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PhD in Clinical Psychology


The program is accredited by the Commission on Accreditation of the American Psychological Association (APA). Questions related to the program s accreditation status should be directed to the Commission on Accreditation:

Recent Achievements

Dr. Keith Cruise is co-principal investigator for a new grant to improve practices and outcomes for youth in the juvenile justice system at risk of negative after-effects from trauma. The Office of Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention funded this collaborative effort under the direction of staff at the National Center for Mental Health and Juvenile Justice. Center for Trauma Recovery and Juvenile Justice. as well as various state and county level justice departments.

Congratulations to four of our CPDP faculty who have have been awarded six new research grants (5 of which are federally-funded, and 5 multi-year) that total almost $1-million in total direct costs. All of these grants focus on cross-cultural and/or vulnerable, underrepresented minority (URM) populations.

School settings URM youth

Our new research projects add to our CPDP faculty s multi-million dollar research portfolio across numerous faculty. These new projects also bolster our existing strengths in each of our core training areas. As detailed in the last column of the table above, each of the new projects contributes to our training in:

  • Biomedical, Psychosocial, Sociocultural aspects of Clinical Psychology
  • Our rigorous cross-cutting Training Priorities (i.e. Research Methodology, Research Ethics Forensic Issues, Assessment Techniques, and Advanced Analytics)
  • Our four core training settings and the vulnerable populations in these settings (i.e. School, Healthcare, Forensic Mental Health, and Community Engaged Ethics Research; children, adolescents, older adults; and vulnerable and understudied populations such as HIV, refugees, low SES, etc.)

Overview of newly funded research projects

  • Dr. Cruise has two new projects. The first is funded by the National Center for Mental Health and Juvenile Justice. This project will implement a new screening tool for juvenile justice community diversion centers. The second project is funded by SAMHSA and provides trauma support for youths who are at risk of, or already involved with the juvenile justice system. Both projects focus on Forensic Mental Health Settings vulnerable, low-income URM youth.
  • Dr. Rivera Mindt has a new project funded by the Alzheimer s Association that examines how genetic (APOE 4) and nongenetic (cerebrovascular, sociocultural) risk factors contribute to cognitive neural abnormalities in aging HIV+ Latinas/os. Trainees will collect and analyze data using novel Research Methodologies (i.e. genetics, neuroimaging, sociocultural), and this project incorporates Biomedical and Sociocultural training within a Healthcare setting with vulnerable, low-income URM older adults.
  • Dr. Rosenfeld received support from a Health Disparities/Equities Research Supplement to his NCI-funded R21 grant and contributes to our Research Ethics Forensic Issues training. This project focuses on health disparities by adding a sample of Latina/o cancer patients to an on-going study to validate a new measure of prognostic understanding. This project occurs in a Healthcare setting and involves research with Latina/o cancer patients.
  • Dr. Yip has a new project funded by the National Institute of Minority Health and Health Disparities and contributes to our Sociocultural training. This project adds a sample of Chinese adolescents to a study of ethnic/racial discrimination, sleep disturbance and health to an on-going study exploring the same associations among Black and Hispanic youth funded by the NSF. This project takes place in public School settings and involves ethnically diverse youth.

Associated Faculty

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Corporate Christmas Cards, Personalised Christmas Cards For Business, business charge cards.#Business #charge #cards


business charge cards

Business charge cards

Why Choose Us

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Receive 30% Extra Christmas cards for free until September 30. Business charge cards Business charge cards

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Business Loans #business #loans, #business #loan, #small #business #loans, #small #business #loan, #personal #loans,


Apply Now

Business Loans

Fast Business Lending Solutions Merchant Advisors offers small businesses a platform for business financing. Whether you need funding for expansion or working capital, Merchant Advisors gets you the business financing you need when you need it at minimal costs.

We understand that every business has its unique borrowing needs. Some may want to make new purchases to boost productivity and sales; some need working capital to support operating costs. That’s why we offer the use of innovative technology to offer simple, fast and unsecured business loans. As a non-bank lender, Merchant Advisors offers low longer terms and low rates for more effective business financing. We realize that if a loan costs too much – we may not get paid back! We prevent this by offering affordable business financing.

Unlike bank lending, our financial experts walk you through the loan process to make sure you have a full understanding of our loan process. We strive to make the loan application process as easy as possible; and this is what sets us apart from other lenders.

A Smarter Way to Shop for Business Loans, Compare & Save! Our goal is to serve our clients’ immediate and long term financial needs from basic business loans and credit lines to the most intricate financial situations. In today’s fast paced market time is money and we make sure you waste neither. Our experienced financial advisors keep their finger on the pulse of your business, and stay on top of your industries trends which can affect your entrepreneurial goals or existing enterprise.

If this sounds like something that interests you & benefits you, we highly recommend you APPLY NOW to get started with no upfront fees and no commitment to find out how much you’re eligible for.

What Sets Us Apart from Other Lenders?

  • We deal with the industry’s most trusted brand name providers
  • Increases your chance of approval by constantly adding new private lenders to our portfolio
  • You get the same (if not better) rate going through us to due to our portfolio track record with our lenders
  • Get a loan for your company without any collateral
  • Receive funding within a few business days!
  • Easiest lending platform with minimal information required for approvals
  • Best rates, save time, and save money!
  • Equipment financing, minority loans, startup funding, working capital many others options.

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Best Small Business Accounting Software, freshbooks – cloud accounting for small business owners.#Freshbooks #-


Best Small Business Accounting Software

Freshbooks - cloud accounting for small business owners

The benefits of using accounting software for business are well known. When it comes to selecting the right product, though, the choices can be daunting, especially since switching from one accounting software package to another is not a trivial exercise in most cases. Examining your current and potential future needs can help you make the right decision.

If you are just starting a business as a sole proprietor/contractor or a very small business owner without employees, you can probably get by with a basic online invoicing/billing package like Sage One or FreshBooks that can handle invoicing, expense tracking, and produce basic reports to keep tabs on your business and satisfy your accountant and the taxman.

But if your business has employees, is incorporated or is likely to expand to such in future you will need a more robust (and expensive) accounting system such as QuickBooks or Sage 50 that is designed to perform double entry accounting, the basics of which includes:

  • Accounts receivable: moneys received and owing from customers
  • Accounts payable: moneys owing to vendors, suppliers, etc.
  • General ledger: the summary journal of financial transactions

Also typically included in the more expensive packages are features such as payroll, stock/inventory management, project management, financial forecasting, multi-user access, and a wider variety of reports and financial statements.

If your present needs are basic but you are contemplating future business growth make sure whatever accounting package you choose has a path to expand to your future requirements. In many cases, if the core product is missing a feature, you can fulfill your needs with third party add-ons to your existing software. There are hundreds of these available for most of the packages reviewed in this article, including payroll, customer relationship managment (CRM), analytics, and more (see QuickBooks add-ons).

This article contains the most popular small business accounting software packages for Canadian small businesses, ranging from basic to advanced in features (and cost). Some are online-based (cloud) only, some are available in desktop or online versions, and some are hybrids of both.

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Master Arts and Cultural Management Ranking master Arts and Cultural Management #masters #of #business


TOP 50 2017 EDUNIVERSAL BEST MASTERS RANKING Arts and Cultural Management

Directeur de programme

After more than twenty years of existence in an alternative form, the management of cultural enterprises and creative industries is now finally perceived as an integral cultural economic actor.

Whether private or public, internationally renowned or anchored in its territory, closer to the creator or invested in the transmission of the past, artisanal or technological, selective or bringing together, the cultural operator is faced with two major challenges.

While the thirst for culture has never been so strong and diverse, the value creation chains are in perpetual movement and overturn the usual modes of financing, essential to the renewal of creation and its dissemination. The bursting communication channels and the constant solicitation that we all face, makes it incredibly more difficult to convey by a particular message.

You, who will be the cultural managers to come, will have to be creative and adaptable, both in identifying new cultural funding mechanisms and in passing on the right information to the right person.

The specialization in cultural management will be the key to entering a sector with multiple facets, with a recognized economic and strategic weight, where your expertise will rely on know-how transmitted by professionals.

The expert’s corner

Isabel Capeloa Gil

Director – The Lisbon Consortium – Rector – UCP

UCP – Catholic University of Portugal

Arts and Cultural Management is broadly defined as a field of research and professional development situated on the cusp of management and artistic production. Art and cultural production in general are powerful drivers of growth and their contribution to the economy tops that of many traditional sectors. The industries of creativity and culture (museums, galleries, film and media production, literature, performance arts and theatre, visual arts, etc.) require managers with an understanding of how culture works and art producers, curators and other cultural agents with clear managerial skills to run the complexity of cultural institutions.

Art and cultural management is about unleashing the power of art to drive the economy of the future.

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Small Business CRM #crm #solutions #for #small #business


Small Business CRM


Convert more and build long-lasting relationships with GreenRope’s many features built to help you communicate with your leads and clients. From email marketing and social media to advanced marketing automation and more, all the tools you need to engage your contacts are right at your fingertips. It’s now easier than ever to keep in touch and stay top-of-mind.

Learn More About Our Communication Tools chevron_right


​Track your emails, websites, campaigns, signups and more with our real-time tracking and analytics. Find out where your top conversions are coming from and compare total pageviews, time on pages, conversion values, and more all in a single, easy-to-understand view. Data is everything – use it! All of the metrics you want to track are stored right in your CRM.

Learn More About Our Tracking Features chevron_right


Marketing automation helps you setup processes allowing you to be more efficient. With our state of the art automation tools, increasing productivity, closing more deals, growing revenue, and saving time all become possibilities. Discover the many tools you have at your disposal and get started today.

Learn More About Our Marketing Automation chevron_right


Make all of your communication and marketing materials stand out with GreenRope’s drag-and-drop EasyBuilder for emails and landing pages. With our platform, you can easily create professional and responsive emails, signup forms, landing pages, websites, and much more. Sit back and watch the leads come in.

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Offer courses, certifications, or training sessions with our learning management system. Create courses, invite people to take those courses, provide learning materials and track progress all from one dashboard. All progress is tracked within your CRM.

Learn More About Our Learning System chevron_right


Connect the apps you use every day. We want to make your life easier. GreenRope integrates with many apps to help you maximize productivity. Some of our integrations include Zapier, WordPress, Magento, RightSignature, Evernote, just to name a few. All integrations can be accessed right from within the platform.

Learn More About Our Integrations chevron_right

Mobile CRM

Stay connected no matter where you are. GreenRope’s mobile app lets you take your CRM and marketing automation on-the-go. The mobile app is free with every GreenRope account.

Learn More About Our Mobile CRM chevron_right

Shared Access

GreenRope empowers your team to collaborate like never before by not charging for additional users. Your entire team will have access to the information they need to get the job done. As the account owner, you can choose what level of access each of your shared access users receive, so each user will have a customized view and experience with the account.

Learn More About Our Shared Access chevron_right

Data Security

Keeping your business and your data secure is our top priority. At GreenRope, we have the security, stability, and disaster recovery plans so you can always feel safe and never have to worry about any internal or external threats. From utilizing maximum encrypted HTTPS for all web connections, to support for two-factor authentication and account owner approval for user data exports, your data is safeguarded in your personal fortress.

GreenRope is the world’s only Complete CRM, offering integrated sales, marketing, and operations tools to help you do better business. We are the small business CRM helping you build awareness, generate leads, engage and convert.

View All Features chevron_right

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What is CRM Software? Webopedia Definition #crm, #customer #relationship #management, #customer #service, #business, #analytics,


CRM software – customer relationship management software

Related Terms

In CRM (customer relationship management ), CRM software is a category of software that covers a broad set of applications designed to help businesses manage many of the following business processes:

  • customer data
  • customer interaction
  • access business information
  • automate sales
  • track leads
  • contracts
  • marketing
  • customer support
  • clients and contacts
  • support vendor / partner relationships
  • employees
  • knowledge and training
  • assets or resources

While CRM software is most commonly used to manage a business-customer relationship, CRM software systems are also used in the same way to manage business contacts, employees, clients, contract wins and sales leads. Typically, CRM software is used in the enterprise, however many products scale and can be used in a business of any size.

Today’s CRM Software

CRM software is designed to help businesses meet the overall goals of customer relationship management (see Webopedia’s CRM definition ). Today’s CRM software is highly scalable and customizable, allowing businesses to gain actionable customer insights with a back-end analytical engine. view business opportunities with predictive analytics. streamline operations and personalize customer service based on the customer’s known history and prior interactions with your business.

CRM Software Installations

Customer relationship management software is offered in a number of installations including on-premises (where the software resides inside the corporate firewall and is managed by IT operations), or as web-based (cloud applications) where the software is hosted by a CRM provider and accessed by the client business online via the provider’s secure services.

Top 5 CRM Software Related Questions

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Networking fundamentals teaches the building blocks of modern network design. Learn different types of networks, concepts, architecture and. Read More

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Business colleges in atlanta georgia #business #colleges #in #atlanta #georgia


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Navigation for Special Audiences

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Featured Content

Terry Executive Education Center

The Terry Executive Education Center is Terry College’s “home away from home” in the Buckhead district of Atlanta. Designed and constructed to maximize the educational experience, the 33,000 square foot facility boasts modern conference rooms, a 120-capacity special events space, interview suites, private break-out rooms, and tiered executive classrooms.

Primary Navigation

Atlanta / Buckhead Campus

Programs in Atlanta

Master of Business Administration

The Terry College of Business offers two UGA MBA programs in metro Atlanta.

Our Executive MBA offers mid-to-senior level managers leadership development, international experience, and an invaluable network of contacts. EMBA students complete their degree on the weekend in 18 months.

In the Professional MBA. working professionals can earn a degree in 23-months without putting their careers on hold. Offered at two convenient locations, the Terry Executive Education Center in Buckhead and the UGA Gwinnett campus, students build a strong network through the program’s cohort structure while maximizing learning through a flexible curriculum delivery format that includes distance learning.

Executive Education

Build on your expertise with insight from corporate and academic thought leaders in the Atlanta area. Courses and certification programs can last as little as two days and offer expertise in areas such as:

Custom Programs are also available to cater to your company’s specific needs.

Directions + Parking

University of Georgia
Terry College of Business
Terry Executive Education Center

Live Oak Square
3475 Lenox Road NE Suite 300
Atlanta, GA 30326

Parking is located in the Live Oak Square Parking Deck on Kingsboro Road. After turning off of Lenox Road, the parking deck entrance will be on your left. Entrance to the lobby level and Terry Third Thursday is on the fourth level of the parking garage.

Facility Highlights

  • Conveniently located in the heart of Buckhead in close proximity to MARTA, restaurants, lodging, and more.
  • Executive style classrooms, boardroom, and flexible event space.
  • High Speed WiFi and state-of-the-art audio/visual equipment.
  • Large special events room for receptions and dinners capable of accommodating up to 120 people.

Footer Links

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Texarkana Gazette, Texarkana Breaking News, best business school in california.#Best #business #school #in #california


Best business school in california

Best business school in california Best business school in california



Arkansas & Texas


Nation & World


Houston to open more mega-shelters to house flooded families

Best business school in california

Police seek suspect in robbery at check-cashing business

Best business school in california

Local efforts under way to help Texas flood victims

Best business school in california

Teens accused in string of robberies make appearances in county court

Best business school in california


Best business school in california Best business school in california Best business school in california Best business school in california


Wines bright flavors match summery spaghetti recipe

No fire or fury: Trump offers a muted response to North Korea

Arkansas Department of Transportation unveils live traffic cameras across the state

Maryland ready for opener against No. 23 Texas

The Elephant Man playwright Bernard Pomerance dies at 76

Orangutan that loved Price is Right dies at Ohio zoo

World Financial Markets

Delivery without drivers: Domino s, Ford team up for test

Financial Markets

U.S. home prices surge in June, led by Seattle

Texas High student s hand amputated during construction department program

Houston to open more mega-shelters to house flooded families

Trump offers Texans in-person reassurances on storm recovery

Police seek suspect in robbery at check-cashing business

Two arrested in burglary in Miller County

Special Sections

Best business school in california


Best business school in california

Texas High student s hand amputated during construction department program

Best business school in california

Police seek suspect in robbery at check-cashing business

Best business school in california

Two arrested in burglary in Miller County


Best business school in california

A M-Texarkana soccer player nets honor

Best business school in california

Maryland ready for opener against No. 23 Texas

Best business school in california

Sports Calendar

Arkansas & Texas

Best business school in california

Arkansas Department of Transportation unveils live traffic cameras across the state

Best business school in california

Houston to open more mega-shelters to house flooded families

Best business school in california

Trump offers Texans in-person reassurances on storm recovery


Best business school in california

President painting himself into corner

Best business school in california

One Nation: America comes together to help in wake of Texas storm

Best business school in california

The shameful pardon of Joe Arpaio

Best business school in california

Wines bright flavors match summery spaghetti recipe

Best business school in california

Community News

Best business school in california

The Elephant Man playwright Bernard Pomerance dies at 76


Best business school in california

No fire or fury: Trump offers a muted response to North Korea

Best business school in california

The Elephant Man playwright Bernard Pomerance dies at 76

Best business school in california

Orangutan that loved Price is Right dies at Ohio zoo

Best business school in california

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High-Speed Internet Service Provider in NYC #how #to #start #voip #business


A different kind of Internet Service Provider

Natural Wireless delivers high-speed dedicated Internet access via its own intelligent and redundant
network for those seeking an alternative to archaic copper and cable infrastructure.

What could a faster Internet connection mean for your business?

When you need business internet in Manhattan NY or the rest of NYC that s both fast and reliable, there s no one else you need call but Natural Wireless. With symmetrical broadband and speeds up to 1Gbps, the power is in your hands when you switch to our microwave business internet. With guaranteed reliability backed by superior, 24-7 customer support, you can depend on quick connectivity whenever you need it. So what could you do in your business with faster Internet?

  • Upload files at lightning speed
  • Send videos and images faster and more reliably
  • Connect the team over seamless video or voice chat
  • Count on better productivity in the workplace without Internet downtime
  • Save money with our business-friendly pricing

These are just a few of the ways the Natural Wireless can partner with your business for outstanding, concrete results.

Reliable Business Internet In NYC

Shopping for a business Internet service provider can be a difficult and complex process. With multiple options to choose from, how can you really know that you re picking the best business Internet service?

Natural Wireless understands the challenges and complexities of searching for business Internet in New York City, and we re always happy to help. While other business Internet service providers may claim to be the best in the business, Natural Wireless is different from the rest in many key ways:

Dedicated Internet Access and Voice (VoIP)

Natural Wireless uses its own intelligent and redundant high-speed Internet infrastructure. For those seeking an alternative to the standard, archaic copper and cable infrastructure that is at the heart of all Internet frustration, our dedicated network is the solution.


Our redundant network design ensures that our customers get better Internet performance, guaranteed. With our fiber speed Internet providing significantly lower latency, information can travel from its source to its destination—you—faster than with the other major providers.

Reliability Guaranteed

The Natural Wireless network can re-route traffic so that information can reach your location from multiple network centers. This intelligent and redundant system ensures that you and your business always stay connected.

The Natural Wireless Team

Choosing a provider for business Internet in Manhattan NY or the rest of NYC means taking more things into consideration than just the sheer performance of an Internet service. Here at Natural Wireless, we know that customers value excellent service, in addition to a superior product—and that s just what we provide. With Natural Wireless, not only will you receive superior access to the Internet, at the fastest speeds and with the best reliability, but you also have access to our skilled support team and the benefits they provide.

24/7 Support

With 24/7 access to our knowledgeable support team, who can quickly assess any service issue, you re never alone.

Fast Installation

While other providers can take weeks to install fiber speed Internet, Natural Wireless will have you up and running within just five business days.

The Natural Choice For Business Internet In Manhattan NY

Many businesses have already made the switch to Natural Wireless and experienced amazing results. If your business is ready to say goodbye to archaic copper and cable infrastructure and get the best in fiber speed Internet or business microwave Internet, the choice is natural—Natural Wireless.

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