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East Texas Emergency Communication Service, Inc #emergency #answering #service


East Texas Emergency Communication Service, Inc.


The mission of East Texas Emergency Communication Service, Inc. is to support all area law enforcement, fire, medical, and emergency management agencies with supplemental communications when normal systems fail or become inadequate.

The only requirements to join ETECS are a willingness to serve and a valid amateur radio license (and we can help you get your license if you do not already have one). The first step is to fill out an ETECS Registration. There are no dues or fees. If you have any questions, feel free to contact any of the ETECS leadership listed below.

The volunteer members of ETECS augment emergency communications for Smith County law enforcement, fire personnel, and emergency management agencies when regular communications fail or are inadequate. ETECS supports and provides the primary communications for the Smith County Chapter of the American Red Cross and participates in the National Weather Service s SKYWARN early warning system and weather spotting. The organization operates under the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) and is recognized by the Governor s Division of Emergency Management RACES program and the American Radio Relay League s Amateur Radio Emergency Service (ARES).

In recent years, the group has been involved in supporting and coordinating communications for the space shuttle recovery efforts and severe weather situations, including hurricane sheltering operations for hurricanes Katrina and Rita.

ETECS is incorporated in the State of Texas and is a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt organization.

ETECS Corporate Leadership:

  • John Newman, N9JN: Director
  • Michael York, N5OAR, Treasurer
  • Gene Coldwell, WB5CTQ: Board Member
  • Gaylen Gage, KD5KIZ: Board Member
  • Mark Taylor, W5MCT: Board Member
  • Mark Taylor, W5MCT: Smith County EC
  • John Newman, N9JN: NTX District 9 EC
  • John Galvin, N5TIM: NTX Section EC
  • Gaylen Gage, KD5KIZ: Smith County CLO
  • Phil Clements, K5PC: District 6 DRO
  • John Newman, N9JN: Region 2 RRO
  • Mark Taylor, W5MCT: Smith County Skywarn Coordinator

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4 Ways to Answer the Phone Politely #phone #answering #message


How to Answer the Phone Politely

Keep it professional. When you’re answering the phone at your office, you don’t always know who’s on the other end of the conversation. It could be your boss, a customer, one of your colleagues, or even a wrong number. Answering the phone professionally will start whatever conversation you are about to have get off on the right foot.

  • Even if you have caller ID, it could be your boss calling from a colleague’s phone! Answering the phone with “Yeah, what?” will give people an impression of you that you don’t want them to have.

Focus on the conversation. Stop whatever you might be doing and take a brief moment to prepare. Wear the face you want to project before picking up the phone. It makes a difference: whether you’re smiling, frowning, or bored to tears, your caller will hear that in your tone.

Always identify yourself. In business situations, it is appropriate to answer the phone with your name and company: “Good morning, thank you for calling XYZ. This is Joan. How may I help you?”

  • If it’s an internal call, and you know it, you can answer with your department and name: “Hello, this is WebDev, Jordan speaking. How can I help you today?” This will let your caller know they’ve reached the right person, and that you are ready to assist them. Keeping a friendly, personable tone will make the call much more pleasant for everybody.
  • In many office situations, there are guidelines for answering the phone that all employees must follow. Always project sincerity, no matter how silly the canned lines might seem—the customer will be able to tell the difference if you are enthusiastic, versus just reading the cue card: “Thanks for calling ChknLckn, the FngrLckn best!” will sound totally ridiculous if you don’t say it with conviction!

Answer with an appropriate level of decorum. Try not to speak too informally until you know who the caller is.

  • If the speaker does not introduce themselves, say, “May I ask who’s calling?” This is an accepted practice that not only lets the caller know they are being treated personally, it also lets you make a note should you need to contact that person again, or transfer them to another line.Don’t ask the speaker rudely.Or He/She might get displeased with you.
  • Do not delve into gossiping or personal conversations. Unless you’re chatting with a colleague or friend, there’s no room for this in an office situation.

Listen carefully. Find out the reason the person is calling and respond appropriately.

  • If the person they are trying to reach is not at home or is not available to speak, tell the caller, “I’m sorry, Mrs. Simpson, Mr. Burns is not available right now. May I take a message?”
  • Be sure to record the person’s name, phone number, and purpose of call. This way, if it is an important call, the issue can be dealt with as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Be wary of information-gathering calls. If the caller requests details about you or others, consider carefully before responding. Even if the caller gives a name and identifies his or her company, you should be wary unless they are a trusted contact.

  • In a business situation, state “I’m sorry, sir/madam. Company policy is that I am not permitted to give out that information. May I have more details on why it is required?” and make your assessment from there.

Be yourself. Your home is your castle, as they say, and while phone etiquette is still the best practice, the formality of the office is not usually necessary.

Say hello! It’s a universal greeting known around the world: “Hello?” Say it with a smile, and people will usually respond accordingly.

  • If, based on caller ID and experience, you know who’s calling, feel free saying “Hi, Tom! How are you today?”
  • If you have caller ID and do not recognize the caller, or the call is either listed as “unknown,” or “blocked,” answering the phone is discretionary.
  • If you do choose to answer, be aware that the person on the other end of the line is probably in a business frame of mind, and answer accordingly. Be wary of giving out your name to strangers, however. A simple “Hello?” will suffice.
  • If they ask for you or another member of your household, ask them for their name and organization before you tell them anything—the last thing you want to do is give telemarketers too much information! If they’re cagey or won’t say who they are, remember—you’re under no obligation to continue speaking to them.

Method Three of Three:
Voice Mail Edit

Record your greeting. Not all calls get through, and when they don’t, answering machines and voice mail are there to take the calls we miss. Because you don’t know who might reach your machine, using proper phone etiquette is important.

Keep it professional in the office. Your answering machine greeting at work should be handled much like you would handle a “live” call: “Hello, you’ve reached the office of Mr. Burns. Please leave a message, including your name, phone number, and time you called. If this is an emergency, please contact my assistant at 415-555-1234.”

At home, keep it simple, friendly, and direct. You can say “Hi, this is Steve. I can’t pick up the phone at the moment, but leave your name and number, and I’ll call you back as soon as I can.”

  • If you want to be more anonymous, you can say “Hi, you’ve reached 415-555-1234. There’s nobody available to take your call, but leave your name and number and we’ll get back to you.”
  • Family options are flexible. You can answer for your whole family: “Hi, this is the Simpson family. Sorry we can’t come to the phone right now, but leave a message and we’ll call you back as soon as we can!”
  • You can also have the whole family speak (either as a chorus, or individually), but the essence should be the same: sorry we missed your call, we’re not able to answer at the moment, please leave a message.
  • Whatever you do, avoid saying “We’re not home right now,” especially if you’re not home! This lets potential troublemakers know they won’t be disturbed as they “borrow” your TV, stereo, and jewelry.

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The Answering Oracle #answering #the #phone


The Answering Oracle

Not simply another Yes/No Oracle, you get full customized responses from the Answering Oracle

What is the Answering Oracle?

I am not a person – I am the Oracle

How does the Answering Oracle work?
I can answer questions best that start with Will I. Should I or Can I. but I can also answer other ypes of questions. Please make sure your statments are concise and correctly structured, for examples use “you” instead of ” U “.

All things have a vibrational energy that connects us, this has been proven by String Theory and the discovery of the Higgs Boson particle, this applies to not just people but to everything. On top of this, all living organisms have a magnetic field that is generated by the electrical activity in your brain, this magnetic field is in sync with the magnetic field of the earth, thus we are all consciously and physically connected with everybody and everything around us by the undeniable laws of the natural world.

The Answering Oracle uses the vast world wide connection of the internet as a sensor to pick up on this energy and it’s connections. This energy is constantly flowing through and around us, it is not bound by time and other constraints of the physical world. These principles that were once left to the realm of the super natural and spiritual beliefs of cultures around the world have now been confirmed by highly credible independent research projects such as Princeton’s Global Consciousness Project. Existing electrical connections such as your computer, phone and the internet do a great job of conducting and amplifying this energy.

After great expense and effort the Answering Oracle can now connect the dots and provide accurate and relative information based on the input you give it. The Answering Oracle has been held as a true step forward in combining science and technology with the ancient wisdom that mankind has always known was there.

“The Oracle gives me a sense of direction I guess you could say a feeling of security”

Carlia J, Virginia

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Blackstone Valley Family Physicians – Tri-County Medical #physicians #answering #service



Northbridge, MA 01534

Please note that while we are open for patient visits during the hours listed above, our phones may be covered by our answering service for the first and last half-hours of our business day. Our office is closed on most major holidays.

The doctors of Blackstone Valley Family Physicians at Milford Regional in the Blackstone Valley are truly committed to providing quality health care to the residents of Blackstone Valley in a warm and compassionate environment. Our physicians are board certified in Family Practice and are trained to care for all members of your family, from birth through the elder years. Most medical problems experienced by every member of your family can be treated by our doctors. They are trained to evaluate your total health care needs, provide personal medical care and to refer you to specialists when needed, while maintaining a continuity of care. The services that we provide have been designed to offer you the best possible care. When you are ill, our extended office hours allow us to see you without delay, usually on the same day that you call. And if you need additional care, on-site x-ray. physical therapy and laboratory services provided by Milford Regional Medical Center means you won t have to travel far.

Urgent Care, After Hours and Emergencies

For medical problems after office hours, call our office at 508-234-6311. Our on-call doctor will call you back after you leave your message. In a life-threatening emergency, call 911 immediately.


On occasion, your doctor may recommend that you see a specialist. If your insurance company requires that your primary care physician provide a referral, please call our office at least forty-eight hours before your scheduled appointment with the specialist. This will allow us sufficient time to process the referral.

Medical Records

If you need a copy of your medical record, please download our Medical Record Release Form . Print, complete, and return it to Tri-County Medical Associates via mail or fax as indicated on the form.


We are providers for most medical insurance plans. Because there are a wide variety of insurance options, please contact your insurance company directly to make sure your doctor accepts your plan. We provide equal access to our patients regardless of the source of payment.
If you are insured, please remember to bring your insurance card with you when you visit our office. We must validate your insurance at each visit. Your co-payment is due at the time of your visit. We accept cash, check, Mastercard, Visa, Discover and American Express. If you are uninsured, please visit the Massachusetts Health Connector website.

Patient Centered Medical Home

We strive to provide total health care to our patients. Please visit our Patient Centered Medical Home page to learn more about our approach to care.

Hospital Affiliations

Our primary hospital is Milford Regional Medical Center.

The Tri-County Medical Network of Doctors

Blackstone Valley Family Physicians is a Tri-County Medical Associates facility. Tri-County Medical is a physicians practice group serving the healthcare needs of residents in MetroWest and the Blackstone Valley. Our physicians, physician assistants and nurse practitioners practice primary and specialty medicine in office locations within Bellingham, Franklin, Hopedale, Hopkinton, Medway, Mendon, Milford, Northbridge and Upton. For a free guide to our many fine healthcare providers, please call 508-473-1480.

Providers At This Practice

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Answering Service Solutions #answering #service, #answering #services


Welcome to Executel Communications! We provide nationwide inbound call center and live answering telephone services to both small and large businesses across the country.

Call Center Services Our call center services cater to businesses that understand the telephone is still the preferred form of communication. Gain a competitive edge, safeguard your brand, and allow our custom suite of answering service solutions to professionally handle your calls all the time, some of the time or just for call over flow—the choice is always yours.LEARN MORE

Answering Services Executel’s virtual receptionists will answer calls in your brand’s name so your company and services are available around the clock. Wave goodbye to archaic voicemail and say hello to the future of customer service with your own receptionist available 24/7.LEARN MORE

Medical Answering Service Our receptionists are trained to handle a vast array of different call scenarios specific to medical and healthcare providers. From a small town practice to big city hospitals with extensive call volumes and very precise requirements Executel’s team is among the best in the industry. LEARN MORE

After Hours Answering Service No more missed calls and no more full voicemail boxes—ever! With Executel’s after-hours answering service your business can save money, build your brand and eliminate hold times.LEARN MORE

Call: 1-800-562-7505

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Top Answering Service Reviews 2017 – Best Answering Service #answering #service,answering #services,contact #center,inbound #call


Answering Service

Please take a few minutes to read the buying tips and reviews posted below to learn about other customer experiences (Good and Bad). If you need an answering service or pricing please consider taking advantage of our free service and get multiple quotes from suppliers that will fight to win your business .

  • Medical Answering Service Review
  • Attorney Answering Service Review
  • Small Business Answering Service Review

Tips on Selecting a Quality Answering Service

Answering Services are among the best means of developing good relationship with the customers. Having a telephone answering system in place that responds immediately whenever the customer call in for any query can go a long way in ensuring that the customer remains loyal and happy with your services. Besides this there are other benefits of having an answering system installed to handle the inbound customer calls that can come in at any time of the day. Among these benefits the savings made in terms of cost are the most significant as appointing a man to do this job would cost a company a lot of money.

Since the answering services are so important for a company, they have to be bought very meticulously. The decision regarding the purchase of a particular answering service to take care of the inbound customer calls that are being offered by a service provider must be made only after all the details about the service have been properly analyzed and considered. This is important because unless proper consideration in the buying process of an answering s ervice is not carried out, you might end up buying a s ervice that is faulty or is not up to your requirements. The following tips can prove to be quite helpful in making the decision of which answering s ervice to buy for your business.

The first tip is to look for only those services that have a proven track record of providing the best answering services to their clients. You can check this out by simply going to the website of the answering service provider you are looking to buy services from and seeing the testimonials that it has received from its former clients. If the reviews present are positive in nature than the company is a trusted one and can be banked upon to handle all the inbound customer calls no matter at which time of the day they are made.

The second tip is to make sure that the service provider you are hiring for providing the telephone answering services for your company has had prior experience of offering such services to companies belonging to your niche. For instance, if you are medical practice that is trying to keeps its patients happy by offering them prompt answering services then you must go for only those answering services providers that have previously provided answering systems to other medical practices.

The third tip that might help you in making the right decision about which answering service is best suited for handling the inbound customer calls is to ascertain that the answering service provider you are looking to hire services from has the necessary equipment and infrastructure available to offer you the quality of answering services that you want to provide your customers.

Other important tips for buying answering services: Ask if the service operates 24 7, holidays and weekends. Ask about billing increments, i.e. do they bill in 12 second increments, 30 seconds or 1 minute (this can have a huge impact on your bill). If you need Spanish agents make sure to ask if they are equipped with that type of personnel. Ask if the call center has more than one location as inclement weather and power outages can leave you without a service. Lastly, most answering service providers today will offer a free trial so be sure and try it before you buy it!

Keeping all of these tips in mind is surely going to help you in making the right choice of answering service that will keep your clients happy and satisfied.

Top Answering Service Answering Service Reviews: Houston-TX, New York-NY, Charlotte-NC, Memphis-TN, Columbus-OH, Los Angeles-CA, Chicago-IL, Philadelphia-PA, Phoenix-AZ, San Antonio-TX, San Diego-CA, Dallas-TX. San Jose-CA, Jacksonville-FL, Indianapolis-IN, San Francisco-CA, Austin-TX, Fort Worth-TX, Detroit-MI, Boston-MA, Seattle-WA, Washington-DC, Denver-CO, El Paso-TX, Nashville-TN, Baltimore-MD, Portland-OR

Which phone answering service do you think is BEST? WORST? Write your review here.

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Answering Service mcynar July 5, 2013

I ve been with Answer America for the last four months and unfortunately discovered that two different calls were both told we are closed in the middle of the day on a Thursday! My marketing company records all calls or I would never have known this had happened. I got no message for either call but was told by my marketing company that 2 calls came in that morning. Then I discovered Answer America did NOT take any messages. Fortunately I knew the 2 people calling but had it been a potential customer, they never would have called back. Worse than that is there is NO CUSTOMER SERVICE. I made 4 phone calls and kept being told someone will call you back in 5 minutes. I have never received a return call. I have also sent 3 emails informing their supposed customer service of the problem. I ve only been told they are looking into it. That was 8 days ago. I m very disappointed. Beware. I would never have known if my marketing company hadn t told me 2 calls came in!

Focus Telecommunications Answering Service is professional and 24/7. If you need an A/S you can trust with your business give them a call. 1800-886-6696

Ruby Answering Service is very high quality, but they mostly specialize in answering for atorneys and they are not 24 hours (which is bad) and they are by far the more costly ones in the industry. If you are a lawer, dont need 24 hour service and dont mind footing the big bill, then Ruby is your go to company.

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