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Small Business Accounting

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“Our dedicated small business accountant responds to queries within the day, usually within the hour. He’s my go-to person for anything I need at KPMG.”

Jason Ku, Founding Partner CEO, JKU Associates

“I’m amazed at the investment and dedication KPMG has demonstrated since we began our partnership and there’s an implicit trust in place when you work with one of the Big Four.”

James Roy Poulter. Founder, Pronto

“I’m getting the service from KPMG at a local accountants’ price… but it’s another tick in the box having one of the Big Four doing our books.”

Steve Renwick. Founder CEO, Satago

I like the fact I have my own dedicated KPMG accountant, and how quickly she has picked up our model. She’s friendly but professional. If I were to rate her, I’d give her five out of five.

Oliver Gauci. CEO, Love Me Beauty

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