmable thermostats can make up for forgetful central A/C users by shutting the unit off when no one is home. Some central air systems even divide homes into separately controlled zones, so you don’t have to cool the kitchen at 3 a.m. just to keep your bedroom a sleepable temperature. And some new central air conditioners have an air handler in each room, skipping the ducts entirely, combining precise control with improved efficiency and less noise.

Because of the construction and behavioral variables, it’s impossible to pronounce a winner in this particular competition. As is often the case, the choice is often going to come down to each consumer’s behavior. Generally speaking, the newfangled ductless system is going to be the most efficient but priciest option upfront. If you’re choosing between an old-school central air system and window units, the latter could be better if you’re childless, live in a large home in a dry environment, or tend to be forgetful about adjusting your thermostat.

The Lantern thanks Jennifer Amann of the American Council for an Energy-Efficient Economy.

Click here to see a slide show of clever and humorous cooling systems.

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Curriculum, Supervision, Educational Leadership #central, #washington, #university, #main, #home, #homepage, #ellensburg, #eburg, #primary, #cwu,


Program Overview

The Master of Education, Higher Education program is designed for candidates with an interest in working in administrative positions in institutions of higher education, civic organizations, non-profit organizations, national government organizations, or the social sector. Program coursework provides students with a strong grounding in leadership / management / organizational development with particular attention to the higher education context.

Addressing the growing demand for higher education professionals, the curriculum emphasizes theory, research methods and data analysis, as well as substantive knowledge and skills development in organizational leadership, particularly as it pertains to higher education. Delivered in a convenient online format the M.Ed. Higher Education provides students with a well- rounded foundation in higher education administration, and the ability to personalize the curriculum to meet their needs through elective courses and project / internship experiences.

The M.Ed. Higher Education program is 45 credit hour program that consists of 10 core courses, two electives courses, an Internship or Capstone Project, and Master’s examination. The M.Ed. Higher Education program is offered fully online.

The M.Ed. Higher Education faculty is comprised of professors from multiple fields; several professors currently work in higher education administration and can provide first-hand experience education.

The M.Ed Higher Education Program welcomes graduate candidates interested in working in higher education and similar fields.

In the pursuit of the M.Ed. Higher Education degree, students complete coursework, work on their internship/project, and prepare for graduation.

Take the Next Step to Becoming a Wildcat.

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SunTrust Bank Review – Banks in Richmond, VA – BBB Business Review – BBB

#suntrust business banking


BBB Accreditation

A BBB Accredited Business since

BBB has determined that SunTrust Bank meets BBB accreditation standards. which include a commitment to make a good faith effort to resolve any consumer complaints. BBB Accredited Businesses pay a fee for accreditation review/monitoring and for support of BBB services to the public.

BBB accreditation does not mean that the business’ products or services have been evaluated or endorsed by BBB, or that BBB has made a determination as to the business’ product quality or competency in performing services.

Reason for Rating

Factors that raised the rating for SunTrust Bank include:

  • Length of time business has been operating
  • Complaint volume filed with BBB for business of this size
  • Response to 880 complaint(s) filed against business
  • Resolution of complaint(s) filed against business

Industry Ratings Comparison | Chart

Customer Complaints Summary Read complaint details

880 complaints closed with BBB in last 3 years | 373 closed in last 12 months

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Top Rated Central Air Conditioners 2013 #central #air #conditioners,hvac #articles


Top Rated Central Air Conditioners 2013

These are the best air conditioners for this year. They are efficient and will make your home very comfortable throughout the cooling season. Pair any of these with a variable-speed blower for optimum cooling. Click on the links for the full review of each top rated 2013 central air conditioner.

Modulating Central Air Conditioners

The first of these models use a modulating compressor rather than a single-stage or two-stage compressor. A modulating compressor runs at a capacity between 25% and 100%, usually on fairly low capacity. The purpose is to deliver the precise amount of cooling needed to keep a home’s temperatures perfectly balanced while eliminating hot/cold spots from room to room.

Modulating ACs cost more but offer the most comfortable cooling and better humidity removal too. There are just a few currently on the market, but expect to see more each year. Already 6-8 companies make modulating heat pumps, so more modulating ACs are on the way.

Watch our video on the top rated central acs:

Best Central Air Conditioners for 2013

This is our top rated central air conditioners 2013 list. In choosing one, decide if you want to spend extra to get the performance of a modulating air conditioner. If not, one of the 2-stage models will be more affordable while still making your home quite comfortable.

Whichever model you choose, hire a qualified contractor to install it who has a proven track record of quality. Any AC must be properly installed to run at peak efficiency and as durably as it should. See many of the models below in our HVAC prices reviews. Here are this year’s top central air conditioners.

Maytag M1200 PSA4BI iQ Drive Air Conditioner

This modulating central air conditioner offers impressive 24.5 SEER efficiency. The Maytag M1200 PSA4BI iQ Drive AC heads many lists of the top air conditioner on the market. It’s expensive, but it is efficient and well-built. It should make your home very comfortable and give you up to 20 years of durable service, possibly more when it is well-maintained.

American Standard Platinum ZM Central Air Conditioner

This is a 2-stage AC offering 20 SEER efficiency that will reduce cooling costs considerably when replacing an older model. American Standard has one of the top 3-4 service records in the industry. The American Standard Platinum ZM uses 2 separate compressors to achieve the 2-stage cooling. When both are running, this AC can cool a house quickly, so this is a good choice in very warm climates.

Bryant Evolution 180B Central Air Conditioner

This is another 2-stage central air conditioner that offers 20 SEER cooling. it s well-built and has internal switches and controls to keep it running effectively and durably for many years. The Bryant Evolution 180B is a good choice for very warm climates and those with high humidity levels.

Carrier Infinity 21 24ANB1 Central Air Conditioner

The 2-stage Carrier Infinity 21 24ANB1 AC is Carrier ’s most efficient, with 21 SEER cooling. You’ll see a significant reduction in your energy bills all summer with this AC. Carrier has one of the best service records in the industry. You’ll pay more for a Carrier than for most brands, but you’ll get a long-lasting and very dependable central AC.

Goodman DSXC18 Central Air Conditioner

Goodman is known in the industry as offering very competitive pricing along with good warranties. The Goodman DSXC18 central air conditioner is also very high in quality, something that hasn’t always been true of Goodman products. With a significant upgrade in its parts, Goodman now does very well in head to head comparisons of quality. This central AC is a 2-stage unit that will help keep any home very comfortable.

Lennox Signature XC21 Central Air Conditioner

Lennox is an industry leader in green technology. This air conditioner is a 2-stage model with 21 SEER efficiency, ideal for lowering energy use and utility bills. The Lennox XC21 AC is wired to accept Lennox SunSource solar energy modules, so if you live in a sunny climate, you might consider them. They can generate enough energy to run the entire HVAC system and possibly even an excess that can be used for lighting or other household needs.

Rheem Prestige RASL-JEC Central Air Conditioner

Rheem’s best and most efficient AC is a 19.5 SEER model with 2 stages of cooling. Pair it with a Rheem variable speed furnace and you’ll enjoy balanced temperatures and great humidity control during the cooling season. The Rheem Prestige RASL-JEC central air conditioner is durable and very reliable.

Trane XL20i Central Air Conditioner

Trane leads the industry in reliability. The Trane XL20i central air conditioner uses dual compressors, like the American Standard Platinum ZM, to cool any home very quickly. With a 20 SEER rating. you’ll save money all cooling season.

Amana ASXC18 Central Air Conditioner

Amana gets overlooked too often, but this is a very nice AC. The Amana ASXC18 is an 18 SEER, 2-stage model with the best warranty in the industry. If the compressor ever fails, Amana will replace the entire condensing unit. Amana offers a very good product at very competitive prices too.

Ruud Ultra UASL-JEC Central Air Conditioner

With 18 SEER and 2-stage performance, the Ruud Ultra UASL-JEC holds its own against many of the top ACs on the market. Ruud offers good quality and durability, so this AC should last for up to 20 years, and possibly longer with good maintenance.

No related content.

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Plumbers Montclair NJ #plumber #new #jersey, #service #professionals, #heating #new #jersey, #drain #cleaning #new


When it comes to residential plumbing in New Jersey, you can rely on Service Professionals for expert repairs and installations, and a standard of service that is second-to-none:

1. Guaranteed Workmanship:

Your plumbing work is backed by a written guarantee.

2. Convenience:

Your repairs and installations done at a time that is convenient for you, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

3. Care And Attention:

You can be sure that you and your home will receive the care and attention you deserve – with clean-cut and polite service with a commitment to keeping your home tidy.

Read more about your Service Level Guarantee here. or read from other delighted customers in your area here .


1. In Your Kitchen

From unblocking garbage disposals, to fixing leaks and appliance hook-ups, Service Professionals can help with on-time and courteous service.

2. In Your Bathroom

We can help you repair, unblock and fit sinks, faucets, toilets, baths and showers – all backed by a written guarantee. For the latest in water heater technology where the hot water never runs out in the shower, read more about our instant hot water solutions here.

3. Leak Detection

If your home has a plumbing or drain leak it can cause considerable structural damage over the long term. So if you need leak detection or are considering buying a property and want to check for potential problems that are not checked for with most pre-purchase home inspections, call Service Professionals today.

4. Hot Water

5. Drain Clearing And Repair

6. Repiping

7. All Other New Jersey Plumbing Repairs

From sump pumps to backflow prevention – you name it, Service Professionals can handle it with professional workmanship and respect for your home and your time.

For all your residential plumbing repairs and installations, with a service standard that is second-to-none, speak with Service Professionals today at 877-759-4897.

If you are looking for a plumber for your home, you will be pleased you chose the plumbers from Service Professionals. We are able to help with all of your home’s plumbing needs including faucets, garbage disposals, bath tubs, water lines, clogged toilets, sump pumps, sewer and drain lines and even shower repair. Areas serviced include when you are looking for a plumber in Scotch Plains, Westfield NJ plumbers, Cranford plumbing, Maplewood water heaters, Millburn plumbers, Short Hills, Watchung plumber, Warren, Green Brook plumbing, Bridgewater, Bernardsville plumbers in Basking Ridge. So if you need a plumber in an emergency or at any time 24 hours a day for your convenience, consider Service Professionals.


For all your plumbing needs in Central and Northern New Jersey call and speak with Service Professionals, including when you need Alpine NJ plumbing Avenel Basking Ridge plumber. Bedminster Belleville plumbing Bergen plumber Bergenfield Berkeley Heights Bernardsville Bloomfield water heater. Bogota AFUE plumber Bridgewater plumber Caldwell NJ plumbing Carlstadt. Carteret Cedar Grove plumbing contractors Cedar Knolls leak locating Chatham Chester. Clark plumber Clifton plumbing Colonia Cranford plumbers Dayton NJ fix faucet. Dunellen NJ plumber East Brunswick drain cleaning East Hanover blocked toilet East Rutherford install shower. Edison sewer repairs Elmwood Park clogged drain Englewood NJ plumber Essex Fells. Fair Lawn plumbing Fanwood NJ tankless hot water Far Hills plumber Florham Park. Fords save on plumbing Fort Lee NJ plumber Franklin Park Garfield leaky faucet Garwood unclog sink Gillette garbage disposal Gladstone Glen Ridge sump pumps Green Brook plumbing Hackensack water softeners. Hanover NJ plumber Hasbrouck Heights copper repipe Hawthorne recommended contractors Highland Park water heater installation. Hillside NJ plumber Ho-Ho-Kus plumbing Iselin collapsed sewer Jamesburg Kenilworth plumber Koreatown. Leonia NJ plumbing Liberty Corner plumber Linden Little Falls plumbing Little Ferry, Livingston Leaking Pipe Lyndhurst fast plumbers Madison frozen pipes Maplewood install sink Martinsville fix plumbing Maywood plumber Mendham NJ. Metuchen plumbing Middlesex plumbers Millburn water heaters Millington. Milltown plumber Monmouth sewer cleaning Montclair plumber Moonachie plumbing Morris Plains NJ. Morristown plumbers Mountainside plumber Neshanic Station. New Brunswick plumbing New Milford New Providence New Vernon plumbers North Arlington. North Branch plumber North Brunswick plumbing North Caldwell plumbers North Plainfield. Nutley plumber Old Bridge plumbing Oradell repair leaking pipes Palisades Park water pressure Paramus hot water Parlin plumbing contractors Passaic plumbing Peapack. Perth Amboy plumber Piscataway plumbing Pluckemin. Rahway plumber Raritan plumbing Ridgefield water heaters Ridgefield Park. Ridgewood River Edge Rochelle Park plumbing contractors Rocky Hill water lines Roseland Roselle NJ plumbers Roselle Park. Rutherford Saddle Brook plumbing Saddle River Sayreville Scotch Plains plumbers Secaucus water heater Sewaren. Short Hills Skillman Somerset South Amboy plumbing South Bound Brook. South Orange unclog toilet South Plainfield. South River Springfield Sterling Teaneck plumbers Tenafly plumber Teterboro NJ Upper Montclair Vauxhall. Verona Wallington Warren plumbing Watchung plumbers West Orange Westfield Whippany water heaters Winfield Park Wood Ridge Woodbridge. For all your plumbing needs in NJ call Service Professionals.

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3 Things That Will Dictate The Price Of Your New Central Air Conditioner #installing


3 Things That Will Dictate The Price Of Your New Central Air Conditioner

If you’re shopping for a new air conditioner, then you may be wondering why nearly every company you call acts like the price of a central air conditioning unit is a matter of national security. There are basically 2 reasons air conditioning companies won’t give you even general information about prices of ac units over the phone.

Reason #1 They want you to meet with a salesman who has been trained to base the price he offers you on how informed you are on the cost to install a new central air conditioning unit.

Reason #2 The answer to exactly how much your new air conditioner will cost is… It depends.

In my experience, Reason #1 is why most people find the process of buying a new air conditioner so frustrating, and Reason #2 is really just an excuse to justify Reason #1.

Truthfully, there’s no reason air conditioning companies can’t discuss ballpark ranges for prices on central air conditioning units with customers. as long as they make it clear what things are included in the basic price of installation, and what types of things would be an additional cost.

This blog post will give you an overview of the 3 variables that will dictate the cost of your new air conditioner, and roughly how much each one affects the price of the air conditioning unit you choose to install.

Top 3 Factors That Dictate The Price Of A New Air Conditioning Unit

  1. Efficiency (SEER rating)
  2. Single-Stage vs. 2-Stage Cooling
  3. Size

#1 EFFICIENCY (also referred to as SEER rating)

The energy efficiency of a new air conditioner is referred to in different terms than the efficiency of a new furnace. While furnace efficiency is expressed in terms of a percentage, 80% efficient for example, the efficiency of a new AC unit is expressed using the less straightforward measurement known as the Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio, or SEER rating. (I know technical acronyms annoy me too!)

The SEER ratings for air conditioning units start at 13 and go all the way up into the 20’s. Typically, the most popular models are rated between 13-17 SEER since most people choose to install single-stage air conditioners.

Cost Implications of an AC Unit’s Efficiency:

A 16 SEER air conditioner will usually cost between $1,200-$1,300 more than a 13 SEER unit (before accounting for any potential Xcel Energy rebates). If you choose an air conditioner that has a SEER rating higher than 16, you’ll most likely get a unit that offers 2-stage cooling as well. You can expect to pay between $1,200 – $1,400 more for a 17 SEER AC unit that offers 2-stage cooling than you would for a 16 SEER model that is single-stage.


A single-stage air conditioner is like flipping on a light switch, it’s either on or off. When it turns on it’s all the way on at 100% of its capacity. A 2-stage air conditioner starts up at about 2/3 of its full capacity, and will only ramp up to 100% when it’s hot enough outside that it requires 100% of the unit’s cooling capacity to keep your home comfortable. (For more on the difference between single-stage and 2-stage cooling, check out the 2015 New Air Conditioner Cost Guide)

Cost Implications of 2-Stage AC Units:

If you’re already considering an ultra high efficiency air conditioner like a 16 SEER model, you can expect to pay between $1,200 – $1,400 more to install a 2-stage air conditioner that would come with a 17 SEER efficiency rating.


When we talk about the size of an air conditioner, we refer to how many tons the unit is. And no, it does not mean that if you need a 3-ton air conditioner that the unit will weigh 6,000 pounds. It refers to how much cooling capacity the unit provides. I won’t delve into how to know what size air conditioner you need in this blog post since it’s covered in greater depth in the Air Conditioning 101 section of our website. But central air conditioning units come in 1/2 ton increments ranging from 1-ton all the way up to 5-tons.

Special Note: I’ve met with customers who have worked themselves up into a giant ball of stress because they’ve gotten quotes from 2 or 3 companies, and each company told them they needed a different size air conditioning unit.

The size of the unit you need should not be your concern. Sizing the unit properly is the job of the company you choose to install your new air conditioner. If you are having a new furnace installed at the same time, you should ask for a written guarantee that states the new air conditioner will cool your house to at least 70 degrees when the temperature is 95 degrees outside. Any company that won’t guarantee the cooling performance of your new AC unit when they are installing a new furnace for you at the same time should be crossed off your list.

To give you some perspective, a small condo that is less than 1,000 s.f. might need a 1.5-ton AC unit, while a 4,000 s.f. home is likely to have a 5-ton AC unit.

Cost Implications of an AC Unit’s Size:

As a general rule, the bigger your home the bigger your air conditioner will be. The bigger your air conditioner is, the more it will cost. Typically a 13 SEER air conditioner that is 3-tons in size might cost between $300 – $500 more than a 2-ton unit. As you go up in size the difference in cost gets bigger. On average a 13 SEER air conditioner that is 5-tons in size will cost between $400 – $600 more than a 4-ton unit.

Hopefully this will help give you a basic understanding of the industry jargon you’ll run into when shopping for a new air conditioner, and how these 3 variables will impact the cost to install a new central air conditioning unit in your home. If you’d like more in-depth information on how to choose the right air conditioner for your home, check out the Air Conditioning 101 section of our website or download the 2015 Central Air Conditioning Buyer’s Guide .

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SunTrust Bank Review – Banks in Richmond, VA – BBB Business Review – BBB

#suntrust business banking


BBB Accreditation

A BBB Accredited Business since

BBB has determined that SunTrust Bank meets BBB accreditation standards. which include a commitment to make a good faith effort to resolve any consumer complaints. BBB Accredited Businesses pay a fee for accreditation review/monitoring and for support of BBB services to the public.

BBB accreditation does not mean that the business’ products or services have been evaluated or endorsed by BBB, or that BBB has made a determination as to the business’ product quality or competency in performing services.

Reason for Rating

Factors that raised the rating for SunTrust Bank include:

  • Length of time business has been operating
  • Complaint volume filed with BBB for business of this size
  • Response to 880 complaint(s) filed against business
  • Resolution of complaint(s) filed against business

Industry Ratings Comparison | Chart

Customer Complaints Summary Read complaint details

880 complaints closed with BBB in last 3 years | 373 closed in last 12 months

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Austin, Texas Residential Locksmith (512) 929-5397 #locksmith #central


Professional Residential Locksmith Services in Austin, TX

Known as the Live Music Capital of the World. Austin is a funky city with a passion for music of every genre. Take a stroll down 6th street any night of the week and you’ll hear an eclectic blend of hard rock rhythms, soulful guitar riffs, and pulsing beats emanating from the entertainment venues lining the street. Twice a year, music lovers descend upon Austin for the annual South by Southwest festival and the Austin City Limits Music Festival .

Austin is about more than just music. The capital of Texas, home to major tech companies like Dell. Apple. and Google. and the headquarters of Mr. Rekey, we are proud to call this unique city home. From Town Lake and Zilker Park to the eclectic shops on South Congress Avenue. we love it all.

Austin Locksmith Service Offerings

Our Austin area locksmith technicians provide the following services:

  • Residential Lock-outs
  • Master Key System
  • New Lock Installation
  • Garage Door Locks Remotes
  • Sliding Patio Door Window Locks
  • Electronic Keypad Installation
  • Mailbox, File Cabinet Desk Locks
  • Rekeying Existing Keyholes

The Austin Residential Rekey Special $99.99

The Rekey Special®. our most popular locksmith service, is available at the all-inclusive rate of $99.99 in the Austin metro area and comes with:

  • Locksmith service call to the property, with proper identification
  • Up to 6 locks rekeyed
  • 4 new key copies
  • New kick-in-resistant screws in all deadbolt locks
  • No hidden fees. No surprises.

Super impressed with technicians Mike and Ernie! They were prompt, courteous and professional. They called thirty minutes before arriving and arrived right on time. We just arrived in the area and leased a brand new home. Leasing agent arranged for Mr. Rekey to come out and remove lock box, re key doors, etc. When this team showed up, I still had no electric. They were not any any way deterred by this fact as they informed me, they were prepared for this type of situation. They promptly got going and re-keyed the house, checked all windows and locks. They checked that the garage door worked properly (electric providers arrived soon after) and checked all smoke detectors. By doing so, they discovered that the builder had failed to install one smoke detector and that one was not functioning. They installed the missing smoke detector and replaced the non functioning one. Finally, Mike cleaned out the front door peep hole and installed one that apparently was missing in the garage door! I had no idea that garage doors must now have a peep hole as they are an exit door. Then when finished, Mike and Ernie pulled out their mini vac and cleaned up! See what I mean? Ernie and Mike were not only thorough, they just did a great job! I think they deserve super hero Rekey capes! What a great first impression this team made on me and if this is the kind of service we can expect from local businesses, we are glad for the move!

Great company. They do superior work at set prices and always have a professional demeanor. If you want good work done, these are the guys to call hands down. Five stars all the way! Ask them for their Rekey special and get a good price.

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Central Management Systems #central #management #system


Cookies on ELEXON

This website stores cookies on your computer, both as an essential part of the user experience and also to collect information to help us understand your use of the service and improve it. Use the links to the right to either view/change your cookie preferences, or simply dismiss this message and accept our default cookie settings. Note: A cookie will be stored on your computer to record these preferences.

Central Management Systems

Central Management Systems (CMS), also known as telemanagement, are the next step in remote dynamic street lighting control. Using a CMS, the operator can choose exactly when to switch each individual street light on or off and/or by how much to reduce the lamp power. This allows any number of switching events and/or dimming levels. The CMS also provides other benefits such as fault detection.

The following factsheets provide an overview of CMS and the Settlement requirements:

An Equivalent Meter is the hardware and software that is used to calculate Half-Hourly electricity consumption values associated with Unmetered Apparatus. The specification for an Equivalent Meter is contained within BSCP520 Unmetered Supplies Registered in SMRS .

Equivalent Meters are operated by Meter Administrators. There are of two types of Equivalent Meter:

  • Passive Meters – allocate the Unmetered consumption across the Half-Hourly periods by a mathematical relationship of annual burning hours to the daily time of sunrise and sunset; and
  • Dynamic Meters – allocate the Unmetered consumption across the Half-Hourly periods by reference to the operation of a number of photoelectric cells (PECU Arrays) or by using actual switching times reported by a Central Management System (CMS). Where the switching times are reported by CMS, the Equivalent Meter can be defined to be two distinct parts: the CMS (i.e. the system that is used to report switching times) and the Meter Administrator (MA) System (i.e. the system that is used to calculate the consumption). The definition of the file that is used to transfer data from the CMS System to the MA System is contained in BSCP520.

An applicant wishing to gain approval for an Equivalent Meter must demonstrate and provide test evidence to the accredited test agent of compliance with the requirements and responsibilities as per BSCP520. The following Test Specification covers the required Meter Administrator System tests. Where Equivalent Meter software is developed by a Software Developer not associated with an existing MA the testing will solely focus on the software requirement within this document.

Download the test specification:

Approved Meter Administrators

Last updated: 3 April 2013

CMS Capable Equivalent Meters

CMS forms part of the Meter Administrator’s Equivalent Meter. Where the switching times are reported by a CMS, the Equivalent Meter can be defined as two distinct parts: the CMS (i.e. the system that reports switching times and/or power levels) and the Meter Administrator (MA) System (i.e. the system used to calculate the consumption). An Equivalent Meter that can facilitate CMS is called a CMS Capable Equivalent Meter.

An interested party must apply to ELEXON to gain approval for an Equivalent Meter, either for a new CMS or a new CMS Capable Equivalent Meter.

We will provide applicants with a test specification and will agree a test schedule and give expected timescales for the approval process. The testing will be carried out by an ELEXON-appointed Equivalent Meter Test Agent (currently ELEXON). This will be agreed between ELEXON and the applicant.

Download the test specification:

Once testing of the system(s) is complete, results will be presented to the Unmetered Supplies User Group (UMSUG) for recommendation for approval. The application will then be presented to the Supplier Volume Allocation Group (SVG) for approval.

For a new CMS Capable Equivalent Meter, ELEXON will be required to test the complete system (i.e. MA system and CMS). However, in the case where the CMS and / or the MA system is tested and approved with another CMS / MA system, this will be taken into account in the testing (which may lead to a reduction in testing / no testing required by ELEXON). All new Equivalent Meters must be presented to the SVG for approval, even in the case where the CMS and MA System that they comprise have been approved with other CMS / MA Systems.

Listed below are the currently-approved Meter Administrators and the Equivalent Meter Type they are approved to operate. For ease of reference, they are divided into approved Equivalent Meters that include CMS (CMS Capable) and those that do not include CMS (Non-CMS Capable).

Measured Central Management System

A Measured Central Management System is a measured CMS which utilises measured feedback. Approval of measured CMS is covered by the test specification below. This test specification does not cover lighting Apparatus covered by the Central Management System Equivalent Meter Test Specification. It is intended for other technologies, as determined by accredited test agent, that it would not be appropriate to test using the existing CMS Equivalent Meter Test Specification.

The approved CMS must be used in conjunction with an approved Equivalent Meter (EM).

Download the test specification:

Approved Measured CMS Systems

Approved CMS System

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