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Cayuga Addiction Recovery Services #care #addiction #recovery


W elcome to C ARS

From Chief Executive Officer, Bill Rusen

We believe in the capacity of people to
transform themselves.
-CARS enduring purpose statement

The power source for our shared work of transformation is the partnership we build with each of our clients. That requires all of us at CARS to be a creative, visionary and energetic force which regularly provides the one indispensable commodity offered by CARS to our community: deep and meaningful engagement and connection as partners in transformation and a rich, seamless care experience.
To do this we must live by the values at the heart of our work and maintain strict fidelity to them. Even beyond mission statements, two essential commitments must guide CARS work:

1. Every person, and their family, matters.

2. No person seeking our assistance should have to suffer twice, due to our inefficiency, neglect, inattention
or lack of the creativity to answer emphatically Yes when access to and engagement of care is desired.

As part of this effort I want you to know I consider myself accountable for ensuring the promises above are a reality for you. Therefore, I want you to know that:

1.You will receive considerate and respectful care and treatment ALL the time.

2. You own your confidentiality and it is YOU, and you alone, who set the rules for that important
This includes, for example, whether anyone other than you knows you are a CARS client or
have ever walked through our door.

3. Coming to CARS is totally voluntary. You decide whether coming to CARS continues or stops.

William J. Rusen, LMSW
Chief Executive Officer

Please select the link below to listen to the CEO of Cayuga Addiction Recovery Services Bill Rusen talk about how there is always hope in addiction treatement. Bill appears regularly on WHCU 870 AM s Morning Report with host Lee Rayburn to talk about addiction and recovery in our community.

Please select the link above to listen to the CEO of Cayuga Addiction Recovery Services Bill Rusen s All Things Equal Podcast-TRANSFORMATION. Bill appears regularly on WHCU 870 AM s Morning Report with host Gary Stewart to talk about addiction and recovery in our community.

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QuickBooks Compatible Lawn Care – Landscape Service Software #lawn #care #software, #how #to #start



With its seamless integration with QuickBooks, its compatibility with handheld (pocket) computers and smartphones (like iPhones and Android), and its many functional features, The Service Program is the optimal software solution for your lawn service and landscaping business. Especially when it’s also one of the most affordable solutions on the market.

Following are some of the lawn care and maintenance tasks that The Service Program can help you record, track and manage and report to your residential and commercial customers, if appropriate:

  • Enter Customers once in The Service Program or in QuickBooks and it seamlessly will update the other program.
  • When a customer calls you can open a work ticket in The Service Program then it will seamless go to a PDA. Once closed it posts as an invoice in QuickBooks where you can print it out.
  • Continue to receive payments in QuickBooks and do your other normal accounting functions. The Service Program does all the other little tasks that QuickBooks doesn t do.
  • Generate analysis: type of grass(es) present, type of weeds present, insects found, diseases found
  • Schedule when services need to be performed (fertilizing, pruning, etc.)
  • Keep track of services performed per visit (mow lawn, edge, weed eat, rake leaves, prune, mulch, plant, etc.)
  • Record fertilizers and weed control applied
  • Track tree and shrub care services
  • Record time of day and weather conditions
  • Track when repair parts are used off a truck with inventory
  • Track assets assigned to crews
  • Maintain route schedules for crews
  • Track crew profitability
  • Track issues from the main warehouse to each crew member (fuel, mower parts, etc.)
  • Create routes for cutting, fertilizing, cut-backs and more
  • Record non billable work orders as well such as complaint calls etc. See how many types of calls are coming in based on type and for who they are referring to.
  • You can enter the number of cuts/services on the route schedule and The Service Program will track the balance and pull them off the route when your obligation is met!

The Service Program is a QuickBooks add-on that can help you manage contacts, track leads, schedule appointments, plan routes, generate estimates, manage equipment rentals, track materials and equipment, produce invoices in the field, manage multiple inventory locations, create reports and fulfill service contracts. The Service Program also works with handheld personal digital assistants (PDAs), so it’s mobile, just like your business.

Premier iPhone, iPad and Android Crew GPS Tracking Solution NOW AVAILABLE!

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Online Doctor of Nursing Practice Program #doctor #of #nursing #practice, #dnp, #advanced #practice, #evidence-based,


Doctor of Nursing Practice (DNP) Program

NO GRE Required

NO Application Fee

NOW OPEN – Application Period for Fall 2017

The online Doctor of Nursing Practice degree enables the graduates to transform the health care delivery system and design new systems to improve the context in which health care is offered. Nurses prepared at the DNP level will function from a strong evidence based foundation, effectively assessing health care policy, organizational effectiveness, and economic trends in health care to design new models for patient care services. The practice doctorate is designed for nurses seeking a terminal degree in nursing practice, and offers an alternative to research focused doctoral programs.

In accordance with the DNP Essentials (AACN, 2006), 1,000 advanced practice post-BSN practice hours must be documented to earn a Doctor of Nursing Practice (DNP) degree. Duquesne’s DNP builds on the student’s master’s degree. The number of practice hours a student is awarded is based on faculty review of official transcripts, course descriptions, and feedback from schools. A total of 500 hours may be awarded to the student from their Master’s degree program. The accepted hours must be from courses that are listed on an official transcript from a nationally accredited institution and must demonstrate scholarly rigor and critical engagement with subjects relevant to the DNP competencies. All DNP Students are required to complete a minimum of 500 practice hours in the DNP Program. A DNP Residency is also a graduation requirement. Residency experiences are individualized and based on the student’s unique professional goals.

DNP Program Outcomes

The graduate of the DNP program will:

  1. Demonstrate effective clinical judgment through the synthesis and interpretation of multiple data sources and the efficient use of multidisciplinary collaborative approaches
  2. Function as a moral advocate for patients, families, and communities, advancing their empowerment in complex situations
  3. Model astute awareness of patient and family needs, anticipating their changing requirements and ensuring patient comfort and safety in all care planning
  4. Actively seek opportunities to teach, mentor, and facilitate the professional development of colleagues
  5. Develop, integrate, and foster strategies to address issues within the system to enhance patient care services and outcomes
  6. Integrate system-wide responses to health care diversity requirements among patients and staff
  7. Develop creative educational programs for the system to address patient needs, staff development, and student achievement
  8. Foster the exploration of new knowledge to address issues in the delivery of health care, especially nursing care
  9. Advocate for culturally competent environments and systems of care
  10. Sponsor and model ethical decision making in all aspects of practice with the self, patient, family, community, and health care delivery systems


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Baptist Health Care of northwest Florida and south Alabama #baptist, #baptist #hospital, #baptist #health


My Healthy Blueprint Powered by Baptist Health Care is a wellness program that uses data, health-risk assessments, education and coaching to customize a health care model for individual health success.

Move2Perform The tearing of an anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) not only once, but twice, almost took one young athlete out of the game forever.

Leadership Saves Lives In our parents’ day, if you survived a heart attack you could look forward to the life of an invalid involving numerous hospital stays, careful living and an early death.

Read more Gulf Coast Healthy Living Articles

Baptist Health Care

Healthy Living
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Baptist Health Care is a community-owned, not-for-profit health care organization committed to improving the quality of life for people and communities in Northwest Florida and South Alabama. The organization is a proud a member of the Mayo Clinic Care Network. A 2003 Malcolm Baldrige recipient, Baptist continuously strives to be a national leader in quality and service. Baptist Health Care includes three hospitals. all of which guarantee private rooms to promote better rest, limit noise and provide privacy for patients and their visitors. Additionally, the organization has four medical parks. Andrews Institute for Orthopaedic Sports Medicine. Footer link to Lakeview Center and Footer link to Baptist Medical Group and Cardiology Consultants. With more than 6,500 employees and employed physicians, Baptist Health Care is the largest non-governmental employer in northwest Florida.

Copyright 1996 Baptist Health Care

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  • brochure

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AJMC – American Journal of Managed Care #american #journal #of #managed #care, #ajmc, #managed


Dr Neal Kaufman Weighs Advantages of Digital and In-Person Diabetes Management Programs

Diabetes management programs can be delivered digitally or in a traditional in-person setting, but there are benefits and drawbacks to each, explained Neal Kaufman, MD, founder and chief medical officer of Canary Health.

Dr Robert Gabbay Highlights 3 Exciting Areas of Developing Diabetes Technology

There are a number of exciting technological advances that could change diabetes care as we know it, such as improved continuous glucose monitors and convenient decision support tools, said Robert Gabbay, MD, PhD, chief medical officer of the Joslin Diabetes Center.

Dr Rob Nolan Discusses Behavioral Foundations of eCounseling Programs

The use of technology in behavioral interventions is exciting, but it is important to integrate the underlying principles of behavioral science when developing counseling interventions, explained Rob Nolan, PhD, CPsych, director of Cardiac eHealth at the Peter Munk Cardiac Centre and clinical psychologist and scientist at the Toronto General Research Institute, at the American College of Cardiology 66th Scientific Session, where he presented the results of the REACH eCounseling trial.

June 9, 2017 | Surabhi Dangi-Garimella, PhD

The theme of this year’s American Society of Clinical Oncology (ASCO) Annual Meeting was Making a Difference in Cancer Care With You.

June 9, 2017 | Christina Mattina

Prior data had indicated that sodium-glucose cotransporter 2 (SGLT2) inhibitors could be linked to diabetic ketoacidosis, a serious complication of diabetes.

This Week in Managed Care: June 9, 2017

This week, the top managed care stories included findings that some cancers are being diagnosed earlier after people gain coverage under the Affordable Care Act; a new poll gauged Americans’ views on Medicaid; and JDRF launched a new campaign to meet the needs of people with type 1 diabetes.

Jenny Bogard on Getting Payers to Cover Obesity Treatment and Prevention

Payers recognize the importance of obesity care and prevention, but can find it difficult to justify and investment in a program that might not show benefits for years to come, explained Jenny Bogard, MPH, director of healthcare strategies at the Alliance for a Healthier Generation.

June 9, 2017 | Laura Joszt

With the sustainability and affordability of the US healthcare system in dire straits, now is the time for collaboration on new payment models, explained chief executive officers from a health plan and an insurer during a general session on the second day of America’s Health Insurance Plans’ Institute & Expo, held June 7-9 in Austin, Texas.

June 9, 2017 | AJMC Staff

Dr Clifford Goodman on What to Look Forward to at the Fall 2017 ACO Coalition Meeting

Ongoing legislative developments and the latest experiences with implementing alternative payment mechanisms are just some of the reasons Clifford Goodman, PhD, senior vice president and director at the Center for Comparative Effectiveness Research at the Lewin Group, is looking forward to the fall meeting of the ACO & Emerging Healthcare Delivery Coalition.

AJMC ® in the Press, June 9, 2017″>AJMC ® in the Press, June 9, 2017

June 9, 2017 | AJMC Staff

Coverage of peer-reviewed research from AJMC ® in the healthcare and mainstream press.

Dr Matthew Pickering on Working With Health Plans on Measure Implementation

A measure developer’s work isn’t done once a quality measure is created—the Pharmacy Quality Alliance (PQA) works with health plans post-implementation on questions regarding measure specifications or measure calculations, explained Matthew Pickering, PharmD, RPh, associate director of research and quality strategies at PQA.

In Focus Blog
UnitedHealthcare to Cover At-Home Colon Cancer Screening Kit

June 9, 2017 | Mary Caffrey

With the nation’s largest commercial payer on board, the maker of the at-home DNA colon cancer screening test will put more focus on physician education and consumer awareness, with the hope of increasing screening rates for a test that patients find uncomfortable and inconvenient.

June 8, 2017 | Mary Caffrey

The investigational oral therapy, upadacitinib, is a potential competitor for Pfizer’s JAK inhibitor, which treats patients who are not responding adequately to DMARDs.


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Mount Nittany Physician Group #physician, #doctor, #primary #care, #specialty #care, #primary #care #provider, #healthcare,


Mount Nittany Health offers patients access to a wide array of physicians practicing in more than 60 specialties and subspecialties within our system. Search or Browse a list of Physician Group physicians.

Understanding what matters means physicians across the region bringing more personal care to you.

Mount Nittany Physician Group is a team of more than 150 healthcare providers who understand what matters to you. Recognizing that no two patients are alike, we offer more than 30 specialties in 17 convenient locations across the region.

Read the stories of the community members we ve cared for or hear more from our physician team by clicking the links below.

Nicole s Story

Understanding what matters to our community means offering the highest quality of care and wellness to you.

Even after losing over 100 pounds, something was still weighing on Nicole s mind. The team at Mount Nittany Physician Group Reconstructive Cosmetic Surgery helped to ease Nicole s worries and prepare her for a truly life-changing surgery.

Our Team.

Emily Peterson, MD, is one of the physicians in the Mount Nittany Physician Group. Specializing in reconstructive cosmetic surgery, Emily is part of the team creating a healthier community.

Understanding what matters means having a team of more than 150 providers across 30 specialties providing care for you.

Find a Physician

Mount Nittany Physician Group includes more than 150 providers and 30 specialties practicing at 17 locations across the region.

Mount Nittany Health offers patients access to a wide array of physicians practicing in more than 60 specialties and subspecialties within our system.

Physician Group Resources

With the addition of the Physician Group, Mount Nittany Health has transitioned from a regional medical center to a regional health system.

We understand that change leads to questions, and we’re here to answer any that you might have. In this section you can find Physician Group-specific information about:

You can also find information regarding the Physician Group on the frequently asked questions page .

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Data analytics at Alexandra Health System: A new journey in healthcare #health #care #data


Data analytics at Alexandra Health System: A new journey in healthcare


By June 2014, Lau Wing Chew, Chief Transformation Officer (CTO) of Alexandra Health System (AHS) in Singapore, had implemented several administrative improvements using data analytics. His team in the Health Analytics Unit (HAU) had introduced initiatives such as the operating theatre (OT) dashboard, ageing-in-place programme, and several population health plans.

Three years earlier, Lau was faced with the challenge of meeting the demand for the Acute Emergency (A E) Care Centre services at Khoo Teck Puat Hospital (KTPH), the largest facility within the AHS network of medical institutions. The centre had exceeded its intended patient capacity by 50 patients a day.

There was a shortage of beds and the utilisation of critical resources like doctors, nurses, and space was sub-optimal. Lau knew data analytics was widely used in other industries to make decisions, but was also aware that the stakes were higher in healthcare.

Instead of deploying more employees to handle the overwhelming demand, Lau analysed the situation and discovered that 70% of patient visits were for non-emergencies. For the critical cases, he implemented the OT dashboard to monitor the 14 operating theatres in AHS for cancellations, overruns, and late starts. This enabled just-in-time scheduling of the operating theatres and reduced patient waiting times.

Lau adopted key performance indicators from US hospitals for the OT dashboard, such as the utilisation rate of operating theatres and the theatres daily schedule, to provide users with an overview of available resources. The HAU team constantly updated the metrics to enhance the efficiency of the hospital s processes.

The Head of Anaesthesia and Chairman of OT Committee, Associate Professor Koh Kwong Fah commented on the administrative progress,

With the dashboard data, we are engaging clinicians to modify some of their workflows to deliver care to our patients with fewer delays. The senior management had also seen that the data presented by the dashboard was in a more usable manner, and the use of the OTs have been improved significantly with accurate predictions.

The next issue Lau sought to address was the excess demand for subsidised in-patient beds. He learnt that out of 21,000 patients, 425 had been admitted three or more times over six months, taking up 10,000 bed days, equivalent to 11% of total available bed days.

Lau wanted to change the focus to improving the home environment of patients,

Healthcare spending has focussed on the building of hospitals and funding of acute care; much less has been spent on supporting patients to cope with health issues in their homes a disparity that we can start to address with home visits.

Lau formed an Ageing-in-Place (AIP) team, which included nurses and part-time social workers to help people receive care at home. The programme was so successful that by the end of 2012, 47% of the chronically ill were not readmitted, freeing 5,000 bed days in a six-month period. Patients that took better care of their health suffered fewer physical ailments and were readmitted less frequently, which also reduced their financial burden.

After the success of AIP, Lau pursued population health initiatives to bring health awareness beyond the hospital walls, and help residents maintain healthy lifestyles. Data analytics provided insights on patient lifestyle and diet through the results of health screenings, and could predict when patients might require medical attention.

Lau was encouraged that the insights drawn from data analytics benefitted AHS and its patients. He hoped it would continue to guide the organisation s strategic directions and improve its operational processes.

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Lawn Mowing Business – The Biggest Lawn Care names List #selling #your #business

#lawn mowing business


The Biggest Lawn Care names List

Bear in mind that many of these names are already in use by other lawn businesses around the world. Some of them are already trademarks of their respective owners. This list is designed for inspiration and ideas only. You must do your own research at the local level in order to determine if you have the legal right to use any of the following names.

Lawn Care names List

0800 Lawn Care
A to Z Lawn Care
AAA Lawn Care
Above All Lawn Care
Absolute Lawn Services
Ace Lawn Care
Advanced Lawn Maintenance
Advantage Lawn Care
Affordable Lawn Care
All American Lawn Services
All Areas Lawn Care
All Seasons Yard Care
Amazing Grass
American Lawn Specialists
Appealing Lawns
Bay City Lawn Care
Blue Chip Lawns
Blue Sky Lawn Care
Brothers Lawn Care
Budget Lawn Mowing
Buena Vista Lawn Care
Canadian Lawn Care
Central City Lawn Care
CityScapes Lawn Mowing
Classic Lawn Care
Clean Cut Lawns
Clear Cut Lawn Care
Coastal Lawn Care
Complete Lawn Maintenance
Complete Lawn Services
Cut Above Lawn Care
Cut Price Lawns
Cut Right Lawns
Cutting Edge Lawn Care
Down to Earth Lawn Care
Eden Lawn Services
Elegant Lawn Services
Elite Lawn Care
Evergreen Lawn Care
Exclusive Lawn Solutions
Executive Lawn Care
Fine Cut Lawn Care
First Choice Yard Care
First Class Lawn Care
First Rate Lawn Services
Five Star Lawn Services
Freedom Lawn Maintenance
Garden Gurus
Grass Barber
Grass Masters
Grass Monkeys
Grass Routes
GrassHoppers Lawn Care
Green Life Lawn Care
Green Works
Greener Pastures Lawn Care
Ground Control
Island Lawn and Landscaping
Just in Time Lawn Care
King of the Lawn
Lakeside Lawn Care
Lawn Order
Lawn Barber
Lawn Care Edge
Lawn Care Experts

Lawn Care Genie
Lawn Care Plus
Lawn Care Solutions
Lawn Care Specialists
Lawn Care Team
Lawn Care Wizards
Lawn Control
Lawn Impact
Lawn Jockeys
Lawn Masters
Lawn Mechanics
Lawn Patrol
Lawn Perfection
Lawn Sharks
Lawn Stars
Lawns More
Lawns by Ladies
Lawns to Impress
Lawns Unlimited
Leading Edge Lawn Care
Leisure Time Lawns
Liberty Lawn Care
Lightning Fast Lawns
Lone Star Lawn Care
Mow ‘n’ Go
Mowing and More
Mr Green Lawn Care
Oasis Lawn Care
Organic Lawn Care
Outstanding Lawns
Paradise Lawn Care
Perfect Lawns
Personal Lawn Care
Precision Lawn Care
Premier Lawn Care
Prestige Lawn Care
Prime Cuts
Priority Lawn Services
Pro Lawn Landscaping
Pro Mowing Solutions
Professional Lawn Solutions
Reliable Lawn Care Service
Same Day Lawn Care
Simply Green Lawn Services
Speedy Lawn Service
Sunrise Lawns and Gardens
Sunshine Lawn Care
Superior Lawn Care
The Grass is Greener
The Lawn Brigade
The Lawn Care Company
The Lawn Guy
The Lawn King
The Lawn Master
The Lawn Mower Man
The Lawn Ranger
Thumbs Up Lawn Care
Total Lawn Care Solutions
Ultimate Lawn Care
Universal Lawn Care
Value Lawn Landscaping
Veteran Lawn Care
VIP Lawn Care
Western Suburbs Lawn Care
Yard Smart

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Nursing Home Litigation – CANHR #canhr, #ccrc, #long #term #care #advocacy, #lawyer #referral #service,


Nursing Home Litigation

By William F. Taylor, Esq.

A decade ago few attorneys in California were aware of the magnitude of the resident neglect taking place in nursing homes and other institutional settings. Even fewer were aware of the legal remedies available and the strategic and tactical approaches to take in successfully representing injured nursing home residents and their families. Today, thanks in significant part to the advocacy and educational efforts of CANHR, that has changed for the better.

Most attorneys engaged in representing consumers are now aware of this field of practice, and may have focused their practices on helping the victims of neglect and abuse to secure compensation. Today, an elder who suffers an avoidable fall, or who develops a serious pressure ulcer, or who is subjected to other forms of abuse and neglect, has a much better chance of being able to locate counsel to provide representation.

These are all positive developments. Unfortunately, despite the increased attention focused on the problems of nursing home residents, neglect and abuse continue. Here are just three examples noted from a review of recent State investigations (See CANHR Citation Watch Consumer Report contained in the CANHR Advocate, Spring 2006, based upon a review of data from the California Department of Health Services):

  • A resident admitted to a Skilled Nursing Facility (SNF) on 4/4/05 was noted to be at risk of pressure ulcers, yet over the next four months the care plan, which called for a specialty mattress, was ignored, and a heel pressure ulcer developed, and grew worse leading to gangrene and amputation. [Citation 03140702339]
  • On 9/12/05, a resident was transferred by a single staff member without assistance, in violation of a care plan requiring a two person assist using a mechanical lift; the resident fell to the floor, fractured both legs, and died two days later. [Citation 07175202608]
  • On 1/10/05 a resident complained that she had been placed in bed against her will and that a staff member stuffed a sock in her mouth, which caused her mouth to bleed. The episode of abuse was corroborated, yet the facility failed to report the incident to the Department of health Services until one month later. [Citation 01173702174]

These examples can be multiplied hundreds of times. Many attorneys who have attended CANHR conferences can cite far worse cases.

In fact, the extent of neglect may be growing worse due to a decline in the regulatory efforts to enforce the nursing home standard of care regulations. In the past several years the efforts of the California Department of Health Services, never very effective in its enforcement efforts, have grown even weaker, with the Department of Health Services failing to investigate complaints of abuse, neglect and patient rights violations within the time frame allowed by law. CANHR has brought suit against the California Department of Health Services because of its failure to comply with the time requirements for investigating complaints about conditions and treatment in nursing homes.

At the same time, the nursing home industry as it calls itself has embraced a number of practices, including, in some cases, the withholding of patients charts pending internal review. In an effort to avoid liability, nursing home chains have created corporate or limited liability shells for each individual facility. Other facilities have reduced or eliminated insurance coverage. And the industry has, of course, turned to the media and legislature to complain about how unfair it is that they can be sued. Defense attorneys have also become more sophisticated, with a number of firms now specializing in the defense of elder abuse cases.

In this author s view, the primary underlying problem remains the same. It is the unrestrained drive for profits that often results in nursing home owners and operators ignoring the legally mandated minimums of staffing, service and care. This attitude best accounts for the pervasive patterns of neglect and abuse that have been detected and documented in California s nursing homes over the past three decades.*

*For example, see California Nursing Homes: Care Problems Persist Despite Federal and State Oversight (July 1998), USGAO Report to the Special Committee on Aging, United State Senate. See also the following reports by the Commission on California State Government Organization and Economy (the Little Hoover Commission): Care Without Dignity (April 1991); The Medical Care of California s Nursing Home Residents: Inadequate Care, Inadequate Oversight (February 1989); New and Continuing Impediments to Improving the Quality of Life and the Quality of Care in California s Nursing Homes (May 1987); The Bureaucracy of Care: Continuing Policy Issues for Nursing Home Services and Regulation (August 12983); Long Term Care: Providing Compassion Without Confusion (December 1979). See also CANHR, Status Report on California s Nursing Home Industry (1997); Citation Report: California s Nursing Homes for 2002 (2001 and 2002).

For information about CANHR’s Lawyer Referral Service go to:
CANHR s Lawyer Referral Service

Certified Community
Campaign Agency
for the United Way

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Chinook Medical Gear, Inc – Your Source for Medical Kits, Tactical Combat Casualty Care


WHOLE BLOOD COLLECTION & TRANSFUSION KIT Contains essential items to collect and transfuse fresh whole blood in a compact, vacuum-sealed package.NSN: 6515-01-657-4750

  • SAVE LIVES DURING AN EMERGENCY Lifesaving Interventions For Emergencies (LIFE) Kits allow bystanders to take immediate action by treating the wounded while waiting for professional help to arrive.

  • PRO QUALITY KITS FOR YOUR HOME & HOBBIES NEW! Emergency Preparedness Medical Kits

  • VERSATILE, CUSTOMIZABLE, FITS ALMOST ANYWHERE Hang your supplies within reach or covertly carry them in almost any bag or case with Chinook’s Medical Panel Insert (TMK-MPI).

  • CUSTOM SOLUTIONS FOR YOUR SPECIFIC MISSION Get the 100% Solution. Contact us for a custom quote today.

    New Products

    WIFAK-(Wildland Firefighter IFAK)

    starting from $ 79.95

    Glucose SOS Slimpak, Neutral Flavor, (15.6g)

    starting from $ 1.50

    Natrapel Insect Repellent, 20% Picaridin, 3.4 oz

    starting from $ 6.95


    FAST1 System

    starting from $ 169.00


    Click Image To View Catalog

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