Start Up Business Loans: The 9 Best Options #business #ethics

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Start Up Business Loans: The 9 Best Options

Thanks for clarifying. With a deal like this, conventional lenders (like Bank of America, etc.) may be your best option. Who is willing to finance the deal and how the financing is ultimately structured will depend on the specifics of the deal. The financial health of the businesses you re looking to acquire as well as your own personal financial health will be critical. Sometimes banks will finance a portion of a deal with an SBA loan (the 7a is capped at $5m) and the rest with a traditional bank loan.

This article is well organized and informative. I will look into one of these options very soon. I am starting a business in a couple of months but I have no money to put into the business. I have a 690 credit score and own a home with hardly any equity. I need money for the equipment, franchise fee, and working capital. I have a business plan done but have not made a move yet. Any guidance?

Thanks reaching out.

In most cases, lenders will require you put up a down payment of 10-20% for a startup business loan. Typically, lenders do not want that down payment to come from additional borrowing (like from a personal loan or credit card cash advance). If you don t have any cash savings, this might mean finding an investor/partner. Or, if you have over $50k in a retirement account, you could use those funds for the business/down payment (without paying early withdrawal taxes and penalties) by setting up a rollover for business startups (ROBS). Read more about those here or speak with a ROBS pro at Guidant .

I hope that is helpful. Check in with us as things progress. We d love to get updates.

I want to start an arts and crafts supply store in my area. There are none in the city that I live in. I am a new entrepreneur and I am still learning the process. I am also a veteran, minority female are there loans available for me?

Thanks for your question. There are certain small business loan programs available to women. minorities. and veterans. Check out those articles for more details.

Keep in mind, as with any loan program, you have to show the lender that you will be able to repay the money you re borrowing (plus interest) in a timely manner. In other words, these are not giveaways. These are primarily normal business loans that come with slightly more flexible qualifications and which have been flagged for certain groups in order to promote certain policy goals.

In most cases you will still need a credit score above 650 (check here for free ) and will need to present a solid business plan with projections (we recommend LivePlan to create a comprehensive business plan plus they come with hundreds of examples/templates which is a big help). Having some collateral and a down payment will also increase your chances of being approved for one of these loans.

Stay in touch and let us know how things go.

Good day! My two biz partners and I are looking to obtain a start up loan and hit the ground running. Credit score is 740 s, approvals right and left, obviously this is great and no problem. Problem we are running into is, we are unestablished which is apparently a major deal breaker. This particular venture previously done with much success by one of the three partners was producing 19k-20k/month and growing. His partner at the time split with nearly ALL the companies revenue (350K!), so my question is, how can we get the loan (50k-100k) to get started? Thanks!

Startups often have a difficult time obtaining traditional bank loans for the exact reason you re describing. If either of you have real estate that can be used as collateral, you may be able to obtain an SBA loan. However, for startups, it can take 2-3 months to get funded with an SBA loan.

If all three of you have credit scores above 700, you may want to consider personal loans with Lending Club to start. If you keep close records of how the proceeds are used, you should be able to refinance the loan with a business loan down the road, when the business has been operating for a year or two.

I have someone interested in investing in my food service business. He will invest $25,000 for start-up costs. What percentage of interest would be normally be paid, after he makes his money back?

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