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Small Business Administration – Best Places to Work #small #scale #business

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How is the index score calculated?

The overall rankings are determined by the agencies Best Places to Work index scores, which measure employee satisfaction and commitment.

The index score is not a combined average of an agency s category scores. It is calculated using a proprietary weighted formula that looks at responses to three different questions in the U.S. Office of Personnel Management s Federal Employee Viewpoint Survey. The more the question predicts intent to remain, the higher the weighting.

  • I recommend my organization as a good place to work. (Q. 40)
  • Considering everything, how satisfied are you with your job? (Q. 69)
  • Considering everything, how satisfied are you with your organization? (Q. 71)

Why are agencies grouped by size?

We group agencies by workforce size to provide comparisons of agencies that may face similar management challenges in terms of numbers of employees and locations. The groupings have undergone several changes over the years. In 2003 the rankings featured only one list of agencies, including agencies as large as the Department of Defense (over 600,000 employees) and as small as the Office of Management and Budget (450 employees).

Number of Full-time, Permanent Employees by Group

Large More than 15,000 Mid-size 1,000 to 14,999 Small 100 to 999

Subcomponents, the subagencies, bureaus, divisions, centers and offices within agencies need to have at least 100 femployees.

The number of employees was determined by using OPM s FedScope database. Our criterion was based on the number of permanent employees as of fiscal year 2014, unless otherwise noted.

Why aren t past rankings shown?

We have different numbers of agencies participating in the rankings. For example, in 2007, 222 subcomponents participated in the rankings and the median rank was 111. In 2015, 315 subcomponents participated in the rankings and the median rank was 157. We also have made changes to the ranking s categories. For these reasons, the rank is not the most accurate reflection of an agency s performance over time. We recommend focusing on score and quartile trends instead.

Why would an agency not have scores in some categories?

The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation, Government Accountability Office, Intelligence Community, Millennium Challenge Corporation, Office of the Inspector General at the Tennessee Valley Authority, Peace Corps, Smithsonian Institution, and U.S. Army Audit Agency do not participate in the OPM survey but conduct comparable surveys that include our three index questions. These agencies may or may not include the questions required for the category scores.

Why would an agency not have scores for some demographics?

To calculate a Best Places to Work index score for a demographic group at an agency, we require at least 30 respondents in the category. If there were fewer than 30, we did not report a score.

Small Business Administration

The Best Places to Work in the Federal Government rankings are produced by the Partnership for Public Service a nonprofit, nonpartisan organization committed to improving the effectiveness of government. As part of our strategy for change, we work with numerous agencies, many of which are represented in our Best Places to Work profiles and rankings, on everything from improving employee satisfaction and commitment to leadership development.

1100 New York Ave NW
Suite 200 East
Washington, DC 20005
(202) 775-9111

2016 Partnership for Public Service

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Business Credit Cards – All The Best Company Credit Cards #business #lookup

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Compare business credit cards

Credit cards for business use feature a host of benefits including travel insurance, cashback, free additional cardholders, 0% on purchases and itemised billing.

Business credit card guide

What is a business credit card?

A business credit card is simply a credit card that is issued to a limited company or sole trader, as opposed to an individual consumer. It can be used as a way of facilitating staff spending, helping cash flow or even to temporarily finance operations.

How do business credit cards work?

Business credit cards work much like conventional credit cards in that borrowers will be given a credit limit and the balance can be paid off over time, subject to a minimum amount being paid each month.

You can also choose how many credit cards you want on your account depending how many staff you have or how many staff members you want to issue a card to.

Just like a personal credit card, a better business credit score will usually net you a better interest rate or other benefits such as interest-free periods, reward points or cashback.

But it s worth noting that business credit card providers may also check your personal credit score which can also affect the outcome of any applications.

What types of business credit card are available?

As with personal credit cards, there are numerous types of business credit card available, each with different perks and interest rates.

For example, there are cards available with interest-free periods on purchases, which are a great way to manage cash flow if money is tight; while cards that offer rewards points or cashback are ideal you use it regularly.

Remember though, for a cashback deal to be worthwhile, you must ensure that you pay the balance off in full at the end of each month. Don t fall foul of the interest charges which can typically vary from between a representative annual percentage rate (APR) of 16% (variable) and 26% (variable).

Other common incentives include; free travel cover, free purchase protection and the facility to add additional card holders free of charge.

What are the advantages of business credit cards?

Business credit cards offer a convenient way to pay for goods or services and can be used when placing orders over the phone or online. There is also the added convenience of allowing staff to buy work related items without having to submit an expenses form.

In addition, you can use the card to monitor expenditure and specify a different credit limit for each employee that carries a card. And giving members of staff a company credit card will be seen by them as a mark of trust which is great as long as they don t abuse it!

If used correctly, business credit cards are also a great way to build your businesses credit profile and, provided you pay off the balance at the end of each month, you will have access to interest free spending every month.

Why use MoneySupermarket to compare business credit cards?

As with any financial product, when looking for a business credit card it s important to compare the different products out there to make sure that you get the right one to suit your needs.

For instance, if you regularly spend on your card and clear the balance at the end of each month, then a rewards or cashback card would be more beneficial to you than a card with an interest-free period on purchases.

Or if you are using the card to make a large purchase that you will not have paid off by time any interest-free periods end then you may be better going for a card with a lower standard rate.

And MoneySupermarket s business card comparison tool will instantly compare a range of business credit cards so you can make an informed decision on which card is right for you and your business.

In addition, if you use the Smart Search tool, this will look for which products are best suited to you and rate your chance of acceptance so you don t have to risk getting rejected for credit and it won t leave a footprint on your credit file.

Your personalised chance of approval

We’ve taken the details you gave, and used them to show you personalised scores to tell you the chance that your application for each card would be successful.

Why is this important?

Every time you apply for a credit card, a mark is left on your credit score. That means it’s better get it right first time. Your scores help you understand which cards you have the strongest chance of getting.

It’s easy!

The higher the score, the stronger chance you have of getting the card. If you see a very low score, you’re probably better off choosing a different card.

Consider a different card Not eligible 1/10 2/10 3/10 4/10 5/10 Your chances are good 6/10 7/10 8/10 9/10 9.5/10 You’ve been pre approved

If you see a high score, you can be fairly confident. The scores aren’t a guarantee, as acceptance of your application is at the sole discretion of the card issuer, but they should help guide your choice.

If you see a pre-approved score it may be subject to you passing additional ID and fraud checks by the provider.

In some cases, we will not be able to display a score for a product because we do not have enough information about the card issuer s acceptance criteria or we have not been able to match your details at the credit bureau.

We work closely with our partners to improve our eligibility scores for all products that are of interest to you.

We’re free and independent, as well as offering exclusive deals you can’t get anywhere else.

Moneysupermarket is a credit broker this means we ll show you products offered by lenders. We never take a fee from customers for this broking service. Instead we are usually paid a fee by the lenders though the size of that payment doesn t affect how we show products to customers.

Featured business credit cards – Sorted by APR

Apply for the cards below today or search all credit cards

You can rely on us

We’re here to help

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50 Best Business Apps #home #business #opportunities

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The Business App 50: The Best Apps To Help You Do Your Job


Chances are, by now you have a smartphone and maybe a tablet, and you never leave home without one or both of them.

These devices have transformed our daily lives. While much attention is given to the coolest consumer apps, mobile apps that help you do your job better are arguably even more important.

With that in mind, we’ve assembled a collection of apps that can help you be a rock star at work.

We curated this list by polling coworkers, researching the recommendations of other tech publications, and sifting through ratings on the major app stores.

Jump to the apps in the following categories:

Business productivity. Apps that help you work faster, better, smarter.

Business social networking. Stay connected to colleagues and coworkers.

Business travel/entertainment. Help for business trips and meeting.

Calendar/To-Do. Keep your projects organized.

Job hunting. Find your next, great gig.

Communication. Talk, text, meet, connect.

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Find the best Business lawyers near you #better #business #bureau

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Business lawyers

What a Business lawyer can do for you

A business lawyer will advise you on many different aspects relating to business, such as regulation compliance, business incorporation, and legal liability. The sooner you retain a business attorney, the better. Your lawyer will make sure that you set up your business properly, create contracts for you, make sure you re hiring legal workers, file patents, buy and sell businesses, and more.

Practice areas related to Business

Why hire a Business attorney

If you want to start, manage, transfer, or exit a business, you may benefit from a business attorney’s services. Business attorneys have experience with many different industries and professional fields. If you are considering bankruptcy relief for your business, a business lawyer will also have the knowledge necessary to help you navigate your options for your business debt. Depending on your business and activities, you may need one or more type of business attorney.

The Avvo advantage

Avvo gives you all the information you need to find the right lawyer.

  • 50 states
  • 120 areas of law
  • Detailed profiles including reviews
  • 50 states
  • 120 areas of law
  • Detailed profiles including reviews

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The Best Business Card Holder Designs Ideas – Free Business Cards #business #solutions

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The Best Business Card Holder Designs Ideas

The principle objective of a business card holder is usually to Display screen a company card. Although this will not audio extremely important, I m able to guarantee you that it essentially is. These holders is often important with the way anyone shows their business playing cards because they can often occasions make the difference between an amateur and a professional display. These card holders can also be primarily used in retail shops, travel agencies, monetary institutions, services providers and waiting offices. These are only some samples of the institutions where the cardboard holders are applied. We are going to even more mention several of the ideal and many productive card holder patterns accessible.

The very first style that we are going to take a look at is definitely the desktop business enterprise card holder. This holder form is especially meant to be placed on a counter best or table. This design is definitely incredibly realistic and commonly utilised throughout the entire globe. The desktop business card holder normally options a person pocket, but some also feature 8. It is vital that you simply place your playing cards nearby, irrespective of In case you are a mechanic or perhaps a sales agent. By executing this you be certain that the two events are profiting; you profit as you help it become effortless for the customer to get the data and The client earnings because he has easy accessibility to the knowledge that he wishes to learn. By furnishing your data to the customer you truly seriously boost your probabilities of accomplishing small business with him Later on. He might also endorse you to definitely his family members or mates. That is a acquire-win condition.

You can even opt with the wall-mount holders. These enterprise holders offer a incredibly distinct take on The full circumstance. As their identify indicates, these holders are placed on the wall in place of the counter best or desktop. These website business card holders are prepared for being used in general public areas, for the general public. They do not aim for a specific consumer style. These wall mounted holders normally feature an incredible quantity of card pockets, some even consisting of sixty! They may be used in around the globe public destinations, including libraries, espresso homes, Group centers, chambers of commerce and city halls.

We will conclude that a company holder for cards is definitely extremely important for any organization model, due to the fact it provides a pleasant overview of the furnished solutions. Through the use of these you ll considerably boost the chance of long term small business!

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Company Card Measurements? Have you been taking a look at getting some small business cards printed? The standard dimensions of cards is ninety x 55, Whilst Actually they can be Minimize to any dimension you end up picking. Enterprise playing cards are typically printed on 310gsm or 350gsm white artboard. Clients typically believe you will

  • A business or govt card will nevertheless be with a possible consumer extensive Once you have remaining him. It as a result a smart idea to commit a while taking into consideration the effect you want to to depart powering, in advance of obtaining your playing cards manufactured. Enterprise or Govt cards have been around

  • In today s era, We have now noticed good modifications and quick evolution of the technological innovation that we have been employing for the previous many years. Right now, just how individuals Stay their lifestyle is totally distinctive from your past generations. Luckily, we re having fun with the convenience and luxury that modern-day technology gives. Our

  • They re The main advertising applications for just about any professional, still A lot of people carry on to pass up the boat In terms of receiving the most out of them. Business enterprise cards will often be an organization s number 1 implies of contact, comply with-up and advertising, but they will not do the job

  • The pictures business is actually a competitive one particular. To contend properly a photographer really should use all productive readily available applications. Normally shadowed via the cool advertising resources of Facebook, charity drives and Search engine marketing, is The straightforward enterprise card. Successful pictures enterprise cards really are a crucial element in pictures company advertising technique.

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  • Best smartphone for business 2016 #current #stock #market #prices

    #best business phone


    Best smartphone for business 2016: Android vs iPhone vs Windows Phone vs BlackBerry – what phones should I buy for my business?

    Android vs iPhone vs Windows Phone vs BlackBerry: Why IT pros should use Windows phones for business

    Matt Egan is Editorial Director of IDG UK, publisher of Computerworld UK, having worked for the UK’s leading technology media company since 2003. A passionate technology fan who writes on subjects as diverse as smartphones, internet security, social media and Windows, in his spare time Matt enjoys playing football (badly) and singing in a band (also badly).



    What is the best smartphone for business? We examine cost, value, security and more, to uncover the best phone for business users – from the perspective of the IT pro. It’s Android vs iPhone vs Windows Phone vs BlackBerry to uncover the best business phone for 2016. Here is how to choose a phone for your business. (See also: Best tablet for business 2016 .)

    1. Best smartphone for business: Android – what’s good

    On the face of it Android is the best choice. In terms of value and choice Android always wins – the OEM / platform model means that prices drop faster on Androids, and you could fit out your entire office with 90 Androids, or offer each staff member their choice of Samsung, HTC, LG, Huawei and more. Plus, if like Computerworld UK you are a Google Docs office, Android will play perfectly with your cloud provider. (See also: Best smartphone for startups entrepreneurs .)

    2. Best smartphone for business: Android – what’s bad

    In a word ‘security’. Not the fear of drive-by infection so beloved of security vendors. No – data security. Privacy. The challenge for Android is its very openness. With an office full of Google phones it is all-but impossible to control what information is accessible outside the building. And with a plethora of Android OSes in the wild, you have no way of making sure the entire fleet is on the same platform, never mind up to date. In this BYOD world it is almost impossible to keep Android out of your office, and probably counter productive to try. But if you are equipping your office with smartphones, unless you use Google Docs, there may be better options.

    3. Best smartphone for business: iPhone – what’s good

    Almost certainly the choice of your CEO, still holding firm in the mistaken belief that Apple is cool and everything else inferior. This isn’t true, but iPhone remains the benchmark in terms of high-quality hardware, and app- and media store support. iPhones do what iPhones do – they offer a quality smartphone experience, and no-one is likely to complain if you hand them a work Apple phone.

    4. Best smartphone for business: iPhone – what’s bad

    Where to begin? Price, for one. Generally Apple is expensive, but you get what you pay for. With the iPhone that simply isn’t true. Myriad rival products offer better or similar hardware for much less. And iPhone is closed-loop computing. Use an iPhone and it is Apple’s way or no way, which means that you have to bend your other products to the iPhone, no the other way around (not for nothing is the iPhone know as Apple’s access drug). Most importantly, and IBM relationship notwithstanding – you can’t manage a fleet of iPhones. If that phone is lost, so is the data on it.

    5. Best smartphone for business: Windows Phone – what’s good

    A surprisingly large amount is good about Windows Phones. At its best Windows Phone combines some of the strengths of iPhone, Android and – yes – BlackBerry. Value is an Android-like high point. And because only Microsoft and HTC make Windows Phones, they are all guaranteed high quality. Most importantly, like BlackBerry, Windows Phone is designed to be used in a business context. You can centrally manage a fleet of Windows Phones, so you can ensure updates happen and lost devices don’t lead to lost data.

    6. Best smartphone for business: Windows Phone – what’s bad

    You don’t get much choice in the Windows world. Until (or unless) third-party OEMs back Windows Phone, there will be only a few handsets from which to choose. And it is unlikely your colleagues will love you for handing them a Windows device. Plus, from a BYOD perspective it is unlikely you need to worry about Windows Phone unless you purchase them yourself, so you may be creating work for yourself. But from a business perspective, that really is it.

    7. Best smartphone for business: BlackBerry – what’s good

    It’s BlackBerry. This company invented secure, mobile communication. You can install BesX for free and run a fleet of BlackBerries from the safety of your server room. Lose a handset and you can brick it immediately. And who is gonna nick a BlackBerry anyway? And if you shell out for the all-new BlackBerry Priv, you could have the best of all worlds – BlackBerry security and privacy with Android fun. (See also: iPad Pro vs Surface Pro for business .)

    8. Best smartphone for business: BlackBerry – what’s bad

    It’s BlackBerry. No-one wants one, for a start. You will have to deal with your colleagues using Androids and iPhones, but it is unlikely a normal human will walk through the door with a BYOD BlackBerry. And although they offer good value, BlackBerries aren’t cheap. The Priv, for instance, can cost more than the equivalent iPhone – and that is expensive. App support isn’t great, either, so your BlackBerry is unlikely to seamlessly integrate with your choice of cloud provider. Finally, BlackBerry is unlikely to have a long future as a standalone company. Do you really want to commit to a platform that could be subsumed into Windows or even a proprietary vendor?

    9. Best smartphone for business UK 2016: the verdict

    If it is my company and you are spending my money I want you to buy Windows Phones. Your colleagues will likely not thank you, but Windows is a fine phone platform, the price is right and it works from a security point of view for businesses of every size. From an IT perspective Windows and BlackBerry are the best. But your colleagues will want Android, or most likely iPhone. There is an argument for Android in terms of price, variety and ability to play nicely with Google. With Apple let’s see what happens with its stated aims of working with IBM to be more enterprise friendly. But for now if it was my business I would avoid. (See also: Best tablet for business 2016 .)

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    Best Drop Shipping Companies (September 2016) #business #grants

    #drop shipping business


    Best Drop Shipping Companies (September 2016)

    The world of dropshipping is often considered the easiest way to sell products online. Although dropshipping comes with various difficulties, it is a viable way to start an online business without much upfront capital. The basic idea behind dropshipping companies is that you contact a manufacturer or wholesaler who might be willing to partner with you. After that, you build an ecommerce shop and start selling some items that fall in a niche, like electronics or glow in the dark items. The more niche the categories the better.

    The key with dropshipping is that you don t carry any inventory. The wholesaler makes the products for you, stores them in their warehouses and ships them to the customers when you submit the orders. So, in a sense, you don t even have to see the items in order to make money. Downsides to dropshipping include less product control, less shipping control, trouble with returns, slower deliveries and smaller margins.

    You may also be interested in these articles:

    However, if you re on a tight budget and you generate a quality strategy, dropshipping might just work well for you. One of the toughest parts of dropshipping is to find a company that would provide products. So, we put together a list of killer places to find products to dropship and sell on your store. Enjoy!

    The primary feature you get from Oberlo is the importing from AliExpress. Since so many dropshippers use AliExpress to find and sell products, it’s a wonder as to why a tool like this hasn’t come around sooner. Not only do you gain access to thousands of suppliers on AliExpress, but the product images, details and prices are all situated right there for you.

    Drop Shipping Companies: Doba

    Doba is one of the more comprehensive dropshipping companies, since it not only provides a detailed directory of manufacturers and wholesalers, but offers an interface for simply grabbing the products you want without having to partner with multiple dropshippers.

    Generally, you may have to partner with and communicate with ten or twenty dropshippers. With Doba, you simply find a product you want to sell, list it on your website and process the sale with Doba. The Doba company contacts the dropshipper and sends the product to the customer, cutting out the tedious dropshipper management process.

    Salehoo is similar to Doba, but it has more of a focus on presenting a detailed directory for companies you can partner with for your business. The website has beautiful category tools for you to filter and search based on the products you re trying to sell, along with a market research lab to decide on the most popular products to sell on your store. The best part is that Salehoo manages a consistent blog and forum so you can learn and chat with others who are in the same boat as you.

    Alibaba is one of the largest websites in the world, and one of the best parts of the site is that you can find manufacturers for your products, at relatively low costs. Keep in mind that you shouldn t just type in the product you want to sell and contact the manufacturer. You must go to the search bar, type in dropshipper, then filter down to the desired product.

    The Alibaba platform has thousands of manufacturers, and many of them don t offer dropshipping.

    When you complete a Google search for finding dropshippers, you may notice that many of the directories are filled with spam or non-existent companies. This is a huge problem, since you don t want to waste time and money finding a viable dropshipping partner.

    With World Wide Brands, every dropshipper in the directory is certified, so you can expect a response from each one. The World Wide Brands site sets you up with the manufacturer s contact info after you find a suitable match. After that, you can contact them whenever you want and build a relationship.

    The WholeSale Central company doesn t have the best website, but it s a decent tool for filtering through categories like apparel, electronics and leather. The dropshippers are then listed with details for you to click on and view. When you click through to one of the dropshippers it sends you to the manufacturer s website, meaning there are no middle men to work though.

    Feel free to contact certain dropshippers, and use the WholeSale Central page to find options that are closer to you geographically. Traditionally, this can lead to a more reliable business partnership.

    Dropship Direct lets you create a free account, giving you access to its huge inventory of products. This solution works similar to Doba, in that you choose your product first, then you can request to have that item shipped to your customer. This way, you don t necessarily have to be in contact with the dropshipper. However, that option is available if needed.

    Sunrise Wholesale is a service that dropships products directly to your customers. You gain access to over 15,000 brand name products, and you can search for these products through the Sunrise Wholesale site. Profit from the site by selling through places like Amazon and eBay, or consider setting up your own website for a better online presence. Not to mention, this solution also helps you connect with ecommerce platforms like Shopify and Bigcommerce.

    Wholesale 2b requires you to sign up for a plan, but you don t get charged a dime for simply browsing the product database. Search for certain items and categories, and when you find something to sell, post it on your site for people to buy from you. After that, the Wholesale 2b site takes a commission, but it also sends out the product to your customer.

    Contact Relevant Businesses and Go to Trade Shows

    Quite often the best way to find a long-term partner for you dropshipping business is to start locating businesses in your area, or around the world, with a simple Google search. Cold call the companies and ask for someone who might be able to help you with dropshipping. The goal is to locate manufacturers who may be willing to take orders from you and ship upon request.

    You can also check out trade shows, which puts in some face time with the wholesalers, improving your chances of building a relationship with them.

    Over to You

    Have you ever had the chance to take on dropshipping as a business? Share your story, or let us know if you have any questions about getting a dropshipping company up and running.

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    Where can you go for the best business advice? #best #online #business

    #small business advice


    Where can you go for the best business advice?

    Starting a business is an exhilarating experience but can also be quite treacherous, if you’re really sure where you’re going. Luckily there is a wealth of information out there to help you prepare. The only issue is, where to start?

    Ever on the pilgrimage to make your business endeavors easier, we have collated a list of the best places to look for startup and small business advice. The best part is, most of them are completely free.

    1. Startup advice

    Gov.uk provides a range of business and financial support options, including advice on writing a business plan. help with finance and support, loans and Growth Voucher opportunities.

    The government’s Growth Accelerator scheme is also well worth checking out. Eligible small businesses can access coaching and advice, as well as up to £2,000 of match funding per senior manager involved in the strategic direction of the business.

    The government isn’t the only place you can find funding for your business more funding info here .

    Startup Britain is characterised as a “national campaign by entrepreneurs for entrepreneurs” and provides free events and advice for budding businesses. They also work with the government in order to create better initiatives and funding options for startups, which aims to give small businesses the opportunity to have their say.

    99u is online portfolio company, Behance’s effort to “make ideas happen”. The site offers a selection of articles, videos and advice on innovation and creative thinking. If you’re feeling a little depleted and you need some business motivation, 99u is a great place to start.

    2. HR advice for small business

    ACAS provides information, advice, training and other services for employers and employees relating to employment and HR issues. As well as advice and training, ACAS also offers online modules to help you achieve the ‘model workplace’ and get to grips with employment law.

    Early conciliation is a particularly useful section of the ACAS site if you find yourself in a workplace dispute. The free service offers the opportunity to resolve issues without having to go to an employment tribunal.

    HR Zone has a decent mix of informative blog posts, white papers and employment law features. They also have a library and online resource centre, which offers a 14 day free trial for all new members. It is free to join and you will be alerted of all up-and-coming events near your area.

    Human Resource Solutions support small businesses who may not have the capital or need to hire HR professionals. The website offers professionally written free resources, as well as downloadable HR policies and procedures templates.

    3. Accounting advice

    J4b provides funding and grant information to startups and small businesses. The site also offers advice and guidance on relevant awards and tax relief and is easier to navigate than HMRC.

    HMRC is the almighty ruler of all British tax issues and has all of the financial information required to set up your business and manage your finances. It is not the easiest website to navigate so here are some of the most useful areas for you:

    • Starting a business Help and support for new businesses, including what you need to register to get set up, limited company, VAT, PAYE for employers, record keeping ect.
    • Corporation tax Information on how to register, calculate and manage your corporation tax.
    • Import and export Tax laws on international trade, import control system and how to apply.

    The new HMRC section on the gov.uk website is much more user friendly.

    4. Business mentoring services

    Horsesmouth describes itself as “the social network for informal mentoring” and offers the opportunity to sign up to have or be a mentor. They have a specific section on starting a business where you can search for mentors on a variety of subjects including, interviewing, managing people, business plan and investment.

    Mentorsme is designed to help you find a business mentor as quickly and easily as possible. You can also find a range of useful resources on their website, including accounting a business advice, better financial control and how to complete a lending request.

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    Best Small-Business Loans for Veterans 2016 #local #business #listing

    #business loans for veterans


    Credit Cards






    Credit Cards






    Best Small-Business Loans for Veterans 2016

    You can trust that we maintain strict editorial integrity in our writing and assessments; however, we receive compensation when you click on links to products from our partners and get approved. Here’s how we make money .

    Finding a small-business loan is a tough task for any entrepreneur. Bad credit, a lack of collateral and limited business history are all obstacles that small businesses may face. Funding can be an even bigger challenge for U.S. military veterans, whose financial history may have gaps because of their time in active service.

    Despite these challenges, many veterans decide to become their own boss after serving their country. About 1 in 7 veterans is self-employed or a small-business owner, according to the Institute for Veterans and Military Families at Syracuse University.

    To help overcome the financing hurdle, we’ve rounded up some of the best small-business loan options for veterans based on personal credit score:

    Small-business loans for veterans if you have a 500+ personal credit score

    For startups and younger small businesses, lenders typically base lending decisions on the owner’s personal credit. This could be an issue for veterans who did not get a chance to build their credit during military service.

    If your credit is lacking, Kabbage offers a line of credit that does not require a minimum credit score to qualify. You will need, however, at least $50,000 in annual revenue. If your credit score is 500 or higher and your business generates at least $100,000 in annual revenue, you could get a less expensive loan with OnDeck. The lender offers an APR starting at 9%, up to 98%, compared with Kabbage’s 32% to 108%.

    Small-business loans for veterans if you have a 600+ personal credit score

    For companies with at least one year in business and low revenue starting at $25,000 StreetShares is a good choice, with APR starting at 9%.

    If your business is generating at least $150,000 annually, you will get a greater range of financing products with Dealstruck, which offers term loans, an inventory line of credit and an asset-based line of credit. Also, Dealstruck could be a cheaper financing option, with APRs from 10% to 28%, while StreetShares’ APR maxes out at 40%.

    Before you apply for a StreetShares loan, find out whether you meet the lender s minimum qualifications.

    • 600+ personal credit score.
    • 1+ year in business.
    • $25,000+ in annual revenue.*
    • No bankruptcies in the past three years.
    • No current tax liens or collections (unless you have proper documentation).

    You only need 6 months in business if you have $100,000+ in revenue.
    StreetShares is currently unavailable to borrowers in North Dakota or South Dakota.

    Before you apply for a Dealstruck loan, find out whether you meet the lender s minimum qualifications.

    • 600+ personal credit score.
    • 1+ year in business.
    • $150,000+ in annual revenue.
    • Breaking even or profitable.
    • Personal guarantee and a lien on business assets required.

    Looking to expand? SmartBiz has the lowest borrowing costs among online lenders. The lender provides SBA loans with 7% to 8% APR for businesses with strong finances. With a repayment term of 10 years, SmartBiz is a good choice for purchasing real estate or equipment, refinancing high-interest debt or acquiring another business. Qualifying can be tough, however, since you have to meet the SBA’s stringent requirements (including about a dozen required documents). Lending Club is a good option for expansion capital if you don’t qualify for SmartBiz. You need at least $75,000 in annual revenue to qualify. The company offers competitive rates (8% to 32% APR) and repayment terms of one to five years.

    Before you apply for a SmartBiz loan, find out whether you meet the lender s minimum qualifications.

    • 600+ personal credit score.
    • 2+ years in business.
    • $50,000+ in annual revenue.
    • Personal guarantee required.
    • No outstanding tax liens.
    • No bankruptcies or foreclosures in last three years.
    • No recent charge-offs or settlements.
    • Must be current on government-related loans.

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    Lender reviews

    See how different lenders stack up in NerdWallet’s expert reviews

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    Small Business Online Advertising: Discover the Best Way to Effectively Advertise Online #top #new

    #business advertising


    Small Business Advertising

    Small business online advertising can often be difficult for small businesses still getting on their feet. Small businesses looking for online advertising ideas have numerous options available to them. The best online advertising for one small business may very well be the worst form of online advertising for another.

    One of the best and most profitable ways for small businesses to advertise online is through pay-per-click marketing (PPC), a branch of Search Engine Marketing (SEM). PPC continues to grow in popularity as an effective online advertising method because it serves as a relatively easy, cost-effective way to get your advertisements in front of a huge pool of potential customers using Google AdWords and other search engine marketing platforms to display your message.

    WordStream has been featured in USA Today as an aid in helping small businesses use Google AdWords to their greatest advantage.

    The article reports on the trend of Big search engine platforms (Google AdWords, Microsoft AdCenter, etc.) whose bottom lines depend on selling ads linked to search results .

    These search engine platforms pour millions of dollars into initiatives to help small and medium sized advertisers make the leap to pay-per-click (PPC ) advertising. Unfortunately, many small business struggle to get a handle on PPC.

    As WordStream’s founder Larry Kim notes, in USA Today article :

    “It’s all too common for small advertisers to waste money on poorly executed campaigns. Typically, they don’t re-evaluate and they miss out on the opportunity to leverage a powerful marketing channel to grow their business.”

    WordStream has been recognized as a key asset in producing high-performing PPC campaigns. Learn about how WordStream’s PPC Software and Traffic Express service can revolutionize how you advertise on Google and drive relevant, valuable traffic to your business while saving you time and money.

    Small Business Advertising Tips. Using PPC

    So what’s the “correct” way to use PPC as part of your small business advertising strategy? Implementing a few best online advertising practices will ensure that your small business succeeds with PPC. Here are some tips for effective small business advertising:

    • Begin with solid keyword research. Keyword research is the core component of effective online marketing and using keywords in advertising. Make sure your research is data-driven.
    • Organize and group your keywords. Keyword grouping allows for more strategic online marketing for both PPC and SEO campaigns.
    • Commit to Advertising Online. To see continuous benefits, you should regularly test, update and improve your small business online marketing campaigns.

    The best small business online advertisers continuously research and improve their keyword lists .

    While small businesses can easily be overwhelmed by the intricacies of how to use Google AdWords. WordStream offers comprehensive online advertising services for small businesses wanting help with PPC online advertising.

    Learn how WordStream, a leading online advertising company with unique PPC management solutions. can play a role in your search marketing strategy.

    Marketing Strategies for Small Business

    A small business marketing strategy can help you identify who your customers are, measure your company’s position compared to competitors, and track the performance of your marketing actions.

    When marketing your small business online, ask yourself:

    • What are your customers searching for online?
    • How could you reach your targeted customers?
    • Which online marketing techniques will help you increase traffic and differentiate your product from competitors?

    Small Business Online Advertising Advice from WordStream

    WordStream Advisor takes the headache out of pay-per-click advertising. With the 20-Minute PPC Work Week system, you can discover new opportunities, optimize your account, and adjust your ad spend to align with your paid search goals.

    WordStream Advisor’s automated alerts will notify you of areas in which immediate action can be taken to yield better results, and make suggestions on which areas of your account can be improved. WordStream Advisor will allow you to:

    • Discover new keywords
    • Create logically organized ad groups
    • Identify negative keywords that could be wasting your ad budget
    • Improve your ad copy
    • Create compelling, relevant landing pages

    WordStream can help you achieve your pay-per-click advertising goals. To find out how, try our free AdWords Performance Grader Plus to assess the strength of your AdWords account, or get access to a free trial of WordStream Advisor and discover how much easier paid search can be.

    Effective Small Business Advertising Solutions

    Google AdWords is great at providing ways for you to spend money, but the vast array of features and data can be difficult to analyze. WordStream’s Ad Software for Google PPC helps you make sense of your AdWords account and control your spend. Discover AdWords success with our sophisticated tools for small business online marketing. helping you to:

    • Build effective PPC campaigns from scratch
    • Create new ad groups
    • Expand your keyword opportunities
    • Cut wasteful spending with negative keywords
    • Analyze your search queries for insights

    WordStream for PPC allows you to manage your budget efficiently and effectively. With more relevant ad groups, you can attract more customers. And with higher click-through rates. you’ll earn higher Quality Scores. which lowers your bid price and improves your rankings and visibility!

    No Time for PPC? Leave It to the Experts

    Our goal at WordStream is not just to help you attract more paid or organic traffic; we strive to help you generate more quality leads which you can cultivate to transform into sales. WordStream can provide you with tailored suggestions for your unique online advertising needs, proving personal attention without the high costs of hiring an online marketing agency .

    As a small business advertiser, you have a lot of balls in the air. If you’re struggling to control costs and realize ROI from pay-per-click marketing. you may need a hand to break through the challenges you’ll encounter while creating and implementing your small business advertising plan.

    WordStream can help! Our team of Google AdWords Certified professionals can guide you and show you the best way to market your small business online. We can teach you PPC, give your account a tune-up, or even take full control of your AdWords campaigns. making sure you get the maximum return on your PPC investment.

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