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Free Grants Community : Win your part of the billions of dollars awarded in grants, aid, assistance and scholarships every year. Our free information will connect you with money you can use for business, home, school, and more. Discover your program today!

The backbone of the U.S. economy is small business. Together they are a primary source of jobs for Americans. We cover this topic extensively starting with Grants for Small Business. Start or grow your small business now with grants, loans, government support, even crowdfunding.

Remember Obama s “Stimulus” package? Wonder where the $840 billion has been spent? You can actually see where it s gone, even in your own zip code. Our review of the government website shows you how. Awards in your area could mean job and contract opportunities!

Our Community supports one another with helpful information. Ask questions and get answers. See what others have asked. Our monthly newsletter is full of timely help. See a quick summary of newsletter issues with easy links to topics you care about. Stop missing out!

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Free Money And Loans

In early summer of 2015 the Wall Street Journal and others reported that the home ownership rate in the U.S. had hit a 48-year low. And the reported home ownership rate – not seasonally adjusted – of a little over 63% is the lowest homeownership rate in this country since 1967 – almost 50 years ago! What’s up? Economists fear it could mean incomes are not keeping pace with the increase in home prices. So young people are having a harder time buying their first home. It may also be that some people are still recovering from the collapse in home values and resulting foreclosures. We would suggest that many people may be unaware of the deals and programs out there for homebuyers.

The government loves to encourage home ownership. There s plenty of news and promises about Government Grants To Purchase A Home – are they for real? Government agencies like Housing and Urban Development (HUD) and Federal Housing Authority (FHA) have many resources to help you buy a home. The latest is a program that lets you get into a new house with just 3% down … and some organizations will even contribute to that amount!

Did your home recently sustain damages in a natural disaster? Whether or not, every home needs continous upgrades and repairs. Grants For Home Repair can come from federal agencies (even the USDA), state programs, public utilities, private foundations, and other non-profit agencies. In fact there s a new non-profit created by Congress to help specifically with issues like Home Repair.

Finding money for a small business can be frustrating. We can t all take a company public or receive millions in funding from Venture Capitalists. Money is out there but it s in places you might not expect. Small Business Financing Opportunities describes all these as well as legislation that helps you.

Small business is so important that in 1953, a new agency, the Small Business Administration (, was developed to support entrepreneurs and small business. The administration has a budget of over half a billion dollars and focuses on capital, contracts, and counseling.

Free money for school is more than a dream. Determine your eligibility in two minutes to see if you Qualify for a Pell Grant. There s no competition for pell grants but funds are first come, first serve. If you qualify, as much as $5,730 is available for the 2014-2015 school year.

Every year current and prospective students should complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid. Completing this free application is one of the required steps to receive a pell grant. Though it gets a bit personal, the benefits are well worth it. Scholarships, loans and aid are unlocked with the FAFSA.

Business Grants

Grants for Business gives you a big-picture view of where and how to look for money for your business. There is more out there than you realize. A special $30 billion fund created to encourage more loans for small business is just an example.

For more specialized resources, Fund A Startup Business can help get your first business up and running. It reviews both traditional and newer, creative possibilities specific to a new venture. Words like crowdfunding and micro-financing may not have been around for long, but they – and others – are creating opportunities for entrepreneurs.

If you are an African American starting or growing your own business, Black Business Resources are available for you. Many agencies and private companies have new programs to increase the number and success of minority-run businesses. Women are also holding more and more top executive positions and starting new businesses at a fast rate. Find out more in Grants For Women-Owned Business.

Federal Aid

Are you sitting there thinking, ”I Need Help”? Sometimes you don t have the time to wait for lots of paperwork to get handled. It s still up to you to make the effort, but there s help available in places you may not have looked. If you wish there were Grants to Pay Bills then continue reading.

The government gives out literally billions in assistance each year. It s important – and right – that you be sure you are receiving whatever you should be according to the law. Federal Assistance in the United States will help you understand – and get – all that is available.

The ultimate in “free money” is unclaimed money because it s money that is already yours. Examples are old bank accounts, utility deposits, and dividends you didn t get because you moved, and so much more. The states hold onto billions of it – and make money off it! Find Unclaimed Money guides you on your treasure hunt!

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