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Paramedic Jobs for Ambulance and EMS Professionals

Paramedic jobs . help, information and downloads, especially designed for EMS professionals. You can find a job as an Ambulance Paramedic, Emergency Medical Technician (EMT) or other grades in the UK’s Ambulance Services by joining our mailing list.

We send out occasional e-mail shots with the very latest Paramedic jobs. EMT, PTS other vacancies from Ambulance Services and training opportunities from training providers across the UK. You can also find out the best ways to get yourself a career in the UK’s Ambulance Paramedic Services. Why not sign up using the box to the right of the page? It’s free.

There are links to valuable EMS resources and information. There are aide-memoirs, pictures and charts for you to download for free. There is also the opportunity to purchase paramedic books and emergency care equipment via our Amazon store.

Evidence of CPD is now a requirement in the UK for Paramedics registered with the HCPC. So we are building a training courses section. This section includes links to training courses like the PHTLS, ALS, AMLS EPLS courses. If you would like your organisation included just drop us an e-mail. Or visit our training course page.

Preparing for Paramedicine
Preparing for Paramedicine is a brand new initiative between the Paramedic Resource Centre and the University of East Anglia. If you are considering a career in the UK Ambulance Services as a Paramedic then this course is for you. It is designed to prepare you for the application, selection, educational requirements, fitness driving requirements and much more. The course is delivered entirely online and you can complete the course in only a few weeks. You will receive a certificate for the University confirming your completion of the course.

FREE E-mail Accounts

We have spent so much time searching for good value books, with the same results each time. Amazon are always the best value. So to save you the time and money we have built an Amazon affiliate section with all the very best ambulance paramedic books we could find.

We have recently created a Paramedic / EMS Equipment store with all of the equipment and kit you’ll need for frontline EMS work. We can’t beat Amazon’s prices! Here you’ll find all the very best value EMS products.

Other Paramedic Services

We cannot offer you paramedic cover for an event. We recommend that if you are looking for first aid courses or event cover in England or Northern Ireland then contact the NHS Ambulance Service in your area. In Scotland contact the Scottish Ambulance Service. If they are unable to assist you with your requirements then there are UK Ireland Private Ambulance Services available that may be able to provide the cover you require.

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