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United HR is a full-service online HR management and payroll processing company. We serve clients who want to streamline, organize and manage payroll and HR responsibilities including: payroll processing, employee time and attendance, human resource information management, applicant tracking, and benefits administration in a more efficient and less expensive way.

Our hosted Software as a Service (SaaS) is made available to customers over a secure Internet connection. The hosted environment ensures a rapid set-up for clients without disrupting business and allows clients to manage personnel information from pre-hire to retirement.

United HR provides payroll services for clients of all sizes and industries in all states. Our payroll customers include CPA firms, law firms, architects, high-tech ventures, restaurants, manufacturing facilities, healthcare providers and schools— publicly-held, privately held and non-profit organizations — a variety of large and small businesses.

United HR starts with the most powerful Web-based Human Resource Management Systems (HRMS) that combine function and power while placing it all at your fingertips, 24/7, from anywhere in the world. Our HRMS platforms, Ultipro and Mangrove — powered by Ultimate Software.

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Modern Dev Environment Delivered · Koding #integrated #development #environment, #cloud #ide, #dev #environment, #cloud


Modern Development Environment Delivered.

Koding provides every developer with access to information and data on the best practices used by your entire team.

– Michael Girouard, Senior Engineer at CloudFlare

Using Koding helps developers get up-to-speed in a matter of minutes so they can focus on their code. As for our customers, I’m personally trying to guide us through a redesign of our platform experience which would hopefully alleviate the need for complicated dev environments, We are evaluating Koding to bridge the gap between local development and production environments.

– Collin Donahue-Oponski, UX Lead, Platform UI/UX Team at DigitalGlobe

We are doing internal training at Accenture, when I setup my classes on Koding, no one needs to do any setup anymore.

– Arkadi Shishlov, Software Engineer at Accenture

GitLab+Koding means you can ship code faster, and contribute to more projects in a collaborative environment.

– Sid Sijbrandij, Co-founder, CEO at GitLab


Solving your software’s sales and training issues

You have a “Download” link that everyone clicks, yet vital customers are lost through your setup instructions. Let’s help you engage with them!

You can use Koding for:

Pre-Sales Automation

Turn your website’s “Download” button into a “Try now” button, so you can engage with your customers. Learn more…

Platform for Training

Why should any trainer spend hours trying to configure environments instead of getting straight to training? Learn more…


If you’d like to extend your ecosystem and build more apps for your organization, we can set you up! Contact us.

Virtual Classrooms

One solution might work well for an app and fail in yours. It’s not a one-size-fits-all thing. Contact us.

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Christian Home Based Business Opportunities at #doing #business #as

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Title : Independent Distributor
Location : Worldwide
Contact : Home Based in the Heartland, Pam Thielen
Phone : 402-289-1800
Salary : Commission
Description : Earn while you learn, building a business from home with the support of a 24 year old company featured in CBS Marketwatch, Forbes, Fortune, Business Week and Success from Home (twice). I am looking for motivated individuals who desire a better life obtained in ethical ways and are willing to put effort forward. The rewards of a strong work ethic and being teachable are; financial freedom, quality relationships, and the satisfaction of positively impacting lives. I earn a six-figure income working around my family and enjoy what I do. To request more information, click the following link: http://www.christianet.com/homebasedheartland/

Title : Home Based Business
Location : US
Contact : Energy Savings Network, Bill or Linda Blakely
Phone : 512-630-8976
Salary : Residual Income
Description : This ground-floor business opportunity allows a flexible schedule, working from home. This is a product that is unconsciously purchased and habitually used by everyone you know. No deliveries, no inventory and no complicated paperwork. This business gives you the power to earn while helping others save money on their energy bills. If you are serious about changing your financial future and would like more information about this opportunity Click here: http://www.christianet.com/energysavings/

Title : Work From Home
Location : US
Contact : Irene Fennell
Phone : 512-917-4812
Salary : Residual Income
Description : If your dream is to run your own business, get out of debt, earn a secondary source of income, exchange the traditional 9 to 5 for your own schedule, or all of the above, this home based business opportunity can help you achieve it. Now is the best time to make a change and choose to live to your full potential. It’s about you, and we are ready to show you the way. If you are serious about changing your financial future and would like more information about this opportunity Click here: http://www.christianet.com/mjservices/

Title : Customer Service Professionals Wanted! Apply Today!
Location : Working From Home
Contact : Arise Virtual Solutions
Description : Arise contracts with thousands of small businesses run by someone like you! Many of these small businesses are looking for client support professionals- join them, or be your own boss and use your existing business or start a new small business! These small businesses provide sales, customer service, and technical support from home, for Fortune 150 companies such as Staples, Orkin and Carnival. We also have great opportunities, available with two of the major telecommunications companies in the United States, for those service providers that possess strong customer service and technical experience. Visit https://partnersetup.arise.com/ to create your profile today!

Title : Work From Home Jobs
Location : US
Contact : Top Picks Home Businesses
Salary : Commission
Description : Pick from different types of work from home business opportunites that fit within your busy schedule. Click the website below and begin exploring your whole new life. http://exclusiveclicks.com/a/A4708/B50/

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Home Based Small Business Ideas for Women In India #new #business

#home business ideas


Business Ideas for Women in India

The veiled entrepreneurial abilities of women in India have witnessed steady alterations with the increasing sensitivity to her role and economic standing in the society. Almost all countries have seen an upsurge in Women owned businesses over the last few decades. The three chief reasons for a woman to undertake business ventures are expertise, understanding of her domain and flexibility.
A women Entrepreneur is an individual who undertake exigent role to fulfill her personal requirements and in the process become financially self-sufficient. A women entrepreneur always aspires to do something fruitful and positive in the field of business besides bestowing values to family and social life.

With the arrival of media and diverse prospects, the modern women are fast growing from job aspirants to job creators. They are making their marks as interior decorators, journalists, garment manufacturers, fashion designers, etc and are equally contributing in the nation’s economy. But unlike their western counterparts, who are acknowledged and are more well-known in the business world, women in India are lagging behind due to some major limitations like – lack of confidence, market-oriented risks, social-cultural hindrances, etc. Hence, it is advisable to keep these negative aspects aside and make a promising start of your business.

Small Business Ideas for women entrepreneurs

Some of the small business ideas for women in India that can be managed from home are listed as under:


Opening a Boutique is the first thing that comes in any woman’s mind. Even though there isn’t any lack of boutiques in any city, the customer base of such stores keep increasing every day; as customers want better quality and variety in the types of clothes and accessories they wear.

Beauty Parlor

This small business only needs a little investment on training, quality products and basic equipment. One can easily turn a spare room into a cozy beauty salon. This beauty business suits women of every age.

Fitness Center (Gym)

This business requires a bit extra investment to set up, but, the resulting profit is great. The gym equipments are expensive but are a one-time investment. Since almost everyone is health conscious these days, the business will be profitable. It will be to your added benefit if you are a yoga expert or a trained aerobics trainer.


If you are well aware of the market around you and have a good network of contacts with professionals from different industries, you could set up a consultancy firm and share the information with others. Setting up doesn’t need much investment. A small room can be turned into your business office.

Internet Business

The Internet has changed our lifestyle. There are many ways to start earning online. One can put their skills to use and start freelancing on the web writing blogs, articles and feeds for websites. Also e-stores generate a lot of revenue if they are marketed well. You can open a cyber cafe too. All you need are some computers and an internet connection.


Most women are talented and passionate about cooking. Therefore this business idea will work for them. Women can start their own restaurant or café. They can also start a catering or take-away service too.


Women love children, hence they can start up a small daycare center or creche at their homes. Spending the day with kids could be fun and profitable at the same time. Plus balancing work and home life would be easy.

Gift Shop

No prior experience is required in setting up a gift shop business. Everyone knows what to expect in a gift shop, so order things from a trusted dealer accordingly or search the Internet for latest gift items and build up your stock in your store to sell.

Interior Decoration Store

Women have a good sense of designing and keep their homes beautiful, hence they can open an interior designing business. Keep things you would ideally decorate your house with, and capitalize on local art and crafts in your shops and find good clients for the promotion of your business.

Pet Shop

Owning a pet is becoming popular these days and pet lovers are more than willing to spend on accessories and knick-knacks for their pets. So this business is also profitable. Start a shop to cater to the needs of pet owners with items like pet foods, accessories, clothes, cages, kennels, etc.

Other Miscellaneous Business Ideas

Apart from these women can join up with the banking sector as earn money by becoming an insurance agent. They can also be agents to sell cosmetic and branded plastic cooking utensils like Tupperware. Women can also open up home tuition in the field she is expert in. She could teach subjects or open a music, dance or an art class.

Guidelines to be followed before You Start a Business

Develop confidence

Women in India lack self-assurance in their potency and proficiency. However, over the last few years the outlook of Indian women is changing and they are fast emerging as potential entrepreneurs.

Manage home and business effectively

A woman’s personal life sometimes acts as a great hindrance in their business career. Hence it is advisable to manage your family and career proficiently, bestowing equal and sufficient amount of time to each of them.

Self-motivation is the keyword

For establishing successful businesses learn to take risk and change your attitude towards business society by taking up social responsibilities. Understand the government business policies and get monetary help from public and private institutions.

Know your market and market-oriented risks

Learn more about your market and competition prevailing in the market. Promote your product through advertising and other popular media channels. Acquaint yourself of the fast changing market conditions by making optimum utilization of media and internet.

Understanding of Business Administration

Women should be highly educated and trained in their area of knowledge so that they can attain expertise and understanding of all the major operational aspects of business administration. This will assist a woman to take balanced decisions beneficial for expanding her business network.

Knowledge about monetary assistance

It is important to know various institutions in the financial industry which give their assistance in the form of loans, low rate interest scheme, incentives, etc. This will not only help you to kick start your business venture but would also ensure constant supply of capital.

Attend training programs

Workshops and training programs are of great help for every type of industrialist. Attend the training programs through social associations which are informative for prospective entrepreneurs who are aspiring to commence a small or medium scale enterprise.

Last Updated on May 26, 2015

How to Start a Company in India

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Business Manager – A PC based Information Management System #cheapest #business #cards

#business manager


Business Manager

Get the Overview and the Detail to Manage Your Operation Effectively
Business Manager makes it easy to manage your mailing and shipping operations with high levels of productivity. Now you can control internal mailing budgets report expenses for external clients and even run your operation as a profit center.

Get Tight Control Over Costs
Business Manager gives you the information you need to control the use of high-cost services and special fees and to get maximum postal and carrier discounts. Track expenses by carrier class and fees monitor total usage by carrier track and allocate all mailing and shipping expenses.

From Raw Data to Actionable Information – Instantly
Business Manager takes raw data from each mailing and shipping system across your network and summarizes it in formats you can use. These reports are your tools for solid decision-making. View all account activity including performance against set budgets. Monitor operator performance as well as track carrier class and fees.

Business Manager Brings Your Enterprise Together
Business Manager can be configured for both local and enterprise-wide data collection and consolidation. With the exclusive DM Series Mailing Systems there is no additional hardware or data collection devices (applies to DM500 DM550 DM800 DM900 and DM1000 Series systems).

  • Manage accounts across the enterprise.
  • Monitor and consolidate data from multiple systems at multiple sites.
  • Track postal and shipping costs in real-time for an unlimited number of accounts.
  • Use data management tools to analyze expenditures and highlight potential cost reductions.
  • Increase productivity and eliminate human error by eliminating manual reconciliation of costs by account.
  • Access data to connect to back office financial systems.

The functional elements include:

Host Workstation – The central system necessary for managing the operations including consolidation of data from local or remote sites administrative and reporting functions.

Remote Site Workstation – A special version of the Host Workstation that enables you to form a network of host solutions to consolidate data from across the enterprise.

Administrative or Reporting Workstations – PC solutions that provide managers additional access to the collected data without interrupting the Host Workstation.

Optional Peripherals:
Barcode Scanner
Laser Report Printer
Monitor Stand
Crystal Reports Software

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Direct Sales Opportunities – Home Based Business #grants #for #small #business

#home business opportunities



Fun, Freedom and Fulfillment

WorldVentures has made a commitment to being the most-trusted name in the direct-selling industry through our transparent business processes and open management philosophy. WorldVentures is dedicated to helping our Independent Representatives live richer lives: to enjoy unique travel and leisure experiences; to earn extra income doing something they love; and to help others improve their lives.

Passionate About All Things Travel ?

We invite you to explore the rich opportunities available as a WorldVentures Independent Representative. Through our direct-selling model, WorldVentures provides you with everything you need to market and sell vacation and lifestyle memberships and other related products and services. You can work full or part time from home or anywhere in the world .

Fun, Freedom and Fulfillment !

Thanks to its commitment to superior value, its innovative products and its good corporate citizenship, WorldVentures has become one of the world’s largest vacation and entertainment direct sellers. With a network of Independent Representatives spanning 28 countries and growing, the company offers a unique opportunity to earn income doing what you love. In other words, you can Make a living. Living!


Thanks to our pioneering “mobile-preneurship” business philosophy, Representatives enjoy low startup costs and access to social media tools, technology and training to help them easily conduct business from anywhere in the world.

Why the direct-selling model?

From storefronts to online sales, why has WorldVentures selected the direct-selling route? WorldVentures has opted for a direct-selling approach because, by its very nature, vacation planning is a very personal, considered process. WorldVentures Independent Representatives are committed to helping our customers make the right membership choices for themselves and their families. With distinct vacation and lifestyle club options and a vast array of vacation and local experiences to choose from, we believe the hands-on approach serves our customers best.

1. It is illegal for a promoter or a participant in a trading scheme to persuade anyone to make a payment by promising benefits from getting others to join the scheme.

2. Do not be misled by claims that high earnings are easily achieved.

Interested in Joining the one of the Largest Vacation and Entertainment Direct-Selling Networks in the World?

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Valuing a Business based on Market Comps – ValuAdder #sell #my #business

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  • Take ValuAdder Tour
  • Valuation Products
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  • Handbook
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Valuing a Business based on Market Comps

The market approach offers you perhaps the most compelling way to determine the business value. Many business people and appraisal experts believe the market to be the ultimate judge of what a business is worth.

In this sense, the business market value is revealed by the price the business fetches in an actual sale. Comparison against the sales of similar businesses is the next best thing – you can gather enough statistical evidence to price your business quite accurately.

Key uses of market-based business valuation

Determining your business value by such market comparisons is especially useful in these situations:

  1. To set an asking price or offer price for a business acquisition.
  2. To defend your business valuation in a legal controversy or before the tax authorities.
  3. To justify your business value in a dispute such as partner disagreements or buyout.

Business fair market value estimation

Market comparisons are an excellent way to estimate the very important fair market value of a business. This is by far the most common measure of business value – and is the de-facto standard used in most business valuations.

Valuation Multiples: business value calculation

You can use a number of valuation multiples to estimate your business fair market value. All such multiples are statistically derived ratios that relate the potential business selling price to some measure of its financial performance.

Using the valuation multiples derived from comparable business sales, you can determine what your business is worth based on its recent revenues, net income, discretionary cash flow, EBITDA. total assets or book value, among others.

For example, you can take the Price to Gross Revenues Multiple and multiply it by your business revenue figure. The result is the market-based estimate of what your business is worth.


ValuAdder offers you a set of intelligent tools to quickly assess your business market value. First, you select your business type from among 425 industries. Next, you enter the key financial parameters for your business. Finally, you calculate the fair market value range, average and median values for your business.

You can also explore how the businesses in your entire industry group are priced by the market. This is very useful to estimate the value of businesses that generate income from a number of profit centers, such as product sales and client services.

All in a matter of minutes!

ValuAdder ® is a registered trademark, ValuAdder logo and product symbols are trademarks of Haleo Corporation. Mac ® and OS X ® are registered trademarks of Apple, Inc. Windows ® is a registered trademark of Microsoft Corporation. All other trademarks are property of their respective owners.

Haleo guards your privacy and security. We are certified by VeriSign ® and Trustwave ®.

Copyright © 2002-2016 Haleo Corporation. All rights reserved.

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Mindfulness Based Relapse Prevention (MBRP) #mbrp, #mindfulness-based #relapse #prevention, #mindfulness #based #relapse #prevention, #relapse,


MBRP (Bowen, Chawla and Marlatt, 2010) is a novel treatment approach developed at the Addictive Behaviors Research Center at the University of Washington, for individuals in recovery from addictive behaviors.

The program is designed to bring practices of mindful awareness to individuals who have suffered from the addictive trappings and tendencies of the mind. MBRP practices are intended to foster increased awareness of triggers, destructive habitual patterns, and “automatic” reactions that seem to control many of our lives. The mindfulness practices in MBRP are designed to help us pause, observe present experience, and bring awareness to the range of choices before each of us in every moment. We learn to respond in ways that serves us, rather than react in ways that are detrimental to our health and happiness. Ultimately, we are working towards freedom from deeply ingrained an d often catastrophic habits.

Similar to Mindfulness-Based Cognitive Therapy for depression, MBRP is designed as an aftercare program integrating mindfulness practices and principles with cognitive-behavioral relapse prevention. In our experience, MBRP is best suited to individuals who have undergone initial treatment and wish to maintain their treatment gains and develop a lifestyle that supports their well-being and recovery.

The primary goals of MBRP are:

1. Develop awareness of personal triggers and habitual reactions, and learn ways to create a pause in this seemingly automatic process.

2. Change our relationship to discomfort, learning to recognize challenging emotional and physical experiences and responding to them in skillful ways.

3. Foster a nonjudgmental, compassionate approach toward ourselves and our experiences.

4. Build a lifestyle that supports both mindfulness practice and recovery.

This website and these resources are maintained by gifted funds. Any contributions are greatly appreciated! Your generosity allows us to continue to offer many of our services at no cost. (Please note: since we do not have nonprofit status, gifts are not tax deductible .)

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Corporate Finance New York #asset #based #lending,invoice #factoring,accounts #receivable #financing,purchase #order #finance



Corporate Finance New York is a national asset based lender and international factoring company with a team of dedicated financial professionals that have been helping companies improve cash flow since 1978. Our options include asset based lending – invoice factoring – accounts receivable financing and purchase order finance.

Financial Innovations

What is innovation in financial services? Simply is all about helping the client get funded with flexible financial options that are not as restrictive as the criteria imposed to banks by the FDIC. Non-bank lenders can offer funding solutions to companies even after they have been turned-down for business credit by their bank.

Our network of affiliate offices can offer financial solutions to businesses from startups to well-seasoned conglomerates in seventeen countries. Solutions to improve the financial efficiencies of a company and for continued growth capital infusion when needed for expansion and general investments. And if the situation changes making operating conditions tighter we offer direct access to the needed funds to meet payroll and general expenses.

We are experts when it comes to analyzing the financial structure of companies and our team of factoring and asset based lending specialists are committed to improving your cash flow and helping your company move forward!

Cash Flow Specialists

Basic Criteria

In business at least two years
Minimum credit facility: $1,000,000
Maximum credit facility: $25,000,000
FCCR/DSCR: Flexible
Pricing/Terms: Competitive terms and pricing
In business (from startups)
Minimum facility amount: $20,000
Maximum facility amount: $25,000,000
Advances on receivables: Up to 92.50% (higher case by case)
Pricing/Terms: Our objective is to beat the competition

Corporate Finance

Banks | Institutions

Quick Solutions

About Us

  • Corporate Finance New York is a General Partnership that started operations in 1978. We are a provider of corporate financial services offering direct access lending to the corporate and industrial communities. M ore.

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  • On-premises vs #cloud #based #unified #communications


    On-premises vs. hosted cloud UC: Comparison chart

    blthomas – 7 Feb 2014 4:56 PM

    The cloud is not a magic happy place where everything works all the time. The cloud is just a server room somewhere else. Hardware needs replaced, software needs updated. Everything that needs to be done on Prem, needs to be done in the cloud. The end of story question is, can the cloud providers staff do it for a lower cost then then staff on prem.

    jfriedman – 2 Apr 2014 4:20 PM

    The beauty of the Cloud, whether it is Desktop as a Service, Software as a Service, or Unified Communications as a Service is that the cost of all the redundancies and software maintenance (and upgrades, additional features, and training, and. ) are cost-shared across multiple customer organizations. So, to answer to your question – yes even for large enterprises, we can almost always win the Total Cost of Ownership comparison against an on-premise system.

    Clearheart – 5 Sep 2016 2:29 AM

    Cloud is probably the most abused tech term. Although I understand the intent of the article, I think we need to explicit about type of offering rather than just saying “on-prem vs cloud UC”. In this article, author really intent to say “on prem vs SaaS UC offering”. There may also be a possibly that customer still manages their own instance of UC software deployed in IaaS (AWS, Azure etc.) – just replace own DC with IaaS. In that case, almost all points mentioned will be applicable in the same way as on-prem deployment

    smithroy – 11 Apr 2017 5:37 AM

    Better but not best, something is missing on the blog, such as you have not define everything in a clear form.
    You are choosing a very interesting topic but still not show the difference between them this is not a good quality of any blog writer.

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