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Business Acumen is Our Mission

Our Cloud-Based SaaS Business Acumen Software and Stackable Credentials are knowledge-heavy and expense-lite.

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Business acumen

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*MBA Programs Are Not Created Equally

There are great MBA programs, and then there are MBA programs that provide ‘questionable’ value. We have no intention of disrupting the great MBA programs out there. We only exist to disrupt the latter category of MBA programs worldwide.

We see the MBA as comprised of the following three Learning Components:

Business acumen

The great MBA programs focus on ‘Application’ and Experiential Learning by strengthening an individual’s decision-making, judgment, and leadership style as well as extensively studying business case studies in a variety of learning formats. As a rule of thumb, the great MBA programs have admissions criteria as a way of ensuring you can handle the Application and Experiential Learning components. If the MBA program is mostly Knowledge -based, it generally doesn t have admissions criteria, like the GMAT. We believe the GMAT is a litmus test of how well the business school incorporates all 3 Learning Components.

If an MBA program is predominantly Knowledge -based, then we believe it provides little value when compared to the expense involved. We believe the ‘Knowledge’ component of an MBA can be downshifted via Cloud-Based SaaS Business Acumen Software and Stackable Credentials, enabling you to choose an MBA program that provides Application and Experiential Learning . You do not need to spend $30k-$50k on MBA programs that are primarily ‘Knowledge -based’.

We have created Software and Stackable Credentials based on the ‘Knowledge’ component of the MBA so that you:

  • Grow your Business Acumen without having to enroll in an MBA
  • Save 90% of the cost of an MBA (our programs are between $1500-$5000) and redeploy the that time and money into other areas of your life and career
  • Immediately apply the ‘Knowledge’ component to your existing job, giving you the confidence and impact for career progression
  • Gain the recognition from your employers, peers, and clients that you have the initiative and commitment to develop your own Business Acumen
  • Have the luxury of choosing MBA programs as needed later in your career that focus on ‘Application’ and ‘Experiential Learning

Business Acumen First Then the MBA Degree at the Right School at the Right Time for the Right Reasons

*For brevity on this website, when we say Business Acumen, we mean Business Acumen and Leadership Acumen.

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