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More Business. Less Work.

AppraisalPort connects you to lenders

And to others who engage in real estate appraisal services. Once you are connected, AppraisalPort provides tools to build your reports quickly, accurately, and deliver them straight to your client. Learn more about AppraisalPort

Secure communication with your clients

AppraisalPort is a secure, Web-based work site from which appraisers can receive orders, send completed reports, and communicate with their clients. It is integrated with FNC’s Collateral Management System®, used by many mortgage lenders, banks, and appraisal management companies. Read more AppraisalPort® FAQs

AI Ready™

New order information is auto-populated into your forms software package if you use AI Ready software. This helps to eliminate typos and reduce time spent re-keying information. Read more about AI Ready

  • “Appraisal Port is an intuitive and easy to use platform.
    It is an efficient way for us to interact with our clients while
    maintaining compliance with regulations. It’s an
    essential tool for managing our business.”

– Kevin Allin, San Diego, California

  • “Simple log-in, automatic report acceptance and seamless
    integrated delivery system maximize my clients’ and my time. In
    addition, regular polls and newsletters enhance the
    sense of belonging to a community of appraisers.”

    – Susan Bender-McGoldrick, Lexington, VA.

  • “It’s nice that we can upload quickly and easily.
    It’s convenient to have all of our clients organized on
    one site and makes it very efficient to receive orders.”

    – Beverly Pogue, Bethesda, Maryland

  • “AppraisalPort provides the convenience of auto accepts and
    receiving of orders, and the communication you receive on each one.
    The GAAR option is great for checks and balances, and the rules can
    fire back quickly and reject the report back to
    appraisers to correct the fired rule.”

    – Norma Lorence, Williamston, Michigan

  • “As an appraiser, I am able to post messages and
    communicate 24/7. This has helped eliminate unnecessary phone calls
    and callbacks which tend to grind up time. My productivity
    has increased 25% since I can communicate using AppraisalPort.”

    – Judy DeLeon, Bowie, Maryland

  • “Castle Associates, Inc. strongly endorses AppraisalPort as an
    essential tool for appraisers and lenders. AppraisalPort provides the
    interface necessary to become the fastest and most efficient
    appraisal firm in the Las Vegas Valley.”

    – Aaron Alyea, Las Vegas, Nevada

  • “The structure of AppraisalPort allows for the
    fastest turn times with the highest efficiency. The website is
    reliable and simple to use. AppraisalPort is the premier
    name in appraisal servicing.”

    – Aaron Alyea, Las Vegas, Nevada

  • “Appraisal Associates has had such success
    with the system, it works beautifully, there is no lender pressure,
    and we are freed up to do the job. I have increased
    my production by 30%.”

    – L. Michael Gandy, Las Vegas, Nevada

  • “Your staff always handles any problem that
    comes my way in a courteous manner; they seem to understand how
    difficult and challenging appraising can be. I would like to thank you
    for the opportunity you have given Appraisal Associates.”

    -L. Michael Gandy, Las Vegas, Nevada

  • “I love that it is so easy to add new clients through AppraisalPort.
    Just a couple of clicks and we are connected.”

    – Clint Bruce, San Diego, California

  • “I’ve used several appraisal ordering companies
    over the years but when a lender asks me which one I prefer
    and recommend I always tell them AppraisalPort.
    Quick, easy to use, and reasonable fees.”

    – Clint Bruce, San Diego, California

  • “The few times I’ve had a problem; the customer
    service department has gotten back to me quickly and
    always resolved the issue. I wish all companies were
    as caring and quick to respond.”

    – Clint Bruce, San Diego, California

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    You have instructed AppraisalPort not to provide your profile information to any other FNC Clients. While clients may use your profile information in different ways, the most common way they use this data is to ‘board’ appraisal panels at our lender institutions. By opting out, your information will not be provided, which may limit additional assignments you could receive through AppraisalPort. Are you sure you want to take this action?

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  • Franklin, Cooper – Marcus, PLLC, Chattanooga Area Attorneys and Counselors at Law #chattanooga #attorneys,



    Franklin, Cooper Marcus PLLC, Lawyers in Tennessee

    Regardless of the type of legal issue you are facing, unfamiliarity with the legal system can leave you confused and anxious. You want an experienced attorney, one with a comprehensive understanding of the law, and who will keep you continually informed about the options and the likelihood of success.

    At the law offices of Franklin, Cooper & Marcus, PLLC. all of our attorneys have many years of experience. One of our attorneys has represented clients for over 40 years, two have over 30 years and the forth over 20 years of practice experience.

    Because we understand the stress that uncertainty can cause, we place a high priority on communication and responsiveness. We work hard to make ourselves available when you need questions answered and to keep you continually updated regarding the status of your legal issues.

    We offer experienced and accessible legal counsel in matters involving civil litigation, including:
    Insurance defense:
    We represent insurance companies and their insureds in the areas of automobile, premises, commercial, construction, workers’ compensation and products liability claims.

    Business disputes:
    Our attorneys represent individuals and companies in business disputes, including contract and other issues.

    Medical malpractice defense:
    Whether you are a physician, a medical group, or a hospital or other medical care facility, we provide medical malpractice defense.

    Mediation and arbitration:
    All of our attorneys have years of experience with alternative dispute resolution. Three of our attorneys are Tennessee Supreme Court Rule 31 Listed General Civil Mediators.

    Personal injury:
    We protect the rights of individuals and companies under a variety of circumstances, from motor vehicle accidents and defective products to negligently maintained property.

    Insurance law:
    Whether you need a coverage opinion or are facing a first party claim, our experience allows us to guide you through insurance law issues, insurance claims and insurance related litigation.

    General civil litigation:
    Our attorneys are experienced with civil litigation covering a wide variety of subject areas and issues, insurance claims and insurance related litigation.

    Our offices are open from 8:00 am until 5:00 pm, Monday through Friday.
    Evening and weekend appointments are available upon request.

    At the law offices of Franklin, Cooper Marcus, PLLC, in Chattanooga, we represent individuals throughout southeast Tennessee and northwest Georgia, including Cleveland, Charleston, Madisonville, Sweetwater, Benton, Tellico Plains, Athens, Decatur, Dayton, Pikeville, Dunlap, Jasper, Winchester, Tracy City, Manchester and Tullahoma.

    Hamilton County | Bradley County | Monroe County | Polk County | McMinn County | Meigs County | Rhea County | Bledsoe County | Sequatchie County | Marion County | Franklin County | Grundy County | Coffee County | Whitfield County, GA | Walker Co. GA |
    Catoosa Co. GA | Murray Co. GA

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    Employment Discrimination Attorney, Wrongful Termination, Harassment, Disability and Overtime Lawyer #employment #discrimination, #discrimination, #race


    Employment Discrimination and Overtime Pay Attorneys
    Call 440-543-0670 now to learn if we can help

    Has your employer committed.

    Disability discrimination, race discrimination, sex discrimination, religious discrimination, age discrimination, national origin discrimination, or handicap discrimination in the workplace?

    Overtime pay, minimum wage, or tip violations?

    Family and Medical Leave Act violations?

    Retaliation for whistle blowing or filing a workers’ compensation claim?

    Wrongful termination or unjust termination of your employment?

    Need an attorney?
    Call 440-543-0670 today!

    To learn if we can help you, please call 440-543-0670 now or use the following form:

    Trust in an employment discrimination and overtime wage lawyer with a proven twenty-five year track record. We’re bringing our experience to you and your case!

    Employment Discrimination, Wrongful Termination, Sexual Harassment, Disability Discrimination, Overtime Pay and Minimum Wage attorneys available to meet with you in downtown Cleveland, Independence, Beachwood, Westlake, and Bainbridge Township, Ohio.

    Not being paid overtime?

    Not being paid minimum wage?

    Being sexually harassed at work?

    Victim of race discrimination,sex discrimination, disability discrimination, age discrimination, religious discrimination, or handicapped discrimination in the workplace?

    Need a lawyer for an Equal Employment Opportunity Commission or Ohio Civil Rights Commission mediation?

    Denied FMLA leave?

    Wrongful termination or other wrongdoing?

    Need an attorney?
    Call 440-543-0670 today!

    Our law office handles employment law, discrimination law, wrongful termination, overtime, minimum wage, and other types of cases in Cleveland, Akron, Warren, Youngstown, Chagrin Falls, Northeast Ohio, Geauga County, Cuyahoga County, Ashtabula County, Portage County, Summit County, Trumbull County, Lake County, Mahoning County, Bainbridge Township, and Auburn Township.

    Employment discrimination attorneys whose employment law, overtime pay and discrimination law practice areas and cases include: Wrongful Termination Lawsuits; Failure to Hire Cases; Employment Discrimination Suits; Race Discrimination; National Origin Discrimination; Age Discrimination; Religious Discrimination; Disability Discrimination; Handicap Discrimination; Sex Discrimination; Sexual Harassment; Retaliation; Family and Medical Leave Act; Fair Labor Standards Act; Employment Litigation; Wage and Hour Litigation; Equal Employment Opportunity Commission; Ohio Civil Rights Commission; Whistle-blowing; Overtime Pay; Minimum Wage; Unpaid Tips; Unemployment Compensation; Severance Agreements; ERISA; Family Leave; Medical Leave; ADA; ADEA; FMLA; FLSA; Equal Pay Act; Title VII Claims; Section 1981 Claims; Whistleblowing; Disability Claims; EEOC Claims; EEOC Charges; EEOC Mediation; OCRC Charges; OCRC Mediation; NLRB Charges; Arbitration; Collective Actions; and Class Actions.

    The materials on this website and any information provided to you by phone, email, or in-person are for informational purposes only and are not legal advice. No attorney-client relationship is formed until a fee agreement is executed.

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    Retirement Savings By Age Group #average #assets #by #age


    Retirement Savings By Age Group

    Posted December 21, 2013 by Ben Carlson

    One half of your return is determined by your investments, the other half by what kind of person you are. John Bogle

    Vanguard recently ran a report on the more than 1 million participants invested through their retirement plan to give some broad averages so others can see how they stack up.

    Here are the average contributions rates broken out by age group:

    Notice how the percentage of income saved slowly goes up over time. This is because people get more and more worried about their finances later in life when they start approaching retirement age.

    Reality sets in.

    In my common sense fantasy world the numbers would be much higher for the three younger groups so they could all benefit from compound interest over many decades instead of just a few.

    Instead most people fall into the trap of I’ll start saving when I’m more established and ready.

    The next table shows the average retirement balance:

    At a 4% withdrawal rate, those in the average 65+ range would be able to take out roughly $7,000 a year or about $590 a month on that balance. This doesn’t include social security or possible pension income, but for most people this will mean either working longer or a reduced lifestyle during retirement.

    The average balances on the 65+ accounts show why people get nervous as they get older and thus try to save more as they age.

    I’m sure if you asked those with the average balance or less in their retirement accounts what they would do differently with their finances, saving more would be at the top of the list.

    Next is the average asset allocation breakdown by age group:

    Target-date retirement plans aren’t perfect, but they are much better than most alternatives so it’s nice to see that they make up such a large percentage of the younger demographics.

    The other number that stood out to me was the fact that the 65+ group has an average of almost 30% in cash. It definitely makes sense to de-risk as you approach retirement and need to tap your portfolio for spending needs, but investors still have 20-30 years to invest during retirement to try to keep up with inflation.

    I’m sure low bond yields aren’t helping matters, but having more than a couple of years’ worth of spending needs in cash is probably a bit excessive.

    And finally the worst chart in the entire survey, the amount of people that take out 401(k) loans:

    I was fairly shocked that some of these age groups had as many as 1 in 5 people taking loans from their retirement plan.

    This is a terrible idea for a number of reasons.

    Loan rates are usually around prime plus 1%, so that’s not excessive, but you get dinged in a number of other ways.

    Interest payments get taxed twice because they were made with after-tax dollars and you must pay taxes again when you retire and take distributions. And you pay back the loans with after-tax money.

    Some plan providers charge a one-time fee on the loans as well.

    If you leave your job or get canned you usually have around 60-90 days to pay back the loan, which can put people in a bind if things go wrong.

    But the biggest reason is that you miss out on potential market gains and the benefits of compound interest.

    It’s hard enough for people to save and invest these days. Trying to pay back a loan on your savings only compounds the problem.

    Even if you are doing better than these averages, it’s not necessarily time to get complacent. The average retirement statistics are fairly terrible in most cases. It’s easy to be above average.

    Make sure that you are saving enough to achieve your goals and avoid costly mistakes that can make it more difficult to reach financial independence.

    How do you compare with other investors your age? (Vanguard)

    Full Disclosure: Nothing on this site should ever be considered to be advice, research or an invitation to buy or sell any securities, please see my Terms Conditions page for a full disclaimer.

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