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Upper Management is full of themselves and cliquey. The company that I joined awhile back is not what BDC is today. sales are down, morale is down and overall, things are trending downward, but there is zero recognition of this on the part of management. One of the biggest issues is that HR doesn t feel like a neutral party, so no one feels like they can really say how they feel, which is why people are venting on Glassdoor.

Advice to Management

Take a good look around.

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Culture Values

Comp Benefits

Former Employee – Anonymous Employee

Former Employee – Anonymous Employee

I worked at Media (More than a year)

Southern California office, lots of company events

Very very little appreciation or praise.

Advice to Management

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Culture Values

Comp Benefits

Former Employee – Sales Executive in Carlsbad, CA

Former Employee – Sales Executive in Carlsbad, CA

Disapproves of CEO

I worked at Media full-time

Socal location is amazing, some great coworkers at the junior level

I had a horrific experience at this company. My old boss left a couple of months ago, and that was the final straw. I heard that their top content person, who was also great, left as well. From a career perspective, I can t say it strongly enough — do yourself a favor and work somewhere else.

Advice to Management

Time to clean house – start with the person you see in the mirror

I relocated to San Diego for this position and am really excited about my new gig. I really like the team that I work with and am excited to take ownership over a major product. It seems like communication is pretty strong within my team, not sure how other teams work though. I love that the company offers a gym membership and keeps our kitchen stocked with snacks. The people here are really nice and have been super welcoming.

There are a lot of meetings, which can take away from time that could be spent on getting things done. It would also be nice to get to work from home sometimes bc my commute can be rough.

Advice to Management

Like others have said, a 401k match would be awesome and less meetings.

The gym membership is free and there are great snacks. A few really talented individuals (not in management). But are free Sun Chips and Red Vines really worth working late every night and made to feel bad when you still can t get everything done?

I can t say much more than the other 1-star reviews on here. I agree with EVERYTHING they have said, and in some ways they have voiced it better than I could. The atmosphere is unprofessional. Management plays favorites, especially to those employees that they are in romantic relationships with.

They preach culture, but it s not at all welcoming or empowering. You re encouraged to have ideas and help move the company forward, but most good ideas from the trenches are thrown out in favor of short-term wins, management s egos, and maintaining the illusion of success. Why solve a problem when you can lie about it and pretend it doesn t exist? On more than one occasion, I was forced to work on projects that were unethical, manipulating results so the advertiser would think the campaign went differently than it actually did.

You can work hard and keep your head down, as one reviewer put it, but you will get taken advantage of, and there will be no recognition for the effort you ve put in. That s why so many people are quitting and writing these reviews. Management is struggling to keep people, demonstrated by the extremely high turn over.

They will say ANYTHING just to convince employees that the company is moving in a successful direction, and scold you for saying anything other than positive things about the company. It doesn t surprise me at all that another reviewer was contacted about leaving a negative review here. They treat internal employee surveys the same – they only report on the positive comments and don t keep results anonymous when there is negative feedback. I suppose you increase your positive reviews when you scare people into thinking that their comments are not going to be anonymous.

Overall, I felt completely duped. What I was promised in the interview was not at all what was delivered. Save yourself the time and effort, since the interview process isn t quick or painless.

Advice to Management

-Stop lying to employees and advertisers.
-Hire more people in order to avoid burnout and turnover.
-Pay attention to the super talented worker bees and recognize them for their awesome work.
-Match 401k contributions.

-Most importantly though, don t just dismiss negative feedback and people quitting as individuals who just couldn t measure up at your cutting-edge, industry-leading company. They quit for other jobs. it s not like you fired them. Stop kidding yourselves.

The health insurance plan was pretty affordable and they offer a flexible spending account. has a totally unprofessional work environment. A few months after I left the company, I actually got an email from HR accusing me of leaving them a bad review on here. I didn t write the review, but it s so close to my own experience I could have. I can t believe a professional would take the time to make those accusations, but it s not really that surprising. That s just a small reflection of what the company culture is like. Like another reviewer said, it feels like high school.

Advice to Management

– You won t succeed if you don t drink the company Kool-aid.
– People are told they re encouraged to speak up yet reprimanded if you question anything
– Incest – it seems like pretty much everyone is sleeping with each other.
– Unqualified Management
– Customer Service is of least concern; never able to keep clients because of poor service
– If you re quiet and work hard, you re pretty much invisible.
– No real constructive criticism is given

Advice to Management

Pay attention to the people who the people who are actually doing their work, not the ones that pretend to do it.

Hire qualified managers or provide training so they are qualified.

Take into account CONSTRUCTIVE feedback from the employee surveys and share it with the company; don t just share the positive feedback

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