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Printers that support fax to email

Hi Peterson,
The term inexpensive means different things to different folks, so you’ll have to clarify that. at least with an approximate price range. That said, many Brother MFC devices support this. I have the MFC-9840CDW and the MFC-9970CDW, both of which have these features (fax-to-email and fax-to-PC. from there, store the faxes wherever you want, including the network). The 9840CDW is considered obsolete, but the 9970CDW is current, and is reasonably priced (in my opinion):

There may be less expensive Brother MFCs that have these features. Here are links to all of their color laser MFCs and all of their B W laser MFCs (I’ve had several of them. all very good. but I do not recommend their inkjet models):

All of the manuals are online, so you should look at the User’s Guide and Advanced User’s Guide to make sure the model you’re considering has the fax-to-email feature (called Fax Forwarding) and the fax-to-PC feature (called PC-Fax Receive). Regards, Joe

Some of the Brother B W laser MFCs definitely have the fax forwarding-to-email capability. For example, here is a quote from the Fax Forwarding section of the Advanced User’s Guide for the MFC-7460DN:
You can also enter an E-mail address if your machine has been configured for the Internet Fax feature.
Another quote from the PC-Fax Receive section of the same manual:
If you turn on the PC-Fax Receive feature your machine will store received faxes in memory and send them to your PC automatically. You can then use your PC to view and store these faxes.

Even if you have turned off your PC (at night or on the weekend, for example), your machine will receive and store your faxes in its memory. The LCD will show the number of stored faxes received, for example: PC Fax Msg:001

When you start your PC and the PC-Fax Receiving software runs, your machine transfers your faxes to your PC automatically.
I have four Brother MFCs, but just one B W laser, which is an old one no longer in production. So all I can do is look at the manuals, which I have found to be accurate during many years of Brother MFC ownership.

If you think about the list of questions mentioned earlier, you can determine which B W laser MFC meets your requirements:

simplex or duplex printing
print tray capacity
flatbed or just ADF
ADF capacity
wired or wireless network connection
print/copy speed

Then look at the manuals for it (all are online at the Brother site) to be certain that it has the fax forwarding-to-email and the PC-Fax Receive features. Regards, Joe

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Brother works perfectly. Thx

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You’re welcome. Regards, Joe

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