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Small business
phone service with
big business features

Get a big solution on a small budget.

RingCentral gives you many of the same tools that large companies use to grow their business. Because everything is in the cloud, you get all the benefits of a robust and versatile business telephone service without being responsible for its management and oversight. RingCentral manages your communications for you, for one fixed cost that’s surprisingly affordable and budget-friendly. Get started with a 30-day free trial.

“I chose RingCentral for the features, customer service, and ability to get more phone
numbers and services. I get more for less.”

Juan Gala. President, Business Management Consultants

Extend your reach.

Every small business has a unique set of needs when it comes to communications solutions. This includes a full suite of services such as a phone line and a business phone number (local or toll free); a telephone service with unlimited domestic calling and call forwarding, call routing, and voicemail; text messaging; and an internet fax service. RingCentral’s small business phone service offers you these features and more in order to enhance your professional reputation. It allows you to be available to take more calls, make more contacts, and close more deals.

“One conference call alone would have been more expensive than
a month of RingCentral service.”

Michael Carr. Founder, VolunteerHub

Be more mobile.

You’re responsible for building and managing a thriving business. If on any given day your business is being run out of a hotel room, a coffee shop, or your car, so be it. Your on-the-go lifestyle demands that you be reachable at any time, anywhere. As the leading VoIP provider, RingCentral’s small business phone service is mobile-ready and ideal for bring your own device (BYOD) initiatives. With the RingCentral for iPhone or Android mobile app, you’re empowered to work the way you want while maintaining a unified business identity. Look big while remaining agile and able to respond instantly.

“We are huge advocates of anything that allows us to be out of the office
while still being 100% functional.”

Noel Sesto. Managing Director and Founder, Control Freq (UK)

Integrate with your favorite productivity tools.

If you use Google for Work or other popular business applications, you’re going to like what RingCentral can do for you. Make and receive calls without leaving Gmail. Click to dial phone numbers that appear in emails, documents, and web pages. Schedule RingCentral Meetings and conference calls directly within Google Calendar. You can even fax documents directly from Google Docs and Microsoft Outlook, Word, and Excel. All of this is free with your RingCentral solution.

“Our entire business is in the cloud, from Google Apps to hosting,
and RingCentral is a big part of that mix.”

Aron Susman. Co-Founder, TheSquareFoot

Remain in control always.

With RingCentral’s small business phone service, there are none of the capital equipment or hardware costs associated with legacy phone systems. All-inclusive pricing gives you a fixed, predictable cost with little to manage. There are no setup fees and free implementation advisors. If you choose to purchase a RingCentral internet protocol (IP) desk phone, your phone arrives pre-configured. RingCentral’s cloud phone service has built-in redundancy to keep your data safe and ensure automatic failover in the event of any outage. Even upgrades are automatic, with no discernible disruption of service.

“When setting up a business, managing costs and cash flow is imperative.
RingCentral provides transparent, fixed monthly pricing so you know what costs to
expect and can expand and scale the service up as your business grows.”

Melissa Edmunds. Founder Managing Director, Safesip (UK)

Plan for growth.

Growing your business is made easier with RingCentral’s small business phone service. And when your success causes you to outgrow your solution, RingCentral is ready to help you step up to the next level. In all facets of business, at every stage, RingCentral has you covered.

“We are growing. We do plan on adding more staff to our support staff.
As we add new people, it’s not a high cost.”

JC Burton. President, Woodline Solutions

Six good reasons to choose RingCentral phone service.


You’re on a tight budget, and you’ll find RingCentral’s transparent, all-inclusive pricing easy on your wallet.


You can’t afford to have your phones go down. RingCentral has servers in multiple locations to prevent outages and data loss.

Ranked #1 in “Ease of Use” *

RingCentral’s intuitive menu makes setup extremely easy. Features can be optimized to work the way you work even from your smartphone.


RingCentral’s cloud-based, internet phone system works with a multitude of useful cloud applications, including Google Docs and Gmail.


Go on the road with powerful features in the palm of your hand. RingCentral’s mobile app is available for iOS and Android devices.

24/7 Free Support

Your workday doesn’t adhere to normal office hours, and neither does RingCentral’s. Have questions or need help with your solution? We’re available.

RingCentral is certain to become indispensable to your small business during your 30-day trial.
If this isn’t the case, RingCentral will refund your money promptly.

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