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Welcome to Spinal Rehab and Sports Medicine

The leading Sports Medicine Sports Injury Rehab clinic in Austin, TX

Welcome to Spinal Rehab and Sports Medicine. We are the premier Sports Injury rehabilitation center in Austin, Texas and the leader in sports medicine. Dr. Bob Meyer has over 21 years of experience and training with the University of Texas. Dr. Bob has successfully rehabilitated the nation’s top collegiate, pro and Olympic athletes from acute and chronic pain and sports injuries.

We combine advanced sports medicine treatment with chiropractic medicine and the latest in muscle, fascia and joint care. Our elite team of sports medicine doctors develop safe and highly effective custom treatment models, designed specifically for your unique condition. Our natural treatment programs accelerate the natural healing process, without the need for surgery or prescription drugs. We are committed to providing an exceptional patient experience. Whatever your sport, we can help you successfully rehab FAST and get you back to what you love most.

Why Our Clients Love US

Marion Jones

Dr. Bob is the best, I wouldn’t be able to keep my performance so consistently high without Dr. Bob’s help and guidance. He’s prescribed programs for me that are specific to my needs, and has worked wonders.

Mark Henry

“Personally known as Dr. Bob, even though we joke about his stature he is very big in his knowledge. There have been two times in my career where other doctors have told me I was finished. Dr. Bob got me going again, and to become WORLD CHAMPION.“

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