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#international business news


The New York Times

Jes Aznar for The New York Times

  • Venture Communism: How China Is Building a Start-Up Boom

    The Chinese government is lavishing benefits like free rent and cash handouts on homegrown start-ups in an effort to move beyond the factory floor.

    New Balls, Please

    A factory outside of Bangkok cranks out millions of tennis balls. Here’s how they’re made.

    Gatorade Shakes Up the Sport Drink by Going Organic

    The organic version will be made up of seven ingredients, will come in lemon, strawberry and mixed berry flavors and will be sold in select markets this fall.

    Ireland to Appeal Tax Ruling in Apple Case

    The country’s cabinet unanimously agreed to fight the $14.5 billion decision, and politicians are expected to debate it next week.

    Samsung’s Recall: The Problem With Lithium-Ion Batteries

    The type of battery used in Samsung’s recalled smartphones is lightweight and powerful, and it has a troubled history.

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