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Winning grants and free support for your business: It’s a RAPP – Small Business

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Winning grants and free support for your business: It’s a RAPP

There are many opportunities for businesses to obtain free support and grants, both at start-up and during growth and development.

However, keeping up to date with what is available is a task in itself, with schemes appearing and disappearing on a regular basis.

Competition is high and success does not come easy.

If you follow the RAPP process when applying for grants and support, you will improve your chance of success.

The RAPP process

R esearch – find out what grants and support are available.

A pplicant suitability – when you identify an opportunity, ensure you meet the criteria or conditions required for the funding before spending time on an application.

P reparation – take time to prepare and tailor the application to meet the specific criteria and conditions. Alternatively, P can stand for a professional who has the skill set and knowledge of the type of grant you are seeking.

P atience – take time completing your application (but without missing deadlines) and be patient waiting for the result!

Financial support in the form of grants can be found at three levels. National grants primarily focus on growth and capital investment, such as the government’s Growth Accelerator scheme, while regional grants come from a local board specifically set up to help a region that has government and local authority support.

Local grants may be available from a local council, for example subsidised rents for new start-up businesses or funding to help tidy up a high street retail unit.

There are also European grants and funding support, details of which can be found at UK Trade and Investment .

Where you live or trade may significantly increase your chances of success of getting funding, particularly if your business is in an area defined as economically disadvantaged.

It is not unknown for businesses to set up in or move to an area where regional or local assistance is more readily available.

When looking for or considering grant options, four points generally apply.

1. Nothing is free; typically you must be prepared to put in some of your own funds. It is extremely rare for a grant to finance the total cost of, say, a start-up or project, unless it is for a very small amount. Many grants require match funding ie you need to match the funding from the grant provider.

For example, Growth Accelerator is a government-backed scheme providing mentor support, coaching and workshops for businesses looking for rapid growth.

The business has to pay a contribution towards the assistance; the amount depends on the size of the business, with the government contributing to the overall cost of the support.

A grant does mean that you are not giving up part of the ownership of your business, as you would if you were seeking equity funding or repaying the money and interest as you would on bank borrowing.

2. Grants are generally available for a specific project, for example development of a new product or job creation.

Therefore your application needs to meet the criteria for which the grant or support is being provided. Grants are not generally available for just starting a business.

3. The grant scheme provider will have objectives, strategies or aims which the funding supports, for example helping with youth employment.

Understand what the objectives or aims are when completing the application.

4. You must have a business plan that explains what you require the funding for and which is tailored to the grant provider’s specific criteria and conditions.

A blanket application or plan is not going to work. On most occasions, your business plan will have to be entered into the provider’s prescribed application form.

Do not just think of grants and support as financial support. Other types of free support can come in many guises.

For example, when opening your business bank account you may be offered free book keeping software, and many local councils and chambers of commerce offer free training seminars on topics such as social media.

The type of product or service for which you are seeking funding supporting has a major impact on your chances of success. Key areas for which grants and support are readily found are:


There are a wide range of schemes and support to encourage research and development. The Technology Strategy Board (TSB) provides grants and support to help develop new products and services and put them in a position to be brought to market.

Energy and environment

here are schemes specifically for developments that will improve energy efficiency or reduce environmental impact. Natural England lists a number on their website .


There is plenty of funding and support is available to develop skills, including those of the business owner, as well as support for new employees where the business will be providing training and development.

For example, the National Apprenticeship Service provides advice and support on starting a subsidised apprenticeship. Alternatively, it could mean taking on an intern from the local university for the summer with the university providing match funding to pay the student’s salary.


Politicians’ emphasis on exports driving the economic recovery have led to considerable support and assistance for businesses looking to export the goods they manufacture. UK Trade Investment provide funding and subsided advice and services to help business export their products.

Business grants are notoriously hard to come by, but there is assistance out there if you know where to look. Follow the RAPP and hopefully you will be one of the successful ones. Good luck!

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Green America – s Green Business Network #business #communication

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Grow Your Business AND Change The World Join Today

Earn Your Green Business Certification

Grow Your Business

Get Your Big Green Opportunity

Download your free copy of our groundbreaking report on the big green opportunity for small businesses. The Big Green Opportunity for Small Business in the U.S. illustrates market growth of green segments across industries, which small businesses are benefiting the most from green, and the best operational efficiency investments for small businesses.

  • Grow a strong green economy that will help your business thrive
  • Make a lasting impact for future generations

Powered by Green America

When you join the Green Business Network, you re joining together with more than just your peers in the green entrepreneur and social enterprise space. You re part of a national movement to build a more just and sustainable world. The Green Business Network® is a program of Green America, the nation s leading nonprofit in growing the green economy. We harness economic power—the strength of consumers, investors, businesses, and the marketplace—to create a socially just and environmentally sustainable society. As a Green American, you ll support our campaigns for safer food, fair labor, clean energy, and responsible finance.

About Us

Green America’s Green Business Network® is the first, largest, and most diverse network of socially and environmentally responsible businesses in the country. Home to both rising social and eco enterprises and the most established green businesses around.

We provide the tools, the information, and the consumer base to help you thrive in today’s competitive green marketplace.

The Green Business Network is a program of Green America®, the nation’s leading non-profit organization working to build a green and just economy.

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Nimbol CMS – Online Business systems CMS – Site Builder – e-commerce – Blogs

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Turn your site into an online business

Let’s build your online business with one web based platform which gives you complete access and full control. Nimbol is designed and built for online business success.

Nimbol is an online business system designed to help small and medium size businesses to get more out of their corporate websites. Nimbol is a SAAS (software as a service) base platform which gives users complete control of the website and acts as an online hub for your marketing with an easy to use interface.

How do you know if Nimbol is right for you?

The five most common wishes for a website and 1 big question:

  1. I wish to know how many people visited our site yesterday and what pages they looked at.
  2. I wish my site to capture leads and then help me manage and market to them automatically.
  3. I wish to lower our support and admin costs by having our customers help themselves on our site before they call us.
  4. I wish to update and add content to my site without having to rely on our web designer – not to mention the time delays and fees.
  5. I wish to start selling online without a lot of hassle

The Big Question: How do I get on the first page of Google?

Ask no more View a Nimbol Overview Video to learn more!


Everything is designed to work together easily and intuitively while leaving you the power to create some really cool stuff. Heck, we built this site with the NIMBOL Online Business System .

Get Started with NIMBOL?

Want to get started on your new web project, Fill out our Headstart form and we will get back to you with a detailed quote..

Did you know?

NIMBOL is an online, hosted content management system that allows you to:

  • Take direct control using the CMS administration
  • Create blogs and forums as required
  • Run an online store, accept payments, and track interactions
  • Automatically build a customer database
  • Create email marketing campaigns
  • Use our template based solution

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Business Analyst Jobs – Search Business Analyst Job Listings #t #shirt #business

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Business Analyst Jobs

Business Analyst Job Overview

Business and financial analysts work with companies to evaluate their decisions and calculate plans for optimal success. This may come in the form of business consultants. who review the books and operation procedures of a company and offer suggestions for financial improvement, or financial advisors, who recommend smart investments to grow a business. Whichever types of analysis business consultants are responsible for, it’s important to have critical thinking skills and a business frame of mind to offer the best suggestions.

Business analysts either work within one company to continuously improve production, or consult with multiple companies on their various projects and investment opportunities. Both offer opportunities for travel and across the country.

Business Analyst Job Education Requirements

Entry-level business analysts need at least a bachelor’s degree in business, management, finance, or a similar major in order to enter the field. More advanced positions may require a master’s degree, but experience or consulting certifications can compensate for education.

Analysts need to stay on top of economic, political, and geographic trends in order to make the best suggestions for company projects. From expanding to other industries through acquisitions to opening an office or factory oversees, business analysts need to understand the risk, reward, and challenges that the company faces with every decision.

Business Analyst Job Market

The job market for business analysts is expected to see rapid growth in the next ten years. The 16% growth means there will be more than 39,000 jobs by 2022. This is because businesses are starting to understand the global economy and the need to expand beyond national borders. They will also be needed as businesses look to invest in multiple industries for improved stability. Analysts will work to help businesses grow and provide expertise and perspective on decisions.

Business Analyst Job Salary Information

Business analyst salaries tend to be an average of $76,000 a year, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. Those who excel in the field and work for major corporations can make more than $100,000 annually or take contract work for more. Similar jobs in the field include Risk Management consultants who make an average of $80,000 annually, and Finance Directors who can make more than $120,000 a year.

The temptation of a six-figure salary is enough to lure anyone with a business degree, but analysts need to understand politics and economics to succeed in this role. Plus, the more business experience they have, the better decisions analysts will be able to make.

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Small Business Investors – Funding – Finance for UK Businesses #introduction #to #business

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Funding for Small Businesses

Where does someone look for funding if they are a small business? Business loans are only possible if the company has been in business for some time, but most young businesses are looking to expand and so they need other options to raise business capital.

Government grants are another possibility. However, the process of obtaining funding this way is notoriously difficult. The UK government has claimed that this is a sort to test to see how much they need the funding, but the reality is that it is regulated by EU legislation. On the other hand, the EU itself does not fund anything beyond public sector ventures.

There are also sites that offer local grants to small businesses around the UK, including local councils and large companies such as BT and O2, but the latter are usually competitions. Sites such as Business Zone UK list various business grants and awards available to UK entrepreneurs, but the number of proposals and funding amounts are usually quite limited.

More common options for business funding are Angel Investors and Venture Capitalists, both of which will invest significantly higher amounts in your start-up or small business. However, both Angel Investors and Venture Capitalists will want some control of your business and guarantees of a good return on investment in exchange for their money. But at the same time, they offer the experience which could be that factor which allows your business to succeed in the first place.

Remember, the investor is looking to make money just as you are, and so it will be a venture that both sides enter together as a partnership. This means that anyone who invests in a small business will do everything possible to ensure that they are making a sound investment. They will check your business plans thoroughly, and make sure that they themselves believe in your business idea and future plans.

Finding funding for your small business or start-up can take a long time, but the Angel Investment Network can help you make vital contacts with experienced angel investors who are looking to make an investment.

Recent Proposals

500,000 Req 10,000 Min

Live life, free. VolunteerAnything.com is a technical solution to Everyday Poverty and with investment we will change the world.

150,000 Req 80,000 Min

A****** is an innovative menu display touch screen project that supports menu allergen display at food serving premises in order to comply with FIC law.

100,000 Req 5,000 Min

Our team (experienced) will sell all products on Installments (Leasing) to enhance the buying power of Public as well as will earn 36% on every sale in one year.

20,000 Req 10,000 Min

Got contacts from my last position so ready to hit the ground running.

200,000 Req 25,000 Min

I am acquiring an established, proven business who’s existing owner is retiring. I need short-term cash (3 years) to restructure the business, generating significant returns.

3,000,000 Req 100,000 Min

Algaesys Ltd is a process contractor delivering our new proven algae-based treatment for small municipal wastewater. The process is driven by the sun, not electricity.

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How to Get Funding from Angel Investors – Small Business #sba #loan #programs

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How to Get Funding from Angel Investors


  • Angel investors can be an option for start-ups with the potential to earn high profits.
  • Expect close scrutiny. Many angels are former entrepreneurs and like to be involved and give business advice.
  • Angel investors tend to specialize, so look into their investing history to ensure there’s a good match.
  • Related How-Tos


    Small businesses looking for financial help from an angel often turn to individuals willing to invest in promising, start-up opportunities. Angel investors can be a good funding source to consider after you ve tapped your friends and relatives. But angels usually don t write blank checks. They ll want to see progress and a way to exit the deal down the line with meaningful profits. So expect angel investors to do a lot of research and careful investigation into your business plan.

    Be thoughtful in approaching potential investors. Biotech investors, for example, don t want to hear about a clothing manufacturer. A scattershot approach is likely to turn them off. Industry associations, local trade groups or, in some states, business-incubator centers can help point to potential angels.

    Angel investors often invest through groups or networks. These provide due diligence, extra research, access to potential deals and shared expertise that one person operating alone generally doesn t have. For instance, one member of an angel group might have background in a particular industry or the know-how to set up deal terms, sharing that knowledge with the other investors.

    Angel investors are usually thorough, so don t expect to get your money quickly. It could take several months to meet with different individuals or groups and answer all of their questions. (There are exceptions, including the case of Google, which got funding from an angel before its cofounders finished their presentation to him.)

    Because they ll own a part of your company, they ll likely want a say in major decisions, and they ll watch to see whether you listen to them. Don t expect them to write a check and walk away. Many angel investors are former business owners who want to help people like themselves. They may be able to provide good advice based on their previous experiences.

    Getting funding from angel investors isn t easy, but it can be done if you take the right approach and are a good match with their interests. And the benefits can beyond the money for your business, but their expertise in both in business operations and your industry niche.

    Related WSJ Articles and Blog Posts:

    Online Tools:

    • Bplans’ Free Sample Business Plans — Dozens of example business plans from Palo Alto Software, a seller of business-planning software.
    • Finance Primer: A Guide to SBA’s Loan Guaranty Programs — An online training course on financing for a small business and loans from the U.S. Small Business Administration, a federal agency.

Additional Resources:

  • Angel Capital Foundation’s Listing of Angel Groups — Links to dozens of angel networks, capital databases and matching services, and other resources, from an organization founded by the Ewing Marion Kauffman Foundation, a promoter of entrepreneurship.
  • National Business Incubator Association — A directory of business incubators.

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Business Plan Writers for Funding – Financing #business #math

#business plan writers


Professional Business Plan Writers For Canadian Entrepreneurs

We help entrepreneurs and existing businesses write business plans to secure financing. Across Canada, our team of professional business consultants will work with you to look at your business idea and offer advice to boost your funding success.

We will steer your business plan so it is thoughtful, thorough and relevant for your business.

Business Plan Lifecycle

Are you beginning your first business venture, or are you already a successful entrepreneur? Our personalized business plans can give you a distinct competitive advantage with lenders and investors. Our customized business plans help:

  • Secure funding
  • Plan for strategic in-house direction
  • Encourage business growth
  • Allocate resources effectively
  • Assist with business acquisition or sale

We write business plans that allow you to reach your business goals.

Problems We Solve

For most entrepreneurs, writing a professional business plan is put on the back burner for three main reasons:

  1. Time: A business plan can take months to complete. Writing your own business plan takes you away from growing the business – most entrepreneurs simply don’t have the time.
  2. Expertise: Knowing what to write is the next hurdle. Yes, there are software programs and sample business plans available on the internet, but applying it to YOUR business is difficult.
  3. Content: Financial projections and knowing the elements of the business plan to include and not include are important – but difficult to create.


Within the team. we have over 50 years of consulting experience. Our practical, down to earth approach is a result of our experience – we’ve worked in the trenches in a variety of roles and industries. We don’t use junior writers, simplified questionnaires or cookie cutter templates.

Understanding your business and your requirements through our business plan process is focused on creating a business plan that works.

Find out how we’re different from other business plan companies. Call us at 1-800-661-9842 toll-free or send us an email to find out more how we can help with your business plan needs.

Client Testimonials

“Top notch plan AND advice, delivered with excellent customer service. Before I contacted Barry, I only had a vision and an unstructured idea. They made my vision a reality with a highly researched and detailed business plan. Their customer service is what separates them from the rest. Their quick follow-ups, honest advice, and willingness to always guide you through the planning process will keep my family and I coming back with all our future ventures.”

CEO, Avante Laser & Aesthetics

Twitter Feed

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Xero – Tax Accountants Brisbane North (Aspley) #premium #business #cards

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Northern Business Consultants is one of Brisbane North s leading Xero Gold Partner accounting firms and strategic business consultants.

If you’re an entrepreneur, business owner, manager or a start-up business we can help make your business and life, smarter, better and easier.

Whether you need strategic business planning, advice or systems, a self-managed superannuation fund, or assistance with selling a business, succession planning, wealth creation, tax, compliance or bookkeeping, our team of experts can help.

Business Advice

Practical, external advice about the opportunities and issues in your business, and decision making support to help you and your team focus on the priorities.

Business Systems

By reviewing your operation, new and improved systems and processes may be identified and implemented to improve your operational efficiency and performance.

Self-managed Super

Take control of your personal superannuation fund savings and how they are invested with a SMSF. Access the benefits for your financial future.

I have only been with NBC for a short time. However, in that time they have assisted me in setting up my small business and have recently helped me implement xero. NBC deliver a very personal service and are always willing to answer a question at the drop of a hat. I would definitely recommend NBC as a service provider weather you are a small or large business.

Lynsey Vinen. Ready Steady Go Kids – Oxley

We have been clients of NBC for 6 years. They were very patient with us, being relative novices with online book-keeping, and this helped a lot. And they understand our business situation, which makes it easy for everyone concerned. We just want the administrivia side of the business to go like clockwork without any fuss, and with NBC this is what happens. And their strategic guidance is always very constructive too. Thank you.

All the staff at NBC are so accommodating, knowledgeable and always happy to assist with any financial inquiry. All the staff are very friendly and helpful. We have been clients of NBC for the past 7 years and we have always felt that our financial security has been their top priority. Thanks NBC.

Having worked with NBC for around 10 years the experience has always been positive. They strive (successfully) to understand our business and provide the benefit of their professional experience which has improved the management processes and business performance. The great thing about NBC is that they demonstrate they care through their regular communication and practical, honest advice. Their interest is in establishing a long term, successful business relationship.

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Business Stationery™ – Identity Group #online #business #opportunity

#business stationery


At Identity Group, we pride ourselves on giving our customers excellent customer service that is based on years of industry knowledge.
Learn More

Our management team is one of the best in the business. Find out more about them and see why we have been so successfully over the years.
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Identity Group is clearly focused on one unwavering goal: Help our customers make a strong, positive and lasting impression. In other words, we help customers Stand Out !
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Identity Group as locations all over the country. See if there is a location near you.
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Business Stationery™

Customer Service
Telephone: 800-234-9954 ext. 4

Telephone: 800-234-9954 ext. 2

Web Development
Telephone: 800-234-9954 ext. 3

Your business identity is our expertise.

Identity Group s print facility is an award-winning manufacturer of corporate print located in Cleveland, Ohio. Our stationery products include custom business cards, letterhead, envelopes, memo pads, mailing envelopes, catalog and booklet envelopes, mailing labels, invitations, and note cards. Marketing materials include post cards, sell sheets, door hangers, rack cards, bookmarks and more.

From our 40,000 sq. ft. facility, we operate one of the largest single-location manufacturing facilities focused on producing and servicing custom-printed corporate stationery. Our equipment and capabilities include 30 offset presses, thermographic (raised) printing, envelope jet presses, foil stamping, die-cutting, embossing and digital full color printing.

By continually investing in state-of-the-art equipment and technology we provide solutions that save time and money while ensuring the standards of your corporate brand


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Promotional Gifts Corporate Items – Business Products #small #business #lending

#business promotional items


Contour Frost Pens

A new slant on one of the UK’s number one selling promotional pens the Contour. These sleek stylish ball point pens with an ergo friendly rubber finger grip now come in a choice of frost coloured barrel options. Manufactured to exacting tolerances their price point belies the quality of these fine writing instruments.

min qty: 500 from: 0.18

Wessex Conference Folders

This elegantly designed and highly popular A4 promotional conference folder is manufactured in lightly grained soft padded koskin. Featuring a range of internal pockets for business cards and documents along with a usb holder, a pen loop and supplied with a 90 page recycled note pad for added value.

min qty: 50 from: 5.22

Sparta Mugs

Sparta mugs are one of the most popular choices out of the tens of thousands of promotional gifts on offer. Why? Think about it, what better way is there to keep your message right in front of your target market’s eye than with a mug.

min qty: 108 from: 1.18

Birkdale Golf Fiberplus Umbrellas

A stunning new range of storm proof golf umbrellas which are manufactured with a super light-weight fibre glass frame, robust 210T durable nylon composite canopy, quick dry rain resistant treatment, sports golf grip handle and velcro fastener.

min qty: 50 from: 7.38

Fruit Of The Loom Heavy
Cotton T-Shirts

Weighing in at 185gsm these 100% cotton T-shirts are available in a range of colours with a ribbed neckline, taped back, neck and shoulders for extra strength and comfort. Now produced using the latest Belcoro yarn for a softer feel and cleaner printing process.

min qty: 100 from: 2.92

Brooklyn Messenger Bags

A modern and distinctive range of messenger bags which are constructed in eco-friendly non-woven polypropylene in a variety of trim colour options to compliment your corporate branding. Featuring a large main compartment with velcro flap closure, under flap accessory packet, 2 pen sleeves, elastic top-closure side pocket, adjustable shoulder strap and reinforced carry handle.

min qty: 100 from: 2.29

Why Choose Us For Your Promotional Gifts?

We Are The UK’s One Stop Shop – Read Why We Are So Trusted!

GoPromotional.co.uk, is part of an international online marketing group which specialises in promotional gifts and corporate merchandise. With over 30 years combined marketing experience in the sector, the group boasts a client base that most could only dream of and includes major international brands and large government agencies. With such a prestigious client base you can be sure that when you purchase your products from us you are in fantastic company.

At our headquarters in the UK we custom imprint more than 2m items each year. Don’t forget, we have a prestigious reputation to maintain so as a GoPromotional client you will never receive promises that can’t be kept, you will get the knowledge and dedication of highly professional staff which is backed up by a dedicated customer service team which sole purpose is to ensure that you receive a service which is second to none.

We want to help you build your brand awareness using quality custom printed promotional merchandise in an exciting manner. We have thousands of marketing and advertising products for you to select from which are perfect for a whole host of marketing activities whether it be for tradeshows, exhibitions, conferences, giveaways, corporate events or new product launches, we are sure to have the right promotional items for you and what’s more at the right price. Our extensive range includes low cost options such as keyrings, mugs, and pens through to umbrellas, conference bags, conference folders, corporate clothing, executive business gifts, corporate gifts and a great range of environmentally friendly recycled products.

We turn your marketing visions into reality! With our Guaranteed Delivery Service, Price Match Plus Promise Guarantee and extensive range of products you can rest assured that your corporate merchandise will always be done on time, at highly competitive prices and to exacting standards.

As an active member of the British Promotional Merchandise Association, you can be rest assured that when you place your valuable order with us you are dealing with an organisation that believes in best practice, the highest ethics and is affiliated to the industries leading trade body.

Simply put, we will always do our utmost to earn your trust and respect and, once we have that, we will work even harder to keep it!

GoPromotional is rated 4.81 stars by Reviews.co.uk based on 107 reviews

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