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Master’s Degree in Programme
Management (MComPM) – NQF L9

The purpose of the Master of Commerce in Programme Management (Professional) degree is to enable project, supply chain and value chain managers to apply and reflect critically on theories, methodologies and programme management practices within a value chain performance management context.

Moreover, the purpose of the Master’s Degree extends to enabling managers in creating new knowledge through research mastery in the optimisation of the organisation’s value chain. The ability to deal with rapidly changing advancements in technology and international competitive markets is enhanced. The Master’s degree in Programme Management is an accredited NQF Level 9 qualification.

After completing the Master’s Degree, students will be able to:

  • Demonstrate a command of research design, research methodologies and the execution of the research process.
  • Programme-manage the organisation’s value chain in an integrative manner so as to optimise the organisation’s value proposition.
  • Select methods and processes to solve emergent complex problems related to programme managing, the project and supply chain portfolios utilising the organisation’s systems and resources to add value.
  • Communicate, critique and defend substantial ideas produced through independent research in an area of specialisation, meeting the theoretical and technical requirements of advanced research report writing.

Apply what you learn today in your job tomorrow

In the current economic climate, employers prefer job-relevant education and training for improving the abilities of employees and for providing them with the necessary skills to apply what they learn today in their work context tomorrow. All academic programmes and modules are presented in English and due to the structure of all Cranefield’s academic programmes, students need to spend only one day per month away from work for classes.

Classes can be attended live, or live on-line via the Internet. The rest of the time, student syndicate groups meet outside of work hours to discuss their practical case studies. Cranefield’s state of the art teaching and learning technologies allow classes, and even syndicate group meetings, to be attended live online via the Internet anywhere in South Africa and the world.

The learning programme requires the execution of learning content (modules) in a specific order that is in line with the accepted national and international bodies of knowledge of this applied science. The different learning modules therefore are offered in a prescribed order.

NQF level 9, with 180 credits:

Master’s Degree in Programme Management (Professional) consists of two learning modules, plus a dissertation.

The three modules comprising the (MComPM) are as follows:

Module M8: “Leadership and Management Research Methodology” (offered in the 2 nd Quarter starting April, and repeated in the 4 th Quarter starting October)

Module M9: Select ONE of the following electives:

  1. “Creating and Sustaining the Learning Organisation Culture” (offered in 1 st Quarter starting January).
  2. “Optimal Virtual Value Chain Performance” (offered in 2 nd Quarter starting April).
  3. “Asset Management” (offered in the 3 rd Quarter starting July).

Module M10: “Work-context Dissertation” (can be undertaken starting in the Quarter after completing Module M8).

Modules M8 and M9 can be undertaken in any order, and Module M10 immediately after completing M8.

All modules (class-based or live online):

  • Although Cranefield operates on a distance learning mode, students are advised to attend classes whether online or on-site.
  • It is particularly advised to participate in the first lecture day of each module.

Lecture session times participation

Five hours on a lecture day

08h00 – 13h00

Contact Days:
3 days of lectures per module, spread evenly over the three months duration of each module. For actual class dates go to “Academic Calendars ” in the main menu. The three modules (M7, M8, and M9) are presented once per annum from our main tuition centre in Midrand, Gauteng, and streamed live online globally.

  • After the formal morning lecture session, the auditorium facilities are at the disposal of attending students who wish to have syndicate group discussions.
  • The lecturer will be available to assist with individual or group matters.
  • Students, who hold the Postgraduate Diploma from Cranefield College, or any qualification recognised by the Admissions Committee as being equivalent, may apply for admission to the (MComPM) learning programme.
  • A student must have achieved an average mark of at least 63% for the combination of the Advanced Diploma and the Postgraduate Diploma (or his or her equivalent highest qualification) to be eligible to apply for admission.
  • In addition, the chairperson of the Master’s panel may at his or her discretion call for an interview with the applicant.
  • Requires the student to have passed the Advanced Business English MDL short course, prior to completing his or her dissertation.
  • This follows recommendations from the Council on Higher Education.

Submission of Documents process:

  1. Submit certified copies of your highest qualifications.
  2. Submit a curriculum vitae, which must reflect all your qualifications and the latest grades received.
  3. The Admissions Committee may, however, require you to provide certified copies relating to all courses/programmes attended at any other institution, prior to approving admission to the learning programme involved.

All documents must be submitted to the Registrar (Academic).

Note: When undergraduate courses are still in progress at the time of application, or graduate programmes have not been completed, and are not reported on the certified copies, applicants must provide a ‘statement of registration’ to the Registrar (Academic).


Main Tuition Centre in Midrand, Gauteng
Class-based and live online globally 2017 class dates

  • Lecture dates for 2017 are shown below.
  • Lectures are from 08:00 – 13:00.
  • On-site classes offered at the main tuition centre in Midrand, Gauteng.
  • The on-site classes are also streamed live online globally.

Master’s Degree in Programme Management Dates

Do not hesitate to contact the administration should you require clarification on any of the above items.

*Once M8 has been completed the Dissertation (M10) may be commenced.

East London
Class-based and live online globally 2017 class dates

Note that only Advanced Diploma classes are physically offered in East London. All other qualifications can be enrolled for, and attended live online. A student who wishes to attend the face-to-face classes at our auditorium, shall have to travel to Midrand, Gauteng.

  • All Cranefield’s academic programmes are offered through the technology-enhanced distance learning mode.
  • Eastern Cape students can attend the Master’s Degree interactive classes offered live online from Cranefield’s auditorium at the main tuition centre in Midrand, Gauteng.
  • Internet links will be provided by the Administration.
  • For the Master’s Degree class dates see the main tuition centre Midrand, Gauteng academic calendar.

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