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The Daily – Canadian business counts, June 2015 #profitable #businesses

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Canadian business counts, June 2015

Nationally, there were 1,250,822 active businesses with employees in June.

In addition, there were 2,586,343 active businesses without employees and with annual revenues greater than $30,000.

Note to readers

Canadian business count s p reviously called Canadian business pattern s p rovide counts of active businesses by industry classification and employment-size categories for Canada and the provinces and territories. Canadian business counts are based on the same criteria that were used to calculate Canadian business patterns. Data are available in CANSIM tables 552-0002 and 553-0002.

The counts are compiled from the Business Register, Statistics Canada’s central listing of Canadian businesses. They are based on the statistical concept of ‘location ‘ that is, each operating location is separately counted, including cases where one business comprises multiple locations. For example, a retail business with 10 stores represents 10 businesses in the Canadian business counts. Generally, among Canadian businesses, 99% are single-location enterprises.

Changes to the Business Register’s methodology or business industrial classification strategies can bring about increases or decreases in the number of active businesses reported in the Canadian business counts. As a result, the data do not represent changes in the business population over time. Statistics Canada recommends users not to use the data as a time series.


Custom extractions for other geographic levels can be ordered on a cost-recovery basis. Data prior to December 2011 are also available upon request on a cost-recovery basis.

Contact information

Date modified: 2015-08-06

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The Top 10 Best Small Business Blogs for Entrepreneurs in 2015 #business #card #designs

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The Top 10 Best Small Business Blogs for Entrepreneurs in 2015

As a small business owner myself, I know how important it is to stay up-to-date with the ever changing trends that the business world throws at us.

Because I watch very little TV, and rely heavily on the internet for keeping up-to-date with the news, it s somewhat obvious that I d also use the online medium to learn, consume and also produce and market my own content. Bloggers (and increasingly, podcasters, as well as video producers and many are wearing all three hats!) have the ability to express themselves in somewhat ‘real time’, and in an evergreen way, by keeping their content fresh, and sharing their opinions with the world.

However, in the world of business blogging there s a lot of noise. A lot of content marketers are gagging to get your attention, and with only so many minutes a day to devote to learning and consuming content (personally, I put aside around 30-45 minutes daily), you’ve got to be very strict with who’s content you make time for.

This is the reason why I’ve put this list together. This collection are the best small business blogs I know of right now. My personal favorite / go-to people in the world of small business blogging and online business building. Individually they strike a chord with me enough to keep me coming back for more, together they act as an ever-growing encyclopaedia of business brilliance.

Note: These blogs are listed in no particular order of preference, or influence.

Chris Brogan s Blog

Chris is the only repeat awardee on this list, from last year. I ve known this man for several years and he has continued to deliver quality, helpful, thoughtful and inspiring content to every business owner wise enough to tune into what he has to say. I m assuming (heavily!) that you re one of them!

Must Read: Dear Podcaster Chris lays it down in true Brogan fashion. Letting podcasters know exactly how to approach expert guests, record with them and the importance of respecting their time. This SO needed to be said!

Smart Passive Income

It s no secret that Pat and I are very close friends. Known for being the crash test dummy of online business he s launched and grown several business, meaning you can learn what works and what doesn t, directly from watching him. We recently started a new partnership together, 1-Day Business Breakthrough. too!

Must Read: And They Thought I was Stupid – In this post from early 2014 Pat reflects on his decision to starting podcasting and what it s done for his brand along with the 468 comments on the post itself!

Gary Vaynerchuk s Blog

In 2010 I picked up a copy of Crush It! by Gary and became an instant fan. Since then I ve had to chance to have him on the podcast twice, as well as hanging out in the US a little together. Ballsy, to the point and with a BS detector like I ve never seen before, he s an influencer in every imaginable way.

Must Read: Cloud Dirt: How I Do Business – This is a fantastic short film that Gary and his team produced to explain how he feels about business today and why he doesn t focus on anything that won t bring him closer to his goals.

Amy Porterfield s Blog

I often refer to Amy as the Queen of Social Media . But, she has become so much more than that in recent years. Now focusing on everything from list building to product marketing, Amy is paving the way for other entrepreneurs in a crowded space that needs to hear it like it is. She s simply awesome.

Must Read: 3 Strategies to Rapid List Building – I often say that the health and overall success of your online business is directly tied to your email list. This post (and podcast episode) is compulsory consumption for everyone!

Entrepreneur on Fire

Talk about taking the bull by the horns! John Lee Dumas hit the scene a couple years ago and hasn t looked back. In 2014, along with his partner in crime (and life!), Kate Erickson, he turned his podcasting empire into a thriving million dollar entity something rarely seen in the online infomarketing world.

Must Read: 2014: The Year in Review – John and Kate (some would say the real boss at EOFire!) had a remarkable year. In this post they show you exactly how they did it, along with warts and all! Great annual review write-up.


Copyblogger have long been a guiding light in the very dark tunnel that is content marketing . Brian Clark and his team are still leading the way, with decisions such as cutting comments from their blog, deleting their Facebook page and reinventing content publishing by developing the New Rainmaker platform.

Must Read: Why Copyblogger is Killing its Facebook Page – With social media changing at a drastic pace, sometimes equally drastic decisions are required. Copyblogger shows you the facts behind this big decision.

Convince Convert

It s not one of the top ranked social media and content marketing websites on the internet for no reason! Jay Baer and his team consistently publish amazingly thought-provoking and inspiring entrepreneurial content. Whether it s a blog post, podcast, or an episode of JayToday TV subscribe now.

Must Read: Can You Build a Content Marketing Super Brand – I said thought-provoking for a reason. This ll get ya thinking! A deep dive into Jay s mind as he discusses the in s and out s of developing your own super brand.

Marie Forleo s Blog

I do not know Marie. We ve not met, and other than a few brief social media exchanges, we ve never even spoken. But, boy, oh boy can this lady market the hell out of herself and everything she stands for. Want to build a personal brand? Watch what Marie does, rinse and repeat. She s simply awesome.

Must Read: Can t Turn Off Your Bizself? 2 Quick Steps to Flip the Switch! – In this video (she vlogs, instead of blogs) Marie discusses the importance of switching off as an entrepreneur, and gives us a couple of great tips to get started.

Duct Tape Marketing

John Jantsch is an all-star, old school marketing player that has continued to deliver the marketing and sales goods over and over again. His team produce a blog that s a mix of his experience, coupled together with the new in s and out s of online marketing all thrown into one.

Must Read: How to promote Every Piece of Content Your Create – I loved this birds-eye view of how John and his team cross promote their content archive. This shows you the power of on-going marketing for older content.

Michael Hyatt s Blog

When I think of Michael Hyatt, I think of a Leader s Leader . With over two decades of experience in the publishing world, he has since taken online entrepreneurship to a whole new level with his blog, podcast, products and membership communities. He s a one-man leadership, walking talking workshop!

Must Read: Advice to First Time Authors – This is about as real as advice gets. It s short, sharp, to the point and timeless. Michael s take on everything from finding an agent to considering self publishing is must-read material.

Don t Forget THIS Blog, Too!

Along with these awesome bloggers, podcasters, online video producers and all-round content marketing rock stars, please don t forget to continue to tune into this blog and my podcast on a regular basis. I promise you lots of content to help you become the most productive and profitable entrepreneur possible.

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Best Credit Cards for Small Business of 2015 #business #to #business

#small business cards


Best Credit Cards for Small Businesses

Francesco CorticchiA & Mdash;Getty Images

See this year’s top picks for budding entrepreneurs and established owners.

MONEY and NerdWallet have picked the best credit cards in five different categories: cash back. borrowing. travel rewards. student. and small business cards. Most of our picks assume you are using cards strategically to maximize rewards, and paying off your bill each month to avoid fees and finance charges. MONEY also went one step further this year to add an easy choice the best no-muss, no-fuss, no-annual-fee option.

Easy Choice: Capital One Spark Cash Select for Business

  • APR: 0% on purchases for nine months; then 13% to 21%
  • Annual fee: $0
  • Sign-up bonus: $200 after spending $3,000
  • Rewards: 1.5% cash back on all purchases
  • Why it s a winner: For stable, successful small businesses, Spark is an all-around winner, with no annual fee and cash back on every dollar spent. If your firm s outlay is $5,000 a month, for instance, you ll clear $2,000 back in two years, factoring in the $200 sign-up bonus. Add employee cards for free to boost your rewards.
  • Caveat: If your business maintains revolving balances, find a card with a lower financing rate.

Best for Borrowing: U.S. Bank Business Edge Platinum

  • APR: 0% on purchases and balance transfers for the first year; 10% to 18% after that
  • Annual fee: $0
  • Why it s a winner: The U.S. Bank Business Edge Platinum is ideal for bootstrapping startups, debt-carrying small enterprises, and other small-business owners for whom borrowing costs are paramount. It offers the lowest APR without incurring an annual fee. You also get a year s worth of runway to pay off big purchases or tide you over until cash flow picks up.
  • Caveat: With no rewards or sign-up bonus, this no-frills card is really only for businesses with ongoing debt.

See all of MONEY s picks:

Quotes delayed at least 15 minutes. Market data provided by Interactive Data. ETF and Mutual Fund data provided by Morningstar, Inc. Dow Jones Terms Conditions: http://www.djindexes.com/mdsidx/html/tandc/indexestandcs.html. S P Index data is the property of Chicago Mercantile Exchange Inc. and its licensors. All rights reserved. Terms Conditions. Powered and implemented by Interactive Data Managed Solutions

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Dear MONEY Reader,

As a regular visitor to MONEY.com, we are sure you enjoy all the great journalism created by our editors and reporters. Great journalism has great value, and it costs money to make it. One of the main ways we cover our costs is through advertising.

The use of software that blocks ads limits our ability to provide you with the journalism you enjoy. Consider turning your Ad Blocker off so that we can continue to provide the world class journalism you have become accustomed to.

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What business to start in 2015: Starting a business advice and business ideas #new

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What business to start in 2015

The desire to become your own boss and work for yourself is growing and in election year the economy will inevitably be a key policy battleground, meaning small business-friendly pledges will be made.

With signs of revival and chancellor George Osborne’s recent promises of renewed business support and an extra £1bn funding for regional growth some might argue the climate for starting a business has never been better, making 2015 a great time to take the plunge.

Action point: Need a loan to start a business of your own? See how we can help here and here

This appetite for starting a business isn’t just hype; StartUp Britain reported a record 581,173 new businesses for 2014. markedly higher than 2013 and 2012, and the UK’s eco-system appears to be in good health with ONS figures showing a 6% drop in the number of British firms leaving the Companies House register.

Britain is expected to be the fastest growing G7 economy in 2015 – the IMF has predicted a 3.2% overall rise – and while London remains the start-up capital. regional start-up hubs are beginning to flourish with Manchester, Birmingham and Glasgow fast gaining reputations as top cities to start a business in .

It’s on the back of these positive indicators that we look to the coming months and the hot sectors and businesses opportunities that could prove fruitful for those looking to start a new venture. We’ve studied and assessed businesses which are gaining market traction, sought insight from leading research bodies such as Mintel, and analysed consumer trends to bring you our predictions of 14 top businesses to start in 2015.

From foods and fitness to technology, cycling, and even cafes with a twist, there’s a host of start-up prospects to suit a range of skills and backgrounds and this extends to part-time businesses that can offer supplementary income such as starting a niche social network .

With the freelance workforce now over four million strong and more firms than ever before looking to hire freelance talent, we’ve also identified opportunities for freelancers and “solopreneurs”. This includes starting up as a growth hacker ; a combination of smart marketing and tech development which is becoming increasingly sought after in the start-up world.

While several of the business opportunities listed aren’t new, the potential to innovate and target an established market with a disruptive new solution – take protein products for instance – are plentiful.

Follow the buttons above and below to find out what business you should start in 2015…


Useful business start up tools

Forum post of the week

Want to run a more profitable business?

More from Startups

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Want a New Business Start in 2015? Steal One of These Ideas #stock #market

#new business ideas


I started thinking up potential large businesses to start a few years ago. It was, for lack a better term, a teaching tool.

I was looking for a way to communicate that the place to begin, if you are thinking of trying to start a company, is with a market need-and not a new idea.

Ideas are too easy. My guess is you could come up with 10 new business concepts before lunch, if you had to.

The problem is once you come up with that idea–say you are going to construct real housing out of Lego blocks, something that has always struck me as a cool idea==you then have to go and figure out if it is feasible, and if anyone-other than an 8-year-old-would live in if it were.

If you have identified a market need, then you are assured that you have a market–the people who have the need.

But is starting with the market need the only way to start a business?

Obviously not. You could start with the idea. And therein lies a potential benefit for you.

Each of the following ideas are yours for the taking. (All I ask is you make a large contribution to the charity of your choice should they make you rich.)

1. Personal shopping for the masses

This one struck me over the holidays. It has been a long time since I had to go shopping for 8-year-olds. Wouldn’t it be lovely if there was a personal concierge you could call who could walk you through what is popular and/or appropriate? High end department and clothing stores already have this service. This would make it available for the rest of us. (And if mass market stores like Target and Toy “R” Us wanted to offer this service to me, I would be happy to pay them for it.)

2. No more, “For customer service, please hold.”

I am usually willing to trade (a little bit of) money for (a little bit) more time. And while you can do mundane things while waiting on hold when you call the cable, phone or electric company, it really is a) annoying and b) the classic waste of time. Your charge? Figure a way that I can pay a couple of dollars a month in exchange for the various companies letting me jump the line when I need help. I don’t think it would be that hard. It really is just a different form of caller ID.

3. A place where you can sell your killer recipes

There are literally millions of great cooks out there. (My wife among them.) And invariably a great cook comes up with a great recipe–or 10. There should be some sort of marketplace to sell them. This idea already exists in other places. For example, people who crochet can sell the patterns they create on Etsy.com

As I said, I am not going to be doing anything with these ideas. I hope they make you a fortune. (As I said, just play it forward once you do.)

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Skype for Business Server 2015: Documentation for IT Pros #business #administration

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Skype for Business Server 2015

Summary: Explore these links to learn how to implement Skype for Business Server 2015.

Lync is now Skype for Business, a communications and collaboration platform that brings together a client experience inspired by Skype with the enterprise-grade security, compliance, and control of Lync. Skype for Business offers features including presence, IM, voice and video calls, and online meetings. Skype for Business provides a new client experience, a new server release, and updates to the service in Office 365. If users in your organization are already familiar with Skype, they’ll appreciate the power and simplicity of Skype for Business where it’s easy to find and connect with co-workers. If users in your organization are coming to Skype for Business from Lync, they’ll recognize all of the features they already use but in a fresh new interface with simplified controls and new additions. In addition to the new client experience, Skype for Business Server provides several new features to improve manageability of on-premises servers and hybrid solutions.

Skype for Business also supports the Lync client experience so that you can choose a phased upgrade approach to the new client experience for your users. For example, you might want to deploy the Lync client experience until users in your organization are fully trained in the new Skype for Business experience, or until all users are upgraded to the new server.

The following table lists the topics in the Skype for Business Server documentation library, and provides links to other information resources, including downloadable content, blogs, videos, and a contact link that you can use to ask questions and provide feedback.

Writers update articles on a continuing basis as new information becomes available and as users provide feedback. This page will be updated frequently, so check back often.

To get started learning about Skype for Business, you’ll want to read the following articles about new features and functionality:

Before beginning your deployment, be sure to read the planning content: Plan for your Skype for Business Server 2015 deployment .

If you are upgrading from a previous release of Lync Server, be sure to read Plan to upgrade to Skype for Business Server 2015.

Prepare for the dual client experience

If you want to compare the features and capabilities of Skype for Business clients, and then learn more about the dual client experience, be sure to read the following:

Learn about Skype Meeting Broadcast

If you want to know more about Skype Meeting Broadcast, a new Office 365 online service for managing large meetings, see the following topics:

Readiness sessions on Infopedia

The following readiness sessions are available on Infopedia. Registration is required:

You can find training materials, including articles and Quick Start Guides, on the Learning Center .

The following articles describe how to plan for, deploy, and use all the features of Skype for Business Server.

Skype for Business Server 2015 content for IT Pros

You’ll find content for IT Pros on TechNet. The following articles are good places to start:

Skype for Business Online content for Office 365 admins

Information about Skype for Business Online is available at http://support.office.com. If you want to know more about the Office 365 service, and whether a hybrid solution is right for your organization, read the following:

Skype for Business clients

Information about the Skype for Business desktop clients is available at http://support.office.com. Here are some resources that can help you get your end users ready for Skype for Business:

Information for developers

Information for developers can be found on the

Skype Developer Platform includes links to Unified Communications Managed API (UCMA 5.0), Unified Communications Web API (UCWA 2.0), and Skype Web SDK.

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Small Business Finance Markets Report 2015 #business #article

#small business finance


Small Business Finance Markets Report 2015/16

The Small Business Finance Markets Report 2015/16 shows that the market for small business finance is improving, however a number of challenges remain:

  • A lack of businesses scaling-up is hampering UK productivity – there remains a need to stimulate a greater volume of scale-up businesses and SME exporters to counteract the UK’s lagging productivity. OECD data shows that Britain is near the bottom of the table for the percentage of businesses that grow to more than 10 employees after three years.
  • A need to delivery further diversity in the small business finance market – there is an ongoing need to accelerate the evolution of a diverse and accessible range of finance options to drive competition and choice for smaller businesses. The four largest banks still account for 80% of the small business loan market in 2014, with many small businesses not looking at alternative finance options beyond their main bank.
  • Supporting growing SMEs across all UK regions – the finance landscape remains uneven across the UK. To help rebalance growth, an increased availability of finance for smaller businesses across the UK is required. 71% of total SME equity investment is accounted for by London and South East based companies.


2015 Business Finance Survey: SMEs

This survey, undertaken by BMG Research for the British Business Bank, follows on from the previous 2012 and 2014 “SME Journey” surveys to explore SME awareness of different types of external finance and their experience of raising finance. We have extensively used the findings from this survey within our new Small Business Finance Markets 2015/16 report to assess how finance markets have changed.

Amongst the findings, this survey shows a continued increase in business awareness of alternative finance types, including peer-to-peer lending and crowdfunding. The research also shows that a higher proportion of SMEs are aiming to grow in the next 12 months (56%), compared to 46% in the previous 2014 survey.

2015 Business Finance Survey: Mid-caps

This survey, undertaken by BMG Research for the British Business Bank, assesses the characteristics of mid-caps (businesses with £25m-£500m annual turnover) and their experience of raising external finance. The survey finds that mid-cap businesses are more likely to use and seek external finance compared to SMEs, and are also more likely to obtain finance. In addition, a high proportion of mid-cap businesses (79%) are aiming to grow in the next 12 months.

Methodology Consultation: Assessing the Unmet Demand for SME debt finance

The British Business Bank would like to consult with interested stakeholders on appropriate methodologies for assessing the unmet demand for SME debt finance. The consultation seeks views on our proposed methodology and suggestions for alternative methodologies or additional data sources.

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The Top Small Business Software for 2015 #home #business #opportunities

#business software


Having the right software for your business needs can mean the difference between getting things done or. having tasks linger, unaddressed, on your to-do list.

Unfortunately, most top software companies often focus on larger businesses. rather than small enterprises. As a result, many of their solutions are either unaffordable or loaded with features smaller companies don’t need.

Not all software is this way. More and more, software providers are offering small business versions of their enterprise solutions or are targeting the small business market with programs uniquely designed to meet its needs. If you’re in the market for a new tool, here are a few of the top small business software solutions to consider in 2015.


If you’re like most entrepreneurs, chances are you’re good at what you do–but significantly less practiced at the administrative side of running a business. But whether you’re knowledgeable or not, needs like accounting must be taken care of. Any of the following tools will help get your books in order, whether you do so in order to manage your own finances or to pass your information on to your CPA.


One of the most recognized names in small business accounting, QuickBooks offers both desktop and online versions (depending on the needs of your company and the experience of your team members), you may prefer one over the other. Regardless of the option you choose, Quickbooks is reasonably affordable, though taking full advantage of the program does require a bit of training.

As an added bonus, most accounting firms are experienced with QuickBooks. If you plan to seek outside support for your business’s finances, give this program a shot, as its widespread familiarity will make transmitting your data to your accountant a snap.


If QuickBooks proves to be a bit of an overkill for your startup’s needs, check out FreshBooks. This cloud-based accounting software program is easier to use than QuickBooks and supports over 50 integrations–including payroll and email programs. FreshBooks features a 30 days free trial and subscription-based pricing from $19.95 per month up to $39.95 per month after this period.

Wave Accounting

Another cloud-based accounting tool, Wave Accounting has been named the best free accounting software for small businesses by Business News Daily. It’s important to note that Wave is for very small businesses–in particular, companies with fewer than 10 staff members will get the most out of this QuickBooks alternative. That said, it provides excellent functionality for free, with free user forums for support or live support packages starting at $9 per month if your needs are more complex.

Human Resources

Scaling your startup by bringing on employees is a major milestone for small businesses. But despite the game-changing nature of this step forward, few entrepreneurs take the time to fully address their human resources needs or to implement the HR technologies that can streamline these systems.

Instead of letting your human resources needs get out of control as you expand, put one of the following tools into place as soon as possible:


This all-in one human resource software program gives you access to benefits management, payroll processing, onboarding tools and more. Even better, many Zenefits features can be set to run automatically after your initial configuration, significantly reducing the amount of time you need to spend on these tasks on an ongoing basis.

As an added bonus, if your small business uses contractors rather than–or in addition to–regular employees, Zenefits makes it easy to manage their details as well, allowing you to track their compensation and handle their tax needs from within a single program.


Like Zenifits, BambooHR is a cloud-based HR system that’s simple interface and intuitive design make it a great fit for small and medium sized businesses. Although the program is exclusively an online human resource information system, it does integrate with other payroll solutions or applicant tracking software, giving you easy access from one central dashboard.


Finally, sumHR is a great small business HR software program that focuses on attendance, leave, and payroll functions. If you’re looking to take your employee directory out of the spreadsheets and into a professional program, sumHR may be the solution for you. The company is also planning on adding new features soon, including reporting and performance reviews, making it one to watch into the future.


Plenty of small businesses have scheduling concerns to deal with, whether yours come in the form of hourly workers or customer appointments to be booked. But despite the widespread nature of this problem, many of these companies still rely on outdated pen and paper scheduling books which are both time-consuming to manage and vulnerable to human error.

There’s got to be a better way–and there is! Check out any of the following programs for your scheduling needs:

When I Work

Scheduling staff hours doesn’t have to be difficult–When I Work makes the process intuitive and simple, helping to reduce absences and avoid employee miscommunications. When I Work offers mobile accessibility so that staff can see their schedules, trade shifts among themselves and request time off while on-the-go. The program’s pricing comes as a monthly subscription fee that’s based on the number of staff you manage–up to 20 staff can be scheduled for $29 per month.


If you have clients that need to make appointments or you offer classes that your customers need to sign up for, Booker makes it easy. Once installed, you can attract customers from your website or social media profile and bring them to a central site where they can then book appointments. The site is optimized for mobile users, making it easy to build relationships with clients through the program’s provided messaging and retention tools.


Another solution for online booking, Genbook allows your customers to book appointments while also giving you the tools needed to manage your business, staff, and reputation. Genbook allows your former customers to post reviews of your company, giving you immediate credibility with new clients. Your staff can access the schedule and receive reminders, and you can publish promotions and share them on social media. To give this innovative program a try, take advantage of Genbook’s 30-day free trial (post-trial prices range from $20-$70 per month).

Small business software can be a difficult world to navigate, but the good news is that there are plenty of companies out there doing it right. Whether you need help with your accounting, human resources or scheduling needs, the software listed above will help launch your company successfully into 2015.

What’s your favorite small business software program? Why? Share your recommendations by leaving a comment below!

The opinions expressed here by Inc.com columnists are their own, not those of Inc.com.

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The 100 Coolest Cloud Computing Vendors Of 2015 – Page: 1 #the #100 #coolest


The 100 Coolest Cloud Computing Vendors Of 2015

byCRN Staff on January 28, 2015, 11:55 am EST

CRN introduced the first annual 100 Coolest Cloud Computing Vendors in 2010 with the aim of helping solution providers navigate the cloud market.

While that goal hasn’t changed over the past five years, the cloud market certainly has with offerings now coming in a multitude of shapes, sizes and flavors. Navigating this space is more important than ever as the transition from a traditional on-premise model to a recurring revenue model is becoming a do-or-die proposition for many solution providers.

Many of the big-time players from the 2010 Cloud 100 list are thriving and find themselves once again on this year’s list. But what makes the Cloud 100 so valuable each year is that it provides a look at the startups in the space satisfying a niche need or problem. This is where the true innovation is happening.

Look at the cloud platform and development space, where companies contributing to the emerging IT landscape are making a name for themselves right next to behemoths such as Amazon Web Services and Google. In the cloud infrastructure space, the emergence of upstarts in this investment-heavy market is that much more impressive.

Here we present the 100 Coolest Cloud Computing Vendors Of 2015, honoring the best of the best in cloud computing in five categories: infrastructure, platforms and development, security, storage and software. You’ll also find links to Cloud 100 of years past for a trip down a short, but incredibly busy cloud memory lane.

The 20 Coolest Cloud Infrastructure Vendors Of The 2015 Cloud 100
The cloud infrastructure wars heated up in 2014 and there were some casualties. But while the tech giants still dominate the field, there are a few upstarts on this list that think they can compete.

The 20 Coolest Cloud Storage Vendors Of The 2015 Cloud 100
Solution providers who have not yet made cloud storage a part of their practice are at risk of being left behind. Here’s a look at the coolest cloud storage companies to make this year’s Cloud 100 list.

The 20 Coolest Cloud Software Vendors Of The 2015 Cloud 100
Cloud offerings come in a multitude of shapes and sizes, but SaaS is still the most tangible and perhaps elegant of cloud products.

The 20 Coolest Cloud Platform And Development Vendors Of The 2015 Cloud 100
While the cloud infrastructure space is increasingly dominated by computing giants, the platform and development arena is kinder to agile companies looking to make contributions to the emerging IT landscape.

The 20 Coolest Cloud Security Vendors Of The 2015 Cloud 100
Cloud security platforms are helping organizations mitigate risks associated with using cloud-based applications and services by providing strong data protection capabilities, incorporating data loss prevention and data encryption and tokenization.

The 100 Coolest Cloud Computing Vendors Of 2014

The 100 Coolest Cloud Computing Vendors Of 2013

The 100 Coolest Cloud Computing Vendors Of 2012

The 100 Coolest Cloud Computing Vendors Of 2011

The 100 Coolest Cloud Computing Vendors Of 2010

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2015 Jeep Wrangler For Sale #2015 #jeep #wrangler,for #sale,deals,compare,savings,free #listing,buy,sell


2015 Jeep Wrangler for Sale Nationwide

Text Search

To search for combination of words or phrases, separate items with commas. For example, entering Factory Warranty, Bluetooth will show all listings with both the phrase Factory Warranty and the word Bluetooth

Words separated by spaces will be treated as a single phrase for search (e.g. Back Up Camera).

Search is not case-sensitive.

Add Similar Cars

Jeep Wrangler Unlimited Jeep Grand Cherokee Jeep Cherokee

Choose Other Models to Add

Listings for these models will be added to the listings you are currently viewing.

2015 Jeep Wrangler Sahara Review

Wife loves this thing

Love to haul the kayak and bikes. take the roof and doors off and hit the town or back woods. Everyone loves it. Wish it came with a back up sensor. The dark saddle trim is perfect with the black contrasting doors and dash.

Find 2015 Jeep Wrangler listings in your area

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Here are our listings for all model years of the Jeep Wrangler.

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Average time on market: 45 days Certified Pre-Owned: No Transmission: 5-Speed Automatic Color: Green Description: Used 2015 Jeep Wrangler Sahara for sale – $25,990, 24,593 miles with Alloy Wheels

Avg. Dealer Rating: (50 reviews) “Dealer followed up indication additional pictures were on their website. After reviewing the websit this information was not True. Dealer asked me to come look at this vehicle because others were interested in purchasing it.”

2015 Jeep Wrangler Sport Used Cars in Cincinnati, OH 45249

Instant Market Value of $25,364

Location: Cincinnati, OH 45249

Average time on market: 34 days Certified Pre-Owned: No Transmission: 6-Speed Manual Overdrive Color: Orange Description: Used 2015 Jeep Wrangler Sport for sale – $21,995, 14,949 miles

Avg. Dealer Rating: (2 reviews) “Very knowledgeable and responsive “

2014 Jeep Wrangler Rubicon Used Cars in Houma, LA 70364

Instant Market Value of $31,187

Location: Houma, LA 70364

Average time on market: 50 days Certified Pre-Owned: No Transmission: Manual Color: Anvil Clear Coat Description: Used 2014 Jeep Wrangler Rubicon for sale – $26,997, 23,476 miles with Aluminum Wheels

Avg. Dealer Rating: (8 reviews) “Contacted me quickly but I decided to go with the Limited “

2014 Jeep Wrangler Willys Wheeler Edition Used Cars in Bellevue, 52031

Instant Market Value of $27,313

Location: Bellevue, 52031

Certified Pre-Owned: No Transmission: 6-Speed Manual Color: Granite Crystal Metallic Description: Used 2014 Jeep Wrangler Willys Wheeler Edition for sale – $24,500, 17,000 miles with Bluetooth, Alloy Wheels

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