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Business Name Generator

How did the Business Name Generator Guru
come to be?

In an ancient time, long before the introduction of the modern-day business name generator or business naming companies … lived 12 Master Gurus, selectively spread across the world.

Each Guru was a master in a unique field. There was a Master Guru that closely held the secrets to a successful love life, and another that held the keys to achieve inhuman power and speed.

Hearing of the legends, adventurers, power seekers, and businessmen from across the world would travel to seek out the fabled knowledge the Master Gurus possessed.

Out of the 12 Master Gurus, who all had distinctive and well-known names, there was one who held a power far greater than the others. His name was never disclosed or known – he was simply referred to as “The Brand Name Guru”.

According to legend, The Brand Name Guru was a mysterious figure who had the knowledge of creating a business name that would go on to be known and recognized around the globe. He could produce the most powerful and creative business name ideas for those lucky enough to receive them.

The Brand Name Guru lived a long and successful life as one of Asia’s greatest economists, businessmen and business name creators. He held the greatest hand in generating and masterminding the base of the flourishing Asian economy, transforming the continent from a once poverty-stricken and ravenous land into a prosperous, stable and desired place.

In his old age, The Brand Name Guru retreated to a life of solitude and reflection on a small, solitary island off the coast of India, growing weary of requests to “name my business”. Even still, through treacherous seas and mythical storms, merchants, entrepreneurs and would-be businessmen from all corners of the Earth would embark on voyages to seek out The Brand Name Guru – they knew that whatever business name he generated for his requestors would cause the business to be world-renowned and successful.

Asad and Hammad of the creative writing Contest Marketplace CopyShoppy heard of the legendary business naming capabilities of the ancient Master Guru.

In an effort to learn his business name secrets and pass them on to the CopyShoppy copywriting community, they set sail for Asia to speak with locals to learn more about The Brand Name Guru, and attempt to find the island location where the Master Guru was said to have spent the last few years of his life.

Many locals claimed that The Brand Name Guru never existed, while others maintained that the sea swallowed the island where the Guru spent his final years of meditation.

After countless nights spent on the ocean, and through sheer determination, a little bit of luck and perhaps a dash of fate, Asad and Hammad finally stumbled upon the mysterious island where The Brand Name Guru was said to have lived and generated business names.

What they uncovered there was nothing short of spectacular … leading to the development of the most creative business name generator ever.


Here’s how to name your company using the free Guru Business Name Generator tool. Be prepared for creating a business name that is both unique and catchy!

Step 1 – Enter one or two keywords into the input box.

The word(s) you enter into the input box should relate with the product or service you plan to sell, or they should be words that describe what you want your customers think of when someone mentions your business.

Step 2 – Select the industry you plan to operate in.

Next, select the industry your business operates in. For example, if you plan to start a web design business, choose the “Art & Design” industry. If you’re starting a dating matchmaking business, select the “Dating” industry.

Note: Selecting your business industry is optional and not required.

Step 3 – Generate relevant and creative brand name ideas

After inputing one or two keywords and selecting your industry, click the Humbly request names button to generate business name suggestions. Business name ideas will then appear in groups of four.

Click the Request Guru Again button to get a fresh set of brand name ideas, or enter a new keyword and continue generating business names.

Tip: Experiment with different words to get the best business name results!

Step 4 – Check domain name availability

Once you find a business name you like, click the Check Domain button on the right of the brand name result. If the .COM domain is available for use, the button will turn green. If the .COM domain is unavailable, the button will turn red.

If the domain is available, click the green Register Domain button to register the domain before someone else does.

Tip: If the domain is not available and you still really like the company name, you can always alter or change the brand name slightly to one that is not registered already.

Step 5 – Share the Guru with friends

After requesting the Business Name Generator Guru for new business brand name ideas a few times, share buttons will appear on the left side of the page. If you found the Guru business name creator to be helpful, share us with your friends or business network who may also find the Guru helpful.

Step 6 – Get your perfect name (if you haven’t already)

Got your cool new business name from the Business Name Generator Guru brand name maker? Awesome!

If you still haven’t found the perfect business name after generating business names suggestions a few times, click the Get Perfect Name button.

This will allow you to host a contest on CopyShoppy, where dozens of talented copywriters compete to provide your business with the brand name that will drive word-of-mouth, skyrocketing your sales. After all, thirty creative minds are greater than one, even the Business Name Generator Guru’s!

Creating a brand name online has never been easier with CopyShoppy’s Business Name Generator Guru and Business Brand Name contests !

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Create Effective and Successful Business Presentations #business #awards

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10 Tips for Creating Successful Business Presentations

By Wendy Russell. Presentation Software Expert

Business is all about selling — a product, topic or concept. When making a business presentation, the most important thing is to know your material. If you do not know everything about what you are selling, it is not likely that the audience will be buying.

Keep your audience focused and interested. Making effective business presentations takes practice, but with a few tips up your sleeve, you are ready to take on the challenge.

1. Use Key Phrases About Your Topic

Jacobs Stock Photography/Stockbyte/Getty Images Note – These business presentation tips refer to PowerPoint (any version) slides. but all of these tips in general, can be applied to any presentation.

Seasoned presenters use key phrases and include only essential information. Choose only the top three or four points about your topic and make them consistently throughout the delivery. Simplify and limit the number of words on each screen. Try not to use more than three bullets per slide. The surrounding space will make it easier to read.

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2. Slide Layout is Important

Make your slides easy to follow. Put the title at the top of the slide where your audience expects to find it. Phrases should read left to right and top to bottom. Keep important information near the top of the slide. Often the bottom portions of slides cannot be seen from the back rows because heads are in the way.

3. Limit Punctuation and Avoid All Capital Letters

Punctuation can needlessly clutter the slide and the use of all caps makes statements more difficult to read and is like SHOUTING at your audience.

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4. Avoid Fancy Fonts

Choose a font that is simple and easy to read such as Arial, Times New Roman or Verdana. Avoid script type fonts as they are hard to read on screen. Use, at most, two different fonts – perhaps one for headings and another for content. Keep all fonts large enough (at least 24 pt and preferably 30 pt) so that people at the back of the room will be able to easily read what is on the screen.

  • Dark text on a light background is best, but avoid white backgrounds — tone it down by using beige or another light color that will be easy on the eyes. Dark backgrounds are effective to show off company colors or if you just want to dazzle the crowd. In that case, be sure to make text a light color for easy reading.
  • Patterned or textured backgrounds can reduce readability of text.
  • Keep your color scheme consistent throughout your presentation.


6. Use Slide Designs Effectively

When using a design theme (PowerPoint 2007) or design template (earlier versions of PowerPoint), choose one that is appropriate for the audience. A clean, straightforward layout is best if you are presenting to business clientele. Select one that is full of color and contains a variety of shapes if your presentation is aimed at young children.

7. Limit the Number Of Slides

Keeping the number of slides to a minimum, ensures that the presentation will not become too long and drawn out. It also avoids the problem of continually changing slides during the presentation that can be a distraction to your audience. On average, one slide per minute is about right.

8. Use Photos, Charts and Graphs

Combining photos, charts and graphs and even embedding digitized videos with text, will add variety and keep your audience interested in the presentation. Avoid having text only slides.

9. Avoid Excessive Use of Slide Transitions and Animations

While transitions and animations can heighten your audience’s interest in the presentation, too much of a good thing can distract them from what you are saying. Remember, the slide show is meant to be a visual aid, not the focus of the presentation.

Keep animations consistent in the presentation by using animation schemes and apply the same transition throughout the presentation.

10. Make Sure Your Presentation Can Run On Any Computer

Use PowerPoint s Package for CD (PowerPoint 2007 and 2003 ) or Pack and Go (PowerPoint 2000 and before) feature when burning your presentation onto a CD. In addition to your presentation, a copy of Microsoft’s PowerPoint Viewer is added to the CD to run PowerPoint presentations on computers that don t have PowerPoint installed.

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How to Become a Dog Walker – Wacky Hounds, brightening up your dog s day #small #business #crm

#dog walking business


How to start a dog walking business.

Become a professional Dog Walker – The ultimate dog walking job – Dog walker opportunity

This short guide has been written with a view to explaining what is required to start up a professional dog walking business. It should give you a good idea about what you need to consider in your pursuit of becoming a full time Dog Walker. This guide is designed to give you an idea as to what is involved in starting up a professional dog walking business to run on a commercial full time basis. There are many adverts out there offering “dog walking jobs” but there is no need to look for employment as a dog walker or indeed to apply for dog walking jobs, when you can run your very own successful dog walking business.

There are many people, many dog loving people, who are in jobs that they dislike and would give their right arm for an opportunity to make a successful career in some form of dog care. Imagine keeping fit whilst being out in the fresh air and countryside. Could you think of a better way to make a living than keeping fit in the fresh air, whilst working with loads of different dogs every day? The list below will give you a good idea about how to become a self employed dog walker, so that you don’t have to apply for so called “dog walking jobs” or “dog walking opportunities”.

When starting a dog walking/pet sitting business, there is a lot of things to take into consideration:

Business Insurance – You will need quality business insurance which should include the likes of Public Liability, Care Custody & Control/Animal Liability, Professional Indemnity, Equipment Insurance, Personal Accident Cover, Vet Fees Extension, Loss of Key Cover, Glass Cover & Holiday Emergency Cover.

A professionally equipped van – For the transportation of dogs, your van should be professionally kitted out in the inside, be fitted with a moisture extraction system and your livery should be undertaken by professional Sign Writers.

Van Insurance – Suitable cover for a self-employed Dog Walker.

Relevant Local Council Licences – Depending on your local authority, there may be a variety of licences which you must hold, if you wish to operate as a Dog Walker in your local parks or you plan to offer dog home boarding services.

DBS/Disclosure Scotland – Undertake relevant police checks to inspire confidence in your future clients and to demonstrate trustworthiness.

Website – A modern, vibrant website is a must to convey professionalism and to allow prospective clients to find you easily.

Dog Walking/Boarding/Sitting – There is a variety of services that you can offer.

Branding/Trademark – In order to distinguish yourself from your peers, a great deal of thought should go into your brand and the protection of it.

Stationery – Your stationery should be consistent with your brand, and cover the likes of business cards, letterheads & envelopes.

Marketing – It is important to keep your advertising costs to a minimum when starting up any business, yet vital to find clients. Keeping your overheads as low as possible yet effective is advised.

Registration Forms – You will need an easily managed system to sign up new clients and will need well designed forms to cover the likes of Information Form, Terms and Conditions, Veterinary Authorisation, Walking Off the Lead and Customer Satisfaction Surveys.

Cover Letters – Easily edited to cover a wide range of scenarios, to save on administration time.

Charging Structure – The importance of this cannot be understated as there is a fine line between competitiveness and profitability.

Uniform – In accordance with your brand, you must be seen to be smart and professional at all times.

Key Management – It is extremely important that your key management systems are infallible.

Rota Management – In order to run an efficient operation, good time-management is essential.

Accounts – Not only is there a legal requirement for tax purposes, but tidy book keeping will save you a lot of time and expense.

Filing – You should have a tidy and appropriate system in place that complies with all relevant data protection rules and regulations.

Equipment – The types of equipment that you will need on a day to day business will include; Leads, Couplers, nail clippers, tick-removers, waterproof camera and phone, good boots and waterproof trousers and jacket.

Branded Dog I.D tags – Essential that all of your dogs wear these on every walk.

Training – It is not easy to take out a group of dogs for an hour’s walk. The practicalities of being a Dog Walker are far reaching, and you need to consider things like: basic group formation, collection of dogs, positioning of dogs in van, safe release of dogs from van, your walks, photo and video taking, using a dog whistle, potential hazards, safely getting your dogs back in the van and a suitable procedure for returning your dogs. With all of this in mind, you should undertake suitable before commencing with commercial dog walking.

Clients – Last but not least, you need to build and look after your client bank.

As you can see with this brief guide to becoming a dog walker, there is a lot of things to give consideration to. It may seem like a lot, but starting up a professional dog walking service requires a lot of planning.If, however, you would like the backing and help from an already successful and established dog walking company, then please take a look at our franchise page and download a free copy of our prospectus. Also, why not pop in to say hello to us on our facebook page, we won’t bite!

Have a Wacky day!

Join us at Wacky Hounds

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Business Icons Free vector in Adobe Illustrator ai ( #business #consultant

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Business Icons Free vector 843.46KB

File size: 843.46KB File type: Adobe Illustrator ai ( .AI ), Encapsulated PostScript eps ( .EPS ) Author: BSGStudio

Licence: Free for commercial with attribution. Please give a backlink to With out attribution just buy an commercial licence. Redistribute is forbidden. Please check author page for more information.

You can use this graphic design for commercial with attribution to Please buy a commercial licence for commercial use without attribution. Business Icons vector BSGStudio

Shutter Stock .com Best stock photos and vector. Flexible options. No daily limits

Vintage business icons vector set

Different business icons vector

Business icon set

Finance business icons set

Collection of gray simple business icons

9 kind business icons vector

Gray business icons on white background

Business icon pack

Business icons

Business icon set

15 business icon set vector free download

Business icon

Business Icons

Business icons

Business Icons

Global Business Icons

Vector orange glossy business icon set

Web and Business Icons

Abstract business icon

We are creating many vector designs in our studio (BSGStudio). The new designs will be published daily.

15% off on monthly subscription plans with coupon code AFD15
New lower prices. Flexible options. No daily download limits!

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Carpet Cleaning Business – Carpet Cleaning Equipment #business #consulting

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Most carpet cleaners today just use a manual scrub wand simply because it has been around for nearly 40 years. Using a manual scrub wand is hard physical labor and only cleans from two directions, often producing only mediocre results. The wand is old technology and gives you nothing new or different to market to your customers. If you are going into the carpet cleaning business, wouldn t you want to offer something that is new, different andbetter than the average carpet cleaner?

The Patented Rotovac Powerwand represents today’s latest
State of the Art technology in carpet cleaning.

The Rotovac definitely gives you something new, different and better to market to your customers. The Rotovac operates as easy as an upright vacuum cleaner. The motors supply all the scrubbing muscle for you as the rotary vacuum heads thoroughly clean the carpet from all directions. When your customers witness the restorative cleaning power of the Rotovac, you will quickly grow your business through word of mouth referrals and repeat customers.

Here’s How the Rotovac Works

Patented Stainless Steel Extraction Heads thoroughly clean the carpet from all directions with hundreds of rotary cleaning passes. The Rotovac restores matted down traffic areas and removes tough stains that a manual wand would leave behind. The Rotovac supplies all the cleaning muscle for you and is as easy to operate as an upright vacuum cleaner.

Bottom View Of Cleaning Heads

Rotovac Complete Equipment Package

Rotovac has assembled a complete equipment package that includes everything you will need to get your business up and running at factory direct savings.

Our Complete Business
Start-Up Package includes:

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25 Real Estate Business Cards We Love #financial #news #today

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25 Unique Real Estate Business Cards We Love

Are you in market for a new real estate business card? One of the best ways to leave a lasting impression is with an eye-catching business card. Your business card should be so well-designed that it causes people to remember you and hold on to your card for the perfect time. Does you card do this?

If not, and you’re hunting for ideas, we have a list of 25 elegant and unforgettable real estate business cards that will inspire you. A special thanks to everyone who shared their business cards with us.

Before we dive into the details on this topic, we suggest you check out Zillow Premier Agent. an advertising platform for Zillow and Trulia. While both sites allow you to post listings for free, becoming a premier agent has two major benefits: Exclusivity and Wider Reach. Visit Zillow to learn more and generate more leads.

Our Favorite Real Estate Business Cards:

1. TJ Kelly, Web Developer User Experience Designer

Made of metal. Very unique and memorable.

Uncommon, rugged aesthetic to match the niche market.

2. David Feldberg, Broker Owner, Coastal Group OC

They are thick cardstock with a UV coating so they are shiny. I have never received more compliments on my card then I have with these. I chose this design as I wanted to have a large amount of info along with my picture and logo featured so this was a way for me to do all of that.

3. Classic Business Card Design

This business card gives a strong first impression with contrasting yet appealing colors, embossed background, and simple but effective logo branding.

Looking to jump start your marketing and pull in new leads by the dozen? Click here for 25 Real Estate Marketing Ideas from the pros.

4. Best Homes Team

This business card maximizes all of its real estate by utilizing both sides of the card. The vibrant colors add energy and verve.

5. Bird Realty

Two toned in a fresh and elegant pairing of green and gray, this business card stands out with its shapely design and unique color scheme.

6. Homes with David

Blue inspires trust, and this card has blue in abundance. The use of white (or negative space) gives the card a sleek and professional feel.

7. Kasper Real Estate Agency

This business card smartly makes use of its back to drive clients to their website.

8. H. Livingstone Real Estate Broker

White text can be a bold decision for business design, but it works elegantly on this single-sided card.

9. SV3 Group

Using a monotone color scheme, SV3 Group’s business cards are understated but modern.

10. Dynamic Reality

These business cards are simple but interesting with its vertical styling and fresh blue color palette.

11. Flipside Realty Inc

Custom die cut business cards that can be “flipped” to show both sides insures that it won’t get lost in the crowd.

If you are considering a catchy slogan for your business card check out our list of 25 Slogan Examples From the Pros .

12. Caggiano Realty Group

When in doubt, always use a photo it adds a personal touch that can’t be beat.

13. Kindred Property Group

Foil-edging lend a sense of richness and elegance to any business card.

14. LCS Lao Clean Services

This combination of black and gold present as decadent, glamorous, and fascinating.

15. Homeplus

This business card is stencil cut out that echoes the company name (Home”plus”) in its visual design.

16. eTopBroker

Another vote for adding a professionally taken photo to one’s business card. This one pops with coral.

17. Steve Zanhd

This business card is both neat and informative, with all of the major bullet points you need to reach the card owner.

18. Odama Realty

This two-sided business card makes a bold statement with its orange and black color scheme.

19. Dawson Boyer

The strong lines, all capital text, and blue on blue color selection makes this real estate business card stand apart from the crowd.

Looking for ideas to make your next open house drive more interest than ever? Check out our Open House Ideas From the Pros !

20. SGRE

A dazzling use of blue and green create unexpected modernity and cleanness to this business card.

21. Pam Flora

This business card presents the broker as approachable, friendly, and creative.

22. Qwest Investment

Purple and gold give off a regal yet whimsical feeling to these business cards, and the textures add an artistic depth.

23. Adam Nobel

If you have accolades or awards, don’t be afraid to add them to your real estate business card, as done here.

24. Fauver Group

Clean, classic and polished, this business card is beautiful in its simplicity.

25. David Mour

Rounded corners and vibrant colors are a winning combination for this two sided business card.

We asked 50 experts for their best real estate marketing idea. Click here to see what they told us!

What Are You Favorite Real Estate Business Cards?

Do you have a favorite business card that we missed? Let us know in the comments below, with a link to it. Can’t wait to see what you share.

Want more real estate leads? Click here to start generating more leads from Zillow today!

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Boost Your Real Estate Business With Smart Real Estate Management Software #business #research

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Boost Your Real Estate Business With Smart Real Estate Management Software

Due to its eye popping attractions, glamorous lifestyle, and internationally acclaimed real estate, Dubai stands as being one of the strongest hubs for real estate agents. The ever-expanding construction projects in the UAE have brought rise to hundreds of real estate agencies that are focused on bringing a world-class experience to anyone buying property in the UAE.

Available real estate in areas such as Business Bay, Arabian Ranches, Dubai Marina, The Palm Jumeirah, Downtown Dubai, Al Warqaa, Jumeirah Lake Towers (JLT) and many others are being offered by real estate agents to not only those living in Dubai, but all over the world.

What are Real estate websites why are they used?

Real estate websites are known to provide a database of available property, villas, apartment, land, etc. to anyone seeking looking to purchase.

For real estate agents and brokers, it is becoming challenging to deal with the increasing traffic on their real estate websites. This has resulted in web development companies developing what is known as real estate management software. This software has been created to help manage the overwhelming records and data of property being offered on a relator’s website.

Some known property management software:

Many companies that work on web application development are hence developing property management software that is used by real estate agents to facilitate their business. AppFolio Property Manager, MRI Residential Management, Propertyware and roomMaster are some of such software that is widely used, more can be found here.

Benefits of Using Real Estate Management Software

Real estate management software provides a platform to manage properties, payments, accounting, selling record and all such utilities at one place no matter what platform you are accessing from (phone, tablet, PC). It provides you the tools that you need to manage your real estate.

It includes management tools that are helpful in managing your properties in less time thus allowing you to focus your time on revenue optimization by offering a self-automated process. They are designed to facilitate leasing, renting, and purchasing activities carried out in one place.

These platforms are also helpful in networking with thousands of property management companies, investors, real estate managers and others worldwide. This will help you to promote your property as well as enhance sales and attract more visitors to your business.

Real estate applications are used to help businesses become more organized while also increasing productivity. This software offers website integration, smart electronic payments, and online file management along with recurring transactions.

Property management software is also used to speed up the working process of property selling or renting by tracking multiple accounts. This process shortens the document processing time by offering maximum credibility to maintain data confidentially.

For real estate in Dubai, the property management software mentioned above is helpful in boosting your business with automatic and built-in features. At eTek Studio, our services offer web development in Dubai that also includes the designing and development of real estate management software.

Call us now to get your property management software professionally developed by eTek Studio.

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Business Partners The Appointment Group #business #consulting

#business partners


Business Partners

Hedge Fund Association

The Hedge Fund Association is a non-profit international group of professionals with a mission to provide a forum for thought leaders, innovators, practitioners and investors who are shaping the way business is conducted in the global hedge fund industry. We advocate for the industry by giving voice to the issues through the education of investors, the media, regulators and legislators. Our Members also serve the community at large through a commitment to philanthropy.

The Association of Celebrity Assistants (ACA)

The Association of Celebrity Assistants, ACA-UK, is a non-profit organisation created and used by Personal Assistants working for high profile individuals from the worlds of film, TV, theatre, music, luxury goods, fashion, beauty, charity, business, politics, art and sport.

We offer members a confidential environment in which to meet, exchange ideas, share information, give advice and post jobs. Our website, provides information on membership, the ACA-UK’s partners, and our latest press coverage.

Purple Frog Marketing

Finding the remarkable in your business to create change in the way people think about your brand, products and services. Purple Frog, creativity tempered with evaluation and strategic insight; delivering effective and ingenious ideas. So if you want simple, brave communications, strategic campaigns or digital thinking – Purple Frog pushes the boundaries and makes your business noticeable, not invisible.

For more information on how Purple Frog can help your advertising communications, web digital marketing and campaign planning please visit

Keith Prowse

We believe the experience of a lifetime takes a lifetime of experience. And we’ve been creating memorable moments at some of the world’s premier sporting, social and cultural events for more than two centuries. As the UK’s leading corporate hospitality and tours provider, and official supplier to many iconic venues, our customers and their guests enjoy exclusive access to the best facilities. We’re passionate about delivering the ultimate experience, guaranteeing any sporting spectacle or cultural event is one to remember.

For more information on Keith Prowse please click here

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Business Administration: Real Estate (BBA, 4 Years) #sba #business #loan

#real estate business


Business Administration: Real Estate (BBA, 4 Years)

Profile of the Programme:

1. Gain expertise in Business Administration and in one of the following concentrations: Energy Oil and Gas Management; Entrepreneurship and Innovation; Finance and Economics; Human Resource Management; Information Systems and Social Media; Management; Marketing Communications; Public Administration; and Real Estate.
2. Demonstrate knowledge of business processes and an ability to assess industry attractiveness, identify risks and opportunities of doing business in a global environment
3. Choose and apply appropriate quantitative or qualitative methodologies to analyze problems and utilize modern technological and analytical tools necessary to support decision-making in organizations.
4. Develop leadership and organisational skills towards communicating vision, inspiring employees and promoting innovation and change.
5. Identify and evaluate ethical issues and communicate justifiable resolutions for practical situations.
6. Demonstrate proficiency in communication and develop teamwork skills.

Specific Concentration Objectives:
Real Estate
1. Gain a systematic understanding of real estate-related problems, methods and tools for analyzing and evaluating the real estate and property industry
2. Develop an understanding of the planning policy and implementation process, and acquaintance with the legal and taxation aspects of the real estate industry
3. Apply tools to determine market trends and values in the real estate industry

Real Estate Investment firm, Real Estate Equity firm, Estate Manager, Property Valuation Manager and Consultant, Real Estate Broker, Real Estate Agent, Development and Construction Industry, Appraiser, Investment and Banking Sector.

Access to Further Studies:

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The Most Important Local Business Directories for SEO #home #based #business

#business directories


September 24th, 2012

We ve updated this post for 2016. Check it out here.

While many of your potential customers search Google for information on local services, inevitably a large portion of them find their way to a local business directory. Many of these directories not only have substantial brands/marketing budgets to drive traffic, but they also do well in organic search rankings for important search terms. So even if you can’t get your site ranked high for a specific search term, you can appear on the local directory site that ranks for that term. Perhaps even more important is that links to your site and mentions of your business (aka “Local Citations”) can help your site rank well in both “national” organic search as well as in the Google Places results (I still can’t bring myself to say the “Google+ Local” results).

So with this in mind, we thought it would be helpful to provide a list of the best local business directories for your SEO efforts. While other sites have put together similar lists, invariably they focus on a grab-bag of sites, many of which are irrelevant. We wanted to go for only those that are truly important and worth spending time on.

We have divided them into two lists:

  1. The Largest Local Business Directories in the US
  2. The Top U.S. Local Citation Sources

The 55 Largest Local Business Directories in the US
These local directory sites, according to, have the largest amount of traffic and are listed by size largest first. In cases where the site is more than a directory, such as Mapquest, we have tried to estimate what % of their traffic goes to the directory. Improving your presence on these directories means your business will be exposed to a wide audience of local searchers.

Top U.S. Local Directory Citation Sources and recently released some amazing data on the top local citation sources by city and by category. We thought it would be interesting to take that data and determine which directories on average had the most citation influence in the entire country. While it’s good to focus on your service area and category for citation building, in most cases, regardless of your location or industry, these are the sites you should almost always include while citation-building.

While a number of expected brands made the list, Facebook and YouTube are perhaps the two biggest surprises here. Then again, they are two of the biggest sites in the world and each has local business content, so perhaps it’s no surprise that they would emerge as important citation sources.

How does your business appear on all these sites? Click here to scan your business. It s fast and free.

Andrew Shotland is the proprietor of Local SEO Guide. a SEO consultancy focused on enterprise search engine optimization for local media properties and multi-location businesses. He also has a new blog about Apple Maps .

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