NET smart card API for C# and developers using Visual studio, net developers.#Net #developers


net developers

Net developers

Smart Card API for .NET (C# and VB.NET)

Easy smart card integration with our smart card framework for .NET with C# and VB.NET sample code.

Net developers

Sample code available for Mifare, DESFire, JavaCard, KVK, eGK, SIM, PIV, CAC, HID Prox/iCLASS and many more

Net developers

The CardWerk SmartCard API is a product family that provides easy smart card access for developers programming in the Microsoft .NET environment. The CardWerk SmartCard API class libraries support all .NET programming languages such as Visual Basic.NET, Visual C#, and many others. It can even be used from code hosted inside the Microsoft Internet Explorer.

Summary of Advantages

  • Reduces development time by eliminating the need to create your own P/Invoke wrapper and by providing a higher level and more convenient API.
  • Makes your applications independent of the underlaying smart card system. The application can be used with PC/SC Workgroup API smart card readers and CT-API smart card readers without any change.
  • Continuously maintained product that is extended to cope with future needs.
  • Contactless card classes for DESFire, iCLASS, Mifare can be written on top of SmartCard API
  • Proprietary reader systems can be supported via custom adapter modules

The full version of all CardWerk SmartCard API development kits may be used free of charge for evaluation purposes, for purely private use, and for non-commercial educational use. A development kit license must be purchased only for commercial use or for redistribution of the runtime files.

Net developers SmartCard API (professional) DEVELOPER GUIDE for further info – this document will give you a detailed description of this time-saving smart card framework.

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