How To Choose – Use The Right Business Broker To Sell A Business, business brokers.#Business #brokers

business brokers

– Increasing value before selling;

– Best route to extracting value;

– Choosing broker or DIY sale​;

​ – Maintaining sale confidentiality​.

Business brokers

– How to attract the best buyers​;

– How to negotiate the best deal​;

– ​The other facts you need to know when exiting.

Business brokers

– Why not to find one in Google​;

– How to get best broker terms;

– How to ensure your broker delivers on all counts.

Business brokers

Business brokers

“Incredibly insightful, unbiased and experienced advice​. “

Rchard Parker, Chair, Diomo Corporation, best selling author of several books on how to buy businesses​

Business brokers

​​”Creative solutions to complex business situations ​. the ability to stay ahead of the curve when ​buying and selling businesses is especially impressive.​”

Barry Dunlop, Chairman, Renewable Living Ltd​


Where Do I Start? How Much Is My Business Worth? What’s The Best Way To Sell A Business? ​

Business brokers

​From business valuation related questions to questions about the probability of finding a buyer, we get them all!

Business brokers


And which nobody will tell you!

​If you own a larger business (circa £2 million or over) you’d be better off using professional assistance, but is it really a business broker you need? Or an M A advisory boutique, a corporate finance firm or other professional? Yes, there are a lot of firms that handle the sale of businesses; it’s not just business brokers. A business broker may be completely the wrong “partner” for your business.

Business brokers

Business brokers

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