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Australia’s BEST Promotional Products & Company Gifts

Brandconnect – Your No 1 Choice for Everything Promotional

Even in today s digital world where almost everything is done online, having physical products featuring your company logo is still one of the best ways to build your brand.

Whether you need to promote a company, institute, organisation or group, Brandconnect is guaranteed to have a high quality branded promotional product to suit your marketing requirements.

Fast and Effective Brand Building

The power of having your logo and company name on pens, t-shirts, bags and thousands of other great items, is not to be underestimated. Not only will your brand s visibility be dramatically increased, it ll also help to increase brand loyalty, the chance of future sales, and help your staff to feel motivated, committed and valued. Simply put, incorporating promotional merchandise and company gifts into your marketing plan will quickly help increase your company’s chances for success.

Superior Quality Promotional Products

Simply having any old branded corporate stock isn t enough. It s vital that your promotional products are of the highest quality and with the most professional branding. That s where Brandconnect comes in.

As Australia s premier supplier of branded corporate products and company gifts throughout Perth, Sydney, Brisbane and beyond, we pride ourselves on only providing the very best quality goods, guaranteed to make a lasting impression.

Your company deserves nothing less than to be showcased on superior goods which will last, and most importantly, look great. First impressions are everything and Brandconnect understand that better than most.

Why choose us?

Having been in the business of supplying high-calibre corporate gifts across Australia in cities like Sydney, Perth and Brisbane for over 14 years we know what works. We ve compiled over 10,000 excellent products on our store which we know are popular and effective. We are also leading experts in customer service and our buying power means we can offer industry competitive prices.

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Customers and staff learn from renowned leadership expert

Hitachi Australia s commitment to the innovation agenda was reinforced when the company sponsored the World Business Forum held in Sydney in May.

The World Business Forum is a significant event on the global business calendar and was held in the Asia Pacific region for the first time this year. It brought together over 2,000 business leaders including Hitachi customers to hear from experts in the fields of leadership, strategy, execution and innovation.

Hitachi Australia Managing Director, Mr Hitoshi Ishihara, said the sponsorship reflected Hitachi s goal of providing innovative solutions to society s challenges.

Effective leadership is essential for businesses today to address the economic, social and environmental challenges that we face as a society, said Mr Hitoshi Ishihara.

With the World Business Forum coming to the Asia Pacific region for the first time, we had an unprecedented opportunity to give some of our customers access to the best thought leaders in the world.

A highlight of the forum was a presentation from George Kohlrieser, an internationally recognised expert on leadership, high performance teams, and change management. George was introduced by Hitachi Construction Machinery Australia Managing Director, David Harvey, before giving a private talk to over 80 Hitachi guests and staff.

Our sponsorship of George Kohlrieser s powerful leadership message allowed us to promote best practice and sustainable leadership in Australia and across the region, as part of our mission to contribute to society through social innovation, Mr Ishihara said.

Hitachi is proud to play a role in expanding awareness of best practice leadership through our sponsorship of this important event.

01: One of the talks at the World Business Forum Sydney 2014.

02: Hitachi Australia Managing Director Mr Hitoshi Ishihara.

03: Expert on leadership, George Kohlrieser, giving a private talk to over 80 Hitachi guests and staff.

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TransferWise launches international money transfers via Facebook #australia,canada,united #kingdom,united #states,max #r. #levchin,peter #a #thiel,richard


TransferWise launches international money transfers via Facebook

The Facebook logo is displayed on their website in an illustration photo taken in Bordeaux, France, February 1, 2017. Regis Duvignau

NEW YORK (Reuters) – Money transfer company TransferWise has launched a new service that allows users to send money internationally through Facebook Inc’s chat application, as competition in the digital payments landscape intensifies.

The London-based startup said on Tuesday that it had developed a Facebook Messenger “chatbot”, or an automated program that can help users communicate with businesses and carry out tasks such as online purchases.

TransferWise’s chatbot enables customers to send money to friends and family to and from the United States, Britain, Canada, Australia and Europe from Facebook Messenger. It can also be used to set up exchange rate alerts.

Facebook already allows its users to send money domestically in the United States via its Messenger app, but has not yet launched similar services internationally. TransferWise said its service will be the first to enable international money transfers entirely within Messenger.

Facebook opened up its Messenger app to developers to create chatbots in April in a bid to expand its reach in customer service and enterprise transactions.

Chatbots have become a hot topic in enterprise technology over the past year because recent advances in artificial intelligence have made them better at interacting. Businesses, including banks, are hoping that they can be used to improve and reduce the cost of their customer service operations.

One of Europe’s most well-known fintech companies, TransferWise was launched in 2011 by Estonian friends Taavet Hinrikus and Kristo Käärmann out of frustration with the high fees they were being charged by banks for international money transfers.

The company, which is valued at more than $1 billion, is backed by several high profile investors including Silicon Valley venture fund Andreessen Horowitz, Virgin Group founder Sir Richard Branson, and PayPal co-founders Max Levchin and Peter Thiel, through his fund Valar Ventures.

Customers in more than 50 countries send roughly $1 billion through its website every month.

While the TransferWise chatbot is now only available in Facebook Messenger it can be adapted to work with other popular chat services, Scott Miller, head of global partnerships for TransferWise said. He said the service would eventually be extended to work in other countries and money transfer routes that the company operates in.

The launch comes as competition in the mobile payments and international money transfer sectors intensifies. Earlier this month PayPal Holdings Inc announced its U.S. payments application Venmo would be available within popular chat service Slack.

While in January. Ant Financial Services, an affiliate of Chinese e-commerce company Alibaba Group Holding Ltd, said it would acquire U.S. money-transfer company MoneyGram, in a deal that is expected to shake up the international payments landscape.

Reporting by Anna Irrera; Editing by Sandra Maler

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Graduate Diploma in Environmental Management – Courses and Programs – The University of Queensland,


Graduate Diploma in Environmental Management ( GDipEnvMan )

Why study the Graduate Diploma in Environmental Management?



Study options

Entry requirements for Australian students

Entry requirements for International students

How to apply

View International
fees and costs

Fees for Australian students

Current UQ students can use the Fee Calculator to estimate their fees. Note: You will need to specify the courses for which you want to calculate fees. Please see the course list if you are unsure which courses you can do in your program.

When you enrol each semester, mySI-net will calculate your fees, and these will generally be available for viewing on mySI-net overnight.

Fees for all students are reviewed annually and may increase from 1 January each year. View the 2017 Fee Rules .

If you are a prospective student, or if you haven’t yet commenced your program, please see the Future Students website for fee information.

View Australian
fees and costs

Fees for International students

Current UQ students can use the Fee Calculator to estimate their fees. Note: You will need to specify the courses for which you want to calculate fees. Please see the course list if you are unsure which courses you can do in your program.

When you enrol each semester, mySI-net will calculate your fees, and these will generally be available for viewing on mySI-net overnight.

Fees for all students are reviewed annually and may increase from 1 January each year. View the 2017 Fee Rules .

If you are a prospective student, or if you haven’t yet commenced your program, please see the Future Students website for fee information.

Additional costs

  • Courses that include a field trip component may incur additional costs to cover transport, accommodation and food.


Career opportunities exist in managerial and policy positions in government, consulting firms and research, and in the private sector as environmental management system managers, auditors and policy analysts.

While this degree may be accredited by an official industry accreditation body in Australia, completion of the degree may not result in graduates receiving automatic accreditation. Please contact the relevant registration body for details of any conditions for accreditation.

To complete the Graduate Diploma in Environmental Management

To complete the Graduate Diploma in Environmental Management, a student must complete a requisite number of courses chosen from the course list and according to the Rules for the program.

Students should be aware of the University of Queensland rules, particularly the General Award Rules, which govern the conduct of UQ programs. Students will find a link to the General Award Rules, and other University rules, on the University Rules page.

A student must complete #16 in total, comprising:

  • #4 from part B; and
  • #12 from either:
    • (a) To fulfill a Field of Study – #10 from part C in an approved field and #2 from part A, part C or part D or other courses approved by the executive dean; OR
    • (b) #4 from part C and #8 of any combination of part A, part C or part D, or other courses approved by the executive dean.

Refer to GDipEnvMan rules for further information

See the course list for courses that can be studied as part of the Graduate Diploma in Environmental Management.

Program Rules for the Graduate Diploma in Environmental Management

Early exit points

Based upon course selection, students may be able to exit this award with the:

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Online courses and career resources #online #courses, #distance #education, #resume #writing, #cover #letters, #career


Security bachelor degree in australia

Here’s how others rate Career FAQs:

Looking for Security opportunities in Australia ?

There are currently 18,514 Security job openings in Australia*. The average salary for a Security job in Australia is $53,327.

The Australian Government Department of Employment estimates a projected employment growth to 2018 of 48,500 jobs for the Security industry in Australia .

Gaining a Security qualification will significantly increase your career prospects for Security jobs in Australia. Studying an online course with an accredited Australian provider gives you the flexibility you need to study at your own pace.

Employment in the Security industry in Australia

Australia has a population of 23,625,031, with a total of 11,645,500 people currently employed. The average job seeker age for Australia is 37 years and the current unemployment rate sits at 5.7%. Part-time workers make up 46% of the workforce in Australia .

Education in Australia

  • The percentage of people employed in Australia with a bachelor’s degree or higher qualification: 29%
  • The percentage of people employed in Australia with a cert III or higher VET qualification: 31%
  • The percentage of people employed in Australia without a post-school qualification: 36%

Disclaimer: Career FAQs Pty Ltd ABN 39 299 617 067 (Career FAQs) markets the education and training services of a range of Australian tertiary course providers, and receives a commission from them for each prospective student. Career FAQs is not an education provider. All material and information regarding our education providers and their courses – on our site, via email, or over the phone – is delivered through our capacity as their agent. The material shared with you on the website is provided as general information only. It is not intended as professional advice, and should not be taken as such. All information is provided in good faith, and is believed to be accurate and current as at the date of publication. However, Career FAQs provides no guarantee that any information or material on the website, or linked websites, will be accurate or complete. Please see our privacy policy for more information.

Career FAQs 2017

Career FAQs markets a range of courses from leading Australian tertiary education providers and receives a commission from them for each prospective student.

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SENTRICON > termite baiting system #termidor, #fipronil, #basf, #termite #control, #australia, #usa, #premise, #bayer,


Sentricon – Termite Baiting System has been the most extensively tested of those similar products currently on the market. The Sentricon Termite Colony Elimination System was developed by Dow AgroSciences (Indianapolis, IN), and is sold only through authorized pest control firms. The bait contains a slow-acting ingredient which disrupts the normal growth process in termites (i.e. termites die while attempting to molt). Termite control with the Sentricon System entails a 3 Step process: (1) initial monitoring to pinpoint termite activity, (2) delivery of the bait, and (3) subsequent monitoring to provide ongoing protection of the structure.

Step 1. Initial Termite Monitoring

Termites are detected by installing plastic monitoring stations around the perimeter of the building. The station housing is a hollow green plastic cylinder, about 10 inches long by 2 inches wide, with slits along the sides for termites to enter. Initially, each station is provisioned with two untreated pieces of wood, intended as monitoring devices for the presence of termites in the area. The station is inserted into an augured hole in the ground, with the cover flush with the soil surface. Monitoring stations are installed around the outside perimeter of the building, at about 10- to 20- foot intervals alongside the foundation. Narrower intervals, while more effort to install and inspect, increase the odds that termites will encounter them during foraging. Stations are typically installed about 12 to 18 inches from the foundation, to avoid soil that may have been treated earlier with a liquid termiticide. Patios, driveways, and other paved surfaces are not a problem unless soil access is prevented around the majority of the structure. Oftentimes, stations can be installed farther out from the foundation, in adjoining planter boxes, etc. When necessary, stations can also be installed under pavement. As a supplement to installations along the foundation, additional stations are installed in suspected termite foraging areas, such as near pre-existing termite damage, stumps, woodpiles, or moist areas on the property. Periodically thereafter (monthly, bimonthly, etc.) the wood monitoring devices within each Sentricon station are inspected for termite presence.

Step 2. Sentricon Bait Delivery

When termites are found in a monitoring station, the untreated wood is replaced with a perforated plastic tube containing bait laced with a slow-acting termite growth inhibitor (noviflumuron). To hasten the overall process, termites feeding on the wood pieces are carefully dislodged and placed within the bait tube. Eventually, these termites tunnel through and out of the perforated tube, reuniting with their nestmates in the soil. In doing so, they leave behind a colony-specific scent that promotes recruitment of other nestmates to the bait. In order to promote additional “hits” (attacks) on stations, additional stations containing wood are installed near those receiving bait tubes. Inspection of all Sentricon stations, with and without substituted bait tubes, continues until no more live termites are discovered. Empty, moldy or degraded baits are replaced and additional stations added as deemed necessary.

Step 3. Continued Monitoring of Sentricon Bait Stations

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Au pair in the USA and Australia #aupaircare, #intrax, #au #pair, #usa, #america, #australia,


Au pair in the USA and Australia

Discover new horizons with AuPairCare!

For the past twenty years, AuPairCare has supported young people wishing to become an au pair. We can help you spend a year in the USA, or between 6 and 12 months in Australia.

If you are a participant from

  • Germany, please refer to your local website: www.intrax.de/au-pair.html
  • Spain, please refer to your local website: www.aupaircare.es
  • France or Belgium, please refer to your local website: www.aupaircare.fr
  • none of the above, please find more information on our AuPairCare program:

AuPairCare’s destinations:

Au pair Australia

Au pair Germany

Highlights of the programme:

A high number of host families

Au pair in the USA Infant Specialised training

Complete insurance package included in programme price

Personal, competent advice and preparation through AuPairCare

Flexible start dates

Flexible programme length Down Under

Costs to anticipate:

What costs are involved with an au pair year in the US or Australia? Which costs are included in the programme fees, and which are extra? What is the difference between the programme Au pair in the USA and Au pair in Australia? You can find all the answers below:

Apply now for our Au pair programme in the USA or Australia

Are you interested in becoming an au pair? Sign up online with our pre-application form for our programme in the USA and Australia.

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Bachelor of Multimedia Design – Courses and Programs – The University of Queensland, Australia


Bachelor of Multimedia Design ( BMultMedDes )

Why study the Bachelor of Multimedia Design?

The Bachelor of Multimedia Design is a studio-based program providing students with the knowledge and skills to become the designers, architects and implementers of highly sophisticated multimedia projects. Whether it is building a corporate presence on the web or designing new formats for interactive television, multimedia design is central to creatively engaging an audience.

The major focus of the program is on the integration of theory and technology and their practical application in design projects. Areas include animation, graphic design, sound production, 3D modelling, internet authoring, game design and interactive media design. An important feature of the program is its focus on teamwork and team projects undertaken in a studio environment. You can also gain credit for industrial certification courses licensed by major commercial software developers.

During the program students build a portfolio of many different projects and often undertake projects with industry based clients. In particular, final year students have the opportunity for advanced study and research projects with significant industry partners through UQ participation in the Australasian Cooperative Research Centre for Interaction Design (ACID) which is investigating new forms of human interaction with emerging technologies.

Graduates are in demand within the education, arts and commercial industries, which want to engage audiences, and demand for this level of expertise is increasing worldwide.


See the course list for courses that can be studied as part of the Bachelor of Multimedia Design.


Honours is available as an additional year of study.

Study options

Entry requirements for Australian students

How to apply

Entry requirements for International students

How to apply

Fees for Australian students

Fees for International students


To complete the Bachelor of Multimedia Design

Program Rules for the Bachelor of Multimedia Design

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Domain Name Registration & Transfer #.com.au #domain,, #com.au #registration,, #com.au #domain #name,, #com.au #tld,


.COM.AU Domain Name

Why choose the .COM.AU domain?

COM.AU is one of the most preferred TLDs on the English-speaking domain market. First, this is because most Australians and Australia-based companies and organizations prefer to use the native Australian TLD for their sites. This will guarantee them a greater recognition among the local visitors and at the same time will reinforce their Australian identity on the international market. Another way to explain why .COM.AU is so popular is to mention that many foreign business entities have found it worthwhile to target the broad-minded Australian audience.

.COM.AU characteristics

While it is not possible to register Australian TLDs at first level (e.g. your-domain-name.AU), you can choose between two widely marketed options – .COM.AU and .NET.AU. They are both open for general use and can be registered by anyone who wants to directly associate their online presence with the Australian market. Of both. COM.AU is currently more popular, because of its clear reference to commercial activities.

By registry rules, the domain can be registered for 2 years at a time. No other registration periods are supported to date. The domain doesn’t have a lock option and can be transferred between registrars using an EPP key.

How to register a .COM.AU domain name?

Registering your unique .COM.AU domain name with NTC Hosting or transferring your existing one is a breeze. Our domain wizard functionality will help you easily find the domain you want and will take you through the quick registration/transfer steps right at signup. With the point-and-click Domain Manager integrated into our Web Hosting Control Panel, you will be able to edit your domains’ Whois information and name servers, set custom DNS records, park .COM.AU domains, set URL redirection and more, within seconds.

Feature explanation:

  • .COM.AU Registrar-Lock allows the domain owner to lock his/her domain name, in order to avoid unauthorized, or accidental changes to the domain name.
  • .COM.AU Transfer means change of the domain registrar; usually 1 year is added to the registration upon successful completion of the transfer. Domain transfer fee is equal to the domain registration fee. In some cases, an EPP authorization key is required. It must be obtained from the domain’s current registrar.
  • .COM.AU Edit WHOIS allows the publicly displayed WHOIS information of the domain name to be edited.
  • .COM.AU Registration Period various TLDs can be registered for different periods.
  • .COM.AU Single registration/transfer this refers to the price of a 1-year registration/transfer for a particular TLD, purchased with a web hosting plan. For the majority of TLDs, the minimum registration period is 1 year. For the TLDs marked with * this period is 2 years.

Company Information

Domain Name Services

Top Level Domains

Hosting Videos

+1-855-211-0932 US Toll Free

2002 – 2017 hosting.com. All Rights Reserved!

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Post Registration Nursing Programs In Canada #inscol #nursing #programs, #nursing #study #in #canada, #nursing


Explore INSCOL

What’s New at INSCOL

Nursing is one of the best health care profession and will always be, unfortunately after completing a four years of bachelor’s. Read More

  • Sumera Salam
  • Class of May’16
  • Critical Care Nursing

I would like to appreciate from bottom of my heart the dedication, hard work. support and upto date and correct guidance. Read More

  • Rozmeen Khowaja
  • Class of Sept’16
  • Community Mental Health

My name is Manpreet and i am a student for Gerontology in Niagara college, Canada. My decision of taking Gerontology seemed very. Read More

  • Manpreet Baldev Singh
  • Class of Sept’16
  • Gerontology

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