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President Trump and EPA chief Scott Pruitt are already doing enough harm. These administration nominees would make things much worse.

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Senate Budget Plan Could Open the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge to Drilling

The Senate rejected an amendment that would have blocked raising revenue through federal oil and gas leasing.

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New Research to Help Fight Food Waste in America’s Cities

Forty percent of food in this country is never eaten—wasting massive amounts of water, energy, land and other resources—yet 41 million people don’t have enough. And that makes no sense.

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PJM Asks of FERC: Abandon Basic Economic Principles

In its recent comments at FERC on the DOE proposal, PJM floated an idea that would inflate electricity market prices, part

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Cities Stand United on Paris Agreement at COP-23

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Broad Group Signs Transportation Electrification Accord

A diverse set of public interest, labor, and industry organizations have joined a Transportation Electrification Accord, which “outlines how transportation electrification can be advanced in a manner that benefits all utility customers and users of all forms of transportation, while supporting th

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Tell the Mayor: Get Raw Sewage Out of NYC Waterways!

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Climate Protection Missing from Diablo Canyon Draft Decision

A California administrative law judge’s proposed decision on the ground-breaking proposal to retire and replace Diablo Canyon nuclear power plant is deeply flawed, and completely misses a golden opportunity to enhance clean energy and better protect Californians from the growing dangers of climat

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Sacrificing the Arctic Refuge Can t Save Trump s Tax-Cut Plan for the Rich

You don’t pay for a $1.5 trillion handout with $100 million a year.

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