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The Daily – Canadian business counts, June 2015 #profitable #businesses

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Canadian business counts, June 2015

Nationally, there were 1,250,822 active businesses with employees in June.

In addition, there were 2,586,343 active businesses without employees and with annual revenues greater than $30,000.

Note to readers

Canadian business count s p reviously called Canadian business pattern s p rovide counts of active businesses by industry classification and employment-size categories for Canada and the provinces and territories. Canadian business counts are based on the same criteria that were used to calculate Canadian business patterns. Data are available in CANSIM tables 552-0002 and 553-0002.

The counts are compiled from the Business Register, Statistics Canada’s central listing of Canadian businesses. They are based on the statistical concept of ‘location ‘ that is, each operating location is separately counted, including cases where one business comprises multiple locations. For example, a retail business with 10 stores represents 10 businesses in the Canadian business counts. Generally, among Canadian businesses, 99% are single-location enterprises.

Changes to the Business Register’s methodology or business industrial classification strategies can bring about increases or decreases in the number of active businesses reported in the Canadian business counts. As a result, the data do not represent changes in the business population over time. Statistics Canada recommends users not to use the data as a time series.


Custom extractions for other geographic levels can be ordered on a cost-recovery basis. Data prior to December 2011 are also available upon request on a cost-recovery basis.

Contact information

Date modified: 2015-08-06

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Dragons – Den – s most successful businesses: Starting a business advice and business

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Dragons Den s most successful businesses

It’s now over 10 years since the first episode of Dragons’ Den aired on British TV screens and in that time we’ve seen some brilliant, and not so brilliant, businesses pass through the Den.

While many of the start-ups which have appeared on the BBC show have since floundered or failed to gain traction, a number have gone on to achieve huge success – with and without the Dragons’ backing.

Action point: Need a loan to start a business of your own? See how we can help here and here

Now, with the 14th series returning in three weeks time, and to mark over 10 years of the show, we’ve delved into the Den archives to find out what has happened to 15 of the brightest businesses to have pitched to the Dragons and where they are now.

From the infamous Levi Roots to the £65m-valued Tangle Teezer dubbed “hair-brained” by Peter Jones, read on to find out just what happened once the Den’s cameras stopped rolling…


Forum post of the week

Want to run a more profitable business?

More from Startups

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Business environment – это #austin #business #journal

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business environment это:

эк. . упр. условия [внешняя среда\] бизнеса, бизнес-среда, деловая среда (любые внешние по отношению к фирме факторы, прямо или косвенно влияющие на ее деятельность, напр. предложение сырья, спрос на продукцию, налоговое законодательство и т. п.; термин используется часто как синоним macroenvironment, хотя business environment имеет более широкое значение )

* * *
условия бизнеса, деловое окружение: любые факторы, которые прямо или косвенно сказываются на бизнесе.

экономические условия; условия хозяйствования; деловая практика; состояние деловой активности! Условия для предпринимательской деятельности; конъюнктура; состояние рынка

Словарь экономических терминов.

Англо-русский экономический словарь .

Смотреть что такое “business environment” в других словарях:

Business environment — An environment can be defined as anything which surrounds a system. Therefore, the business environment is anything which surrounds the business organisation. It affects the decisions, strategies, processes and performance of the business. The … Wikipedia

business environment — /ˌbɪznɪs ɪn vaɪrənmənt/ noun the elements or factors outside a business organisation which directly affect it, such as the supply of raw materials and product demand ● The unreliability of supplies is one of the worst features of our business … Marketing dictionary in english

Ministry of Economy, Commerce and Business Environment (Romania) — Ministry of Economy, Commerce and Business Environment Coat of arms of Romania First: Formation … Wikipedia

Ministry of Small and Medium Enterprises, Commerce and Business Environment (Romania) — Ministry of Small and Medium Enterprises, Commerce and Business Environment [[File:|]] First: Ovidiu Ioan Silaghi Formation: April 2007 style= bgcolor= #efefef Website … Wikipedia

Business ecology — Business Ecology: Moving beyond Ecology As a Metaphor Current Definitions of Business Ecology The use of the term “business ecology” is not new. Yet, previous conceptualizations of the term have not yielded a meaning that sufficiently represents … Wikipedia

environment — en‧vi‧ron‧ment [ɪnˈvaɪərənmənt ǁ ˈvaɪr ] noun [countable] 1. the environment the air, water, and land in which people, animals, and plants live: • Since these chemicals were banned, pesticide levels in the environment have been declining. 2. the … Financial and business terms

Business continuity — is the activity performed by an organization to ensure that critical business functions will be available to customers, suppliers, regulators, and other entities that must have access to those functions. These activities include many daily chores … Wikipedia

Business process reengineering — (BPR) is a management approach aiming at improvements by means of elevating efficiency and effectiveness of the processes that exist within and across organizations. The key to BPR is for organizations to look at their business processes from a … Wikipedia

Business New Zealand — Business NZ is New Zealand’s largest business advocacy body, headquartered in Wellington, New Zealand. The president of the Business NZ council is Stephen Collins and Phil O Reilly is the chief executive. Membership Membership is drawn from four … Wikipedia

Business agility — the ability of a business to adapt rapidly and cost efficiently in response to changes in the business environment. Business agility can be maintained by maintaining and adapting goods and services to meet customer demands, adjusting to the … Wikipedia


  • The International Business Environment. Hamilton Leslie. Building on the success of the first edition, this text employs a wide range of examples from BRIC and CIVETS economies and provides chapters on CSR and the ecological environment. For this Подробнее Купить за 4026 руб
  • Business Options. Teacher’s Book. Watson Anne. Business Options completes Oxford’s series of business English courses and is suitable for professional people from all areas of business, particularly those functioning in an international Подробнее Купить за 2226 руб
  • Business Basics: Student’s Book. David Grant, Robert McLarty. Business Basics is a complete first course in English for business, providing a systematic and thorough coverage of basic language structures and skills, through the medium of interesting and Подробнее Купить за 2186 руб

Другие книги по запросу business environment >>

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International payment – supply chain management – Business Link #unsecured #business #loan

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Business Link

Manage your cash flow more efficiently

  • Use your existing credit cards 1 to support and facilitate payment for imports instead of tapping into cash reserves
  • Take advantage of your card’s interest free payment terms and reward points 2 and utilise your potential early payment benefits
  • Free up your cash flow for other critical business needs.

Take the guesswork out of foreign exchange rates

  • Access competitive real-time exchange rates
  • Know exactly what a purchase will cost in AUD at the time of the transaction.

Management of your international supplier

  • Manage your international suppliers on 1 platform allowing you to manage and track the entire supply chain process between you and your supplier; keeping you updated at every stage with email notifications
  • Store all important documents at each stage from purchase orders and invoices to shipping and payment.

Secure payments

  • International payments are made securely via Business Link and processed by Westpac
  • Payments are deposited directly into the supplier’s pre-registered bank account without your sensitive credit card information ever being disclosed to the supplier.

How it works

Business Link is an end-to-end online platform that facilitates payment for international suppliers by using your existing credit cards 1 with access to competitive real-time exchange rates

The buyer applies for Business Link

The international supplier is invited by the buyer to apply for Business Link and join the buyer’s closed community with support in English and Mandarin.

  1. Buyer submits purchase order. The purchase order is based on the Buyer and Seller’s Agreement formed outside of Business Link.
  2. Supplier accepts purchase order. Supplier submits invoice, documents (Bill of Lading or Airway Bill) and payment claims.
  3. Buyer authorises secure payment via Westpac Business Link using the buyer’s credit card. 2
  4. Payment is sent to the supplier’s pre-registered account.
  5. Buyer receives the goods.

Business Link fee

Business Link fee (excluding GST)

  • 2.5% of each Australian dollar amount that is debited to the Card under clause 3.7(b) of Section B
  • 0.25% Business Link Fee (inclusive of GST) 2.75% of each Australian dollar amount that is debited to the Card under clause 3.7(b) of Section B

The services of other financial institutions or third party processing institutions may also be used to carry out an International Payment. In many cases, these institutions will impose payment or handling fees and charges and are beyond our control. Westpac will not be liable for any amount deducted by, or payable to, another financial institution involved in carrying out an International Payment.

Fees and charges imposed by other financial institutions or third party processing institutions may be deducted from amounts transferred to the Seller. If this occurs, this means that the Seller will receive less than the Payment Amount.

Card payment processing fee

Foreign currency conversion fee

Foreign currency conversion cancellation fee

If an International Payment does not proceed for any reason, or a Buyer amends or alters any of the details of that payment, Westpac will need to cancel the underlying foreign exchange contracts. As part of the cancellation process, it may sometimes be necessary to ‘unwind’ the underlying foreign exchange contracts used to lock in a Buyer’s International Payment rate. This will result in a Buyer’s International Payment being cancelled. A different or new rate will also be used in the cancellation process. Depending on market movements in the relevant foreign exchange rates, there could be a cost or gain arising as a result of cancellation. Westpac will pass on to the Buyer any such cost but may, at its discretion, decide to withhold any gains. Westpac will withhold gains if, for example, in its reasonable opinion, the International Payment was not amended or cancelled in good faith by the Buyer.

The amount of Australian dollars a Buyer will receive on conversion back into Australian dollars will depend on the prevailing Spot Rate of Exchange at the time Westpac effects a Buyer’s cancellation request.

We may charge you a tracing fee of $35 per request.

A Buyer may sometimes need to confirm the destination of an International Payment. Westpac can assist a Buyer by tracing the International Payment to confirm if it was deposited to the Seller’s account.

This service is available by calling Business Connect Now or your Relationship Manager.

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10 Steps For Starting a Car Wash From The Ground Up – Tommy Car

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10 Steps For Starting a Car Wash From The Ground Up

As a 40 year veteran car wash equipment manufacturer and site developer, we’ve seen it all. We know what a daunting and potentially confusing process starting a new car wash can be. What comes first? Prospecting site locations? Securing financing? Assessing your market? How soon should you begin marketing? How long will the process take?

While we certainly can’t cover everything you need to know to start a car wash in a single post, we can take a few words to cover what we feel are the 10 most important steps to launching your own car wash business.

1) Location is Everything Go Scouting

Car washes aren’t automatically successful. Great care must be taken when selecting the location on which you want to build. Our Site Model Pages have in-depth descriptions of location criteria to consider (including population, competition, street types, car counts, and more) and our site development services can help you select and approve the best locations available in your area.

Start by driving around your target area, paying close attention to the relative traffic, types of local businesses, and anything that looks for sale. Get a feel for your potential market. You should also visit a commercial real estate MLS like Loopnet.com or many others. Be sure to take your time and never rush into a purchase.

2) Review the Competition

Try to get a feel for the local car washes in the area. How many customers do they have and how aggressively are they marketing? What will they do when you open your wash? Can they afford a multi-million dollar renovation to bring their wash in line with yours? Are they debt free and can they cut prices to outcompete you (with your interest payments) in the short term? Are their customers frequent users and very loyal—or are they waiting for something better?

Entrenched local competition can be dangerous, even for Totally Tommy buildings, and selecting a location with some elbow room between you and competitors is important. But don’t worry too much about single stall automatic car washes or local fundraisers—you’ll be working in a completely different weight class.

3) Do the Paperwork

Find out what local city or county department handles business licenses and request an application, as well as information on local utility usage codes, insurance requirements, tax rates, and other requirements for opening a business. You will also need a Taxpayer Identification Number and you should use the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office’s trademark search tool to check your brand then register to claim it.

Each area and city has different rules, so make sure you take the time to understand everything and keep your business in line. If you can, also get information on local sanitary sewers (for your waste water), utility prices, water usage limits, and other regulations.

4) Planning and Approval Process

Set up a meeting with the city planner. Show them a rendering of your concept and try to get verbal approval of the design—or a list of probable issues to address. If you have approval you can set up a formal meeting to present your plans and have them voted on at a city council meeting. With luck, your Totally Tommy building with its modern style, efficient design, and great investment potential will blow them away! Try to be friendly, optimistic, and down to earth. If the city gets on board with your project it can make the whole process move along more smoothly.

5) Research Car Washes

Tour as many successful car washes as possible to see what makes them tick—especially if you haven’t been in the business very long. Check out automatic car washes, partially automatic, express, detailing, and other washes to see how they differ from one another. Operations, promotions, pricing, services, demographics… Try to learn as much as you can and develop as deep a background as you can with operations, staffing policies, equipment repair, and customer management (aka, complaints ).

To help out, our team has training available to teach you everything you need to know BEFORE you’re trying to run your wash on hot days with long lines.

6) Operations Decisions

Will you run your car wash independently or will you have a franchise, LLC, or S-corp? There are many models, each with pros and cons. Franchises offer support at the cost of a residual. Solo operations offer total freedom but deprive you of much-needed backup and brand awareness. How much personal involvement are you looking for? If you plan on hiring a manager instead of handling things yourself, make sure he or she has the necessary qualifications and is heavily invested in your future success.

7) Make a Business Plan!

Your car wash business plan (click for outline) should focus on both long term and short term operations. Use a professional service and remember that the more detailed, thorough, and researched your plan is, the better it will look to investors or your bank. Include costs (up front and overhead costs), planning for building to long-term revenue management, and marketing strategies (launch and long-term). Professional proforma companies are ready to help and our team is also standing by with years of experience to back up our advice.

8) Get Financing

This is likely the most challenging step, and your success here will largely depend on how well you’ve researched and prepared your business plan ahead of time. A solid revenue model can help convince investors to put up the capital for your new car wash business, so be prepared to demonstrate that you need enough funding for a truly high quality car wash facility and equipment with great return potential. You will also need a convincing resume with business and/or car wash experience, and a solid marketing plan.

9) Build the Right Wash

Car washes thrive when they capture the attention of the local market and are designed to make turning in, purchasing a wash, and moving through the tunnel as quick and easy as possible. The Totally Tommy building is the best way to do just this, drawing huge numbers of passing customers with a great looking building, perfected layouts, and a full and fast service menu. Proven in scenarios around the country, every component of this facility design has been carefully thought out to create a single, cohesive investment that pays off. From our towers to our pay system, deceleration lanes, glass walls, stainless steel equipment, and clear roof, everything is designed to project sophistication, professionalism, and value. So why waste money reinventing the wheel, and why risk building a second-best wash when a Totally Tommy wash is waiting for you?

10) Market your New Business

Customers don’t know what they don’t know, so don’t just expect them to line up without any effort on your part. Make sure to let the community know about your wash ahead of the grand opening with onsite advertising as well as print, radio, local web, and possibly TV advertisements. You’ll begin to build a curious customer base who will drop buy and tell their friends and family afterwards. $15,000 or $1 / car for initial marketing including billboards, mailings to 5 mile radius, promotional washes, and radio commercials is a good place to start at your launch and $.10 / car is a standard ballpark long-term rate for the future. One or two day Social media campaigns (incentivize customers with free washes for best results) can also be highly successful. Be prepared to collect feedback and adapt your marketing program for the greatest possible effectiveness moving forwards.

Launching any business, and especially a brick and mortar car wash filled with high-end technology, is a complex and daunting prospect. But don’t worry. The team at Tommy Car Wash Systems has hundreds of washes behind us with thousands of installations and developments. We know the steps you’ll need to take to get your wash planed, approved, built, and operational, and we’ll help you turn a fantastic business opportunity into an even better reality.

Tommy Car Wash Systems

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Department of Family and Community Services – NSW Businesslink – now FACS Business Services

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NSW Businesslink – now FACS Business Services

Businesslink was merged in to the Department of Family and Community Services as Corporate Services, Business Services on 1 July 2014.

The Business Services Unit primarily provides internal services to Family and Community Services, but also continues to provide services to a range of clients external to FACS including NSW Department of Education and Communities, Aboriginal Affairs, State Property Authority, Office of State Revenue, Juvenile Justice, NSW Mental Health Commission, Treasury Corporation and a range of non government organisations.

Services include a broad range of core, transactional and value-added services, specialising in areas such as Finance, Human Resources, Information Technology, Projects, Property, Workforce and Business services.

To find previous Annual Reports from NSW Businesslink, visit the opengov website .

Contact Details

Business Services Client Support Contact Details

Recruitment Enquiries

For all recruitment enquiries, please phone 1800 203 966.

National Criminal History Record Check Enquiries

Businesslink is accredited to undertake National Criminal History Record Checks. Should your organisation wish to utilise this service, the contact details appear below.

Regional Service Centres


Suite 1B, 239 King St, NEWCASTLE 2300
PO Box 2160 Dangar 2309
Phone: (02) 4925 0000
Fax: (02) 4925 0040


Suite 1, 120 Dalley St, LISMORE 2480
PO Box 1140 Lismore 2480
Phone: (02) 6623 1900
Fax: (02) 6623 1911


Suite 1.04, 7-9 Morisset St, QUEANBEYAN 2620
PO Box 1629 Queanbeyan 2620
Phone: (02) 6122 3500
Fax: (02) 6122 3511


Suites 5 6, 234-236 Summer St, ORANGE 2800
PO Box 2552 Orange 2800
Phone: (02) 6363 6150
Fax: (02) 6363 6166


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Small Business Bureau signs MoU with 12 groups to train entrepreneurs – Stabroek News

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Small Business Bureau signs MoU with 12 groups to train entrepreneurs

Twelve private training institutions have signed Memoranda of Understanding (MoU) with the Small Business Bureau (SBB) to train entrepreneurs.

GINA said this is being facilitated through the Micro and Small Enterprise Development programme (MSED).

The MoU will allow these institutions to train young entrepreneurs, who have benefitted from cash grants and loans through the SBB, in managing their own small businesses, GINA added.

Minister of Business and Tourism, Dominic Gaskin and his Permanent Secretary, Rajdai Jagernauth (GINA photo)

The institutions which will facilitate the training are the Ruimveldt Life Improvement Centre, Generation Next, Roadside Baptist Church Skills Training Centre, Partners of the Americas, Kuru Kuru Co-operative College, Action Coach Guyana, Guyana School of Agriculture, EMPRETEC, Cerulean Inc, the Critchlow Labour College, Management Options and Interweave Solutions.

Minister of Business and Tourism, Dominic Gaskin encouraged the trainers to utilise modern technologies which would make the training relevant to the contemporary business environment.

GINA said that the MSED programme which began in 2013 has trained more than 1,000 young entrepreneurs who accessed small loans and grants through the SBB.

Officer in Charge of the bureau, Gillian Edwards-Griffith said, “We have done to date 193 grants, $300,000 each, and in terms of loans with financial partners, we have three, of which two are active giving a total of 63 loans”.

The MSED programme will be evaluated by an independent body to give the SBB a fair idea of the successes prior to the second phase of the training.

Funding will be evenly disbursed among the training institutions, GINA added.

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  • Veteran Franchising Opportunities – Office of Small & Disadvantaged Business Utilization #business #card #holder

    #business loans for veterans


    Office of Small & Disadvantaged Business Utilization

    Veteran Franchising Opportunities

    Investigate which franchise opportunities align with your small business objectives. Access an ever-growing list of franchising resources available to Veteran entrepreneurs.

    International Franchise Association (IFA)

    To improve and streamline the franchise ownership process, IFA serves as a conduit between Veterans and participating franchise systems. IFA does not engage in negotiations, nor does it provide financing or financial guidance. However, many franchise systems offer financing, while others help prospective franchisees locate the necessary capital to acquire a franchise. Learn more

    • IFA VetFran Directory
      VetFran s ranks have grown to include more than 500 franchise systems that voluntarily offer financial incentives to Veterans seeking to become franchise small business owners. Due to the wide variety of franchises, the criteria for financial incentives is determined by the franchise system in a manner that allows the greatest flexibility for the system and, at the same time, offers Veterans a better deal than is offered to otherwise qualified investors. Typically, VetFran participants offer discounts of their initial fees, but that is not a requirement. Through VetFran, more than 6,300 servicemen and women have become franchisees and, more are being added every month. Learn more
    • IFA VetFran Toolkit
      The VetFran Toolkit includes a free Franchising 101 online course, a finance assessment, a workbook for prospective franchise owners, and a fund to help Veterans without the equity to access loans and partner links. If you are a U.S. Veteran, you can also access the VetFran Mentor Network and get advice from an experienced franchise professional. With its training, structure, and focus on operational excellence, franchising can provide an ideal career path for returning Veterans to become leaders in our civilian economy. To find out about the franchise opportunities that might be right for you, start using the VetFran Toolkit today.
      Learn more

    Little Caesars Veterans Program

    The Little Caesars Veterans Program provides honorably discharged veterans with a business opportunity when they transition to civilian life or seek a career change, and thanks them for the sacrifices they and their families made for our country. The minimum requirements from Little Caesars are: $50,000 in liquid, unencumbered assets (cash available, no lien or loan on money), VA Rating Letter or DD214, the county you are interested in opening the franchise, and a minimum net worth of $150,000. Your net worth would be assets minus liabilities. If you meet the minimum requirements, please contact the Little Caesars VetFran Program at 1-800-553-5776. Learn more

    Top Franchises for Veterans

    Franchise Business Review (FBR) is the leading market research firm in the franchise industry specializing in franchisee satisfaction and performance. FBR is the only researcher to look at which franchise opportunities are the most Veteran-friendly based on franchisee satisfaction and performance perhaps the most telling data of all. The FBR Veterans and Franchising Report looks at Veterans in franchising, including the best opportunities for military-trained franchisees based on a survey of more than 3,500 Veteran franchisees. This is the true story behind what franchise brands say they will do for Veterans and what they actually do. Learn more


    Valpak is a direct marketing franchise system that provides mobile, online, and print advertising solutions to businesses across North America. Since the company s founding in 1968 with our flagship Blue Envelope, Valpak has evolved into a sophisticated direct marketing system that helps businesses reach their target audience via direct mail, online coupons, mobile apps, e-commerce, targeted e-mail, SMS Text Messaging, Savings.com and more. Valpak s model features no royalties, no inventory, low start-up costs, multiple revenue streams, exclusive territory and promotion marketing support. Learn more

    • Valpak Veterans Franchising Program – VetFran Incentive
      Veterans may qualify to have their startup costs, including franchising and training fees, waived 100% and receive help obtaining operating capitol.

    Veterans Business Services (VBS)

    VBS Franchise Accelerator system offers Veterans tools to conduct feasibility analysis and due diligence on multiple franchise opportunities and also offers special Veteran discount programs. Learn more

    External Links Disclaimer

    This page may contain links to pages and/or documents outside the Department of Veterans Affairs Domain. These are annotated as shown below. We hope your visit was informative.

    U.S. Federal/Military/State Government Sites You will leave the Department of Veterans Affairs web site by accessing links annotated with this graphic.

    External Links Disclaimer

    This page may contain links to pages and/or documents outside the Department of Veterans Affairs Domain. These are annotated as shown below. We hope your visit was informative.

    Non-Government Sites You will leave the Department of Veterans Affairs web site by accessing links annotated with this graphic. VA does not endorse and is not responsible for the content of the linked web site.

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    Thank You for Your Service – 4 Business Funding Programs for Veterans #ideas #to

    #business loans for veterans


    Thank You for Your Service – 4 Business Funding Programs for Veterans

    September 24, 2014

    There are more than 2.4 million businesses operated by veterans nationwide, according to the SBA 2012 Veterans Report. Despite this growing trend towards entrepreneurship, funding options that specifically benefit veterans are difficult to find. Here are four unique funding programs if you are a veteran starting or expanding your business.

    1. Self-employment grants for service-disabled veterans. Service-disabled veterans can connect with a self-employment program offered through the Veterans Administration.

    Participants are required to submit a feasible and complete business plan for any funding considerations. As part of the process, veterans are assigned to either Category I or Category II. Those categories determine the level of self-employment funding may be available.

    Veterans designated Category I have the most serve service-connected disabilities and self-employment is considered a viable option. Category II is designated for veterans with serious employment challenges but not considered severe.

    Depending on the category, veterans can obtain a grant to fund purchase of equipment, inventory, supplies, training, licensing fees and marketing. Veterans interested in the program can contact their local VA office where a counselor will help them qualify for the self-employment program. Funds allocated for start-up enterprises are grants that do not have to repaid.

    2. Angel investment group supporting veterans. Hivers and Strivers is an angel investment group funding early-stage investments in start-up companies founded and run by graduates of the U.S. military academies. The company generally invests $250,000 to $1 million in a single round.

    A company seeking larger rounds can actively look to other investor groups in the Hivers and Strivers network for additional funds. Their goal is to support veteran entrepreneurs through a successful exit with a return 10 times the initial investment. Veterans can learn more about Hivers and Strivers and complete an application available on the front page of the company website.

    3.Venture capital fund serving veterans. The Veterans Opportunity Fund (VOF) is the first venture capital fund formed to invest in businesses that are started, owned and/or managed by veterans of the United States armed forces. The investments range up to $3 million.

    The fund focuses on companies based on the East Coast. The industries of interest include technology, healthcare, business services,and specialty manufacturing. The stage of interest is at early revenue or after a product or service can be evaluated.

    Veterans interested in pursuing an opportunity with VOF can submit a business plan directly through the company website.

    4. Online lending platform for veterans. Street Shares is an online lending platform designed to connect investors and small business owners to support veterans starting or expanding their business. Veteran-owned businesses can apply online in about 10 minutes.

    The online auction periods have ranged from five to 30 days. Business owners pitch directly to lenders for loans of $5,000 to $50,000 with one, three, of five-year terms. Accredited investors can fund any portion of up to 90 percent of the requested loan amount with bids as low as $25 per business. StreetShares takes the first 10 percent. Co-founder Mark Rockefeller describes the platform as Shark Tank meets eBay.

    While each of these programs follows standard due diligence in their funding, their social-driven goals include increasing the number of veteran-owned businesses nationwide.

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    Local Business Directory Dubai, UAE – Dubai Local Directory #business #ethics

    #local business directory


    Local Business Directory Dubai

    Local Business Directory Dubai, United Arab Emirates

    Dubai Local Business Directory is an emerging web portal, targeting the masses, and providing them with a platform where people can interact with the general public, post their ads, promote their businesses via this Dubai local search portal. This site is facilitating you with the customized services in terms of integral businesses. The enlistment of your new business is supported here, absolutely free of cost. Dubai Local Business Directory is the best interactive business directory in Dubai, UAE. includes all company information’s like company name, email, phone no, fax no, contact persons, activities, p.o box, location, web sites.

    Every single day right from the morning till the night, consumers in Dubai require so many different kinds of products and services to make our lives much easier and better organised. In order to get various product and service from the suppliers. we need to reach out to them, either, personally, over the phone or on the Internet. These days, most people lead a busy life and often don’t have ample time to search for these service or product suppliers, so it is generally over the phone that customers and sellers get in touch with each other. However, these days, most of the homes, may not have the latest version of a phone directory, so what should these people do access the contact information that they require?

    Dubai Local Business Directory

    To get all the information that they require about any particular supplier who is listed on it. These online local business directories are also very useful for people who are either new to an area or unfamiliar with different kinds of establishments within their town. Moreover, as these online business books can be accessed anywhere at any time by anyone, so the convenience offered by these latest online directories is unmatched by any other printed business directory.

    In case you are based in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, and you wish to know about a hair salon within the Dubai area, then all you have to do is to browse through the updated local online business directories, like Dubai Local Business Directory from AllDubai.ae. And within seconds a list of all hair salons of Dubai area, along with their address, location, contact details, etc, will appear in front of you.

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    Dubai Local Business Directory

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    AllDubai.ae is a comprehensive Business Directory search engine and online business directory specially for Dubai, UAE.It is an instant gateway to all the important information you need for your business. This Dubai specific online business directory has a large listing of business directory categories like accommodation ,tourism ,franchise opportunities, education. universities. training facilities. Dubai business to business directory carries information on business services from every part of Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

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