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In The Penalty

Dominik Jakubek, one of two goalkeepers for Sacramento Republic FC, makes a diving save on a shot during practice at Bonney Field. Jakubek joined the franchise as an original member in 2014. He was 34 years old when he was signed.

Sep 2, 2016 Sena Christian

From Corporate Jobs to Brewery Owners

Proprietors of Big Stump Brewing Company juggle traditional careers with new venture

The phrase “typical day” is not one Larissa Meltz and Alex Larrabee have uttered recently and, as they get closer to their expected Labor Day weekend opening of Big Stump Brewing Company at 1716 L St. in Midtown Sacramento, their schedules will likely only get busier.

Sep 2, 2016 Jennifer Snyder

SacAnime and the Rise of the Pop-Culture Convention

Biannual Sacramento anime event takes place Sept. 2-4

While pop-culture conventions may be all the rage these days, that hasn’t always been the case.

Sep 1, 2016 Willie Clark

Buzzwords: Hardball

To be uncompromising in your methods or dealings, especially in business of politics

So while the word — and the practice — might make you roll your eyes, playing hardball can be useful and even necessary when the stakes are high. But please, use sparingly both verbally and in action.

Sep 1, 2016 Robin Epley

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Youth Sports Should be a Kid’s Game

Dilemma of the Month: Unrealistic Performance Goals

Why Connecting with Strangers on Social Media May Not be Smart

Farm-to-Fork Offers Veggie-Studded Lineup

Knock it Off

Game Face

Healthy Competition Builds A Gold-Medal Team

Artists to Take Center Stage at Sacramento Mural Festival

Sacramento to Host California Craft Beer Summit

Buzzword: Placemaking

How Oak Park Promise Vows to Improve the Neighborhood

Encounters with Keepers at the Sacramento Zoo

Rise Up Belize! Aspires to Help Children

Vacation Like a Freelance Boss

Republic FC Relies on Fan Feedback for Stadium Plans

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InDesign classes, Adobe InDesign training classes Los Angeles, Learn Adobe InDesign los Angeles, Long


Adobe InDesign Classes

Hands-on Live Computer Training Class in Adobe InDesign in Los Angeles, California

We provide Adobe InDesign classes in Los Angeles area in our computer training center. Adobe InDesign is the most popular industry standard layout software in the market. It is used to create advertisements, brochures, newspapers, magazines and flyers.

In the Adobe InDesign class students will learn to use the Tools, Create Graphics and Text, Making Changes to Graphics, Drawing Lines, Drawing Boxes, Changing Fonts, Moving Text and Graphics Around, Rotating Text, Drop Shadow, Master Pages, Page Numbering, Columns, Gradient Shading, Drop Caps, Insert Images, Create Brochures, Newsletters and much more. The Adobe InDesign class is 100% hands-on with a very low student to teacher ratio. The students will receive a certificate at the end of the Adobe InDesign training.

What makes us #1 in training classes:

  • Serving the community since 1989
  • 100% Hands-on live classes
  • One computer per person
  • Knowledgeable Patient Instructors
  • Discount on multiple classes
  • Guaranteed Learning: We are so confident that you will love our classes that we offer a guarantee. If after 1 hour and before 1 hours is up, you do not LOVE the class, you can cancel the class and get a full refund
  • Best quality and price, Guaranteed
  • Small student to teacher ratio for maximum attention
  • Certificate upon completion of the course
  • Day time, Evening and Saturday classes
  • Professionally prepared workbook for use in class and for your future reference
  • Flexible Schedule for the classes

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Accredited Dental Hygienist Schools in Sacramento, California #dental #hygienist #salary #in #california


Find Your Degree

Dental Hygienist Schools
In Sacramento, California

In Sacramento, there are 2 dental hygienist schools where dental hygienist faculty can find employment. The trends in Sacramento’s dental hygienist academic community can be evaluated by looking at the statistics and graphs below, which includes dental hygienist training at the following levels:

  • Dental Hygienist Certificate
  • Dental Hygienist Certificate
  • Associates degree in Dental Hygienist


Professional Trends

Sacramento Vs. California Dental Hygienist Employment

Exactly 1,690 of California’s 18,050 dental hygienists work in Sacramento. There has been a 24% growth in the number of dental hygienists in Sacramento between the years 2006 and 2010. Overall employment in Sacramento has decreased.

Sacramento Vs. California Dental Hygienist employment growth

Educational Trends

Dental Hygienist Faculty Salaries in Sacramento, California

Share Compare

Enter your salary to gain access to our continually growing higher education faculty salary database. Don’t worry! This is 100% secure and anonymous.

We are currently gathering data for the number of dental hygienist faculty in Sacramento, growth in the field of dental hygienist academia and dental hygienist faculty salaries in Sacramento. Please enter your information in the form below if you are involved in teaching dental hygienist courses to students at the certificate in dental hygienist, and associates degree in dental hygienist levels. This will help us build a valuable free database resource for the benefit of current and future faculty in the field of dental hygienist in Sacramento. All information you submit will be anonymous. Once you have submitted your information, you will be able to view a summary of some of the data we have collected so far.


Arrange By

Arrange By

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California Repossession Law: What To Expect And How To Avoid It #california #bankruptcy #law


California Repossession Law: What To Expect And How To Avoid It

Last updated April 15, 2016.

When a creditor comes to repossess your car. boat, or other property, do you know what to do? Here s what you need to know about California repossession law.

When can a creditor repossess my property in California?

Creditors generally retain the right to repossess the property you acquire with a purchase money loan. The most common example is an auto loan. so we’ll use that throughout the article. Keep in mind that the same applies to any property that is collateral for a loan. So, you borrow money to buy a car and the car secures the debt. If you stop paying, the lender can reclaim the property. It may choose to sue and get a judgment against you, but it’s not required as long as the repossession is peaceful.

In California, the lender may repossess your car as soon as you default on the loan, even if the payment is just one day late. The specific terms of your loan agreement may give you a grace period, so read it carefully. West’s Ann. Cal. Com. Code §§ 9601, 9609. In addition, the lender is entitled to repossess after default of any kind on the loan agreement. That means that not only is your car at risk if you miss a payment or pay late, but if you break another term of the loan agreement. For example, auto loans require that you keep the car insured. If you allow your insurance to lapse, your lender has the right to repossess.

You don’t have to be present for the lender to repossess your car. They can take the property from any publicly accessible area, including your driveway. However, a repossession agent can’t break into your house or into a locked or fenced area without permission from the legal owner of the property (you or your landlord).

Of course, just because the lender has the right to repossess doesn’t necessarily mean that it will do so. It’s much easier and cheaper for the lender if you simply continue to make your payments. They’ll only act to repossess if they believe that you’re not going to pay or that you’ll destroy the collateral.

Who can repossess property?

In California, two different types of individuals may repossess your car. First, your lender may hire a repossession agency. Repossession agencies must be licensed by the California Department of Consumer Affairs’ Bureau of Security and Investigative Services (BSIS). They must show you a BSIS ID if you ask for it. You can verify the license online or call BSIS at (916) 322-4000. An employee of the legal owner (probably the bank or the dealership) may also repossess the property; they don’t have to be licensed by BSIS.

After repossession, you ll have to pay for the storage of any personal items left in the car and some lone agreements may require you to pay the costs of repossession and storage of the car itself.

How can I avoid repossession?

If you honor the all of the terms of your loan agreement, the lender cannot repossess your car. If you default on one or more terms, you are at risk for repossession. There are, however, steps you can take to prevent it.

Reinstate the Loan

If you’ve missed one or more payments, the best option is pay all of the missed payments and all applicable late fees at once. This is called “reinstating the loan” or “curing the default.” Your loan agreement may or may not include provisions for reinstatement, but California law protects your right to reinstate the loan even after repossession, until the property is sold or otherwise disposed of. If you falsified information on your loan agreement, hid the car, used it to commit a crime, damaged the vehicle, or threatened violence against the repossession agent, you lose the right to reinstate the loan. In addition, you can only reinstate a loan once every 12 months and a maximum of twice over the course of the loan.

Contact Your Lender

If you can’t afford to pay all of your missed payments and late fees at once, you may reach out to your lender to ask for other options. Repossession is time consuming and expensive and many lenders will be willing to work with you to avoid that option. You may be able to negotiate a longer grace period or a lower interest rate, which will make payments easier.

Sell the Property

You may choose to sell the car yourself. If your car is repossessed, the lender will dispose of it at auction. If the car sells for less than you owe, you’re liable for the difference. If you organize a private sale, you’ll probably get a better price than you would at auction. Selling the car may be difficult, though. It will require the approval of your lender and they can refuse the sale for any reason or no reason at all. However, you may be able to use the lender’s refusal to protect yourself from liability for the deficiency if they receive less at auction than your private buyer offered.

Surrender the Property

You can also choose to surrender the car. You still lose it, but you may be able to negotiate a surrender as full payment of the loan. Then you won’t have to worry about a deficiency after the auction.

Refinance Your Loan

You can offer to refinance through the original lender or through a different lender. A refinanced loan will usually have a longer term, which means you’ll be paying more interest overall. If you choose to refinance, make sure that you can afford your new loan. Make sure it has a lower interest rate than your current one and don’t forget to check the fees. Consider also whether it’s worth refinancing. A new loan may last three to five years or more. If your car is already older, it may not be worth refinancing.

File for Bankruptcy

If you’re having trouble with more than one loan, bankruptcy may be a good option for you. When you file for bankruptcy, you get the protection of the automatic stay. The automatic stay stops all collection actions against you – including repossession. The bankruptcy process will give you some time to organize your finances without worrying about waking up and finding your car has been repossessed. Most debtors can keep their cars and other property through bankruptcy. In addition, you may only have to repay the loan up to the value of the car rather than repaying the full amount of the loan. Bankruptcy is a serious measure for serious debt problems, so reach out to an experienced bankruptcy attorney to discuss whether it’s the right choice for you. If you car has been repossessed, but not yet sold at auction, you still can get the vehicle back through a Chapter 13 bankruptcy .

Don t let repossession take you by surprise.

Whenever you take out a loan, read the entire agreement carefully and make sure you understand everything in it. It will include details about a grace period and the steps your lender will take if you miss payments. If you are going to fall behind on your payments, start considering your options for avoiding repossession. The earlier you act, the easier it is to keep your car.

If you have missed several payments on your loan and are facing property repression, contact one of our experienced attorneys at Borowitz Clark. We have years of experience helping thousands of consumers successfully resolve their financial issues.

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Texarkana Gazette, Texarkana Breaking News, best business school in california.#Best #business #school #in #california


Best business school in california

Best business school in california Best business school in california



Arkansas & Texas


Nation & World


Houston to open more mega-shelters to house flooded families

Best business school in california

Police seek suspect in robbery at check-cashing business

Best business school in california

Local efforts under way to help Texas flood victims

Best business school in california

Teens accused in string of robberies make appearances in county court

Best business school in california


Best business school in california Best business school in california Best business school in california Best business school in california


Wines bright flavors match summery spaghetti recipe

No fire or fury: Trump offers a muted response to North Korea

Arkansas Department of Transportation unveils live traffic cameras across the state

Maryland ready for opener against No. 23 Texas

The Elephant Man playwright Bernard Pomerance dies at 76

Orangutan that loved Price is Right dies at Ohio zoo

World Financial Markets

Delivery without drivers: Domino s, Ford team up for test

Financial Markets

U.S. home prices surge in June, led by Seattle

Texas High student s hand amputated during construction department program

Houston to open more mega-shelters to house flooded families

Trump offers Texans in-person reassurances on storm recovery

Police seek suspect in robbery at check-cashing business

Two arrested in burglary in Miller County

Special Sections

Best business school in california


Best business school in california

Texas High student s hand amputated during construction department program

Best business school in california

Police seek suspect in robbery at check-cashing business

Best business school in california

Two arrested in burglary in Miller County


Best business school in california

A M-Texarkana soccer player nets honor

Best business school in california

Maryland ready for opener against No. 23 Texas

Best business school in california

Sports Calendar

Arkansas & Texas

Best business school in california

Arkansas Department of Transportation unveils live traffic cameras across the state

Best business school in california

Houston to open more mega-shelters to house flooded families

Best business school in california

Trump offers Texans in-person reassurances on storm recovery


Best business school in california

President painting himself into corner

Best business school in california

One Nation: America comes together to help in wake of Texas storm

Best business school in california

The shameful pardon of Joe Arpaio

Best business school in california

Wines bright flavors match summery spaghetti recipe

Best business school in california

Community News

Best business school in california

The Elephant Man playwright Bernard Pomerance dies at 76


Best business school in california

No fire or fury: Trump offers a muted response to North Korea

Best business school in california

The Elephant Man playwright Bernard Pomerance dies at 76

Best business school in california

Orangutan that loved Price is Right dies at Ohio zoo

Best business school in california

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Health Care Administration #california #state #university, #long #beach


Welcome to Health Care Administration

H ealth care administration is one of the most important and exciting areas of business and public policy. California State University, Long Beach is one of just nine U.S. universities with both accredited graduate and undergraduate health administration programs. Our graduate program holds a probationary accreditation by the Commission on Accreditation for Health Management Education (CAHME ) and our undergraduate program is a fully certified member of the Association of University Programs in Health Administration (AUPHA ).

CSULB’s Department of Health Care Administration is among the nation’s top business graduate schools for physician executives as ranked by Modern Healthcare magazine (2014). We’re pleased to report that our undergraduate team placed second in the 2015 and 2016 College Bowls. We also offer exciting study abroad opportunities in both Germany and Taiwan.

The CSULB Department of Health Care Administration’s faculty includes both academic scholars and industry executives from leading Southern California organizations. We also have an active student health professional association (HCASF ), an academic honor society (Upsilon Phi Delta), a dedicated HCA Alumni Network (HCAAN ), and a dynamic and involved advisory board whose members represent many of the leading health care organizations in Southern California.

Read more in our 2016 CSULB HCA Annual Report .

A Message from the Department Chair

I consider it a privilege to be Department Chair of Health Care Administration at California State University, Long Beach. We take pride in our diverse student body, relevant field research, excellence in teaching, and connectivity to local and regional organizations where our work makes a difference.

The health care industry is a rewarding field with great opportunities for growth and success, and it continues to thrive due to the many innovations and improvements introduced by creative organizations, by health care providers, and by the Affordable Care Act. With these new changes, there is no better time to begin a career in health care administration.

As a result of the health care industry expanding and creating more professional opportunities, our department has experienced great growth in recent years and has implemented changes in order to keep up with the industry trends. For example, in 2011, HCA had nearly two hundred undergraduate health care administration majors; for Fall 2016, we have admitted 479 declared undergraduate majors, 117 pre-majors, and nineteen certificate students. Too, the department currently has fifty-nine students in our graduate degree programs (with thirty-three in our traditional and twenty-six students in our accelerated programs); with the fall 2016 cohort of graduate students, our total graduate program enrollment will exceed one hundred students.

This growth would not have been possible without the efforts of our full-time core and executive faculty members who have been creatively and diligently improving our curriculum for both graduate and undergraduate programs. Their hard work and dedication to excellence have earned HCA not only a great reputation in Southern California, but also have resulted in the re-certification by AUPHA and probationary re-accreditation by CAHME for our undergraduate and graduate programs, respectively. Additionally, the success of HCA’s alumni as they enter the workplace in health care organizations both near and far contributes to the growing reputation of our department as a place to go to for quality recruitment. Too, the integration of social media and online forums–as well as the establishment of our HCA Alumni Network of over one thousand graduates–helps to keep us in contact with our alumni and gives us the opportunity to hear and read about their accomplishments.

Our minor program with the CSULB College of Business Administration (CBA) has also been a great success for our undergraduate students, allowing HCA majors to minor in one of CBA’s business programs –such as finance, information systems, human resource management, marketing, and entrepreneurship–while earning credit for select HCA courses, thus reducing the number of units required for the business minor. This agreement will help our students gain additional expertise in an area of great interest and strength in our industry, giving them additional competitive advantages in the employment market.

If you’re a graduate of any of our health administration programs, we urge you to get involved with our HCA Alumni Network. We offer numerous ways for your organization to participate in our students’ development such as involvement with both internship and mentoring opportunities as well as lending financial support to our organization. Your support will pay dividends both to your organization and to the health care industry as a whole, all while helping today’s students become our industry leaders of tomorrow. Please be sure to check out our department s Annual Report to catch up with the happenings in our department.

On behalf of our core and executive faculty and staff, thank you for your strong support of the CSULB Department of Health Care Administration.

Tony Sinay, PhD
Department Chair

Contact Us

Via U.S. Mail:
California State University, Long Beach Department of Health Care Administration
1250 Bellflower Boulevard
Mailstop 4904
Long Beach, CA 90840-0004

Our Office Location
. HHS2-118
Our Service Hours: 8:00am-6:00pm (M-F)

Note: Please note that hours are subject to change during the summer months and winter/spring breaks.

Do you want to know more about our MSHCA and MSHCA-AP degrees?
Please check back in August for the information sessions schedule.

The application period for Fall 2017 is closed. We will start accepting applications for Fall 2018 in October 2017 for both MSHCA and MSHCA-AP degree programs.

Interested in Becoming an HCA Lecturer? Please click here for more information.

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Online College Courses & Classes, online classes in california.#Online #classes #in #california


online classes in california

You can find more than 500 accredited free online college classes that provide you with the opportunity to make use of research-based academic resources from some of the world’s best universities. You can use these resources to advance your understanding of a wide range of academic topics. The free courses listed are considered Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs). By definition, MOOC means that any interested learner is able to participate in the course. There are no prerequisites or other qualifiers separating an interested student and the material, although some advanced courses will expect that learners have completed other coursework or have a certain level of knowledge in a related area.

10 Best Online Courses of 2016


To choose the Best Online Courses for 2016, we first started with our list of the Best Online Course Providers for 2016. Those providers were chosen based on the number and variety of courses offered, the number of students enrolled in them, and their quality based on curriculum, professors, and reviews. From there, we selected the top course from each provider based on student enrollment and positive reviews to compile this list.

How To Use Open Online Courses


Learn from top colleges anytime, anywhere with Online Courses. Using the selector tools , explore top online classes in nearly any field, including microbiology, mathematics, language and psychology. You can also get a head start in your career with courses in business and accounting from some of the best schools in the country.

Online classes in california


Build a curriculum that fits your needs. Pick and choose courses from different schools in a variety of knowledge areas. With this comprehensive directory of free online open courseware, you have unlimited freedom to create a customized study plan that helps you fill in the gaps in your knowledge or simply explore a subject that interests you.

Online classes in california


Keep track of what you’ve learned and what you still want to discover using the featured tools. When you create a profile, you can log in to the site to check your progress and plan for the future at any time. With all this information at your fingertips, you can determine at a glance the areas you haven’t studied and tailor your education to be as specific or as expansive as you’d like.

Online classes in california


Additional schools, online classes, and open courseware are added to the directory frequently. Our mission is to provide the most comprehensive and high-quality listing of courses on the web, so make it a point to check back often for updates to our course selection, some of which even provide affordable options for college credit.


Additional schools, online classes, and open courseware are added to our directory frequently. Our mission is to provide the most comprehensive and high-quality listing of courses on the web, so make it a point to check back often for updates to our course selection, some of which even provide affordable options for college credit.

Featured Institutions

U-Mass. Harvard. Yale. These iconic institutions are just a fraction of the reputable schools that provide free online courseware for you through this site, along with notable universities like University of California, MIT, and the University of Michigan. Set yourself up for future success by using open courseware based on the best online course products of these top schools.

Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs) Explained

There are no hard-and-fast rules to free online courses (MOOCs), but there are some commonalities that can be found in most of them. One thing learners can usually find when investigating available courses is the syllabus for the course, which will outline what is covered.

Most MOOCs consist of a series of video lectures that are intended to instruct the learner on the material. Often, the course will include quizzes after some or all of the lectures. These are intended to make sure the learner is grasping the material. Depending on the MOOC structure, getting a passing grade on a quiz may be required to begin the next set of lectures.

In addition to quizzes, some MOOCs may include homework assignments. These assignments may be reading supplemental materials (which may be available for free online or may require purchasing a digital or physical textbook). Some homework assignments may be completing problems, doing a lab or other “typical” homework.

Finally, some MOOCs may have a final examination or assignment. If receiving a certification or college credit is an option, completing this final examination or assignment will almost certainly be a requirement for passing the course.

Top 10 Online Course Providers for 2016


Over the past several years, the online educational landscape has exploded as more providers than ever sought to offer their content online. With the popularity of Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs), quality education has never been more available to people around the world. Courses on any topic, taught by professors from prestigious universities around the world, are now available to anyone at any time. However, this increase in content and providers created a new issue that was unimaginable decades before: the presence of too much content. With all that is available, how can students navigate the educational landscape? How can they decide which providers offer the best experience? To address this issue, OnlineCourses.com has a created a list of the best providers of online education in 2016 to help students navigate this new environment and obtain their educational goals.

The following list is in no specific order, all have met our quality standards and recommend them fully to all students.


Cody Academy

With a current offering of 16 educational tracks in web development and programming languages, Code Academy seeks to revolutionize the world of education. Looking to the changes that the web has brought to commerce, healthcare, and others, Code Academy looks to transition from the traditional classroom and deliver an engaging educational experience entirely online. Designed with beginnings in mind, each track offers a carefully curated set of courses designed to ensure content mastery by the end the track. For those looking for a more personal experience, Code Academy offers Pro Content which features individual learning plans, access to instructors, and additional resources to ensure that you meet your individual goals.

To get started with Code Academy today, choose from one of their top courses:

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Attorney I Salaries by education, experience, location and more #plumbers #gaithersburg #md, #attorney #i


Attorney I Salaries

Alternate Job Titles: Entry Level Attorney, Attorney I, Lawyer I

  • What is the average annual salary for Attorney I?

      How much does a Attorney I make? The median annual Attorney I salary is $89,788. as of May 30, 2017, with a range usually between $77,993 – $103,131. however this can vary widely depending on a variety of factors. Our team of Certified Compensation Professionals has analyzed survey data collected from thousands of HR departments at companies of all sizes and industries to present this range of annual salaries for people with the job title Attorney I in the United States.

      This chart describes the expected percentage of people who perform the job of Attorney I in the United States that make less than that annual salary. For example the median expected annual pay for a typical Attorney I in the United States is $89,788, so 50% of the people who perform the job of Attorney I in the United States are expected to make less than $89,788.

      Source: HR Reported data as of May 30, 2017

      • About this chart

          This chart describes the expected percentage of people who perform the job of Attorney I that make less than that salary. For example 50% of the people who perform the job of Attorney I are expected to make less than the median.
          Source: HR Reported data as of June 2017

          Prepares and examines contracts involving leases, licenses, purchases, sales, insurance, etc. Provides legal advice to an organization, prepares resolutions and forms, and participates in major legal actions. Responsible for foreseeing and protecting company against legal risks. Must be a graduate of an accredited law school with 0-3 years of experience. Familiar with standard concepts, practices, and procedures within a particular field. Relies on limited experience and judgment to plan and accomplish goals. Performs a variety of tasks. Works under general supervision. A certain degree of creativity and latitude is required. View full job description

      Find CA Solar Panel Companies #solar #power #in #california


      California Solar Power Can Save You Money

      Many Californians don’t realize the amount of money spent on their home energy use each year. In the next 10 years, the average California homeowner will spend over $14,000 on electricity. Not to mention that electricity prices in California have increased 50% since 1990 and continue to increase at a rate of approximately 3-4% each year. Smart homeowners are increasingly looking to renewable energy and investing in a home solar system today – before the rebates and incentives dry up. In fact, if your average electric bill is $150/month, solar power in California can save you over $1,250 each year. From San Diego to Los Angeles to San Francisco to Sacramento, California homeowners are making the move to solar energy!

      Home Solar Financing

      An average residential solar system can cost between $15,000-$25,000 after rebates and incentives. Considering that you will probably spend over $72,000 in electrical bills over the next 25 years, this can be a small price to pay for solar in California. However, for too many people, that still represents too large of an up front payment. The good news is that our solar partners offer a variety of great solar financing options to help offset some of initial solar installation costs. In most cases, the monthly payment on any financing arrangement will still be less than the amount of savings on your electric bill. In addition, low interest rates are available for a solar home financing and installing solar panels can increase the value of your home as well.

      California Solar Rebates and Tax Incentives

      One of the great facts about solar in California is that there are large number of California solar rebate programs and California financial options that exist to make it easier to afford solar power for your home . Whether you live in San Diego . Los Angeles , San Francisco . Northern California . or Southern California . there will be a rebate and/or incentive that will help make solar a reality for you. There are great rebate and incentive programs available from major California Utilities such as Pacific Gas Electric (PG E, PGE) . Southern California Edison (SCE) . Los Angeles Department of Water Power (LADWP) . San Diego Gas Electric (SDG E, SDGE) . and Sacramento Municipal Utility District (SMUD) as well as numerous other CA municipal and county electricity providers. Our professional solar installers are up to date on all of the applicable solar incentives based on where you live to save you as much money as possible.

      Home Solar Benefits

      There are a number of benefits of home solar power: (1) solar systems can lower your electric company bills by up to 50% – homeowners may no longer have to pay thousands of dollars each year to their utility companies; (2) current government rebates and incentives could save you up to 30% off the price of solar roofs and shingles (3) installing a solar panel system can increase the value of your home by $20,000-$40,000; (4) many California solar companies are offering great financing programs so you can get solar for as little as $0 down; and (5) you can protect yourself from rising costs of electricity! Save today and tomorrow with CA solar energy . Start with free estimates from our qualified solar power experts by filling out the 1-minute request above.

      Why Solar-California.org

      Installing solar panels on your home is a substantial investment: make a payment now and get a big return in the future. To ensure a positive return on your solar investment and that your solar system operates effectively at all times, you need to hire the right solar installer who can guide you through solar installation process from financing and finding the right rebates and incentives to installation and maintenance and avoid typical mistakes when going solar. Our California solar installer partners are all professional solar energy installers so you can feel comfortable that you are getting quotes from quality solar installers.

      Solar-California.org is a no-cost, no-obligation, risk-free service dedicated to providing solar estimates to anyone interested in lowering their electricity bill and going green.

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      Get Cheap Car Insurance in California with Titan Insurance #car #insurance #california, #california #auto


      California Car Insurance

      To the extent financial responsibility laws require, it is the law to have car insurance in California, but that doesn’t mean it has to be expensive. Titan Insurance provides affordable auto insurance to California drivers, even high-risk drivers, because we know that drivers are more than their driving record. We have a variety of flexible California auto insurance options and policy discounts available, all of which are designed to protect drivers from the unexpected and save them money.

      About California auto insurance

      Car insurance is required in California, but not all drivers need to carry all types of insurance coverage. California only requires drivers to carry auto liability insurance. This is important for drivers who want to keep their car insurance in California affordable.

      Although liability insurance is generally the only California car insurance requirement, there are plenty of additional coverage options that make sense to consider. Additional coverage provides additional protection, which can protect a driver financially in the event of an accident. Popular coverages include:

      • Collision
      • Comprehensive
      • Medical Payments
      • Uninsured Motorist

      Protection from uninsured drivers

      Finding a low cost car insurance policy in California used to be so difficult that the state implemented the Low Cost Automobile Insurance Program (CLCA). This program provides cheap car insurance to California drivers who meet certain income requirements. This is good news for all drivers. Drivers who couldn’t afford car insurance in California now have another low-cost car insurance option while drivers who do carry insurance are better protected from uninsured motorists.

      Nonetheless, uninsured/underinsured motorist risk exists, and Titan offers coverage to provide protection when an at-fault party has no or insufficient liability coverage.

      Save money with Titan

      Titan is always looking for ways to save our California customers money. One way we do this is by offering a Collision Damage Waiver. When you have purchased Collision coverage and elected this waiver, this waiver pays the collision deductible on the insured motor vehicle when a loss is caused by an uninsured motorist.

      Another way to save money with Titan is through our many discount offers .

      Titan’s California vehicle services

      At Titan we understand that time is money. That’s why we offer DMV services in some of our California auto insurance offices. Drivers can save time by visiting a local Titan office for routine DMV services such as:

      • Registration renewals
      • Vehicle Titling
      • License Plate renewals

      The majority of Titan offices in California offer DMV services. Call your local office today about DMV services.

      Contact a Titan representative

      Learn more about our California auto insurance coverage:

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