Phil Heath Talks with VivaVegasTV After Mr Olympia #mr #olympia #on #tv


The newly crowned 4 time Mr Olympia Champion, Phil Heath. talks exclusively with Sancho Van Ryan on the red carpet of XS nightclub only hours after winning his fourth consecutive Sandow trophy. Sancho asks Phil how it feels to get the win and about the altercation on stage between he and Kai Greene. Phil talks about how happy he is to have won and glad the event is over so he can enjoy the after party at XS nightclub with his family and friends.

Phil Heath reveals the first thing he ate when he got off the stage, Pepperoni pizza it definitely wasn t the best brand but it was the best tasting one if you know what I mean. He also talks about how having strong family support and such strong support from the fans alleviates some of the stress of having to compete at the highest level every year.

Sancho asks Phil if there s a secret to being fit and healthy. Phil responds, As far as I know the secret is making a decision and sticking with that decision. And ultimately realizing that it s a marathon and not a sprint He also talks about how bodybuilders are using YouTube and social media to let other people see into their world. Phil talks about dedicating this competition to his father who recently passed away and how special it was that the 50th Sandow trophy was made of 24 karat gold.

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