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Love Dogs Start a Dog Walking Business

Everyone knows that dogs should be out walking just like us, dog owners today can lead extremely busy lives and due to busy schedules, physical disabilities or injuries, it may not be always possible for pet owners to walk their dogs themselves.

This is where you, as the owner of your own Dog Walking Business can step in and help out. Grab the Free video guide to learn more about starting your own dog walking business.

Ever thought about it? Doing something that you love, Walking 10-20 dogs a day at say $25 an hour, add a few add on services and you all of a sudden are making a great income running your own business without a whole lot of overheads. Understand that you will not need a significant investment to get started like other business models, No need to Build anything, carry large amounts of stock, pay rent etc. and you can do it all working out of your own home. has been set up to help you achieve just that in just a few days, not months. Our goal is to have you walking your 1st dog within a few days. To get you started quickly here is an outline of part of what we provide:

  • Professional looking search engine friendly website
  • A fully optimised Google AdWords account set up
  • Pamphlets customized for you and your area
  • Customised stationary, business cards logos
  • Ongoing online marketing advice

Starting a dog walking business can end up earning you a very comfortable living while combining a love of animals and the outdoors. Getting started is relatively low cost and can be done in a few days. Go ahead and fill out your details to the right or give us a call on 1800 423 967 and we can have a friendly chat and answer questions a see what we can do to help you get started in your own business.

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Car Wash Self-service Business Plan Sample – Company Summary #home #business #ideas #for #women

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Car Wash Self-service Business Plan

Company Summary

Auto Paradise is a dynamic start-up company that will provide exceptional car care services to the members of the San Angelo community. Quality services that exceed expectations will establish Auto Paradise as the premiere car wash service in San Angelo, Texas. It will provide that following products and services to the local community:

  1. Two Laser Automatic “touch-free and spot-free” car wash bays
  2. Four “self-serve” bays
  3. Vacuum and car wash vending services
  4. Reverse osmosis drinking water.

Auto Paradise will establish its first location one lot from the intersection of Avenue N and Byrant Avenue, which are two of the busiest streets in San Angelo. The lot faces Avenue N and will be accessible from two sides. The ATM and RO dispensers will be accessible from a side road and will not interfere with the car wash traffic.

The facility will have two automatic car wash bays, four self-serve bays and an equipment room/office in the middle of the bays. It will also have four high powered vacuum islands (eight total vacuums), vending area, and an ATM/RO water area.

2.1 Company Ownership

Mr. Lewallen will create Auto Paradise as a Texas C corporation based in Tom Green County. Mr. and Mrs. Lewallen will be the majority owners (80%) with principal investors owning the remaining 20%. As of this writing, it has not yet been chartered and Mr. Lewallen is still considering alternatives.

2.2 Start-up Summary

Total projected start-up expenses (including construction, equipment, land, landscaping and related start-up expenses) come to $934,100. The start-up costs are to be financed by direct owner investment and long term financing.

A. Investment Options. Auto Paradise will open approximately 90 days after securing financing. Mr. Lewallen is offering several ways to invest in Auto Paradise:

  1. Company stock: Mr. Lewallen is offering 20% of company stock to investors. Auto Paradise is offering 1% of company stock for $7,500. Capital will help establish the first Auto Paradise location and provide “head start” on the second location. Auto Paradise plans to distribute $2,500 per 1% share each of the first three years.
  2. Secured Investment: Mr. Lewallen is offering a guaranteed 10% return for a three year investment. Mr. Lewallen is willing to secure these investments with personal assets/investments.

B. Financing. The SBA loan that Mr. Lewallen will secure from the SBA is structured to ensure Auto Paradise’s success during the early months of operation. The $740,400 loan includes two elements designed to help build operating capital. First, the loan includes a 10% ($69,000) construction contingency that will convert to operating capital if the construction costs are consistent with the estimate. It also includes 9 months of interim interest which will defer the long-term mortgage payment for 9 months (6 months of operation).

C. Land. Auto Paradise is in the process of securing a lot near (one lot from corner) the intersection of Bryant Ave. and Avenue N, which are two of the busiest streets in San Angelo. The lot will be 165′ along Avenue N and 175′ deep. The purchase is pending the results of a phase I environmental inspection, which is expected to produce favorable results.

D. Construction. Getting a firm construction bid is the next step in the process after securing the initial investors. The architect plans and an actual bid will be the last elements necessary to secure bank financing. The estimates included are from previous projects and are considered generous (on the high-side). The estimated $390,000 includes total construction costs for two automatic and four self-serve bays, parking lot, signage, landscaping and architect fees.

E. Construction Contingency. The 10% construction contingency will cover any unexpected expenses or shortfalls. This may be re-negotiated as a “line of credit” in order to reduce the amount of the loan.

F. Equipment. Washing Equipment of Texas (WET) has provided a detailed estimate for the purchase and installation of the equipment for two automatic bays, four self-serve bays, four vacuum islands (eight vacuums) and a reverse osmosis water dispenser. WET, which is located in San Angelo, will also provide all maintenance and repair services.

The assumptions are shown in the following tables and chart.

Need actual charts?

We recommend using LivePlan as the easiest way to create graphs for your own business plan.

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Communications Guide: How to Improve Your Communication Skills #business #loans #for #women

#business communication skills


A Crash Course in Communication Need a quick refresher on effective interpersonal interaction? Two communication experts offer 12 steps to smoother conversations. Lost in Translation Thanks to e-mail, BlackBerrys, and text messaging, the face-to-face encounter is becoming a dying art. Here’s why you should revive it. The Power of Listening How does an old-line manufacturer in a stagnant industry manage to grow 25% a year for 10 years? By taking its employees seriously. Do as I Say: Quick Tips for Masterful Communication Tired of doing all the talking and not having your message get through to your staff? Try these suggestions to improve your leadership communication skills. Just Listen to Yourself Tape yourself to better understand your communications style. Powerful Questions Can Have a Powerful Effect Questions can be one of the most effective communication tools available to us. Do you use questions enough in your day-to-day interactions? When Do You Lie? Strategies For More Authentic, Respectful Communication Lies come in all shapes, sizes and colors. (Ever heard of flat-out, teensy or white lies?) This article focuses on when it’s appropriate, if at all, to lie. 10 Tips for Communicating Change Transition is inevitable, but exactly what you say and how you say it can make a major impact on how change is handled in your company. How to Motivate Employees Kevin Plank, founder of Under Armour, says it is vital to maintain regular face-to-face communication with employees even as a company expands. The 4-1-1 On Constructive Criticism Being critical is easy, and offering criticism seems easier still. Yet constructive criticism – – the more refined and effective brand of critical feedback – – is like an art. Lost in the Translation Tips on communicating with employees who don’t speak English.
How to Say You’re Sorry Apologizing is part of doing business. But do it wrong, and you’ll really be sorry. Tips on Becoming a Good Conversationalist In this excerpt from How to Work a Room: The Ultimate Guide to Savvy Socializing in Person and Online learn tips for becoming a talk target — someone with whom it is easy to make conversation.
10 Tips for Successful Networking Keith Ferrazzi needs two PalmPilots to keep track of all his contacts, people like Bill Clinton and Michael Milken. But there’s far more to cracking the inner circle of the power elite than just taking names.

Powerful Presentations Small-business columnist Rhonda Abrams shares nine strategies for giving powerful presentations. Reinventing the PowerPoint New tech tools to liven your tired old PowerPoint presentations–and give your online marketing efforts a boost. Perfecting Your Pitch Check out these tips from entrepreneurs and business experts on creating pitches that can help you raise capital. More Power Than Point PowerPoint (or “presentation software”) has become the lingua franca of American business. It’s also become the problem with American business. Best of the Net: Power Brokers When it comes to presentation software, most users agree there’s one clear standard. We’ve found some Web-based resources to help you make your point. Captivate Audiences with Powerful Presentations Do you want your speeches to pack a punch? Professional speaker and speech consultant Patricia Fripp offers ideas on humor, movement, and vocal techniques. Short and Sweet: Mastering Quick Presentations Called on to make a brief speech? Professional speaker and speech coach Patricia Fripp offers tips for saying what you want, short and sweet. Present Before You Propose Improve your presentation by saving handouts until the end. Finding the Perfect Pitch Watch three rookies gear up for the investor presentation of a lifetime. The Seven Habits of Highly Effective Presenters Entrepreneurs learn pretty quickly that making a verbal pitch to investors is very different from submitting a written business plan. Here are seven good practices gleaned from a venture-capital boot camp. Elements of a Winning Pitch A presentation to potential investors in your business — to family, friends, or angels — should include most of these elements.

Escape From Meeting Hell It’s time for another soul-sapping, oxygen-depriving, time-wasting, mind-numbing company meeting. Or is it? We offer 15 clever solutions to the problems with most meetings. Meetings Go Virtual Web conferencing and other collaboration technologies — tools that help people work with one another through their computers — have become more available and affordable. This is a boon for smaller companies whose only previous collaboration option was to gather workers in a room with coffee, donuts and a whiteboard. Meetings 101: Was That a Good Meeting, or a Bad One? Five simple factors that help ensure every meeting is a good meeting. Tools for Boosting Communication Effectiveness Tips on how to boost the effectiveness of communication in meetings, during change initiatives, and in interviews. Advice on Getting the Most Out of Meetings Keith Lamb shares some advice on getting the most out of your meetings. Cure the Sick-Meeting Ills Ineffective meetings may be wasting time and lowering morale. Two communication experts offer seven strategies for dramatically improving your meetings. How to Manage Meetings More Effectively A look at companies that hold unique meetings for developing products, building camaraderie, generating ideas, and reviewing employees’ needs and achievements.

Writing and Organizing a Winning Speech Public speaker and speech consultant Patricia Fripp suggests following one of two basic outlines for your speech. She also offers speechwriting tips. Polishing and Rehearsing for a Perfect Presentation You’ve written a speech, but there’s still work to do before delivering it. Patricia Fripp gives six suggestions for making sure your speech hits home along with several ideas on effective rehearsing. Deliver a Stellar Speech Powerful presentations happen when you check out the room in advance and work to connect with the audience when talking. Patricia Fripp offers ideas for ensuring that what you say is a smashing success. No More Pre-Speech Jitters From virtual reality therapy to positive visualization, we’ve got relaxation techniques to help offset your fears of public speaking. Free Speech Preparing for a big speech? Resources on the Web can help.

Work through Writer’s Block Need help working through some written projects? Two communication experts offer eight tips for clear and effective writing. Writing Well on the Web Content is king. Here are easy ways to make your website more reader-friendly. Polish Your Prose Poor grammar and punctuation in proposals and reports could cost you business. How to Blog The trick, say experts and longtime bloggers, is restraint. “For marketers, it’s about being more authentic, which is so ironic,” says one analyst.
How to Drive Traffic to Your Company’s Blog Driving traffic to your small business’ corporate blog takes equal parts old-fashioned marketing and contemporary Web tools.


Are You Assertive or Aggressive? Assertiveness is the skill that tops the list for success or failure in any workplace situation. Learn how to be more assertive — not aggressive — and apply it to your interactions. Get Your Point Across without Being Rude Is your communication style a little rough around the edges? Here are five techniques for saying what you mean without making enemies in the process. Communicating When People Leave You Speechless Improved communication is a nice idea, but can it work in the real world? Take a look at these real-life business issues and suggestions for better communication that may lead to better business.

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Mayor Announces Expanded Tech Talent Pipeline
Mayor de Blasio announced new commitments and expanded training programs designed to equip New Yorkers with 21st century skills and connections to employment as part of the administration’s NYC Tech Talent Pipeline initiative. The expanded and upgraded programs have been designed to serve over an additional 1,700 New Yorkers, building upon the Tech Talent Pipeline’s existing work to serve 750 participants through its 10 existing programs.
Learn More

Mayor Launches Program for Low Income and Immigrant Women Entrepreneurs
Mayor de Blasio announced the launch of “WE Master Leadership,” a public educational workshop series that will provide low-income and immigrant women entrepreneurs with the necessary skills and tools to launch, grow and sustain a business. The program is expected to serve an additional 500 women annually, while the overall WE NYC initiative is on track to serve over 5,000 women by 2019.
Learn More

Mayor Announces Opening of Brooklyn Industrial and Transportation Center
Mayor Bill de Blasio today announced the expansion of the Jamaica, Queens Workforce1 Career Center with the opening of the new Workforce1 Industrial and Transportation Career (ITC) Center in Brooklyn. The expansion will result in helping another 1,000 New Yorkers find new and better jobs in the industrial and manufacturing sectors.
Read the Press Release

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5 Fantastic Small Business Payroll Services Compared – Capterra Blog #sell #a #business

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5 Fantastic Small Business Payroll Services Compared

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If you didn’t have to hire, manage, and pay employees, life would be a lot easier. Unfortunately, that plan ends up with you sitting alone in a dark room, trying to do everything for your business while slowly losing your mind. Luckily, you can pay someone else to take care of this stuff. Payroll services will take the burden off you, give your employees a regular paycheck, and some can even manage your payroll taxes.

For many companies, hiring someone to manage HR operations like paying employees and managing benefits is cost prohibitive. Payroll services cost substantially less than hiring a new employee and can take a lot of work off your plate.

Here are five small business payroll services to compare.

Intuit Payroll

Inuit’s full-service payroll option covers basically everything. All you do is enter the hours to pay your employees for, and Intuit does the rest. In this case, “the rest” includes direct deposits, tax preparation, and even tax filing. The company also offers smaller options, which still manage payments, but which require you to do more work on the tax end.

Intuit also supports a wide range of secondary payroll features. You can add in health insurance contributions, 401(k) deductions, IRA payments, and other retirement plans. Pay period deductions can be modified with catchup payments for your older employees, as well.

Intuit’s options range from $25 per month to $99 per month, depending on how much handholding you’d like. All the options cost an additional $2 per month, per employee.


OnPay is one of the newer payroll service providers on the scene, but reviewers and users have been happy with its offering. Like Intuit, OnPay can manage payments, payroll taxes, and can pay your employees by direct deposit or print-on-demand checks.

OnPay is geared toward the smaller end of the small-business spectrum. It lacks support for retirement and some other more advanced deductions.

OnPay costs $39.95 per month, and for that price you get ten employees. Beyond ten, you’ll pay $1 more per month, per employee. Direct deposit functionality costs an additional $8 per month.

Paychex Flex

Paychex is one of the biggest payroll processors around. The company claims that it “pays 1 in 15 US private sector workers.” Paychex Flex is the company’s online, payroll service option.

Paychex offers a lot of optional features. You can have checks issued, use direct deposit, or even use prepaid debit cards to pay your employees. The service can also administer retirement plans, do your taxes, and garnish wages when the IRS comes after your vice-president of sales.

Most reviewers have suggested that Paychex is best suited to companies with under 50 employees and it excels at managing complex payment systems, like if your business spans state lines. Paychex doesn’t advertising its pricing model.


A relative newcomer, Wagepoint is a simple, clean option for small business payrolls. The company offers automatic deductions for 401(k) contributions, health insurance, and union dues, along with a whole host of other options.

Wagepoint has been adding new features along the way, so the service of 2016 may look very different from the service of 2015. I met the folks who run the show at a conference in New York earlier in 2015, and I was very impressed.

The CEO told me that in the first days of the company’s operation, they experienced a glitch which resulted in some employees being mispaid at one client company. To make things right, Wagepoint paid the employees of the affected company out of its own pocket. That’s how you respond to a customer issue.

Wagepoint costs $15 per pay period, plus $2 per employee, and is running smooth and glitch free, these days.


ZenPayroll lets your employees enter their own information when they join the business, saving you the manual data entry. The one last hurdle – removed. ZenPayroll also allows your employees to donate to charities and they’ll get neat little explanations of their pay breakdown on each paystub. It’s cool.

In addition to the self-onboarding process, employees get a login once they’re added in the system. They’ll have access to their own paystubs from any internet device, they can manage charitable contributions, and they can update their tax withholdings.

It also offers the usual stuff – direct deposit, taxes, etc.

ZenPayroll is $25 per month, plus $4 per month, per employee.

Final thoughts

Like most business software, payroll services aren’t black and white, good and bad. Depending on the size of your business, your payment frequency, and the number of benefits you offer, you’re going to have very specific best options.

If you need more, check out Capterra’s full payroll software directory. We can point you in the right direction, and get you spending more time on growing your business.

Image by Abby Kahler

Looking for Payroll software? Check out Capterra’s list of the best Payroll software solutions.

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Business Web Hosting #business #first #louisville

#business web hosting


Business Hosting

24/7 Legendary Rapid Support

We’re a real 24 hours 7 days a week company, and we mean it. Unlike many of our competitors who claim that they are available 24×7, most of them mean that you can submit a support request 24×7, but you won’t necessarily receive an answer until the morning. We’re different, call or e-mail anytime & rest assured that a real person will be there to handle your request.

Easy Application Installer via Installatron

A free single-click web application installer that enables blogs, photo galleries, forums, shops, and other applications to be instantly installed and effortlessly managed. Install applications such as:

The technical specifications


  • Latest enterprise-grade servers
  • Dual CPUs, 12+ cores. Min. 32GB RAM
  • RAID Intel solid state drives (SSD)
  • Redundant dual power supplies


  • cPanel Control Panel
  • LiteSpeed Web Server
  • HTTP/2 SPDY Support
  • Installatron Applications Installer: 150+ apps
  • Website Builder Professional: 600+ templates
  • PHP: versions 5.2, 5.3, 5.4, 5.5, 5.6, 7.0
  • MariaDB databases: version 10+
  • Git version 1.8+
  • Content distribution network: CloudFlare
  • WAN Optimizer: Railgun
  • Full mod_rewrite support
  • Cron jobs
  • Google analytics + webmaster tools compatible
  • Google Apps simple integration
  • Awstats, Analog & Webalizer visitor analytics


  • Sydney GlobalSwitch Data Center
  • BlackLotus DDoS Protected
  • Fully redundant
  • Multiple Peers Australia Wide


  • Encrypted cPanel & email access
  • Active exploit file Scanning
  • Custom Web Application Firewall
  • Comprehensive Firewall Rules
  • CloudLinux OS separates users completely
  • Realtime Blacklist Monitoring
  • Password Protected Directories
  • Restrict access by IP
  • Hotlink/Leech protection


  • Easy browse and restore via cPanel
  • Restore website files, databases and mail
  • 30 restore points over 30 days
  • Stored off-server
  • Data verified weekly


  • Backup Mail Servers
  • Inbound & Outbound Filtering
  • WebMail (Horde, RoundCube, SquirrelMail)
  • Forwarders, auto responders, catch-all
  • Google Mail Support
  • Encrypted access
  • Mailing lists
  • 1,000 e-mails/hour sending limit
  • Up to 50MB attachment size

Still need help finding the right plan?

No problem! We know that figuring out the right plan for you can be tricky, so our hosting specialists are available 24/7 to help you figure things out.

2009-2016 PANTHUR Pty Ltd | ACN 143 761 228 | All Rights Reserved

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Starting a Carpet Cleaning Business #current #stock #market

#carpet cleaning business


Starting YOUR OWN Professional Carpet Cleaning Business Can be Exciting, Rewarding, and Very Profitable

Of all the start-up businesses out there restaurants, retail, real estate carpet cleaning is one of the fastest-growing and most secure. According to a recent study by IBISWorld, the cleaning services industry is expected to experience steady growth through 2018.

  • Carpet cleaning is recession-proof
  • The profit potential is HUGE
  • Carpet cleaning is a scalable business
  • There s never a shortage of new customers
  • Demand for professional cleaning services increases every year
  • Anyone can do it

Jon-Don Can Help You Achieve Your Dream

To get your new business started off on the right foot, begin your journey with Steps to Success. This three-day course is designed to take YEARS off your learning curve and provide you with the skills and tools to become profitable right away.

After working with thousands upon thousands of professional carpet cleaners since 1978 from small home-based businesses to mega-corporations with multi-truck fleets we know every stage of this business inside and out. It all starts with the right training. Sure, you could just buy some equipment from us and head out on your own, but wouldn t you rather do it right (and FAST) from day one?

Call our New Business Startup Expert at 800-400-9473 ext 2810 to Get Started

The Steps to Success Seminar

This 3-day training session is designed to give independent entrepreneurs hard working, go-getters like yourself who have the drive and desire to launch a new business the tools and knowledge they need to succeed right from the start. With STS, your business and every penny you earn is your own.

This is the class the pro s wish they could have taken. Your instructors will guide you through the first few months of setting up your business. We ll show you profitable pricing strategies, so you won t fall into the ugly trap of setting your prices a bit lower than the going rate (only to discover later that you re not charging enough to make ends meet).

We ll dive into successful marketing tactics, from how to design marketing materials that will drive more sales to tips and tricks for building a website and social media presence. Every attendee will leave with a step-by-step carpet cleaning script designed to create Customer Cheerleaders and super-charge your referral network.

You will participate in hands-on demonstrations and try out different products, experiment with spotting solutions, and use the right equipment on carpet and upholstery you will see and FEEL how to do a good job. You will QUICKLY become brilliant at the basics no prior carpet cleaning experience is required.

Call Mike Cushing at 800-400-9473 ext 2810 to Learn More About The Steps to Success Seminar

The Steps to Success Seminar Overview

    • The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly of the cleaning industry
    • How to price your work for profit
    • How Value-Added Service can make you wealthy
    • How to market your new business to jumpstart your cash flow
    • How to develop your website and social media presence
    • The 2-way phone script that will almost always book the job over the phone
    • Understanding carpet cleaning chemistry
    • How to clean carpet and remove 99% of the most common and most difficult spots
    • How to safely clean upholstery
    • How to remove odors
    • How to clean tile, grout, and other hard surfaces

Call Mike Cushing at 800-400-9473 ext 2810 to Get Started

Jon-Don is Different

We are all about much more than chemicals, equipment and supplies. We really want to become your “Partner for Success.” That s not just a bunch of fuzzy corporate jargon; it s something we take very seriously around here.

Jon-Don is successful only when YOUR success comes FIRST. That s why every year, thousands of professional carpet cleaners both new to the industry and veterans alike choose Jon-Don for their supply, service, and training needs.

We have a dedicated staff focused on making you successful by providing answers to your questions and connecting you with the business-building resources you need.

We’re also the only supplier in the market that offers a 30-day return policy everything we sell including truck mounts.

No one else does this.

Why do we do it? Because we stand behind you and what we sell 100%. We truly want to be your “Partner for Success.”

Jon-Don offers a variety of start-up packages to choose from, and each one can be customized to meet your budget and business goals.

We’ll answer the questions you have AND the questions you didn’t know you should ask. We’ll listen REALLY LISTEN to what your goals are and help you select the equipment and supplies that will get you there.

After all, what good is all your brand new equipment if you don t know how to use it? We want you to maximize your success right from the start.

So you see, we don t do things the way other suppliers do. We re a little different. And different is good.

Top Reasons Why You Should Buy from Jon-Don

30-day, money-back satisfaction guarantee even on truck mounts!

We re the only distributor in the industry that offers a 30-day buy-back guarantee on everything. Yes, even on truck mounts. If you re not happy with your purchase, just bring it back within 30 days for a complete refund. Peace of mind isn t on the invoice, but it comes with everything we sell.

Huge, in-stock selection!

You don t need to turn to multiple suppliers to get everything you need for your business. Chemicals, tools, equipment, supplies we are your one-stop shop for absolutely everything you ll need on the job.

Service and repair centers on-site!

Eventually, your equipment is going to need some maintenance work. Whether it s a routine tune-up or a full-blown repair, our factory-trained service technicians can get your equipment fixed FAST.

Warranty PLUS Program

When you buy your truck mount from Jon-Don, you automatically receive our Warranty Plus coverage*. With Jon-Don Warranty Plus, you receive 100% of the manufacturer s warranty coverage plus Jon-Don s repair center will perform FREE labor on all warranty replacement parts.

Whether the manufacturer offers no or limited warranty labor coverage, Jon-Don will automatically cover the installation labor cost of warranty parts. To qualify, you need to purchase your equipment from Jon-Don and the warranty repair must take place in a Jon-Don repair center.

On-going technical training opportunities.

We offer a wide selection of IICRC training courses throughout the year. You can earn industry certifications and improve your knowledge at our seminars, or you can purchase any of our DVD training programs and learn when it s convenient for you.

The Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration Certification (IICRC) is an international certification and standard-setting non-profit organization for the inspection, cleaning and restoration industries. Jon-Don holds over 150 certification classes a year in multiple subjects.

These classes are recognized by carpet manufacturers, insurance companies, and government agencies.

Take the next step with Strategies for Success

Steps to Success is a wonderful learning experience that gets you started down the right path, but once you ve been in business a while you may be ready for more. Our Strategies for Success seminar is the answer. This industry renowned 5-day course will help you take your business to the next level, and it s a terrific choice once you ve been in business for 6 months or more and are ready to start fine-tuning your operations.

Need help removing a tough spot? Have a quick question about how to clean a particular type of fabric? Need someone to help troubleshoot an equipment problem? Just give us a call! Our friendly representatives are available Monday through Friday, 7:00am 7:00pm to answer your questions 100% free of charge.

Call Mike Cushing at 800-400-9473 ext 2810 to Get Started

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Ohio SBDC #business #school

#small business bureau



The Ohio Small Business Development Centers Network is the premier technical assistance program for Ohio s small businesses. The network is provided through a partnership between the Ohio Development Services Agency, the U.S. Small Business Administration and selected Ohio chambers of commerce, colleges and universities, and economic development agencies. Today, these federal, state, and local partnerships contribute more than $10 million in cash and resources to the support of small business development in Ohio.

Small Business Development Centers (SBDC)

There are 28 funded SBDCs throughout Ohio staffed by highly trained, Certified Business Advisors . Centers provide no-cost, confidential, in-depth, one-on-one counseling for businesses that will or currently employ under 500 employees. Additional services include training, e-counseling, quality-based assessments, technical assistance, loan packaging guidance, and information on federal, state, and local regulations and programs.

Export Assistance is provided at selected SBDC locations to serve as the first point of contact for new-to-export businesses, as well as those expanding into new areas. Services include export readiness assessment,international marketing plans, market research, export compliance education, and access to export financing.

Manufacturing A ssistance serve as the initial point of contact for information,resources, referrals, and counseling for small manufacturing businesses. Centers also offer commercialization assistance to technology-based small businesses.

Funded in part through a cooperative agreement with the U.S. Small Business Administration. The Ohio SBDC program is also funded in part by the Ohio Development Services Agency. All opinions, conclusions or recommendations expressed are those of the author(s) and do not necessarily reflect the views of the SBA. Reasonable accommodations for persons with disabilities will be made if requested at least two weeks in advance. For arrangements, call the Ohio SBDC at 614-466-2711 or (800) 848-1300 ex. 6-2711.

Site Content 2016, Ohio SBDC

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Thank You for Your Service – 4 Business Funding Programs for Veterans #business #card

#business loans for veterans


Thank You for Your Service – 4 Business Funding Programs for Veterans

September 24, 2014

There are more than 2.4 million businesses operated by veterans nationwide, according to the SBA 2012 Veterans Report. Despite this growing trend towards entrepreneurship, funding options that specifically benefit veterans are difficult to find. Here are four unique funding programs if you are a veteran starting or expanding your business.

1. Self-employment grants for service-disabled veterans. Service-disabled veterans can connect with a self-employment program offered through the Veterans Administration.

Participants are required to submit a feasible and complete business plan for any funding considerations. As part of the process, veterans are assigned to either Category I or Category II. Those categories determine the level of self-employment funding may be available.

Veterans designated Category I have the most serve service-connected disabilities and self-employment is considered a viable option. Category II is designated for veterans with serious employment challenges but not considered severe.

Depending on the category, veterans can obtain a grant to fund purchase of equipment, inventory, supplies, training, licensing fees and marketing. Veterans interested in the program can contact their local VA office where a counselor will help them qualify for the self-employment program. Funds allocated for start-up enterprises are grants that do not have to repaid.

2. Angel investment group supporting veterans. Hivers and Strivers is an angel investment group funding early-stage investments in start-up companies founded and run by graduates of the U.S. military academies. The company generally invests $250,000 to $1 million in a single round.

A company seeking larger rounds can actively look to other investor groups in the Hivers and Strivers network for additional funds. Their goal is to support veteran entrepreneurs through a successful exit with a return 10 times the initial investment. Veterans can learn more about Hivers and Strivers and complete an application available on the front page of the company website.

3.Venture capital fund serving veterans. The Veterans Opportunity Fund (VOF) is the first venture capital fund formed to invest in businesses that are started, owned and/or managed by veterans of the United States armed forces. The investments range up to $3 million.

The fund focuses on companies based on the East Coast. The industries of interest include technology, healthcare, business services,and specialty manufacturing. The stage of interest is at early revenue or after a product or service can be evaluated.

Veterans interested in pursuing an opportunity with VOF can submit a business plan directly through the company website.

4. Online lending platform for veterans. Street Shares is an online lending platform designed to connect investors and small business owners to support veterans starting or expanding their business. Veteran-owned businesses can apply online in about 10 minutes.

The online auction periods have ranged from five to 30 days. Business owners pitch directly to lenders for loans of $5,000 to $50,000 with one, three, of five-year terms. Accredited investors can fund any portion of up to 90 percent of the requested loan amount with bids as low as $25 per business. StreetShares takes the first 10 percent. Co-founder Mark Rockefeller describes the platform as Shark Tank meets eBay.

While each of these programs follows standard due diligence in their funding, their social-driven goals include increasing the number of veteran-owned businesses nationwide.

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