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Office of Research

The Office of Research, led by Edward A. Silver, assists faculty with obtaining funding for research projects. The office helps faculty with the grant proposal preparation and submission process and with monitoring awards. The research staff can provide assistance with:

  • framing the structure, purpose, and substance of a grant proposal,
  • crafting the budget,
  • monitoring awards to ensure compliance with applicable laws and sponsor guidelines, and
  • assisting with the management of budgets,expenses, and personnel appointments.

Grant Proposal Process

Budget: The school s research staff play major roles in the budget approval process, ensuring that budgets contain adequate funds for the proposed research, that the university obligations are clear, and that the budget is structured to meet university and sponsor requirements. Because this takes time, faculty are strongly encouraged to contact the Office of Research early in the grant application process.

Timeline: All proposals must be submitted to the Office of Research seven business days prior to the sponsor s due date.

Calculate your submissions deadlines

Please enter the proposal due date below to determine the internal deadlines for each step of the submission process.

Sponsor Due Date

Start the Grant Proposal Process

Principal investigators will submit all proposals to Patricia Kraus, the grants administrator for the School of Education. Patricia will work with the university s Office of Research and Sponsored Projects (ORSP) to submit the proposal to the granting and founding agency.

To begin a grant proposal submission, please complete the Research Proposal Survey. A member of the Office of Research will contact you to follow up.

Be prepared to include the following information:

  • Tentative project title
  • Name of Sponsor
  • Sponsor deadline
  • Solicitation number
  • Tentative start and end date
  • Draft of budget

Project Associate Manager

Sponsored Projects Financial Specialist

Research Development Manager

Contract Grant Specialist

William A. Brownell Collegiate Professor, School of Education; Professor, Department of Mathematics, College of Literature, Science, and the Arts; Senior Associate Dean for Research and Graduate Studies

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