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About Shinagawa Eye Centre

About Shinagawa Eye Centre

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Our Doctors

Dr Lee Sao Bing

Dr Lee is the Medical Director and Principal Surgeon of Shinagawa Eye Centre, Singapore. He has many years of experience as an eye doctor. Prior to this, he was the Head of the Cornea Service at the National University Hospital Eye Centre, where he performed cataract surgeries, cornea transplants, LASIK and Epi-LASIK surgeries. He was instrumental in setting up Shinagawa Eye Centre in 2008 – designing the layout of the centre, acquiring equipment and training the staff.

Dr Jovina See

Dr Jovina See is a senior consultant eye surgeon. She graduated from the University of Cambridge with a distinction in surgery, and then went on to specialize in Ophthalmology. She completed her glaucoma fellowship at the Dalhousie Eye Care Centre in Canada. She was Head of the Glaucoma Services at the National University Hospital Eye Centre and Visiting Consultant at the Singapore National Eye Centre. She has special interests in the imaging and early detection of glaucoma progression. She specializes in performing laser and surgery for glaucoma, cataract and LASIK at Shinagawa Eye Centre.

Public Forums

LASIK, Epi-LASIK More – Public Educational Talk By Our Eye Doctors

Does LASIK treat astigmatism? Is LASIK painful? When can I take a flight after LASIK? What is No Flap No Touch Epi-LASIK?

These and many more questions about Advances in LASIK & Epi-LASIK Technology answered by our doctor in person. Free Admission. Limited seats.

Myopia Control Public Educational Talk By Our Eye Doctors

Many young people are short-sighted in Singapore. Is your child one of them? Are you disturbed by the quick increase in short-sightedness (myopia)? Come learn more about how we can halt the increase of myopia at this forum from our doctor. Free Admission. Limited seats.

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