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Our mission is to provide thorough, thoughtful, and compassionate treatment of conditions involving the ear, nose, and throat. We will determine why you are not feeling your best, will use state-of-the-art methods to get you better, and will empower you with the knowledge of how to prevent the problem from happening again.

As healthcare providers, our mission is to deliver the best care, employing latest treatment and surgical interventions. Specializing in conditions involving ear, nose and throat, we diagnose, treat and inform our patients about their health conditions.

We mainly deal with following conditions:

Examination of symptoms using latest technologies

Nearly 30 million Americans have impaired hearing. The most common cause of hearing loss in children is otitis media. For the elderly-the largest group affected-heredity is the most frequent contributing factor. Schedule An Appointment

Evaluation and surgical treatment of certain nasal conditions

Nasal congestion is very distracting and uncomfortable. Our treatment methods are designed to be as comfortable as possible and do not require nasal packing. Most of our advanced procedures are so minor, they can be performed right in our office. Schedule An Appointment

Resume your active and healthy lifestyle

Our physicians specialize in diagnosing and treating recurring sinusitis and facial pressure. When necessary, we use precise procedures, such as image-guided surgery, to maximize results and minimize discomfort. Schedule An Appointment

You may be experiencing obstructive sleep apnea (OSA)

Sleep apnea usually is a chronic (ongoing) condition that disrupts your sleep. When your breathing pauses or becomes shallow, you transition from deep sleep to a lighter stage of sleep which results in poor sleep quality Schedule An Appointment

Patients often develop tinnitus as a symptom of temporary hearing loss. Use of hearing aid for tinnitus may help relieve the conditions.

Consult our team of ENT specialists for treatment and medical advice!

Meet Our Doctors

Michael B. Siegel, M.D. FACS
My lifelong dedication to the medical profession, my years of academic study and my years of practice have provided me with the necessary tools to deliver top-quality care to my patients.

John M. Bosworth, Jr. M.D. FACS
I m always learning. That s something I really enjoy about being a doctor. It s exciting to learn about new techniques, bring them to patients and see the difference these advances make for people. It s why I became a doctor.

Martin Sorensen, M.D.
My love of medicine and the joy I experience, operating on and treating patients, keeps me focused on providing the best care I can for my patients and their families.

Marci Smith, M.A. CCC-A
Marci Smith is an attentive, detail-oriented Audiologist treating patients in Rockville, Maryland. She has more than 18 years of experience and strives to ensure that each of her patients is satisfied with their hearing solutions.

New Pillar Palatal Implant procedure for snoring
A simple option to treat snoring and mild to moderate obstructive sleep apnea. Snoring. There s nothing good about it. Chronic snoring disrupts sleep patterns Read Full Blog Post

Balloon Sinuplasty
In 2006, Drs. Siegel and Bosworth along with several physicians from Johns Hopkins University were the first physicians on the East Coast to perform balloon sinuplasty. This procedure is similar to balloon angioplasty where the heart arteries Read Full Blog Post

Balloon Catheter Sinusotomy: One-year follow-up
The preservation of normal structures, restoration of sinus ventilation, and physiologic mucous drainage are central, time-tested principles used in treating patients with sinusitis as reported by the leaders of the development of endoscopic sinus surgery, including Drs. Nauman, Messerklinger, Stammberger, and Kennedy over the last 40 years. During this time Read Full Blog Post

Balloon Catheter Sinusotomy: Two-year follow-up
An evaluation to confirm the safety and efficacy of balloon sinuplasty in the paranasal sinuses was performed. This study of 115 patients investigates paranasal balloon catheter devices that represent a recently developed suite of small, flexible tools that enable surgeons to endoscopically create an opening in a patient s blocked Read Full Blog Post

Dr. Siegel on WJLA/ABC news discussing balloon sinuplasty
Intense pressure, pain, congestion and headaches. These are typical symptoms of a condition more than 700,000 Washingtonians are living with called chronic sinusitis

Dr. Michael B. Siegel, M.D.
Respected by peers and trusted by patients. Dr. Siegel has dedicated his life to the medical profession.

Dr. John Bosworth Jr. M.D.
A broad range of experience and education. Dr. Bosworth became a doctor to help make a difference in people s lives.

Surgery Center Offers The Latest in Technology and Surgical Expertise
We are staffed with highly trained perioperative professionals who have one goal in mind: to make your surgical experience as easy and pleasant as possible, while providing the highest level of care available.

Ear, Nose Throat Care for Children Adults
At Siegel Bosworth ENT Center, you ll find a staff of Maryland s most experienced specialists in ear, nose and throat medicine and surgery (otolaryngology) right here in Montgomery County.

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