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Your Orthodontist, Your Smile!

Dr. Sheridan operated a successful private dental practice for eight years as a General Dentist in Shreveport, Louisiana. He routinely volunteered his services for free at WK Children s Clinic. He has had several live television appearances on Ask the Expert in Shreveport and also in Jacksonville, FL for Orthodontic Health Month. He has written multiple articles for various newspapers concerning orthodontics and dental health. He has practiced orthodontics throughout the state of Florida.

Dr. Sheridan now chooses to limit his Orthodontic Practice to one location Suncoast Braces in Spring Hill

What Makes Suncoast Braces So Very Uniquely Special?

We entirely embrace being in the smile business and rightfully have fun delivering beautiful smiles one patient at a time. Plain and simple. This explains why we bake Otis Spunkmeyer Cookies right in our office every day, they are really good, chewy and don t break orthodontic appliances (and no, Otis didn t pay me to say that). Or, you may hear us say Life is Great, Braces Makes It Better when we answer your call. In the spirit of running a happy factory , we also have Xbox games in our office as well as a Multi-Arcade video game for the ancient folks who can remember or played Ms PacMan, Donky Kong and Centipede. In our brand spanking New Orthodontic facility. we have high tech gear to effectively answer all chief concerns of patients, ranging from I want the Hollywood Smile , I want my bite better to I want my space closed . We thank you for your great reviews and will continue our attention to detail in straightening teeth, satisfying children and adult chief concerns and stand by our mantra to treat the patient as whole and not the mouth as a hole. Sincerely, Dr. Bob Sheridan

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