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Dallas Business Journal – Print Media – 12801 N Central Expy Ste 800, North

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Dallas Business Journal

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Example: There are a few times in life when a meal is so expertly crafted and planned that it is nothing short of genius. Last night, I had one of those meals – the Mahi Mahi.

The dish was excellently prepared. Grilled, juicy, and fresh without a hint of fishiness. A glaze of tangerine sauce brought a hint of tart sweetness. The fish was placed on a mound of sweet plantain rice. The combination of the fish and rice alone was to die for!

However, as only expert chefs can achieve, additional garnishes provided even bolder, beautiful tastes. Pickled onions topping the fish made for an even finer taste experience, while green beans hidden under the fish added freshness and completed each bite

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Dallas Business Journal

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Denver Business Journal – CBS Denver #business #reviews

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Denver Business Journal

Report: Anschutz Explores Resurrecting Rocky Mountain NewsBillionaire investor Philip Anschutz is exploring the possibility of resurrecting the Rocky Mountain News, a daily newspaper in Denver that was shuttered in 2009 after nearly 150 years in operation.

Cherry Creek Neighborhood To Get 30-Story Apartment TowersTwo 30-story apartment towers are coming to a Cherry Creek neighborhood.

Edibles Maker Changes Packaging After Hershey Files LawsuitHershey has decided the look of edible candies being made in Colorado Springs are too close to the look of their popular treats, so they have filed a lawsuit for trademark infringement.

Hershey Sues Colorado Edible Pot CompanyThe Hershey Co. has sued a Colorado marijuana edibles maker, claiming it makes four pot-infused candies that too closely resemble iconic products of the chocolate maker.

Successful Entrepreneurs Making Their Mark At DIASmall business is booming at Denver International Airport with the success from some entrepreneurs. They re serving a customer base of 53 million passengers.

Ski Industry Could Be Facing A Long-Term Decline In VisitorsAfter a tough year in 2011 to 2012, things did improve this past season for ski resorts. But CBS4’s news partners at the Denver Business Journal report the industry could be facing a long-term decline in skiers.

Denver Business Journal Investigates Ammunition ShortageSome gun owners are having a tough time buying bullets because of a shortage of some kinds of ammunition.

Mega Hotel And Conference Center Back On Track For AuroraThe long-delayed mega hotel and conference center in Aurora is back on track for development.

Denver Business Owner Making His Mark With LlamasOne Denver company is using an unusual marketing plan to win over customers — the company s president is making his mark with the help of llamas.

Sterling Ranch Developers Find Water Source To Move ForwardThe planners of a massive development in Douglas County say they have found the water they need to move forward, according to CBS4’s news partners at the Denver Business Journal.

Denver Man Making His Mark In Real Estate And Charity DonationsCBS4 s Gloria Neal spent some time with a man making his mark with deals in downtown real estate and donations.

Denver Man Makes His Mark In Business By Going GreenA Denver businessman runs his company with the environment in mind. CBS4 s Gloria Neal spent some time with Joshua Fine, who is making his mark in business by going green.

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Best 25 Stock Market Quotes – Expressive and Noteworthy #business #information

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Best 25 Expressive and Noteworthy Stock Market Quotes

The question, how to invest in stocks , interests many people; but many forget that behind every stock there is a business trading. It is amazing how similar these stock market quotations are to our collection of gambling quotes

Whether looking for expressive and eloquent stock market quotes, or profound and noteworthy advice about stocks and shares, then you should find something of interest in the following 25 hand-picked quotes by famous investors, stock brokers, businessmen, and publishers

Soccerwidow s advice especially when there is money at stake: Emotions are often your worst enemy, not only in your job or day-to-day life, but also in the stock market Enjoy the feast of quotes about the stock market game!

Anybody who plays the stock market not as an insider
is like a man buying cows in the moonlight.

Daniel Drew
(1797-1879, American businessman, and steamship and railroad developer)

Gambling with cards or dice or stock is all one thing.
It s getting money without giving an equivalent for it.

Henry Ward Beecher
(1813-1887, American Congregationalist clergyman, social reformer, and speaker)

October: This is one of the peculiarly
dangerous months to speculate in stocks.
The others are July, January, September,
April, November, May, March, June,
December, August and February.

Samuel Langhorne Clemens,
better known by his pen name Mark Twain
(1835-1910, American author and humorist)

The man who begins to speculate in stocks
with the intention of making a fortune usually goes broke,
whereas the man who trades with a view of
getting good interest on his money sometimes gets rich.

Charles Henry Dow
(1851-1902, American journalist who co-founded Dow Jones)

One of the funny things about the stock market is
that every time one person buys, another sells,
and both think they are astute.

William A. Feather
(1889-1981, American publisher and author)

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Professional Business Attire for Men – Elegant and Smart #suntrust #business #banking

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Professional Business Attire for Men Elegant and Smart

Professional business attire for men

Professional business attire for men.

There are two kinds of a guy, the one who wants to look professional, whereas, the other category belongs to the ones who don t care much about their personal grooming. They don t like following business standards, rather, go for anything they like or see. But is it really OK? Well, I don t think so. To be a professional business man, there are certain code of conducts which you should follow. Like wearing a professional business man attire and considering each and every aspect of your personality in detail, as it is something which every business men should do in order to achieve the success you always desired of. Because in a modern era like this, not only your intellectual skills count, but the way you dress yourself carries an equal importance. So my today’s article would be on the importance of professional business men attire in ones wardrobe.

Professional business attire for Men More Elegant and Smart:

  • Look charming by your shirt and neck tie combo:

Professional business attire for men.

Usually guys are so immune to business men attire that they hardly know how to make a good neck tie knot. They don t even know how to make a perfect contrast with the shirt he is about to wear. Wearing a professional attire is not the only thing you have to consider but you have to be conscious about its color combination too. Remember, you shirt and tie must be of opposite intensities. Means if you are going to wear a light colored shirt, then you are required to pick a darker tone as far as your necktie is concerned.

Note: Do not go for the same color tones like brown shirt with a brown tie. It doesn t look good, I tell you.

Professional business attire for men.

Plain shirt and tie no doubt looks decent but your motto is not to look just decent. Go for something extra ordinary. So do remember that the check pattern tie are in fashion nowadays and your shirt against your tie must be line patterned. It gives a very sharp and beautiful combination.

Professional business attire for men.

Add another sophistication to your attire that is a well tailored coat with a pocket square. Your business men attire gets complete with your well tailored coat with fine cuts and a pocket square. Pocket square gives you that height of sophistication which adds stars to your personality.

Professional business attire for men.

Dress pants must not be so tight because it would give you very odd look. Ask your tailor to stictch t according to your measurement.

Business casual attire.

You must have a side part hair cut to look like a true professional. Your hairs cut matter because your office is not the place where you can go with long rough and messy hairs.

Professional business attire for men.

Wear a leather strap watch. Make your mind clear while purchasing a watch for your office attire that you watch must be in golden round dial and dark colored leather straps.

Professional business attire for men.

Your office attire needs a dress shoes in plain black or brown color. Black and brown color looks very decent and stylish. Make sure the cleanliness of your shoes before going to the office. Do not go in your suede shoes or desert shoes because it would spoil your image as soon as you enter into your office.

Professional business attire for men.

Carry a big decent brown or black colored bag which has enough capacity to hold all your documents and accessories. Do not go for small bags that look very odd and girlish.

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Women Business Owners – Women Small Business Loan – Wells Fargo Small Business #business

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Women Business Owners

Wells Fargo celebrates the strength, vision and innovation of women business owners. Through our financial solutions, outreach efforts and educational resources, we help sustain the success of women-owned businesses; and we are honored to support their role in shaping the future of small business.

As America’s #1 small business lender 1. Wells Fargo is dedicated to helping you succeed financially — in business and personally. We stand ready to help you grow your business, achieve your vision and safeguard your financial success.

Financial Solutions

With expert guidance from our local bankers who will get to know your goals and needs, Wells Fargo will help your business grow and prosper.

Wells Fargo Works for Small Business

Discover our comprehensive resource library, offering guidance and information and information to help you start, run and grow your business at wellsfargoworks.com .

Diversity at Wells Fargo is a business imperative. Aligning with our customer base, engaging our communities, and attracting and retaining talented individuals are critical to our success. To integrate supplier diversity into all aspects of our business we focus on three areas: education and awareness, partnership development and measurement and accountability.

1 Based on 2010 Community Reinvestment Act government data.

Contact Us

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RCM Business – Do You Know These Facts About #business #franchise

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RCM Business Do You Know These Facts About RCMBusiness.com

RCM Business is one of the top MLM company in India right now. It has become popular over the years because of its excellent marketing strategy and the benefits that a customer gets.

If you are thinking of joining RCM Business then I strongly recommend you to read this article so that you can know some of the facts which you can’t know either from your seniors nor from the official website RCMBusiness.com.

I have worked with RCM for more than 2 years now. And I know everything about the company, hence I could guide you in way that you will never get things wrong way. I am sure, it will give you some of the useful information that can help you to decide if you want to join this company-

Even if you are already joined in RCM business, you will find some of the important things for you

So here are some of the points that you need to ponder upon.

About RCM Business

RCM Business belonged to Chabra Group. The company is growing rapidly and it has more branches in India than ever.

It has over 8 million distributors, around 100 depots, more than 5000 PUCs, 1000 bazaars and shopping points and around 750 good quality products.

The company is booming when it comes to network marketing. RCM Business is committed to high quality products and original services to distributors.

RCMBusiness.com is getting new distributors and it has also outsourced their job to people like you and me.

RCM basically a clothing company has become a giant when it comes MLM or multi level marketing company. Perhaps it is India’s biggest MLM company.

RCM Business

First you got to understand the business of RCM. RCM is basically a kind of MLM program where you spread word about the product and you get membership.

If you get more membership under your leadership then you make more profit. You got to convince people by telling advantage of their products and how they could make money by enrolling more people.

You have to do following things in the RCM business.

Become a Member by products or there is a paid membership

First you got to enrol in the RCM program and become a member. A member could be paid once. Once you become a member you get an authority to sell products to other people.

Becoming a member means you are part of a large network and you will be creating more members under your leadership.

You have to find new customers and sell products given by the company

As soon as you become a member you will get various products like grocery items, food items, toothpaste, soap, medicines, clothes, etc.

You have to sell these products to people and tell them to enroll the RCM program just like you did.

You must be smart enough for selling those products because you need to persuade people that you have something great to offer.

As you enrol new customers you get benefits and more money

Getting a new member under you means you are expanding your network. More members you enrol the more benefit and money you make.

If a new guy registers for RCM program for say Rs 4500/- then you get a cut on that. Hence if you enrol 5 to 10 people daily then you get 10 times more commission.

Thus you have to enrol more people and expand your network as much as you can. A successful MLM marketer is the one who has the biggest network of members under him or her.

Keep on increasing your network day by day

Now you got to expand your sphere of interest. You have to keep enrolling new people daily and that is a challenge.

You will not succeed if you cannot enroll new people in your network. You must be smart enough to learn various tricks about getting new members.

You could learn it from seniors and others who have great experience.

Focus on advertising skills and leadership quality

I will continue with last point saying focus on adverting skills. If you have to enroll new customers then focus on advertising.

You will be putting ads on newspaper, internet and public places like bus stops, college campuses, hospitals, parks etc.

Advertising must be powerful so that you can get member.

You also need great leadership quality.

It is because you would be managing dozens of new members under your leadership.

You got to guide them and tell everything what they need to do. Your success depends upon their success hence you have to ensure that they succeed. Teach them how to operate the website rcmbusiness.com and how they can enrol the new members.

So leadership quality is very important.

RCM Frequent Q and A

Q: Can you and your family buy and use products regularly?

A: Yes all your family can buy and use the RCM products and everyone is doing it.

Q: After you bought products from the company, do you get anything back? Or Manufactures, Dealers or Distributors give a share of profit or some income?

A: No, you will not get any money back or share of their profit. It is because you make your own money and you don’t have to depend upon distributors or dealers.

So you do not get anything back after you purchase RCM products.

Q: Are products cheap or very expensive?

A: Well, the products are generally cheap but some of them could be expensive also. So you have to choose according to your need.

Q: Who is prime beneficiary of all this, Manufacturers, Dealers, Distributors or the Customer?

A: If you want to know the reality then all of them are beneficiaries. But in the end you make most of the money as you get more members under you.

Q: I want to get in-depth knowledge about the program and the company. How do I get that?

A: Well you could visit their website www.rcmbusiness.com and find out more information. Read every page their and understand about the company. Moreover, you could also talk to their customer support and find out more information talking directly to agent there.

Q: Could I make money with RCM MLM program and become rich?

A: Yes there is an opportunity but you got to smart enough and know how to use RCM. You can definitely become rich if you work hard.

RCM Business Direct Seller

For becoming a direct seller for RCM you should have following documents.

  1. Two Passport size colored photograph (Applicant Name Father/Husband Name on Back Side ).
  2. Self attested photocopy of any of the following documents for photo identification.
    1. Passport (Valid)
    2. PAN Card
    3. Voter’s Identity Card
    4. Driving License (Valid)
  3. Self attested Photocopy of any of following documents for address proof:-
    1. Telephone bill not older than 6 months
    2. Bank account statement not older than 6 months(Attested by Bank)
    3. Electricity bill not older than six months
    4. Ration card
    5. Passport (Valid)
    6. Driving License (Valid)
    7. Voter’s Identity Card

Product Lists

Some of the products that RCM has are the following


RCM Fraud

Finally I would conclude by saying you have to be very careful when it comes to MLM frauds. Today most of the MLM programs are fraud like Speak Asia which was the fraud of the decade.

Hence, before making any decision you have to be careful and find out every single detail about the company and their plan.

Always speak to their customer support and find out more information. This way you can surely avoid a big fraud.

This article is contributed by Shashi Suman from Bangalore who likes to write about MLM topics.

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Business Loans, Acquisition Funding, Commercial Banking – Opus Bank #business #solutions

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Business Loans

Opus Bank’s portfolio of products, services and solutions are particularly well-suited to support small to mid-sized businesses with revenues from $5 million to $100 million and more. Opus Bank has commercial business banking resources to help your business grow and expand. We believe in building long-term business partner relationships, so you can count on us to be there as you grow.


We know every business is unique, which is why our “common sense underwriting” is designed to help you capitalize on the opportunities that make sense for your business. Our Business Bankers are experts at finding the right financing solution for your business.


Opus Bank has an extensive array of capital financing to help you achieve your business goals and aspirations.

  • Equipment Loans – Our Equipment Loans can help you purchase equipment, vehicles, or make capital improvements.
  • Business Acquisition Term Loans – Our Business Acquisition Term Loans can be structured to provide cost-effective financing for purchasing another business.
  • Owner-Occupied Real Estate Loans – We can help with the purchase or refinancing of an existing facility, or with the construction of a new facility through our Owner-Occupied Real Estate Loans.
  • Small Business Loans – As a Small Business Administration Preferred Lender, Opus Bank can help you secure the critical funds you need.

Financing subject to credit and collateral approval by Opus Bank

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Cash Flow – Small Business Encyclopedia #small #scale #business

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Cash Flow

Definition:The difference between the available cash at the beginning of an accounting period and that at the end of the period. Cash comes in from sales, loan proceeds, investments and the sale of assets and goes out to pay for operating and direct expenses, principal debt service, and the purchase of asset .

Cash comes in from sales, loan proceeds, investments and the sale of assets and goes out to pay for operating and direct expenses, principal debt service, and the purchase of assets. A cash flow budget highlights the following figures:

  • Sales/revenue
  • Development expenses
  • Cost of goods
  • Capital requirements
  • Operating expenses

Your cash flow projections are based on the past performance of your business. To project your cash flow, start by breaking down projected sales over the next year according to the percentage of business volume generated each month. Divide each month’s sales according to cash sales and credit sales. Cash sales can be logged into the cash flow statement in the same month they’re generated. Credit sales aren’t credit card sales, which are treated as cash, but rather invoiced sales with agreed-upon terms. Refer to your accounts receivable records and determine your average collection period. If it’s 30 days, then sales made by credit can’t be logged into cash until 35 to 40 days after they’re made. (Although the collection period is 30 days, you still have to deposit the money and draw on another bank to receive payment.)

The next line item on a cash flow statement is “other income.” Other income refers to any revenue derived from investments, interest on loans that have been extended, and the liquidation of any assets. Total income is the sum of cash sales, receivables and other income. In the first month of your cash budget, it will usually consist of cash sales, other income and any receivables from the previous budget that have aged to a point of collection during the first month of the current budget.

Also tied to the breakdown of sales is cost of goods and direct labor. To sell the product, you must first produce it. Since you’ve already broken down sales by month, you need to determine the cost in material and labor to produce those sales. Refer to your cost of goods table in your business plan. Determine how much direct labor will be for the year to produce your product. Divide that number by the percentage breakdown of sales. Direct labor can be logged into cash flow during the same month in which it is accrued.

Material costs, on the other hand, are a little different. You need to include the material cost in cash flow using a time frame that allows you to convert the cost of raw material in cash flow into finished goods for sale. Therefore, if it requires 60 days to convert raw material to finished goods, and your payable period is 30 days after delivery, then enter the cost of goods under material in cash flow 30 days before sales are logged.

Working capital can be determined from operating expenses. All personnel and overhead costs are tied to sales. You can figure out your working capital and payroll requirements by dividing marketing and sales, general and administrative, and overhead expenses by the total projected operating expenses. Divide that total by the percentage breakdown of sales for each month and apply that amount to the appropriate line items in the cash flow statement.

Capital equipment costs are accounted for under the heading “capital.” If you can service additional debt or purchase the equipment from operating expenses, then it’s best to have the equipment purchased and installed at the beginning of the business year or quarter closest to the time when you’ll actually need the equipment. If your cash flow is tight, then you might want to wait and purchase and install the needed equipment at a point during the year where additional volume warrants the expenditure, thereby assuring sufficient cash flow to handle the additional debt service or the outright purchase of the equipment.

In addition to the preceding costs, include your tax obligations and any long-term debt or loans. These figures are readily available on loan schedules and tax charts used to project these costs.

Once all these costs have been entered in the cash flow budget, add them up to produce total expenses. When total expenses are subtracted from total income, the result is your cash flow–either a surplus or deficit. If it’s a deficit, determine the minimum cash balance you wish to maintain, then calculate the difference between the minimum cash balance and the cash-flow deficit. This result is the amount required for financing purposes.

When forming a cash-flow budget, any amounts financed within a given month need to be included in the cash flow under a projected repayment schedule. Consult with your accountant or banker when developing this repayment schedule.

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Business Opportunities – How We Made It In Africa #profitable #businesses

#business opportunities


Business Opportunities

Browse our Business Opportunities listings to find exciting business and investment opportunities in Africa.

Looking to grow your business in Africa? Promote your company s Distribution, Franchise and general Business Opportunities to How we made it in Africa s 100,000 monthly visitors. Click here for more information about listing an opportunity.

Opportunity to distribute a range of duty-free products.

Type of Opportunity: Distributor / Agent / Reseller

Distribute computing carry cases and mobile accessories throughout Africa.

Type of Opportunity: Distributor / Agent / Reseller

Maritz Africa disclaims all liability for any loss, damage, injury or expense however caused, arising from the use of, or reliance upon, in any manner, the information provided through this service and does not warrant the truth, accuracy or completeness of the information provided. The publisher’s permission is required to reproduce the contents in any form.
Copyright © 2016 — Maritz Africa. All Rights Reserved.

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BBC – GCSE Bitesize: Solvency #register #a #business

#cash flow business



Cash flow is the movement of money in and out of the business.

Cash flows out of the business when bills are paid

  • Cash flows into the business as receipts, eg from cash received from selling products or from loans.
  • Cash flows out of the business as payments, eg to pay wages, supplies and interest on loans.
  • Net cash flow is the difference between money in and money out.

Profit and cash flow are two very different things. Cash flow is simply about money coming and going from the business. The challenge for managers is to make sure there is always enough cash to pay expenses when they are due, as running out of cash threatens the survival of the business.


If a business runs out of cash and cannot pay its suppliers or workers it is insolvent. The owners must raise extra finance or cease trading. This is why planning ahead and drawing up a cash flow forecast is so important, as it identifies when the firm might need an overdraft .

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